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					                            Willie Jolley
                       Speaker Singer Author

                               Audiovisual Needs
                                 Willie Jolley

    1. Small table on stage
    2. Mini plug for i-Pod to plug into sound system
    3. CD Player and/or Video player for introduction
    4. Shure Wireless Lavaliere system; Willie Jolley brings his own
    headset to attach to the system
    5. Big Screen Monitor (Suggested introduction for audiences over
       1,000 )
    6. Autograph table and chair; Willie Jolley will make himself
       available to speak with members of the audience and
       participants; and to autograph books, CDs, book markers, etc.
       after his speech.

Please touch base with Willie Jolley’s office at 800-487-8899 or 202-
723-8863 and speak with Dee Taylor-Jolley if you have any questions.

We are pleased to serve you!

Note: Willie Jolley’s cell phone #: 202-210-1133

                                    Willie Jolley Worldwide
                              P.O. Box 55459 Washington, DC 20040
                       202-723-8863 *** 800-487-8899 ** 202-722-1180 Fax

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