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The Caribbean’s Premier Tourist
    Investment Destination

                 Year 2011
            Description of the Island Aruba

•   Aruba is a Dutch Island in the Southwestern
    region of the Caribbean, close to the coast of

•   The average annual temperature is        27
    degrees Celsius, pleasantly softened by the
    constant northeast trade winds.

•   Aruba has a constitutional monarchy (as part
    of the Kingdom of the Netherlands) with a
    parliamentary democracy.

•   Aruba's most important trading partners are
    The Unites States of America, The Netherlands
    and Venezuela.

•   Tourism is the most important industry
    contributing more than 50% to the GDP
             Statistics of interest

•   The GDP in recent last years has remained postive
    with minor adjustments to the world ecomomic
    recession. Aruba’s GDP in 2010 was $ 2.6 billion with a
    per capita income of over USD. 23,000.

•   Aruba’s tourist arrivals has surpassed the 1.3 million
    mark in 2010, consisting of 535,000 cruise visitors and
    825,000 stay over tourists.

•   The inflation is stable and has             averaged
    approximately 3% over the last 10 years.

•   The Aruban florin is pegged to the dollar with an
    exchange rate of 1.80 Aruban florin to 1 US dollar. The
    Central Bank of Aruba keeps a dollar reserve of 8
    months (4 months is the requirement) to keep the
    exchange rate steady.
                Why Invest in Aruba

•   Aruba, as a part of the kingdom of the Netherlands,
    falls under the Dutch Judicial system. One’s individual
    rights are protected through the superior courts of The
    Hague, Holland.

•   The economy is prosperous with a high degree of social

•   The tourist sector is strong and stable and has shown a
    high degree of flexibility to the changing external

•   The labor force is highly educated. The literacy rate is
    among the highest in the Western hemisphere. A large
    % of the population speaks four languages
    complementing very well the service sectors.

•   Aruba enjoys strong political relations with the USA
    which has allowed for complete US Immigration and US
    Customs pre-clearance.
                Why Invest in Aruba

•   The Fitch and Standard & Poors affirms Aruba’s
    investment rating as BBB y A-/A-2, respectively, with
    a stable outlook.

•   Aruba is ranked at the top as destination for real
    estate investment in the Caribbean and “Best islands
    to live on”.

•   Homeowners can receive a permanent residence
    permit as “Retiree” with evidence that one can
    sustain themselves financially.

•   There are no capital gain taxes on property on

•   There are no legal restrictions on property ownership.
    The only requirements are a valid Photo ID and
    evidence of financial resources.
             Limited offer on real estate

•   A limited offer combined with a growing demand
    creates a positive impact on prices for real estate,
    especially in the tourist areas, where average
    property growth has been around 8 to 10 % per
    year. Why?

•   Aruba is a small island, limited in area and hence
    has limited land for development.

•   Historically, 85% of the land mass belongs to the
    Government, limiting development mostly on the
    remaining 15%, that is privately owned.

•   Five years ago the zoning law has been
    introduced limiting the overall commercial
    development on the island.

•   One of the Government’s important policy calls
    for sustained development where the economic
    growth must go hand in hand with the level of
    social development, the quality of infrastructure
    and in harmony with the environment.

           Your Lifestyle……
                      Your Home……
More than a Promise……
  260 homes……
      50 Villas……
         160 Townhomes……
              50 Condos……
Who is Gold Coast Aruba

              • GOLD COAST ARUBA, is part of the local
                company Cas Bon, specializing in residential
                community development, who counts with
                an excellent reputation. The company has
                over 15 years of real estate experience in
                Aruba and has developed more than 15
                residential communities appealing to both
                the local and visitor markets, of which Gold
                Coast is our marquee project.

              • The mission at GOLD COAST ARUBA is to
                develop a premier residential community by
                delivering high-quality homes, infrastructure
                and facilities, in addition to providing the
                personal attention and services comparable
                to that of any of Aruba’s five star resorts.
Why Choose for Gold Coast Aruba

               •   GOLD COAST ARUBA is located in prestigious
                   Malmok, the most attractive area of Aruba in
                   terms of demand and appreciation of property
                   values. We are located adjacent to Aruba's
                   signature championship golf course, a short
                   distance from the most beautiful beaches and
                   minutes away from the premier shopping, dining
                   and entertainment areas of Aruba’s famous
                   Palm Beach.

               •   GOLD COAST ARUBA offers those amenities and
                   services one would expect to receive only at
                   Aruba’s luxury resorts, including a Club House
                   with tennis courts, pool, retail area, business
                   center, fitness center, salon and spa, and a
                   restaurant with an adjoining function area to
                   host private events and celebrations

               •   It is one of the most exclusive, gated community
                   in Aruba with a lifestyle tailored to the most
                   demanding owner, yet with very reasonable
Why Choose for Gold Coast Aruba

              • The first buyers are already enjoying a 50%
                appreciation on the value of their properties.

              • Gold Coast is more than a promise. Gold
                Coast has sold nearly 147 homes (56%) and
                delivered more than 126 homes (48%) to
                satisfied homeowners.

              • Financing is available to non-residents: 40%
                owner’s equity, 60% financed by local banks
                at 8% APR, with duration of minimum 5 years.

              • Gold Coast offers homes where the land
                upon which the home is located is owned
                and not leased.
More Return on Your Property

           • For those homeowners seeking an additional
             return on their investment, we offer a full
             service rental management program. It
             offers homeowners the flexibility to choose
             their vacation time first, and leaving the
             remaining time for rental use. This program
             has a history of 2 years and has already
             achieved 60% occupancy rate.

           • The rental program is managed and
             marketed by Platinum Properties
             Management Company, consisting of
             professionals with extensive experience and
             knowledge in the Aruban tourist market. It is
             being marketed through specialized trade
             shows in South America, North America and
             Europe, through specialized websites and in
             local trade magazines.

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