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held on Wednesday 5 March at 7:30 pm at
West Pennant Hills Public School Library
Church Street, West Pennant Hills

COMMENCEMENT         The meeting was opened at 7:50pm and K Brickley welcomed
                     members to the meeting.

ATTENDANCE           28 - see attendance book

APOLOGIES            Andrew Free
                     Robin Watts

PREVIOUS             Minutes of the meeting held on 6th February 2008 were received
MINUTES              and confirmed.

      The P&C consists of a number of committees. On a consolidated basis for the
      16 months we had an operating deficit of $1429. Revenue $585,000,
      Expenditure $587,000.
      Against prior year of $180,750 op deficit.
      Canteen made a profit, turned around from the year before. Uniform shop a
      profit of $18,000.
      P&C is in a healthy position – cash at bank of $155,000, some of which is in
      the various committees. Net reserves of $186,000.
      Report of accounts tabled.
      Year of change for the P&C. – new exec except for the President.
      Achievements – insulation, whirly birds, aircon in computer room.
      Classroom of the future – wall coverings and yr 6 furniture replacement.
      This workgroup has stalled since Cheryl has left – needs revamping.
      Netball court installation complete – grant from Fed Govt “Investing in our
      Schools” programme.
      Addition of the girls trousers to the winter uniform.
      Fete was a huge effort and raised a substantial amount of funds ($32,000) for
      the infants playground.
      School Club worked hard and we had the largest turnout ever for the social
      evening in Term 1.
      Farewell to Mr Malone after 11 years.
      We have a great volunteering culture at the school. We also have a great
      partnership with Kerri as our new principal.
        The books have been audited with no problems noted.
        Written report tabled.
        (a)     President
        Nominations: Eileen Clements nominated Sandy Attard
        Elected unnopposed.
        (b)     Secretary
        Nominations: Malcolm Finlayson nominated James Dalton
        Elected unnopposed.
        (c)     Treasurer
        Malcolm Finlayson, nominated by Andrew Free.
        Elected unnopposed.
        (d)     Vice President * 2
        Malcolm Finlayson nominated Andrew Free
        Jacqui Heaton nominated Angela Greatbatch.
        Both elected unopposed.
6.    CLOSE
Meeting closed at 8:06pmCONFIRMATION OF AGENDA


(a) Confirmation of items approved for expenditure at previous meetings – Kerrie

    Computer room air conditioned over the holidays and is now very cool
    Quote was received for air conditioning the computer room and the canteen – the
     computer room was done first, and the canteen will be done later in 2008
    Classroom wall coverings were done over the past 2 years. Quotes obtained for the
     same coverings to the front foyer, but the installers were not available to work over the
     holidays. This has yet to be done.
    Infants playground – ship – David the handyman was on leave over the holidays but
     expects to complete the ship in the next 3 weeks.
    Smartboards – interactive whiteboard
      Has an electronic/digital link to the computer
      Provides a projection of the desktop which is interactive
      Ideally would have one in every classroom to replace blackboards/desktop
      With 18 classrooms this will be a long term process
      Start with installing one in the computer room
      Also discussed for one in the library but the expert view to not have them in shared
        The Government has promised one smartboard for each school, which will come with
         video conferencing.
       We are in the pilot program.
       $10,000 to $12,000 for 2 smartboards.
       NSW Department of Education is the largest single employer in the world –
         negotiating contracts is difficult
       Can’t buy our own until the contract is in place and we know what we will be getting,
         so we can match it – don’t want them to be different
     Shading for A Block
       Trees removed last year – has significantly increased the temperature in these rooms
       Need to invest in fixed shading/awnings on the north side of this building
       Getting quotes and hope to install soon.
     Portable shade shelters have been ordered

(b) Fundraising – Sandy Attard

     Have agreed on 2 fundraisers for this year:
       Easter guessing competition
       Olympathon
     Perhaps also a multicultural day but with no fundraising committee this is difficult to co-
     Easter competition
       Try to ramp it up
       Call for volunteers
       Try to make more out of what we already do, rather than adding more activities
       Angela Greatbach noted we need a team, not just 2 people – this relies totally on
          donations from the community and requires collection and wrapping of baskets
       Will be held in Tuesday of week 8
       Charles Jarrett suggested increasing the price of the tickets from $1 to $2
       Suggestion for providing major prizes to make it more attractive to external people,
          not just parents – too difficult to organise at this stage, but will consider for next year.
       Charles Jarrett will organise the tickets
     Olympathon
       Will be held in September to coincide with the Olympics




Principal’s Report – Kerrie Brickley

Year is off to a flying start. All settled in and tracking well

There has been too much rain - the students need to stay in at lunchtime which they don’t
mind, but the teachers do!!

All classes well settled in, particularly Kindergaten

Staffing changes
 New office staff – need to be flexible – there are some questions they just don’t know the
    answer to
 It will be a good team and is coming together, but need to be patient
 Sue Wallacha
      ESL – longest serving teacher
      Has transferred to a Peninsula school for 2 out of her 3 days – we will retain her for 1
       day a week to retain her expertise and experience
     Will split the position between 2 people – the second position has not yet been
     Department is busy filling classroom teachers as a priority, ESL will come later –
       possibly in the next couple of weeks
   New people – reading recovery & intensive literacy for year 1
   1 day of drama and 1 day of music each week
     Every class will have a term of specialist drama and music each year
     Costs 2 days per week but makes these available
     Enriches the program overall

Not in a strong financial position currently – need to pull that into line over the next couple of

School fees
 Will go out next week
 Usually has gone out in two sections (two notices):
    Fees, P&C, Textbooks, paper, craft & Italian
    Excursions etc
 The advantage to this is to spread the cost over time. The disadvantage is that it is a
   second call for funds
 Suggests only one notice but with 2 payment dates – parents can then pay in full or in
   two instalments, but will have all the information in one place
 Will send out separate grade notices (so more than one fee notice if you have multiple
 Currently about 80% of families pay fees
 There will be second semester fees also
 Have to be careful to get the money in because it is needed and goes straight out again
 There were $10,000 In outstanding administration fees at the end of last year, which
   restricted access to extra-curricular activities.
 We carried forward only $1,000 instead of $35,000

Responses to above:
 Would prefer an all-up family note rather than separate grade notes
 Also query not itemising for all components (Italian etc) – just present an all-up total –
   Kerrie Brickly explained that as part of the public school system we are required to
   itemise things. The school community decided to run the Italian program so we need to
   show the cost.

Italian program
 Queries were raised about changes to the Italian program
 Being revamped due to evaluation feedback
 Will raise the profile of the Italian program
 With the introduction of drama and music we need to be careful about the remaining
     teaching time
 Teachers need major blocks of time where students are not constantly going off to other
 Now only 1 block of Italian for grades 3-6 (previously 2) and 2 blocks for K-2 (previously
 This allows good blocks of time
 Query was raised is it not being diluted by addition of extra subjects such as environment
      No – those subjects need to be fitted in somewhere
      We have not been good on environmental studies previously
      This adds a new twist to a tired subject
      Raises the profile of environment and Italian at the same time – eg creating posters
       about saving water, but written in Italian
      Trial only at this stage
      Teachers and students will provide the primary feedback initially
      If the Italian teachers are adversely impacted we will review again, but they are
       currently happy

School Council - John Milroy
Introduced himself – he was President last year, but will not be this year - voting will be held

Last meeting was in December - the burning issue was the pricing issue of school facilities,
eg hire of the school hall. There was much angst and old issues from 2006 which arose
again in 2007. Issues were debated long and hard. The decision set in May was overturned
and a compromised reached with Nancye Pinfold. There is a need to meet the school’s best
interests while also recouping benefits. In late December it was decided to tender to tender
in June for access to all school facilities.

The Council is made up of:
 3 parents (currently John Milroy, Mike McKenzie & Debbie Coetzee)
 The P&C President (Sandy Attard)
 School Club representative
 School principal
 3 teachers
 2 community representatives (currently Keith Robinson & Lynn Ratray)

They discuss school policy eg new girls winter trousers, removal of trees, Coles

It has been suggested there could be better reporting – noted that the P&C is the conduit
between the community and the School Council.

School Council meetings are closed. They are for members of the council only. This
encourages more open debate as details do not go elsewhere. This enables more forthright
decisions. Minutes circulated to school council only, copies are kept in the Principal’s office.
Kerrie Brickley noted that meetings are not secret, but there is no point in having 2 open
forum meetings. If there is a Council it needs to be distinct from the P&C (many schools do
not have a Council).

Suggestion that a summary of resolutions be included in the newsletter – this can be
discussed but the question remains how much to report – some things are discussed all

Sandy Attard confirmed that she will take up to Council any issue that is raised at P&C level
– that is her role, but it was noted that some things raised at P&C should be dealt with by the
P&C – not everything has to go up.

Band Committee – Fiona Day
No formal report tendered.

There are 122 band members – this represents participation of 1 student in 2 – this is an
relative increase, even though school numbers are dwindling.

Sought times of classes so tutoring doesn’t interfere with lessons.
Band practices on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Uniform – Elise de Jong
No formal report tendered.

They are flat out already.

Teachers have decided that K-2 should have sport uniforms also (not just 3-6), because of
the new sports program.

There will be a lag in ordering items in these smaller sizes – 4 weeks for the tops, although
shorts can be delivered next week. Queried whether to order the skirts in the smaller sizes –
unanimous decision to provide only shorts for the younger students.

Will circulate a note when the uniforms are available and the younger grades can start
wearing them from that time.

Winter uniforms – girls trousers. This is the first winter they will be introduced, and they will
be available. The official uniform is still the tunic which should be worn for excursions and
official events. Ordering enough for 1 pair per girl and will see how it goes from there. Will
notify when they are available.

Canteen – Selvi Nadaradjane
No formal report tendered.

Noted the president is currently away and their first meeting is next week.

Still need volunteers as there are many gaps left by parents who left the school at the end of
last year. Time required is to 1.30pm. Mothers, fathers and grandparents all
welcome, but no preschoolers.

They are thinking about special days eg ice creams, and a jelly day.

Exploring internet banking.

Considering parent pre-order – possible to order for 4 days a week and order on line – still in

School Club – Jacqui Heaton
No formal report tendered.

Noted School Club has been around for a long time. Originally designed as a mothers group
for mums who couldn’t make the evening P&C meetings, to report to the mums what
happened at those meetings.

The nature of School Club has now changed – now more a social club. They organise
parent and family oriented social activities, .2 each term – eg new parents lunch on
29/2/2008, Survival 101 (before the lunch), and the social night which will be on 4/4/2008.

The School Club AGM will be held on 3/3/2008.

Noted this is a good time to join School Club as the role is changing and evolving.

Noted that Jacqui & Sandy have offered to go to class information meetings to explain the
role of class parents.
 Is there a class parent contact list – collected by the class parent for each class, and
   noted class information is contained in the school directory
 What is the school directory – directory of important school information and contacts, as
   well as a listing of parents and students. For privacy reasons you must opt in. Noted that
   the newsletter referred to a form, but it was not included – there was a misunderstanding,
   and the form went to Kindergart only - email responses to Narelle instead.

Sandy Attard also raised the question of advertising in the directory to cover the costs of its
production, or whether parents would prefer to pay for it. The P&C will cover the cost this
year, but consider this for next year. Advertising will be in blank spaces only and will not
increase the size of the directory – and perhaps limiting it to school parents’ businesses
only? Noted payment might be a good alternative as it is good for parents not to think
everything is free!!

Environment Committee
No formal report tendered.

Clean up Australia Day at the beginning of March.

Need some new enthusiastic blood. Looking for head of a sub-committee. Will advertise in
the newsletter

Treasurer’s report – Sandy Attard
No accounts yet – Malcolm has been very busy.

Has been preparing audited accounts.

Financial year will now be 1 January to 31 December.

Accounts will be available at the next meeting.


Garden maintenance
David Hurst has agreed to complete the infants playground but this detracts from his other
work as general maintenance man.

Suggested that the P&C donate $1,000 to the school out of the slush fund to pay for weeding
etc. Noted the slush fund holds about $5,000 to meet unexpected expenses.

Noted that Ian Wheeler did a lot of work over the holidays.

Noted that working bees can achieve a lot and it is obviously preferable to use them where
possible, but agreed that it was better to pay to get the worst of it done and leave the
“prettying up” for the volunteers.

It was resolved to donate $1,000 for gardening – weed removal etc.

P&C dates
Noted dates for P&C meetings for the remainder of the year.

Parents raised concerns about handwashing facilities in the toilets.
The toilets themselves are fine, but it is hard to wash hands because the taps are spring
loaded so keep turning off, and soap is often non-existent.

Kerrie Brickley noted they will need to be checked and refilled more regularly. Agreed that
the self closing taps are good for water saving, but not so much for hygiene. She will follow
up on these issues.

Infants playground ship
Angela Greatback noted that it is half-built with completion expected for the end of term.

Wants to make a project to name the ship and “launch” it.

Make this a “fun raiser”.

Names – need to get suggestions for names, reduce to a short list, then vote on the final
name. Draw a prize for guessing the correct name.

Launch the ship – have a school assembly with all students and parents invited, cut a ribbon
and break a bottle of confetti.

Need help to organize all of this.

The P&C will be conducting its next meeting on Wednesday 5th March 2008 at West Pennant
Hills Public School at 7.45 pm.

It will will include the AGM - taking nominations for all positions. This will add only about 15
minutes at the start of the normal meeting – need to pass the financial statements and elect
office bearers.

The meeting was closed by the Chairman at 9.50 pm.

Confirmed                         Date
held on Wednesday 2nd April at 8pm at
West Pennant Hills Public School Library
Church Street, West Pennant Hills

COMMENCEMENT            The meeting was opened at 7:58pm and S Attard welcomed all to the

ATTENDANCE              28 - see attendance book

APOLOGIES               Eileen Clements
                        Gina Willison
                        Jo Geary

PREVIOUS                Minutes of the meeting held on 5th April 2008 were received and
MINUTES                 confirmed.

       Sandy Attard opened the meeting.
(a)   Fundraising ideas (Casino night) – Vanessa Sultana
How it works:
No real money is won or lost – the money raised is from tickets sold and by an
auction at the end of the night. To be held end of third term beginning of
fourth term. Need this lead time to write letters requesting donations of prizes
$550 to hire a gaming table. Hire the number of tables according to number of
guests. One table per 25 guests. Hall could hold 200 standing. 315 families
in the school. With four or five tables we could raise a lot of money. Also
provided are professional croupiers and casino manager.
A lot of work is involved – the more we put in, the more you get out. A lot of
work beforehand, but on the night, everyone involved can have a fun night.
Catering, food and drink over and above this. We can cater this ourselves, but
this is a lot of work and not really worth it. Other option is to do beverages
ourselves and hire caterers. Can get sponsorship for catering. There are also
catering families within the school community
How much can be raised?
In a pre-school last year, there were 93 attendees, $15000 raised on the night.
Half of that was from buying money on the night and the other half was from
auctions on the night. So with 180, $15k should be a fairly easy target.
Vanessa is looking for the blessing of the P&C and help to write letters and
AG will establish a committee and work from this. Vanessa is happy to drive
SA indicated that, with this initiative, the P&C will probably not do the
Olympathon. Events run by School Club are usually intended to be social (eg
Pizza Bingo and a Cocktail night) or family oriented. If we don’t do pizza
bingo, we might do the open-air theatre. Might be good to run this at the end
of the year when it’s warmer. It was suggested that this event could coincide
with the carols. This would be an excellent family evening.
Nine and Dine might not happen this year.
It was suggested that there could be a fireworks/bonfire night on in June, as a
family event for the school community.
KB need to do something at the beginning of Term 4. We need to spread
things out in terms of peoples involvement and money.
In term 3, the Olympics are on. The related event could just become a
sporting event. Could do a pizza bingo in Term 3, but the issue could be
School Club need to do enough to fund the social evening for the following
year. We haven’t given much back to the P&C because we haven’t done
much fundraising. This is the first year where alcohol won’t be donated – will
have to be paid for. School Club like to do a mix of family events and social
(adult) events. We also pay for the new parents lunch and a morning tea each
term to say thank you to the staff.
Moved and accepted that the Casino night will replace the Olympathon as the
primary fundraising night for the year.
     (b)    Parent’s First Aid course
     Not may parents have a current first aid certificate. Sandra thought it might be
     a good idea to run a course in the school. If you have 24, they can come out
     to the school. School Club will cater the course. Information is provided
     beforehand and you work through the material before a one-day on site
     training day in the practical material and the assessment.
     Sandra wanted the blessing of the P&C and to seek advice on how it could be
     Some people wanted to do it on a Friday, others over a weekend.
     The majority view was in favour.
     This course is the full senior first aid course.
     Sandra needs a date when the hall is available to store equipment overnight.
     Sandra to follow up with Kerri to find a date. Library might be a more suitable

     (c)    Bus behaviour
     Bus prefects – an issue on Tuesday on Bus 2 where some fun got a bit out of
     hand and resulted in some bullying of some younger ones.
     Kerri will follow up with the seniors
     Minutes were accepted without amendment.
     (a)    Absentee reporting
     Parents (Tim) from KG, who raised the issue, attended the meeting and
     outlined their concerns.
     Kerri responded that the level of security is very different between kindy and
     primary schools. Some primary schools have initiated systems like that. None
     of the dozen schools I have worked in have ever had that, and the department
     have evidently not had issues or they would have instructed us to do
     something. If the department considered that this was a reasonable risk or
     they would fund the resources to fund this program.
     There are SMS services that are used in high schools, but that is used for
     truancy issues, not for safety reasons.
     This concern was common among parents of this particular class. Was
     agreed that a system can be set up by the parents of this class and trialled.
     (b)    Foyer remodelling
     Gyprock is not as expensive as first thought – quotes of around $5k received.
     Might look at removing the ship-lap and painting the bricks.
     (c)    Whirly birds
     All installed now have power. A further three will be installed in the holidays.
     Kerri added her thanks to all those involved for the band camp. The quality of the
     music programme here is quite outstanding. Even the junior band is able to play a
     couple of pieces after only 6 weeks.
     We’re in the last weeks of the gymnastics programme which has been well received
     by the children. The company is called “Australian School Gymnastics” and they
     have specialist training and equipment. They have contacted Kerri about using our
     hall in the holidays, so there may be programmes here in the future.
     Peer support training is happening next Tuesday and Wednesday next week. This is
     an opportunity for the senior students in the school to work with other students from K
     to 6. They aim to teach social skills, friendship, support, leadership skills. Years 5
     and 6 are leading the project because there aren’t enough year 6 kids to cover the
     Next week are the parent/teacher interviews.
     The major event is the ship launch.
     Next term, first day back is Tues 29th. On Monday, staff will be involved in
     professional training – this time it’s environmental education and programmes for
     G&T students.
     SBS – starting big school. First of the information sessions 2nd June, morning and
     evening, but parents only need to attend one (the same information given in both
     Sandy Attard requested some information to the kindy parents about what peer
     support is. It can be difficult to prize this out of the children. Kerri acknowledged that
     this excellent programme could be communicated better.
     Does not specifically focus on bullying, only as part of what constitutes good
     S Finlay asked what happens after gymnastics. The same group (Australian School
     Dance) will be running a dance programme in Term 3. Will communicate with the
     parents whether or not the sports uniform is still required for the infants on the day
     when gymnastics was running.

     $8000 short on Building Fund contributions at this stage 55% of parents have
     contributed, which is lower than last year (was about 70% this time last year).
     In the order of $7k raised for the Easter raffle. Budgeted for $5k.
     Subcommittees are on course to provide the contributions we budgeted.
     Playground might come in around $2k under budget.
     Building fund receipts will be issued when contributions stop coming in.
     Probably not needed until June 30, but should be able to provide these in the
     next few weeks.
     S Attard requested that we obtain quotes for shading over the seats as it was
     intended that the Easter raffle money be used for this purpose. These will be
     angled sails, over the seats near the courts. Thanks to Sandra for
     coordinating the event and Tracy.

     John Milroy.
     First meeting was two weeks ago. The School Council is made up of Charlie
     Jarrett, John Milroy, Natasha Braybrooks, Sandy Attard (as president of the
     P&C), Mike McKenzie, 4 Teachers, Kerri Brickley and Bruce Francis.
     Community reps are Lynne Rattray and Keith Robinson.
     John is tightening up the agenda of the School Council and try to get through
     some long outstanding issues; eg Tenure of office holders on the School
     Council, Sponsorship Policy, Tendering process for the use of school facilities.
     Coles development has stalled at this stage. The last hold-up was over the
     ownership of the road into the site.
     John is happy to provide a small update in the school newsletter.
     (a)   Band Committee – no report received. Band camp was excellent. A
           jazz quartet has been formed for the launch of the ship. The P&C want
           to acknowledge the efforts of the band committee for their hard work
           and dedication in running this fantastic camp.
     (b)   Uniform Committee
           Recently did a $3000 day (in one hour!). Expecting another huge one
           next week. Winter uniform comes in next term, but depends on the
           weather. Would expect everyone in uniform 4 weeks after holidays.
           Previously it’s been after Mother’s Day.
           Elise requested a note in the newsletter to this effect.
           Expecting to deliver $5000 in June.
           Would ask that the school committee be gentle this year during the
           introduction of the girls’ trousers. Not sure what the demand will be.
           There will be issues with the trousers – sizes, fits etc and feedback is
           welcome. The committee will use this information to improve the supply
           next year.
           Please feed back that the shop is staffed by volunteers and to be
           Also looking for volunteers/helpers to run the shop.
     (c)   Canteen Committee – Malcolm.
           Canteen is doing well. Financials until the end of February show a
           small loss of $800, but Feb is a quiet month, so this is not particularly
           concerning. Focusing on special menus – the ice cream/milk special
           yesterday was a great success.
           In the process of reviewing prices for the winter menu. Aiming to
           circulate this before the end of term.
           Roster is full but we can always use more volunteers.
     (d)   School Club – Jacqui Heaton
           Social night this Friday night. 130 people so far. First social was in
           2001, and it keeps increasing year-to-year.
     (e)   Environment Committee
           40 families registered for clean-up Australia. Did a fantastic job. St
           Matthew’s volunteers also helped out and did some of the nastier jobs.
           Another project planned for term 2, but we’re not sure what this will be
           yet. We’ll have another clean up towards the end of the year.
        (f)   Infants playground update – Angela Greatbatch
              Voting was so much fun – voting boxes, name marked off, went for
              three days. The mural team did a beautiful job. The name is going on
              this weekend under shroud.
              The launch is the last Friday before break up. Time has changed to suit
              years 5 and 6 who would have been out of the school for a sporting
              event. Between morning tea and lunch. Fairy bread and cordial
              served. Ribbon cutting, bottle smashings, parents in attendance and
              thank yous.
              Prizes for the kids (at random, for those who voted), and those involved
              with the name. Lots of freebies, showbags, Lego sending some
              Band will be playing (15 members learnt new jazz pieces).
              Tea and coffee provided for the parents.
              Mufti day, despite the decision of the P&C in the last meeting. Gold
              coin donation for SRC.
        (g)   Easter Guessing Competition – Sandra Finlay – tickets available
              tomorrow, $2 each.


Next meeting on 7th May 2008 at 7.45pm.
12.     CLOSE

Meeting closed at 9:37pm.
held on Wednesday 7th May at 8pm at
West Pennant Hills Public School Library
Church Street, West Pennant Hills

COMMENCEMENT         The meeting was opened at 8pm and S Attard welcomed all to the

ATTENDANCE           16 - see attendance book

APOLOGIES            Jill Randle
                     Sandra Finlay
                     Fiona Day
                     Alana Wills
                     Mary Page
                     Gina Willison
                     Dina Boyling
                     Jackie Leach

PREVIOUS             Minutes of the meeting held on 2nd April 2008 were received and
MINUTES              confirmed.

        Sandy Attard opened the meeting.
      Father’s Day event
      Minutes were accepted without amendment.
      (a)    Casino Night
             To be held 25th October. Had one meeting of the committee already. Next
             meeting around 30th May with a budget and plan.
             Could change the name of the night, proposed to make it a 1920s “Gatsby”
             theme night.
      (b)    First aid course
      Going well. 12 of 25 places already filled. This should be enough to proceed.

      The Ship Launch went extremely well, and a big thank you to Angela
      Greatbatch and all the others that put in so much work. Particularly the
      canteen people, for whom the day was difficult! Newspaper coverage in two
      local papers.
      Good cross-country event today. Teachers set up a cross-country course in
      Campbell Park. Senior kids run 3km. First five go on to the zone carnival.
      Additional merit system – “mini-merits” - being set up this term for effort,
      application and achievement. Easier to explain verbally than to write it down
      in the Newsletter! Kerri has some concerns about the medal system as it
      stands, so that might need tweaking a little. It’s not clear how this new system
      will tie in, but it will not replace it.
      Some news on the multi-purpose courts and the fencing and lighting. The
      courts are supposed to be finished off with fencing and lighting, but there have
      been delays with this due to council approvals. We finally have a letter from
      council granting consent subject to certain conditions already identified in the
      acoustic report. Approval should only be a few weeks away.
      News on the “connected classroom” – interactive whiteboards and
      conferencing going in the computer room. Once whiteboard provided by the
      Department and P&C funding a further two. School needed to wait for
      government contract to be negotiated. That has finally happened so we
      should be hearing more about that pretty soon as well. Video conferencing
      facility will be in by the end of the term. We are in the first 40 schools in the
      state to receive this equipment. Package includes data projector, whiteboard,
      LCD display and video conferencing.
      Rollout of new computers to begin on the 17th June, when 31 new computers
      will be delivered for installation during that week. The computer room will be
      out of action for that week. Computer room machines will be cascaded down
      to the classrooms and the older machines retired.
      Last Monday, Kerri held an initial committee meeting for school promotion.
      We are starting off the research phase for that project. Ed Smith is assisting
      us to develop a strategy. Kerri is keen to make some changes in Kindergarten
      orientation, and the promotional materials that go with that. To ensure we
      maintain numbers for next year, we can’t wait for the completion of this
      activity, which is not likely to be until the end of the year. With this in mind, so
      some material is already in preparation. Flyers for a letterbox drop and
      posters for pre-schools are almost finalised. Pre-schools are generally most
      successful in attracting enrolments. Newspaper advertisements have too wide
      an audience to be worth the cost. School information day is on 2 nd June.
      People who don’t decide to send their child until later in the year can take
      advantage of the orientation process which is held at that time. Kerri will be
      looking for volunteers to do the letter-box drop (possibly weekend after next –
      aiming for Friday 16th.
      Angela Greatbatch volunteered to assist with the organisation of the letter box
      Next week is the National Assessment programme for literacy and numeracy.
      This national test replaces the basic skills test, which was a state-based test.
      Time has changed to be earlier in the year (BST was in August). This will be
      Tues, Wed and Thurs next week.
      Dionne Smith, the regional director (Kerri’s boss’s boss) is visiting the school
      tomorrow. She is responsible for Sydney Northern Zone schools, which
      covers the area from Castle Hill to the Hawkesbury, Northern Beaches and
      down to the Harbour. She will visit a few classrooms and may talk to parents
      in the playground.
      Sandy Attard noted a huge improvement in the School’s website. Kerri has a
      friend called Barry Sumpton who is a retired Deputy Principal from Castle Hill
      to work one day per fortnight on the website.
      Refer to attached report.
      John Milroy.
      Changing the tenure limit for the maximum time president and secretary can
      be appointed. The limit 3 years, but this cannot be ratified until the AGM at the
      start of next year. This encourages new people to come along and contribute
      to the role of school council.
      There was a lengthy discussion about school sponsorship policy. It was
      approved to allow advertising in the back of the school newsletter. There are
      people contacting the school all the time to ask for advertising space. Some
      examples are drama schools and pre-schools. The school will be selective in
      who they allow. Allowing advertising provides a good basis for negotiating
      with the advertisers to recommend our school to others (particularly important
      with estate agents and pre-schools).
      Advertising would meet the “healthy schools” policy. Cost of space in the
      newsletter is relatively small – for example, about $30/quarter.
      Tender document for the use of school facilities – the Department prepared a
      document for the OOSH company, so we’re hoping to use this document as a
      basis for a tender document for the use of other facilities – eg the hall, netball
      courts, oval etc. We’ll be seeking expressions of interest for those likely to
      want to use school facilities.
      (a)    Band Committee
             Refer attached report.
      (b)    Uniform Committee
             Cash at bank is $18k, some expenses to pay, but could be a very
             healthy contribution back to the P&C. Sales in the first two weeks of
             this term came to $11k, compared to $8k last year. Could be due to the
             trousers, the cold snap, winter sports uniform for the juniors and not
             selling the old style uniform. Probably will be quiet for the rest of the
             term, because people have evidently stocked up!
      (c)    Canteen Committee – Malcolm.
             April - $250 profit, still running at about a $220 loss for the year. A new
             price list is coming out to address the low margins we currently have.
             The “delight” of the last day of term – the “ship ahoy” deal – absolute
             chaos but the kids had a great time.
             Assisting the School Club with the kid’s disco. A BBQ for the kids in the
             morning will be happening.
      (d)    School Club – Jacqui Heaton
             A very successful social night; it was the first year we had to pay for
             alcohol, but it came in less than the food. Very reasonable.
             22nd May there will be a barista on the Cola from 8am. Parents have
             been asked to bake something to bring. Donation is $5, which entitles
             you to coffee and cake. Years 2 and 4 are exempt from providing
             anything for this event because on the following Friday, it’s the school
             disco. Years 2 and 4 will be supplying the manpower for the sausage
             sizzle, security etc. This event is on at 5-6:30pm for K-2, 6:30 to 8:15
             for Years 3-6. There will be a flat fee of $10, which includes entry,
             sausage, drink and glo-stick. Pre-schoolers are welcome, but parents
             have to stay to supervise them.
             There was a meeting of the School Club committee last Friday. Jacqui
             proposed that School Club have financial assistance from the P&C. We
             don’t have enough committee members to organise sufficient
             fundraising events to fund the new parents lunch, social night and
             teachers morning tea each term. Depends how much money we’ll raise
             from the Entertainment books which have just gone out. This raises
             about $1500, and $1500 from the Disco, but we’re not sure what the
             shortfall will be. The theme night fundraiser (the name “Prohibition
             Night” seems to have stuck) are limiting the opportunities for school
             club to fundraise to cover their costs (for example, School Club would
             normally have a Pizza Bingo night at around this time). Malcolm
             suggested providing a projected budget to estimate the shortfall. This
             can then be added to the P&C Budget.
             School Club earns $11 from the Hills Entertainment Book, and $13 from
             the Sydney and Sydney North books. Some parents have indicated
             they don’t want the book, but are happy to donate the margin to School
             Club. This option should be made clearer.
      (e)    Environment Committee
             No report this month.

Father’s Day event
We need a committee, hopefully of Dads to come up with ideas.
V Sultana suggested that we could get Ian Wallace, who is a child psychologist in to
talk about parenting, particularly about issues for fathers.
Other ideas included a BBQ breakfast at the school, followed by some time in the
classroom or games on the oval. The breakfast could also be an opportunity for the
fathers to get to know each other better.
James Dalton, Angela Greatbatch, Charles Jarrett and John Milroy offered to be part
of the organising committee.

Next meeting on 4th June 2008 at 7.45pm.
24.   CLOSE

Meeting closed at 9:37pm.

held on Wednesday 4th June at 8pm at
West Pennant Hills Public School Library
Church Street, West Pennant Hills

COMMENCEMENT         The meeting was opened at 8pm and A Greatbatch welcomed all to
                     the meeting.

ATTENDANCE           18 - see attendance book

APOLOGIES            Sandy Attard
                     James Dalton
                     Fiona Day
                     Selvi Nadaradjane
                     Dina Boyling
                     John Milroy
                     Andrew Free
                     Alana Wills

PREVIOUS             Minutes of the meeting held on 7th May 2008 were received and
MINUTES              confirmed.

      Angela Greatbatch opened the meeting.
      Update on Satay Skewer changes. No information available.
      Minutes were accepted with the removal of Angela Greatbatch from the
      Father’s Committee.
      (a)    Fathers Committee
             The committee is meeting next Wednesday. Breakfast then fathers attend
             class. 10-12 under advisement. 12-2pm Sporting club and activities. Pick up
             their kids after school.
      The biggest thing since last meeting was the Kindy information session. There was a
      large attendance at the meeting. There were some interesting questions from
      participants. Thanks were expressed to Angela for the letter drops and the parents
      involved. Paid delivery was discussed but the results were not as reliable.

      The connected classroom hardware has arrived and some people have been to view.
      The interactive whiteboard will be a great benefit and the conferencing will be of a
      benefit at some stage. We will be able to link up with anyone with video
      conferencing. There will be lots of exciting opportunities.

      Apologies were expressed for the cancelled excursions this week. Kids were keen
      but it was outdoors. It may be postponed until next term.

      Year 5 is off to Bathurst early tomorrow.

      Education week was a great success and those who participated and assisted were
      thanked. It was unfortunate about the class of the industrial action and the biggest
      morning tea. It is scheduled for tomorrow.
      Teachers are busy writing reports.
      The school sign frame was vandalised and it has been taken away for repair.
      Alan Rees offered to assist as his company won the tender for the video
      Refer to attached report.
      John Milroy.
      No report submitted.
      (a)    Band Committee
             Refer attached report.

      (b)    Uniform Committee
             The committee presented a cheque for $10,000 which was received
             with thanks. Possibly another cheque to follow later in the year.

             Trousers are being accepted by the customers and going well.

             Someone came to the committee meeting and has offered to do
             alterations and the details will be provided to the school community.

      (c)    Canteen Committee – Malcolm.
              The canteen has turned a profit of over $500 for the year to date. It is
             expected to make a profit for the full year.

      (d)    School Club – Jacqui Heaton

             Entertainment books and school disco have raised substantial funds
             and the committee does not expect that they will need to require funds
             from the P&C.

             Planning will commence on the family film night which is planned for
             around 12th September.

      (e)    Classroom Cooling – Charlie Jarrett

             It is currently stalled as a quote for the entire school is being sought.
             We require the quotes from approved departmental sources. The
             power requirement is less of an issue than we have previously thought
             as the funding of expenditure will increase in subsequent years. The
             issue is more the maintenance which can be funded from the building
             fund. The wiring for the school has been updated and that obstacle has
             been removed.

             Solar power is going to receive a grant for schools after June 2008 for
             $50,000 towards the cost. We have started the process to access the
             grant as it will be on a first come first served basis.

       (f)   Environment Committee
             No report this month.


             Roaring Twenties Games Night – It has a date set being 25/10/08 and
             notices will be sent out soon. Total income is forecast as $14,785 with
             costs of $6,689 giving a profit of $8,096. The tables are booked. There
             will be various tables including roulette, craps and chocolate wheel.
             Chips will be refunded for raffle tickets for major raffle prize.
             Carlingford West PS fire had the fire brigade delayed by the fence. It
             was simply until the key was found.
            SWOT analysis – This has been done previously with the staff. This is
            the next phase and the next stage will be an in-school survey and then
            the wider community.


      Next meeting on 2nd July 2008 at 7.45pm.
12.   CLOSE

      Meeting closed at 10:05pm.

held on Wednesday 2nd July at 8pm at
West Pennant Hills Public School Library
Church Street, West Pennant Hills

COMMENCEMENT       The meeting was opened at 8pm and S Attard welcomed all to the

ATTENDANCE          See attendance book

APOLOGIES          Kerrie Brickley
                   Selvi Nadaradjane
                   Michael Stanton
                   John Milroy
                   Alana Wills
                   Jill Randle
                   Elise de Jong

PREVIOUS           Minutes of the meeting held on 4th June 2008 were received and
MINUTES            confirmed.

      Sandy Attard opened the meeting at 8pm.
      Head lice
      Minutes were accepted
      (a)   Fathers Committee
      The Fathers’ Committee met and have proposed a number of activities for the
      day. Some questions need to be resolved so that the day fits in with the
      school day. A further meeting will be held in the next month.
      None this month.
      Refer to attached report. YTD we are behind on Building Fund donations. $5k
      payment from the Uniform subcommittee and $5k from the Canteen may make
      up this shortfall for the year. May not go ahead with the additional height of
      wall around the netball court, which would save $2k (a higher wall would
      involve council approval).
      No report this month.
      (a)   Band Committee
            No report.

      (b)   Uniform Committee
            No report.

      (c)   Canteen Committee – Malcolm.
            The canteen continues to make money. It is ahead of budget for June.
            Budget is to make $5000 for the year.

      (g)   School Club – Jacqui Heaton
            Entertainment books collected tomorrow. Profit of about $1500, so we
            will be doing it again. This amount was $500 over budget.
            A cinema night is being planned. School Club is budgeting for a $5000
            profit, which will be returned to P&C. This is in term 3. In term 4 – we
            won’t be doing Nine and Dine. There will be a parents’ social event.

            Biggest morning tea was not as big as past years, partly because it was
            moved because of the Teachers’ strike, but it was also ordinary

      (h)   Classroom Cooling – Charlie Jarrett
            Quote from Frost air conditioning, to air condition every room: $125k.
            Probably another $60k for the electrical upgrade. Evaporative cooling
            would be ~$80k.
             See the Appendix for a comparison of air conditioning and evaporative
             Solar power grants for schools - $50k to promote solar power. The
             amount of money granted can be used for rainwater tanks, roof
             insulation, solar panels, hydro-electric plants, shade awnings etc. A
             portion of the money has be be used to put in a minimum of 2kW of
             photovoltaic cells. If the solar panels are not installed, the cap is $30k.

             The fixed shades are needed on some of the buildings and the
             insulation and rainwater tanks have already been funded by P&C.
             Kerrie would need to submit the application on line.

             Action: Charlie to push the submission for the solar grant. $30k to be
             spent on solar panels, the balance on awnings for classrooms. Some
             money available in P&C to supplement this.

       (i)   Environment Committee
             No report this month.


             Annyce Pidd raised the issue of head lice. A letter came home to Yr5
             parents advising to visit pharmacists where products are available.
             This is not actually the recommendation from NSW Health. In a good
             school, 24% of kids will have headlice at any one time. Head lice are
             becoming more and more resistant to preparations.
             One treatment is to comb conditioner through their hair for 10
             successive days at the school, or in school holidays (have a “nitbuster”
             week) or once a week, can ask parents to do this at home.
             In Queensland, they involve the kids, the parents and the staff, do a
             little project and make it a real operation to eradicate them.
             A parent information sheet was passed on to Sandy.
             Sandy will take this up with Kerrie.
             One of the class Mums is running some yoga instruction for the kids in
             a year 1 class. Angela GM suggested that this be added to the school
             programme, like dancing and gymnastics, as a user-pays offering.
             Good for physical and mental health. Most beneficial as a whole class,
             but could also be offered like Art Express.

      Next meeting on 6th August 2008 at 7.45pm.
12.   CLOSE

      Meeting closed at 10pm.
Appendix: Evaporative Cooling and Air conditioning.
1. Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative cooling is a physical phenomenon in which evaporation of a liquid, typically
into surrounding air, cools an object or a liquid in contact with it

A simple example of natural evaporative cooling is perspiration, or sweat, which the body
secretes in order to cool itself. The amount of heat transfer depends on the evaporation rate,
which in turn depends on the humidity of the air and its temperature, which is why one sweats
more on hot, humid days.

Evaporative cooling is a very common form of cooling buildings for thermal comfort since it
is relatively cheap and requires less energy than many other forms of cooling. However
evaporative cooling requires an abundant water source as an evaporate, and is only efficient
when the relative humidity is low, restricting its effective use to dry climates.

Evaporative cooler designs

Direct Evaporative Cooling (open circuit) is used to lower the temperature of air by using
latent heat of evaporation, changing water to vapor. In this process, the energy in the air does
not change. Warm dry air is changed to cool moist air. Heat in the air is used to evaporate

Indirect Evaporative Cooling (closed circuit) is similar to direct evaporative cooling, but
uses some type of heat exchanger. The cooled moist air never comes in direct contact with the
conditioned environment.

Two-stage Evaporative Cooling, or Indirect-Direct. Traditional evaporative coolers use
only a fraction of the energy of vapor-compression or absorption air conditioning systems.
Unfortunately, except for in very dry climates, they may increase humidity to a level that
makes occupants uncomfortable. Two-stage evaporative coolers do not produce humidity
levels as high as that produced by traditional single-stage evaporative coolers.

In the first stage of a two-stage cooler, warm air is pre-cooled indirectly without adding
humidity (by passing inside a heat exchanger that is cooled by evaporation on the outside). In
the direct stage, the precooled air passes through a water-soaked pad and picks up humidity as
it cools. Because the air supply to the second stage evaporator is pre-cooled, less humidity is
added to the air (because cooler air can’t hold as much moisture as warmer air). The result,
according to manufacturers, is cool air with a relative humidity between 50 and 70 percent,
depending on the climate, compared to a traditional system that produces about 80 percent
relative humidity air.
Typical arrangement of an Evaporative Cooler

Typically, residential and industrial evaporative coolers use direct evaporation and can be
described as an enclosed metal or plastic box with vented sides containing a centrifugal fan or
'blower', electric motor with pulleys, and a water pump to wet the evaporative cooling pads.
The units can be mounted on the roof (down draft, or downflow), or exterior walls or
windows (side draft, or horizontal flow) of buildings. To cool, the fan draws ambient air
through vents on the unit's sides and through the damp pads. Heat in the air evaporates water
from the pads which are constantly re-dampened to continue the cooling process. Thus
cooled, moist air is then delivered to the building via a vent in the roof or wall.

Because the cooling air originates outside the building, one or more large vents must exist to
allow air to move from inside to outside. Air should only be allowed to pass once through the
system, or the cooling effect will decrease. This is due to the air reaching the saturation point.
Often 15 or so air changes per hour (ACHs) occur in spaces served by evaporative coolers.


Some rough examples clarify the performance of evaporative coolers:

      At 32°C and 15% relative humidity, air may be cooled to nearly 16°C. The dew point
       for these conditions is 2°C.
      At 32°C and 50% relative humidity, air may be cooled to about 24°C. The dew point
       for these conditions is 20°C.
      At 40°C and 15% relative humidity, air may be cooled to nearly 21°C. The dew point
       for these conditions is 8°C.

2. Air Conditioning

The term air conditioning refers to the cooling and dehumidification of indoor air for thermal
comfort, typically using a refrigeration cycle.

Humidity control

Refrigeration air conditioning equipment usually reduces the humidity of the air processed by
the system. The relatively cold (below the dewpoint) evaporator coil condenses water vapor
from the processed air, (much like an ice-cold drink will condense water on the outside of a
glass), sending the water to a drain and removing water vapor from the cooled space and
lowering the relative humidity. Since humans perspire to provide natural cooling by the
evaporation of perspiration from the skin, drier air (up to a point) improves the comfort
provided. The comfort air conditioner is designed to create a 40% to 60% relative humidity in
the occupied space.
Health implications

A poorly maintained air-conditioning system can occasionally promote the growth and spread
of microorganisms, such as Legionella pneumophila, the infectious agent responsible for
Legionnaires' disease, or thermophilic actinomycetes. Conversely, air conditioning, including
filtration, humidification, cooling, disinfection, etc., can be used to provide a clean, safe,
hypoallergenic atmosphere in hospital operating rooms and other environments where an
appropriate atmosphere is critical to patient safety and well-being. Air conditioning can have
a positive effect on sufferers of allergies and asthma.

3. Comparison of Evaporative cooling to phase-change air conditioning:

Less expensive to install

      Estimated cost for installation is 1/8 to 1/2 that of refrigerated air conditioning

Less expensive to operate

      Estimated cost of operation is 1/4 that of refrigerated air.
      Power consumption is limited to the fan and water pump vs. compressors,
       pumps, and blowers.

Ventilation air

      The constant and high volumetric flow rate of air through the building reduces
       the age-of-air in the building dramatically.
      Evaporative cooling increases humidity, which, in dry climates, may improve
       thermal comfort.



      High temperature, high humidity outside conditions decrease the cooling
       capability of the evaporative cooler.
      No dehumidification. Traditional air conditioners remove moisture from the air,
       which is usually a design requirement except in very dry locations.
       Evaporative cooling adds moisture, which, in dry climates, may improve
       thermal comfort.


      The air supplied by the evaporative cooler is typically 80–90% relative
      Very humid air reduces the evaporation rate of moisture from the skin, nose,
       lungs, and eyes.
      High humidity in air accelerates corrosion. This can considerably shorten the
       life of electronic and other equipment.
      High humidity in air may cause condensation. This can be a problem for some
       situations (e.g., electrical equipment, computers, paper/books, old wood).

       Evaporative coolers require a constant supply of water to wet the pads.
       Water high in mineral content will leave mineral deposits on the pads and
        interior of the cooler. Water softeners, bleed-off, and refill systems may reduce
        this problem.
       The water supply line needs protection against freeze bursting during off-
        season, winter temperatures. The cooler itself needs to be drained too, as well
        as cleaned periodically and the pads replaced.


       Pollen, odors, and other outdoor contaminants may be blown into the building
        unless sufficient filtering is in place.
       The vents that allow air to exit the building may pose a physical security risk.
       Asthma patients may need to avoid evaporatively cooled environments.
held on Wednesday 6th August at 8pm at
West Pennant Hills Public School Library
Church Street, West Pennant Hills

COMMENCEMENT       The meeting was opened at 8pm and S Attard welcomed all to the

ATTENDANCE         13 - See attendance book +(M Little)

APOLOGIES          Jacqui Heaton
                   Annyce Pidd
                   Jo Geary
                   Malcolm Finlayson
                   Jacqui Hellstrom
                   John Milroy

PREVIOUS           Minutes of the meeting held on 2nd July 2008 were received and
MINUTES            confirmed.

      Sandy Attard opened the meeting at 8pm.
      (a)   Ski Program
      (b)   Student welfare
      Minutes were accepted
      (a)   Classroom cooling and grant for $30k
            Kerrie is the nominated person on the grant. If you want the full $50k
            grant and take up solar power, you must have 2kW worth of
            photovoltaic cells, otherwise you only qualify for 30k. The extra 20k can
            be used for shade, whirlybirds, etc. Quotes for PVs are around 25-30k.
            Started working on the fixed shade for the classrooms.

            Government will reply within two weeks with information on eligibility

            Need to further investigate awnings and the options available.

      (b)   Head lice

            Kerrie – everything presented was true, and the note has been

      Athletics carnival – negotiating with Hornsby council for another date. Hoping
      for before 28th August.
      First session of “Starting Big School” last Friday.
      Looking at good numbers next year – possibly 80 enrolments.
      Yr 5 – “Essere” programme (Italian for the verb “to be”). Feedback has been
      excellent. Next week the second yr 5 class, and another k-6 programme
      called “Shake It” run by the same people.
      Long awaited “Long neck lagoon” excursion is supposed to be going ahead
      next week. Following week is school photos. Some school uniform
      promotional photos being done tomorrow.
      School promotion working group – Dept of Education ran a training course last
      Monday. Should see some good changes coming through
      66 responses to the survey. Some good feedback received. Responses have
      been colour coded into the type of feedback and what can be done.
      Results received, but no report this month.
      No report this month.
      (a)    Band Committee
             NSW Band competition on at UNSW this weekend. Jazz band has
             been formed.

      (b)    Uniform Committee
             Donated 70 new fleecy jumpers to Stewart House – 10 years old with
             the old logo.
             Request has come in that we think about opening on a morning. The
             biggest hurdle is volunteers. We can just cover Mondays at present.
             Once a month might be do-able. It is already possible to put an order in
             the brown box if you’re unable to visit the shop when it’s open.
             If there is no manpower to open at other times, then we can’t do it.
             $14000 at bank, but this is required for stock purchases in readiness for
             orientation, also changeover to summer uniform in term 4. We now
             have online access to our bank account.

      (c)    Canteen Committee – Malcolm.
             Lots of changes this year. Starting to bear fruit and consistently making

      (j)    School Club – Angela Greatbatch
             Working on the movie night. On the form it suggested that you tick
             which movie you wanted. Not a lot of pre-payments. Can everyone
             please get their money in? Perhaps more interest will come in when
             the movie is decided. Stalls on the night. Yr 6 will be exhausted after
             coming back from camp.

             80 cookbooks left. Proposed that School Club should have them and
             send them to sponsors as a thank you. Would be good to try and sell
             them through the Newsletter as its actually quite a bit of our money tied
             up there.

      (k)    Classroom Cooling
             See above in “Matters Arising from Previous Minutes”.

       (l)   Environment Committee
             No report this month.


             Ski Programme
             A few parents have heard a rumour that next year will be the last year
             for the yr 6 ski programme.
             Kerri’s response:
             This is only a rumour and the short answer is that it is not true.
             However, there has been a long-standing concern about the increasing
             cost of the winter programme. This year it was $810 per child. There
             are families who can’t afford it or who choose not to participate.
             (There was a comment that this is cheaper than a family holiday, and it
             can be justified on this basis.)
             Current Yr5 is 55 children which means there will be a Yr 6 composite
             class, so the non-attendees can go into the composite class.

             Council Elections on 13th September
             Hall is being used, we might want to think about a BBQ.

             Student Welfare
             Policy was ripe for review. All policies need to be reviewed to make
             sure they are consistent with what is actually being practiced in the
             It’s about more than anti-bullying and discipline. It’s all the “non-
             curriculum” stuff that happens within the school.
             A document was distributed – this is a draft policy. Some consultation
             is required and this will be done through focus-groups.
            Also has to go to School Council. Hoping to review and approve the
            policy by the end of the year.
            Mini Merits
            Is there a certain number that have to be distributed each week?
            Some teachers are less generous with them than others, that is always
            going to happen. Some teachers treat them like gold, but the
            instruction was “hand them out!” It’s early days from the teachers point
            of view and they will get used to it.
            Mini Olympics
            This day was a great success, and being organised by an outside
            provider, was easy on the staff.
            Fathers’ Day
            An exciting day’s events are being organised for this day. Stay tuned
            for more details.


      Next meeting on the 3rd September 2008 at 7.45pm.
12.   CLOSE

      Meeting closed at 10:15pm.
held on Wednesday 3rd September at 8pm at
West Pennant Hills Public School Library
Church Street, West Pennant Hills

COMMENCEMENT          The meeting was opened at 8pm and S Attard welcomed all to the

ATTENDANCE            16 - see attendance book

APOLOGIES             James Dalton

PREVIOUS              Minutes of the meeting held on 6th August 2008 were received and
MINUTES               confirmed.

The official meeting was preceded by a presentation on merit selection panels.


              This is the process for selecting new staff for the school.
              The priority for classroom teacher appointment is: transfer staff;
              Aboriginal/Torres Strait islander; returning to duty and then school
              selection. School selection can be from advertisement or from lists.
              The first requires a panel and the latter can be a panel to review the
              pool or have staff appoint the best match.
              Same transfer process for executive staff and principals.
              The panel composition for classroom teacher consists of: the principal
              or nominee; a teacher representative; P&C (but must nominate within
              10 days) and if appropriate a ethnic community representative. The
              panel must try to achieve gender balance.
              For executive selection the P&C must have a representative, as must
              the school education director representative. There must be at least
              one male and one female on the panel. For principal selection the
              panel needs another principal at same level or higher.
              All panel members must participate in writing the advertisement. The
              ad must cover position and advertisement details (specific and general
              All applicants must be considered by the panel. All members of panel
              must be involved in short listing. Panel members must declare
              personal knowledge of applicants or involvement. Candidates are
              ranked by criteria. The timeframe is 7 working days. As part of short
              listing 2 referees will be contacted and one must be the current
              Applicants must have 3 days notice of interview. The panel must
              decide prior the interview timeframe and process. Questions need to
              be based on the selection criteria, skill and how these can be used in
              the position.. The questions don’t need to be the same for all
              applicants. EEO principles apply. Confidentiality must be maintained.
              Post interview there must be sufficient time allowed, usually three days,
              to permit deliberations. The deliberations must consider applications,
              referees’ comments and responses at interviews. The reasons must be
              recorded and the all candidates must be ranked in case the lead
              applicant rejects the offer. A minority report can be submitted if a
              member of the panel disagrees with the lead candidate. Minority
              reports have been know to overrule group decisions. Only the
              convenor provides feedback. There is a time period for appeal.

              This process is likely to be undergone within the school soon.

      Sandy Attard opened the meeting.
      Minutes were accepted.
      Everything is travelling well. Nothing to report.
      Refer to attached report.
      John Milroy.
      The tender for the school facilities was discussed and the decision has been
      delayed due to time constraints. The existing arrangements will remain in
      place. The new process was meant to give greater transparency. It was
      aimed to maximise the benefits to the school from the additional facilities and
      move the prices closer to commercial rates.
      (a)     Band Committee
              Band week is coming up. No formal report was submitted.

      (b)     Uniform Committee - Elise
              Cash at bank is approximately $15k but accounts payable is about 8k.
              They are stocking up for orientation.

              Additional opening hours only received one volunteer, so it is not
      (c)    Canteen Committee – Malcolm.
              The canteen has turned a profit of over $2,400 for the year to date. It
             is expected to make a profit of about $5,000 for the full year. There is
             an intention to provide funds back to the P&C.

             There is about to be a survey on usage of the canteen and other
             suggestions from parents. The year 3-6 students are going to do it in
             class in order to assist information being returned.

      (m)    School Club – Jacqui Heaton

             No report.

      (n)    Classroom Cooling – Charlie Jarrett

             There have been three people contacted for the awning and one has
             come out to quote. There is a quote coming for the photovoltaic cells.

       (o)   Environment Committee
             No report this month.


             Inter-relate course (information about sexuality) had 91 parents and
             children attend. It was very successful. There needs to be a new
             organiser for future activities. It is normally about every two years. The
             principal will retain the file.
             The local council election will not be covered by the P&C for a BBQ. It
             will be passed to the scouts.
             The casino night is moving along. There has been very limited take up
             of the advertising. Vanessa is still talking to real estate agents about
             covering the cost of the tables. Ticket sales will start in about two
             Fathers’ Day has surprised with the attendance expected to be 142
             fathers plus about 180 children. The advertising campaign was very
             successful. There will a registration table and a name tag for each
             father will be issued. BBQs will be near the canteen.


      Next meeting on 15th October 2008 at 7.45pm for strategy for next year.
12.   CLOSE

      Meeting closed at 10:15pm.
held on Wednesday 5th November at 8pm at
West Pennant Hills Public School Library
Church Street, West Pennant Hills

COMMENCEMENT         The meeting was opened at 8pm and S Attard welcomed all to the

ATTENDANCE           14 - see attendance book

APOLOGIES            Joanne Geary
                     John Milroy
                     Selvi Nahadjerene
                     Jacki Hellstrom
                     Catherine Pedler

PREVIOUS             Minutes of the meeting held on 3rd September 2008 were received
MINUTES              and confirmed.


      Sandy Attard opened the meeting.

      Minutes of the last meeting were accepted.
      School Photographer
      Presentation from Garrick Dostine explaining why an offer from a rival
      company is not being offered by the school.
      A brief introduction from Kerrie explained the background. A parent asked
      why an attractive offer at another school was not available here.
      Company is from Newcastle and photos are printed in Victoria.
      Offer is available in 3rd and 4th term. $25 in the first year. Would be full price
      in the second year.
      School would undoubtedly receive less commission
      Garrick is making a special offer to West Pennant Hills that he would not like
      to be made known to others.
      At the conclusion of his presentation, Garrick left the meeting.
      Towards the end of the meeting, those present engaged in a brief discussion
      on the material presented.
      A motion that we stay with Garrick’s offer was carried.

      Minutes were accepted.
      Only four weeks remaining in the year.
      Italian day today. Kids had a good time.
      Apologies that hardcopy newsletters did not make it out on time yesterday. About 12
      families still prefer to receive the newsletter as a hardcopy.
      Yr 5 mini-fete on this Friday. Runs between recess and lunch.
      Starting Big School (SBS) is forging ahead and being well received by the incoming
      parents. Still hard to tell the numbers but we have 82 actual enrolment forms, but
      there are a few coming to SBS and some siblings that have not returned their forms.
      We’ll definitely have 4 classes and may go to 4.5. This makes the organisation a bit
      messier. We will have a 19th class and 19th teacher. We can replace two teachers
      currently on long service pending retirement, so we will have three positions. Michael
      Stanton is the P&C representative. K. Watson is the teaching staff representative and
      Kerrie is the third committee member.
      Carols is a K-6 event, and will be held outside. Even with K-2 it was crowded and hot
      in the hall. Should be a laid back and relaxed night. Each year will sing a carol and
      the choir and band will also sing/play some items.
      Presentation Day/Celebration of Learning will be in our hall this year (not at Pennant
      Hills High)
      Yrs 2-6 vote on prefects, selected from Year 5. This is on 28th November.
      Italian – need to reinforce the message that Italian is not disappearing, but only being
      reduced from 2hrs/week to 45 minutes/week.
      $15k of subcommittee funds - $10k from School Club and $5k from the
      Canteen. Hopefully more to follow from the Uniform shop.
      A hiccup with the Games Night, which was postponed, caused an unplanned
      $2365 of building fund received, still trickling in.
      Looks like we will exceed our revenue forecast for the year. $105k sitting in
      the bank, but we expect a large chunk of that to go out.
      No report this month.
      (a)    Band Committee – Fiona Day
             Band night is next Thursday. There will be an opportunity for Yr 2 to
             hear the band and have a look at the instruments during the day to
             enthuse them.
             Election of office bearers is the following week.
             Carols night is low key and playing is voluntary. The big commitment is
             for the Celebration of Learning.
             Next year changing the name to the Senior Band and Performance
             Band. The Performance band expects a higher level of commitment,
       some weekend commitments etc. Auditions will be held in week 8.
       Auditions look at musical grade, performance and behaviour during
       rehearsals etc. People currently in the Concert Band will automatically
       be in the Performance Band unless they wish to drop back.

(b)    Uniform Committee – Elise DeJong
       Kindergarten 2009. Currently working on building stock for this.
       Probably more boys than girls in the 82 enrolments.
       Pre-order and collect on orientation day.
       Opening on 20th November on the SBS morning and on the 4th, which is
       orientation day.
       Working on a procedures manual for changeover.
       A morning tea will be held for new parents to inform them of the
       services of the uniform shop and hopefully encourage some volunteers
       for the committee. 24th November.
       $1533 cash at bank because there has been significantly outlay to build

(c)    Canteen Committee – Malcolm.
       Canteen is “in the money”. Profit is now $4000 for the year. Fathers’
       Day made $920 alone.
       Canteen c’tee gave $5000 to the committee in October and we hope to
       lift this.
       A big thankyou to Rita Kavehci with Italian Day for her hard work and

(p)    School Club – Jacqui Heaton
       No report this month.

(q)    Classroom Cooling – Charlie Jarrett

       One quote for $40k received (incl GST), which was a bit expensive, but
       this has been dropped by 10%. This is to supply fixed slatted awnings
       over the windows on the northern face of the school.
       Solar grants have been frozen by the Department – they wish to put the
       solar panel supplier on contract to take advantage of the buying power
       of the Department.
       Feeling of the meeting was to proceed given that the money is
       allocated, the need is there and quotes have been hard to obtain.
       Executive will sign off on the style and colour when the contractor
       comes back with the contract. Would like to get this done by next year
       (ie in the holidays).
       Resolution: approved Charles Jarrett to give the go-ahead to the
       contractor subject to approval of awning selection by members of the
       P&C exec.

 (r)   Environment Committee
             No report this month.


      Major projects for 2009
      E-mail survey on what the major project should be elicited 101 responses. Results
      Airconditioning 49%
      Whiteboards 36%
      Permanent shade for quad 15%
      All options cost over $100k and will take 3-4 years to pay for.
      Next meeting we need to approve the budget. Assuming that we have $20k for
      incidental expenses, $40k would be available for the major project per year.
      Changes to event planning and organisation
      A school event plan was tabled showing all the events for 2009 and how the
      fundraising target will be achieved.
      Next meeting we need to confirm this schedule because it affects the budget.
      Meeting Date
      It was proposed by Malcolm Finlayson that we change the meeting date from the first
      Wednesday to the second Wednesday of the month. The reason is that the accounts
      are difficult to prepare in the interval between the end of month and the meeting.
      This was amended such that the change is effective after the AGM next year; AGM
      would be the 18th Feb, so first meeting would be 11th March 2009.
      No objections were received, so the motion was carried.

      Next meeting on 3rd December 2008 at 7.45pm for strategy for next year.
12.   CLOSE

      Meeting closed at 10:10pm.
held on Wednesday 3rd December at 8pm at
West Pennant Hills Public School Library
Church Street, West Pennant Hills

COMMENCEMENT          The meeting was opened at 8pm and S Attard welcomed all to the

ATTENDANCE            22 - see attendance book

APOLOGIES             Fiona Day
                      John Milroy
                      Mary Little
                      Jackie Leach
                      Dina Boyling
                      Selvi Nadaradjane

PREVIOUS              Minutes of the meeting held on 5th November 2008 were received
MINUTES               and confirmed.


      Sandy Attard opened the meeting at 8pm.
      No additional items were added to the agenda.
      Minutes of the last meeting were reviewed and accepted.
      Quotes for shade awnings. Information from Lane Cove Public School: they have
      installed a reflective film on their windows which they are very happy with, at a third
      the cost of the louvres. They also found that louvres are expensive and hard to
      source. The quote received (and voted on in the last meeting) was for one floor only
      (we require treatment for both floors – the lower floor is slightly more important
      because it doesn’t have the benefit of the eaves). We need to reconsider whether we
      want to proceed or look at a cheaper option.
      This is a busy time because Nov 30 is the end of the financial year for the school.
      Narrowly avoided a shortfall for the year.
      Budget shows an improved situation next year, with some provision for asset
      replacement and new assets (eg airconditioning for offices, photocopier, interactive
      whiteboards). However, the school is still close to break-even. Some of this
      additional money comes from interest from funds held for Families NSW.
      Organisation of the dance programme was disappointing this year so next year Kerrie
      will be co-funding a dance teacher.
      Taking out Italian from semester fees, the only addition is Mathletics, a computer
      based tailored maths program, which is $10 per student. Italian was costing $95 per
      student and this was still not covering the cost. It’s being reduced for three reasons:
               The amount of teaching time it consumes. CoAsIt locks us in to the time
                spent to access the funding.
               The cost - amounts to a $10,000 debt for a single programme, but this is not
                the only factor.
               There is a split in the support for the programme – varies from extremely
                positive to extremely negative.
      Together, this indicates a reduction in the programme and a change of its structure is
      Final SBS and orientation is tomorrow morning. Thanks to those assisting with this.
      The majority of year 6 will do their orientation 6 to 7 tomorrow, which is a designated
      day for government schools.
      Thank-you morning tea is on Friday and then the Celebration of Learning, which is in
      lieu of Presentation Day.
      Some disappointment about the cancellation of the carols service but the items
      prepared will be performed on the Celebration of Learning.

      YTD $63k in revenue, $62k budgeted for full year, $58 YTD. We have spent $46k of
      this. Classroom cooling and netball courts are still payable. As at the end of Nov, the
      P&C Exec has $102k in the bank, and expect this to be $38k when those outstanding
      accounts are paid.
      The Budget for 2009
      The building donation last year was $80/head. Budgeted revenue is based on 80%
      payment rate and 480 students (previous year was only 67% - this was the first year
      of a higher fee, the normal return rate is around 80%).
      Stationery pack, disco, film nights, easter raffle, subcommittee contributions ($5k from
      canteen, $10k from uniform shop) support the budgeted revenue.
      Budget was approved as proposed.
      No report this month.
      Two community reps will be Lynne Rattray and Charlie Jarrett. Request for
      nominations for parent reps have been sent out.
      (a)       Band Committee
                No report this month.

      (b)       Uniform Committee – Elise DeJong
                A new parent has joined the committee as a result of the morning tea.
                Job descriptions for executive c’tee positions have been prepared.
                $5000 forwarded to the treasurer.

      (c)       Canteen Committee – Malcolm Finlayson
              Canteen last year lost money, but this year profit YTD is around $5600.
              Monday next week is ice cream and fruit salad day.

      (s)     School Club – Jacqui Heaton
              No report this month.

        (t)   Environment Committee
              Cleanup day – about 25 people turned up.

      (a) Event Calendar
      Contains the planned dates for fundraising and social events. This is still being
      compiled so comments are welcome.
      (b) Job Descriptions
      This is for years K and 1 to try and encourage new faces on committees. Each
      description helps people understand what the each of the jobs require and the
      commitment involved.
      (c) Signage
      A question that the office (and other school buildings) are not well marked. This was
      raised in the school promotion exercise and signage will be improved next year.
      (d) School Buses
      A question about what is happening with the buses next year given the change to
      government policy. Kerrie responded that nothing has come through yet from the
      department other than notification that a $45 fee is payable per child next year.
      (e) Teacher’s Strike
      Possible strike on the first two days of next year. This is true but has not been
      confirmed yet. This is the Wednesday and Thursday at the first term.
      There will be supervision (at the very least) of any children attending on these days.

      Next meeting on 18th February 2009 at 7.45pm. This will be the AGM.

12.   CLOSE
      Sandy Attard thanked the class parents and executive for the efforts in 2008, and
      wished all a Merry Christmas.
      Meeting closed at 10pm.

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