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					                                           2007-2008                                      Attachment H
                         Parent - Student - Teacher - Principal Contract
                                         Ruediger Elementary
                                  This contract is for:
                                    (Student Name)
The Ruediger Elementary School Community is dedicated to developing respectful,
resourceful, and responsible life-long learners within a safe and caring environment.
As a Student, I ______________ believe I can learn and will learn at Ruediger. I will do my part by:
                      (Student Name)
*arriving at school on time and attending school regularly;
*always completing and returning my homework on time;
*coming to school with supplies and tools necessary for learning;
*always trying to do my best work while using my best behavior;
*working cooperatively with my classmates;
*show respect for myself, my school and other people;
*obeying the school and bus rules;
*taking pride in my school.                           Signature: _______________________
As a Parent/Guardian, I ______________ will do my part by:
                                       (Parent Name)
*seeing that my child attends school regularly and on time; (7:50-2:10)
*providing a home environment that encourages my child to learn;
*verifying that all homework assignments are completed;
*communicating regularly with the teacher (conferences, phone calls, notes) with questions;
*supporting the school in developing positive behavior;
*talking with my child about his/her school activities daily;
*reading with my child and letting my child see me read;
*monitoring my child’s TV viewing;
*volunteering time at my child’s school and participating in school activities;
*showing respect and support for my child, the teacher and the school;
*providing necessary school supplies.                  Signature: _______________________

As a Teacher, I ______________ will do my part by:
                        (Teacher Name)
* believing that each student can learn;
*showing respect for each child and his/her family;
* coming to class prepared to teach;
*providing an environment conducive to learning;
*helping each child grow to his/her fullest potential;
*providing meaningful and appropriate homework activities;
*enforcing school and classroom rules fairly and consistently;
*maintaining open lines of communication with students and parents;
*seeking ways to involve parents in the school program;
*demonstrating professional behavior and a positive attitude;
*using special activities to make learning enjoyable. Signature: _______________________

As a Principal, I, Carolyn Spooner will do my part by:
*providing an environment that allows for positive communication and support between the teacher, parent
  and student, by being visible and accessible.
*encouraging teachers to regularly provide assignments that will reinforce classroom instruction.

                                                               Carolyn Spooner, Principal

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