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									            JEFFERS ASSOCIATES                                                          &
                                                                                            Immediate Release

TORONTO, January 21, 2010 - The owners of Jeffers Associates and Visions in Green have been greatly touched
by the devastation unfolding in Haiti. As the world comes together to assist this beautiful country and her people
we would like to invite our educational, corporate, community partners and client’s to help us raise funds for the
Earthquake Victims in Haiti.
Starting February 1st to April 30th 2010, when you hire the full International African Inventors Museum (IAIM) or
the Canadian Multicultural Inventors Museum (CMIM) we will donate $45.00 from each exhibit in the name of
your school or company. Our fundraising goal is to raise at least $5 000.00 for Toronto based organization
Pierspective Entraide Humanitaire which works in several communities in Haiti. The organization is run by
founding president, Toronto based, Haitian born dentist Dr. Eric Pierre, please visit their site for more information.
Please help us help the people of Haiti while you educate and celebrate the contributions of inventors and
innovators from around the world.

The International African Inventors Museum (IAIM), formerly the International Black Inventions Museum is a
traveling museum that has travel around the world highlighting the contributions that Africans and African people
in the Diaspora have made to the areas of Science, Technology and everyday inventions, we now take for granted
today. Seen by over 10 million people world wide this museum promised to delight and enlighten all who pass
through its displays. Now permanently located in Canada, curators Mr. & Mrs. Francis Jeffers have further
developed the exhibits to now include a dynamic array of African Canadian Scientists and Inventors who have
made a significant difference in the lives of everyday Canadians and people around the world. IAIM has over 250
exhibits and over 100 miniature artifacts on display. This is a must see exhibit that will have your students talking
for weeks to come and will open a new understanding of African people contribution to the world of Science,
Technology and Inventions.

The Canadian Multicultural Inventors Museum (CMIM) was created to promote the broad contributions of
Canadian and multicultural scientists and inventors from around the world. CMIM combines advancements made
to areas of science and technology with innovators from many cultures and both genders. Showing the
resourcefulness and creativity of inventions from countries around the globe, CMIM highlights large and small
discoveries that have made our world what it is today.
With over 180 exhibits on display, the CMIM aims to include a dynamic array of Canadian multicultural scientists
and innovators. It will teach visitors about the inventors’ ancestral backgrounds and the significant differences they
made to the lives of everyday Canadians and people around the world.

The curators of the International African Inventors Museum partnered with the founder of the Sherehekea Africa
program to create the CMIM. Jeffers Associates is an consulting and distribution company focused on science and
technology programming for youth and diverse populations. Visions in Green is a event planning and coordination
company focused on creating dynamic, educational and entertaining events for students, government, private and
corporate clients.
Financial contributions can also be made directly to:
Pierspective Entraide Humanitaire
Phone 416-538-3282       Email:
TD Canada Trust @ Bloor and Bathurst Account 004 0510 520 3333 Charity number 86450 5086 RR 0001

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 For further information: media inquires, interviews and bookings Angelita Elliott at Visions in Green: 416-
                                                     Jeffers Associates
                               862 Scarborough Golf Club Road, Toronto Ontario M1G 1J5

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