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					                                                         Enter your scores
Actg 1B Grade Calculator (Spring 2010)
                                                        in yellow cells only                    1.2
                                                                [A]              [B]            [C]            [D]         [E]
                                Grading     group or        Your Raw           Base Raw      % Perfor-
 #             Test             Category   indiv work       Score [A]          Score [B]     mance [C]     Syllabus %   Wtd Score

 1    HW* [10-17]* **           Required     group                    -           18                           10.00             -
 2         Quiz 10*             Required   individual                             20                            3.00             -
 3         Quiz 11*             Required   individual                             20                            3.00             -
 4         Quiz 12*             Required   individual                             20                            3.00             -
 5         Quiz 13*             Required   individual                             20                            3.00             -
 6         Quiz 14*             Required   individual                             20                            3.00             -
 7         Quiz 15*             Required   individual                             20                            3.00             -
 8         Quiz 16*             Required   individual                             20                            3.00             -
 9         Quiz 17*             Required   individual                             20                            3.00             -
10 Midterm Exam 1 [10-13]*      Required   individual                            100                           10.00             -
11 Midterm Exam 2 [14-15]*      Required   individual                            100                           10.00             -
12     Midterm Exam 3             N/A                                              0                           10.00             -
13   Final Exam [10-17]*        Required   individual                            100                           30.00             -
14     Paper/Project**          Required     group                               100                           10.00             -
15     Presentation**           Required     group                                10                            1.00             -
16  Class Participation***      Required   individual                             10                            5.00             -
17  Extra Credit - Other**        TBD                                              0                                0            -

     *submitted in CengageNow                                                              Subtotal                              -
                                                                                           Score Adjustments, if any
     **submitted in in ETUDES                                                          [F] Total                                 -

                                                        *** cp score cannot exceed 150% of wt.
                                                        [effectively 2.5 pts extra credit possible]

     Scoring & Grading Methodology

              1) Your RAW Points Earned [A] / RAW Base Points Possible [B] = % Performance [C]
              2) % performance [C] x weighted points [D] = Weighted Score for task [E]
              3) Sum of all tasks weighted scores [ ∑ [E] ] = Overall Weighted Score [F] >>> Find on Grading Scale
            Graded Components (per syllabus)

            Class Part.             5            8            0.63
            HW                      10          18            0.56
            Quizzes                 24           8            3.00
            Midterms                20           2         10.00
            Final Exam              30
            Paper/Project           10
            Presentation             1
            Extra Credit - Other     0 tba, if available
                                         exclusive of other
                                         extra credit
            Total                  100

            This worksheet is intended only as
            a guide and not necessarily binding in
            calculating your final grade.

nd on Grading Scale
                                                                                                                              1B HW

Actg 1B Homework (HW)

      Ex = Exercise                                                        For Due Dates, refer to class calendar
      Pr = Problems
      e = excel template available

                                                                                                                                          Total   Total
                                                                                                                      Required HW         Asgmt Completed
 Ch   TLO     SLO    TLO (Bloom's Converted)                                   Type        Diff Level HO #             Problems #          Pts     Pts
                                                                                                                                            18       -
10 Fixed Assets
   1. SLO 1b Define aand account for the cost of fixed assets. factual
       Define, classify, Fixed Asset                                                           I                         Pr 10-5             1
                     Classify Costs of Acquiring a Fixed Asset               conceptual        II       1                Pr 10-1             1
                     Define Revenue and Capital Expenditures                   factual         I        2
      2.    SLO 2a Compute Depreciation using the SLmethods: straight-line method, units-of-production method, and double-declining-balance method.
            Compute depreciation, using the following / DDB     procedural       III        3             Pr 10-4           1
                     Compute Depreciation using the UOP / SYD                procedural       III       4
                     3. Journalize entries for the disposal of fixed
      3.    SLO 2a assets. for the disposal of fixed assets.
            Journalize entries                                               procedural       III       5                Pr 10-4
                   4. Compute depletion and journalize the entry
      4.    SLO 2a for depletion. journalize the entry for depletion.
            Compute depletion and                                  procedural                 III
      5.    SLO 2a the accounting for intangible assets, such as patents, copyrights,Iand goodwill.
            Describe Define Intangibles                             factual
                     6. Describe how depreciation expense is
                     reported in an income statement and prepare a
      6.    SLO 1b balance sheet that includes fixed reported in an income statement and prepare a balance sheet that includes fixed assets and intangible assets.
            Describe how depreciation expense is assets and            conceptual      II      6
                     (Apply) Account for Disposals: Sales /
      App:SLO 2a Exchanges assets
           Exchanges of fixed                                                procedural       III       7
                                                                                                                     Self-Exp Ex 10
11 Current Liabilities and Payroll
   1. SLO 1b Define current liabilities liabilities related to accounts payable, current portion of long-term debt, and notes payable.
       Describe and illustrate current                                                 I                       Pr 11-1           1
   2. SLO 2a (Apply) Account for Payroll Expenses                   procedural        III
       Determine employer liabilities for payroll, including liabilities arising from employee 8              Pr 11-2            1
                                                                                                earnings and deductions from earnings.
                     (Apply) Account for Payroll Tax Expenses                procedural       III       9                Pr 11-2
                     3. Describe payroll accounting systems that use
      3.    SLO 1b a payrollaccounting systems that use a payroll register, employeeII
            Describe payroll register, employee earnings record, and conceptual      earnings record, and a general journal.
                     4. Journalize entries for employee fringe
      4.    SLO 2a benefits, including vacation pay and pensions.      vacation pay and pensions.
            Journalize entries for employee fringe benefits, includingprocedural      III
      5.    SLO 2a the accounting treatment for contingent liabilities and journalize entries for product warranties.
            Describe Explain Contingent Liabilities                 conceptual        II
                                                                                                                     Self-Exp Ex 11
                     (Apply) Account for the life cycle of a
12 Partnershipspartnership                                                   procedural       III
                     1.     Describe the basic characteristics of
      1.    SLO 1b proprietorships, partnerships, and limited liability partnerships, and limited liability companies.
            Describe the basic characteristics of proprietorships,         conceptual         II
      2.    SLO 2a and illustrate the accounting for forming a partnership and for dividing the net income and net loss of a partnership.
            Describe Formation                                             procedural        III       10
                          Division of Income/Loss                            procedural       III       11
      3.    SLO 2a and illustrateWithdrawal                         procedural    III
            Describe Admission / the accounting for partner admission and withdrawal.                   12
      4.    SLO 2a and illustrate the accounting for liquidating a partnership.
            Describe Liquidation                                    procedural    III                   13
                    (Apply) Prepare a Statement of Partnership
      5.    SLO 2bthe statement of partnership equity.
            Prepare Equity                                                   procedural       III       14
                                                                                                                     Self-Exp Ex 12
13    Corporations
                                                                                                                         Pr 13-5A            1
                     1.     Describe the nature of the corporate form of
      1.    SLO 1b organization.of the corporate form of organization.
            Describe the nature                                     conceptual                 II
            SLO 1b Describe the two sources of equity
      2.    Describe the two main sources of stockholders’ equity.     factual                 I        15

      3.    SLO 1b and illustrate the characteristics of stock, classes of stock, and entries for16
            Describe (Apply) Account for Stock                                                    issuing stock.
                          Issues: cash / property / services                 procedural       III
      4.    SLO 2a and illustrate the accounting for cash dividends and stock dividends.
            Describe (Apply) Account for Dividends                                                      17
                          Allocation between preferred and common            procedural       III
                          Cash                                               procedural       III
                          Stock                                              procedural       III
      5.    SLO 2a and illustrate the accounting Stock
            Describe (Apply) Account for Treasury for treasury stock transactions.                      18
                          Treasury Stock                                     procedural       III
                          Treasury Stock Sales                               procedural       III
            SLO 2a Describe Stockholder's Equity Reporting           conceptual
      6.    Describe and illustrate the reporting of stockholders’ equity.                     II       19
                     7. Describe the effect of stock splits on
      7.    SLO 1b corporate financial statements. corporate financial statements.
            Describe the effect of stock splits on                     conceptual              II
                                                                                                                     Self-Exp Ex 13
14 Long Term Liabilities (Bonds and Notes)
              (Apply) Account for Bonds
                     1. Compute the potential impact of long-term
      1.    SLO 2a borrowing on earnings per share.                  procedural    III
            Compute the potential impact of long-term borrowing on earnings per share.                  20               Pr 14-1             1
                     2. Describe the characteristics and terminology
      2.    SLO 1b of bonds payable. and terminology of bonds payable.
            Describe the characteristics                             conceptual     II
      3.    SLO 2a entries/for bondsBonds (TVM)
            Journalize Issues Pricing of payable.                            procedural       III       21               Pr 14-4             1
                          Interest / Amort                                   procedural       III       22
                          Retirement                                         procedural       III
      4.    SLO 2a and illustrate the accounting for installment notes.
            Describe (Apply) Account for Installment Notes         procedural                 III
                     5. Describe and illustrate the reporting of long-
      5.    SLO 2a term illustrateincluding bonds andlong-term liabilities including bonds and notes payable.
            Describe and liabilities the reporting of notes             conceptual       II      23
          SLO 2a Peform Calculation
      Appendix 1: PV of $1, Annuity of PV                                    procedural       III       24
                     Account for Bonds Using Effective Interest
          SLO 2a Method Amortization
      Appendix 2: Effective Interest Method                                  procedural       III       25
                                                                                                                     Self-Exp Ex 14
15 Investments
                     1. Describe why companies invest in debt and
      1.    SLO 1b equity securities. invest in debt and equity securities.
            Describe why companies                                   conceptual                II
      2.    SLO 2a Account for Debt Investments for debt investments.
            Describe and illustrate the accounting               procedural                   III       26
                     (Apply) Account for Investments under the
      3.    SLO 2a and illustrate the 20%)                           procedural
            Describe Equity Method (> accounting for equity investments.             III     27                          Pr 15-1            1
                     Classify Investments: HTM / Trading / AFS
      4.    SLO 2a and illustrate / FV Method)reporting investments in the financial statements.
            Describe (Cost Method valuing and                        conceptual       II     28                      Pr 15-1, 2, 3, 4       3
                     5. Describe fair value accounting and its
      5.    SLO 1b implicationsaccounting and its implications for the future.
            Describe fair value for the future.                      conceptual       II
          SLO 2a Account for Bond Investments
      Appendix 1: Bond Investment, Amort, Sale                               procedural       III       29
          SLO Comprehensive Income
      Appendix: 1b Explain Comprehensive Income                              conceptual        II       30

                                                                                                                     Self-Exp Ex 15
16 The Statement of Cash Flows
                     1. Describe the cash flow activities reported in
      1.    SLO 1b the statement of cash flows.                       conceptual
            Describe the cash flow activities reported in the statement of cash flows. II
      2.    SLO 2ba(Apply) Prepare SCF flows, Indirect Method method.
            Prepare statement of cash Using using the indirect  procedural                    III       31               Pr 16-2             1
                     3.     Prepare a statement of cash flows, using the
      3.    SLO 1badirect method. cash flows, using the direct method.
            Prepare statement of                                  procedural                  III                        Pr 16-3             1
                                                                                                                     Self-Exp Ex 16
17 Financial Statement Analysis
   1. SLO 1b basic financial statement analytical methods. procedural
       Describe Apply Horizontal / Vertical Analysis                                          III                       Pr 17-1, 2           2
   2. SLO 2a Compute Ratios: Solvency assess the solvency of a business.
       Use financial statement analysis to                       procedural                   III       32          Pr 17-4, 5, Nike Pr      2
   3. SLO 2a Compute Ratios: Profitability                       procedural
       Use financial statement analysis to assess the profitability of a business.            III       33          Pr 17-4, 5, Nike Pr
   4. SLO 1b the contents of corporate annual reports.
       Describe Describe the elements of an Annual Reports          factual                    II
       SLO Unusual Items
   Appendix: 1b Identify Unusual Items                              factual                    I
                                                                                                                     Self-Exp Ex 17


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