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      Performance evaluation is a tool used to consider employees for pay increases,
promotions, training, and in some cases, for negative personnel actions such as
demotions, discipline, or termination. It is an integral part of salary administration in
organizations that have a merit increase system or in some way relate pay to individual
performance. Letters and memoranda are used to request performance evaluations, to
follow up, to recognize good performers and coach those that need improvement, and
to implement action based on the evaluations.
BLR Encyclopedia of Prewritten Personnel Letters

                                                                                                                                                                                        Request for completion of performance evaluation

    Your Letterhead
Dear Supervisor:

According to our records, Maryellen Smith is eligible for a
performance review this month. We have attached a
performance evaluation form and a copy of the employee's job
description for use in this process.
In conducting the performance review, please consider the
following guidelines that are designed to assist you in this
important management responsibility:
1. Review your records for the entire review period. The
evaluation should be representative of ongoing performance.
Complete the form as directed, selecting ratings that can be
documented by specific examples.
2. Let the employee know that the review is forthcoming and
schedule a mutually convenient time to discuss his or her
3. Meet with the employee at the scheduled time in a place
that ensures privacy without interruptions.
4. Review the employee's job description and any performance
goals that were set for this review period.
5. Explain your evaluation using specific examples.
Compliment and reinforce areas of good performance and point
out areas in which the employee needs improvement.
6. Mutually develop plans to continue to strengthen good
areas and improve weak ones. Set performance goals for the
next review period.
7. Conclude with an overall summary of the evaluation and
future performance expectations. Discuss the employee's
career progress within the company and make plans for future
8. Ask the employee to make written comments regarding the
evaluation, and to sign the form.


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