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					                                     From the Minister’s Desk
                                                        other promises we make. What do you believe
                                                        about God and Jesus? How does what you
              Dear Friends,                             believe shape the rest of your life?

I think that being part of a Church is brilliant. No    We promise to come to Church. Worship is a
Church is ever perfect, but “our community with         great activity in which to be involved; some of
one another consists solely in what Christ has          you are at worship services every Sunday. I‟ve
done to both of us.” (Dietrich Bonhoeffer) We           met people who made this promise and set out
are drawn together by a faith that we share in          to keep it, but then moved house; their
common, even if that faith is faltering and not         connection with church was lost. I‟ve also met
as strong as we would like. I imagine that many         some who have rediscovered that connection
of you who read this piece made vows or                 35 years later. It‟s never too late to reconnect
                                                        with Church.
promises at some stage, when you became a
member of a Church (or at confirmation); I took
these promises at the age of 17, just as I was          Only 10% of Church members in Scotland read
leaving home to go to university.                       the Bible regularly. I‟ve not seen a similar
                                                        statistic for people who pray, but I suspect it will
People make these promises with all sorts of            be the same or even lower. The Bible and
attitudes: some understand clearly the                  prayer       are    God-given     resources      for
demands that faith places on them and are               strengthening and nurturing our faith and for
wholly committed to live out these vows; others         living life well. We‟ve promised to be faithful.
are not sure, but they hope they will be up to it.
I suppose some took these promises as a                Giving is part of our Christian responsibility. We
necessary step to other things with no real            give to God‟s work in the world because God
intention of making it any more than                        has given many blessings to us, the best of
                                           “Grace to all    which is the gift of His Son, Jesus, as the
that. I remember two women in a            who love our Saviour. Our giving is a response to the
membership class who stepped back
                                            Lord Jesus      generous giving of God. So we give of our
because they saw for themselves that
                                          Christ with an time, talents and money to support the
they didn‟t have a good attitude.
                                          undying love.” work and witness of the Church in the
Being part of a Church is a huge            (Ephesians      community and in the world. The simple
mixture of privilege and responsibility.        6:24)       truth is that some of you give sacrificially,
There are enormous privileges to being a                    yet we have some members who give
                                                       nothing at all.
Christian, one of which is to be part of God‟s
family, the visible expression of which is the
Church. Perhaps one day I will come back to            Finally, God calls us to profess publicly our
the idea of privilege to write more; today,            loyalty to Jesus by the way that we live our
however, I want to concentrate on the                  lives. Coming to Church is a public statement of
responsibilities that come with being part of a        our loyalty to Jesus, but there is more to it than
church, whether that is expressed in                   that. Loyalty to Jesus is about the way in which
membership or not.                                     we live our lives in the day-to-day life of family,
                                                       work, friendships and the like; its about the way
How do I write about responsibility without            we think, the way we speak and the way we act
making you feel guilty and therefore making            towards other people. Loyalty to Jesus is about
you feel angry and chastised? That‟s not my            love for other people.
plan. When someone stands up in our Church
to make a public profession of their faith and          God loves us with patience, kindness and
become a member of the Church, there are five           generosity and the best thing we can do in life
promises that they make. Each of these                  is respond to God in the best possible way. You
promises expresses some kind of responsibility          may have already responded in an open and
to which they say „yes, I will do that!‟ This is        public way at some time in your life and yet now
offered as a little refresher course.                   these promises seem to mean little to you.
                                                        Perhaps now is the time to reconsider and re-
First of all, we are asked “What do you                 examine our responsibilities, to renew our
believe?” It all begins with a profession of faith      promises and become an active part of the
in God and in Jesus Christ. That‟s as it should         family again.
be; faith undergirds all that we are and do as
Christians; faith is the motivation behind all the      Yours sincerely,
               TREASURER’S REPORT                  in only your name and address on a simple
                                                   form, you can make it happen.
Annual Report
The Annual Report and Accounts has been           Budget for 2011
completed for 2010 and copies are now             As we are on the subject of Gift Aid, I have to
available in the church vestibule. A              tell you that the amount we can reclaim will fall
presentation of the Accounts will be given at     from 28% to 25% as from 6th April this year.
the Annual Meeting on Wednesday, 9th              That will make a difference to our income of
March (I hope to see you there) but I take this   just over £2,000. One way that can be
opportunity to provide some insight into our      recovered is if all Gift Aid contributors increase
financial situation.                              their Offerings by 2.4%. I appreciate that is a lot
                                                  to ask at a time when we all our other
Very fortunately, we are showing a surplus        expenditure is on the increase, but how much
again. This year it is £5,681 although it is a    does your faith mean to you? Fortunately, our
bit less than last year (£8,081). However,        hall rental income should increase even more
when you look to see how we managed to            this year with some one-off requests for room
make a surplus you will notice that our           hire but that is unlikely to continue in 2012.
income from hall letting increased by £2,741      There is an increase (2.9%) to be paid for in
and our gain on the revaluation of                the Ministries & Mission Allocation and I am
investments amounted to £2,610. Add these         expecting the Heating and Lighting bills to be
figures together and you get £5,351, almost       up by around 9.5%. We also have the cost of
the total of the surplus. The halls are well      the repairs to the bell tower to pay for (£6,403)
used and Ian Marshall puts in a lot of hard       but again we will take this from the fund held by
work to fulfil the requirements of all those      the General Trustees. The income from the
people who want to hire the halls for all sorts   rent of the church house goes into this fund so
of activities. We are very grateful for the       at least it is getting topped up each year by
amount of time he spends making it all            £7,800 from rent, plus investment income of
happen for without this income we would           around £2,700. Taking everything into account,
have a bit of a financial problem. We are         our expenditure is likely to be around £118,000
also fortunate to have been prudent over the      in this year, about £7,000 more than last year.
years with the money we received from the         And so an increase in our offerings of around
sale proceeds of St Margaret‟s Church and         2.9% is necessary to make the books balance
Halls as some of this money, which is looked      by the end of the year.
after on our behalf by the Church of Scotland
General Trustees, was used to pay for the         Fundraising
new electronic system to lower and raise the      Our fundraising has not been one of our strong
church roof lights. This system cost £4,322       points over the last few years. Last year we
but is possibly the best use we have made of      had the Jumble Sale which raised £855 and the
these funds for some time.                        Green Strollers Coffee Morning £182 (even
                                                  although it was cancelled due to the bad
Another significant area in the Accounts is       weather). If anyone has ideas that we can use
the amount of funds we collected for third        to raise some funds on our own, please get in
parties. Most significantly, we donated just      touch with me and we will see what we can do.
short of £5,000 to send to the Cambodia
Hope Organisation with our group of               Bank Standing Order
members from the church that visited there in     If you want to make your offerings by bank
July. Nearly all other collections were greater   standing order or make a change to your
than last year as well. It is good news that      existing standing order, please ask me for the
you are all prepared to donate so generously      relevant form. About 60% of our Offerings are
to good causes when the occasions arise.          now given in this way.
Finally, although our Offerings were only
slightly better compared with last year, we       Last Word
could not manage financially without the          Please give generously: Colossians Ch 3 v 17:
amount we reclaim from the Inland Revenue         „And whatever you do, whether in word or
for the income tax you have paid on your          deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus,
offerings. The amount this year was almost        giving thanks to God the Father through Him.‟
£17,000, a significant part of our total income
and so if you are a tax payer and do not give     R Douglas Buchanan
by Gift Aid, please contact me and, by filling    Treasurer
                                                                             GUILD OF
        Congregational Mission
              Statement                                               Since the last issue two
                                                                      meetings were held in
   “Building Christ’s Church in the                                   November but the first in
            Community”                                                December had to be
                                                                      cancelled because of the
                                                  snow. However, we were able to hold our
                                                  Christmas meeting on 16 December. The
              SESSION NOTES                       spring programme commenced with our
                                                  annual communion service on 13 January,
The last meeting of the Session received a        and the programme is now well under way.
Development        Group     report     and       There is an interesting series of talks and a
recommendations on pastoral care. The             musical item scheduled, and anyone who
scheme we are operating needs reviewing as        would like to attend can see the programme
we have some imbalances in numbers of             on our Hall 2 notice board, as well as in the
visitors, households being visited and            intimations.
geographical spreads. One outcome of our
discussion was the advert in our Sunday           Talks so far have been on the Samaritans,
intimations seeking a Pastoral Care               and Our Dynamic Earth, both interesting, and
Coordinator to review and manage the              the programme will continue until 5 May.
scheme. Maybe this is something you would
consider; please speak with me or the             Attendance has been good throughout the
minister if you would like to find out more       winter, though some members found the
about what is involved.                           weather a problem. We hope to welcome
                                                  people back as the weather improves, and
However, there is one aspect of pastoral care     new members are always welcome.
that is not under the Session‟s control – your
attitude. When the New Testament Church           Extra work has had to be undertaken by
of Antioch sent out Paul and Barabas they         Committee members owing to the secretary‟s
prayed for them; they welcomed their reports;     temporary absence, which is much
they gave encouragement; they were                appreciated.
involved. Do our Pastoral Team members
feel that way? Do they know they have your        Elaine Wilson
interest, your concern, your encouragement?       Secretary
Do they know that you pray for the leadership
of our Church? Or are they aware only of a
critical   and    unwelcoming     spirit   that
undermines rather than affirms?

How do you receive your Pastoral Visitor                              HALLS CLEANING
when he/she comes to visit? How disgraceful                             REPORT
if they are not welcomed by you, a member of
our church!       Your encouragement and
appreciation of someone giving freely of their    Our now up-to-strength teams have worked
time to visit you in Christ‟s name is more        well during the winter weather, keeping
affirming than anything the Session can ever      everything smart and tidy. As the halls are let
do to support Pastoral Visitors. We are           out to a number of groups, it is sometimes
members of the same Body under Christ with        difficult to fit in the cleaning, but the teams
mutual responsibly for each other‟s wellbeing.    seem adaptable and able to cope, though
As your Pastoral Visitor seeks your wellbeing     planning is required. Thanks are due to all
may I ask that you seek theirs?                   the members who help with this in a quiet
                                                  and unobtrusive way.
Charles R Godon
Session Clerk                                     Elaine Wilson
            Open Door Cafe and Toddler                                    KIDS’ CHURCH
                                                                        Since Christmas, we
         We would welcome anyone from the                               have   been      learning
church (whatever age) who would like to          about Samuel. In addition, we have been
come along occasionally to help or chat over     thinking each week about what we would like
a cup of tea or coffee. It would be a good       to thank God for with regards the past week.
opportunity to meet with some of the             The children are then annotating a beautiful
Mums/carers from our area. At the moment         „Thank you‟ poster so they can look back and
there are about 10 to 12 who attend fairly       remember God‟s goodness. Then children
regularly with babies and/or young children.     have been excited to save their collections
The group is in hall 1 on Tuesday mornings       towards Khmer books for the library at the
from 10am until about 12 noon, during school     Safe Haven on Cambodia. It has been great
term time.                                       for them to have a focus for their giving and a
                                                 link to these children

                          CRECHE                 Kids‟ Church is for children from nursery age
                                                 and above. We have a very welcoming group
                The crèche is available from     of children and any newcomers would quickly
                10.30am     every    Sunday      feel at home.
                morning for babies and
children up to three years old. Two of our       Beverley Christy
crèche team members will be there to meet
you and welcome your little ones. We are in
Hall 3. A range of toys is set out for the
children to play with in a safe, warm and
comfortable environment.                                        Little John the Baptist

                                                              Matt..18:4-5 "Therefore, whoever
If you have young children and would like to
                                                           humbles himself like this child is the
meet our helpers, and find out more about
                                                 greatest in the kingdom of heaven. And who
creche, please feel free to pop in on a
                                                 ever welcomes a little child like this in my
Sunday morning.
                                                 name welcomes me."
If you would like to be a member of the
                                                                            Johnny's Mother
creche team, it would be great to hear from
                                                                            looked out the
                                                                            window         and
                                                                            noticed        him
Aileen Hardie                                                               "playing    church"
                                                                            with    their  cat.

       YOUNG PEOPLES GROUP                       He had the cat sitting quietly and he was
                                                 preaching to it. She smiled and went about
We have a group of young people who are a        her work.
delight to teach, but who for various reasons    A while later she heard loud meowing and
are not able to be there every week.             hissing and ran back to the open window to
 This session we have been studying the          see Johnny baptizing the cat in a tub of
letters of Peter and discovering the             water. She called out, "Johnny, stop that! The
importance of holding on to the core teaching    cat is afraid of water!"
of our faith. We are about to start looking at
the Psalms and then the letters of John. We                                     Johnny looked
are always delighted to welcome new                                             up at her and
members in the age range spanning S1 to S4                                      said,      "He
at school.                                                                      should    have
                                                                                thought about
For further details contact me.                                                 that before he
                                                                                joined      my
John Christy
                     JUNIPER CARROLERS
                      One very cold Saturday
                     morning          before                             CHURCH LIBRARY is
                   Christmas a group of                                  available every week in
                   twenty    plus     church                             the Church Sanctuary
                 members      met    outside                             after     the    Morning
Iceland store at 10.30 a.m. to sing carols to                            Service. There is a wide
local residents doing their shopping before                              selection              of
joining the Farmers’ Market where we were           books/tapes/music CDs for all ages including
welcomed to entertain stallholders and              children. Following a review in conjunction
shoppers there whilst our can rattlers              with the Kids‟ Church Team Leaders it has
collected donations for the Children‟s              been decided to make available books
Hospice Association Scotland (CHAS).                catalogued as “Children’s Books” and
                                                    “Young People Books” through the Kids‟
Whilst singing, `Ruth` from Ruth`s kitchen          Church Leaders and the books will be held by
across the road provided us with warm mince         the Kids‟ Church Team to be available at
pies to heat us up which was most kind and          Kids‟ Church. Also, a wider range of books
much appreciated.                                   has been added to the “Children‟s Books” as
                                                    a result of clearing a cupboard in the Office.
As a result of this enjoyable effort we raised a    All books are in the Library Catalogue which
total of £103.00 from many generous                 can be viewed in the Library Area or on the
shoppers for the Association which was              Church Web Site in “Author Name” listing.
greatly appreciated and acknowledged with a
grateful letter.                                    Once again, by kind donation we have
                                                    recently added another 11 books to the
Included in the letter is an invitation to join a   Library and the new books are available on
group tour to either                                the Library table along with all the books to
                                                    view and select.
Robin House (Hospice), Loch Lomond on
March 17 or 18 or                                   Nurture Team

Rachel House (Hospice), Kinross on April 20         “.. he commanded our forefathers to teach
or 21.                                              their children, so that the next generation
Bookings are necessary and anyone                   would know...” Psalm 78 v 5
interested please call 0141 779 6180 to
guarantee a place.

Helen Emslie

                        FRESH START

                   Our new session started
                   with a collection of curtains
                   and we‟ll go on to Towels,
March 6; Dishes and Cutlery, April 3;
Household Cleaners/Lightbulbs, May 1;
Bedding, June 5. Do remember the box is
always in the Church Vestibule for „de-
cluttered‟ items – clean and with some useful
life left in them – as usual. Thanks for your
continuing support.

Marilyn Godon
                                                                        CHURCH FLOWERS

                                                                       Do you have a talent for
                   MEN’S FELLOWSHIP                                    arranging flowers? You
                                                                       can help occasionally by
                                                                       arranging the flowers for
By the time of this publication a Men‟s             the Sunday morning service. For more
Dinner, an annual event, should have been           information contact me.
held in Baberton Golf Club on
1st March with the after dinner speaker Rev         Hilda McNeil
Alistair Donald, Chaplain of Heriot-Watt
University. His topic “Relationship between
Science and Christian Faith” should
encourage much discussion.

The next Breakfast meeting is planned for
15th May in Hall 3 and the speaker to lead the
discussion will be one of our members Alan
Bridges with the topic “Providing Care”.

All men are welcome to any of our meetings.
Just speak to Cliff Beevers or Ian Aitken who
will be delighted to explain the format of the

Nurture Team

“For where two or three come together in my
name, there am I with them.”
Matthew 18 v 20

                                  Easter Services
                                    Palm Sunday, 17th April

                   Morning Service at 10.30am, followed by prayers for healing

                                  Maundy Thursday, 21st April

                          St Margaret‟s Court service at 10.30am in the lounge
                             Maundy Thursday Communion service at 7pm

                                    Good Friday, 22nd April

                                   Good Friday Service at 7pm

                                   Easter Sunday, 24th April

                            Easter Sunday: Communion Service at 9.30am
                                     Morning service at 10.30am
                                    Lorimer House service at 3pm.
                        MESSY CHURCH –              The frieze that is on the wall in Hall 2 was
                        AFTERNOON TEA               created that afternoon as lots of cotton wool
                                                    was glued to the green paper to create sheep
                                                    following the shepherd.
                      “Welcome everybody,
it‟s good to see you here…”. “From my knees
to my nose, does God know all about
me…He knows that my name is Jim!” “My
Jesus, my Saviour… tower of refuge and
strength…!” These are

                                                    Marbles in paint were used to create sheep
                                                    tracks as they were hidden behind the trees
                                                    and bushes, yet the shepherd can still find
                                                    them again; God knows us, in the best
                                                    possible way. Decorated names were created
                                                    using all kinds of shapes, flowers, coloured
                                                    pencils and the like – the shepherd knows his
words from the songs that we sang at Messy          sheep by name (Doris, Fuzzy) and so Jesus
Church in February, reflecting some of the          knows our names.
lessons we had learned that afternoon.
                                                    There are no rules for Messy Church; it is for
                                                    families and it is a delight to watch children
                                                    and grown-ups interact together over the
                                                    crafts and in worship, families interacting with
                                                    one another and with other children or adults.
                                                    The next Messy Church will have taken place
                                                    by the time you read this, but we will be in the
                                                    Church Hall on the first Saturday of each
                                                    month till June, from 3.30-5pm for afternoon
                                                    tea, a bit of fun, and a bit of worship. If you
“Jesus – the Good Shepherd” was our theme.          want to know more, I‟d be glad to speak to
We had afternoon tea together; there was a          you at any time.
huge game of snakes and ladders going on
at the same time on the floor!                      Jim Dewar

                      Annual Stated Meeting

       The AGM of the congregation takes place on Wednesday 9th March in Hall 1.

    The evening begins with a meal at 6.15pm, tickets from the Catering Team; the business
     meeting begins at 7.45pm and thereafter our speaker will be Stephen Fischbacher who
     will talk about Fischy Music. Fischy Music is a Charity promoting emotional, social and
                      spiritual health and wellbeing in children through songs.

      Do come and take part in this important evening in the life of the congregation.
                                                                              Girlguiding Juniper

                                                                               Girlguiding in Juniper
                                                                               Green is in good
                BIBLEFRESH                                                     heart. We have a full
                                                    Rainbow unit, 2 full Brownie units and a
2011 is the 400th anniversary of the                growing Guide unit. Hooray – so many
publication of the King James Bible. The            opportunities for girls to have fun in a girl-only
Bible launched in 1611 became a huge                environment. It is only through the dedication
influence on the culture and language of the        of guiders and unit helpers that these
English-speaking world as well as the Church        activities can take place every week. Thanks
in the UK and beyond. Until 50 years ago, it        are due to them all for the willing giving up of
was more or less still the language of the          their time to organise fun, games, crafts,
Church. The Scottish Bible Society, in              outings, sleep-overs, camps, speakers and
partnership with others, has put together an        so much more.
initiative called Biblefresh as a way of
celebrating these 400 years.                        The centenery of Girlguiding almost seems a
                                                    distant memory and we are all back to basics
There are 4 strands to Biblefresh:                  – meetings revolving around themes, “Go-for
1. Read the Bible.                                  its”, adventures and so on. It is good to see
2. Be trained in handling the Bible well.           girls move on from one section of Guiding to
3. Give to translate the Bible for Burkina Faso     the next – confident, happy and, by the time
4. Provide the opportunity for people to            they finish in Guides, ready to play their part
experience the Bible in new and creative            in society with skills they have learned from
ways.                                               their guiding experience.

So far, we have done two things in Juniper          Girlguiding may have changed from the time
Green. First of all, we have launched the E-        some of you were in Brownies or Guides, but
100 Challenge – to read the essential 100           the ethos is still the same – we no longer
Bible passages, 50 from the Old Testament           place so much emphasis on boiling an egg,
and 50 from the New Testament, as outlined          but the girls are very aware of current issues
in a leaflet produced by Scripture Union.           and we have been signing a petition
There is also a book to help you along the          regarding the airbrushing of cover images on
way. If you want to take the E-100 Challenge        magazines – a real up-to-date issue when so
there are still some leaflets left in the Church,   much emphasis these days is placed on body
but hurry because they have gone quickly.           image.

Secondly, I have been asking people in the          By the time this magazine is distributed, we
Church to choose their favourite Bible              will have held our annual Guiding Service in
passage, then explain why they‟ve chosen            the church. It‟s a part of our promise and it‟s
that particular reading, then read it as part of    good to be part of the congregation on that
the Sunday morning service. So far, we have         day.
heard, amongst others, some verses from
Psalm 139, Jesus stilling the storm, Jonah‟s        Anne Mack is now in place as our Couny
prayer inside the big fish, and Jesus having        Commissioner and we miss her in the district.
breakfast on the beach with His disciples.          Its great to hear of the things she has in mind
The plan is to do this for the whole of 2011.       for Guiding in Edinburgh and we hope that
                                                    she will still come and visit us now and again.
For me, this is more than a celebration of a        Lesley Wilson continues as our district
book that is 400 years old; this is an              administrator and I have recently taken over
opportunity for us to (re)discover a treasure-      the position of District Commissioner. We
store of wisdom. There will be other activities     are a small district but one bursting at the
under the Biblefresh banner in 2011. Look           seams and full of enthusiasm to do the best
out for them and come to find out more.             we can for “our girls”.

Jim Dewar                                           Jean Dewar
                                                    74th A Brownie Guider
                Christian Action Team                                    An Invitation
In the Bible an expert in the law asked Jesus                      You are invited to compete
a question about inheriting eternal life and                     in, and/or attend, the 133rd
part of the conversation was “Love the Lord                  Annual Show of the Currie
your God with all your heart and with all your    Horticultural & Industrial Society in
soul and with all your strength and with all      Balerno High School on Saturday, 27th
your mind”; and, “Love your neighbour as          August 2011 from 1.30pm-4.00pm. As a
yourself.” The next question then was “And        member of Juniper Green Church, or one of
who is my neighbour?” Jesus replied to this       its organisations, you are entitled to compete
by telling the parable of the Good Samaritan.     even though you may not reside in the Currie
The end of the story is “Which of these three     Show area.
do you think was a neighbour to the man who
fell into the hands of robbers?” “The one who     Schedules, giving full details of Competition
had mercy on him.” In the last words of the       Classes, etc., will be on sale, from June, in
parable Jesus says “GO AND DO                     various outlets in the village and at Church.
LIKEWISE”. (Luke chapter 10 v 25-37)              Meantime why not enter our 2011 Show
                                                  Poster competition? The Poster should be
WE ALL are to “Go and do likewise”. This          on A4 paper incorporating the highlighted
doesn‟t mean we are to go out of our way to       information above and be submitted to any
look for those who have been robbed but           Committee Member by 28th May.            The
being a good neighbour takes on many              winning Poster will be displayed throughout
forms: shovelling snow from a pathway;            Currie, Balerno and Juniper Green.
taking someone with no car to church or
shopping or for a run and an ice-cream;           Further information from Isabel Campbell,
phoning to see if all is well or if a cuppa can   Show Secretary (449 3641).
be provided; helping a mum with a buggy
onto the bus; smiling at the person you pass
in the street as you head to the shop for the
paper; spending a few moments blethering
over the garden fence or helping out with the
spring planting; baking an extra cake as a                    BEREAVEMENT CARE TEAM
treat and so on.
                                                            The Bereavement Care Team
The Christian Action Team encourages folk
                                                            offers support to those living in the
to help out with transport, takes dry tins and
                                                            Parish who are suffering loss or
goods to Bethany every so often, organises a
                                                            bereavement. The role of the
clothes collection for the Salvation Army-run
                                                  team is to offer support and encouragement
clothing store twice a year, spends time every
                                                  to those who wish it.    The team members
month playing games at both Davidson
                                                  are Jeanette Campbell, Helen Emslie,
House and Fords Road, goes out with the
                                                  Christine McBean, Eleanor Pountain and
Care Van several times a year and does the
                                                  Robin Winney. Referrals are received from
catering at the night shelter twice during the
                                                  Mr Dewar.

These are activities which run like clockwork     Christine McBean
and have teams in place for them. But… we
would like to encourage the whole
congregation to be part of Juniper Green
Parish Church‟s Christian Action Team in as
many small ways as we can. We can all be a
help to a neighbour whether next door, in the
city or around the world by our actions,
prayers and giving. Don‟t just sit back and       On General Assembly Sunday, 22 May 2011
say “I‟ve done my bit” or “Someone else can       from 1pm till 6pm, the Church will take over a
do it”. We are ALL commanded “Go and do           large area of Princes Street Gardens in
likewise”. Let‟s give it a go and our church      Edinburgh for a time of Celebration,
will have the biggest Christian Action Team       Inspiration      and     Discovery.       See
we could imagine!                                 www.rollawaythestone.org.uk for more details
Jean Dewar                                        closer to the time.
                       Family News
FUNERALS “I am the Resurrection and the
                                                Congratulations to
                 life” (John 11:25)
                                                                    Nancy Tonner, on the
December 13th         Mrs Helen Lauder                              birth of her second
                                                                   Imogen May Moffat.
December 21st         Mrs Grace Morrison
                                                Liz and Ian Gilmour, on the birth of their first
                                                granddaughter, in Australia,
                                                Ceilidh Skye Mackenzie Sappey
December 31st         Mrs Kay Manson,

January 25th          Miss Louise Cook,
                                                            Kirsty Dewar, and Matthew
                                                              Creedy who became engaged
January 27th          Mr Stewart Baillie
                                                              on 31st December 2010
                                                            Jolene Duguid, and Richard
                                                            Sonnet who became engaged
DISJUNCTIONS                                    on 16th January 2011

December Mrs Jennifer Orr
                                                                 Mrs Ela Paterson, , who
January     Mr David and Mrs Susan                               celebrated her 90th birthday.
                                                              Jan Davie, who celebrated her
                                                              85th birthday.
                                                Irene Thomson, who celebrated her 85th
                                                birthday .
                                                Dot Marshall, who celebrates her 103rd
                                                birthday .
                                                George Turnbull, who will celebrates his
            Two of our young folks,             90th birthday .
             Calum Grigor and Cameron
             Hales, Explorer Scouts, are
             going off to a National Scouting
             Camp in Malawi during the          The Summer Issue of Church News will be
summer. This is not purely a holiday for them   available on 5th June and contributions,
– they‟ll be building and digging trenches in   or any family news, should be sent or
several community projects!                     given to Alison Robertson by 22nd May.
We wish them well in their work and travels
and look forward to learning of their
experiences when they return.
God bless.
                                     What’s On
            Sunday Services: Morning Worship 10:30 am, Sunday@Seven in Hall 2

March 5th        Messy Church afternoon tea in Hall 1, 3.30-5pm
March 6th        Communion services at 10.30am in the Church and 3.30pm in Hall 2
March 9th        Church Annual Stated meeting: meal at 6.15pm, Business meeting at 7.45pm and
                 Stephen Fischbacher talks about Fischy Music.
March 13th       Morning Service at 10.30am
March 17th       St Margaret‟s Court service at 10.30am in the lounge
March 20th       Morning Service at 10.30am followed by prayers for healing
March 27th       Morning Service at 10.30am
                 Lorimer House service at 3pm.
April 2nd        Messy Church afternoon tea in Hall 1, 3.30-5pm
April 3rd        Morning Service at 10.30am, followed by an informal communion service
                 Fresh start collection – Dishes and Cutlery.
April 10th       Morning Service at 10.30am, conducted by Mr Charles Godon.
April 17th       Morning Service at 10.30am, followed by prayers for healing
April 21st       St Margaret‟s Court service at 10.30am in the lounge
                 Maundy Thursday Communion service at 7pm
April 22nd       Good Friday Service at 7pm
April 24th       Easter Sunday: communion service at 9.30am
                 Morning service at 10.30am
                 Lorimer House service at 3pm.
May 1st          Morning service at 10.30am followed by an informal communion service
                 Fresh Start Collection – Household Cleaners/ Lightbulbs
May 4th          Kirk Session meeting at 7.30pm
May 7th          Messy Church afternoon tea in Hall 1, 3.30-5pm
May 8th          Morning Service at 10.30am
May 15th         Morning Service at 10.30 am followed by prayers for healing
May 19th         St Margaret‟s Court service at 10.30am in the lounge
May 22nd         Morning Service at 10.30am
                 Roll Away The Stone, Princes Street Gardens, 1pm – 6pm
May 29th         Morning Service at 10.30am
                 Lorimer House service at 3pm
June 2nd         Kirk Session meeting at 7.30pm
June 4th         Messy Church afternoon tea in Hall 1, 3.30-5pm
June 5th         Communion Services at 10.30am and 3.30pm
                 Fresh Start Collection of Bedding

Church Wednesday meets every Wednesday at 7pm in Hall 3 for The Prayer Time and thereafter
a mixture of Bible Study and other discussion events in Hall 2 at 7.30pm.
Sunday@Seven is our evening service in Hall 2 at 7pm from September till June. It is a mix of
contemporary and traditional songs, interactive Bible teaching and prayer, quiet reflection, relating
Christian faith to the life of the Church and the community. Do come and join us for a more
informal style of worship.
Prayers for Healing take place after the morning service on the third Sunday of each month; we
have a list of names of people who are ill and have asked for prayer, there is then a short Bible
reading and a prayer in which we include the list of names. It is quite a simple „service‟ but many
have found this prayer time to be significant.
                   COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES
Our Church Halls are used by various groups during the week and, if anyone is interested in joining
a group, do telephone the contact noted below. If anyone is interested in booking a Hall for any
purpose, please contact Ian Marshall.

Zumba Fitness Class                  9.45am         Sara Wood
Kumon Centre                         5.00pm         Ravi Karanjkar
Rainbows                             5.45pm         Sandra Gibb
Scouts                               7.00pm         Chris Welch
Pentland Pilates (Intermediate)      7.15pm         Sara Wood

Open Door Café                       10.00am        Inez Paisley
Blue Sky Pilates                     1.00pm         Claire Macdonald
Brownies                             6.30pm         Jean Dewar
Scottish Slimmers                    7.00pm         Susan Shaw
Edinburgh Budgerigar Society^        7.30pm         Bill Miller

Ladies Badminton                     10.00am        Alison Buchanan
Pentland Probus Club+                10.00am        Leslie Hannaford
Drama Studio                         3.30pm         Julie McDonald
Guides                               7.30pm         Susan Gibson

Monkey Music                         10.00am        Alison Rankin
Guild of Friendship*                 2.00pm         Elaine Wilson
Enjoy-a-Ball                         2.30pm         Alister Ramm
Yoga Group                           7.00pm         Maureen Clarke

Zumba Fitness Class                  10.45am        Sara Wood
Cubs & Beavers                        6.30pm        Caroline Wood

Kumon Centre (Children Self-         10.00am        Ravi Karanjkar
Learning Group)
Fencing Fun                          12.30pm        Sean Walton

Kids‟ Church                         10.30am        Beverley Christy

                                             ^ Monthly
                         +First and third Wednesdays, September to May
                                           *Alternate weeks

    Juniper Green Primary School PTA uses the Church Halls for various functions throughout the
                        school session such as discos, family ceilidhs, etc.

                        Children‟s Birthday Party bookings are also popular.
                            WHO’S WHO
CONTACT                        NAME

Minister                       Rev James S Dewar
Session Clerk                  Charles R Godon
Treasurer                      R Douglas Buchanan

Beadle                          George Anderson
Bereavement Care Team           Christine McBean
Catering                        Sandy Watt
Christian Action Team           Jean Dewar
Church Halls Cleaning Team      Elaine Wilson
Church Secretary                Alison Robertson
Communications Team             Shona Cook
Creche                          Aileen Hardie
Flower Convener                 Hilda McNeil
Freewill Offering Administrator Lesley Grieve
Fresh Start Organiser           Marilyn Godon
Garden Team Co-ordinator        Jean Dewar
Gift Aid Treasurer              Douglas Buchanan
Girlguiding Division Commissioner Jean Dewar
Green Strollers Walking Group (Jeanette Campbell
                                (Beth Walker
Global Church Co-ordinator      Fiona Dewar
Guild of Friendship             Elaine Wilson
Halls Convener                  Ian Marshall
House Group : Baberton Mains Greg McIntosh
Kids‟ Church                    Beverley Christy
Ladies Badminton Club           Alison Buchanan
Leprosy Mission                 Sheena Blair
Magazine Distribution           Isabel Campbell
MSM                             Martin Elliot
Nurture Team                    Cliff Beevers
Open Door Café & Toddlers‟ Group         Karen Berry
Organist and Choirmaster        Florence Kinnear
Prayer Team                     Chas Godon
Joint Property Conveners        (Ian Gilmour
                                (Ross MacKay
Roll Keeper                     Isabel Campbell
Safeguarding                    Maureen Heathwood
Social Team                     Vacancy
Tapes of Church Service         Sandra Paulin
Youth Group                     John Christy

N.B. Church Office is open on Friday afternoons only (1.30pm-3.30pm)    458 5147

                                  Church Website : www.jgpc.org.uk

                                      Email : jgpc@supanet.com


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