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					                                                                                                Vol. 10 Issue 1

                                                                                      January 1, 2011
                           Published by INDA, Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry and organizer of
                           the annual Vision Consumer Products Conference

                           Welcome to Volume 10, No. 1 of the VISION News Consumer Products e-Report.
P1     Filtration 2010
       Brought the
World of Filtration to
                           The VISION News Consumer Products e-Report is written and distributed every
                           other month for executives within the consumer products and nonwovens indus-
Philadelphia               tries. VISION reviews the news and events of each month in the disposable diaper,
                           adult incontinence, feminine hygiene, household wipes/cleaning products and
                           filtration markets, among other end uses that utilize nonwoven fabrics.
P2     Vision 2011 Con-
       ference Boasts
Innovative Program
                           Filtration 2010 Brought the World of
                           Filtration to Philadelphia
P3     Five Finalists
       Vying for 2011
Visionary Award            The world of filtration came to Philadelphia      Holmes, President of INDA, organizer of the
                           last month as crowded aisles and standing-        annual event. “The future of the filtration
                           room-only conference sessions combined            industry was certainly on display at Filtra-
        Mitsui to Add
        Spunbond in
                           to make the Filtration 2010 International
                           Conference and Exposition the largest and
                                                                             tion 2010.”

                           most important filtration industry event in       In addition to the Exposition, the well-
                           the world.                                        attended three-day Filtration 2010 Confer-
                                                                             ence focused on a number of vital topics to
        Global Spunmelt
        Capacity Set to    With the business of filtration continuing
                           to play a vital role in the personal and busi-
                                                                             the business of filtration in 2010 and be-
                                                                             yond. “The Conference this year high-
                           ness applications around the globe, Filtra-       lighted such vital topics as energy effi-
                           tion 2010 drew more than 1400 attendees           ciency, sustainability and the environment,

        Toray to Add
        Third Chinese
                           to the Pennsylvania Convention Center in
                           Philadelphia, PA, November 30-December
                                                                             in addition to the latest product technol-
                                                                             ogy,” says INDA’s Technical Director, Steve
                           2.                                                Ogle. “It was the best place in the world
                                                                             this year for filtration executives to learn
                           Living up to its reputation as the largest        about the technical developments that will
P5       Chisso Forms
         New Company
for Air-Through Non-
                           filtration industry event in the world, Filtra-
                           tion 2010 featured 129 total exhibitors. A
                                                                             continue to drive this business in the 21st
wovens in China            total of 28 exhibitors were from outside of
                           the United States and 17 were first-time          Among the highlights of Filtration 2010:
                           exhibitors at a Filtration show.
                                                                             • Once again, a Best Booths competition
P6      Ahlstrom to
        Close Spunlace
Composite Production
                           “Attendees at Filtration 2010 were able to        was held to recognize and reward the most
                           see and touch the latest developments in          attractive and innovative displays at Filtra-
Line in Chirnside
                           raw materials, machinery and finished             tion 2010. Winners were announced in
                           products from both established and new            three categories — Large Booth (more
                           companies from everywhere filtration              than 200 square feet), Ahlstrom Filtration;
P6      Nice-Pak, P&G Go
        Zero Landfill
                           products are made and used,” says Rory
Small Booth (less than 200 square   • Also attracting a large crowd were an
feet), Finetex; Best Booth for a NewAir Tutorial session led by R. Vijayaku-
Exhibitor, FibeRio Technology.      mar of Aerfil and a first-day session on
                                    the Fundamentals of Filtration & Test-
• Attracting a standing-room-only   ing, headed by Dr. Norman Lifshutz,
crowd for most of the morning was Hollingsworth & Vose.
a session on Sustainability – Inno-
vative Business Models. The topical Filtration 2011 is scheduled for No-
session featured presentations on vember 17-19, 2011 at Navy Pier in
the sustainability efforts at PGI,  Chicago, Ill. For more information:
Freudenberg Filtration, Ahlstrom
Filtration, Camfil Farr and 3M.

Vision 2011 Conference Boasts Innovative Program
In addition to the prestigious Vi- three minutes to talk and share busi-    • “A Flushability Update – What Con-
sionary Award (see below), INDA    ness cards with a fellow attendee be-                        sumers Flush” ses-
has put together an ambitious, far-fore moving on to make another con-                          sion led by David
ranging program for VISION 2011    nection. They then spend the rest of                         Powling, Kimberly-
                                   their time at Vision cultivating those
that will focus on topics as diverse                                                            Clark and chairman
as Brand & Market Strategy, Social contacts and developing them into                            of INDA’s Flushabil-
Trend Forecasting and Boomer       credible relationships. Space is limited                     ity Task Force.
Demographics.                      and pre-registration is required.
                                                                            • Special guest Keith Crisco, Secretary
“The world of consumer products is Among the program highlights of VI-                        of Commerce, the
constantly evolving and for the    SION 2011:                                                 State of North Caro-
past decade the VISION Consumer                                                               lina, will present a
Products Conference has kept the • A session titled “The World Ahead:                         session on “What
nonwovens industry and its related                   Global Trends Shap-                      Tools Are in the Tool-
businesses up-to-date on these                       ing the Future,” led                     box?”
changes,” says Rory Holmes, presi-                   by Paul Leinberger,
dent of INDA. “Attendees at VISION                   SVP Global Accounts, • A final session on “Sampling, the Hot
2011 will once again have the op-                    The Futures Com-                         Targeting Tactic,” will
portunity to hear from some of the                   pany.                                    be led by Kevin
country's most well-respected ex-                                                             Burke, of Lucid Mar-
perts on the topics that will now  • “Global Hygiene Trends,” presented                       keting.
drive the consumer products and    by Pricie Hanna, of John R. Starr, Inc.,
nonwovens industries for the next                    will discuss new
10 years.”                                           trends that are taking
                                                     shape in the global    As usual, there will be plenty of net-
One of the unique new features of                    hygiene.               working opportunities at VISION 2011
VISION 2011 will be a “Speed Net-                                           with two nights of Table-top Displays
working” session. Described as                                              and Networking Receptions. Vendors
“compressed networking in a low-                                            from the complete nonwovens/
pressure environment,” Speed Net-
working provides attendees with

                                                                                  January 1, 2011          P2
consumer products value chain will    limited number of spaces available, so
showcase their products during the    please reserve your space as soon as
Table-Top Displays and Receptions,    possible.
making it an ideal opportunity to
reach current and potential new       To register online go to,
customers from around the world.      or call INDA at 919-233-1210.

For more information on exhibiting
at the Table-Top Displays, contact
Tracey Bailey at 919-233-1210, ext.
129, There are a

Five Finalists Vying for 2011 Visionary Award
Five consumer products ranging         “These five finalists represent the most Kimberly-Clark, Roswell, GA ... Hug-
from disposable diapers to wipes       significant advances in incorporating gies® Jeans Diaper — The Huggies®
to filtration media have been nomi-    nonwovens technology into con-                                     Jeans Diaper
nated as finalists for the 2011 Vi-    sumer products and they are being                                  has a unique
sionary Award.                         recognized not only for their technical                            blue     denim
                                       attributes, but for their novel use of                             appearance
Now in its tenth year, the Award – nonwoven fabrics as well,” Jacobsen                                    with printed
which is given annually to a new adds.                                                                    graphics that
consumer product that utilizes                                                                            replicate au-
nonwoven fabrics in its final form – The five finalists are:                                              thentic blue
will be presented at the VISION                                                 jeans. The U.S. introduction included a
2011 Consumer Products Confer- Global Safety First, Manasquan, NJ newly developed pigmented and
ence, January 10-12, 2011 at the … Readi Mask™ — Readi Mask™ is a printed nonwoven outercover and
Park Hyatt in Carlsbad, California.                             patented Parti- matching components such as non-
The finalists will make presenta-                               cle Respirator woven stretch ears and a nonwoven
tions during VISION 2011 and con-                               designed     to landing zone.
ference attendees will vote on the                              eliminate the
recipient of the 2011 Visionary                                 problems with Nutek, Chagrin Falls, OH ... Simply
Award.                                                          mask fit that Soy® Biodegradable Wipes — Sim-
                                                                plague the res-                    ply Soy® Biodegrad-
“It is apparent from this impressive                            pirator market.                    able Wipes both lu-
list of finalists that even in a chal-                          Readi Mask™ is                     bricate and clean
lenging economy consumer prod- light, portable, effective and Made in                              and feature extra
ucts companies have invested in the USA. It utilizes DelStar’s electro-                            large, biodegradable
the development of new prod- statically charged DelPore® melt                                      wipes or towelettes
ucts,” says Visionary Award project blown media and a medical grade ad-                            with soy-based lubri-
coordinator Michael Jacobsen, of hesive is used around the entire pe-                              cants and environ-
INDA, Association of the Non- rimeter of the mask.                                                 mentally-friendly
woven Fabrics Industry, organizer                                                                  cleaners. Simply Soy®
of the annual VISION Consumer
Products Conference.

                                                                                    January 1, 2011           P3
biodegradable wipes feature the         the company to get rid of bulky fluff       Last January at VISION 2010 in New
same safe chemistry as Simply Soy®      material and put the high powered           Orleans, Rockline’s Regenerated Cot-
lubricant and can be used to clean      absorbent gel exactly where babies          ton Wipe received the Visionary
and lubricate tools and other metal     need it.                                    Award over four other finalists. Other
surfaces to prevent rust-build up.                                                  previous recipients include Ahlstrom’s
                                        Rockline Industries, Sheboygan,             Disruptor Filter Media (2009); Kim-
Procter & Gamble, Cincinnati,           WI ... Flushable Moist Toilet Tissue        berly-Clark’s Spa Sensials personal
OH ... Pampers® Swaddlers and                                 — By modifying        care treatment (2008); Tyco Health-
Cruisers with Dry Max™ — Pam-                                 the specifications    care Retail Group’s Swim Pants (2007);
                   pers® Swad-                                and the addition      Chicopee’s Disaster Relief Blanket
                   dlers      and                             of an engineered      (2006); Fiberweb’s Resolution Print
                   Cruisers with                              geometrical           Media (2005); Church & Dwight’s Brillo
                   Dry Max™ util-                             quilted thermal       Scrub ‘n’ Toss (2004); FMJ ChemBio’s
                   ize a new                                  emboss design,        Civilian Quick Escape Mask (2003); and
                   manufactur-          Rockline was able to create a durable,      Procter & Gamble's Swiffer (2002).
                   ing    process       bulkier, softer moist toilet tissue prod-
                   that    makes        uct that maintains flushability. The For more information on VISION 2011:
the product thinner while locking       product is more than 95% biodegrad-
in wetness to make it the driest        able.
Pampers ever. This process allows

Mitsui to Add Spunbond in Japan
                      Mitsui Chemi-     investment will add 15,000 tons to          disposable diaper makers in Asia. In
                      cals will add a   Mitsui’s capacity bringing its total out-   addition to its Japanese site, Mitsui
                      new spun-         put to 79,000 tons. It will come on-        operates a wholly owned subsidiary in
                      bond line to      stream in April 2012.                       Thailand Mitsui Hygiene Materials
                      its Japanese                                                  (MHM) Thailand, which also makes
                      operation to      The largest maker of spunbond non-          30,000 tons of spunbond materials per
                      better serve      wovens for the hygiene market in Ja-        year.
the growing disposable baby dia-        pan, Mitsui has developed its opera-
per market in Asia. The ¥5 billion      tions to meet increased demand for

Global Spunmelt Capacity Set to Grow
Five new spunmelt lines have been       Two of the lines are set for North          Israel’s Avgol was the first producer to
announced in recent weeks as            America, one will be added in Peru          announce expansion the first week of
manufacturers prepare to add tens       and one will be added in Japan. The         November when it said it would invest
of thousands of tons of capacity to     location of the fifth line has not yet
the global nonwovens industry.          been finalized.

                                                                                        January 1, 2011           P4
up to $80 million for two new 4.2-       At the same time, FitesaFiberweb,          Meanwhile, Japan’s largest spunmelt
meter Reicofil lines. While Avgol        which also has lines in Brazil and Mex-    manufacturer Mitsui Chemicals said it
has said that one of the lines will be   ico, will construct a spunmelt line at a   would add a 15,000-ton-per-year line
the fourth line to be installed in       new site in Lima, Peru. This invest-       in Japan to better serve the growing
Mocksville, NC, the location of the      ment will begin early next year and        disposable baby diaper market in Asia.
other line is reportedly between         will be completed early the year after.    This investment will bring the com-
China or Russia where the com-           Calling the investments part of the        pany’s total capacity to 79,000 tons
pany already has successful opera-       company’s long-term vision of provid-      when it comes onstream in April 2012.
tions. Avgol will also add enough        ing superior products and solutions to     In addition to these five lines, the
space in Mocksville for a fifth line     support its customers in important         spunmelt market was already poised
to be added sometime in the fu-          and fast-growing regions of the            to grow from lines under construction
ture.                                    Americas, CEO Silverio Baranzano said,     by PGI, FitesaFiberweb and Compan-
Then FitesaFiberweb, also one of         “Following the recent completion of        hia Providencia in the U.S., Union In-
the Americas’ major spunmelt             the largest and most modern spun-          dustries in Italy and Pegas in Eastern
manufacturers, officially an-            melt line in the U.S. at FitesaFiber-      Europe. With the average output on a
nounced that a second new line for       web’s Simpsonville, SC site, these in-     new spunmelt line anywhere from
its U.S. operation would come on-        vestments build on our current strong      15,000-30,000 tons or higher, these
stream in 2013. The announcement         performance to further optimize our        investments will significantly boost
came literally days after the com-       market-leading asset base and to en-       global capacity of the technology.
pany completed work on its first         able an enhanced logistics and cus-
line in Simpsonville, SC.                tomer-service proposition in the re-

Toray to Add Third Chinese Line
                              Also       Known as Toray Polytech Nantong            China and other Asian countries. It
                              on the     (TPN), the Chinese operation will have     was established in 2006 with an
                              expan-     a total capacity of 58,000 tons when       18,000 ton line and a second line is set
                              sion       the new 20,000-ton line comes on-          to come onstream in March 2011,
front, Toray Advanced Materials          stream in July 2012.                       bringing another 20,000 tons online.
has finalized a plan to add a third      Toray’s spunbond business targets          Toray also makes 50,000 tons of spun-
line to its Chinese operation.           hygiene companies in Korea, Japan,         melt nonwovens per year in Korea.

Chisso Forms New Company for Air-Through
Nonwovens in China
In an attempt to keep up with the        Co., Ltd., its subsidiary in Guangzhou,through nonwoven line at 2,400 met-
high growth rate of hygiene prod-        China.                                 ric tons/year. The site is large enough
ucts in China and Asian countries,                                              to house five air-through lines and
Chisso Corp. has founded a new           Chisso Es Asia (Changshu) Co. Ltd. was Chisso plans to increase the capacity
company in China to sell and             founded in the Changshu Economic       up to 12,000 metric tons/year in the
manufacture air-through nonwov-          Development Zone in Changshu city, future.
ens. Chisso had been selling and         Jiangsu province. The project will be
manufacturing air-through non-           finalized by the end of October 2011
wovens by Guangzhou ES Fiber             and the company will have one air-

                                                                                        January 1, 2011           P5
Ahlstrom to Close Spunlace Composite Production
Line in Chirnside
                                      close the production line by the end       Approximately 10 employees will
                                      of March 2011. The line is currently       leave the company on a voluntary ba-
                                      underutilized and the level of activity    sis as part of the closure. Other per-
Ahlstrom, a global leader in non-     is not sufficient to support its eco-      sonnel affected will be offered alterna-
wovens and specialty papers, has      nomic viability. It produces nonwov-       tive employment within the group.
concluded consultations with em- ens used in medical and wipes appli-            The Chirnside plant employs about
ployees and customers over the        cations as well as for the automotive      225 people and is part of Ahlstrom's
future options of its spunlace com- industry. Ahlstrom aims to serve the         Food and Medical Business Area.
posite production line number 23      customers of the line from the com-
at the Chirnside plant in the U.K. As pany's other lines.
a result Ahlstrom has decided to

Nice-Pak, P&G Go Zero Landfill
                                      energy facility that supplies steam to    finding external partners that can turn
                                      Indianapolis. The facility can process    waste and non-performing inventory
                                      more than 2000 tons per day of solid      into something useful—connected
                                      waste, to produce no less than 4500       the plant with a site solution provider,
                                      pounds of steam per ton of waste. The     who helped sort all recyclable materi-
                                      steam is used to power the Indianapo-     als and convert existing non-
                                      lis Downtown heating loop, which in-      recyclable materials to energy
                                      cludes businesses, Indiana University     through incineration. The electricity
Two consumer product companies        and Purdue University's Indianapolis      from incineration is used by the incin-
recently made the claim of “zero      campus.                                   eration facility and the excess is sold
landfill” for some part of their pro-                                           to the local power company. The
duction. Nice-Pak Products Inc., a     Additionally, Procter & Gamble re-       GARP team has diverted tens of thou-
global leader in the manufacture of    cently touted that its Auburn, ME facil- sands of tons from landfills while de-
wet wipe products, has announced ity as its first North American manu-          livering tens of millions of dollars in
the transformation of its Moores-      facturing plant to achieve zero waste cost recovery to the company in the
ville, IN manufacturing plant into a to landfill. The feminine care facility    past year alone.
"ZeroLandfill" facility. The plant     worked with both employees and
now converts excess waste into         suppliers to implement a process that Auburn is the ninth P&G global manu-
energy that produces steam heat        beneficially uses 100 percent of its     facturing plant to earn this distinction.
for the City of Indianapolis. Prior to waste. A majority - more than 60 per- Some of the other sites that have
this transformation, the plant had     cent - is recycled or reused, while the achieved this status include our Fabric
been sending 4200 tons of waste        remainder is converted to energy.        and Home Care site in Belgium,
per year to landfills.                                                          Beauty & Grooming site in the United
Nice-Pak Products has partnered        The P&G Global Asset Recovery Pur-       Kingdom, Feminine Care site in Hun-
with a cutting edge waste-to-          chases (GARP) team—charged with          gary and Italy.

                                                                                     January 1, 2011           P6

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