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					                       Requirements CoP Post-Event Survey Results
        Do you know everyone and everything? If not, networking could be your answer!

Response Rate
     Surveys Sent: 175
     Surveys Received: 68
     Rate: 39%
     # of Attendees who responded 63
                                                                                          % Favorable**
Effectiveness Index                                                                           74%
      I learned new knowledge and skills from the CoP event.                                        79%
      I will be able to apply the knowledge and skills I learned to my current job.                 62%
      I believe practitioners, like myself, will be better aligned to enterprise
      standards/best practices based on the knowledge sharing at the CoP event.                     81%
Value & Engagement
      The CoP event was worth my time to attend and participate.                                    87%
      I plan on attending the next CoP event.                                                       97%
Additional Questions
      The briefing from IT Analysis leadership was helpful.                                         75%
      The ‘Collaboration Spaces’ presentation was helpful.                                          87%
      The ‘Associates in the Spotlight!’ feature was an interesting addition to the CoP
      meeting.                                                                                      79%
      The ‘External Networking Opportunities’ presentation was helpful.                             80%

** % favorable is the % of Agree & Strongly Aggree

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