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									                                                                              Communications Calendar                     Member Board Name                                Date

                    Monthly Communication Activities                1. Record communication tactic used
                                                                                 2. Record date & quantity mailed, ad
Audiences             January        February          March          April       May            June          July          August        September        October         November      December

Newly certified                                                                                  Newly
diplomates                           Brochure                                     Press         Certified                                                  Brochure            Press
                                     mailed to                                 releases to        Flyer                                                    mailed to        releases to
                                     Medical                                     medical     6/4/2007                                                      medical            medical
                                      Schools                                    schools        Quantity:                                                  mchools            schools
with time-
limited                              Brochure                                                  Brochure                                    Brochure
                                      mailed                                                    mailed                                      mailed
certificates in
the final year of
                                       Ad in
                                                                                                                              Ad in                        Speak at
                                                                                                                             specialty                    Annual Mtg
                                                                                                                          journals& pbs                   PowerPoint

                                     Winter                                                                                                  Fall
                                    newsletter                                                                                             newsletter
                                    MOC article                                                                                            MOC article

Diplomates                                             Ad in                                                                 Ad in
with time-                                            specialty                                                             Specialty                    Ad in specialty
limited                                              journals&                                                             Journals&                     journals& pbs
                                    MOC article
certificates                                            pubs                                                                 Pubs
                                       Ad in
                                                                               Send press                                                                                  Send press
                                     Member                                                  Web banner      Summer                                        Speak at
                                                                               releases to                                                                                 releases to
                                      Board                                                  in specialty   newsletter                                      Annual
                                                                                specialty                                                                                   specialty
                                   newsletter                                                  websites     MOC article                                  MtgPowerPoint
                                                                                 societies                                                                                   societies
Diplomates                             Ad in
with                 Send press      Member                                    Send press                                  Send press
                                                                                             Web banner      Summer                          Fall          Speak at
non-time             releases to      Board                                    releases to                                 releases to
                                                                                             in specialty   newsletter                     newsletter     Annual Mtg
                      specialty    newsletter                                   specialty                                   specialty
limited                                                                                        websites     MOC article                    MOC article    PowerPoint
                       societies      brochure                                   societies                                   societies

                                     Winter             Ad in                                                                 Ad in
                                                                                                                                             Press       Ad in specialty
                                    newsletter         specialty                                                             specialty
                                                                                                                                            releases     journals& pbs
                                    MOC article     journals& pbs                                                         journals& pbs

                     Send press                                                Send press                                                                                  Send press
                                   Submit article                                            Web banner                   Submit article                   Speak at
Non-certified        releases to                     Brochure                  releases to                                                 Brochure                        releases to
                                    to specialty                                             in specialty                  to specialty                   Annual Mtg
physicians            specialty                       mailed                    specialty                                                   mailed                          specialty
                                      societies                                                websites                      societies                    PowerPoint
                       societies                                                 societies                                                                                   societies

                                                        Ad in                                                                 Ad in
                                                                                                                                                         Ad in specialty
                                                       specialty                                                             specialty
                                                                                                                                                         journals& pbs
                                                    journals& pbs                                                         journals& pbs

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