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									                    SPORTS OF ALL SORTS                                                                 MUSIC OF MOTOWN

                                 SPORTS OF ALL SORTS
                                              BOOTH CLOSES AT 10:15 PM
                                   CHAIRED BY BECKY KALAJIAN AND CHERIE HITCHENS

                    SPORTING GOODS                                           3007 1-Year Subscription to The
                                                                             Pointing Dog Journal
                    3000 KwikeeKompound Bow Kwiver,                          Love pointers and hunting? Give someone you
                    Shirt, & Hat                                             love this amazing magazine!
                    The KwikeeKompound Bow Kwiver is the one                 Village Press                        $40
                    (and only) place your little Robin Hood should
                    be keeping their quivers!! Includes one camou-           3008 1-Year Subscription to The
                    flage-patterned quiver, one hat, and one t-shirt.        Retriever Journal
                    Kwikee Kwiver Company                    $45             Love retrievers and duck hunting or know some-
                                                                             one else who does? A perfect stocking stuffer!
                    3001 Football Coach for One Week                         Village Press                          $40
                    Be part of the planning and preparation for one
                    2010 Gladiator football game. Work with the              3009 Premier Volleyball and Net
                    SF Varsity Coach and staff to lead the Glads to          Professional grade volleyball net for tons of
                    Victory!                                                 summer fun! Made for intense competition,
                    GTACS Athletic Department          Priceless             made to endure the toughest of games.
                                                                             Hitchens Summer Fest                     $47
                    3002 Custom Foot Orthotics
                    Tired of those aching feet and sore back?                3010 Razor Clear Scooter
                    Fix the problem with this gift certificate for           Scooter up! It’s the best toy for outdoor fun –
                    custom sport foot orthotics or equivalent.               kids all over ride their Razor all summer long!
                    Expires October 2011.                                    Hitchens Summer Fest                       $27
                    Active Brace & Limb                        $350
                                                                             3011 Razor Blue Scooter
                    3003-04 Marine Battery #1 & #2                           Scooters are a great way to get little kids and
                    Don’t be caught stranded on the Big Lake.                big kids outside and active. A great value for
                    Get ready for boating fun with one of these              years of fun!
                    heavy-duty marine batteries.                             Hitchens Summer Fest                      $27
                    Art’s Auto and Truck               $87 each
                                                                             3012 Youth MSU Jersey #53
                    3005-06 1-Year Subscriptions to                          Support your favorite team in style with this
                    Just Labs Magazine                                       awesome white MSU Spartans jersey for your
                    Love labs? Want to know more about your fa-              child size 7.
                    vorite breed? This is the magazine for you!              Hitchens Summer Fest                      $30
                    Village Press                      $25 each
                                                                             3013 Vintage Kids MSU #12 Jersey
                                                                             Support your favorite team in style with this
                                                                             awesome dark green Spartans jersey for your
                                                                        53   child size 6-8.
                                                                             Hitchens Summer Fest                      $33

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              SPORTS OF ALL SORTS                                                                    MUSIC OF MOTOWN

              3014 Sunset Longboard                                 3019 Nike Air Rival Golf Shoes
              Longboarding hit the streets of Traverse City         The new Nike Air Rival golf shoes have a soft,
              last year; time to pony up and get your kids the      supple synthetic leather upper with a low-profile
              hottest thing going! Includes cool paint job on       Air heel unit. The full-length Phylon midsole
              the bottom of the board.                              provides extra comfort during the round. It also
              Hitchens Summer Fest                      $60         encompasses the patented Nike Power Plat-
                                                                    form Flex outsole with Scorpion Stinger Spikes.
              3015 Disco Longboard                                  Size 10M.
              Black, white, blue longboard features a groovy        GTACS                                     $60
              disco look. Your kid will ride in style!
              Hitchens Summer Fest                     $60          EVENTS, TICKETS, PASSES
                                                                    & LESSONS
              3016 Large Outdoor Chess Set
              You saw them at Gladhander “Fun and                   3100 Crystal Mountain Adult
              Games”… now they can be yours! Join in on             Unlimited Season Ski Pass
              the fun with these large slightly used large plas-    Hit the slopes this year with an unlimited adult
              tic chess set. You’ve seen them while traveling       ski pass to Crystal Mountain for the entire
              in Europe, walking the cruise ship, camping at        2010/2011 ski season. Expires April 25, 2011.
              KOA, at the mall, the park, recreational facili-      Crystal Mountain Resort                  $369
              ties, hotels, sports centers, time shares, chil-
              dren’s hospitals, movies, you           3101 XStream Guided Fishing Tour
              can surprise your chess playing friends with this     XStream Angling Guide Service offers this
              giant chess set at your next party. Imagine this      special package for two, including salmon and
              giant chess set in your own back yard! Young          steelhead fly-fishing (or spincasting) on Michi-
              and old are thrilled by the tall giant pieces! This   gan’s famous Manistee River.
              set includes all 32 pieces: 16 traditional black      XStream Angling Guide Service            $300
              and 16 traditional white.
              Gladhander                                 $125       3102 Radio Control Flight Instructor
                                                                    This certificate entitles you to a radio control
              3017 Jesus is our Road Captain                        flight instruction training package with Tom
              Picture                                               Brady. It includes two training flights spring/
              We’ve seen Jesus laughing; now He is reimag-          summer of 2011 – weather dependent. The in-
              ined as a road captain in this fascinating print.     struction will be with a buddy box which has two
              Complete with motorcycle leathers and the             controllers connected with the instructor while
              initials “J.C.”, this piece will inspire you.         flying a trainer. Dates based on availability and
              Cycle Moore                                   $20     weather dependent.
                                                                    Tom Brady – SF Sophomore              Priceless
              3018 SF Hand-knit Ski Hat and
              Glad Store Certificate
              Go cruising down the ski slopes wearing this
              one-of-a-kind SF ski hat. This hat will coordi-
              nate well with a newly purchased SF sweatshirt
              from the Glad Store, using your $30 certificate.
              You will be stylish and stay warm!
              Patricia Wagenaar and Robin Ehardt       $50     54

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                    SPORTS OF ALL SORTS                                                                  MUSIC OF MOTOWN

                    3103 Four Detroit Tigers vs.                         archery lesson (equipment provided) for up to
                    NY Yankees Tickets                                   eight youths.
                    Game is at Comerica Park and what a game             Gauthier’s Archery                     $50
                    it will be! An incredible rivalry; and incredible
                    seats are located in the infield box. Date to be     3110 Four Notre Dame vs.
                    determined.                                          Utah Football Tickets and Dinner
                    H. Cox and Sons                             $320     Four tickets can be yours to cheer on the Notre
                                                                         Dame Fighting Irish when they host the Utah
                    3104 Press Box Suite                                 Utes on Nov. 13, 2010. Witness firsthand a
                    Enjoy the best seat in the house!! This certifi-     game under the new leadership of Coach Brian
                    cate enables up to 10 people to join Mike Buell      Kelly. Parking pass included for the Joyce Cen-
                    and his friends at the Harry Running Stadium         ter. To round off your Notre Dame experience,
                    for all the Gladiator 2011 home football games       your group is invited to dinner at South Bend’s
                    (playoffs not included). Includes food and re-       oldest Italian Restaurant, The Sunny Italy Cafe.
                    freshments.                                          Go IRISH!
                    GTACS Athletic Department           Priceless        Jim & Audrey Jack                   Priceless

                    3105 Shanty Creek One Day Super                      3111 Big Kahuna Charter Fishing
                    Lift Ticket for Two                                  Four people can enjoy four hours of fishing for
                    Enjoy a day at the slopes with that someone          salmon and lake trout on West Grand Traverse
                    special at a special place: Shanty Creek. Ex-        Bay on Big Kahuna with Captain W. Scott Alp-
                    pires 3/20/11. Not valid February 11-14, 2011        ers. You will need fishing licenses, refresh-
                    and December 26, 2009 thru January 1, 2011.          ments are not included. Based on availability
                    Shanty Creek                           $110          from 5/1/11 to 9/1/11.
                                                                         Big Kahuna Charters $300
                    3107 Tennis Camp
                    Tennis, anyone? You’ll love this gift of two         3112 Detroit Red Wings vs.
                    weeks at tennis camp for the beginner or inter-      Chicago Black Hawks
                    mediate, adult or child. Valid summer 2011.          An incredible rivalry can be yours to watch, up
                    Grand Traverse Tennis Camps               $85        close and personal. Four tickets to watch the
                                                                         Red Wings take on the Chicago Black Hawks
                                                                         on Saturday, January 22, 2011.
                    3108 Tennis Camp
                                                                         Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan      $250
                    Tennis is a wonderful way to spend time with
                    the family, why not learn now? You’ll love this
                    gift of two weeks at tennis camp for the begin-      3113 Golf Lessons with Scott Hebert
                    ner or intermediate, adult or child. Valid sum-      Play like a pro, or almost, after this one hour
                    mer 2011.                                            golf lesson provided by the Grand Traverse
                    Grand Traverse Tennis Camps               $85        Resort and Spa head golf professional, Scott
                                                                         Hebert, PGA. Video analysis and equipment
                                                                         analysis included in instruction. Expires Decem-
                    3109 Group Archery Lesson
                                                                         ber 21, 2011.
                    Does your son or daughter enjoy archery?
                                                                         Scott Hebert, PGA                          $75
                    This certificate entitles you to a one hour group


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              SPORTS OF ALL SORTS                                                                     MUSIC OF MOTOWN

              3114 Golf Lessons with Scott Hebert                    MEMORABILIA
              Play like a pro, or almost, after this one hour
              golf lesson provided by the Grand Traverse             3200 Autographed 2009 St. Francis
              Resort and Spa head golf professional, Scott           State Champions Football
              Hebert, PGA. Video analysis and equipment              Autographed by the entire 2009 team – pure
              analysis included in instruction. Expires De-          inspiration for your own little football star.
              cember 21, 2011.                                       GTACS Athletics                       Priceless
              Scott Hebert , PGA                         $75
                                                                     3201 Autographed Baseball by
              3115 Tae Kwon Do Membership at                         Miguel Cabrera
              Seung-Ni Academy                                       Miguel Cabrera’s winning style can now be a
              This certificate is good for one month of Tae          part of your home! Autographed baseball cour-
              Kwon Do classes at the Seung-Ni Academy.               tesy of Detroit Tigers, Inc. A priceless item from
              The lucky winner will also receive a uniform,          a baseball MVP potential.
              nunchucks, and a coloring book.                        Detroit Tigers Inc.                   Priceless
              Seung-Ni Tae Kwon Do Academy            $150
                                                                     3202 Original Six Hockey Stadiums,
              3116 Four 2010 tickets to                              Framed with Pucks
              Notre Dame Football                                    The Original Six made up the NHL for 25 sea-
              There’s still plenty of time to catch a great col-     sons and this incredible piece of art showcases
              lege football game in South Bend! This is an           the stadiums that housed the Boston Bruins,
              auction tradition; an opportunity to see Notre         Chicago Blackhawks, Detroit Red Wings,
              Dame football in action. Top bidder gets four          Montreal Canadians, New York Rangers, and
              tickets for a late 2010 fall game at Notre Dame.       Toronto Maple Leafs. Signed by the Hall of
              Date to be determined.                                 Famers who played for these teams, this is a
              Lou and Karen Smith                   Priceless        truly priceless item.
                                                                     Arranged by Bruce Mugerian          Priceless
              3117 Private Tennis Lesson with Mick
              Ever want to learn to play tennis or want to           3203 Detroit Tigers Justin Verlander
              improve your game? Here is your chance with            Jersey
              this certificate for one, 1-hour tennis lesson with    Detroit Tigers pitching sensation Justin Verland-
              Grand Traverse Resort pro Chris Michalowski.           er was named the American League Rookie of
              Grand Traverse Resort and Spa              $70         the year and even pitched a no-hitter on June
                                                                     12, 2007, the first-ever at Comerica Park. This
              3118 Private Tennis Lesson with Julie                  authentic jersey is signed by Verlander.
              Good for one, 1-hour tennis lesson with Grand          Arranged by Bruce Mugerian          Priceless
              Traverse Resort tennis pro, Julie Barnett.
              Grand Traverse Resort and Spa           $70            3204 Basketball signed by the Greats
                                                                     of the 1980s
              3119 Private Tennis Lesson, #3                         Signed basketball by Magic Johnson and Larry
              Good for one, 1-hour tennis lesson with Grand          Bird in special display case with plaque. Perfect
              Traverse Resort tennis pro, Patrick Bruining.          for the basketball player in your life!
              Grand Traverse Resort and Spa           $70            Arranged by Bruce Mugerian            Priceless


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                    SPORTS OF ALL SORTS                                                                     MUSIC OF MOTOWN

                    3205 “The Production Line”                            golf for four (with carts) on this Gary Player
                    Autographed Pucks                                     designed course, courtesy of Jim and Cathy
                    Classic rare photo with Lazar inscription. Con-       Matuszak. 2011 season, based on availability.
                    tains autographed pucks of each of the great-         Jim & Cathy Matuszak                      $400
                    est line in hockey history: Gordie Howe (Mr.
                    Hockey), Sid Abel (deceased), and Ted Lindsay         3302-05 Elmbrook Golf Certificates
                    – each Hockey Hall of Fame inductee.                  Just minutes from downtown Traverse City,
                    Arranged by Bruce Mugerian          Priceless         Elmbrook’s casual atmosphere and friendly staff
                                                                          will welcome you! This certificate is good for
                    3206 Autographed Lithograph entitled                  one 18-hole round of golf with cart during the
                    “The Game”                                            2011 golf season. Excludes Saturday mornings.
                    Bo Schembechler limited edition autographed           No splits for 9 holes.
                    lithograph entitled “The Game”. Produced by           Elmbrook Golf Course                 $57 each
                    artist Terrance Fogarty limited to 1000. Many
                    less signed. This one is 350/1000.                    3306 Mistwood Golf Course
                    Arranged by Bruce Mugerian           Priceless        Experience one of Michigan’s premier public
                                                                          courses! Centered on a beautiful, 65-acre lake,
                    3207 Michigan All-Time Greats                         this spectacular 18-hole course is designed to
                    Great display of Michigan’s Greats Heisman            challenge, and reward, golfers of every level.
                    Trophy winners: Desmond Howard, Charles               Bid on this certificate good for four players for
                    Woodson, Braylon Edwards, and 3-time                  18 holes with cart. Expires October 31, 2011.
                    Superbowl Champ, Tom Brady.                           Mistwood Golf Course                      $220
                    Arranged by Bruce Mugerian         Priceless
                                                                          3307 Bay Meadows Golf
                    3208 Spartan Stadium at Night                         Bay Meadows Golf Course is family owned and
                    Great Panoramic shot of the stadium framed            operated and continues to be Traverse City’s
                    and matted in Spartan Green Suede.                    premier “family-friendly” golf course. Located
                    An incredible piece of art for any Sparty fan.        just minutes west of downtown, it offers an ex-
                    Arranged by Bruce Mugerian          Priceless         ecutive 9-hole course, 9-hole par three course,
                                                                          two practice greens, expansive driving range,
                                                                          and first-rate learning center. Certificate is for 4
                    GOLF CERTIFICATES
                                                                          rounds of 18 holes of golf (carts not included).
                                                                          Bay Meadows Golf Course                   $100
                    3300 Gladiator Football Golf Outing
                    Enjoy a fun day of golf while supporting your fa-
                                                                     3308 A-Ga-Ming Golf Club
                    vorite football team! This certificate entitles the
                    bearer to a foursome for the Gladiator Football  Playing nearly 6700 yards from the tips, the
                    Golf Outing to be held at the Crown. To be held  Torch Course is a challenging shot-makers’
                    on the Friday of Cherry Festival 2011.           course that favors accuracy over length. Wa-
                                                                     ter comes into play on 11 holes, as do mature
                    Gladiator Football Golf Outing           $280
                                                                     stand of woods throughout the course. Bid on
                                                                     this certificate for 4 18-hole rounds on the Torch
                    3301 Wolverine Golf Course
                                                                     Course. Valid Monday-Thursday anytime and
                    Experience the beauty and challenge of one of    Friday-Sunday after 1:00 pm. Power carts not
                    the area’s premier resort courses, “The Wolver- included. Surcharge applies to play Sundance.
                    ine.” You will thoroughly enjoy a round of
                                                                   57A-Ga-Ming Golf Resort                     $176

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               EAT, DRINK & BE MERRY                                                                 MUSIC OF MOTOWN

                     EAT, DRINK & BE MERRY    BOOTH CLOSES AT 10:25 PM
                                               CHAIRED BY KRIS LAIBLE

              RESTAURANT AND                                          Throughout our stores you’ll discover thousands
              GROCERY CERTIFICATES                                    of products from Michigan farmers, growers, and
              4000 Glen’s Market Card                                 Glen’s Markets                            $100
              Need groceries? Spartan stores are proud to fea-
              ture great products made right here in Michigan.        4005 Maxbauer Market Certificate
              Throughout our stores you’ll discover thousands         Visit your local meat market and purchase some-
              of products from Michigan farmers, growers, and         thing mouth-watering for the grill with this certifi-
              processors.                                             cate. Expires October 2011
              Glen’s Markets                          $100            Maxbauer Market                               $75

               4001 Glen’s Market Card                                4006 Cooks’ House Dinner for
              Need groceries? Spartan stores are proud to fea-        Four & Recipe Book
              ture great products made right here in Michigan.        The Cooks’ House in Traverse City is small, but
              Throughout our stores you’ll discover thousands         foodies love the place for its abundant creativity
              of products from Michigan farmers, growers, and         and local sustainable cuisine! The winning bidder
              processors.                                             will enjoy a five course meal for four and an auto-
              Glen’s Markets                          $100            graphed cookbook!
                                                                      The Cooks’ House                             $265
              4002 Glen’s Market Card
              Need groceries? Spartan stores are proud to fea-        4007 Dinner and Entertainment
              ture great products made right here in Michigan.        Looking for an entertaining night out with friends or
              Throughout our stores you’ll discover thousands         family? Let the Williamsburg Dinner Theater pro-
              of products from Michigan farmers, growers, and         vide the entertainment and dinner for the evening.
              processors.                                             This certificate is good for eight people to enjoy a
              Glen’s Markets                          $100            great show and great food by Catering by Kelly’s.
                                                                      Valid January 2- October 31, 2011
              4003 Glen’s Market Card                                 Catering by Kelly’s and
              Need groceries? Spartan stores are proud to fea-        The Williamsburg Showcase Dinner Theater $400
              ture great products made right here in Michigan.
              Throughout our stores you’ll discover thousands         4008 “Taste of Greece”
              of products from Michigan farmers, growers, and         Dinner Tickets
              processors.                                             This certificate entitles the bearer to four dinners
              Glen’s Markets                          $100            at the Archangel Gabriel Greek Orthodox Church
                                                                      tenth annual “Taste of Greece” dinner in July 2011.
              4004 Glen’s Market Card                                 Archangel Gabriel Greek Orthodox              $56
              Need groceries? Spartan stores are proud to fea-
              ture great products made right here in Michigan.


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                    EAT, DRINK & BE MERRY                                                                      MUSIC OF MOTOWN

                    4009-4020 Mancino’s Pizza & Grinders                     4031 Deering’s Market
                    of TC Certificates                                       Satisfy that hungry family with these four certifi-
                    Mancino’s knows how to do it right with the best         cates toward any Jerky product. They are great for
                    selection of pizzas and grinders, salads, wraps,         snacking.
                    pastas, calzones, soups, bread nuggets, Billy bread      Deering’s Market                           $32
                    and more! Dine in or carry out.
                    Mancino’s Pizza & Grinders of TC       $20 each          4032 Old Mission Raised Angus Beef
                                                                             Fill your freezer with one-quarter corn-fattened,
                    4021-22 Red Mesa or                                      grass-fed beef from Anam Cara Farm. You will
                    Pearl’s Certificates                                     receive a variety of cuts including chuck roasts,
                    Come join us at Red Mesa for a traditional Mexican       t-bone, round steaks, and ground beef. The beef
                    and Latin American specialties served in a fun,          will be processed and delivered to you in the Grand
                    lively and festive setting or at Pearl’s where Cajun/    Traverse area. Contact Tim Quinn by Nov. 1 2011
                    Creole cookin’, featuring southern specialties and       to make arrangements.
                    fresh seafood is on the menu.                            Anam Cara Farm                            $500
                    Magnum Hospitality                     $50 each
                                                                             4033 Elias Bros. Big Boy Certificate
                    4024 Mode’s Bum Steer Certificate                        Need somewhere to eat quickly but do not want
                    Mode’s has welcomed friends and guests since             drive-thru? Then Big Boy is the place. Quick and
                    1975, earning them the title, “A tradition in Traverse   delicious food served.
                    City”. Mode’s offer local flavor along with some of      Elias Bros. Big Boy                        $40
                    the finest steaks and seafood in Grand traverse
                    County. Be sure to bring your appetite.                  4034 Taco House Certificate
                    Mode’s Bum Steer                           $200          Best place for tacos in TC! So many good things to
                                                                             say about the Taco House whether you’re dining in
                    4025-26 HoneyBaked Ham Certificate                       or going through the drive-thru. The shells are all
                    HoneyBaked Ham is hand-selected for leanness,            made in-house. The portion sizes are generous.
                    smoked up to 24 hours, spiral sliced to the bone         The price is unbeatable. The service is ordered and
                    and covered in our signature sweet, crunchy              served at the counter and is fast.
                    glaze—making each tender, juicy, slice easy to           Taco House                                 $30
                    serve. Pick yours up for your holiday meal.
                    HoneyBaked Ham Co. and Café            $50 each          4035-36 La Senorita Certificates
                                                                             Warm up at La Senorita with our famous Sizzling
                    4027-30 Crusted Creations                                Fajitas! A great family Mexican restaurant with a
                    Pizza Certificates                                       complete children’s menu, and the Sombrero Sam
                    Love pizza? Come in for 2 medium pizzas with two         Little Amigos Birthday Club!
                    toppings at Crusted Creations. In 2006, Crusted          La Senorita                          $25 each
                    Creations was voted the best pizza in Grand Tra-
                    verse County by readers of the Northern Express.
                    Crusted Creations                      $19 each


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              EAT, DRINK & BE MERRY                                                                       MUSIC OF MOTOWN

              4037 Paesano’s Pizza Certificate                         4045-46 Boone’s Long Lake Inn
              In the mood for a pizza? The winner of this item will    Certificates
              receive 10 certificates good for one 14” traditional     Boone’s Long Lake Inn has legendary steaks,
              pizza with 2 toppings. Owned and operated by a           seafood, and prime rib and has been a Northern
              single family since 1981, Paesano’s is a popular         Michigan landmark. The rustic décor provides a
              haunt for locals and tourists alike.                     comfortable and casual atmosphere that enhances
              Paesano’s Pizza of Traverse City           $148          our great service, high quality food and generous
                                                                       portion sizes.
              4038 Sleder’s Tavern Certificate                         Boones Long Lake Inn                   $25 each
              Sleder’s where you can enjoy fresh whitefish,
              finger-lickin’ BBQ ribs or a juicy steak and an ice      4047-48 Zakey Certificates
              cold beer while your kids dig into chicken strips,       You will sure love Zakey”s! Zakey Front Street fea-
              Mexican or one of our legendary hamburgers right         tures a full Middle Eastern menu, from appetizers,
              after they’ve kissed Rudolph the Moose.                  to salads and sandwiches, to entrees, to desserts.
              Sleder’s Family Restaurant & Saloon         $25          Signature dishes include broiled chicken, mojadara
                                                                       (rice pilaf cooked with lentils and topped with crisp
              4039-40 Murdick’s Fudge Certificate                      sautéed onions), and stuffed grape leaves cooked
              Cooked in a copper kettle to exact temperatures,         the authentic way: with rice, round lamb, onion and
              our fudge is poured out on beautiful marble tables       special spices.
              and cooled. It is then worked with Paul Bunyan size      Zakey                                 $30 each
              tools, loaved, and sliced.... Served fresh from the
              kettle to you. Originated in 1964 in Traverse City.      4049-50 Mackinaw Brewing Co.
              Owned and operated by Doug Murdick and family.           Certificates
              Murdick’s Fudge Shoppe                 $25 each          You won’t want to miss this! Mackinaw Hand-
                                                                       Crafted beer and excellent food all in historic
              4041-43 Burger King Gift Card                            downtown Traverse City
              In a hurry? Use this gift card for a family fun meal     Mackinaw Brewing Co.                   $25 each
              on the go at Casciano Traverse City Burger King.
              Buger King just the way you want it.                     4051-52 Dairy Lodge
              Casciano Traverse Burger King         $100 each          I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice
                                                                       scream! Treat yourselves to ice cream to $25 dol-
              4044 TraVino Traverse                                    lars worth of ice cream treats at a GTACS family
              Wine & Grille Certificate                                owned business. You will also receive a t-shirt.
              Overlooking the beautiful Grand Traverse Resort,         Dairy Lodge                            $37 each
              TraVino features authentic Italian fare served in a
              quaint and rustic country village setting. The menu      4053 amical Certificate
              combines a variety of tapas, pasta, fish, steak,         Located in the heart of downtown Traverse City,
              pizza, and sandwiches. Regional and international        amical has been offering eclectic European din-
              wines add to the atmosphere.                             ing to their patrons for over 10 years. Order from
              TraVino Traverse Wine & Grille              $50          creative and evolving menus freshly prepared in an
                                                                       open kitchen and served in the cozy dining room or
                                                                       on their vibrant street-side patio. amical is Tra-
                                                                       verse City’s downtown bistro!
                                                                       amical                                      $50

Catalog10.indd 60                                                                                                              10/12/10 8:03:22 AM
                    EAT, DRINK & BE MERRY                                                                      MUSIC OF MOTOWN

                    4054 Mary’s Kitchen Port                                 EDIBLES
                    Whatever you’re in the mood for, Mary’s Kitchen
                    Port will have it! Treat yourself to delicious sand-     4200 Health Nut Care Package
                    wiches and salads, and daily made specials-all           You can spoil your college student, camper or
                    prepared to keep you coming back for more.               soldier without extra sugar. The sweet thoughts
                    Mary’s Kitchen Port                           $50        you send along have all the sugar they need. This
                                                                             gift box from Benjamin Twiggs, the oldest purveyor
                    4055 Dino’s Pizza                                        of cherry products in Michigan, includes Michigan
                    Treat yourself and your guests to a casual dinner        Dried Cherries, Deluxe Cherry Berry Trail Mix,
                    with these four certificates for a large pizza with      Michigan Dried Blueberries, Michigan Fruit Medley
                    three of your favorite toppings. YUMMY! Carry-out        and Cherry Maple Granola. Benjamin Twiggs is
                    only. Certificates expires December 31, 2011.            located in Campus Plaza and is open 363 days a
                    Dino’s Pizza                                  $70        year. It is owned by a parent of a St. Francis gradu-
                                                                             ate! Redecorated and updated, it is THE place to
                                                                             get your gourmet cherry food products, gift baskets
                    4056-57 Pangea Pizza
                                                                             and decorative cherry items. Worldwide shipping
                    Pangea opened its doors in June of 2006 and was
                    an immediate hit in downtown Traverse City. Hun-
                    gry shoppers, walkers, and business people can
                                                                             Benjamin Twiggs                             $37
                    now dine in, take out or walk up to the window for a
                    whole pizza or just a slice. They offer a wide variety   4201 Friendship Gift Box
                    of specialty pizzas, salads, sandwiches, soups, and      Benjamin Twiggs has packaged all the fun, flavor
                    appetizers all made with the freshest ingredients        and natural sweetness of northern Michigan in this
                    and with flavors of the seven continents in mind. Be     gift box. So whether you want to impress a busi-
                    the winning bidder and experience Pangea’s Pizza         ness associate, cheer up a friend, or get something
                    with this $25 gift certificate.                          extra special for that special someone, Benjamin
                    Pangea Pizza                                  $25        Twiggs lets you send the very best. This gift box
                                                                             from Benjamin Twiggs, the oldest purveyor of cher-
                                                                             ry products in Michigan, includes cherry berry jam,
                    4058 U & I Lounge
                                                                             black bherry & blueberry preserves, Michigan dried
                    Located in downtown Traverse City, the U & I
                                                                             red tart cherries, chocolate covered dried cherries
                    Lounge has a bar atmosphere but you can eat
                                                                             and two rock candy sticks. Benjamin Twiggs is
                    there in the early afternoon or early evening with
                                                                             located in Campus Plaza and is open 363 days a
                    the family. They boast a nice menu and are well-
                                                                             year. It is owned by a parent of a St. Francis gradu-
                    known for their gyro sandwiches.
                                                                             ate! Redecorated and updated, it is THE place to
                    U & I Lounge                                  $25
                                                                             get your gourmet cherry food products, gift baskets
                                                                             and decorative cherry items. Worldwide shipping
                    4059-60 Little Caesar’s                                  too!
                    Pizza Certificate                                        Benjamin Twiggs                             $24
                    When you really don’t feel like cooking, let Little
                    Caesar’s do the work for you. This entitles you to
                    one $25 gift certificate. Not refundable for cash.
                    Expires October 2011
                    Little Caeasar’s Pizza                  $25 each


Catalog10.indd 61                                                                                                               10/12/10 8:03:22 AM
              EAT, DRINK & BE MERRY                                                                           MUSIC OF MOTOWN

              4203 Oryana Gift Basket                                     4207 Kilwin’s Chocolate
              Treat yourself with this gift basket filled with healthy    Shoppe Basket
              and delicious goodies from Oryana. Northern                 Homemade taste, ready for you to enjoy. A mouth-
              Michigan’s only certified organic retailer, Oryana          watering collection of Kilwin’s homemade good-
              offers a wide selection of fresh, local, organic, high-     ies: creamy chocolates, Rice Krispy treat, caramel
              quality foods and products.                 apples, caramel-covered marshmallows and rich,
              Oryana Food Cooperative, Inc.                 $50           hand-paddled fudge.
                                                                          Kilwin’s Chocolate Shoppe $100
              4204 Edson Farms Basket
              Take a look at this large array of healthy, natural         4208 Tea Sampler & Fair Trade Tea
              and gourmet goodies direct from Edson Farms to              Take time out to enjoy these three, certified organ-
              you. Edson Farms Natural Foods offers a diverse             ic, fair trade teas. Blended locally, the ingredients
              and healthy selection of natural foods, supple-             are from Light of Day Farm and are certified bio-
              ments, herbs, local products and much more!                 dynamic.
                                              Light of Day Organics                         $30
              Edson Farms Natural Foods                     $75
                                                                          4209 Gallagher’s Farm Market Basket
              4205 Brownwood Farms Gift Basket                            Satisfy your taste for local savories with this
              Enjoy a gift basket from Brownwood Farms!                   basket of Gallagher’s homemade products: jams,
              They’ve been producing delicious, all-natural sal-          chocolates and salsa. A wonderful Christmas gift!
              sas, sauces, mustards and preserves since 1945.             Gallagher’s Farm Market                       $50
              Their recipe for success? Hand-crafted products,
              locally grown produce, time-tested recipes and true         4210 Schleuter Family Favorites Basket
              passion for their work. Bid high and enjoy for your-        The Schleuter family has gone shopping in Tra-
              self or have it ready to give as a gift.                    verse City for their local favorites! There is every-
                                          thing for everyone – kids to adults! You have got to
              Brownwood Farms                               $50           see it and check it out at the booth!
                                                                          Schleuter Family                             $300
              4206 Fruit Country Crate
              An abundance of good taste is expressed with                4211 Life Balance Beverage Certificate
              this pine crate filled with American Spoon’s most           Stock up on your beverages that are good for you
              popular products; an impressive gift that will be           everyday! Be the winning bidder and you’ll receive
              savored for weeks to come. The keepsake 10 x 14             a year supply of Life Balance beverages, for pretty
              x 20” crate contains: Sour Cherry , Red Raspberry           much any situation you could imagine! Your sup-
              & Blueberry Spoon Fruit; Red Haven Peach Pre-               ply consists of two cases EACH of Vitamin Water,
              serves; Fruit Perfect Marionberries & Sour Cher-            Vitamin Water Zero, Dasani, Evian, powerade,
              ries; Apricot, Mango & Pumpkin Butters; Early Glow          Powerade Zero and three cases of Smart Water.
              Strawberry Preserves; Sour Cherry Preserves;                Tri-State Coca-Cola Bottling Co.             $530
              Winter Compote; Cherry Peach Salsa; Apple Cider
              Grilling Sauce; Dried Merry Mix; Dried Red Tart
                                                                          4212-13 Fresh Cherries Gift Boxes
              Cherries; and Cherry-Berry Nut Mix. www.spoon.
                                                                          Love cherries? Traverse City is known for their
                                                                          cherries. Bid on this certificate and get 20 lbs. of
              American Spoon Foods                         $180


Catalog10.indd 62                                                                                                                 10/12/10 8:03:22 AM
                    EAT, DRINK & BE MERRY                                                                       MUSIC OF MOTOWN

                    fresh cherries from the 2011 cherry season. Share        4303-04 Party Decorating Services
                    some with your friends!                                  Love to throw a great party, but don’t have the
                    Dewey Orchard LLC                      $35 each          time to develop at theme, prepare invitations and
                                                                             decorate? Let Nina & Co. help you prepare for your
                    4214 Miss M’s Jam                                        next birthday party, bridal shower, or baby shower!
                    Holy Angels first grade teacher, Miss Maslowski, is      This package includes assistance in developing a
                    famous for her homemade jams. The winning bid-           theme, preparing invitations and decorating for your
                    der will receive fifteen jars of jam. Savor the taste    party of up to 50 people. You set the budget and
                    of summer all year!                                      pay for supplies and Nina & Co. will do the rest!
                    Miss Jean Maslowski                          $84         Nina & Co.                            $150 each

                    ENTERTAINING                                             4305 Wine Basket
                                                                             Enjoy this assorted basket of wine from various
                    4300 Case of Chardonnay                                  local wineries. Perfect for dinner, parties or grab a
                    Sip and enjoy a glass of Chardonnay, America’s           bottle for the beach. This assortment will be en-
                    most beloved white wine. Elegant and sophisticat-        joyed by family and friends at all occasions.
                    ed, this versatile wine is delicious paired with your    Cherry Bend Grocery                          $50
                    favorite salads, poultry, pork, and seafood dishes.
                    Charlie & Judy Belanger                     $108         4306 Party Package by Tess
                                                                             Planning a bridal or baby shower? Birthday party
                    4301 Geezer Concert                                      for any age? Tess can help! Building on your
                    Rock out at your next event with “Geezer”! This          theme, Tess will help you choose from a selection
                    talented band will have you and your guests groov-       of original party favor boxes for your guests and
                    ing to classic and modern rock at your next party,       supply you with intricately designed, themed-cook-
                    wedding or school event. This certificate entitles       ies and a scratch cake, free of preservatives and
                    the bearer to three hours of live music by “Geezer”      using choice Belgian chocolate, real cream and
                    anywhere in the Grand Traverse area on a mutually        fresh fruits (or choose gourmet filled cupcakes).
                    agreeable date. Certificate expires October 2011.        She will even hand craft invitations.This total pack-
                    Contact Dave Swan to schedule.                           age includes 50 each party favors, cookies, cake
                                                                             or cupcakes and invitations. A party larger than 50
                    Geezer                                      $500
                                                                             people is available for an additional charge. Ad-
                                                                             vance notice required and based on availability by
                    4302 Sisters With Class Concert
                                                                             October 2011.
                    This certificate entitles you to enjoy a private one-
                                                                             Tess Nottke                                $350
                    hour concert by a group called “Sisters With Class”.
                    GTACS teacher, Mrs. Winkler, along with husband,
                                                                             4307-12 Boxes of Cigars
                    Jeff, and sister, Cindy, with play “class”ical and
                    Spanish guitar pieces as well as old jazz standards      Enjoy this fantastic box of cigars from Nolan’s
                    sung in harmony by the sisters at your next gather-      Tobacconist. They have been providing cigars in
                    ing. They’ve played at Glad Meals and Tereni-Tea         downtown Traverse City since 1978. This will de-
                    (Jeff only), Latte Dah, Orchard Creek, Horizon           light the cigar enthusiast in your life!
                    Books and live on WNMC. Mutually agreeable date          Nolan Tobacconist                      $50 each
                    to be arranged in advance before October 2011.
                    Sisters With Class                          $150


Catalog10.indd 63                                                                                                                10/12/10 8:03:22 AM
              ART SO FINE                                                                                 MUSIC OF MOTOWN

                                             ART SO FINE
                                           BOOTH CLOSES AT 10:40 PM
                                   CHAIRED BY MAGGIE QUINN AND JANET WOLFF

              ORIGINAL ART                                             6005 Moose Painting
                                                                       This beautiful moose, hand-painted on a turkey
              6000 “Bandit”                                            feather in shades of brown and green would be
              A unique round painting showcasing man’s best            an excellent addition to a cabin or hunting camp.
              friend. Oil on stretched canvas, this pastel-hued        Framed, matted and signed by the Michigan artist.
              painting by local artist Evelyn Shelagowski would        Lighting Center                             $240
              be a fun addition to any home.
              Evelyn Shelagowski                         $140          6006 “My Neighbors Roses”
                                                                       This delightful watercolor painting is double matted
              6001 Watercolor Painting                                 and framed. In shades of pink, rose, and orange,
              Local artist, Mary Keenan, blesses us with another       this 26”x18” beauty will complement any decor.
              cherished painting. This floral watercolor is profes-    Pete Snodgrass                              $300
              sionally matted and framed.
              Mary Keenan                                $150          6007 Handz On Art Gift Certificate
                                                                       Create your own art at Traverse City’s paint your
              6002 “United States”                                     own pottery studio. Handz On Art offers an enjoy-
              This piece is extremely colorful and fun! It will        able and friendly atmosphere to come and create
              brighten up any space in your house; great for a         works of art. No artistic skill required, just bring
              child’s nursery or playroom. Make it fun, make it        your enthusiasm and we will help you with the rest!
              interactive and see who can guess all the states         Handz On Art                                 $50
              correctly. Original canvas 24”x36” in acrylic.
              Rowe and Ryan                              $250          6008 Dreams of Green
                                                                       This 8”x10” framed work is truly beautiful. Cre-
              6003 “Light on the Barn”                                 ated by local artist, Angela Schuler, this abstract
              Well-known Traverse City artist, Charles Murphy,         oil on canvas is accented with a metallic stripe and
              presents an original, signed oil painting capturing      enhanced by the natural gold frame.
              a perfect northern Michigan country scene. Bright        Anonymous                                   $300
              colors and Murphy’s signature-style will make this a
              wonderful addition to any home.                          6009 “The Most Memorable Day”
              Charles Murphy                             $495          Another magnificent piece by local artist Angela
                                                                       Schuler. This oil on canvas measures 36x48” per-
              6004 “May Your Travels Be Merry”                         fect for a large wall or above a fireplace. A stunning
              Lovely Chine-Collé block print on a portion of a         abstract, in natural shades of gold, yellow, brown,
              map. A unique design that is distinctly Glen Wolff.      and cream.
              Includes a 20% discount coupon for framing.              Anonymous $600
              Glen Wolff                                  $65


Catalog10.indd 64                                                                                                               10/12/10 8:03:22 AM
                    ART SO FINE                                                                                 MUSIC OF MOTOWN

                    6012 “Billiard Balls” &                                 6101 “Asters at Point Oneida”
                    “#5 Ball in the Rack”                                   This 18”x23” archival print from local artist Kristin
                    Take home this colorful pair of original paintings      Hurlin illustrates an early fall scene and would be a
                    by 1977 St. Francis graduate, Shirley J. Aboudib.       beautiful addition to any home. Signed and num-
                    Perfect for a family or game room, each 5”x7”           bered limited edition print.
                    acrylic is painted on Masonite and framed in lightly    Kristin Hurlin                              $150
                    weathered black.
                    Shirley J. Aboudib                         $300         6102 “White Pines”
                                                                            Another signed and numbered limited edition
                    6013 “Still in Your Head”                               Kristin Hurlin print. This 12”x15” archival piece is
                    Local artist, Alyson Olivier, presents a stunning       printed on 100% cotton rag paper.
                    12”x16” acrylic on canvas painting. A perfect piece     Kristin Hurlin                                $65
                    to have in your home.
                    Alyson Olivier                             $250         6103 “Gray Birch”
                                                                            This 12x15” archival print is printed on 100% cotton
                    6014 “325 Sixth Street”                                 rag paper. Signed and numbered limited edition
                    This delightful watercolor, by local artist             from local artist Kristin Hurlin.
                    Ken Richmond depicts a house in one of the his-         Kristin Hurlin                                $65
                    toric Traverse City neighborhoods. It is framed and
                    ready to hang.                                          6104 “The Lost Trail”
                    Ken Richmond                               $350         We are blessed with the beautiful artwork of former
                                                                            GTACS student, Michael Sincic. After being diag-
                    6015 “Park on Little Glen Lake”                         nosed as legally blind at age 13, Michael continued
                    This unique, original gouache painting on paper         his passion for art. This 11”x17” print is one of his
                    shows a beautiful tranquil scene looking east to        many lovely pieces.
                    the narrows. Beautiful scene with lots of blues and     Michael’s Unique Visions                      $25
                    greens. Framed and ready to hang.
                    Joan Richmond                              $300         6105 “Field of Tulips”
                                                                            Another beautiful 11”x17” print by artist and former
                    PRINTS                                                  GTACS student, Michael Sincic.
                                                                            Michael’s Unique Visions                      $25
                    6100 Les Modes Parisiennes Prints
                    Own a piece of Gladhander and fashion history           6106 National Cherry Festival Com-
                    with this unique and historical offering. Originally    memorative Print
                    purchased at the 1983 Gladhander Auction, these         Signed and remarqued by nationally renowned
                    beautiful handcolored 19th century fashion plates       local artist D.B. Henkel, this 2008 National Cherry
                    come from the magazine Les Modes Parisiennes            Festival Commemorative “Artist Proof” print would
                    published in France in the late 1800s. Each piece       be an excellent addition to any local collection.
                    is framed and measures 15”x17”. Must see to ap-         Framed approx. 22”x28”
                    preciate.                                               Mr. and Mrs. D.B. Henkel                    $200
                    Dick Schneider                        Priceless


Catalog10.indd 65                                                                                                                  10/12/10 8:03:22 AM
              ART SO FINE                                                                                  MUSIC OF MOTOWN

              6107 Beagle Print                                         6204 “Cherry Blossoms”
              For dog lovers everywhere, this 8”x10” limited edi-       This 24” x 16” canvas-wrapped photo shows the
              tion print pictures a brightly-colored beagle. Matted     beauty of Traverse City Cherry Blossoms in bloom.
              and ready to frame.                                       Will complement any decor with its local flavor.
              Art & Soul Gallery                           $25          Ginger Vary                                $210

              6108 “At the End of the Day”                              6205 Peninsula Gate
              A delightful, modern sunset scene in shades of            This unique photo was taken in Traverse City at the
              red, purple, black and yellow. This 11x14” print is       base of the peninsula. Using a special process,
              enhanced by a 3” wide white mat.                          the photo was adjusted and manipulated on the
              Art & Soul Gallery                           $45          computer resulting in a painting-like appearance.
                                                                        Framed and ready to hang in your home.
              6200 Canvas Landscape Print                               Pamela Ann Photography                     $250
              Local artist, Karen Youker, combines art and pho-
              tography in this unique landscape print. The 16x20”       6206 Blue Angels
              size will highlight any room in your house.               Local photographer Eric Fournier captures the
              Karen Youker Photography                    $195          amazing flight of a Blue Angel plane as it passes
                                                                        over the State of Michigan ship in Grand Traverse
              PHOTOGRAPHY                                               Bay. A 12” x 18” photograph, matted and framed to
                                                                        a finished size of 18” x 24”.
              6201 Family Portrait                                      Eric Fournier Photography                  $200
              Capture your family memories with an updated pro-
              fessional photo. This certificate includes a studio       6207 Blue Angels
              session plus one 16”x20” family portrait. Expires         Another great Blue Angel photo from the latest Na-
              October 2011.                                             tional Cherry Festival performance. The 12” x 18”
              Lancaster Photography                       $260          photograph is matted/framed to 18” x 24” final size.
                                                                        Eric Fournier Photography                  $200
              6202 Children’s Portrait
              Show off your precious angel’s best moments with          6208 Antique Custom Ford
              a beautiful children’s portrait session. This certifi-    Local photographer Michael Kazmierski, owner
              cate entitles you to a children’s portrait session in     of Kaz Creative, sends us this 16x20” wrapped
              studio or location site plus one 11”x14” print, or to     canvas photograph of an Antique Custom Ford.
              be used at equivalent value. Expires October 2011.        Perfect for car buffs, this impressive work is ready
              Terry Burton Photography                    $180          to display in your home or office.
                                                                        Michael Kazmierski                         $400
              6203 Family Portrait
              Capture the days that go by so quickly with a pro-        6209 TCSF at Thirlby Field
              fessional family portrait by Terry Burton. With this      Remember when? The highest bidder can enjoy
              certificate, you will receive a professional family       this panoramic of our very own Glads playing their
              portrait session in a studio setting or location site     first game on the new turf at Thirlby Field, Septem-
              and one 11”x14” print, or to be used at equivalent        ber 3, 2010. Jim Anderson’s photo is on canvas
              value. Expires October 2011.                              mounted on gator board. Go Glads!
              Terry Burton Photography                    $200          Anderson Aerial Photography                $336


Catalog10.indd 66                                                                                                              10/12/10 8:03:22 AM
                    ART SO FINE                                                                                MUSIC OF MOTOWN

                    6210 Thirlby Field                                       6305 Chest
                    Own a piece of history with this unique photo of         Buddy Bothwell blesses us with yet another beauti-
                    Thirlby Field at the Harry T. Running Stadium            ful piece. This oak chest measures 36” by 20” tall
                    featuring the new turf. Jim Anderson’s photo is on       and features an Early American finish. Perfect for
                    canvas mounted on gator board. A similar photo           any room in the house.
                    was presented to Jerry Oleson.                           Buddy Bothwell                             $450
                    Anderson Aerial Photography                $190
                                                                             6306 Turn-Of-The-Century Doll House
                    WOODCRAFTS                                               Sold in the 1986 Gladhander Auction, this fifteen
                                                                             room turn-of-the-century doll house has been en-
                    6300 Table                                               joyed by the children of Ron & Karen McClatchey.
                    Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind masterpiece from           They are offering the winning bidder the same
                    local artist and 1987 GTACS alum, Matt Ziemba.           opportunity to spend many years with this beauti-
                    Beautifully finished, this 22”x44” table is made from    fully decorated house. Custom built by Norton
                    cherry and walnut.                                       Gassman, and decorated by Evelyn Roeser, Kathy
                    Matt Ziemba                                $600          Erlewein, Carol Horning and Mary Brady. Originally
                                                                             donated by Rayle’s Sawmill and Wood Stoves with
                                                                             a value of $1200. A must see!
                    6301 Patriotic Picket Fence Fish
                    These painted wooden fish are whimsical and
                                                                             Ron & Karen McClatchey                Priceless
                    colorful in shades of red, white and blue. A fun ad-
                    dition for your home or cottage.                         6307 Ship’s Wheel
                    Art by Lori Wilcox                          $60          An incredible accent for a lakeside home or any
                                                                             nautical-motif lover. This hand-crafted 35” nauti-
                                                                             cal ships wheel has brass accents and a highly-
                    6302 Knick Knack Box
                                                                             polished wood finish.
                    The first of two of Buddy Bothwell’s beautifully
                    handcrafted boxes. This box is crafted from cherry
                                                                             Bob & Elaine Brooks                        $150
                    accented with curly maple. Perfect to hold your
                    treasures.                                               6309 Baby Cradle
                    Buddy Bothwell                              $75          This one-of-a-kind full sized cradle, hand-crafted by
                                                                             the late Gary Sides, is sure to be a family heirloom.
                                                                             The maple and aspen woods combine to provide a
                    6303 Knick Knack Box
                                                                             soft, light and natural color.
                    Another beauty from local craftsman, Buddy Both-
                    well. This beautifully handcrafted box is made from
                                                                             Paul Schmuckal                             $500
                    bird’s-eye maple and blood wood. A great addition
                    to any dresser or table.                                 GLASSWORKS
                    Buddy Bothwell                              $75
                                                                             6400 “Fall Colors”
                    6304 Hallway Table                                       Local artist, Carolyn Schmall, captures the beauty
                    Local craftsman Buddy Bothwell has handcrafted           of fall in this abstract stained glass piece.
                    this charming hall table. This stunning piece, made      Carolyn Schmall                            $200
                    of lacewood and maple, will make a statement to
                    guests as they walk through your door.
                    Buddy Bothwell                             $225


Catalog10.indd 67                                                                                                                 10/12/10 8:03:22 AM
              ART SO FINE                                                                                   MUSIC OF MOTOWN

              6401 Mosaic Cross                                         6601 Old English Roses Quilt
              A wonderful addition to any home by local artist          The lovely quilt measures 60” x 70” and was cre-
              Mary Lizenby. This hand-crafted mosaic cross              ated in beautiful shades of burgundy, dark green
              combines contrasting pieces of glass in shades of         and black. Could be used as a table topper, wall
              peach, cream and amber and measures 5”x9”.                hanging or throw.
              Mary Lizenby                                  $25         JoAnn Day                                  $250

              6402 Mosaic Hurricane Lamp                                6602 Three Owls
              Another lovely piece by artist Mary Lizenby, this         Set of 3 hand-made owls made of chenille and
              hurricane lamp stands 12” tall. Combining beach           bold colored fabrics. Fun and whimsical.
              stones with glass pieces in shades of amber and           B-Winks                                    $140
              bronze, this beauty will complement any decor.
              Mary Lizenby                                 $125         6603 Wool Braided Rug
                                                                        Add warmth and comfort to your home with this
              6403 Mosaic Cross                                         handmade wool, braided rug. This rug, by Betty
              Perfect for a St Francis student or alumni, this          Monahan, measures 40” x 22” and is crafted in a
              beautiful hand-crafted mosaic cross was created           beautiful color palette.
              by Heidi Mueller in Gladiator colors of blue and          Betty Monahan                              $150
              Heidi Mueller                                 $20         JEWELRY

              METAL                                                     6701 Beachcomber Pendant
                                                                        Keep the memories of summer alive with this
              6500 Modern Mirror                                        beautiful necklace. Sterling silver chain and clasp
              Perfect for entryway or bathroom, this 30” round          highlighted with a lapis stone pendant.
              brushed steel modern mirror is a work of art.             Korner Gem                                  $65
              Karl & Diane Koehler                         $350
                                                                        6702 Bracelet
              FIBER                                                     Add a touch of pizzazz to your wardrobe with this
                                                                        whimsical bracelet made with assorted buttons
              6600 Antique Quilt and Stand                              and baubles in various shades of blue.
              The late Albert Zenner of Hannah St. Mary’s               Nancie Billingsley                          $70
              Parish and great uncle to Holy Angels’ own “Miss
              M.” designed and made this one-of-a-kind quilt.           6703 Holly Yashi
              Lovingly crafted in the late 1930’s or early 1940’s,      Necklace & Bracelet
              it will easily cover a full size bed with extra length    This beautiful matching necklace and bracelet is
              for “tucking in”. It is entirely hand-sewn with beau-     enhanced with Swarovski crystals and freshwater
              tiful, tiny stitches and is sure to add a touch of        pearls. An excellent addition to any jewelry collec-
              warmth and charm to any home. The quilt stand             tion.
              was hand-crafted by a local artisan, a Cadillac           Leaping Lizard                              $70
              area wood-worker.
              Hilda Maslowski                         Priceless


Catalog10.indd 68                                                                                                              10/12/10 8:03:22 AM
                    ART SO FINE                                                                                MUSIC OF MOTOWN

                    6704 Sterling Silver Earrings                           6710 Multi-Pastel Pearl Necklace
                    These charming earrings hang from sterling silver       Venture beyond classic white and enjoy the rich
                    hoops with 1/2” round silver disks. Perfect for ca-     tones of this beautiful multi-color fresh water pearl
                    sual daytime or dressed-up evenings.                    necklace. With its fresh, feminine colors and lovely
                    Art & Soul Gallery                           $35        shine, this necklace makes a wonderful addition to
                                                                            your collection. 14KT
                    6705 Necklace                                           Paul Schmuckal                             $499
                    This modern necklace features a 1” square pen-
                    dant in shades of teal, cream and black, hanging        6711 TCSF Brighton Charm Bracelet
                    from a unique “chain” of thin black ribbons and         Show your school spirit while showing off your style
                    leather cording. Very different and beautiful.          with this fun Brighton Charm Bracelet. Your new
                    Art & Soul Gallery                           $21        accessory comes with various interchangeable
                                                                            charms with different colors, hobbies, and interests.
                    6706 Tiffany & Co. Venetian Link                        Cherry Hill Boutique                       $150
                    Since 1937, Tiffany & Co. has been a symbol of          CLASSROOM ART
                    elegance, exclusivity, and flawless craftsmanship.
                    Surprise your sweetie with this “Little Blue Box”       These projects were underwritten by guests who at-
                    filled with a beautiful Venetian Link bracelet. This    tended the “Art-Sea” gift gathering party held in
                    sterling silver bracelet is 7.5” long.                  August. All pottery pieces were purchased from
                    Thirty-One Gift Gathering Party, Tania Harris and       Handz on Art. All items are priceless!
                    Andrea Domres                                $165
                                                                            Preschool 3’s Bird House
                    6707 Necklace & Earring Set                             Your backyard feather friends will thank you for this
                    Stunning black and white Sardonyx tumbled rectan-       unique birdhouse created by the class. Mrs. Lau’s
                    gular natural gemstone necklace. Created by local       Preschool 3 kids used their thumb and fingerprints
                    artist and Traverse City native Jennifer Coleman,       to create this one-of-a-kind bird house.
                    this set features a sterling silver clasp and accent    6800 Mrs. Lau’s Preschool 3-Year Old Classes
                    spacers. Matching earrings included. Be prepared
                    to get noticed!                                         Preschool 4’s Cake Plate on Pedestal
                    Jennifer Coleman                            $125        Using their thumb and fingerprints, Mrs. Lau’s Pre-
                                                                            school 4 kids created this one-of-a-kind cake plate
                    6708 Silver Bracelet                                    on a pedestal. Perfect for birthday celebrations and
                    Turn heads wearing this beautiful Silpada bracelet.     other fun events, this cake plate will be enjoyed by
                    This 7” bracelet combines sterling silver, hematite,    your family for years to come!
                    glass beads and leather in a dramatic and modern        6801 Mrs. Lau’s Preschool 4-Year Old Classes
                    Carla Nickodemus                            $100

                    6709 Earrings & Necklace
                    Tickle the ivories with this pearl and black bead
                    number set that includes earrings and a necklace.
                    Stacey Popp                                  $75


Catalog10.indd 69                                                                                                                10/12/10 8:03:22 AM
              ART SO FINE                                                                                  MUSIC OF MOTOWN

              Pre-K-Snowflake Wall Art                                  3rd Grade Holy Communion Vases
              Mrs. Hiatt’s Pre-K kids each drew their own snow-         Commemorate your child’s special Holy Commu-
              flakes with white crayon on watercolor paper, then        nion year with this classroom created project. The
              painted a watercolor wash over the snowflakes.            third grade boys made crosses and the girls made
              All the individual snowflakes have been combined          angels on these adorable vases that will be perfect
              to make a whimsical 16” x 20” framed art piece.           for year-round use.
              A wonderful addition to your home art collection!         6814 Mrs. Keipper’s 3rd Grade Class
              6802 Mrs. Hiatt’s AM Pre-K Class                          6815 Mrs. Stoudt’s 3rd Grade Class
              6803 Mrs. Hiatt’s PM Pre-K Class                          6816 Mrs. Winkler’s 3rd Grade Class

              Kindergarten Angel Books                                  Fourth Grade Framed Religious Art
              Holy Angels Kindergarten students assembled a             Immaculate Conception Fourth Graders used their
              one-of-a-kind book for your collection about angels.      creativity to watercolor paint crosses and combine
              Each child created a page of their own depicting an       then into one large “Sign of the Cross.” These
              angel. Too precious to pass up!                           work of art are uniquely framed and will comple-
              6804   Mrs. Talbott’s Kindergarten Class                  ment any décor. You have too see these in person
              6805   Mrs. LaPan’s Kindergarten Class                    to appreciate the creativity of the fourth graders!
              6806   Mrs. Muzljakovich’s Kindergarten Class             6817 Mrs. Anderson’s Fourth Grade Class
              6807   Mrs. Passinault’s Kindergarten Class               6818 Miss Cleland’s Fourth Grade Class
                                                                        6819 Ms. Conroy’s Fourth Grade Class
              First Grade Cookie Jars
              Holy Angels First Graders created these cute              Fifth Grade Memory Trays
              cookie jars with thumbprint art. Each jar comes           Immaculate Conception Fifth graders worked their
              with favorite cookie recipes from the families of that    magic on these unique serving trays. Each student
              classroom. Perfect for the “cookie monsters” in           wrote a favorite memory from their elementary
              your family!                                              years. These trays will be a treasure to own and
              6808 Mrs. Alpers’ First Grade Class                       savor their school memories.
              6809 Mrs. Meddaugh’s First Grade Class                    6820   Mr. Beckwith’s Fifth Grade Class
              6810 Miss Maslowski’s First Grade Class                   6821   Mrs. Glynn’s Fifth Grade Class
                                                                        6822   Mrs. Paquet’s Fifth Grade Class
              Second Grade Pasta Bowls                                  6823   Mrs. Peters’ Fifth Grade Class
              Spice up your dinner time with this unique pasta
              bowl created by Holy Angels Second Graders. The           Paper Quilted Art
              class used thumbprint art to personally decorate          Created by 3rd grade classes during the 2008-09
              these wonderful bowls!                                    school year, this framed artwork is truly unique.
              6811 Mrs. Alpers’ Second Grade Class                      Hundreds of pieces of colored paper in various
              6812 Mrs. Carpenter’s Second Grade Class                  shades of blue were pieced together in squares to
              6813 Mrs. DeVol’s Second Grade Class                      create this quilt-like masterpiece.
                                                                        6900 Mrs. Keipper’s Third Grade Class
                                                                        6901 Mrs. Stoudt’s Third Grade Class
                                                                        6901 Mrs. Winkler’s Third Grade Class


Catalog10.indd 70                                                                                                             10/12/10 8:03:23 AM
                    LOOKING GOOD                                                                               MUSIC OF MOTOWN

                                          LOOKING GOOD
                                         BOOTH CLOSES AT 10:50 PM

                    CLOTHING AND ACCESSORIES                                8507 Leather Briefcase
                                                                            Travel in style with this handsome Coach briefcase.
                    8500 Golden Shoes Certificate                           The tan Lexington style bag will keep your papers
                    Pamper your feet with this gift certificate from        and files organized and will hold your laptop.
                    Golden Shoes. They have all the brands you love         Anonymous                                  $374
                    plus friendly, knowledgeable staff (and the custom-
                    er service you deserve!) to help you find the perfect   8508 Insulated Tote
                    fit. Located in downtown Traverse City.                 This black and white polka dotted, insulated bag
                    Golden Shoes                               $500         would be a snazzy way to bring along snacks to
                                                                            your next get together. Also included is a black and
                    8501 Doncaster Fine Clothing                            white apron and matching cleaning gloves.
                    This certificate entitles you to $50 towards your       Ben Franklin                                 $60
                    purchase from Kathy Angove, Doncaster Con-
                    sultant. Doncaster has extraordinary apparel for        8510 “Bye, Bye Birdie” priorLIFE Bag
                    extraordinary women. Expires December 31, 2010.         Do you have a student who starred in the SF Musi-
                    Kathy Angove, Doncaster Consultant          $50         cal Bye, Bye Birdie? This customized patchwork
                                                                            tote would be a great way to remind them of the fun
                    8503 Coach “Large Flap” Bag                             of performing on stage. It would make a great bag
                    This beautiful black Coach bag is a must for any        to carry to rehearsal for the next big production.
                    woman who appreciates style and Coach quality.          priorLIFE has perfected the art of recycling used
                    Dressed up or dressed down, this will be your go to     banners into eco-friendly, usable products.
                    bag every time.                                         St. Francis Drama Department                 $20
                    Anonymous                                  $244
                                                                            8511 Bye, Bye Birdie priorLife Bag
                    8504 Coach “Shopper” Bag                                Carry books, groceries, gym clothes, or anything
                    Your winning bid will add style to any wardrobe.        you like in this Prior Life Bag. Your winning bid will
                    This mahogany shopper style Coach bag is beauti-        have you remembering the good times with Conrad
                    ful and would make shopping stylish and fun.            Birdie and the rest of the cast as they performed in
                    Anonymous                                  $264         the 2010 SF musical. priorLIFE has perfected the
                                                                            art of recycling used banners into eco-friendly, us-
                                                                            able products.
                    8506 Coach Handbag
                    A classic zip style Coach bag is just what the fash-
                                                                            St. Francis Drama Department                 $20
                    ion police ordered. Don’t miss out on this beautiful
                    bone-colored bag – a perfect fashion accessory!
                    Anonymous                                  $198


Catalog10.indd 71                                                                                                               10/12/10 8:03:23 AM
              LOOKING GOOD                                                                                 MUSIC OF MOTOWN

              8512 Keith Pogarch Custom Clothiers                      pocket. The tote was handcrafted by women in
              Certificate                                              Mexico affiliated with Border Partners. Border
              For that special hunk in your life that already looks    Partners is a nonprofit organization composed of
              great…give him this certificate to use towards the       people from both Mexico and the US who believe
              purchase of a new suit or suit coat and watch him        that by sharing resources, ideas and experience,
              strut! Can be used on Keith’s new line of pre-made       we can improve life along the border.
              suits or towards his custom made-to-order suits          Tom & Kathy Nickodemus                       $30
              or sport coat/pant combination. Choose from the
              many styles and fabric selections. Enjoy the conve-      8519 Medium Tote
              nience of shopping at your home or office. Expires       Carry this cheerful tote and feel good about
              October 2011.                                            helping others a t the same time. This medium
              Keith Pogarch Custom Clothier, Inc.        $500          size blue tote is done in a cherry pattern and has a
                                                                       front pocket. The tote was handcrafted by women
              8514 Coach Navy Station Bag                              in Mexico affiliated with Border Partners. Border
              One of the original Coach designs, the Station Bag       Partners is a nonprofit organization composed of
              combines American ingenuity with Old World style         people from both Mexico and the US who believe
              of travel. This navy blue, glove tanned leather bag      that by sharing resources, ideas and experience,
              measures 9 x 9 ½ x 3.                                    we can improve life along the border.
              Anonymous                                  $224          Tom & Kathy Nickodemus                       $30

              8516 Coach Tan Station Bag                               8520 Captain’s Quarters Certificate
              One of the original Coach designs, the Station Bag       Every girl is crazy for a sharp dressed man. This
              combines American ingenuity with Old World style         $250 gift certificate will let you step out in style.
              of travel. This tan, glove tanned leather bag mea-       Good towards any purchase of suits, formal wear,
              sures 9 x 9 ½ x 3.                                       shirts, pants or an outfit for that special occasion.
              Anonymous                                  $224          Expires October 2011.
                                                                       Captain’s Quarters                          $250
              8517 Large Tote
              Carry this cheerful tote and feel good about help-       8523 Vera Bradley Messenger Bag
              ing others at the same time. This large bright blue      Add beauty to business with this colorful Vera Brad-
              tote is done in a cherry pattern and has a red           ley messenger bag. The coral pink background with
              gingham pocket on the front and is handcrafted by        floral and paisley print will put a smile on your face
              women in Mexico affiliated with Border Partners.         every time you carry it.
              Border Partners is a nonprofit organization com-         Maureen DeYoung                              $84
              posed of people from both Mexico and the US who
              believe that by sharing resources, ideas and expe-       8524 Lopi Wool Sweater
              rience, we can improve life along the border.            Burgundy, gray, and blue are the colors of this
              Tom & Kathy Nickodemus                      $40          100% wool sweater. This sweater was created in
                                                                       Iceland based on a centuries long tradition of hand-
              8518 Medium Tote                                         knitting in the “Sirogojno Style”, whose uniqueness
              Carry this cheerful tote and feel good about help-       is resembled in authentic design, excellent hand-
              ing others at the same time. This medium size red        knitting work, and quality of wool. Size Small.
              tote is done in a cherry pattern and has a front         Lost Art Yarn Shoppe                        $250


Catalog10.indd 72                                                                                                               10/12/10 8:03:23 AM
                    LOOKING GOOD                                                                                 MUSIC OF MOTOWN

                    8525-27 priorLife GTACS Tote Bag                        8602 Premier Health and Fitness
                    Carry your school spirit with you when you place        This certificate is good for a one year membership
                    the winning bid on this patchwork priorLife tote bag.   at Premier Health and Fitness. At Premier you can
                    priorLIFE has perfected the art of recycling used       get back into shape or exercise for good health.
                    banners into eco-friendly, usable products.             New members only. Does not include classes.
                    priorLife                                   $20         Premier Health and Fitness                   $420

                    8528 Beach Bag                                          8603 YMCA Family Membership
                    Grab this “BEACH FUN” tote and head out to the          With the winter months fast approaching, you’re not
                    beach! This collapsible tote is complete with beach     going to want to let this recreational opportunity go
                    towel, insulated duffle bag, plates, cups, tablecloth   by. This1-year family membership promises hours
                    and more!                                               of family fun and fitness. Redeem by June 2011.
                    Maureen DeYoung and Jackie Anderson         $95         Grand Traverse Bay YMCA                      $590

                    8529 COACH Ensemble                                     8604 The B Fitness Club
                    Be the envy of all women with this show stop-           The B Fitness Club is northern Michigan’s largest,
                    ping COACH ensemble! This package includes              cleanest, most complete fitness club. They have
                    the new COACH Bleeker Signature Khaki/Metallic          a full cardio theater and are a licensed hammer
                    Tote, matching COACH Poppy Signature wristlet,          strength facility along with upper and lower body
                    matching COACH umbrella, and matching COACH             circuits and over 50,000 lbs of free weights. They
                    Signature Photo Keychain. Treat yourself or give        cater to all fitness and age levels. This certificate is
                    as a beautiful gift!                                    good for one 3-month membership.
                    Domres Road Rally Team:                                 The B Fitness Club                           $109
                    Lisa Arends, Heidi Argue, Sally Black, Elizabeth
                    Boomer, Sarah Conroy, Andrea Domres, Theresa            8605-06 Personal Training Sessions
                    Kerry, Tania Egger-Harris                   $365        Formative Fitness isn’t just personal training, it’s
                                                                            about lifestyle; from helping you know what you
                    FITNESS                                                 should eat, to taking you through proper and chal-
                                                                            lenging workouts, and even giving you suggestions
                    8600-8601 Anytime Fitness 6-Month                       for great family activities. They have you covered!
                    Memberships                                             Good for 4 personal training sessions.
                    At Anytime Fitness, we fit your busy schedule and       Formative Fitness                       $150 each
                    on-the-go lifestyle. With an anytime Fitness mem-
                    bership, you can work out anytime of the day or         8607 Advanced Chiropractic
                    night! Our club is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a        & Wellness
                    week, and 365 days a year. Talk about no more           Do you have chronic back or neck pain? Dr. Tony
                    excuses! This certificate good for the Traverse City    Aboudib at Advanced Chiropractic & Wellness of-
                    Anytime Fitness for a six month membership and          fers specialized treatment using spinal decompres-
                    includes $99 enrollment fee and $29 key fee. Re-        sion and physiotherapy. Come and see why they
                    deem no later than November 30, 2010.                   are “Advanced Chiropractic”. Package includes
                    Anytime Fitness                            $337         free exam, consultation and 2 x-rays, plus one free
                                                                            Advanced Chiropractic & Wellness             $500


Catalog10.indd 73                                                                                                                 10/12/10 8:03:23 AM
              LOOKING GOOD                                                                                 MUSIC OF MOTOWN

              8608 Advanced Chiropractic                               8702 Zoom! Professional Teeth
              & Wellness                                               Bleaching
              Herniated disc? Fibromyalgia? Sciatica?                  Brighten your smile with this state-of-the-art, one
              Dr. Tony Aboudib at Advanced Chiropractic &              hour light-activated teeth bleaching process. This is
              Wellness offers specialized treatment using spinal       the system used on ABC’s Extreme Home Make-
              decompression and physiotherapy. Come and see            over. Expires October 2011.
              why we are “Advanced Chiropractic”. Package              Dr. Joseph Stayman, Associates in Family Dentistry
              includes free exam, consultation and 2 x-rays, plus                                                $400
              one free treatment.
              Advanced Chiropractic & Wellness           $500          8703-04 Acme Cleaners & Coin Laun-
                                                                       dry Certificates
              8609 Yoga Classes                                        Use this certificate for cleaning services at this fam-
              Come and experience the newest yoga studio in            ily owned and operated dry cleaners and laundry.
              Traverse City, Yen Yoga. With this certificate you       They offer professional dry cleaning and drop-off
              will receive 5 classes. You can choose from hot          laundering of clothes, linens, uniforms and drapes.
              yoga, pilates, gentle yoga, or many other classes.       The attended coin laundry offers regular and large
              Give it a try.                                           capacity washers and dryers.
              Yen Yoga and Fitness                        $70          Acme Cleaners & Coin Laundry            $20 each

              8610-11 Grand Traverse Athletic Club                     8705-06 One-Hour Massage
              Memberships                                              Receive one full hour of pure relaxation! Let Barba-
                                                                       ra Price massage all of your tensions away leaving
              Pump it up and step into a 1-month full member-          you feeling refreshed and relaxed.
              ship at the Grand Traverse Athletic Club. This           Balanced Massage Works                  $50 each
              includes racquetball, classes, and fitness. For new
              members only.                                            Robertson’s Haircuts
              Grand Traverse Athletic Club $ 65 each                   Robertson’s will keep you looking good with three
              PERSONAL CARE & GROOMING                                 haircuts. Expires October 2011.
                                                                       8707 Robertson’s – Roger Argue               $45
              8700 At-Home Teeth Whitening                             8708 Robertson’s – Joe Schleicher            $45
              Let Deerhaven Family Dentistry help you brighten         8709 Robertson’s – Greg Vanhorn              $45
              your smile. This certificate is good for a free custom   8710 Robertson’s – John Mulzey               $45
              professional at-home teeth whitening Opalescence
              kit from Deerhaven Family Dentistry, PLC. May            8711 Teeth Whitening
              also be exchanged for other dental treatment in the
                                                                       Let Dr. Thomas Berard and the staff at Envision
              office. Expires December 31, 2012.
                                                                       Dental whiten your teeth with the revolutionary in-
              Deerhaven Family Dentistry, PLC            $500          office whitening system Zoom2 Advanced Power
                                                                       Whitening. Your smile will brighten in just one visit,
              8701 Basket and Gift Certificate                         with most patients achieving a 7-9 shade differ-
              Pamper yourself with this basket of products includ-     ence. Best of all, the single appointment procedure
              ing Paul Mitchell. Also included is a certificate for    is quick and easy, allowing you to get back to your
              $10 off any services at Hair Bound.                      busy life with a brilliant white smile the same day.
              Jennifer Donohue                            $46          Must be 18 years or older. Expires October 2011.
                                                                       Thomas Berard, DDS – Envision Dental        $480

Catalog10.indd 74                                                                                                                10/12/10 8:03:23 AM
                    LOOKING GOOD                                                                                MUSIC OF MOTOWN

                    8712 In Touch Chiropractic                             8719 Duet Side-by-Side Massage
                    Let Dr. Corbin of In Touch Chiropractic help you       Come to the beautiful Living Light Massage & Well-
                    feel stress slip away as you relax during an hour-     ness Center and enjoy a soothing 60 minute mas-
                    long session of craniosacral therapy – a gentle        sage for two. Couples, friends or family members
                    method of detection and correction that encour-        alike would all benefit from the therapeutic results
                    ages your own natural healing. Who couldn’t use a      of massage while experiencing relaxation and reju-
                    little relaxation?                                     venation together, side-by-side, in the same room.
                    In Touch Chiropractic                      $50         Living Light Massage & Wellness Center       $170

                    Package of Six Clinical                                8720 Haircut & Style
                    Massages                                               Enjoy a refreshing new look with a new haircut by
                    Find out the benefits of long-term massage when        Linda. You deserve the very best! Call for an ap-
                    you have this one-hour massage for six consecu-        pointment. Expires October 2011.
                    tive months with Valerie Smith Rye, MMT. All six       Linda Lichty                                  $35
                    appointments must be completed by May 2011.
                    Gratuity not included.                                 8721 Venus Pamper Package
                    Twin Bay Clinical Massage                              Imagine pampering yourself with this luxurious
                    8713 Valerie Smith Rye                    $300         package from Venus. You will receive a milk bath
                    8714 Tammy Trowbridge                     $300         sugar scrub, Tokyo milk guest soap, and Tokyo milk
                    8715 Dawn Dunham                          $300         lipstick.
                                                                           Venus                                         $47
                    8716 Olde Town Hair – Cuts for 1 Year
                    Sit in his chair and get caught up on “the news” of    8722 Highlight & Haircut Service
                    Traverse City and have Mike Perkette, a St.            With the holidays right around the corner, add
                    Francis alumnus, cut your hair. The winning bidder     some pizzazz to your hair with this certificate for
                    of this certificate will have one year of cuts paid    haircut and highlighting services at Escape Salon
                    for…that’s 10 visits! Can only be used by the          and Boutique.
                    same individual and the first cut must occur before    Shelly Robertson, Escape Salon & Boutique $90
                    December 31, 2010 with your last before
                    December 31, 2011. Does not include gratuity.          8723 Haircut & Color
                    Olde Town Hair – Mike Perkette            $150         This certificate entitles you to color, haircut, and
                                                                           style with the professionals at Cut Loose Salon.
                    8717 C. Quinns Hair Design                             Let them turn you into a brand new you.
                    Looking for a change? Shaunne at C. Quinns Hair        Cut Loose Salon                               $75
                    Design has what you need. This certificate entitles
                    you to a consultation and haircut at C. Quinns.        8724 Essential Day Spa Package
                    You’ll be looking good in no time!
                                                                           Pamper yourself! Enjoy a full body Swedish mas-
                    Shaunne Szostkowski - C. Quinns Hair Design $28        sage, a purifying European facial, a shampoo and
                                                                           style, a classic manicure and pedicure at Pavlova .
                    8718 Spa Package                                       You can enjoy a fruit smoothie, too!
                    Let the experts at Signature Salon pamper you with     Pavlova                                      $259
                    this spa package. Walk out feeling so beautiful!
                    Signature Salon                           $100


Catalog10.indd 75                                                                                                                 10/12/10 8:03:23 AM
              LOOKING GOOD                                                                               MUSIC OF MOTOWN

              8726-27 Cerise Nutraceuticals                            8732 Pamper Your Feet
              Gift Certificates                                        Pamper your hard working feet compliments of Ron
              Cerise combines natural oils with real tart cherry       Olm, DPM and the Grant Traverse Foot and Ankle
              powder and concentrates into all natural products        Center. The winning bidder will receive a certificate
              that help you maintain body harmony. Treat your          for a pedicure at a local salon along with pamper-
              body to local products! Expires October 30, 2011.        your-own-feet foot care products.
              Cerise Nutraceuticals, LLC             $35 each          Grand Traverse Foot & Ankle Center,
                                                                       Dr. Ron and Dana Olm                        $75
              8728 Lash Tint Package
              The experts at Grand Traverse Ophthalmology              8733 Dental Cleaning and X-Rays
              Clinic can bring out those baby blues or browns          Dr. Brian Klym and the Northwood Dental team pro-
              with this eyelash tinting package. Tinting involves      vide a full range of general and cosmetic dentistry
              semi-permanent coloring of the eyelashes. Includ-        services. The level of dentistry Northwood Dental
              ed with your certificate are a few eye care goodies.     offers is backed by years of experience and ongo-
              Expires December 31, 2010.                               ing education.Warm, caring individuals, dedicated
              Grand Traverse Ophthalmology Clinic          $27         to achieving your oral health goals, welcome you
                                                                       each and every time. We have developed a pleas-
              8729 Lunchtime Facial Package                            ant, relaxing environment to make your time here
              In the time it takes to each lunch, you could have       efficient and comfortable. This certificate entitles
              a facial with the professionals at Grand Traverse        you to a dental cleaning and Xrays. See what we
              Ophthalmology Clinic. Sit back and relax. Your           offer. Expires November 1, 2011.
              certificate comes along with soothing Avene Ther-        Northwood Dental                          $200
              mal Spring water and eyeglass cleaner. Expires
              December 31, 2010.                                       8734 Unlimited Tanning for One Month
              Grand Traverse Ophthalmology Clinic          $56         & Lover Perfect Gift Bag
                                                                       When you need to relax, renew, and revive. When
              8730 Chemical Peel Package                               you want to be known by name, not a number. And
              Improve and smooth the texture of your skin with         of course, when you want the BEST TAN! Come to
              this incredible chemical peel. In addition, the ther-    Verano Tan. Verano Tan offers an upscale, high-
              mal spring water from Avene will calm and soften         end tanning experience at affordable prices. This
              your skin. Expires December 31, 2010.                    certificate is for one month unlimited tanning and a
                                                                       Lover Perfect gift bag.
              Grand Traverse Ophthalmology Clinic          $96
                                                                       Verano Tan                                $153
              8731 Hair Care Basket
              The professionals at Maly’s have put together this
                                                                       8735 One Mystic Spray Tan and
              basket of hair care products to help you look your
                                                                       an Accelerator Packet
              best. They have included Pure Color Hair prod-           When you need to relax, renew, and revive. When
              ucts, a mini ceramic hair straightener, and mini         you want to be known by name, not A number. And
              hairdryer. Keep it for yourself or it would also make    of course, when you want the BEST TAN! Come
              a great gift.                                            to Verano Tan. Verano Tan offers an upscale,
                                                                       high-end tanning experience at affordable prices.
              Maly’s                                     $200
                                                                       This certificate is for one Mystic Spray Tan and an
                                                                       Accelerator Packet.
                                                                       Verano Tan                                  $31

Catalog10.indd 76                                                                                                              10/12/10 8:03:23 AM
                    THEME BASEKTS                                                                           MUSIC OF MOTOWN

                                                           OUR SCHOOL IS COOL

                                          THEME BASKETS
                                                  BOOTH CLOSES AT 11:00 PM
                                                CHAIRED BY JACKIE ANDERSON
                                              SEE BOOTH FOR VALUES OF BASKETS

                4500 Preschool Little Boys Toy Basket
                Hot Wheels, Thomas the Tank Engine, Dinosaurs, Duplos, Melissa & Doug puzzles, Bob the Builder, toy tools
                4501 Preschool Little Girls Dress-Up Basket
                New or handmade dress-up costumes, wigs, hats, shoes, accessories, jewelry, boas, tiara and magic wand,
                fancy pencils and writing paper
                4502 Kindergarten Petite Picasso Basket
                Crayons, markers, paper, finger paints, paint and paintbrushes, art supplies
                4503 Kindergarten Bitty Baby Basket
                Bitty Baby doll, clothing, accessories
                4504 First Grade Rainy Day Crafts Basket
                Craft kits, rubber stamps and ink pads, Klutz books
                4505 First Grade “On The Road in Michigan” Basket
                “I’m a Michigan Kid” book, CD and passport, plus travel games and cards, coloring books, crayons, colored pen-
                cils, activity books, Madlibs, and other Michigan books
                4506 Second Grade Let It Snow! Basket
                Mt. Holiday gift certificate, snow block maker, snowball scoop, Glad Wear hats/mittens/scarf, hot chocolate, hot
                packs, lip balm, hot chocolate and hot cider mix
                4507 Second Grade American Girl Clothing & Accessories Basket
                American Girl clothing, shoes, accessories, pets, and AG craft items.
                4508 Third Grade Cookie Monster Basket
                Kids’ baking utensils, cookie cutters, cookie press, cookie mixes, aprons, cook books, decorating kits, sprinkles
                4509 Third Grade First Communion & Confirmation Basket
                Holy Communion picture frame, photo album, cross, children’s bible, rosary, religious books, keepsakes
                4510 Fourth Grade Family Movie Night Basket
                Movie rental gift cards, popcorn bowl set, popcorn and movie-size snacks, comfy blanket
                4511 Fourth Grade We All Scream For Ice Cream! Basket
                Frozen yogurt/ice cream maker, ice cream bowls and spoons, ice cream toppings, sprinkles
                4512 Fifth Grade Electronics Basket
                Nintendo DS plus games and gift cards
                4513 Holy Angels Teacher Book Basket
                Enjoy this basket of the Holy Angels teachers favorite books. Each one has a written description inside as to why
                it is special to that teacher.
                4514 Immaculate Conception Teacher Book Basket
                Enjoy this basket of the Immaculate Conception teachers favorite books. Each one has a written description
                inside as to why it is special to that teacher.

Catalog10.indd 77                                                                                                           10/12/10 8:03:23 AM
              CERTIFICATES                                                                                  MUSIC OF MOTOWN

                                                 BOOTH CLOSES AT 11:00 PM
                                                CHAIRED BY KASS MCCARDEL

              ADVERTISING                                               ads. When our online readers click on your web-
                                                                        address in your ad, it will automatically hot-link right
              5000 Grand Traverse Insider                               to your website. Our talented design team will de-
              Get your company out there by advertising in the          sign and create your ad at no additional cost. This
              Grand Traverse Insider, serving Grand Traverse,           ¼ page ad is 5.1” wide by 6.041” high and must be
              Leelanau, and Benzie Counties. The winning bid            used by October 2011.
              will receive a half-page full color advertisement in      Northern Express                             $339
              an upcoming issue. Expires December 31, 2010.
              Grand Traverse Insider                    $1,340          5005 Advertising in Traverse
                                                                        Business News
              5001-02 WCCW AM & FM                                      The winning bidder will receive a quarter page color
              This certificate entitles the bearer to 30 thirty-sec-    ad in Traverse Business News. Traverse Business
              ond commercials on the TAP PLAN COMBO. They               News is proud to deliver interesting, practical news
              will air on all three WCCW stations during a seven        to the readers of the Grand Traverse region. Get
              day period with 1/3 of the spots being broadcast          your business noticed. You choose the month be-
              during “drive time”, 1/3 during “mid-day”, and 1/3        tween December 2010 and November 2011.
              during the evening. Expires Oct. 2011.                    Traverse City Business News                  $605
              WCCW AM/FM                           $1,200 each
                                                                        5006 WTCM AM or FM Advertising
              5003 WKHQ or Lite 96 Advertising                          This entitles the bearer to a one week advertising
              This certificate entitles the bearer to $1000 of radio    blitz package on WTCM FM or AM. It includes (40)
              advertising on WKHQ or Lite 96. For new or ad-            60-second commercials to air on our 7-day Total
              ditional business. Not for political use. Must air by     Reach Plan. Inventory runs 75% 6 am – midnight
              October 31, 2011.                                         and 25% midnight to 6 am. Includes production but
              MacDonald Garber Broadcasting             $1,000          may not be applied to a current balance or contract.
                                                                        Not for political use. To air by December 31, 2011.
                                                                        WTCM AM/FM                                 $1,200
              5004 Northern Express
              Northern Express is northern Michigan’s largest
              weekly, distributed at over 600 sites in 13 counties,     5007 Classic Rock The Bear
              read by an average of 84,000 people each week.            Advertising
              Now in our second decade of publication, Northern         Genuine Classic Rock the Bear…spans four
              Express is proud to offer our clients the assurance       decades of only the best classic rock music from
              of an audited circulation by a Verified Audit that has    heritage artists. The Bear reaches generation to
              reported to us that we’ve actually increased our          generation, appealing to the 35 to 70 year old, with
              readership by 10% last year. As an added value,           a huge network of signals. The Bear listener is a
              we post our entire paper online, with interactive         valuable consumer usually settled into their career,


Catalog10.indd 78                                                                                                                  10/12/10 8:03:23 AM
                    CERTIFICATES                                                                                MUSIC OF MOTOWN

                    has a dual income and family, and should be the          GETAWAYS
                    target of every business. Home of Bob and Tom in
                    the morning, mid-day with Tommy Mayhem, after-           5102 Grand Beach/Sugar Beach
                    noons with Mizz Christal, and Alice Cooper at night.     Resort
                    Not to be used in place of any other contract. This      Unwind with this one night stay at either the Grand
                    is for any new client to Northern Star Broadcast-        Beach or Sugar Beach Resort Hotel in a standard
                    ing. Cannot be used to pay any balance owed to           beach view room or courtyard view, deluxe whirl-
                    Northern Star Broadcasting. Rates established for        pool tub room. Valid 9/16/10 – 4/30/11. Based on
                    station apply. Based on availability. Commercials        availability.
                    must air by April 30, 2011.                              Grand Beach Resort Hotel                     $99
                    Northern Star Broadcasting               $1,000
                                                                             5104 Holiday Inn West Bay
                    5008 Real Rock 105.1 – 95.5                              Friends coming to town? This certificate may be
                    Advertising                                              redeemed for one night for two in a king or stan-
                    This specialty rock format appeals to the 18-49 age      dard room. The Best Breaks Package includes a
                    group. You’ll hear only the best of the best from        breakfast for two. Not valid July and August, or
                    current rock music and listening back four decades.      New Year’s Eve. Expires October 30, 2012
                    This is real rock! The Real Rock format is mar-          Holiday Inn West Bay                       $150
                    ket exclusive delivering results for your business.
                    Home of Free Beer and Hot Wings in the Morning,
                                                                             5106 St. Clair River Cottage
                    On the Job with Catman mid-day, followed by The
                                                                             Come spend four days and three nights at this St.
                    Afternoon Hangover, and then nights with Jay Rob-
                                                                             Clair River cottage. This three-bedroom (sleeps 7)
                    erts. Not valid to use in place of any other contract.
                                                                             cottage is located 30 minutes south of Port Huron
                    This is for any new client to Northern Star Broad-
                                                                             on an international waterway. Swim or fish from
                    casting. Cannot be used to pay any balance owed
                                                                             your private dock or watch freighters from around
                    to Northern Star Broadcasting. Rates established
                                                                             the world pass by your front yard. The cottage is
                    for station apply. Based on availability. Commer-
                                                                             equipped with a washer and dryer and cable TV.
                    cials must air by April 30, 2011.
                                                                             Dates to be mutually agreed upon between May
                    Northern Star Broadcasting               $1,000
                                                                             2011 and September 2011. No pets or smoking
                    5009 Internet Video Advertisement
                                                                             Mark and Jerri Gabriel                     $800
                    This certificate entitles you to a 30-60 second
                    internet video ad to place on the home page of
                                                                             5107 Weekend With A BMW
                    your website. The website video may consist of a
                                                                             Re-invent date night! This certificate entitles you to
                    combination of still images, short video footage,
                                                                             a weekend rental of a BMW Sedan. Pick up your
                    text frames and music or voiceover. You can supply
                                                                             vehicle on Friday afternoon and enjoy your week-
                    your own images and footage or Brassy Marketing
                                                                             end in style, returning it on Monday morning. The
                    will purchase rights to industry specific material to
                                                                             car will be ready for you to enjoy with a full tank of
                    be used in your video. Your new .MP4 video file
                                                                             gas. Driver must be at least 21 years old and hold
                    can be easily uploaded to your site. Expires Octo-
                                                                             a major credit card. Expires October 31, 2011.
                    ber 31, 2011.
                                                                             Fox Grand Traverse                     Priceless
                    Brassy Marketing                           $527


Catalog10.indd 79                                                                                                                10/12/10 8:03:23 AM
              CERTIFICATES                                                                                 MUSIC OF MOTOWN

              5108 Weekend With A Mercedes                              5201-02 2 Fools Carriage Wagon Ride
              Re-invent date night! This certificate entitles you       Let Willy and Butch take you and 6-8 of your
              to a weekend rental of a Mercedes. Pick up your           friends on a two-three hour ride through the country
              vehicle on Friday afternoon and enjoy your week-          side out by the Michels Farm in Lake Ann. Anytime
              end in style, returning it on Monday morning. The         of the year is a good time for a ride, that’s why 2
              car will be ready for you to enjoy with a full tank of    Fools Carriage motto is, “Just Havin’ Fun!”
              gas. Driver must be at least 21 years old and hold        Expires December 31, 2011.
              a major credit card. Expires October 31, 2011.            2 Fools Carriage                      $300 each
              Fox Grand Traverse                      Priceless
                                                                        5203 Four Tickets to the 2011
              5109 Team Elmer’s Fantasy                                 GTACS Musical
              Experience                                                The St. Francis Drama Department has four tickets
              Get a load of this! Enjoy an experience like no           to the 2011 Musical: Beauty and the Beast for the
              other. We hope you like to play in the dirt. See an       winning bidder. What a way to see our GTACS stu-
              asphalt drum spin, watch a concrete wash plant            dents at their best, singing and dancing their hearts
              splash, and see the science experiments in the            out! (Show dates are February 11-13 and 18-20).
              testing facilities while touring the grounds. Or try      St. Francis Drama Department                 $60
              your hand at the obstacle course. Operate an
              excavator and maneuver balls set on cones into a          5204 Old Town Playhouse
              bucket. Can you beat the best time? Take away a           Season Tickets
              once in a lifetime experience. Up to 4 people total,      This certificate entitles the bearer to two tickets to
              those under 18 must be accompanied by parent.             each of the five Main Stage productions at the Old
              Dates to be mutually agreed upon in 2011 season.          Town Playhouse. The shows include White Christ-
              Team Elmer’s                            Priceless         mas and Fiddler on the Roof.
                                                                        Old Town Playhouse                          $180
              ON THE TOWN
                                                                        5205 Dennos Museum
              5200 Brys Estate Vineyard Private                         Family Membership
              Wine Tasting and Tour                                     Place your bid on a family membership to the
              Join the owner, and the friendly Brys Estate tasting      Dennos Museum on the campus of Northwestern
              staff, for a private wine tasting and tour of our vine-   Michigan College. Benefits include free admission
              yard (weather permitting) and state-of-the-art win-       to the Museum (except to ticketed events), invita-
              ery on Old Mission Peninsula. After your tour, taste      tions to exhibit openings and receptions, Museum
              and learn about our international award-winning           Center mailings, 10% discount at Museum shop,
              wines at your private wine tasting in our intimate        and discounts on many concerts in Milliken Audito-
              brick and mahogany barrel room around our an-             rium. Fun and educational!
              tique harvest table. Light appetizers are included.       Dennos Museum                                $60
              Valid for groups of 6-12 (minimum of 6), 21+ years
              old. Private tours and tastings are scheduled Mon-
              day through Friday between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m., at
              11 a.m. only on Saturday, and between noon and 4
              p.m. on Sundays. No tours scheduled on
              Saturdays in September or October.
              Brys Estate Vineyard & Winery               $180

Catalog10.indd 80                                                                                                                10/12/10 8:03:24 AM
                    CERTIFICATES                                                                                  MUSIC OF MOTOWN

                    5206 Old Town Playhouse                                   5212 Timberlanes
                    Young Company                                             Strike! Celebrate this year’s birthday with 24 of
                    Come and enjoy the talented group of young per-           your adult friends at Timber Lanes. Complete with
                    formers in the OTP Young Company’s production             six lanes for two hours, shoes, and bowling balls.
                    of Seussical, Jr. The winning bidder will receive two     Based upon availability during May thru September
                    complimentary tickets. Performances are Decem-            2011. Expires September 2011.
                    ber 16-19th at the Old Town Playhouse.                    Timberlanes                                 $350
                    Old Town Playhouse Young Company            $20
                    5207 Miracle Productions –
                    “Hairspray” Tickets                                       5300-03 Five Super Wash Car Washes
                    You can’t stop the beat! You will be clapping and         Treat your car or truck to brushless, high pressure
                    dancing along with the Miracle Productions cast of        washes, including spot free rinses and an under-
                    Hairspray. Your certificate is good for four tickets      carriage flush. Five $5 washes.
                    to the opening night performance, June 24, 2011 at        Super Wash                              $25 each
                    the Traverse City Opera House.
                    Miracle Productions                        $120           5305 Six Super Wash Car Washes
                                                                              Treat your car or truck to brushless, high pressure
                    5208-10 Two On The Town                                   washes, including spot free rinses and an under-
                    So many places to go, so many things to try…well          carriage flush. Five $5 washes.
                    here’s your chance to try them all with a 2011 Two        Super Wash                                   $30
                    On The Town card.
                    Two On The Town                        $50 each           5306 All Automotive Oil Change
                                                                              This certificate is good for a value of up to 5 quarts
                    5210 Wine Tasting at the Rowe Inn                         lube/oil change. Expires August 5, 2011.
                    Come and share fabulous wine and conversation             All Automotive                               $35
                    with 20 of your friends at the beautiful Rowe Inn.
                    You will taste and learn about wines with one of
                                                                              5307-10 Four Wheel Alignment
                    the Rowe Inn’s very own wine steward. No food is
                                                                              Make sure your truck is heading in the right direc-
                    included. Excludes the months of July and August
                                                                              tion with this certificate for a 4-wheel alignment.
                    2011. Expires October 31, 2011.
                                                                              Certificate good through October 2011.
                    Rowe Inn                                   $300
                                                                              Belle Tire                              $60 each

                    5211 Lunch & Historic Tour for Two
                                                                              5311 Four Tires
                    This certificate entitles you to lunch and a historic
                                                                              Get your car ready for those slippery northern
                    tour for two in a completely restored 1930 Ford
                                                                              Michigan roads with this $200 certificate towards
                    Model A Deluxe Roadster, restored by employees
                                                                              the purchase of four new tires. Valid through Octo-
                    of Hagerty Insurance. Start off with lunch at the
                                                                              ber 2011.
                    historic Park Place Hotel Minerva’s (for up to $40),
                                                                              Belle Tire                                  $200
                    then take a three-hour tour of Traverse City and
                    the area. This will be a tour like you’ve never had
                    before, with one person sitting in the car’s rumble       5312 Redmond Automotive Certificate
                    seat. The tour will take place in 2011 at a mutually      Have your car or truck running smoothly for the
                    agreed upon time.                                         winter with this certificate for parts or service.
                    Hagerty Insurance                      Priceless        81Redmond Automotive                          $100

Catalog10.indd 81                                                                                                                   10/12/10 8:03:24 AM
              CERTIFICATES                                                                                  MUSIC OF MOTOWN

              5313 Redmond Automotive Certificate                       5408 Year of TC Business News
              Have your car or truck running smoothly for the           Learn what’s new, what’s next, and everything in
              winter with this certificate for parts or service.        between from your monthly source for business
              Redmond Automotive                          $100          news in the Grand Traverse Region.
                                                                        TC Business News 1-Year Subscription         $35
              5314 Day Spa for Your Car
              A day spa for your Car and a BMW for the day              5409 Printing Services
              for YOU! This certificate entitles your car to a free     You can use this certificate towards in house
              vehicle detailing at Fox BMW of Traverse City! (and       printing and copying services at Allegra Printing
              your car need not be a BMW – yet!) This certificate       Services. Expires October 2011.
              also entitles the bearer to a free loaner BMW sedan       Allegra Printing Services                   $150
              to use during the day while your vehicle is being
              detailed (driver must be 21 years or older and have       5410 Dean Boiler & Burner Service
              a major credit card).                                     Are your heating bills going up as the temperature
              Fox Grand Traverse                          $400          goes down? This certificate is good for a combus-
                                                                        tion efficiency test on a commercial or industrial
              BUSINESS: HOME AND OFFICE                                 boiler, tune-up of burners and check of controls and
                                                                        safety for correct operation. Expires October 2011.
              5400 Calligraphy                                          Dean Boiler & Burner                        $400
              Using Donna Grayson’s proven talent, add an el-
              egant touch to your invitations, nametags, or signs.      5411 Income Tax Preparation
              Apply this certificate towards the calligraphy style of   This gift certificate entitles the preferred customer
              your choice. Expires October 2011.                        to $100 towards tax preparation. Redeemable
              Donna Grayson Calligraphy                    $50          during the calendar year 2011.
                                                                        H&R Block --- Betty Dell                    $100
              5401-05 Postcard Printing
              This certificate is good for 1000 4 x 6, four-color       5412 The Copy Shop
              postcards on 10 point card stock. Package includes        More than copies. Project solutions. Use this
              four-color process printing on front and back. One        certificate for in-house goods and services.
              certificate per order. Expires October 2011.              The Copy Shop                                $75
              Progress Printers Inc.          $151 each batch
                                                                        5413-15 American Waste
              5406 Grand Traverse Surveying                             Rely on American Waste to take care of your week-
              While the entire scope of our progression is vast,        ly garbage disposal and recycling jobs. This entitles
              it all eventually boils down to determining where         the bearer to one year of waste pick-up. Service
              people’s land boundaries are located. Apply this          must be in current service area. Expires 12/31/11.
              certificate towards your real estate transactions.        American Waste                         $252 each
              Expires October 2011.
              Grand Traverse Surveying                    $200          5416 Professional Head Shot
                                                                        Cherish that moment of a picture. This certificate
              5407 Copy and Print Service                               entitles you to a professional head shot portrait
              Need material copied or printed? Here’s your              session. It includes two clothes changes and five
              chance for services of your choice at Copy Central.       images touched up to a CD.
              Certificate good through October 2011.
                                                                    82Photography by Scarlett                       $125
              Copy Central                                 $50

Catalog10.indd 82                                                                                                               10/12/10 8:03:24 AM
                    CRADLE-TO-COLLEGE                                                                          MUSIC OF MOTOWN

                                                    BOOTH CLOSES AT 11:15 PM
                                               CHAIRED BY Robin Ehardt & Kathy Bussell

                    GENERAL                                                       with this Fairy Tale Castle set. This entire set
                                                                                  includes the castle, horse drawn carriage, unicorn
                    1000 Tether Ball                                              waterfall park and many figurines (including six
                    A great traditional outdoor game, Tetherball is a fun         horses and unicorns). For ages 4 and up, it’s sure
                    and fast game for anyone and everyone. A ball is              to provide hours of fun!
                    attached to a stationary pole by a length of rope,            Kelly Fitzpatrick                            $50
                    and two players hit the ball in opposite directions,
                    trying to wrap the ball’s tether around the pole. It’s        1005 Tabletop Billiard
                    a great game for the whole family.                            Rack ‘em here, rack ‘em there…just about any-
                    Patricia Alpers                              $60              where! Just put this tabletop billiards game on a
                                                                                  table and you’re ready for action. All billiard acces-
                    1001 Lego-Agents River Heist                                  sories are included and it also sports an automatic
                    Action update: Dollar Bill and Dyna-Mite just                 side ball return. Great family fun for ages 6 and up.
                    robbed City Bank and are getting away with a safe             Lorri Banwell                                $30
                    filled with money on their super airboat. The mis-
                    sion is to recapture the safe, but avoid the boat’s           1006 Tabletop Air Hockey
                    explosive devices. Your child will love to play out           Bring back childhood memories with this table-top
                    this story line with this exciting 203 piece LEGO             air hockey game. Slide, shoot and score on this 27”
                    set. For ages 7 years and up.                                 table-top game which comes with a slide manual
                    Diane Koehler                                $20              scorer, two pushers and two pucks. Ages 6 and up.
                                                                                  Jill Williams                                $30
                    1002 Porcelain Doll
                    Christie is always a perfect angel. She’s dressed in          1007 Host a Movie Night
                    a spectacular satin gown with gold threads, shiny             Host a movie night in your own backyard with a
                    red beads, and genuine angel wings. A cascade                 16’x14’ screen with a top notch sound system.
                    of curly brown hair accents her beautiful face. She           Great for a birthday party, family reunion or video
                    stands 22” tall and boasts a porcelain head, hands            game party. GTACS will also lend you one of their
                    and feet.                                                     own popcorn machines along with the supplies: you
                    Patricia Alpers                              $25              are just responsible for pickup, popping, clean-up
                                                                                  and return. Package based upon availability from
                    1003 Ride-On Pony                                             May thru October, 2011.
                    Your toddler will love to “giddy-up” on this cute             Bay Area Video & GTACS                      $300
                    Ride-On Pony. For ages 3 and up, it makes real
                    horse sounds with a squeeze of its ear.                       1008 Lunch with Mrs. Peters
                    Annie’s of Traverse City                     $55              Do you love Chef’s In as much as Mrs. Peters?
                                                                                  Mrs. Colleen Peters – 5th grade teacher, will treat
                    1004 Playmobil Fairy Tale Castle                              one student from Immaculate Conception to Chef’s
                    Your daughter will feel like a queen as she plays


Catalog10.indd 83                                                                                                               10/12/10 8:03:24 AM
              CRADLE-TO-COLLEGE                                                                           MUSIC OF MOTOWN

              In for a tasty lunch. For a mutually agreeable date         1015 Simply Music Lessons
              before June 2011.                                           Watch out Beethoven! Purchase this certificate and
              Mrs. Colleen Peters                   Priceless             receive four ½ hour piano lessons for new piano
                                                                          students to the studio, ages 6 to adult. Materials
              1009 Chemistry Lab with Mr. Paladino                        are required; certificate expires September, 2011.
              Do you have a budding scientist in the house? We            Simply Music                                   $80
              have just the experience for you! Gather your child
              and five friends (2nd grade or older) for one hour          1016 Simply Music Lessons
              in the high school chemistry lab. Mr. Paladino, St.         Watch out Beethoven! Purchase this certificate and
              Francis Chemistry Teacher, will offer a hands-on            receive four ½ hour piano lessons for new piano
              lab, showing students chemical reactions, color             students to the studio, ages 6 to adult. Materials
              changes, and will even make a penny disappear!              are required; certificate expires September, 2011.
              Definitely an experience any student would love!            Simply Music                                   $80
              For a mutually agreeable date before June, 2011.
              Mr. Frank Paladino                    Priceless             1017 Water’s Edge Gymnastics
                                                                               Birthday Party
              1012 Book Shopping with Mrs. Allard                         A gymnastics party is a very unique and fun way to
              Do you have a book worm in your family? St.                 celebrate your child’s birthday. This certificate is for
              Thomas Aquinas Teacher, Mrs. Kathleen Allard, will          a 1 ½ hour party for up to ten children. Jump, twirl
              take one student shopping at Horizon Bookstore to           and flip your way over for a party your child will not
              purchase $50 worth of new books! She will even              forget! Expires March 12, 2011.
              treat the winning bidder to ice cream or smoothie           Water’s Edge Gymnastics                      $130
              afterwards in downtown Traverse City. This is sure
              to be a great source of enrichment and enjoyment            1018 Orthodontic Exam
              with one of our renowned reading enthusiasts! For
                                                                          This entitles the bearer to an orthodontic exam in-
              a mutually agreeable date before October 2011.
                                                                          cluding records, x-rays, impressions and consulta-
              Mrs. Kathleen Allard                  Priceless             tion with Dr. Sara Bergsma. Expires October, 2011.
                                                                          Dr. Sara Bergsma DDS                         $325
              1013 Kindermusik Village Classes
              Babies love music as much as adults do! Purchase            1019 Star Wars Tour
              this certificate and enjoy 8 music classes with your
                                                                          Have you ever wondered just how much Star Wars
              infant – newborn to 6 months of age. Materials are
                                                                          stuff Mrs. Meddaugh has? Well, here’s your chance
              required and the certificate expires September,
                                                                          to find out! You and 3 guests (kids are welcome)
                                                                          will transport yourselves to Meddaugh Ranch
              Kindermusik Village                         $80             where you will spend 2 hours touring the facility
                                                                          and grounds. You will also partake in an out-of-this-
              1014 Kindermusik Village Classes                            world dinner of Obi-Wan Kenobi kabobs and Boba
              Children love music as much as adults do! Pur-              Fettuccini. The tour will end with Wookiee Cookies
              chase this certificate and enjoy 8 music classes            and blue milk. You have until the end of the school
              with your young child – newborn to 16 months of             year to take advantage of this opportunity, based
              age. Materials are required and the certificate ex-         on availability. So, bid high and bid often, and as
              pires September, 2011.                                      always…”May the Force be with YOU!”
              Kindermusik Village                         $80             Mrs. Lori Meddaugh                       Priceless


Catalog10.indd 84                                                                                                               10/12/10 8:03:24 AM
                    CRADLE-TO-COLLEGE                                                                           MUSIC OF MOTOWN

                    1020 Babysitting Service                                    1024 Group Archery Lessons
                    When was the last time you went out without the             Here’s another chance to be right on target with
                    kids? With the price of gas, dinner and a movie,            this one-hour group archery lesson for up to 8
                    PLUS having to pay a babysitter just as much…               youths. Equipment is provided. Expires June
                    you almost need to take out a small loan! She is            30, 2011.
                    offering one family one day or night/5 hours of             Gauthier’s Archery                          $50
                    babysitting! You have until the end of the school
                    year to take advantage of this great opportunity,           Items 1025 thru 1027 and 1212 thru 1214 are hand-
                    based on availability.                                      crafted by women in Mexico affiliated with Border
                    Mrs. Lori Meddaugh                     Priceless            Partners. Border Partners is a nonprofit organiza-
                                                                                tion composed of people from Mexico and the
                    1021 Beginner Sewing Lessons                                US who believe that by sharing resources, ideas
                    Enjoy hours of beginner sewing lessons at Sew               and experiences, we can improve life along the
                    Much Fun! This gift certificate entitles the bearer         border. Border Partners help low income residents
                    to 8 hours of sewing instruction at a date and              of Palomas start businesses so they can support
                    time mutually acceptable to both parties anytime            their families.
                    in 2011.
                    Sew Much Fun                                $120            1025 Red Cherry Small Tote
                                                                                You’ll love the fun design on this Cherry Tote
                    1022 Two Dragon Books and                                   Bag. It’s great for the beach, books or any other
                         Dragon Puppet                                          daily essentials. It’s the perfect carry-all tote!
                    Explore the world of dragons in these two won-              Tom & Kathy Nickodemus                      $20
                    derful books and have your child play along with
                    the cuddly dragon puppet. My Father Dragon                  1026 Dark Blue Cherry Small Tote
                    and Dragonworld Pop-up books will entertain                 Tom & Kathy Nickodemus        $20
                    your youngster for many years. What better time
                    can be spent than reading to your child!                    1027 Light Blue Cherry Small Tote
                    Horizon Books                                $47            Tom & Kathy Nickodemus        $20

                    1023 Comprehensive Diagnostic                               1028 Band in a Box
                         Assessment                                             This Melissa & Doug 10-piece band set is chock-
                    Sylvan Learning Center offers subject-based                 full of favorites guaranteed to bring hours of
                    tutoring for K-12 students in need of academic              musical joy. Your little musician can be creative
                    support. Through the guidance of trained and                individually or with friends, while playing the ma-
                    qualified tutors, children receive help in areas in-        racas, triangle, cymbals, and rhythm sticks. This
                    cluding math, reading, writing, test-taking, SAT*           set is crafted for years of play!
                    or ACT® prep, and homework. Purchase this                   Children’s World                            $28
                    certificate and receive a comprehensive assess-
                    ment for your child’s educational abilities. Sylvan
                    provides tutoring you can trust!
                    Sylvan Learning Center                      $250


Catalog10.indd 85                                                                                                                 10/12/10 8:03:24 AM
              CRADLE-TO-COLLEGE                                                                            MUSIC OF MOTOWN

              1029 Playmobil Pyramid of Egypt                                 1034 Farm Building Kit
              Playmobil takes on Egypt with mummies and more,                 Learn the creative art of woodworking the old-fash-
              starting with the fabulous Playmobil Pyramid,                   ioned way with the Woodman Concept build-it-your-
              complete with buried treasure, and hidden dangers!              self farm kit. Made of sustainable, durable beech
              The Playmobil Pyramid has treasures beyond your                 wood, this kit is sure to become a hit with everyone
              wildest dreams, including a golden sarcophagus,                 in your family. This kit includes all of the necessary
              secret chambers, and even a trap door with a slide.             materials to construct and paint your very own farm.
              The Playmobil Pyramid will keep kids and adults                 Kit includes: 10 animals, fencing, barn stable, 2
              busy for days with themed Egyptian play. 20 x 20 x              trees and a tractor/wagon, as well as hammer, glue,
              14”, ages 4 and up                                              dowels, sandpaper and paint. For ages 4 and up.
              Toy Harbor                                   $130               Hazelnut Kids                               $25

              1030 20” Girls Celebrate Huffy Bike                             1035 4-Wheeler Building Kit
              Celebrate the ride on this 20” girls huffy bike. Cele-          Learn the creative art of woodworking the old-fash-
              brate being outdoors on this eye-popping white and              ioned way with the Woodman Concept build-it-your-
              purple bike with butterflies. Any little girl would love        self quad kit. Made of sustainable, durable beech
              to be seen visiting her friends on this stylish bike.           wood, this kit is sure to become a hit with everyone
              Kmart in Acme                                 $85               in your family. This kit includes all of the neces-
                                                                              sary materials to construct and paint your very own
              1031 20” Boys Turbulent Huffy Bike                              quad. For ages 4 and up.
              For the kid who wants to make a little noise of                 Hazelnut Kids                               $25
              his own. An electric blue freestyle frame with cool
              graphics and padded seat will let you compete with              1036 Cherry Queen Special
              the best of them.                                               This certificate entitles your children and friends
              Kmart in Acme                                 $85               to enjoy a special experience of learning to make
                                                                              cherry pies with National Cherry Queen and St.
              1032 Dance Center Certificate                                   Francis High School teacher, Maria LaCross. Miss
                   & Accessories                                              LaCross and her Cherry Queen chaperone will host
              If your child has twinkle toes, try some dance                  six children (ages 6 and up) at the location of your
              classes from The Dance Center. This great package               choice (or at school) and learn to bake their own
              includes one 16-week session of a ¾ hour dance                  mini-cherry pie from Grand Traverse Pie Company.
              class. Also included is a pink tutu for your child to           Not only will these lucky kids learn to bake, but they
              spin around on the dance floor in.                              will also get to see Miss LaCross’ crown and learn
                                                                              about being a Cherry Queen.
              The Dance Center                             $235
                                                                              Maria LaCross                          Priceless
              1033 Wooden Noah’s Ark
              This lovely play set comes with 12 pairs of colorful
                                                                              1037 SF Hand-Knit Ski Hat and
              animals, plus Noah and his wife. A lovely introduc-
                                                                                   Glad Store Certificate
              tion to the biblical story, or simply an introduction to        Go cruising down the ski slopes wearing this one-
              various animals. For ages 3 and up.                             of-a-kind hand-knit SF ski hat. This hat will coor-
                                                                              dinate well with a newly purchased SF sweatshirt
              Hazelnut Kids                                 $55
                                                                              from the Glad Store, using your $30 certificate.
                                                                              You will be stylish and staying warm!
                                                                              Patricia Wagenaar and Robin Ehardt          $50

Catalog10.indd 86                                                                                                                10/12/10 8:03:24 AM
                    CRADLE-TO-COLLEGE                                                                            MUSIC OF MOTOWN

                    1038 St. Francis Classic Marching                            1101 JJ Cole-System 180
                         Band Hat                                                     Diaper Bag
                    Own a piece of St. Francis High School his-                  With its simple compartments and sleek acces-
                    tory! This is one of the original band hats in mint          sories, the versatile System 180 is specifically
                    condition.                                                   designed for your on-the-go lifestyle.
                    St. Francis Gladiator Marching Band     Priceless            Road Rally & Sweet Pea                      $70

                    1039 Gladiator Marching Band                                 1102 Moby – Chocolate Brown
                         Uniform and Hat                                         The Moby has irresistible comfort, triple-wrapped
                    Do you have a past band member in your family                security, and use for up to 35 lbs.
                    or an aspiring one? You will be the hit of your              Road Rally & Sweet Pea                      $40
                    family by purchasing one of the vintage band
                    uniform and hats. (Note: band uniform is ex-                 1103 Sophie Package
                    changeable for other sizes). GO GLADS!                       This Sophie Package includes the Sophie So
                    St. Francis Gladiator Marching Band     Priceless            Pure and Sophie the Giraffe. Sophie products
                                                                                 are the hottest items since 1961, it is on every
                    1040 Guest St. Francis Drum Major                            mom’s must-have list!
                    Would your child like to find out more about be-             Road Rally & Sweet Pea                      $32
                    ing a member of the Gladiator Marching Band?
                    This certificate is good for one home football               1104 Parade Organics Outfit
                    game of the 2011 football season to join the                 The Sweet Pea Shirt and the Knot Hat are two
                    band, wear a band hat, and be the drum major to              of the Parade Organics products that are 100%
                    direct the St. Francis fight song from the podium            certified, organically-grown cotton, gentle on
                    of the half-time show! This certificate is good              sensitive skin, and supports fair-trade practices.
                    for ages 6 and up. GO GLADS!
                                                                                 Road Rally & Sweet Pea                      $35
                    St. Francis Gladiator Marching Band     Priceless
                                                                                 1105 WubbaNub - Frog & Duck
                    CRADLE                                                       WubbaNubs are your defense to the “missing
                                                                                 pacifier” problem. They come with latex-free
                    1100 Handmade Child Size Sweater                             medical grade silicone Soothie pacifier with
                    Your toddler will keep “toasty” warm in this beau-           plush toy attached which are a perfect size for
                    tiful, handmade sweater. Just in time for Christ-            little hands to hold onto.
                    mas, your child will look festive in this red, green         Road Rally & Sweet Pea                      $28
                    and white sweater. It’s a child’s size medium and
                    you wouldn’t believe it’s hand-knit.
                                                                                 1106 Bebe au Lait Nursing Cover
                    The Granary at Seven Gables                   $48            Bebe au Lait Nursing Covers are the patented,
                                                                                 award-winning nursing covers sought by moms
                    Items 1101 thru 1107 were arranged with “Sweet               everywhere. These best-selling covers protect
                    Pea.” “Sweet Pea,” voted best business in Tra-               mom’s modesty allowing her to easily nurse in
                    verse City in 2010, is a one stop shop for all things        public.
                    baby. They offer the best brands for your little             Road Rally & Sweet Pea                      $35
                    ones! Stop in and see what’s new.


Catalog10.indd 87                                                                                                                   10/12/10 8:03:24 AM
              CRADLE-TO-COLLEGE                                                                          MUSIC OF MOTOWN

              1107 JJ Cole Bundleme Package                                1205 Video Scrapbook
              This JJ Cole Bundleme package includes the                   Bring your photos to life. Gather up to 100 photos
              Original Bundle me in graphite and the Bundle Me             from your albums and we’ll transfer them to video.
              Hat in cream. The Bundleme collection from JJ                Expires October 2011.
              Cole has plush inner shearling with warm outer               Bay Area Video Production                  $134
              thermaplush and is perfect for cool-weather needs.
              Road Rally & Sweet Pea                       $50             1206-1207 “Faith and Knowledge”
                                                                           Travel through time from the very first day of
              COLLEGE                                                      school for GTACS in 1883 thru 2004. Learn about
                                                                           the significant events that have made GTACS the
              1200 TV Rocker Chair                                         outstanding school system it is today. Review the
              Be able to sit where ever you want with this TV              history and awesome pictures and you might even
              Rocker chair. Be in the driver’s seat in this black          recognize some people you know today.
              woven fabric chair, while gaming or watching TV.             GTACS                                  $40 each
              It’s great for basements, bedrooms, family rooms
              or dorm rooms. A must-have in every household!               1208-1210 “Come and See”
              Anonymous                                    $75             Take a rare look at Mother Teresa and her mission
                                                                           thru the eyes of photojournalist Linda Schaefer.
              1201 TV Rocker Chair                                         Linda was the last professional photographer to
              Anonymous                                    $75             have full access to Mother Teresa prior to her
                                                                           illness and death. This book shows the viewer
              1202 TV Rocker Chair                                         that amidst the sickness, pain and death in which
                                                                           Mother Teresa lived and worked, there is much joy
              Anonymous                                    $75
                                                                           to be shared and experienced. This book has 155
                                                                           beautiful full color photos, and brings the reader to
              1203 Hope College Sweatshirt
                                                                           a place few have gone.
              Show off your allegiance with simple style! This
                                                                           GTACS                                  $30 each
              large grey hoodie with large blue “HOPE” lettering
              will surely keep you warm and cozy on those cool
              Michigan days.
                                                                           1211 Original Care Package
                                                                           Send a box of love to your favorite college student,
              Hope College                                 $44
                                                                           service person, or even grandma or grandpa. This
                                                                           gift box from Benjamin Twiggs, the oldest purveyor
              1204 St. Francis Graduation Package
                                                                           of cherry products in Michigan, includes Michigan
              Attention parents with seniors graduating next
                                                                           Dried Tart Cherries, Deluxe Cherry Berry Trail Mix,
              year! This certificate entitles you to up-front
                                                                           Chocolate Covered Dried Cherries, Michigan Fruit
              reserved seats for 8 at the June 2011 St. Francis
                                                                           Medley and Gummy Cherries. Benjamin Twiggs is
              High School graduation ceremony. Also includes 2
                                                                           owned by a parent of a S.t Francis graduate! Re-
              reserved parking spaces. Make sure you’re sitting
                                                                           decorated and updated, it is THE place to get your
              close enough to let’em see you cry.
                                                                           gourmet cherry food products, gift baskets, and
              GTACS                                   Priceless            decorative cherry items. Worldwide shipping too!
                                                                           Benjamin Twiggs                              $33



Catalog10.indd 88                                                                                                             10/12/10 8:03:24 AM
                    CRADLE-TO-COLLEGE                                                                           MUSIC OF MOTOWN

                    1212 Red Cherry Apron                                         1218 Josten’s Certificate
                    Celebrate cherry’s everyday by wearing this color-            That special occasion is just around the corner.
                    ful apron while you cook! Handcrafted by women in             Use this $100 certificate toward the purchase of
                    Mexico, this apron is high quality and wearing it will        a class ring or other graduation products. Expires
                    make cooking fun, not a chore!                                October, 2011.
                    Tom & Kathy Nickodemus                       $20              Josten’s                                   $100

                    1213 Light Blue Cherry Apron                                  1219 Mosaic Cross
                    Tom & Kathy Nickodemus                       $20              This beautiful cross would complement any SF
                                                                                  décor. Made of blue and yellow glass, it stands
                    1214 Dark Blue Cherry Apron                                   approximately 10 inches tall and 8 inches wide. It
                    Tom & Kathy Nickodemus                       $20              would make a great present for Christmas, First
                                                                                  Communion or Graduation. Surprise your loved
                                                                                  one today with this wonderful cross.
                    1215 Pendleton Queen Size Quilt
                    Stay warm under this Pendleton wool quilt for a
                                                                                  Heidi Mueller                               $20
                    queen bed. Its color block print will be great for any
                    guest room or growing girl’s room. Its many differ-           1220 MSU Flag PLUS!
                    ent colors of light green, pink, orange, light blue           Send off your college student with the right school
                    and light purple is sure to go with any décor. Size           spirit with this MSU flag, wallet, magnet and key
                    is 86”x96”.                                                   chain. Go GREEN!
                    Stewart-Zacks                               $350              Let’s Go Blue                               $50

                    1216 Electric Blanket – Blue                                  1221 U of M Flag PLUS!
                    Sleep warm, sleep well in a new queen size elec-              Send off your college student with the right school
                    tric blanket. It features dual controls so you can se-        spirit with this U of M flag, wallet, magnet and key
                    lect your comfort warmth zone. Great for the dorm,            chain. Go BLUE!
                    guest room, camper or even on a boat….anywhere                Let’s Go Blue                               $50
                    you have electricity!
                    Anonymous                                    $98              1222 Aquinas College/Grand Rapids
                    1217 Senior Portrait Session                                  Turn your high school student’s college search
                    Cherish your graduate’s senior picture with this              into an enjoyable family getaway! Encourage your
                    amazing package by Scarlett Piedmonte. The                    student to begin their quest at Michigan’s premier
                    photo session focuses on capturing the personal-              Catholic college while enjoying all that our state’s
                    ity of your high school senior. There are unlimited           second largest city has to offer. Package includes
                    clothing changes (as many as you can fit in 1.5               appointment with an admissions counselor, tour
                    hours) and the possibilities for locations are end-           of campus, lunch in cafeteria, passes to campus
                    less. Session fee also includes $75 print credit at           events, lodging at the new Country Inn and Suites
                    the time of your order. Expires September, 2011.              hotel, dinner at a Grand Rapids downtown restau-
                    Photography by Scarlett                     $300              rant, late night pizza (just like college students),
                                                                                  and $50 card for fuel.
                                                                                  Aquinas College                            $350


Catalog10.indd 89                                                                                                               10/12/10 8:03:24 AM
              CRADLE-TO-COLLEGE                                                                               MUSIC OF MOTOWN

              1223 Luggage Set                                             1404 Lanie’s Nature Outfit
              Send your graduate off with a beautiful luggage              Lanie loves to go for nature walks, and this fresh
              set that can be picked off the luggage return at             outfit is just right for a day outdoors. This outfit
              any airport with this unique gold leopard print. The         includes a nature tee, capri-length denim pants,
              luggage is made of rugged poly-carbonate for great           two-toned rubber boots, and a scarf. Perfect for a
              durability and the set includes 4 pieces: 28” suit-          fall hike in the woods!
              case, 24” suitcase, 19” carry-on, and a vanity case.         Bunko Gift Gathering Party                   $28
              Votruba Leather Goods                         $565
                                                                           1405 Lanie’s Camper & Gear
              AMERICAN GIRL                                                This set gives Lanie the perfect way to explore the
                                                                           great outdoors. The camper is big enough for a doll
              1400 2-in-1 Surf Swimsuit                                    to fit inside, with a faux shower and curtain, plus
              This 2-in-1 surf outfit is a great choice for a full day     mini refrigerator, play stove, a bench that opens
              at the beach. This set includes a sporty two-piece           for storage space, and a message board that pulls
              swimsuit with tropical floral print, a swim skirt, a         down to create a bed. This set is stocked with 17
              swim shirt and super-cute flip-flops . Your Ameri-           pieces of camping gear and a lot of play food.
              can Girl will be stylin’ at the beach with this cute         There’s everything Lanie needs for a great adven-
              outfit.                                                      ture. It’s a must see and a must have for every
              Kate & Molly DeYoung                           $34           American Girl collection!
                                                                           Bunko Gift Gathering Party                  $295
              1401 Lanie’s Doll and Book
              Meet “Lanie” – girl of the year for 2010. She is an          1406 Lanie’s Hammock Set
              energetic girl who discovers the world in her own            On sunny days, Lanie loves to lounge in her back-
              backyard. She arrives wearing a striped rugby                yard hammock. The set includes a matching pillow,
              dress, a headband, blue canvas shoes and the                 plus a nature journal for her sketches and scientific
              Lanie paperback book.                                        observations.
              Bunko Gift Gathering Party                     $95           Sheila Bryant, Jennifer Johnson, Tonya Primeau,
                                                                           Christina Valleau                          $38
              1402 Lanie’s Accessories
              Lanie loves to think up earth-friendly ideas and stay        1407 Dog Sled
              connected on-the-go! Her accessories include a               Get set for a winter adventure! American Girl dolls
              pretend laptop computer, embroidered messenger               can go for a ride with this wooden sled. It has elas-
              bag, heart-charm bracelet and her adorable pet               tic straps to help her hold on and is sure to give her
              bunny Lulu.                                                  the ride of her life!
              Bunko Gift Gathering Party                     $32           Sheila Bryant, Jennifer Johnson, Tonya Primeau,
                                                                           Christina Valleau                          $26
              1403 Lanie’s Garden Outfit
              This outfit helps Lanie stay cool when she works             1408 Ski Gear
              outside in her wildflower garden. This lightweight           Let your American Girl doll get ready for a thrilling
              plaid tunic complements the knee-length white                outdoor adventure. This ski set includes a pair of
              shorts, wide-brimmed hat and cute strappy san-               downhill skis, ski boots, poles, helmet and goggles.
              dals. Perfect for a day outside in the sunshine!             Your doll will be “looking good” down the ski slope
              Bunko Gift Gathering Party                     $28           with all matching accessories!
                                                                           Sheila Bryant, Jennifer Johnson, Tonya Primeau,
                                                                         90Christina Valleau                          $34

Catalog10.indd 90                                                                                                                   10/12/10 8:03:25 AM
                    HOME SWEET HOME                                                                              MUSIC OF MOTOWN

                    1409 Cheer Section Set                                   1410 American Girl Doll, Kit &
                    Every American Girl can show she’s a true fan with            Accessories
                    this spirited set. It includes a foam hand, fold-up      Meet Kit, the doll that captures the heart of every
                    seat cushion, pretend hot dog and drink, pom stick       young girl. Her story depicts life during America’s
                    and pennant. Everything your doll needs to cheer         Great Depression. She is the embodiment of
                    on her favorite team!                                    strength, determination, and resourcefulness. Kit
                    Sheila Bryant, Jennifer Johnson, Tonya Primeau,          comes with a traveling case and six outfits.
                    Christina Valleau $24                                    Paul Schmuckal                              $400

                                    HOME SWEET HOME
                                                BOOTH CLOSES AT 11:30 PM
                                     CHAIRED BY KATHI MURCHIE AND MARTHA KELLICUT

                    2000 Lenox Portrait Gallery 4 x 6                        2004 Lenox Ceramic Heart Mantle
                         Frame (small)                                       Clock
                    This gallery frame would make a wonderful gift to        This beautiful mantle clock will adorn your mantle
                    that special someone in your life…especially when        or sofa table, or wherever else you want to display
                    you fill it with pictures of people important to them!   its beauty! Bid now and it’s yours!
                    Think about it…what better way to say “I Love You”!      Bunko Gift Gathering $63
                    Bunko Gift Gathering                        $72
                                                                             2005 Fenton Woodland Polar Bear
                    2001 Lenox Portrait Gallery 4 x 6                        This handcrafted glass artistry is so unique you and
                         Frame (large)                                       your friends will want one!
                    Your loved ones will be displayed perfectly in this      Joellen Turnquist $25
                    fine gallery frame – what better way to cherish
                    them?                                                    2006 Michigan Flag Flown Over Our
                    Bunko Gift Gathering                        $79          State Capitol
                                                                             This Michigan flag was flown over our Capitol on
                    2002 Lenox Ceramic Heart                                 March 17, 2010. Comes with certificate of
                         Mantle Clock                                        authenticity. Arranged by Senator Jason Allen.
                    Do you want a mantle clock? Your mantle won’t            Senator Jason Allen                     Priceless
                    be complete without the charm this Lenox ceramic
                    heart mantle clock! Time never looked so beautiful!      2007 36” Penciled Edge Mirror
                    Bunko Gift Gathering                        $63          Don’t miss out on this beautiful, versatile mirror.
                                                                             Perfect for any room of the house!
                    2003 Lady Anne Gorman Mantle Clock                       Quality Glass, Inc.                         $100
                    Are you looking for that special gift for someone
                    dear to you? Bid now and gift it tomorrow! It is full
                    lead crystal and will display beautifully!!
                    Bunko Gift Gathering $58


Catalog10.indd 91                                                                                                                  10/12/10 8:03:25 AM
              HOME SWEET HOME                                                                              MUSIC OF MOTOWN

              2008 New Wave by Momeni Rug,                              give it as a gift to your favorite person who can use
                   5’3” x 8’                                            it for THEIR family! Good through October, 2011.
              This contemporary rug combines elements from              Karen Youker Photography                    $100
              1930s Art Deco design and 1950s Abstract Expres-
              sionism – in other words – contemporary motifs            2013 Nambé Designer Metal Bowl
              and a revolutionary color palette! Hand-tufted of         This silvertone, tri-corner bowl, is an absolute
              Chinese wools, you’ll love the feel and the design.       beauty. Bid on this and the following two bowls and
              Carpet Galleria                             $950          you’ll have a complete set! Holds 8 oz, and is 6” in
              2009 Clarity Professional Cordless                        Anonymous                                    $75
              Clarity C4205 phone makes phone conversations             2014 Nambé Designer Metal Bowl
              not only louder, but clearer and easier to under-         Tri-corner, silvertone metal bowl is just beautiful!
              stand by increasing the volume of high frequency          Its holds 1 quart and is 7.5” in diameter. Bid on all
              sounds – sounds increase up to 50dB. Some fea-            three and take home tonight!
              tures include: Large lighted dial pad, 10 memory          Anonymous                                    $85
              keys, extra-loud ringer, 3 emergency buttons with
              one-touch speed dialing, belt clip, hearing aid com-
                                                                        2015 Nambé Designer Metal Bowl
              patible. Bid now for your loved one!
                                                                        Bid on this tri-corner, silvertone metal bowl and the
              Audicare Hearing Center                     $130
                                                                        above two bowls and you’ll have 3 wonderful serv-
                                                                        ing bowls that you will love to use over and over!
              2010 Gift Basket (Acorn)                                  This bowl holds 3 quarts and is 11” in diameter.
              So unique, so clever, so cool! This acorn basket          Anonymous                                   $175
              includes hand-forged bronze “Twig” silverware (4
              place settings) and 4 hand-painted cherry plates.
                                                                        2016-17 Record-Eagle Subscription
              Nest of Grand Traverse                      $444
                                                                        This certificate entitles you to 12-months of home
                                                                        delivery of the Traverse City Record-Eagle! You
              2011 King Sheet Set                                       may also use this to extend your subscription. De-
              Everyone can always use an extra set of sheets –          liverable area residents only (Grand Traverse, Lee-
              but this set will quickly become your favorite! King      lanau, Benzie, Antrim or Kalkaska counties). Bid
              sheet set includes 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, 2 king   now and you’ll be “informed”! Expires Oct., 2011.
              pillow cases all 100% Egyptian cotton! The colors,        Traverse City Record-Eagle            $217 each
              beige/ivory floral damask pattern, will look lovely on
              your bed!
                                                                        2018 Humidifier
              Anonymous                                   $120
                                                                        Does your skin dry out through the winter? Do you
                                                                        feel itchy all over? This humidifier will help you to
              2012 Gift Certificate for Family                          feel much better if you bid on it and take it home
                   Portrait Sitting Fee                                 tonight!
              This certificate will cover your sitting fee when you     Walters & Hemming – Bill Hemming            $172
              take your lovely family in for a family portrait. Or,



Catalog10.indd 92                                                                                                               10/12/10 8:03:25 AM
                    HOME SWEET HOME                                                                              MUSIC OF MOTOWN

                    2019 “Living Art” Arrangement                             they can support their families. Can’t you just see
                    The winning bidder will not only win this pretty,         your hubby or wife wearing this apron while making
                    purple potting container, he/she can take this pot        you a wonderful meal?
                    to Breeze Hill Greenhouse where the creative staff        Tom & Kathy Nickodemus                      $20
                    will design and plant a beautiful “Living Art” ar-
                    rangement for you according to your specifications!       2026 Apron – Dark Blue
                    Your art can be designed and created for you              This dark blue apron is sure to be a hit with who-
                    beginning the 1st week of May, 2011.                      ever wears it…it’s large enough to cover most of
                    Breeze Hill Greenhouse                        $75         your clothing while looking like a professional chef!
                                                                              Bid now and you’ll be wearing it tomorrow night
                    2020 Eagle Statue                                         – or tomorrow morning while you make the kids
                    This intricately designed eagle statue is so wonder-      breakfast!
                    ful you won’t know where to display it – indoors or       Tom & Kathy Nickodemus                      $20
                    outdoors! It stands about 18” tall.
                    J&P Ceramics                                  $50         2027 Comforter, Pillow Shams and
                                                                                   Matching Curtains
                    2021 Wooden Candle Box                                    An elegant touch to your master bedroom or guest
                    If you are the winning bidder on this handsome            room, this beautiful set will transform your room
                    candle box, you will love how the light flickers          to make it look like it belongs in a magazine. Set
                    behind a beautiful carved silhouette of Jesus! Bid        includes comforter, two pillow shams, and two cur-
                    now and take it home tonight!                             tains to match! Bid now and sleep heavenly in your
                    J&P Ceramics                                  $20         elegantly decorated room tonight!
                                                                              Anonymous                                  $420
                    2022-23 Just Labs Subscriptions
                    Just Labs is a true celebration of the Labrador           2028 King-Size Electric Blanket –
                    Retriever! Bid on this subscription certificate and            Cream Colored
                    you will receive a 1-year subscription – bi-monthly,      This electric blanket will provide years of warmth
                    6 issues. If you love Labs…go on…and just bid!            and cozy comfort on cold Northern Michigan nights
                    Village Press, Inc.                     $25 each          for years to come! Bid now – to own this soft, com-
                                                                              fortable source of warmth for your chilly bedroom!
                    2024 Apron – Red                                          Anonymous                                   $98
                    This apron is hand-crafted by women in Mexico
                    who are affiliated with BORDER PARTNERS – a               2029 Table and Chairs – Lemon Lime,
                    non-profit organization composed of people from                Blue and White
                    Mexico and the US who believe we can improve              Remember how good you felt sitting around the
                    life along the border. Bid on this and it will quickly    table spinning those 45s? Feel the soul again
                    become your favorite BBQ attire.                          with this 42” round, white, drop-leaf table. You’ll be
                    Tom & Kathy Nickodemus                        $20         groovin’ in these comfortable contour-seat X-back
                                                                              chairs. It’s not all back and white with the funky
                    2025 Apron – Light Blue                                   colors – lemon, lime, blue and white. You might feel
                                                                              the need to shop around, but don’t be superstitious.
                    Support BORDER PARTNERS by bidding on
                                                                              Submit to the temptation, be the supreme winner of
                    this cute apron! BORDER PARTNERS helps low
                                                                              this set.
                    income residents of Palomas start businesses so
                                                                              Currie’s Furniture                         $600

Catalog10.indd 93                                                                                                                 10/12/10 8:03:25 AM
              HOME SWEET HOME                                                                            MUSIC OF MOTOWN

              2030 Carpentry Services                                    HOME IMPROVEMENT
              Have you been yearning for some finish work in
              your house? Use Ken Lardie’s carpentry skills              2100 Nelson NR05-50 Reverse
              on a mutually agreeable day for some excel-                     Osmosis System
              lent finish work! Excludes materials and expires           Bid on this 5-stage reverse osmosis system and
              October 2011.                                              you’ll fall in love with the new, cleaner taste of
              Country Carpentry                          $200            your water!!
                                                                         Lautner Water Care, Inc.                   $426
              VanDrie’s Home Furnishings Gift                            2101 Home or Business Security
              Certificates                                                    System
              Do you need a new piece of furniture to spice              Do you ever lie in bed at night and worry about
              up your home? VanDrie’s has exactly what you               your home or business being compromised?
              need! This certificate can be applied to anything          Well worry no more! Have this home or busi-
              from their Home Furnishings line in which they             ness security system installed – and you’ll sleep
              feature the largest selection of La-Z-Boy, Broyhill        like a baby! This ICU security system is a simple
              and Smith Brothers of Berne. Expires Decem-                motion detecting recording solution and includes
              ber 17, 2010.                                              one 4-channel DVR with 160 GB HDD, four day/
              VanDrie’s Home Furnishings            $100 each            night color cameras, 75’ power/video cables for
                                                                         quick connections, four power supply modules
              2033 Complete Garage, Home &                               and one 14” color CRT monitor with connections.
                   Auto Care Kit                                         Makes great video too!
              This awesome kit includes a vehicle wash brush,            Industrial Covert Unlimited                $941
              push broom, microfiber applicators, microfiber
              mitt, cloth and scrub brush, heavy duty shop               2102 Seal Coating Certificate
              scoop, power brush (for use with cordless drills           Does your driveway look drab, dull and gray?
              only) and drying towels to name just some of               Does it need to be spruced up? Well, Great
              the items. Bid now and its all yours for a cleaner         Lakes Striping and Sealing does a fantastic job
              lifestyle!!                                                and will do your 2000 square foot asphalt drive-
              Laitner Brush Company, Inc.                $225            way for you! Or, put it towards a larger job….
                                                                         This certificate expires October 2011.
              2034 Moon & Stars Wall Plaque                              Great Lakes Striping and Sealing           $200
              This metal plaque can be used indoors or out-
              doors, and it will add brightness to your home or          2103 Building Products Certificate
              garden.                                                    Make your life easier by purchasing mainte-
              Pine Hill Village Garden                    $95            nance free building products for your home
                                                                         including windows, doors, vinyl decking and
              2035 Five Disc DVD Player                                  fencing, and much more. Bid now, win, and use
              This Five Disc DVD Player from Marantz is a                before December 31, 2011.
              must-have for every home. It is programmable               Astro Building Products                    $100
              and includes a remote and boasts a 1080-I reso-
              lution with brushed aluminum.
              Waara Technologies                         $300


Catalog10.indd 94                                                                                                             10/12/10 8:03:25 AM
                    HOME SWEET HOME                                                                              MUSIC OF MOTOWN

                    2104 Rain Gutter and Installation                        2203 Spring Clean-up Certificate
                         Certificate                                         In the spring while your neighbors are all outdoors
                    Rain gutters will solve your water issues over your      working on their yards, you’ll be sitting on your
                    doors! This certificate will entitle the bearer to 60’   porch enjoying the fact that your spring clean-up
                    of aluminum rain gutter and installation. You will       is already done! Anderson Outdoor Services will
                    wonder why you didn’t do it sooner! Bid now and          clean-up up to a 10,000 square foot lot by det-
                    have installed before winter (no winter installations)   hatching, blowing out bushes, leaf removal and
                    or first thing in the spring! Expires October, 2011.     concrete edging. Services must be provided within
                    Armour Siding Company                      $480          the Grand Traverse/Leelanau County area. Ex-
                                                                             pires October 2011.
                    2105 Alpers Insulation Gift Certificate                  Anderson Outdoor Services                  $250
                    Is your house too cold in the winter? Maybe there’s
                    an easy, inexpensive fix….bid on this gift certificate   2204 Weed and Feed Fertilizing
                    and you could experience a warmer, more comfort-              Certificate
                    able winter! Use this certificate and apply it towards   Bid on this one-year treatment program (four treat-
                    your purchase of more coziness…with attic or wall        ments) – up to 10,000 square feet – of a weed
                    insulation. Expires October, 2011                        and feed fertilization program. Your lawn will look
                    Alpers Insulation                          $500          fantastic! For use only within the Grand Traverse/
                                                                             Leelanau County area. Expires October 2011.
                    OUTDOORS                                                 Anderson Outdoor Services                  $270

                    2200 $100 Gift Certificate to                            2205 10 Yards of Mulch Certificate
                         Zimmerman Landscaping                               You will be the envy of your neighborhood with the
                    Use this gift certificate towards your purchases at      delivery of 10 yards of this high quality red pine
                    Zimmerman Landscaping! They offer everything             mulch, delivered and spread by Anderson Outdoor
                    from the dirt up! No cash back and expires Octo-         Services! Bid now and have it delivered before
                    ber 2011.                                                the snow comes! Must be delivered within Grand
                    Zimmerman Landscaping, Inc.                $100          Traverse/Leelanau Counties. Expires Oct. 2011.
                                                                             Anderson Outdoor Services                  $650
                    2201 Sno Scoop
                    Don’t lift that heavy snow shovel this winter! Take a    2206 Outdoor Patio Fire Pit
                    load off your back with this genuine Wolverine Sno       Enjoy sitting on your patio on those slightly chilly
                    Scoop! You’ll like it so much – you’ll be praying for    summer nights – right next to your gas patio fire pit!
                    more snow!                                               No more collecting logs or firewood – this gas fire
                    Wolverine Sno Scoop                          $65         pit keeps the chill away with no effort on your part!
                                                                             Tri-Gas Company                            $400
                    2202 Sno Scoop
                    You see these everywhere! The Sno Scoop! This            2207 Fertilizer Certificate
                    sno scoop will help you clean up the snow on your        This certificate will make you smile! Use it towards
                    drive or sidewalk in short order! Bid now and its        your purchase of lawn, garden or shrub fertilizer at
                    yours (hopefully)!                                       Stallman Chemical in Suttons Bay. You will be smil-
                    Wolverine Sno Scoop                          $65         ing because your yard will be beautiful! Expires
                                                                             October, 2011.
                                                                             Stallman Chemical                          $100

Catalog10.indd 95                                                                                                                10/12/10 8:03:25 AM
              HOME SWEET HOME                                                                                MUSIC OF MOTOWN

              2208 Genesis EP-310 Gas Grill                               30-mile radius of their Rennie School Road loca-
              Who needs a kitchen stove when you have this                tion. Expires November 2011.
              wonderful grill? There are three stainless steel            Team Elmer’s Inc.                           $355
              burners, 6 tool hooks, stainless steel Flavorizer
              bars, stainless steel rod cooking grates, heavy duty        FOR OUR PETS
              locking swivel casters, enclosed tank storage area
              and Weber cookbook are just a few of the wonder-            2400 Dog Training Sessions
              ful features!                                               You too can have the smartest dog on the block!
              Max’s Service                                 $749          This certificate entitles the bearer to three sessions
                                                                          for any type of dog training offered by The K-9
              2209 Autumn Blaze Maple Tree w/                             Works. Bid now and you have a year to use it! So
              Transplanting Service Certificate                           if you’re thinking of getting a puppy, now might be
              Spruce up your yard with this 2-2.5” caliper Autumn         the time! Expires October, 2011.
              blaze Maple Tree from Schichtel Nursery. Once               The K-9 Works                               $150
              you have found the perfect spot for your tree,
              Schmuckal Transplanting Service will plant your             2401 Deluxe Weekend Gift Certificate
              tree for you. Must be used within a 15-mile radius          Your pet will adore you more if you would only baby
              of Chums Corners. Expires October 2011.                     him/her. Bid on this certificate and your beloved
              Schichtel Nursery                                           pet will be the recipient of a deluxe weekend (Fri-
              Schmuckal Transplanting Service               $400          day, Saturday and Sunday) boarding for your pet at
                                                                          Bokhara Pet Care Center. Your pet will also enjoy
              2210-13                                                     2 nature walks plus an evening snack each day.
              Tri-Turf Lawn Fertilizer Certificates                       Weekend is based upon availability and excludes
              Receive a one-year supply of fertilizer for your            holidays and Spring Break. Expires October, 2011.
              home. Includes spring lawn feeding, summer weed             Bokhara Pet Care Center                     $100
              and feed, early fall feeding and late fall fertilization.
              Good through mid-September, 2011.                           HOLIDAY
              Tri-Turf                               $100 each
                                                                          2500 “Mr. Christmas” Musical Bell
              2214 Elmer’s Screened Organic                               Symposium
                   Topsoil                                                Nothing will get you in the spirit of Christmas more
              Turn a tired backyard into a fertile garden with 10         than listening to bells play Christmas carols. This
              yards of screened topsoil delivered free within a 30-       musical symposium is inside a wooden box and the
              mile radius of Elmer’s Rennie School Road loca-             music is played using the 16 music disks that are
              tion. Expires November 2011.                                included. Its enchanting and nostalgic! Bid now!
              Team Elmer’s Inc.                             $355          Anonymous                                   $100

              2215 Road Gravel
              Does your gravel driveway need attention? Fill in
              unwanted potholes with Team Elmer’s 10-yard load
              of processed road gravel delivered free within a


Catalog10.indd 96                                                                                                                  10/12/10 8:03:25 AM
                    HOME SWEET HOME                                                                             MUSIC OF MOTOWN

                    2501 Santa Wall Hanging with Bells                        2504 Christmas Tree Gift Certificate
                         and Gift Certificate                                 Pick out your own 7’ – 9’ Douglas Fir or Blue
                    This santa wall hanging is so darling its sure to be      Spruce at the James Schmuckal Tree Farm and
                    a hit in your family. The bells make it even more         decorate it that same day! Certificate needs to be
                    so charming! This wall hanging is 21” x 23”and            used by December 4, 2010.
                    includes a gift certificate for $10.00 to be used at      James Schmuckal Tree Farms                 $45
                    Country Christmas. Expires December 24, 2010.
                    Country Christmas                            $45          2505 Rudolph Soup Tureen with
                                                                                   Soup Cups
                    2502 Angel and Gift Certificate                           This beautiful holiday soup tureen with soup cups
                    This beautiful 22” Christmas angel reminds us who         will brighten your holiday with warmth from the
                    really watches over us! Use the included $10.00           spirit of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer! Cheers!
                    gift certificate at Country Christmas. Gift Certificate   Laura Millward                            $300
                    expires December 24, 2010.
                    Country Christmas                            $38          2506 Mrs. Claus
                                                                              She is oh-so pretty! So cheery too! Can’t you just
                    2503 Christmas Tree Gift Certificate                      see this wonderful Mrs. Claus standing on your
                    Purchase a Christmas Tree at the James                    front porch, welcoming all your holiday guests to
                    Schmuckal Tree Farm using this Gift Certificate!          your heart-warming home during the Christmas
                    Pick out your own 7’- 9’ Douglas Fir or Blue Spruce       season? She will certainly make the entrance to
                    and have it up in time for Christmas! Use certifi-        your home – or even your business – much more
                    cate by December 4, 2010.                                 seasonal with the Christmas spirit!
                    James Schmuckal Tree Farms                   $45          Kim’s Hallmark Korner                     $300


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