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TO:            Snow Removal Contractors

FROM:          Albert Gray
               Property Manager

DATE:          November 19, 2008

RE:            No Bid Award for attached RFP

The attached below RFP will not be awarded due to improper specifications included in the


TO:            Snow Removal Contractors

FROM:          Albert Gray
               Property Manager

DATE:          September, 5, 2008

RE:            Bidding Information & Specifications for Snow Removal Services
               395 West Main St
               Waterbury, CT 06702

On behalf of State of Connecticut, DPW, enclosed please find specifications and other pertinent
information necessary to develop a bid for snow removal services for the 2008-09 and 2009-10

Please note on the specifications that the intent is for you to include the total price for the storm.
One invoice will be paid for each storm no matter how many return visits are required. Please
price accordingly. Sanding is to be priced per application.

There will be a mandatory contractor walk through of the property at 395 West Main St,
Waterbury, Ct. on 9/12/08 at 10:00AM to answer any and all questions pertaining to the services
requested in this RFP.

Only set aside contractors registered with the State of Connecticut will be considered for this
work. Certification must be included with the bid documents.

The bids will be due on 9/23/08 at 10:00AM at 395 W. Main St, Waterbury, Ct.
The award will be made to the lowest qualified, responsible contractor submitting bids as

The term of this contract will be for the 2008/09 and 2009/10 seasons.                     .
    Snow Removal Services
       Winter Seasons
         2008 - 2009
         2009 - 2010
     Request for Proposal

        Requested by
Albert Gray, Property Manager

Servus Management Corporation
        1 Financial Plaza
      Hartford, CT 06103
   Telephone (860) 278-2040
       Fax (860) 527-0143

           Agent for
  State of Connecticut, DPW
       BID LIST

Servus Management ("Agent"), as managing agent for State of Connecticut, DPW ("Owner"), is
requesting proposals for snow removal services. Agent is committed to a high standard of
service. To ensure a high standard, Agent operates with an aggressive, proactive philosophy. It
is our goal to contract with a snow removal contractor that will provide a high standard of service
at a competitive rate.


Contractor will serve as an independent contractor and provide all necessary labor, equipment
and supplies to furnish snow removal services at 395 West Mains St, Waterbury, CT This
includes all sidewalks and lots associated with above referenced locations. Specifications for
contractual performance are outlined herein. Contractor will furnish such services for the 2008-
2009 and 2009-2010 seasons.


A.     No portion of this contract may be subcontracted without prior written approval from

B.     Certificates of Insurance must be furnished to Agent at the beginning of this agreement
       and be in effect for as long as this agreement remains in effect. (Insurance limits are
       identified in Section IV Provisions in this RFP). Agent and State of Connecticut shall be
       named as additionally insured on the certificate of insurance.

C.     Either Servus Management Corporation or State of Connecticut shall have the right to
       cancel this contract by giving contractor a 24 hours notice for unsatisfactory service.

D.     If the independent agency contract between the client/building owner and Agent is
       canceled, this contract will then become null and void effective the same date, unless the
       client elects to continue this contract, in which event this contract will be assigned to the
       client/building owner. In the event Agent's contract is canceled, Agent will give State of
       Connecticut immediate notification of such cancellation.

E.     Contractor is required to submit a monthly invoice for services rendered by the fifth (5th)
       working day of the month following such services.

F.     Contractor represents that, prior to submitting a proposal for work, the contractor has
       examined all of the conditions relating to the work, visited the site, investigated the
       difficulties which may be encountered in performing the work, and assume full and
       complete responsibility and all risk connected with said work.

A.    Invoicing and Payments

      1.      Agent will pay Contractor for verifiable services tendered, on a monthly basis, 45
      days after invoice is due.

      2.     Agent reserves the right to make additions or deletions to the specifications. The
      Contract Price will be adjusted accordingly.

      3.      The Contractor will maintain an accurate account of all direct labor hours incurred
      in the performance of work under this Contract. The Contractor will also make
      available such other records as agent may require in order to reasonably certify
      that the various items charged are proper and correct.

B.    Indemnification

      1.     The Contractor shall defend, hold harmless and indemnify State of Connecticut
             and Servus Management, its Managing Agent, other agents and employees against
             all loss or liability, demands, judgments, expenses (including attorney's fees),
             claims or actions based upon or arising out of damages or injury to persons or
             party (including property owned, leased or borrowed by the Agent) incurred by or
             sustained in connection with the performance of this contract by reason of any and
             all acts or omissions or negligence by the Contractor, its subcontractors, agents, or
             employees, or by conditions created thereby, or based upon any violation of any
             statute, ordinance, building code or regulation, whether injuries or damages arise
             out of or result from the concurrent negligence of the Owner, managing agent or

      2.      Contractor shall also indemnify Owner and Agent against all liability and loss in
      connection with, and shall assume full responsibility for, payment of all federal,
      state and local taxes or contributions imposed or required under unemployment
      insurance, social security and income tax laws, with respect to Contractor's
      employees engaged in performance of this contract.

      3.     The Contractor further agrees to indemnify Owner and managing agent in any
             actions brought against Owner or managing agent by Contractor's employees or
             family members seeking compensation for injuries while on the job or
             compensation for such injuries beyond Contractor's worker's compensation

      4.      The Contractor, all subcontractors and all their insurance carriers shall waive all
      rights of recovery against Owner and its managing agent for any injuries to persons
      or damage to property in the execution of work performed under this contract.
C.     Insurance Requirements

The Contractor shall carry the insurance described below and require that any subcontractors
carry the same as noted. The policies described below shall be primary over any that may be
carried by the Owner and its managing agent. Except the workers' compensation, the policies
shall name Agent and Owner as additionally insured. Polices must be with carriers licensed to do
business where the contract work is done. The contractor shall submit to Agent a Certificate of
Insurance showing that all insurance requirements have been met. If any policy expires during
the term of this contract, it shall be automatically renewed and a new Certificate of Insurance
shall be sent to Agent. If a policy is canceled, 30 days' notification shall be given to Agent which
shall have the right to determine what action is needed to comply with the insurance

Workers Compensation - $500,000

Employer's Liability - $500,000 each accident

General Liability - This shall include all major divisions of coverage and be on a comprehensive
or commercial occurrence form. It shall include premises operations, contractual, personal injury
and advertising injury, owner's and contractor's protective and broad form property damage.

If the Contractor's primary liability insurance is on the Comprehensive Liability form, it shall
include the Broad Form General Liability enforcement. Contractor shall have a minimum of $5
million combined single limit BI & PD coverage.


*      A mandatory walk-through is to be held on 9/12/08 at 10:00AM at 395 W. Main St,
       Waterbury, Ct. You are required to visit the site and advise Servus Management of any
       difficulties you may see in performing snow removal services.

*      Provide two copies of your bid package to the following:
              Servus Management Corporation
              395 W. Main St
              Waterbury, CT 06702
              Attn: Albert Gray, Property Manager

*      All packages shall be delivered no later than 10:00AM

All contractors are required to submit their pricing in the format provided below on a per storm
basis. Failure to provide complete information could result in disqualification of proposal.

*      Plowing of all parking areas and driveways.
*      Shoveling of all walks and entrances.
*      Return visits to the property as required.
*      Sand and salt mixture: The sand and salt mixture will be (7) parts sand and (2) parts salt.
       De-icer (non-injurioius to concrete) will be required for concrete paver patios, stairways
       and side walks.


Contractor will be required to clearly mark all objects that could be damaged by snow removal
machinery. For example, all curbs and other obstructions must be clearly marked and visible so
they are not damaged by plowing or other snow removal service.

There is an additional caveat to this contract whereby the contractor will need to arrange with the
occupying agency (DCF) to come back to the property at approximately 10:00 AM after the
morning clean up of the property to plow the upper concrete lot as State of Connecticut cars will
be stored on the lot overnight. Contact information will be provided to the successful bidder.
This must happen for each storm.

Contractor will be responsible for repairs of all damage to the property caused by snow removal
services, including damage to permanent objects, curbs, fencing, shrubs, trees and lawn areas.
All damage must be repaired to the satisfaction of Servus Management.
                                    PRICING SHEET
                                SNOW REMOVAL SERVICE
                                    395 West Main St.
                                   WATERBURY, CT

                                     TWO YEAR CONTRACT

Shoveling and Plowing

Please provide us with a quote for snow plowing to include sanding, salting, hand shoveling,
snow blowing and application of de-icer. In the event the storm continues throughout the day,
the contractor must maintain an open travel area during the operation hours of the facility and
provide additional sand or de-icer to manage icing due to fluctuating temperatures. Areas
constructed of paver material shall be plowed or snow-blown with rubberized or plastic bladed

Dusting - 3"           $
3+ - 6"                $
6+ - 9"                $
9+ - 12"               $
12+ - 15"              $
Over 15                $
Snow relocation on site, if required
Snow removal off-site, if required


Snow removal including sanding, salting and de-icing will be bid and invoiced per storm
snowfall amount as defined by the National Weather Bureau or State Agency keeping track of
such snowfalls.

All removal to be completed prior to the opening of the building and/or the arrival of
employees as follows:
       Monday through Friday       Prior to 7:00 a.m.
       Saturday & Sunday           Prior to 8:00 a.m.

          Site information: Entire parking lot to be plowed and all walkways, stairs &
          emergency exits to be shoveled full width.

          Additional Optional Services: after storm, if requested by Servus Management:
*   Application of de-icer to sidewalks
*   Application of de-icer for all doorways, steps and emergency exits
*   Application of sand and salt mixture to parking lot
*   Spot sanding during thaws (includes sand and salt mixture)

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