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					                                                                          DISCOUNT PROPOSAL SPREADSHEET

This document must be completed and submitted with your offer.

Choose the applicable spreadsheet(s) templates below for your offerings.


                                                                              RECYCLED AND/OR                         MOST                           GSA OFFER        GSA(%)      GSA OFFER
                                                PRODUCT NAME                   POST-CONSUMER                        FAVORED                              PRICE       DISCOUNT        PRICE      QUANTITY/
            MANUFACTURER                            AND                       MATERIAL CONTENT       COMMERCIAL    CUSTOMER                  MFC (%)  (exclusive of (exclusive of (inclusive of VOLUME
    SIN         NAME            MFR PART NO      DESCRIPTION        UOI       % (Schedule 75 only)    LIST PRICE      (MFC)     MFC PRICE   DISCOUNT the .75% IFF) the .75% IFF) the .75% IFF) DISCOUNT     COO

Most Favored Customer’s Discount or Discount Range (MFC) __________.
GSA’s Discount or Discount Range W/O IFF __________.

Labor Categories
                                                                COMMERCIAL                                                                                   PRICE        PRICE
                                  MINIMUM                        PRICE LIST                             MOST                                 GSA(%)        OFFERED      OFFERED
                SERVICE          EDUCATION/                      (CPL) OR                             FAVORED       DISCOUNT                DISCOUNT        TO GSA       TO GSA      QUANTITY/V
  SIN(s)     PROPOSED (e.g.     CERTIFICATION   MINIMUM YEARS     MARKET      UNIT OF ISSUE (e.g.    CUSTOMER      OFFERED TO              (exclusive of   (excluding   (including     OLUME
PROPOSED      Job Title/Task)      LEVEL        OF EXPERIENCE     PRICES       Hour, Task, Sq ft)       (MFC)        MFC (%)    MFC PRICE the .75% IFF)       IFF)         IFF)      DISCOUNT
                                                                                                                                                                PRICE        PRICE
                                                                                                                MOST                             GSA(%)       OFFERED      OFFERED
                                                                                               Price Per      FAVORED    DISCOUNT              DISCOUNT        TO GSA       TO GSA      QUANTITY/
  SIN(s)                                     Minimum        Maximum       COMMERCIAL PRICE   Course or Per   CUSTOMER    OFFERED              (exclusive of   (excluding   (including    VOLUME
PROPOSED     Course Title   Course Length   Participants   Participants        (CPL)            Person          (MFC)   TO MFC (%) MFC PRICE the .75% IFF)       IFF)         IFF)      DISCOUNT

UOI: Unit of Issue
COO: Country of Origin
SIN: Special Item Number
MFC: Most Favored Customer
IFF: Industrial Funding Fee (Clause 552.238-74) – Fee is .75%, less than 1%
          IFF Calculation Example: Base Price = $100.00
          IFF = Schedule Price (and therefore the reported price) = $100/0.9925 = $100.76 (GSA Price w/IFF Included)

Re: Recycled and/or Postconsumer Material Content Column – Refer to the Basic Proposal Checklist under EPA Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines (CPG) for

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