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									                                                         Competition ( Recently, Sean’s
                       sean clive                        song, “The Everlasting” was picked as the Christian
                                                         Category Winner in the 2007 Songdoor competition.
                                                         Sean hopes Amazed will "lift people's spirits and give
                       PO Box 653                        them a chance to be thankful for the blessings of life
                       New Hartford, NY 13413            and love, for the joy in this world, for the gifts God
                                                         has poured out on us through Jesus Christ, the church,
                       206-338-5608                      our faith, and our families. “I hope people have a
                       (leave a message)                 joyful listening experience. After listening to the CD, I
                             hope they say, ‘that was great! Thank you God,’ then
                                                         hit replay."

BIOGRAPHY                                                Sean lives in upstate New York with his wife and four
                                                         children. By candidly sharing his experiences as a
Sean has been compared to CCM artists Chris              husband and father trying to respond to God’s call,
Tomlin and Joel Hanson of PFR, and you’ll hear the       Sean invites listeners to reflect on their own
influence of a variety of groups such as Bread and of    relationships with God and their families.
course, The Beatles in his music but with a fresh,
original sound. Sean’s fans always comment on the
strength and beauty of his vocals and the sincerity of   HIGHLIGHTS
his message. Through his original music, Sean helps      UCMVA Unity Awards October 2007 Phoenix, AZ
you feel and experience the power of God’s love.              • Song of the Year - Amazed
                                                              • Songwriter of the Year (with David C. Smith),
In concert Sean creates an intimate experience for his        • Pop/Contemporary Album of the Year
audience by sharing stories about his spiritual and
                                                              • Producer of the Year(David C. Smith)
personal life, including coping with the death of his
mother and humorous anecdotes about marriage and              • Album Packaging (Artwork() - Jacob Souva
life with children. He takes his audience on an          Grand Award Winner - SongDoor International
emotional journey celebrating the joy of Christ’s love     Songwriting Competition 2006 for “Amazed”
as well as the sorrow that accompanies life’s            Christian Category Winner – SongDoor International
struggles. Through it all, his message resonates hope.   Songwriting Competition (2007) for “The Everlasting”
                                                         4th Place – Christian / Gospel Song – Unisong
Sean has been performing contemporary Christian            International Songwriting Competition 2007
music in Central New York since 2002 in various          Honor Award Winner - Great American Song
churches and coffeehouses and has recorded three           Contest 2007
solo albums. He has served as the music director at      EWTN’s Backstage and Heartbeat Records Christmas
St. Anthony’s Church in Chadwicks, NY since 1994.          Special
While attending Colgate University, he sang with the     Syracuse Diocese Journey of Faith
Colgate Thirteen – an all-male acapella group –
serving as the group’s leader in his senior year.        DISCOGRAPHY
                                                         SOLO ALBUMS:
His most recent CD, Amazed, contains 12 original         Amazed 2007
songs with a contemporary pop sound.                     Peace on Earth: - Songs for Advent
Through Amazed, God has provided Sean                      and Christmas 2005
opportunities to perform his music to a wider            Tuning Up 2003
audience. He attended, presented, and received top
                                                         COMPILATION CDS:
honors for Amazed at the United Catholic Music and
                                                         Spirit Wing Records
Video Association’s 8th Annual Unity Awards held in           • Catholic Music 2008
Phoenix in October 2007. Sean taped a half hour               • Catholic Christmas
segment of EWTN’s Backstage and a Christmas                   • Catholic Music 2007
special which are expected to air in late 2007 and
sometime in 2008. The title track of the CD,             Eucharistic Congress Youth Summit in
Amazed, was chosen as the 2006 Grand Award               Quebec 2008
Winner in the Song Door International Songwriting            • Gift of God
Competition ( and earned4th
Place in the Christian / Gospel category in the          COLGATE THIRTEEN:
                                                            • Double Indemnity 1993
popular Unisong International Songwriting
                                                            • Flags 1991
AMAZED                                                         own right. The many fans of “Amazed,” last year’s
                                                               SongDoor winner, will be thrilled at the prospect of
The CD Reviews                                                 having this treasure-trove of little masterpieces to listen
                                                               to over, and over, and over ... check it out. This is really
                                                               good stuff.” – website
“It’s fantastic!” - Thom Price - Director of Programming -
EWTN Global Catholic Radio Network
“This one is a winner. Clive’s clear tenor voice flows
over an incredible range and the pop-rock                      The SONG Reviews
arrangements are fun and uplifting without ever drifting
into fluff. The highlight of the album is the song                         The following comments are from the
"Amazed," which is a terrific example of what is possible                   independent judging panel in the 2006
from Catholic artists today when they are paired                              Song Door competition:
with a great producer. I predict big things for
this fine artist.”- David Wang -Catholic                                          Comments: AMAZED hits me initially on
Register -Canada                                                                   that unexplainable emotional level. The
                                                                                    melody keeps me interested in
“In collaboration with producer                                                      hearing more of the song. Lyrically, I
David C. Smith, Clive has                                                             get the meaning without it blatantly
created that rare combination of                                                        telling me what the song is about.
hook-laden songs that touch the                                                          Form and structure-wise this
mind and the heart. … Take the time                                                        sounds very much like things that
to really listen and soak in the lyrics                                                      are currently getting attention
because Clive has a lot to say …All                                                           in popular music. Very
the music on Amazed is energized,                                                               important when working in
creative and infectious.” Susan Bailey-                                                         the marketplace. And this is
GrapeVine                                                                a big thing for me: I appreciate that
                                                                              this doesn't sound as if the writer/singer is
“You have raised the bar in Catholic music                            doing this for themselves only. They kept me, the
in so many ways...this CD can compete with                     listener, in mind and didn't bore me.
anything in the CCM world as well as in
secular music, from songrwiting, to performance to             Comments: While the competition was tough, my
production/engineering and packaging... you have given         favorite song, "Amazed" sounds like a radio HIT
the genre something to strive for.” – Mike Beloud – RISE       TODAY. I will probably find myself singing it for the next
– Spirit Wing Records                                          few weeks. It's memorable, strong, has crossover
                                                               potential, and is very hooky. The production is top notch.
“The new CD is outstanding… I highly recommend this            The lyrics are simple but pack a punch. It's a
CD for all to hear. EVERYTHING about this CD is                GORGEOUS song!!
remarkable.. .oops I mean AMAZING!!!!! As everybody
has been saying over the past year or so the bar               Comments: It was VERY difficult choosing ... but I believe
needed to be it is! - Gary Gersin – Spirit       "Amazed" is the best. As far as comments go, the song is
Wing Records– Sacred Heart Radio – Catholic Music              quite catchy and memorable, very strong lyrically and
24/7                                                           musically. Great production. The tune stuck in my head,
                                                               which of course is a mark of a great song. It is
                                                               extremely commercial and I can just imagine it becoming
“From the world of radio, I want to say that not only is       a top Christian song. The changes in the song, the lift,
this song is beautiful lyrically, but musically it is one of   and the entire structure is flawless. GREAT WORK!
the best I have heard in a long time. And I have 18
years' worth of CCM music filling my apartment right
now, so I have a lot to compare it to! I know that as
Christian artists, it's not about competition and
comparison, but as we are aiming to improve the quality
                                                                                        sean clive
of Catholic music, this is one example of how it's done! -
Jim "O'Meara" Logue – Catholic Music Express
                                                                                        PO Box 653
                                                                                        New Hartford, NY 13413
“2006 Grand Award Winner Sean Clive has a new
CD out - if you miss the good old days when music had
a melody and chords sent chills down your spine, this is
for you. Exquisitely produced by David Smith, each song                                 (leave a message)
has its own magnetic personality and is hit material in its                   

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