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					BUEC 867: Special Topics- Venture Capital
BUAD ???: Special Topics- Business Plan Development

OBJECTIVE: To provide the student with an introduction to the process of raising
private equity from institutional venture capital investors and angel investors. Students
develop and pitch business plans for actual growth ventures.

CONFIDENTIALITY: You will be signing a confidentiality agreement for the content
of this course. We will be using a “live” business plan as case study material and will be
looking at UD technology as possible business ideas. Both of these involve knowing
private and confidential information.

  1) HBS cases on venture capital and angel investing
  2) “Live” business plan for case study
  3) Development of business plan & pitch for real idea

Class Date                     Venture Capital                Business Planning
                               Assignment                     Assignment
November 22 (8-9)                                             Introduction
December 13 (8-9)                                             Initial presentation of
                                                              venture idea and proposed
                                                              management team
January 2 (4-5)                                               Final assignment to venture
January 10 (Sat PM)            Introduction to venture        Introduction to business
                               capital                        planning: content and
                               Walnut Venture Assoc (A)       considerations
January 31 (Sat AM)            Walnut Venture Assoc (A        Business planning: market
                               & D)                           research and analysis
February 6 (Fri PM)            HBS reading R00403             Marketing plans and
                               Guest VC                       organizational plans
                               The Band of Angels
March 5 (Fri PM)               Vermeer (A) (A1) (B) (C)       Executive summary
                                                              Financial summary
March 12 (Fri PM) or 13        10 min Venture Pitch           Business Plan Due
(Sat PM)

Participation 20%
HBS Reading and Case Analyses 30%
Business Plan Assignments 10%
Venture Pitch 10%
Business Plan 30%

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