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									                                                                                                                                       Ist Quarter / 2004

                                                                                                      Yo u r A l l i a n c e i n Tr a n s p o r t P a c k a g i n g

                             New Package Qualification?                                                                  More Companies
                                                                                              A Dimensions.03
                             Use “Just Right” ISTA Testing!                                   Presentation               Join 4AB
                                                   Case History: New packaging could provide more visual                 Sponsorship
                                                   “pop” at retail display - with reduced cost. Before
                                                   implementation could start, however, delivered quality had to
                                                   be assured. ISTA procedures were selected to test the new
                                                                                                                            Archbold Container Corporation,
                                                   packaging. The “Just Right” ISTA random vibration test profile
                                                                                                                         Xerox Office Group and IBM have
                                                   proved the new packaging would be equal to the task.
                             Alan Crawford                                                                               joined Project 4AB as Founding
                             Senior Project  Distribution Performance/Risk Assessment When                               Sponsors,    and    Sealed Air
IN THIS ISSUE                Leader,
                                             Changing Packages                                                           Corporation has joined as a
                             Ross Products Div.,
                                                Inherent in the opportunity of packaging change is risk.                 Charter Sponsor. Our sincere
P10-11                       Abbott Laboratories
                                             There can be many different types of risk - negative consumer               thanks to these companies for
Dimensions.04 News.          reaction to new package aesthetics, for instance. This discussion, however,                 their support of this important
                             will be confined to the risk of impaired package/product delivered quality (i.e.            work.
                             distribution damage) associated with package change and to ways of
P12                          assessing that risk. Distribution damage risk assessment can be done by
                                                                                                     MORE ON PAGE 19
Morgan Stanley
Parcel/Express Survey
                             Project 3A Available, Addition of
P18                          “Vibration Under Vacuum” Option Proposed
Westpak Openhouse.                                                                                                          Founding Sponsors are invited
                                As reported in the last issues of iNews (ISTA’s monthly electronic
                             newsletter) Project 3A-2004 has been released and is now available from the                 to participate in both Alpha and
                             ISTA web site at Members can Log In and use Procedure                         Beta testing, have access to the
                             Search to view and download a complete copy. Non-members can see an                         distribution environment data
                             Overview by clicking on ISTA Tests or Test Procedures, and purchase a                       base, and receive other tangible
                             complete document from the ISTA E-Market.                                                   and promotional benefits.
PLUS...                                                                                                                     See page 1 for a complete list
- Inside ISTA                   Project 3A is a new general simulation test for individual packaged-
                                                                                                                         of all the sponsors who are
    Headquarters             products shipped through a parcel delivery system, and is appropriate for four
                             different package types distributed either by air or ground: standard, small,               generously    supporting    this
-   Welcome New              flat, and elongated.
                                In some ways, the new test is a combination of current ISTA Procedures
-   CPLP Corner              relating to packaged-products for parcel delivery system shipment. These are
                                                                                           MORE ON INSIDE FRONT COVER

-   Industry Events

-   Spotlight on ISTA
                             ISTA Project 4AB Status Report                                   A Status Report
                                                                                                                         Don’t miss the
    Member: Rich Thomas                               Work on Project 4AB, the new web-based Enhanced
                                                   Simulation test protocol, is progressing. The "Alpha" software
-   Spotlight on Certified                         release has been available to Founding 4AB Sponsors for               Packaging Event
    Lab: SGS US Testing                            several weeks, and program development is continuing
-   Member & Industry
                                                   toward a "Beta" release to all Founding and Charter Sponsors          of the Year!
                                                   by mid-year.
    News                     Bill Kipp                                                                                   Still time to register...
                             ISTA Director    At this point the essential software core is developed and
                             of Education
                                           working, and although the feature set is far from complete,                     Check out the complete
                                           the program is able to generate a basic test plan from user                  program schedule and the list of
                                           inputs. Included is elementary vibration data, rail switching                exhibitors who will be on display
                             parameters, handling tables, and compression test information and formulas.                by visiting our website!
                             The concentration to date has been mostly on the program and less on the
                                                                                           MORE ON INSIDE FRONT COVER
                                                              Project 3A Available                            4AB Status Report
                                                                                 CONTINUED FROM FRONT COVER                       CONTINUED FROM FRONT COVER
                                        Ist Quarter
                                        2004                  3C (standard), 3D (smalls, bagged), 2D          data, but this emphasis will shift as the
                                                              (flats), and 2E (longs). But Project 3A is      software nears completion. Anyone
INTERNATIONAL SAFE TRANSIT ASSOCIATION                        more than just a combination. First, the        having data for contribution to the Data
1400 Abbott Road, Suite 160, East Lansing, Michigan 48823     protocols for flat and elongated                Depot is encouraged to contact Bill Kipp
517.333.3437 phone 517.333.3813 fax                           packages have been enhanced and                 at
                                                              upgraded from Partial-Simulation (2-
                                                                                                                 There are currently eight vibration
                                                              Series) tests to General Simulation (3-
STAFF |                                                       Series) tests. Second, 3A uses latest
                                                                                                              spectra in the alpha release of 4AB:
Executive Director            Certification Manager                                                           small parcel long-haul truck, small parcel
Edward A. Church, CPP         Meredith L. Young               information and data for the drop,
                                                                                                              delivery van, steel spring truck, airride                     random vibration, top load, and other
                                                                                                              truck, jet aircraft, rail TOFC, rail boxcar,
Director of Education         Education & Events Mgr.                                                         and western European truck. These are
William I. Kipp, CPP, CPLP    Lisa Sabala                        Since 3A is a “Project” (subject to          data-based, but all still need further      
                                                              further review and possible modification        development. Many more will be added
Director of                   Marketing & Infor. Mgr.         before becoming a “Procedure”), it will         as information becomes available.
Testing/Certification         Kathy A. Joneson                not replace the related other tests at
Steven R. Pierce, CPP                                                                  Rail switching parameters are based
                                                              this time. However, it represents the                                                                                              on recognized typical impact velocities,
                                                              most current and advanced approach to
                                                                                                              translated into specific test lab
                                                              testing for parcel delivery system
OFFICERS |                    DIRECTORS |                     shipments, and is therefore strongly
                                                                                                              horizontal shock pulses. Rail car draft
President                     Brad Cook                                                                       gear,     load     orientation,     and
                                                              recommended. Effective immediately,
Bill Armstrong, CPP, CPLP     United Parcel Service                                                           blocking/bracing information is taken
Sealed Air Corporation
                                                              packaged-products can be ISTA-
                                                                                                              into account.
                              Larry Dull                      Certified to the new Project 3A.
Executive Vice                Syngenta Crop Protection                                                           Handling tables currently include data
President                                                        There is now a proposed addition to
                                                                                                              from recent studies plus considerable
Bill Noonan                   Dan Hill, CPP                   Project 3A, to include a “Random
L.A.B. Equipment, Inc.        ABF Freight Systems                                                             information    from     other     testing
                                                              Vibration Under Vacuum” option. This is
                                                                                                              protocols. Obviously much more work
Executive VP-                 Perry Hock                      a result of work done by Dr. Paul Singh
                                                                                                              needs to be done in this area.
International                 gh Package and Product          of Michigan State University and others,
Hal Miller                    Testing                         in cooperation with the FAA.         As            Compression tests are fundamentally
Johnson & Johnson
                              Jill Holstad
                                                              reported by Paul at Dimensions.02, the          based on user-defined stack heights, but
VP-Education                  Microsoft Corporation           FAA observed a number of hazmat                 the formulas to calculate test forces in
Robert Lancaster, CPLP                                        package failures in commercial and              the laboratory are derived from data on
Thomson Consumer              Paul Koning                     cargo aircraft, and were concerned that
Electronics                   Cisco Systems
                                                                                                              the time, temperature, and humidity
                                                              existing test methods might not truly           characteristics of various load-bearing
VP-Finance                    Paul Russell                    represent conditions that packages              materials. These characteristics are
Joan Pierce                   Hewlett Packard                 undergo during air shipments. It was            reasonably well known for corrugated,
The Coca-Cola Company
                              Larry Rutledge                  shown that the combination of vibration         but better information relating to plastic
VP-Member Services            Federal Express                 and low atmospheric pressure can                containers is needed.
Leon Venech                                                   cause problems for some packages.
SGS U.S. Testing Company      Dwight Schmidt                                                                     Now that the program is available for
                              Corrugated Packaging                The proposed new option for Project         “test drives” by the Founding Sponsors,
VP-Testing &                  Alliance
                                                              3A addresses this situation, because it         we expect good feedback and
Eric Joneson, CPLP            Dr. Paul Singh                  consists of a combined low pressure             comments relating to both the software
Lansmont Corporation          Michigan State University       and random vibration test.            The       and the data.
                              School of Packaging             packaged-product is placed inside a
VP-Europe                                                                                                        For   further    information,   visit
Ann Stirling Roberts          Tom Thomson                     vacuum chamber, and the chamber is
                                                              attached to a vibration table. Pressure in
Pira International            Sonoco Products Company
                                                              the chamber is reduced to simulate high
Patrick J. Nolan, CPP
                                                              altitudes while a random vibration test is
DDL, Inc.                                                     simultaneously conducted.

Immediate Past President                                         A review copy of Project 3A with this
Stephen R. Pierce, CPP                                        proposed addition has been posted on
Transport Packaging                                           the Technical Committee section of the
                                                              ISTA Discussion Forum, open to
Preshipment Testing is published quarterly by the             comment from the membership. The
International Safe Transit Association, 1400 Abbott Road,     Testing and Certification Steering
Suite 160, East Lansing, Mi 48823-1900, (517) 333-3437.       Committee will review all inputs and act
All inquires, address changes, and requests to receive        on the changes. Contact Meredith
this publication should be directed to that address.
Articles written by outside authors do not necessarily        Young      at   ISTA       headquarters
reflect the view or position of the International Safe        ( if you’d like access to
Transit Association (ISTA). Manuscripts are accepted at       the Technical Committee section of the
the approval of ISTA, which reserves the right to reject or   Forum.
edit. Advertising rates and other information available
upon request.

                                                              PST | 1st QUARTER | 2004
ISTA Participates in NMFTA Packaging
Panel Discussion                                                                                          THANK YOU
                                                                     The National Motor Freight Traffic   to our Project 4AB
                                                                  Association recently held a meeting
                                                                  in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and ISTA was
                                                                                                          sponsors for their
                                                                  invited    to   participate    in   a   generous support!
                                                                  “Packaging” panel discussion. Panel
                                                                  members were ISTA Director Dan
                                                                  Hill of ABF Freight System, ISTA VP     FOUNDING sponsors
                                                                  of Testing & Certification Eric
                                                                  Joneson of Lansmont Corporation,            • Archbold Container
                                                                  ISTA Executive Director Ed Church,
                                                                  and Rich Soderberg, Technical
                                                                                                              • Eastman Kodak Company
 Dan Hill, Eric Joneson, Ed Church and Rich Soderberg participate Services Manager for the Fibre Box
 in a NMFTA packaging panel discussion in Florida.                                                            • Hewlett Packard Company
                                                                  Association. The panel discussed
                                                                  transport packaging and preshipment         • IBM
testing, and how they relate to the Less Than Truckload (LTL) carriers.
                                                                                                              • Lansmont Corporation
   The lively session included such questions as “How is packaging for LTL
transportation different from that for other modes of transportation?” “What is                               • Michigan State University
performance-based packaging and what are its advantages?” and “What benefits can
your organizations offer to the NMFTA members and individual carriers?” This meeting
                                                                                                                Consortium for Distribution
proved to be an excellent exchange of ideas between organizations with different                                Packaging
functions but many common goals.
                                                                                                              • Packaging Corporation of
Jerry Stone Loses Long Battle with Cancer                                                                     • Xerox Office Group
                     We are greatly saddened to report that Jerry Stone, long-time
                  Packaging Engineer for the National Motor Freight Traffic Association,
                  died Feb. 11 after an over two-and-a-half year battle with cancer. Jerry                CHARTER sponsor
                  played a key role at NMFTA in many areas, and was instrumental in
                  developing performance-based packaging standards Items 180 and 181.
                                                                                                              • Sealed Air Corporation
Jerry Stone
                  He was a graduate of the MSU School of Packaging and was active in
1943-2004                     ,
                  ISTA, IoPP NIPHLE, and many other packaging and logistics
                  organizations. He served on the ISTA Board of Directors from 1996 to                    SUPPORTING sponsors
   Contributions in his memory may be made to the American Cancer Society, 124 Park
                                                                                                              • Edwards Lifesciences
St. S.E., Vienna, VA 22180.                                                                                   • Thomson Consumer
   The transport packaging community will sorely miss Jerry’s expertise, efforts, and                           Electronics
long friendship. A celebration of his life was held on February 21 in Springfield, VA.
                                                                                                              • Tokyo Packaging Laboratory

                                                                                                             The creation of 4AB and the Data Depot
                                                                                                          involve considerable effort and the
                                                                                                          commitment of significant resources. A
Your link to interactive                                  The Forum is an interactive                     Sponsorship program has been created to
                                                          message board for packaging                     support this important work. There are three
transport packaging                                                                                       Sponsorship Levels: Founding, Charter, and
knowledge!                                                professionals to come and discuss               Supporting. Each sponsor will receive
                                                          issues relating to the industry, get            specific recognition for its support of the
ISTA’s Discussion                                         questions answered, find out                    4AB Test development and the Data Depot
Forum                                                     additional information on ISTA
                                                                                                          as well as general recognition for its
                                                                                                          demonstration of commitment to the field of
                                                          and our testing procedures...or                 transport packaging. If you are interested in
CHECK IT OUT!                                             just catch up with colleagues, old
                                                                                                          being a corporate sponsor, please contact
                                                                                                          ISTA Headquarters at 517.333.3437.                             and new.

                                                                | 517.333.3437                                        Page | 1
                            Performance and Quality through Engineered Testing Solutions

                                             Environmental Measurement
                                              • Measure In-Transit Shock, Vibration and
                                                Atmospheric Conditions

                                         Product Testing
                                         • Fragility Analysis (Damage Boundary)
                                         • Shock, Drop, Vibration, Atmospheric
                                         • ASTM, Mil-Std, NEBS, etc.

                                                               Atmospheric Testing
                                                              • Temperature and Humidity Testing
                                                              • Altitude Testing

                                       Package Testing
                                       • Package/Container Performance Testing
                                       • Package Integrity Testing
                                       • Vibration, Shock, Compression, Drop,
                                         Atmospheric Conditioning
                                       • Life Cycle Testing

                Technical Services Group – 3 Locations to serve you.
                      Lansing, MI • Sunnyvale, CA • Irvine, CA
            1-888-LANSMONT •
           ISTA Certified Laboratories • UN/DOT Hazardous Materials Packaging Third Party
               Certification Agencies • Member: AAR, AIAG, ASTM, IoPP, SAE, NIPHLE

PAGE | 2                                           PST | 1st QUARTER | 2004
Staff Focus Shifts                          ISTA visits MSU
   The ISTA Staff has done a bit of fancy   IOPP Student Chapter                          INSIDE ISTA
footwork in this New Year, and although
the personnel is the same, the person
you speak to may not be! If you have
                                                                  In early February,
                                                               Meredith Young, ISTA
questions about ISTA membership,                               Certification Manager,
including our certification programs,                          was asked to speak
give Meredith Young a call. If you are                         at the IoPP Student
interested in the Dimensions program,                          Chapter meeting at
                                            Meredith Young
or any of the educational programs that     ISTA Certification
                                                               Michigan State Univer-
we are currently working on, contact        Manager            sity’s     School    of
Lisa Sabala. Marketing, Advertising and                        Packaging. With an audi-
Publication issues can still be arranged                       ence of well over 75
with Kathy Joneson.                         students, Meredith gave an intro to the
                                            ISTA program, answered questions from
   Our Directors remain the same as         the group and got the opportunity to          International Safe Transit Association
well, with Ed Church serving as             meet with some of the up-and-coming           1400 Abbott Road, Suite 160
Executive Director, Steve Pierce in the     in this industry. Being able to spread        East Lansing, Michigan USA 48823
Technical Director role, and Bill Kipp      the ISTA word to other organizations
occupying the seat as our Education         and groups is always a positive
Director.                                   experience for us, and this meeting was       517.333.3437 phone
                                            no different. Many thanks go out to           517.333.3813 fax
   We are very pleased to have AJ
Gruber, an MSU packaging student,           MSU and all the students that attended!
working for us part-time. AJ has been          Did you know that Students enrolled
working on several big projects dealing     in University Packaging Programs are
with the history of ISTA. He also gives     eligible for ISTA membership? The rate
assistance with our certification           for this member class is a nominal
programs and never complains when           $25/year and includes electronic
we make him do the not-so-fun office        versions of our testing Procedures,
jobs!                                       access to the Members Only website,
  We’re all still here to give our          and updates throughout the year.
members, and non-members alike, the         Students, contact Meredith Young if you
best service possible - only now we’re      are interested!
more focused than ever!

                                            Need another
The same great                              Resource Book?
newsletter, just a                                                    ISTA’s    2004
                                                                  Resource Book is
whole new look                                                    now in the hands
   Notice something different about this                          of all of our
PST newsletter? We’ve given it an                                 members.        This
updated look! We’ve added 4-color                                 “must have” tool
throughout, a few new features, and an                            contains     ISTA’s
easier-to-read and more convenient                                testing procedures
layout. The newsletter will continue to                           and projects, a
include technical articles, industry                              listing of all our
spotlights,   member      news,     and     members and their contact information
complete information about ISTA             as well as a section dedicated to our
activities and events. We hope you          Certified Laboratories. If you are a
enjoy it.                                   member and would like additional
                                            copies of the book, or if you are a
   Are you interested in advertising with   nonmember, please visit our E-Market
ISTA? Contact Kathy Joneson at ISTA         at our website. Members will receive
Headquarters to discuss the new             special pricing on additional copies.
opportunities or visit out E-market on
our website and click ISTA Advertising

                                                   | 517.333.3437                             Page | 3
NEW MEMBERS                 SHIPPER | members
                                                            Paqlite Limited
                                                            Delegate: Michael Setterfield
                                                            1501B Worldwide House
                                                                                            SUPPLIER | members
     welcome                Delegate: Randy Gilbert
                            11431 Willows Road NE
                            Redmond, WA 98052 USA
                                                            Central Hong Kong
                                                            Tel: [60] 129886261
                                                            Fax: [60] 67661601
                                                                                            Delegate: Thomas G. Malone
                                                                                            9020 Activity Road, Suite A
                                                                                            San Diego, CA 92126 USA
                            Tel: 425-881-8004                Tel: 858-586-0800
                            Fax: 425-881-2296                                               Fax: 858-586-0800
                            The Gunlocke          
                                                            Company, a division
                            Boston Scientific               of The Hon Company
Joined December 1st, 2003
                            Delegate: Gino Perrozzi         Delegate: Michelle Lemen        LABORATORY | members
through                     5905 Nathan Lane                One Gunlocke Drive
January 31st, 2004          Plymouth, MN 55442 USA          Wayland, MN 14572 USA           Cetea/Ital
                            Tel: 763-684-5870               Tel: 587-728-8268               Delegate: Assis Eusebio Garcia
                            Fax: 763-694-5858               Fax: 587-728-8354               Av. Brasil, 2880
                               Campinas, SP 13073-001
  If you are involved       Cormark, Inc.                   The Home Depot                  Tel: [55] 19 3743-1936
  in Transport              Delegate: Ted Magura            Delegate: Guillermo Rodriguez   Fax: [55] 19 3241-8445
                            1701 Winthrop Drive             2455 C-15 Paces Ferry Road
  Packaging, join           Des Plaines, IL 60018 USA       Atlanta, GA 30339 USA           Flextronics
  these new                 Tel: 847-954-3138               Tel: 770-384-4227
  members and start         Fax: 847-824-1839
                                                            Fax: 770-384-5794
  realizing the             guillermo_rodriguez@
                                                                                            Delegate: Benjamin Arellano
  benefits of ISTA                                
                                                                                            Boulevard a Zacatecas km 9.5
  membership!               Diebold Inc.
                            Delegate: Dan Szendrey                                          Jesus Maria, Aguascalientes
                            5995 Mayfair Road                                               20900 Mexico
  Become part of a          North Canton, OH 44720 USA                                      Tel: [52] 4499107100
  globally recognized       Tel: 330-490-4000                                               Fax: [52] 4499107237
  transport packaging       Fax: 330-490-5957

                            Engineered Packaging
  You need an               Design (EPD)
  organization that         Delegate: Daniel Sowell
  lives inside your         PO Box 8332
  world!                    Fremont, CA 94537 USA
                            Tel: 510-794-1500
                            Fax: 510-742-9105

                            Delegate: Brian Messicle
                            1101 So. Eisenhower Drive
                            Goshen, IN 46526 USA
                            Tel: 574-537-8018

                            Delegate: Jodi Bresnahan
                            700 NE Multnomah Street,
                            Suite 1600                                 ISTA Certified • ISO Quality Procedures
                            Portland, OR 97232 USA                 Drop • Shock • Vibration • Compression • Bounce
                            Tel: 503-963-9892                            Specializing in POP Display Testing
                            Fax: 503-230-4890                                Environmental Chambers
                                  Heat • Cold • Humidity • Salt Spray • Carbon Arc
                                                                      Confidential • Timely • Dependable results
                                                                        Phone 201 489-8573 Fax 201 489-9365

PAGE | 4                              PST | 1st QUARTER | 2004
               Members   Non-Members                      Members      Non-Members
Procedure 1A   131       142           Procedure 3C       29           2
Procedure 1B
Procedure 1C
                                       Procedure 3D
                                       Procedure 3E
                                                                                     TEST REPORTS
Procedure 1D
Procedure 1E
Procedure 1G
                                       Procedure 3F
                                       Procedure 3H
                                                                       0                     processed
Procedure 1H     0         5           Guide 5B             0          0

Procedure 2A   13        70            Project 7A           0          0             217 Member Reports
                                                                                     245 Non-Member Reports
Procedure 2B   11         2            Procedure 7B         0          0             462 TOTAL
Procedure 2C    0         0            Procedure 7C         0          0
Procedure 2D    0         1            Procedure7D          0          0             November 1st, 2003
Procedure 2E    1         1            LTL Item 180         1          0             January 31st, 2004
                                       ASTM D4169           1          0

                                                                 13231-A Slover Avenue • Fontana, CA 92337

                                             | 517.333.3437                             Page | 5
                                             March 31 - April 1, 2004              April 18-23, 2004
                                             Brand Protection USA                  ASTM Committee Week (including D10 on
                                             New York, New York USA                Packaging)

UPCOMING                                     Pira International
                                                                                   Salt Lake City, Utah USA

   industry events                           April 12 - 15, 2004
                                             NASSTRAC'S 2004 Spring
                                             Conference and Expo
                                                                                   May 16 - 19, 2004
                                                                                   WERC 27th Annual Conference (Features
                                                                                   RFID Sessions)
                                             Naples, Florida USA                   Atlanta, Georgia USA
                                             NASSTRAC                              Warehousing Education and Research
 March 29 - April 1, 2004
 NA2004 - The Material Handling &            April 14 - 17, 200                    May 16-19, 2004
 Logistics Show and Conference               Dimensions.04                         NIPHLE Spring Training Conference
 Cleveland, Ohio USA                         Orlando, Florida USA                  Harrisburg, Pennsylvania USA
 The Material Handling Industry of America   ISTA & IoPP                           NIPHLE                         



PAGE | 6                                      PST | 1st QUARTER | 2004
More than just a Lab Manager...
An individual dedicated to helping others.                                                          SPOTLIGHT on an
   Spot Light on an ISTA Member! is a new feature in your PST Newsletter: Although
                                                                                                          ISTA member
we spotlight a Certified Lab in every issue, and often spotlight a Supplier member as
well, we weren't doing justice to the many unique and interesting people that work in
the transport packaging industry. This new spotlight will focus on a person who has
hobbies or outside activities that are distinctive and noteworthy.
                                     Richard (Rich) M. Thomas was selected as our first             Rich Thomas
                                   spotlight. Rich, is the Lab Manager for Smurfit-Stone            Smurfit-Stone Container
                                   Container Corporation's Westmont Technical Center in
                                   Westmont, IL. He has been with Smurfit-Stone going on 9
                                   years now and has become a very active participant in ISTA's
                                   annual conference and Technical Committee.
                                      Rich graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in
                                   Management Computer Systems and a Minor in Safety from
                                   the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater in 1986. He then
                                   obtained his Masters Degree, also from the University of
                                   Wisconsin-Whitewater, in May of 1989. This degree is in
                                   Occupational Safety and Health.
In addition to being Lab Manager
of Smurfit-Stone Container    Besides his full time job in packaging, Rich has been a part-
Corporation, Rich serves a part-
                           time Firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) for
time Firefighter and Emergency
Medical Technician!
                           the Village of River Grove, IL for nearly 8 years. For the past
                           4 years he has been a member of the Division's Hazardous
                           Materials Response Co-op Team and, since September 11,
2001, a member of their Biological Chemical Terrorism Task Force. The Hazmat Team
responds to chemical spills, gas leaks, confined space rescues, bomb threats, and large
scale Carbon Monoxide exposures.
   The Bio-Chemical Task force was formed a few days after 9/11 and its sole purpose is
to go out and investigate unknown substances that citizens are worrying about in a
toned down way. If the Task Force determines there is an actual threat, they would then
activate a full-scale Hazmat response. There are only eight people on call for this team
which is ready to respond in a moment's notice 24-7 and 365 days a year.
   Rich got into the EMT field way back when he was at his first full time job. He was
their First Responder because he was the only person at the time to be trained in
advanced first-aid. As for the Fire side, when he moved back to the Chicago area in
1995, he wanted to get on a fire department to help people in another way. At that time
his younger brother had been on the River Grove Volunteer Fire Department for 10 years
and told Rich that they were looking to increase their staffing. Rich decided to apply and
that was that. Now the department is an around-the-clock paid (not full-time)
department. Rich usually works seven to eight times each month the 12 hour evening
shift from the 1800 to 0600 (6 p.m. to 6 a.m.)…then it's off to work testing packages.
There are times where Rich is up for 36 to 40 hours straight - lucky for him they come
far and few between!
  What got Rich got into the packaging, his ability to read the federal regulations.
Learning the packaging side of the job came from attending packaging related
conferences, hands-on testing, and networking with other packaging professionals.
   When he's not working at Smurfit-Stone, or stationed at the firehouse, he spends the
majority of his time rebuilding his house…one piece at a time. So far he has either
replaced or repaired every major system and repainted the whole house. Being a 60
year old house you can imagine what type of hidden surprises he is finding… the worst
one, so far, was a 34 year old 750 gallon abandoned septic tank in the backyard…luckily
it was filled with clean rain water. Who knows what else he is going to find!

                                                             | 517.333.3437                        Page | 7
PAGE | 8   PST | 1st QUARTER | 2004
Sign Up Now for the                                  Lunch and refreshments will be

CPLP Workshop at
                                                  provided, and there will be an awards
                                                  ceremony for successful applicants
Dimensions April 13th-14th
                                                  during the Dimensions conference on
                                                  Saturday.                                         Packaging
   If you’ve thought about becoming an
ISTA Certified Packaging Laboratory
                                                     When        you       register
                                                  Dimensions.04, check the boxes to add
                                                  the CPLP workshop. If you’ve already
Professional, and if you’re going to
Dimensions.04, why not get double
                                                  registered, or are able to only attend the
                                                  workshop, call or e-mail Lisa Sabala at           Professional
benefit from your trip and sign up for the
CPLP workshop? An alternative to the
                                                  ISTA Headquarters:
usual CPLP self-study program, this
workshop is a thorough review of the                 Complete information on the CPLP
material (presented by ISTA’s Education           program      may      be        found    at
Director Bill Kipp), in-person interaction,
Q&A discussions, and then the exams.              The     Dimensions.04        website     is
You can make efficient use of your time,,             which
                                                                                                    Bill Kipp
maximize your understanding of the                includes      complete          conference        ISTA Director of
subject matter, and become CPLP                   information and registration forms.               Education
certified as a part of your overall
Dimensions experience.
   The workshop will be held at Walt
Disney World’s Coronado Springs Resort            CPLP Materials
on Tuesday, April 13, the day before
Dimensions officially starts. Technician
                                                  Updated for 2004
applicants will meet from 8:00 a.m. to
                                                     Materials for the Certified Packaging
12:30 p.m., and Technologist applicants
                                                  Laboratory Professional program have
will meet from 1:00 to 5:30 p.m. Both
                                                  been updated for 2004, keeping pace
exams will be given the following
                                                  with changes to ISTA Projects,
morning (Wednesday April 14) from 8:00
                                                  Procedures, and processes.             In
to 10:00 a.m. The classes are open to
                                                  particular, the Technologist section on
anyone, but exams and certification are
                                                  “Enhanced Simulation Performance
available to ISTA members only.
                                                  Tests” was extensively revised to reflect
   Attendees       will   receive   the           the current development status of
appropriate study materials in advance            Project 4AB. CPLP applicants can be
for familiarization, then the workshop            assured that they will be getting current
will present all subjects in detail and           information as they work toward their
answer questions. Registration is $595            certifications.
for    each     class, Technician     or
Technologist, or you can attend both for
$1,070. Discounts are also available for
multiple applicants from the same

  Congratulations to the following new CPLP’s!
Soren Henricksen | Technologist                   Eric Kessler | Technologist
Danish Technological Institute                    Lansmont Corporation - Midwest Technical Center
Cimberly Hickerson | Technologist                 Tramy Lieu | Technologist
Lansmont Corporation - Midwest Technical Center   Lansmont Corporation - Sunnyvale
William Hughes | Technologist                     Mike Long | Technologist
Lansmont Corporation - Midwest Technical Center   Lansmont Corporation - Sunnyvale
Eric Joneson | Technologist                        Mike Simmons | Technician
Lansmont Corporation - Midwest Technical Center    SCA North America, Packaging Division

                                                         | 517.333.3437                              Page | 9
                                                                               Dimensions Lab Council
                                                                               Meeting Cancelled
                                              The Lab Council Meeting that
                                                                               was scheduled for Wednesday
      If you are involved in the physical distribution of products as a        morning April 14th, during
                                                                               Dimensions.04, has been
  manufacturer, carrier, packaging supplier or testing laboratory, you don’t   cancelled. The decision was
         want to miss this event! Check out the Forum at a Glance:             made because there are
                                                                               currently no pressing issues
                                                                               for the Lab Council to
                                                                               address, and many members
                                                                               wanted to attend the Cold
                                                                               Chain Workshop. All
                                                                               Dimensions attendees are
                                                                               encouraged to attend the
                                                                               Workshop as there will be
                                                                               updates from past committee
                                                                               work, as well as new
                                                                               information presented on this
                                                                               important and expanding area
                                                                               of packaging.

                                                                               Packaging World Joins
                                                                               Dimensions as Media
                                                                               Packaging World, with a
                                                                               circulation to nearly 100,000
                                                                               packaging professionals
                                                                               spread across all
                                                                               package-using industries, has
                                                                               become the exclusive Media
                                                                               Partner for Dimensions.04.

                                                                               Packaging World will be
                                                                               instrumental in promoting the
                                                                               Forum's program and events
                                                                               through its print publication,
                                                                               e-newsletters and website. Ed
                                                                               Church and Ed Landon, ISTA
                                                                               and IoPP's Executive
                                                                               Directors agree, “We are very
                                                                               pleased with the relationship
                                                                               because the people who read
                                                                               this leading publication are the
                                                                               very people who will be
                                                                               attending, presenting and
                                                                               even exhibiting at
                                                                               Dimensions.04” Visit
                                                                               Packaging World website at
                                                                               their website
                                                                               come meet their
                                                                               representatives at

PAGE | 10                           PST | 1st QUARTER | 2004
Make Plans Now to Meet the Dimensions.04 Exhibitors
Dimensions offers two opportunities for attendees to meet
                                                                        Thank You                Platinum                 Gold
                                                                            to the following     Lansmont Corporation     Bureau Veritas
packaging suppliers, equipment manufacturers and                             Dimensions.04                                Consumer Products
                                                                                                 Packaging Corporation
laboratories on exhibit. First, April 15th during the "not to be               Sponsors for      of America               Services, Inc.
missed" evening Exhibitors Reception and again the next                    supporting ISTA                                Corrugated
                                                                                                 Sealed Air Corporation
day during a mid-morning break. Come mingle with                                 and IoPP in                              Packaging Alliance
colleagues and see the products and services the exhibitors              providing a world-
have to offer. If you haven't already registered for                      class educational      Silver                   Bronze
Dimensions, do it today to save yourself a seat!                               event for the     L.A.B. Equipment         Altair Engineering                                                Transport Packaging       Company                  SGS US Testing
                                                                                   industry!     ORBIS
Dimensions.04 Exhibitors
• Altair Engineering
• Atlas Box & Crating Co., Inc.
• Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services, Inc.
• Cargotech
• Cascades Enviropac
• Cold Chain Technologies
• DDL, Inc.
• Dennis Young & Associates, Inc.
• DuPont Medical Packaging
• GlobalPKG
• Instrumented Sensor Technology
• Institute of Packaging Professionals
• International Safe Transit Association
• L.A.B. Equipment, Inc.
• Lansmont Corporation
• Mocon / Vaculok
• Multisorb Technologies
• Packaging Corporation of America
• Packaging World Magazine
• Parameter Generation & Control, Inc.
• Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News
• Polar Tech Industries
• Polyfoam Corporation
• Sealed Air Corporation
• SGS US Testing Company
• Shockwatch
• Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation
• Source Packaging of N.E., Inc.
• StorageTek Advanced Product Testing
• TCP Reliable
• Tech Pak Solutions, Inc.
• Thermo Electron Corporation
• ThermoSafe Brands
• Valéron Strength Films

                                                          | 517.333.3437                                       Page | 11
            Morgan Stanley Parcel/Express Survey
               In an Effort to better understand        well above the competition for both air
            express/parcel trends from the              and ground product offerings. Given that
            customers’     perspective,    Morgan       UPS and FedEx collectively control
            Stanley has conducted its fifth semi-       roughly 60%-80% of the US domestic
            annual shipper survey. The survey           express/parcel market, it’s easy to lose
            included more than 330 independent          sight of the fact that these two carriers
            responses from US parcel/express            continue to grab share from other
            shippers of all sizes who collectively      competitors, and, therefore, top-line
            influence over $1 billion in annual         domestic growth for each may not be
            spending on express/parcel services.        mutually exclusive.
               The most insightful conclusions from
            the survey are as follows (these are        Shippers confirm our view that
            discussed in depth in the actual report     pricing, especially for ground parcel
            which can be found on Parcel Shipping       services, remains competitive:
            & Distribution Magazine’s website at           Over 70% of all those who use UPS
                              or FedEx, responded affirmatively to the
                                                        statement, “[UPS or FedEx] have
               Morgan     Stanley      reported   the   recently been more willing to negotiate
            following:                                  ground parcel rates than in years past,”
                                                        and an even higher 86% indicated that
            UPS and FDX continue to stand               neither UPS nor FedEx are currently
            above the rest:                             putting through ground rate increases
              Based on the results of our current       above past levels.
            survey, UPS and FedEx continue to rank

PAGE | 12   PST | 1st QUARTER | 2004
Less pricing discipline is especially      With the service gap narrowing, price        traditional shipper base) expected to
evident among large shippers (we           is the driving force behind purchase         increase air volumes by 3% over the
define as +$1 million in annual            decisions:                                   prior year, which compares to current
express/parcel spending):                     Clearly, FedEx and UPS offer a            shipper expectations for a 2.2% decline.
   In past surveys, large shippers who     premium product; however, with the           This was the largest change in
use UPS and FedEx, expected annual         differentiation between the two              sentiment      among      our    survey
rate increases of 2.0% to 3.6% for air     diminishing, price is becoming the           respondents compared to our January
and ground products but in our current     overwhelming primary tool when               survey. It’s worth noting that DHL
survey large shippers expect full year     comparison shopping. Of the over 330         management believes that Airborne’s
2003 rates to increase only 1.2%-1.7%,     respondents to our survey, 16%               strategy of focusing primarily on its top
with the smallest increase expected        have switched primary domestic               100 customers helps explain why it
from UPS customers that use its ground     express/parcel carrier within last 12        receives lower marks than the
product.                                   months; of those 68% stated that price       competition on broad-based surveys
                                           was a driving force behind the decision      such as ours.
                                           to switch, while 34% attributed the
Despite FedEx’s ground market share
                                           change in some way to service (11%
gains over the past year, UPS’ ground
                                           said both price and service). Based on          Morgan Stanley will also soon be
product remains the best from the
                                           our conversations with shippers, this is     publishing a report entitled, “Freight
shipper’s rankings, while they
                                           a dramatic shift compared to what            Pulse V: Insights From their Shipper
perceive both carriers’ air products as
                                           would have been the case a few years         Survey” that highlights views from
nearly equal.
                                           ago, when the service gaps between           Railroad and Trucking shippers, including
     With UPS’ massive share of the
                                           UPS’ and FedEx’s air and ground              their view towards the current economy.
overall domestic ground market (we
                                           products were more distinct.
estimate it to be 66% compared to UPS’                                                    This article was orginally published in
estimate of 45%), it’s not completely                                                   the December issue of the Parcel
unexpected that FedEx is making            Former Airborne franchise may be             Shipping & Distribution publication.
inroads; however, given UPS’ high          losing some market share as it’s
marks from shippers, FedEx market          integrated with DHL:
share gains going forward will not come       While the former Airborne franchise
easily and shippers will likely demand                         ’s
                                           is tied up with DHL integration, the
better rates, which FedEx has been         competition may be picking off some of
willing to offer so far. In the air, UPS   its customers. In our January survey,
continues to take market share in the      large shippers (former Airborne’s
domestic market.

                                                 | 517.333.3437                                  Page | 13
SPOTLIGHT                        SGS U.S. Testing Company Inc.
                                 Independent Testing, Technical & Research Services
on ISTA Certified                   SGS, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, is the global leader in the verification,

Testing Laboratory               testing and certification industry by total sales. SGS operates globally under the SGS
                                 brand. As of December 31, 2003, SGS’ network comprised more than 1000 offices and
                                 laboratories and 33,000 employees with a presence in well over 120 countries.
                                    Originally founded in 1878 in Rouen as a French grain shipment inspection house, the
                                 Company was registered in Geneva as Société Générale de Surveillance in 1919. Shares
                                 of SGS were first listed on (SWX) Swiss Exchange in 1985. Since 2001, SGS has only
                                 one class of shares consisting of registered shares.
                                    The core services offered by
                                 SGS can be divided into four

             SGS US Testing             •   Testing services
                                        •   Certification services
          291 Fairfield Avenue          •   Inspection services
 Fairfield, New Jersey 07004            •   Audit services

            973.575.5252 tel        SGS U.S. Testing Company is
            973.575.8271 fax     a part of the SGS Group. The
                                 Paper & Packaging lab was
                                 originally a part of the Textiles       department and in January
                                 1990, when Leon Venech joined
                                 the company, the Paper &
                                 Packaging lab became its own          The Headquarters various testing equipment includes a drop, incline
                                                                       impact, compression and vibration tester.
                                 entity, was certified for UN/DOT
                                 and ISTA testing, and started to
                                 grow quickly.
                                    On the testing services side, which is what the lab in Fairfield, New Jersey
                                 concentrates on, SGS currently houses a vast array of equipment that allows for far
                                 more than just ISTA testing. As Rick Roberti, manager of the Paper & Packaging and
                                 Products Evaluation Labs put it, “There’s not much we can’t do!” They boast, among
                                 other unique pieces of equipment, a thirty-foot drop tower. Their numerous testing
                                 abilities include:
                                        • Full service for materials                    •   Gas Transmission Rate
                                          evaluation                                    •   MOCON
                                        • Paper and corrugated testing                  •   Folding cartons
                                        • Fibre Can & Tube                              •   Altitude
                                        • DOT certified third party test                •   Shock
                                          agency for hazardous goods                    •   Sharps Mailback
                                        • Water Vapor Transmission Rate                 •   Book testing
                                          (film and packages)                           •   Plastic films
                                        • Flexible packaging
                                        • Medical Device Packaging
                                        • COF
                                    The Fairfield location tests for all industries, specializing in Hardlines, Softlines, Food
                                 and E&E, and can perform all ISTA and ASTM packaging tests. Their packaging
                                 specialties include POP display testing, DOT certification and Pharma and Medical
                                 Device packaging. They do a lot of furniture packaging, and testing of furniture itself, in
                                 their Furniture lab. The Materials lab has contracts with DOT for seat belt and child car
                                 seat testing. There are also Textile, Flammability and Life Sciences labs available.
                                   SGS US Testing in NJ became an ISTA Certified Laboratory back in March of 1991. In
                                 addition to the ISTA Certification, SGS has earned A2LA, ICBO, DOT, UN/DOT,
                                 NMFTA/NCC, ISO 17025 and CGSB certifications as well.

PAGE | 14                        PST | 1st QUARTER | 2004
   Rick Roberti, who has been with SGS since 1992, is quite proud of the lab he
and Leon Venech, SGS Technical Director, have advanced over the years. “Leon
and I have grown the department from a small hole in the wall doing about
$90,000 of business a year to a full service state of the art facility with revenues
of over $1,000,000 per year. We perform between 150-200 package tests per
month between ISTA, DOT, and ASTM testing. We have a fast turnaround,
especially for the POP display industry, and provide our clients with suggestions
and ideas as to how to improve their packaging. We have worked with the
Library of Congress in helping develop new standards for the manufacturing of
text books, and have tested items and materials that can be found anywhere in
your house to satellites orbiting the Earth. We help give our clients the
competitive edge. When they need to be sure, they come to SGS.         ”
  SGS USTC has taken the next step in education and professional
advancement by putting two people through the ISTA CPLP program. Rick
Roberti has earned his Technologist Level certification and is working on the
                                                                                  A portion of the SGS US Testing Laboratory located in Fairfield,
Professional Level; and Chip Kehaya has completed the Technician Level
                                                                                  New Jersey.
certification. Leon and Rick are also IoPP certified, with Rick obtaining his CPP
cert in 1999 and Leon obtaining his CP-P/MH “somewhere around the Big
Bang” says Rick. They are active in Dimensions as well, participating every year as both Sponsors and Exhibitors of the annual
educational forum. Both are active in ASTM Committee D10 on Packaging.
   SGS has certified lab locations in Los Angeles, California, as well as in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and 2 locations in China. Visit them online

                                                          | 517.333.3437                                         Page | 15
                FedEx Institute of                              Tuscarora Inc.
MEMBER &        Technology Opens                                Changes Name To
INDUSTRY news      The University of Memphis (TN)
                recently opened the FedEx Institute of
                                                                SCA North America,
                Technology, a unique public-private             Packaging Division
                partnership designed to advance world-
                                                                   Tuscarora Incorporated, a wholly-
                class interdisciplinary research and
                                                                owned subsidiary of SCA and a division
                introduce a new generation of highly
                                                                of SCA North America, announced in
                skilled graduates to the work force.
                                                                               December that it will
                   The Institute will house 10 research                        change its name to
                centers focusing on an array of studies                        SCA North America,
                ranging from medical breakthroughs in                          Packaging      Division.
                cancer and alcoholism to artificial                            The name change will
                intelligence and RFID (radio frequency                         be effective in January
                identification) tags in the supply-chain.                      2004.
                   The Institute, the first to adopt a                             David C. O’Leary,
                major corporate name, will provide an           president of Tuscarora, said, “We have
                environment in which students and               been part of SCA since March 2001 and
                researchers help resolve real-world             this name change is the final step in the
                problems by incorporating businesses            integration process into SCA. The name
                and leading organizations into the              change also provides better alignment
                learning and research process. The              with SCA and its packaging business,
                multi-million-dollar facility will also serve   both globally and here in North America.
                as a dynamic community resource for             Although our name is changing,
                students, faculty and private industry.         reflected by new signage and print
                                                                collateral, our products, services and
                   FedEx Corporation worked closely             commitment to our customers,
                with the University of Memphis in the           employees and the communities where
                design and scope of the Institute’s             we are located remains the same. The
                vision and donated $5 million toward the        transition from Tuscarora to SCA North
                new facilities. The 95,000 square foot          America, Packaging Division will begin in
                building incorporates wireless fidelity         early 2004 and we expect to be
                capabilities and a voice-over Internet          completed by the end of the year. ”
                protocol network, a 200-seat multi-
                media amphitheater, computer labs,                 O’Leary continued, “Alloyd Company,
                training rooms, collaboration areas, an         Inc., acquired by SCA in November, is a
                exhibit area, and labs for the pursuit of       sister organization to Tuscarora and will
                new technology advances and scientific          enable us to expand our specialty
                research.                                       packaging offering in North America.  ”
                                                                Alloyd Company, headquartered in
                   “The FedEx Institute of Technology           DeKalb, Illinois, is North America’s
                will use the most technologically               largest manufacturer of custom
                advanced facilities and the most                thermoformed high visibility packaging
                sophisticated     IT    tools available         materials for retail and medical device
                anywhere to train the workforce of the          packaging.
                future. Said James Phillips, executive
                director and chairman of the FedEx                 Tuscarora Incorporated, now SCA
                Institute of Technology.                        North America, Packaging Division,
                                                                custom designs and manufactures
                    FedEx has more than 219,000                 protective packaging, material handling
                employees globally and expects the              and components for a wide range of
                alliance will help develop a highly skilled     consumer and industrial products
                recruitment pool. FedEx will work with          utilizing a variety of materials that
                the Institute’s research teams and other        include molded and die-cut expanded
                companies on business standards and             foam plastics, specialty and heavy-duty
                new technology.                                 corrugated paperboard, wood, and
                   For further details,          click    on    thermoformed plastics, used singularly
                              or in combination. Tuscarora serves
                                                                customers from over 35 manufacturing
                                                                facilities regionally located throughout

PAGE | 16       PST | 1st QUARTER | 2004
the United States and Mexico.                    The wholly-owned business will
Tuscarora is part of SCA’s global             significantly increase the presence of
                                                                                           Plastics Lab Opens
protective packaging network that
includes plants in Europe and Asia.
                                              UPS branded vehicles and uniformed
                                              drivers in the market.
                                                                                                       at RIT
Tuscarora’s      customers       include                                                                            The Integrated
                                                 The UPS company also will continue                              Plastics Center,
manufacturers in the high technology,
                                              to offer customers in Japan cost-                                  a 1,100 square
telecommunications,           consumer
                                              effective shipping solutions, including                            foot center with
electronics, automotive, appliances, and
                                              the export and import of express                                   $800,000 worth
pharmaceutical industries.
                                              documents and packages throughout            of new equipment, has opened at
   Tuscarora is a division of SCA North       the more than 200 countries and              Rochester Institute of Technology,
America, a leader in absorbent hygiene        territories UPS serves worldwide. UPS        Rochester, NY. To be used by RIT’s
products and packaging solutions. They        has offered services in Japan since 1990     undergraduate packaging science
employ some 5,100 people in nearly 60         through Yamato Transport.                    program, the IPC is designed
locations. For more information on SCA,                                                    for multidisciplinary, applied-research
                                                The UPS entity will better offer its
visit                                                                         projects. Students and instructors will
                                              customers innovative, technology-based
                                              services such as those introduced last       use the lab to develop cost-effective
UPS Express                                   year in Japan:                               packaging, and research partnerships
                                                                                           are being sought.
Operations in Japan                              UPS Exchange Collect, to help
                                                                                              Maria Rubino, assistant professor of
                                              exporters and importers accelerate
to Become Wholly-                             payments and reduce the risks                packaging science, says the goal of the
                                                                                           research is to “maximize packaging
Owned                                         associated with international trade
                                              transactions and                             systems” by avoiding excessive or
               TOKYO - UPS has                                                             inadequate packaging and by extending
            announced it will acquire the        UPS World Ease, which allows              product shelf life. The IPC is targeting
            minority shareholding of its      customers to ship multiple packages to       food, pharmaceutical, automotive, and
            joint-venture partner in          many destinations in the same country        plastic recycling projects.
            Japan, Yamato Transport Co.       and clear customs as one consolidated
                                              shipment.                                       Rubino developed the IPC with the
            Effective April 1, 2004, the                                                   help of Elizabeth Carle and Seung Kim,
joint-venture company, UPS Yamato                UPS is the world’s largest package        assistant professors of mechanical
Express Co., will become a wholly-            delivery company and a global leader in      engineering technology in the College of
owned company of UPS.                         supply chain services, offering an           Applied Science and Technology, what
   “As the world’s second largest             extensive range of options for                                                    .
                                                                                           RIT calls it’s “college of innovation” For
economy, Japan is a very important            synchronizing the movement of goods,         more details, contact RIT’s Department
market for UPS, said Ken Torok,               information and funds.                       of Packaging Science at 585-475-2278.
president of UPS Asia Pacific. “The
                                                                                                     MORE INDUSTRY/MEMBER NEWS ON PAGE 18
wholly-owned company will strengthen
our express operation and complement
our existing global distribution and
logistics capabilities.”
   UPS and Yamato Transport Co. also
have agreed to continue their
cooperation in the Japan express
market. UPS will utilize Yamato’s
domestic network, while Yamato
Transport will take advantage of UPS’s
comprehensive global network for its
international express shipments.
   UPS said it now will have the
flexibility to invest in new facilities and
technology and expand operations in
Japan. With that network in place, UPS
will enhance its ability to be a single
source       provider    of   the     most
comprehensive range of integrated
services in the industry - from overnight
document delivery to heavy freight
shipping,        from     supply      chain
management to international finance.

                                                    | 517.333.3437                                      Page | 17
Member News
                       CONTINUED FROM PAGE 17

Westpak Holds                                      • The Seminar series was finished
                                                with a Reliability Test Seminar which
Annual Open House                               covered the basics of environmental
                                                testing, vibration testing and shock
Submitted by Mark Escobedo,                     testing, on both operational and non-
Westpak Chief Technologist                      operational products.
   Westpak held its 2nd Annual Winter              Good food was enjoyed by all!
Open House at both the San Jose
Facility and our Oceanside facility. The            Oceanside had a record turnout at
afternoon was filled with tours,                their facility this year. Along with
                                                                                                        Open House attendees were able to get their
seminars and great food.                        seminars      they    also    performed
                                                                                                        questions answered personally by Westpak staff
                                                demonstrations which included an
   In San Jose we showcased our new             altitude test on a bag of Doritos. Each
building.     Westpak is constantly                                                                    was the critical elevation if you’re
                                                Guest was asked to guess at what
improving its facilities, and we built pits                                                            curious.)
                                                elevation the bag would explode. The
for the vibration tables. This provides         winner received a gift card. (12,500 feet                 Door prize drawings were held at
easier access for testing large items. In                                                              both facilities and included various gift
addition to the tour, mini-seminars were                                                               certificates from local restaurants, with
also conducted:                                                                                        the grand prize being portable DVD
   • The Medical Package Validation                                                                    players. The open house gave us the
seminar provided an overview of a                                                                      opportunity to thank our current clients
typical validation process and the tests                                                               who have made Westpak a success and
associated with the validation.                                                                        to meet new prospective clients who
                                                                                                       will experience the exceptional
   • The Package Performance Seminar                                                                   customer service for which Westpak
covered the basics of a package                                                                        has built its reputation.
performance test including the use of
                                                 Various demonstrations gave attendees the chance to
ISTA test specifications along with other        see equipment in action
common specifications.

PAGE | 18                                       PST | 1st QUARTER | 2004
New Package Qualification?
                                 CONTINUED FROM FRONT COVER

expert analysis, ship testing and/or              products for infants, children and adults.    primary container (an 8 oz. can)
laboratory simulation of distribution             These include Similac infant formula,         remained the same, the secondary
stress. The following is a case study             Pediasure children’s nutrition, Pedialyte     package was to be changed to a more
where all three means of assessment               oral rehydration products, Ensure adult       up-to-date style of package. In addition
were blended to evaluate the                      nutritionals, Glucerna diabetic nutrition     to providing a more visually appealing
distribution “worthiness” of a proposed           and enteral tube feeding products.            package on the retail shelf, the package
package change at Ross Products                                                                 change would also provide a cost
                                                     The majority of Ross products are
Division of Abbott Laboratories.                                                                savings.
                                                  shelf stable liquids or powders. The
Laboratory assessment of the proposed
                                                  primary packaging is a variety of steel          The first club store package in this
package’s       potential   distribution
                                                  cans, composite cans, plastic cans,           case history was for the Ensure 8 oz.
performance was based on ISTA
                                                  glass bottles, plastic bottles, aseptic       liquid product in a plastic can. The new
(International Safe Transit Association)
                                                  paperboard boxes and flexible pouches.        package was implemented in 2001. The
methods. As with any undertaking, the
                                                  The      products    themselves       are     second club store package was for
methods and efforts need to be
                                                  sophisticated      combinations        of     Glucerna 8 oz. liquid in a steel can. This
customized to the particular situation at
                                                  ingredients that are processed and            package change was implemented in
hand. Different package changes,
                                                  packaged under tight control so that          2002.
products being packaged, company
                                                  acceptable product sterility and nutrient
expectations and industry norms will                                                                The existing secondary package in
                                                  label claim is maintained. The products
dictate different assessment efforts.                                                           both instances consisted of a printed
                                                  and packages are subject to regulations
                                                                                                corrugated tray containing 24 cans
Background                                        such as the Infant Formula Act, NLEA
                                                                                                covered by a folded 3 panel printed-
   Abbott Laboratories is a health care           labeling and FDA regulations. In light of
                                                                                                paper insert which was then shrink
products company that manufactures                this, package changes are assessed very
                                                                                                wrapped. The graphics on the printed
ethical    pharmaceuticals,      hospital         carefully.
                                                                                                insert (which covered the package top
products, diagnostic test kits/equipment
                                                  Case History - Club Store Package:            and 2 long sides) and on the corrugated
and nutritional products that are
                                                  The Opportunity of a Package                  tray (bottom and short ends) were
distributed worldwide. The Ross
                                                  Change                                        visible through the clear shrink film. This
Products Division (RPD) of Abbott
                                                     The package change opportunity in          package design was typical for many
Laboratories is the nutritional products
                                                  this case history involved two Ross           first generation club store packages.
arm of Abbott.          Ross Products
                                                  Products club store packages. While the
manufactures specialty nutritional                                                                 The new secondary package retained
                                                                                                the original printed corrugated tray but
                                                                                                the shrink film was to be printed with
                                                                                                graphics. The printed-paper insert would
                                                                                                then be eliminated. This new package
                                                                                                had a more up-to-date appearance - i.e.
                                                                                                was more in line with the next
                                                                                                generation of club store packages. The
                                                                                                new package had a larger printed area
                                                                                                and the graphics had more visual impact
                                                                                                (the ink was on the reverse side of the
                                                                                                clear shrink film instead of on the
                                                                                                separate        printed-paper        insert
                                                                                                underneath the film). The cost to print
                                                                                                the film was less than the cost of a
                                                                                                separate printed-paper insert. The
                                                                                                printed film was automatically applied to
                                                                                                the package in register using a servo
                                                                                                film advance controlled by a photocell
                                                                                                that read an eye mark on the printed
                                                                                                film. In contrast, the printed-paper insert
                                                                                                had to be placed onto the package by
                                                                                                The Challenge: Assessment of Risk
                                                                                                to Delivered Package Quality
                                                                                                   The proposed package had to
                                                                                                maintain acceptable integrity and
                                                                                                appearance at point of sale. The
                                                                                                challenge was to determine the best
                                                                                                means of making that assessment. The
                                                                                                best means would provide a high level of
                                                                                                assurance for correctly characterizing
                                                                                                                             MORE ON PAGE 20

                                                         | 517.333.3437                                   Page | 19
New Package Qualification?
                                      CONTINUED FROM PAGE 19

long-term performance in the field but                1. Simulated distribution stress is       question is helpful.
with the minimum resources expended                controlled - it is a known, definable
                                                                                                     b. Knowing the basic
to make that assessment. But what                  stress input.
                                                                                                     strengths/weaknesses of the
were the options for making the
                                                         a. Package performance is                   product/package is also helpful.
                                                         assessed in response to the
                                                                                                     c. The ISTA Resource Book lists
Assessment Method Options                                known stress input.
                                                                                                     the particular capabilities of each
   To correctly predict long-term
                                                         b. The type and intensity of the            certified lab.
package performance under distribution
                                                         simulated distribution stress can
stress, the following tools can be used:                                                          3. Getting test packages to the lab
                                                         be (and should be) created to
expert knowledge/rigorous logic, actual                                                         must be considered.
                                                         replicate, as best as possible,
shipment and stress simulation in the
                                                         actual distribution environment             a. Test samples can be damaged
                                                         stress.                                     during shipment (speared by a
I. Expert Knowledge/Rigorous Logic                                                                   fork lift, etc.).
                                                      2. Simulated distribution stress is
    Expert knowledge and/or rigorous
                                                   repeatable - assuming adequate test                  1.) Some shipment methods
logic can help determine what testing
                                                   equipment and techniques.                            are better than others (private
and the amount of testing that is needed
to make a robust assessment.                                                                            carrier vs. LTL).
                                                         a. Performance of a proposed
Sometimes previous knowledge (expert                     package can be compared to an               b. Test samples can be inspected
knowledge) and/or rigorous logic will                    existing package.                           and repacked - but there can be
allow us to focus the testing of the                                                                 concerns with doing so.
package to a specific distribution stress             3. Laboratory testing can be
(or stresses) and bypass other testing             completed more quickly than test                     1.) Handling during inspection
(bypass simulation of stresses that the            shipments.                                           can affect the package.
package is not particularly susceptible                  a. Package performance                         2.) Repacking the test samples
to). Sometimes knowledge and logic                       assessment can be completed in                 may not duplicate the original
will indicate that no distribution testing               hours rather than days.                        package.
is needed - the proposed change will not
encounter a problem with distribution                    b. Packages can be modified in            4. Laboratory tests may simulate
stress. In either case, time and effort                  response to initial test results and   parts of the distribution environment
will be conserved for better uses. Note:                 quickly retested.                      but may not exactly       duplicate the
amending or curtailing test regimens                                                            distribution environment.
                                                         c. Lab tests can be quickly
based on knowledge/logic is completely                   adjusted/refocused based on                 a. For example, closed loop
different from just making a change                      preliminary results.                        computer controlled random
willy-nilly and then hoping for the best.                                                            vertical vibration on an electro-
                                                      4. Sometimes fewer test samples
II. Actual Shipment (test shipment)                                                                  hydraulic shaker can be a very
                                                   can be used than with test shipments
    Actual shipment does, in fact, expose                                                            useful simulation. It does not,
                                                   (can still get good results).
test packages to a slice of the actual                                                               however, exactly duplicate the 6
distribution environment. Unfortunately                  a. Column stack vibration testing           degrees of freedom vibration
it is only a small slice of the whole                    uses fewer samples vs. full pallet          inputs (vertical, horizontal,
distribution reality because there can be                shipment.                                   longitudinal, pitch, yaw, roll)
large variation in distribution stress from                                                          encountered in actual transit.
                                                         b. This can be important with
shipment to shipment. Unless the                         limited quantities of expensive             b. Generally, the results from
shipment was instrumented, it may be                     prototype products.                         simulation are good enough to aid
hard to know if the shipment                                                                         in decision-making.
experienced negligible, average or                 B. Considerations for laboratory
unusually rigorous distribution stress.            testing include:                                5. Does the test protocol simulate
Even with multiple test shipments, the                1. There must be access to a              the types of distribution stress and
full extent of distribution stress may not         laboratory.                                  intensity of stress that the package is
be experienced by the test packages                                                             likely to experience in its distribution
                                                         a. Not every company has a test
due to the large variation (shipment to                                                         system?
shipment) of distribution stress.
                                                                                                     a. Knowledge of distribution
                                                         b. However, many ISTA certified
III. Laboratory Simulation of                                                                        system being used is essential
                                                         3rd party testing laboratories exist
Distribution Stress                                                                                  (i.e. does the product get to
                                                         around the world.
    Laboratory simulation of distribution                                                            market via palletized shipment,
stress can be conducted to assess the                2. Does the test lab have capabilities          small parcel or by individual floor
likely performance of the package in the           matched to the product and distribution           loaded boxes?).
distribution environment.                          environment in question?
                                                                                                     b. Distribution environment data
A. The advantages of laboratory                          a. Knowing the characteristics of           collection is a means of obtaining
testing include:                                         the distribution environment in             data to more precisely
                                                                                                                             MORE ON PAGE 22

PAGE | 20                                          PST | 1st QUARTER | 2004 | 517.333.3437   Page | 21
New Package Qualification?
                                        CONTINUED FROM PAGE 21

     characterize the type and intensity             distribution environment                         Before simulated distribution stress
     of stress in the particular                                                                   testing of the proposed packages could
                                                        b.) Conducting stress tests with
     distribution system in question.                                                              be started, test samples had to be
                                                     insufficient intensity
                                                                                                   shipped in from the Ross manufacturing
        1.) Transit vibration data from
                                                       c.) Result: unaware of potential            plant in Casa Grande, Arizona, to the
        instrumented shipments can
                                                     damage problems with the proposed             Ross Distribution Simulation Laboratory
        be summarized by PSD plots.
                                                     package                                       (the Ross DSL) in Columbus, Ohio.
        These plots can define the
                                                                                                   Pallet loads of test samples were
        random vibration test that is                   2.) “Over testing”:                        generated in packaging machinery trial
                                                        a.) Conducting tests that simulate         runs at the Ross Casa Grande plant. As
        2.) Drop height recorders can                stresses not likely to be encountered         there were multiple machinery trial runs,
        help generate simulated                      by the proposed package in its                several shipments of palletized test
        manual material handling test                distribution system                           samples were sent to the Ross DSL in
        protocols from the combined                                                                Columbus. An evaluation of the test
        data from many shipments.                      b.) Conducting stress tests with            samples upon arrival at the DSL prior to
                                                     excess intensity - intensity not likely to    laboratory testing offered a chance to
     c. If specific distribution                     be encountered by the proposed                assess the effect of 2000 plus miles of
     environment stress data is not                  package in its distribution system            truck transit vibration on the proposed
     available, ISTA test methods can                                                              package. Shipment from Arizona had
     be used.                                           c.) Results:
                                                                                                   minimal effect on the proposed package.
        1.) ISTA test methods specify                  - Can prevent implementation of a           By results of the test shipments alone,
        tests and test intensity that                perfectly good package                        the proposed package would have been
        simulate the type of transit and               - Can cause over packaging (use             assessed       to     have   acceptable
        material handling stress                     more packaging than needed)                   performance in pallet load shipment via
        inherent for the general type of                                                           truck. This was not enough, however.
        distribution system being used.                 3.) “Just Right” testing:
                                                                                                      As previously discussed, relying
        For instance:                                   a.)Avoids potential damage problems        solely on test shipments is risky since:
        a.) 3E specifies performance                   b.)Reduces over packaging - a step             1. There can be large variation in
        tests for unitized loads of the              toward “Just Right Packaging” (no             distribution stress from shipment to
        same product.                                more and no less packaging than is            shipment.
        b.) 3F is for individual                     needed)
                                                                                                      2. The character and intensity of
        packaged-products (100 lbs. or               A Combination of Assessment                   distribution stress in test shipments is
        less) that are shipped non-                  Methods Was Used for Club Store               unknown (unless the test shipments are
        unitized from distribution                   Package Change                                instrumented with environmental stress
        center to retail outlet.                        A combination of assessment                monitors).
        c.) 3C is for individual packaged            methods (expert knowledge/logic, test
                                                     shipments and laboratory testing) was            These     shipments        were    not
        products (150 lbs. or less) that                                                           instrumented (the stress during the
        are shipped in parcel delivery               used in the qualification of the proposed
                                                     8 oz. club store pack.                        shipments was unknown) and did not
        systems.                                                                                   include the manual handling that might
  2.) Sometimes the tester elects to                    The package in question is sold solely     occur in the stocking of the shelves at
modify an ISTA procedure.                            to club stores. Knowledge of the club         the club store. This affirmed the need for
                                                     distribution     environment      led    to   laboratory testing to make a full
   a.) It might be based on expert                   characterization as it being mainly           assessment        of      the   projected
knowledge, test shipments or other                   palletized unit load movement (in transit     performance of the proposed package.
information.                                         and in warehouse handling) with some          This would give maximum assurance of
  b.) This would be done to get a                    manual handling (shelf stocking at point      acceptable delivered quality (minimize
better assessment of package                         of sale). Past experience with this type      risk of unacceptable delivered quality).
performance in a specific situation.                 of package had shown it to be sensitive       Laboratory testing would focus on
                                                     to transit vibration and to free fall drops   simulated truck transit vibration and on
  c.) This would be useful for internal              in manual handling. Thus the                  free fall drops for manual handling
decision making rather than ISTA                     assessment of the proposed package            simulation. Since the proposed package
package certification.                               would focus on resistance to transit          is shipped in pallet load quantities via
                                                     vibration stress and free fall drops. Since   truck, ISTA 3E (Performance Tests for
   d. “Just Right” testing vs. “under
                                                     there was no recorded data of vibration       Unitized Loads for Same Product) was
testing” “over testing”
                                                     and free fall drops experienced by these      selected for truck transit vibration
  1.) “Under testing”:                               Ross products in club store distribution,     simulation.
                                                     it was decided to use the best fit ISTA
   a.) Not conducting tests that                                                                     For the manual handling simulation, a
                                                     test methods as the basis for simulated
simulate stresses that the proposed                                                                special set of free fall drops was
                                                     distribution stress testing in the
package will in fact encounter in the                                                              developed based on knowledge of the

PAGE | 22                                            PST | 1st QUARTER | 2004
characteristics (including weaknesses)
of the present and the proposed
packages. From previous drop tests it
was known that the most stressful drop
orientations for the shrink film in the
present and proposed packages were
impacts to the bottom corners and
bottom edges. The film was most likely
to split or cans to fall out of the package
in these drop orientations. In addition,
bottom corner and bottom edge drops
are required as part of ISTA Procedure
3F - “Packaged Products, Distribution
Center to Retail Outlet Shipment, up to
100 lbs. ISTA 3F is a general simulation
test for packaged-products that are
shipped as an individual package from a
distribution center to a retail outlet. ISTA
3F has two sets of shock tests to
simulate the free fall drops encountered
in the picking, shipping and stocking of
individual packages in their trip from DC
to retail. Only a portion of the ISTA 3F
drops was used in the testing of the
proposed Ross Products package to
better simulate the manual handling that
these Ross products typically receive
when being stocked into club store
pharmacy area. Rather than being
displayed in pallet load format, these
Ross products are removed from the
shipping pallet and placed onto the retail
shelves. A drop height of 24” was
selected for the free fall drops in the
manual handling simulation for the
performance assessment of the
proposed package. This is based on the
24” drop height that is paired with the               • Thermal Package Testing
corner and edge drops in ISTA 3F     .
Drop Test Results:
Performance in drop testing was
comparable between the present and
proposed package. This was the result
even though the proposed package used
shrink film with different tensile
characteristics and thickness than the
shrink film used on the existing package.
   The random vertical vibration power
spectral density (PSD) profile for
simulation of truck transit in ISTA 3E has
an overall Grms level of 0.52. Laboratory
simulation using this profile produced
severe scuffing of the printing ink on the
proposed package. This high degree of                                   4405       4407
ink scuffing had not been seen on the
test product that had been shipped on
several occasions from Casa Grande,            
Arizona to Columbus, Ohio. In addition,
other club store products (soups, beans,
canned fruit, etc.) using printed shrink
film for multipacks of steel cans did not
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New Package Qualification?
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appear to have a problem with ink                  acceptable results from the laboratory         “Controlled” testing (type/intensity of
scuffing. This was based on inspection             vibration tests allowed the proposed           stress known) adds another dimension
of these products in club stores. The              package to be implemented.                     to the data.
conclusion was that the 3E profile was a                                                              You gain knowledge of package
                                                   Field Performance Matches
probable over test in this situation (i.e.                                                            performance under a known stress.
                                                   Prediction of Laboratory Testing =
the evaluation of a secondary package).
                                                   Success                                            The performance of proposed
Prior testing using the 3E profile had
                                                      The proposed printed film club store            package can be compared to that of
shown the performance of the primary
                                                   package for Ensure and Ensure Plus 8               an existing package.
package (the 8 oz. can) to be acceptable.
                                                   oz. (which use plastic cans) was
   However, if the 3E profile were used            implemented in 2001. The same type of          The correct test (type and intensity)
as the performance evaluation standard             printed film club store package was            adds yet more (valuable) information.
for the proposed printed film secondary            implemented in 2002 on Glucerna 8 oz.              Use tests that simulate stresses likely
package, the proposed package would                (which uses steel cans). Both packages             to be encountered in the distribution
not be implemented - with a loss of the            have been successful. There have been              environment in question.
desired attributes (improved retail shelf          no damage complaints and spot checks
                                                                                                      -Anything transported will experience
appearance at a reduced cost) of the               in the field have found package
new package. Expert judgment felt that             appearance to be favorable. Overall
the proposed package should be                     visual impact at retail of the new                 -Individual packages may or may not
implemented based on ship test                     package is much improved over the                  be dropped - but at least some will.
performance and on acceptable                      previous package. In addition, a cost              Perform the best simulation of the
performance of the same type of                    reduction has been realized with the               stresses likely to be encountered.
packaging on other club store products.            new package.
The only risk might be to the appearance                                                              -Closed loop, computer controlled
                                                   Key Learning’s                                     random vertical vibration simulating a
of the packages in the top layers of the
                                                   It is better to test than to not test.             known transit environment can be
pallet rather than a threat to primary
package integrity. Still there was the               You gain knowledge of performance                very useful.
desire to have laboratory testing predict            when package is acted upon (i.e.,                -Rotary 1” displacement vibration on a
acceptable performance in the field                  “When it was shipped, this happened.             mechanical table is much less useful.
based on simulated transit vibration.                When it was dropped, that
                                                                                                      Test at intensity likely to be
                                                     happened. )
   The situation was reviewed with                                                                    encountered in the distribution
Dennis Young of Dennis Young
Associates (Dennis is also an Associate
Director of ISTA) during a distribution
packaging test methods update                                      Container                             don’t be a hostage to
conducted at Ross. Dennis suggested                                Testing                               your package problems
that we try one of the vibration profiles
in ISTA 3H. The vibration profiles in 3H
                                                                   Laboratory, Inc.
are based on more current and more
extensive transit environment data than                          Package Testing, Design Consulting,
3E. Of the two profiles in 3H (steel
spring and air-ride), the steel spring                             Optimization & Failure Analysis
profile was selected because it put more
energy into the lading at frequencies               Services include package distribution/transportation evaluation
closest to the natural frequency of the
Ross palletized product. This would be a             & simulation by engineering professionals with the technical
more conservative test. Ross products                 experience & expertise who provide complete materials &
are shipped on trucks that can have                 systems testing, analysis & evaluation; package & distribution
either steel springs or air-ride
                                                    system performance; regulatory compliance guidance, testing
                                                           & certification; damage & cost reduction studies.
Vibration Test Results:
    The vibration testing conducted with
the 3H steel spring profile caused                       ASTM            ISTA               MilSpec       TAPPI              NMFC
minimal scuffing of the ink on the                       UN              IATA               IMDG          US DOT             ISO
proposed package. The laboratory
vibration tests (based on 3H) now
predicted that the performance of the                  Container Testing Laboratory, Inc., New York (914) 381-2600
proposed package would be acceptable                  Container Technologies Laboratory, Inc., Kansas (913) 888-2000
in long-term distribution. Combined with                    (formerly Yellow Logistics Services package testing laboratory)
the acceptable results from the drop
tests and test shipments, the                         

PAGE | 24                                          PST | 1st QUARTER | 2004
  environment in question.
  -Getting your own environmental data can be a
  great way to formulate a “just right” test.
  Suggestion: understand the ground rules for
  successfully gathering environmental data
  -If you can’t get your own environmental data,
  use the latest/best industry data.
  ISTA procedures can help in that regard
  Data is shared at symposiums like
  “Dimensions” (sponsored by ISTA)
  Working with experts may be helpful as well
Expert knowledge/analysis can be very helpful.
  Have knowledge of the distribution system in
  -This will help determine which distribution
  stresses likely to be encountered in the
  particular situation.

                                                          INTRODUCING STRENGTHPACK™
  Knowledge of the product and package
  (strengths, weaknesses) can be very helpful
  -The correct tests get conducted.
  -Some tests can be eliminated so that:
                                                          For Incredible Strength at a Great Value!
  The focus can be on what is relevant and                  Export Packaging/Crating                                         Barrier Packaging
  Sufficient testing can be conducted (enough               Military Packaging                                               Intermodal or Air Transport
  tests, samples, inspections)                              Corrosion Protection                                             Tamper Resistant
  Knowledge of ISTA test procedures can help
  with conducting the best tests for the situation.
                                                               Unsurpassed Tear Resistance
  Get help from “Experts” who may have
  additional knowledge to apply to the situation.
                                                             Unbeatable Puncture Resistance
Have more than one “tool” in your “tool bag”
  Knowledge of the distribution environment in             Incredible Moisture & Oxygen Barrier
  question, knowledge of multiple ISTA
  procedures, knowledge of product
  characteristics and the ability to apply that
                                                                    High Seal Strength
  knowledge to a particular situation are all tools
  than can be used in the package change                                                                          For more information, call
  assessment process. It is much more powerful                                                                 John Coyne - Product Manager
  to have multiple tools and to use them as
  appropriate. If you have only one tool, then it                                                                     at (724) 657-2354
  gets used for everything - whether it is the                                                                       or visit us online at
  best tool for the job or not (i.e. If all that you                                                 
  have is a hammer, then everything becomes a
  nail”). More tools make it easier to get to “Just
  Right” testing.
“Just Right” testing minimizes risk while
minimizing testing effort.
  Blending all the above can provide a “Just
  Right” test procedure to make the best                                                                                                     9505 Bamboo Road
  assessment of the potential long term                                                                                                      Houston, Texas 77041
  performance of a proposed package in its                                                                                                   1-800 VALERON
  distribution environment - with the highest                                                                                      
  assurance (risk is minimized) of success with                                                                                    
  the minimum effort.                                  Valéron® and StrengthPack™ are trademarks of Valéron Strength Films, an ITW Company

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