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					                Written, Edited, & Directed by Ryan Aynes

Don Money                                     Ryan Aynes
Producer/Writer/Actor                         Director/Writer/Producer             
347.531.5934                                  917.723.4912
                                            money raynz productions
37-16 20th Ave. 1st Floor ▪ Astoria, NY 11105 ▪ ▪ 347.531.5934

                              Table of Contents

Synopsis ……………………………………………………………………… 2

Cast           …………………………………………………………………….. 3

Crew           …………………………………………………………………….. 4

Film Info …………………………………………………………………….. 5

About the Production                  …………………………………………….. 6

Who’s Who              …………………………………………………………….. 7

Production Stills             …………………………………………………….. 11

Links          ……………………………………………………………………… 13

                                            money raynz productions
37-16 20th Ave. 1st Floor ▪ Astoria, NY 11105 ▪ ▪ 347.531.5934

                              Dress Rehearsal
                          Unscripted Life Becomes Scripted

                                  A film by Ryan Aynes

Nothing in the world is ever as it seems; especially in the world of Dress
Rehearsal, and the life of Sarah Walsh. As she struggles through her own life as
a divorced writer/actor in need of a good story, she gets involved in an
unknowingly adulterous affair which leads her to a tragic moment of truth.
But in the drama, terror, and shock of that moment, a story is found and an
entire new world is created.

With one industry as the
catalyst, the lives of Michael,
Lindsay, Jason, Billy,
Jennifer, Amy, Rico, and Kyle
are intricately linked, both
consciously and
unconsciously, as they careen
down a one-way path to
either extreme success or
ultimate failure. And when it
all comes full circle, an
unscripted life will become
                                                  Sarah puts her life on display.

                   Millicent Howard as Kristina gets her revenge.

                                            money raynz productions
37-16 20th Ave. 1st Floor ▪ Astoria, NY 11105 ▪ ▪ 347.531.5934


                                                                   Rose Stuart
                                                                  Damian Ladd
                                                                  Ward Horton
                                                                 Margaret Reed
                                                                Pamela Morency
                                                                  Shala Kareen
                                                                   Don Money
                                                                 Henry Marshall
                                                                Stephen Bienskie
                                                                  Ron Paraison
                                                               Zoraida Fonalledas
                                                                  Henree Alyse
                                                                Millicent Howard
                                                                  Kathy Searle
Pamela Morency as Jennifer Peters.

           Also Starring

         Larry Fessenden
          Lloyd Kaufman
       Franklin Westbrooks
          Richard Omar
        Jennifer Williams
             Gage Kass
         Gordon Skinner

                                                    Ward Horton as Kyle Zanner.

                                            money raynz productions
37-16 20th Ave. 1st Floor ▪ Astoria, NY 11105 ▪ ▪ 347.531.5934

Don Money
Ryan Aynes
Rita Romagnino

Executive Producers
Bev Money
Roger Ladd

Director, Writer, & Editor
Ryan Aynes

Director of Photography
Derrick Gomez
                                                         Don Money as Jason DeMonde.

                                              Nat Aguilar

                                              Wallace’s Line

                                              Sound Design/Mix
                                              Dwayne Buckle

                                              Hair & Make-Up
                                              Theodora Katsoulogiannakiss

Script Supervisor
Jodi Domanic-Riccio

Line Producer
Rita Romagnino

Production Manager
Kathryn “China” Hayzer

Production Design
Diana Partyka

Costume Design/Wardrobe
Aimee Schlectman
                                                              Shahla Kareen as Lindsay.

                                            money raynz productions
37-16 20th Ave. 1st Floor ▪ Astoria, NY 11105 ▪ ▪ 347.531.5934

                                                     Running Time
                                                     83 minutes


                                                     Editing System
                                                     Final Cut Pro 4 on a MAC Dual G4

Damian Ladd as Michael Griffen.

Panasonic AG-DVX100

Camera Attachment
P + S Technik Mini-35

Montclair, NJ

Aspect Ratio
16 x 9
                                                     Henry Marshall as Billy DeMonde.
Sound Studio
360 Sound, NYC

                                            money raynz productions
37-16 20th Ave. 1st Floor ▪ Astoria, NY 11105 ▪ ▪ 347.531.5934

About The Production

Ryan began writing Dress Rehearsal while still attending film school. Influenced
by such films as Robert Altman’s Short Cuts and Paul Thomas Anderson’s
Magnolia, Ryan was fascinated by the uniqueness of telling a story through a
series of character vignettes. After 4 years, with a complete first draft, Ryan
moved to New York. He spent the next year honing and polishing the script
with actor Don Money, who brought his everyday experiences as a struggling
actor to the script and helped to enhance Dress Rehearsal’s story, giving it a
“real” feel.

Five years after writing his template, Ryan had Dress Rehearsal ready to go. He
and Don started their own production company, money raynz productions,
raised the funds, and shot their movie in 24 days throughout New York City.

Achieving a very authentic and specific look for the film was very important to
the director and cinematographer. Both having an interest in and love of digital
filmmaking, when done in the proper fashion, led them to choose the Panasonic
AG-DVX100. But that’s not all; they also chose to attach the P + S Technik Mini
                                                35 adapter, allowing them to
                                                use true 35mm film lenses, not
                                                digital lenses. This rig, shooting
                                                in 24 frames per second film
                                                mode, allowed the film its
                                                original look. The same camera
                                                and attachment was also used
                                                by Nancy Schreiber for the film
                                                November, winning her the
                                                award for Best Cinematography
                                                at the 2004 Sundance Film


                                All the music heard in the film is an original
                                score or original song by indie recording artists
                                Wallace’s Line. The band is out of Columbus,
                                Ohio and is currently in the studio recording
tracks for their upcoming debut album. Check them out at

                                            money raynz productions
37-16 20th Ave. 1st Floor ▪ Astoria, NY 11105 ▪ ▪ 347.531.5934

                                      Who’s Who

Ryan Aynes (Director/Writer/Editor/Producer)

                                           From the great state of Ohio, Ryan
                                           began his career as a video artist
                                           while studying at The University of
                                           Toledo. While creating installations
                                           and other various art projects, he
                                           spent time studying the greats like
                                           Gary Hill and Nam June Paik, doing
                                           his best to build his talent and mold
                                           his vision. He started his professional
                                           career as an assistant cameraman
                                           working from commercial to
                                           commercial to help pay his way
through college. After proving his talent, he was given the opportunity to step
up and direct the commercials he was previously assisting on. He went on to
edit promos at PBS, learning the ropes of television production. In 2001 he
wrote, shot, directed, and edited his coveted senior thesis film Wallace’s Line
on a junkyard budget. That film gave Ryan the track record he needed to help
fund him onto his way to his first feature, Dress Rehearsal. In 2003, with the
help of good friend Don Money, he co-founded money raynz productions. In
2004 Ryan began production on Dress Rehearsal as producer, writer, editor,
and director.

                                            money raynz productions
37-16 20th Ave. 1st Floor ▪ Astoria, NY 11105 ▪ ▪ 347.531.5934

                                       Who’s Who

Don Money (Producer/Writer/Actor)

Originally hailing from Mansfield
Ohio, Don received his Bachelor’s
Degree in Information
Systems/Operations Management
from The University of Toledo.
While getting his business degree,
he began acting and modeling with
the local talent agency Margaret
O’Brien’s Starbound, which also
helped to launch the careers of
Katie Holmes (Dawson’s Creek,
Phone Booth, The First Daughter,
Batman Begins) and Alyson Stoner
(Cheaper by the Dozen).

Don moved to New York in the fall of 2002 to attend The School for Film and
Television (SFT), after they recruited him at the International Modeling &
Talent Association’s (IMTA) “Hooray for Hollywood 2002” in Los Angeles
California. It was there that he competed both as an actor and as a model,
winning awards in both categories. He completed SFT’s two-year, Meisner-
based, professional conservatory program in June of 2004.

Having the conservatory training under his belt, Don began working right after
graduation. Dress Rehearsal serves as his feature film debut and his other work
includes the feature films Dog and Butterfly, Hell On Earth, The Minority,
Hung By A Thread (in the segment A Far Cry From Home), & I Am Legend w/
Will Smith. Don has also starred in several short films and done commercials for
AT&T Wireless and The 2012 Olympics. His television credits include The
Guiding Light and All My Children as well as the pilot Barely In Stereo. He also
played Dr. Brian Morgan on the Internet radio soap Rockland County and has
appeared in an episode of ABC’s The Perfect Match.

He co-founded money raynz productions in 2003 w/ Ryan Aynes, and Dress
Rehearsal serves as their first film.

                                            money raynz productions
37-16 20th Ave. 1st Floor ▪ Astoria, NY 11105 ▪ ▪ 347.531.5934

                                       Who’s Who

Rita Romagnino (Producer)

Rita has worked as
Assistant Director,
Production Manager and
Producer on numerous
feature films,
documentaries, shorts and
industrials. She has worked
with top industry people
including Samuel Jackson,
Latanya Richardson, Isaac
Hayes and Ruby Dee. Rita
and her long time
Writer/Director Douglas
Buck, have just completed their most recent project Family Portraits: A
Trilogy of America. It has had a successful theatrical release in Canada and
the U.S. and is expected to open in Europe in 2006. She is also involved in the
upcoming remake of Brian DePalma’s Sisters, produced by Ed Pressmen’s
Content Films and directed by Douglas Buck.

Derrick Gomez (Director of Photography)
                                       With a film degree from Cornell
                                       University, Derrick has honed his
                                       photographic eye by working as a
                                       fashion photographer in New York,
                                       with some of his clients including
                                       Glamour Magazine and P.S. 1 MoMA.
                                       Having many short films under his
                                       cinematography belt, as well as spec
                                       commercials for Hornet Inc. and
                                       citing Wong Kar Wai’s Chungking
                                       Express as his favorite film and
                                       extremely influential, Derrick brings
                                       his unique eye to his first feature

                                            money raynz productions
37-16 20th Ave. 1st Floor ▪ Astoria, NY 11105 ▪ ▪ 347.531.5934

                                       Who’s Who

Margaret Reed (Amanda) – a veteran of stage and screen for over twenty years, her
credits include playing Shannon O’Hara McKechnie on As The World Turns for eight
years, Felicia Chatham on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, Seinfeld, Blossom,
Star Trek TNG, and Spin City as well as the feature films Shelter Island w/ Ally
Sheedy, and Quicksand.

Henry Marshall (Billy DeMonde) – another veteran of Stage, TV, & Film for over twenty
years, he has starred in many independent films, as well as appearing in smaller roles
in The Devil’s Advocate, U.S. Marshals, & Star Trek. He can also be seen in Martin
Scorsese’s The Departed, Robert DeNiro’s The Good Shepard & The Devil Wears Prada
w/ Meryl Streep.

Larry Fessenden (Jack) – writer, director, and editor of award-winning art-horror
films Habit, No Telling, Wendigo, & The Last Winter; has appeared in Martin
Scorsese’s Bringing Out the Dead, Jim Jarmish’s Broken Flowers, Brad Anderson’s
Session 9, Steve Buscemi’s Animal Factory, & Imaginary Heroes w/ Sigourney Weaver.

Lloyd Kaufman (Adult Film Director) – founder of Troma Films, one of the longest
running independent film companies in history, has produced, appeared, or distributed
more than 1,000 films, and is a 2005 inductee of the inaugural class of the
International Horror and Sci-Fi Hall of Fame.

Gordon Skinner (TV Director) – a veteran of documentary film, Gordon is the
Executive Producer for Running Dialogue Communications. His credits also include
work for MTV, Sony Music, ESPN, Maybach, Tanqueray, & British Airways. He was also
an honoree in this year’s IFP: Project Involves’ Documentary Section.

Damian Ladd (Michael Griffin) – a graduate of The School for Film & Television,
Damian also stars as “John” in Bill Hopkins’ Demon Resurrection. Other credits
include Disney’s American Black Beauty and Steven Spielberg’s Munich.

Ward Horton (Kyle Zanner) – graduate of Wake Forest University, has appeared in Law
& Order: SVU as Alan Richter w/ Dallas Roberts, Hope & Faith, Kevin Bacon’s
Loverboy, Four Eyed Monsters, Nail Polish, & The Future Is Now.

Don Money (Jason DeMonde) – also a graduate of The School for Film & Television,
Don’s other feature film credits include HorrorBiz Films’ Hell On Earth (directed by
Ted A. Bohus), The Minority (directed by Dwayne Buckle and starring Billoah Greene),
NYC Visions Films’ upcoming Dog and Butterfly (directed by A.L. “MIG” MacFarland), I
Am Legend (starring Will Smith, directed by Francis Lawerence), & Hung By A Thread
(“A Far Cry From Home segment, directed by Alan Rowe Kelly). Don has also appeared
in many short films as well as The Guiding Light and All My Children.

                                            money raynz productions
37-16 20th Ave. 1st Floor ▪ Astoria, NY 11105 ▪ ▪ 347.531.5934

Production Stills

                                            money raynz productions
37-16 20th Ave. 1st Floor ▪ Astoria, NY 11105 ▪ ▪ 347.531.5934

                                            money raynz productions
37-16 20th Ave. 1st Floor ▪ Astoria, NY 11105 ▪ ▪ 347.531.5934

Links – Official production company site. News, trailer, pics, etc. – Official site of DP – Official site of music composer – Official band site of soundtrack/score collaborators – Video hosting site featuring trailer & synopsis - Dress Rehearsal on MySpace – Official site of Don Money (Producer, Writer, Actor)


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