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Request for Proposal

To provide a better service for all clients of Bank Relasi Usaha Tani, we hereby requested
you to design and price a networking solution to connect all of our branches and HQ.

We are not looking for a specific design, we are open to your suggestion. We will pick the
best solution in term of the balance between technology used and cost involved.

The followings are our offices:
   • HQ, at Senayan City, Jakarta                     •   Bandung Branches (5):
   • Jakarta Branches (10):                                  o Bandung Indah Plaza
           o Plaza Senayan                                   o Cihampelas Walk
           o Ratu Plasa                                      o Bandung Super Mall
           o Blok M Plaza                                    o Gedung Sate
           o Mall Citraland                                  o Dago
           o Mall Taman Anggrek                       •   Surabaya Branches (3):
           o Ex – Plaza Indonesia                            o Tunjungan Plaza
           o Atrium Senen                                    o Stasion Pasar Turi
           o Pondok Indah Mall 1                             o Pelabuhan Tanjung Perak
           o Pondok Indah Mall 2                      •   Denpasar, Bali Branch (1):
           o Taman Mini Indonesia Indah                      o Kuta Mall

The HQ already have 10 PC for staff, all standalone.
The branches already have 2 PC for the tellers in each branch.
The BANK Server is located at the HQ, with a Backup Server located at Denpasar.

The main request is:
   • To connect all PC (HQ and Branches) to the HQ Server
   • Capability to switch-over to the Backup Server in case of HQ system shutdown

We want to have the full logical design solution, including backup method (how to backup
the main server to the backup server), and failsafe method (how to switch between main
and backup server).

Please include product short specifications and pricing for the whole system.

Thank you.
- CEO of BANK R.U.T.-

                            Expected deliverables #1 (Nov 4, 2009 / week 7):
                            (Softcopy to Email)
                            1. Logical Design of HQ Local Area Network
                            2. Logical Design of BANK R.U.T. Wide Area Network
                            3. List of Devices in use

                            Expected deliverables #2 (Dec 17, 2009 / week 11):
                            (Hardcopy submitted in class)
                            1. Revised/Final version of Deliverables #1
                            2. Short Specification of Devices and Services in use
                            3. Pricing for all Devices and Services in use

                            Presentation: Week 12 - 13

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