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					                                                 Monthly Newsletter of the Pueblo Downtown Association
Number 2
Vol. 20

                                                                                                                            August 2010

       Waterfront Tour Highlights August Meeting
            The August general membership meeting will be held at Angelo’s
       Pizza Parlor and-a-More at 11:45 a.m. on Thursday, August 26. We will
       eat lunch, hold our business meeting and then cross the Riverwalk to
       tour the Waterfront Building on Main Street at the Riverwalk. We think
       you will enjoy seeing the rehabilitation of this building. My Friend the
       Printer will sponsor this meeting.
            All general meetings are open; you need not be a member to at-
       tend. We do call our full members reminding them about meetings.
       Cost to attend the meeting is $15; reservations may be made by email
       to or by calling the office at 543-
       7155. Please make your reservations no later than noon on Monday,
       August 23. Reservations for the meeting which are not cancelled by
       noon on Tuesday will be billed at the $17 rate. We do accept Master
       Card and VISA for meals as well as dues and purchases of Downtown
       Association merchandise.

      Historic Banners Refurbished, Reinstalled
                                           In the spring of 2004, the Downtown Association placed about 60 banners
                                     featuring historic photos on the streets in the areas. For the past couple of years
                                     we have lost several to high winds and weather. Those remaining were in sad
                                     shape. Average life for banners of any kind is four or five years at the most. This
                                     summer we have had Signs by Scott remove them from the poles, wash them,
                                     re-stitch them and re-hang them. Thirty three were removed. Thirty one were
                                     in good enough shape to re-hang. We did ask that Main Street be filled first and
                                     then Santa Fe. There are actually a few on Court Street too.
                                           Do take the time to look up and see pieces of history as captured by
                                     yesterday’s photographers. You will be pleased and surprised by the quality
                                     of the work. We are still appreciative to the Pueblo County Historical Society
                                     for the use of their photo collection for the images. We have established a
                                     good working relationship with them. Most of the photos which appear in our
                                     calendars and the information and photos which are used in the “Walk Through
                                     Time” column in this newsletter come from the information which the Historical
                                     Society has in its archives (other information and an occasional photo come
                                     from the Western History Collection at the Rawlings Library).
                                           We are lucky to have as much of yesterday still standing in the area as we do,
                                     but seeing the photos from the time when all of this was new is an eye opener.
                                     Pueblo has a rich history and much of it took place on streets we use every day.

     Contact Us!                      Via web site: • Voice Mail: 543-7155 • Immediate Response/Emergencies: 543-6676
                                                              Pueblo Downtown Association, P.O. Box 1953, Pueblo, CO 81002         August 2010
                  lk              What is the Millennial Generation Looking For?
        Street Ta                     Millennials were born between        are millennials and then decide what to do to reach them. All of you
                                 1977 and 1998; they are a generation      need to remember that as many as 75% of your customers are going
                                 who grew up with electronic devices.      to be in the older generations and you will still need to reach them
                                 In a two part feature in the Colorado     with the traditional media that you have been using.
                                 Business email newsletters one of
                                 them presented the case for marketing
                                 to them. Since many of us are not of
                                 that generation, I felt that giving you
  b y                            the highlights of the stories would
 Marga sias                      possibly make your future marketing
 W ard M                         efforts easier. According to the pieces
                                 Millennials scan visual information;
                                 ironically since the stories were
written, there was no mention of that generation actually reading
for information about products or services. The internet service
Facebook rates high with this group; they get not only information              The Colorado State Fair will be starting August 27. It always
about friends on the site, but also respond to advertisements they         brings many people into the city. Since some of the finest lodging
see there (I understand that there are not only ads on the site, but       facilities in the city are located downtown, we can be certain that
ads tailored to the interests of the person who has signed on.)            many people will be staying here. Please be on the lookout for
     Millennials consider themselves to only be interested in those        strangers and ask that your employees do all they can to help these
businesses they trust. If they have a good experience with your            folks find their way around the city. Encourage visitors to see area
business they come back, and they tell all of their friends to do the      attractions while they are here.
same. In my experience this generation has more friends and hangs               The State Fair Parade will be held on Saturday, August 28. The
out in groups more than the older generations did. They don’t want         parade will go up Main Street. Please make sure your sidewalks,
to be bored; if you don’t appear to be interesting and exciting they       windows and storefronts look their best. We want to leave visitors
probably won’t consider doing business with you. They want to do           with the best impression possible so that they will want to come
business with the “leaders in the field.” (I am not sure whether that      back at other times. Do remember that all of us benefit from good
means they only want more bells and whistles or whether they would         perceptions from people who came into the area, not just retailers.
consider a truly different, but not necessarily technological purchase.)
     New generation marketers are doing more “sponsorships” in             Shining Stars
addition to “advertising.” They sponsor celebrity awards rather than
purchase 30 second spots to sell their product—my guess is that                 The Downtown Association awarded Shining Stars to the Pueblo
the cost is roughly the same, just different presentation. The articles    Catholic Diocese and to the Konciljas at its July 22 membership
noted that a survey of CSU students showed that they respond best          meeting. The Catholic Diocese received the Star for the new building
to word of mouth from friends and the internet via cell phones.            at 1st and Greenwood which was also toured by those attending the
Catchy slogans are most apt to capture their attention. They like          meeting. Jim and Joe Koncilja were awarded a Shining Star for their
social media. This is an area we are looking at for the future of the      new building at C Street & Union which houses two store fronts to
Downtown Association, though we will need help and advice from             replace those damaged by the November 2008 gas explosion. We
members of that generation. Our promotions committee meets on the          applaud both efforts to keep building density in the Downtown area
second Tuesday of the month at 11 a.m. at the Downtown Association         and encourage you to drive by and see the new additions.
office, 517 W. 5th Street. We would be delighted to get your input.             The Shining Star for property improvement is awarded to busi-
     It seems to me that each of you will need to take note of the         nesses and organizations which visually improve the appearance of
proportion of your potential customers and decide what proportion          the street side areas of downtown Pueblo.

                                                    Southside Lawn & Landscaping
                                                                           Commercial & Residential
                                                       Specializing in hardscape and water features
                                                                    as well as plantings
                                                   See our work on Santa Fe between 5th & 6th in Downtown!
August 2010                                                                                                                                  2
Crane Watch!
City Hall: Scaffolding is up around City Hall for a major renovation on the 105 year old
facility. First work is on the roof. All offices housed in City Hall have been moved to other
locations. They are: City Manager, 200 S. Main, 3rd Floor Police side (you need to check
in at the police desk) 553-2655; mail should be addressed to P.O. Box 1427, Pueblo, CO
81002. The City Clerk is at 200 S. Main, entrance on Municipal Court side, 553-2669.
The City Finance Department is at 150 Central Main, 553-2625. City Council Chambers,
553-2655; Civil Service, 553-3635; Human Resources, 553-2633; Sales Tax, 553-2659 are
all at 301 W. B. Street (behind the Southeastern Colorado Heritage Center).
4th Street Bridge: Construction on the new eastbound bridge will be complete, but not
open to traffic, this month. Construction on the eastbound roadway will be ongoing.
Work is also being done on a storm sewer system. All traffic will be channeled over the
westbound bridge one lane in each direction through at least December of 2010.

    Locate Your Business or Office in the Historic Heart of Pueblo
    This directory is provided by the Pueblo Downtown Association to give prospective newcomers information about who to contact for space in the area. Properties listed
    are Downtown Association members; there may be other properties in the area which do not appear here.
    Riverwalk:                                                                          8th & Main
    1. 101 South Main Street, Waterfront Building, retail & office space, Rudy          1. Wells Fargo Building, Ali’i Management, Scott Luinstra, 542-1333
    Padula, 671-4027.                                                                   2. Katie Bonham, 545-1488 or 568-1733
    2. 102 South Victoria, Olde Towne Carriage House Building,                          3. Castle Building, 1,000 sq. ft. office space, $900 per month gross rent. Pam
    restaurant or pub space available, lower level, 543-1012, email otch@olde           Thurston, 252-8337 view at                                      13th & Main: Dan Molello, Jones-Healy, Inc. 545-8181
    1st & Main:                                                                         8th & Grand:
    1. Vectra Bank Building, Lisa Clevenger, 572-1092                                   4,000+ sq. ft. also parking, loading doors. Call 542-3379 ask for Bart.
    3rd & Main:                                                                         13th & Grand: Dan Molello, Jones-Healy, Inc. 545-8181
    1. Jordan Block, Michael Jordan, 543-8178                                           5th & Greenwood:
    2. PEDCo’s BTC, Offices from 160 to 1326 sq. ft., also light manufacturing space    1. Greenwood Square, Kerry Gladney, 544-0583
    in basement, Jeanne Benson, 546-1133                                                2. Metro Plaza, Kerry Gladney, 544-0583
    3. ABC Bank/Lottery Bldg, 7,000 sq. ft., Sound Venture Realty, 542-8426
                                                                                        710 W. 4th St.: Near proposed judicial center, 1400 & 2100 sq. ft. Rollie
    5th & Main
                                                                                        Leyh, 542-3876
    1. The New Thatcher Building, 1-man offices, 2 office suites, 1800 sq. ft. of
    open space area, other options available, Sound Venture Realty, 542-8426            801 W. 4th St.: Central Pueblo Ctr, Dan Molello, Jones-Healy, Inc. 545-8181
    6th & Main                                                                          Many Downtown Locations:
    1. RBC Wealth Management Building, one 1300 sq. ft. suite available–can be          1. Sound Venture Realty, (179) 542-8426
    divided in half, Sound Venture Realty, 542-8426.                                    2. Keller Williams Realty 583-1100

3                                                                                                                                                           August 2010
Downtown Happenings!
                 Sangre De Cristo Arts Center                                 The Pueblo Performing Arts Guild
                 Purchase art classes online at   A voice for the Arts: Connect to the Arts @
                 education anytime, anywhere. Find out what’s coming up       Performing Arts Calendar, audition listings, performing arts
                 by visiting For more information about
                 these or other events call Nicki Hart at 295-7200.           Impossible Playhouse
Rock ‘N’ Rods Summer exhibits end this month.                                 1201 N. Main St., 542-6969,
Through Aug. 21, Selling the Show, 3rd Level Galleries                        Aug. 20, 21, 7:30 p.m., Rumors. Tickets $5-$10.
Through Aug. 21, Colorado Scenic Byways: Taking the Other Road,               Aug. 21, 2 p.m. Rumors
Jim Steinberg Photography, Regional Gallery                                   Damon Runyon Repertory Theater
Through Aug. 28, Metal Marvels: Art Inspired by the Car,                      611 N. Main St., Reservations,
White Gallery                                                                 info 564-0579.
Aug. 14-Oct. 23, Aquarius: Southern Colorado Watercolor Society,              August 17 & 18, 6 p.m., Auditions for the musical Annie.
King and Level 2 Foyer Galleries                                              Call for information, 719-564-0579.
Aug. 21-Nov. 6, Lynn Stenzel: Representing the East side of the               Steel City Theatre Company
West, Regional Gallery                                                        Ticket information or 289-0293.
Aug. 21, 2010-January 29, 2011, Native visions: Selections from the
King Collection of Western Art, Hoag Gallery                                  First Friday Art Walk
                                                                              Sept. 2, 5-8 p.m. Galleries Downtown and beyond. May-October live
Aug. 28-Nov. 6, Ledger Drawings from the Collection of the Sangre             performances on Union Avenue.
de Cristo Arts Center, Level 3 Foyer Gallery
Aug. 28-Nov. 6, Native American Legacy in Oils by Doug                        5th & Main Art Gallery
Candelaria, Board Room                                                        Historic Federal Building
Sept. 23-Oct. 23, Representing the West, White Gallery                        Through September 2, Random Musing, Karla Lee-E and SK Co-
                                                                              thren, Contemporary paintings and prints
High School Artists’ Corner, rotates every other month, 3rd Level
Foyer gallery                                                                 Pueblo Symphony
Sept. 23, 5-7 p.m., Free public reception for fall exhibits.         Tickets & information, 545-7967.
Representing the West & Fall exhibits sponsored by US Bank.
Buell Children’s Museum: Summer Hours: 10 a.m.-4 p.m., Tuesday-                             Pueblo’s Riverwalk
Education: Aug. 23 register online for fall classes                                         For reservations of facilities, or to arrange walking tours,
                                                                                            call HARP Authority, 595-0242 or email info@puebloharp.
Sept. 13: Fall classes begin                                                                com.
Sept. 10-school year, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.: Friday Arts Academy, arts                Excursion Boats, Aug.: Tues.-Thur., 11 a.m.-8 p.m., Fri. & Sat., 11
education classes, register online at                 a.m. to 10 p.m., Sun. noon-6 p.m. Sept.: Wed.-Thur.. 1-8 p.m. Fri.-Sat.
                                                                              11 a.m.-10 p.m., Sun. Noon-6 p.m.
Rosemount Museum                                                              Pedal Boats, Aug.: Tues.-Sat., 11 a.m.-dusk, Sun., Noon-Dusk. Sept.:
14th & Grand.                                       Wed.-Fri. 11 a.m.-dusk, Sat. 11 a.m.-dusk, Sun. Noon-dusk
37-room, 24000 square-foot mansion built between                              Gondola Rides, Thur. 4-8 p.m., Fri.-Sat. 4-10 p.m.
1891 and 1893 by prominent Pueblo businessman                                 Booze Cruise Happy Hour, Thur. 4-8 p.m., Fri & Sat 5-10 p.m.
John A. Thatcher. The house became a museum                                   Farmer’s Market on the Riverwalk, Thurs, 4-8 p.m. until 1st frost
in 1968. More than 85% of the furnishings and
artifacts displayed are original to the family. Open 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Tues.-
Sat. Admission $6 adults, $5 seniors, $4 children 6-18. Tours every             Convention Program
half hour; last tour at 3:30 p.m. Grounds and veranda may be rented                  Large conventions will be presented with a number of
for special events. For group tours and information call 545-5290.
                                                                                Downtown Discount Cards to be given as door prizes. This should
39th Annual Stomp-On: Friday, August 27, 7 p.m.-midnight, on the                allow more member businesses to benefit more often from visitors
museum grounds. The evening features music at 8 p.m. by two bands,              to the city. If you are a member who is not participating in the
Martini Shot and Powder Keg, dancing and a cash bar. Elvis will be              program or if you are a retailer or restaurant who is not a member
on the grounds for a special performance prior to the bands. Food and
                                                                                but would like to participate, call the Downtown Association office
soft drinks are available. Tickets are $5 in advance and $8 at the gate;
they are available at: the museum office, Carriage House Restaurant at          543-7155 for information about joining the organization.
Rosemount, Stylz on the Riverwalk, Tracy’s Place and Lincare. Must
be 21, photo ID required. All proceeds benefit the museum. Call the
museum for more information.                                                                       Play
                                                                                  Win s! Downtown Detail! P Win
Business & Technology Center                                                         ze                               riz
3rd & Main, Lobby and Atrium areas. Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
Artwork by local artists, Lisa Bailey and Rayann Orr. Art is priced                               New photos monthly!
for sale.
August 2010                                                                                                                                           4
                                                                 Downtown Happenings!
Pueblo Convention Center                                                           Pueblo Downtown Association
1st & Main. For information about events or to book space call 542-1100.
Aug. 20       Pueblo Convention Center’s World Wine Tour                           Dates and times for upcoming meetings. Locations and
              featuring: A Taste of Colorado                                       programs are subject to change. If you would like to
Aug. 25       City Department of Housing & Citizen Services                        sponsor a meeting or get more information about meeting
Aug. 27       Xcel Energy                                                          sponsorship, call Margaret Ward-Masias, 543-7155.
Aug. 31       Colorado Cattlemen’s Association                                     August 26, 11:45 a.m., Angelo’s Pizza & A More,
Sept. 7-11    23rd Infantry Korean War Veterans                                        see page 1.
Sept. 8       Urban Renewal Authority—DDIS/Commerce Committee                      September 23, 11:45 a.m., Wells Fargo Bldg., Caterer:
Sept. 9       Business During Lunch                                                    Anton’s at the Thatcher, Program: Sales Tax
              Southern Colorado Residential Rental Association                         Vendor Fee Issue, Sponsor: Ali’i Management.
Sept. 9-11    WPSHA                                                                October 28, 11:45 a.m., Sangre de Cristo Arts Center
Sept. 14 & 15 PERA
                                                                                   November 18, 7:30 a.m., Pueblo Marriott
Sept. 15-17 Ten County Conference
Sept. 15      United Way Kickoff                                                   January 27, 11:45 a.m., Pueblo Convention Center
                                                                                       Program: Downtowner Awards, Sponsor: CTU
Note these events are published so that businesses in the area will know who
will be in the area. We encourage retailers and restaurants to make these
folk feel welcome in the area.
                                                                                 El Pueblo History Museum
                                                                                 301 N. Union, Call 583-0453. Tuesday-Sat. 10 a.m.–4 p.m. $4 adults, $3
Kids Day Parade & Pancake Breakfast                                              seniors, children 6-12, students with ID. “Family Saturdays” children 12
Mesa Junction.
                                                                                 & under–free. For docent-led tours for groups of 10 or more, contact the
Saturday, Sept. 4, 10 a.m. Children 12 & under compete for trophies.
                                                                                 museum office at least one week in advance.
Judged on costumes, creativity and just plain cuteness. Parade starts at
intersection of Quincy and Abriendo Avenues, continues through the               Aug. 20, 7 p.m. Song of Pueblo Concert: Presented by the El Pueblo
Mesa Junction. Pick up applications at these businesses: Taffy’s, 114            Ensemble. Featuring 14 original musical compositions by Daniel Valdez.
W. Abriendo; Broadway Pharmacy, 101 Colorado; Banquet Bakery, 115                Tickets are $15 each; doors open 6:30 p.m.
E. Abriendo; the Rawlings Library or online at www.coloradostatefair.            Through Oct. 15, SCPS Photo Art 2010, High Vista Fine Art Gallery.
com Deadline for return of applications is 5 p.m., Tuesday, Aug. 31.             Free Admission; Open Tues.-Sat. 10-4.
Pancake Breakfast from 7-10 a.m. the day of the parade. The public is
welcome. For information contact John Carleo, 719-561-3731, jcar446@             Pueblo Plaza Ice Arena or Karen at 719-543-1700.                                             1st & Grand, 553-2730,
                                                                                 Public Sessions through August:
Southeastern Colorado Heritage Center                                            Mon. 5:30-7 p.m.
Victoria & B St., 295-1517 for tours & info             Tues, Thurs: 11 a.m.-2 p.m. & 3:15-5:15 p.m.
In the 1924 Denver & Rio Grande Western Freight Depot near historic              Wed: 11 a.m.-2 p.m. & 7:30-9:30 p.m.
Union Depot & the Railway Foundation Museum. Exhibits of historical,             Fri: 7:30 p.m.-9:30 p.m.
cultural groups of southeastern Colorado. 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Tues.-Sat.              Sat: 1 p.m.-4 p.m. & 6:30-8:30 p.m.
Adults $4, 6-12 $3, Heritage Center Members & under 6 free.                      Students $2; Adults $3 Public Sessions, Skate Rental $2

    You can support Downtown Association members and save too! Listed here are participants and their offers to you. Call the
    Downtown Association office, 543-7155 to learn more about the card and to purchase it or go to Anton’s at the Thatcher, Cookie
    Ladies’ Riverwalk Bake Shop, Pueblo Government Agencies Credit Union or J.R.’s Country Store locations in Pueblo.
    1.    Angelo’s Pizza and A-More, Riverwalk, 10% off dine-in individual        14. Greenlight Tavern, 3rd & Santa Fe, Friday show 2 for 1
          meals and soft drinks.                                                  15. Gotcha Covered, 230 S. Union, 10% off total purchase
    2.     Anton’s at the Thatcher, 503 N. Main, LL, 10% off food and gifts       16. Historic Arkansas Riverwalk of Pueblo, Union at Riverwalk, buy 1,
    3.    Camera Craft, 2nd and Main, 10% off photo printing                          get 1 free boat rides
    4.    Carleo Creations, 608 N. Main, 25% off in-store merchandise             17. J.R.’s Country Stores, 5 cents off per gallon gasoline. 18.
    5.    Classic Corner, 415 W. 4th St., Suite B, 5-10% off framing              18. Mobile Record Shredders, 1st & Grand, 10% off shredding at store
    6.    The Chocolate Box, 6th & Court, 10% off any purchase                    19. Patti’s Restaurant, 241 S. Santa Fe, 10% off any meal
    7.    Cookie Ladies on the Riverwalk, 102 S. Victoria, #140, 10% off in-      20. Pueblo Marriott, 1st & Main, 20% off food at Charlie B’s Restaurant
          store purchases                                                         21. Rush’s Pueblo Lumber, 2nd & Grand, 10% off cash sales
    8.    Country Oven Bakery, 5th & Greenwood, 10% off baked goods               22. Sangre de Cristo Arts Center, 210 S. Santa Fe, Buy 1, get 1 free
    9.    The Deli, 612 N. Main Street, 10% off individual food & soft drinks         admission
    10.   Do Drop Inn, 1201 S. Santa Fe Ave., $5 off large pizza                  23. Shamrock Brewing Co., 108 W. 3rd St., 10% off food items
    11.   Exquisite Taste, 327 S. Union Avenue, Free Truffle or Ice Cream Cone    24. Signs by Scott, 123 W. 4th Street, 10% off sign orders up to $500
          with $10 or more purchase                                               25. Spangler’s Home Fashions, 4th & Grand, 20% off area rugs
    12.   Gray’s Coors Tavern, 4th & Elizabeth, 5% off food purchase              26. 80/Twenty Wines, 5th & Greenwood, 5% off selected wines
    13.   Greatest Gift 5th & Grand, 10 % off regular priced merchandise

5                                                                                                                                             August 2010
                                  We want to be part of the
                                Pueblo Downtown Association!
  Company Name _________________________________________________________________________________

  Address __________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  Contact name ____________________________________________________________________ Phone___________________________

      Please charge my Visa or MasterCard # _________________ Exp. Date __________________________________________________

  Name on card _________________________________________Billing address for card ________________________________________

      Check for $240 is enclosed.       Please send an invoice.
                Send application & payment to Pueblo Downtown Association, PO Box 1953, Pueblo, CO 81002.
                                One year membership is from July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011.
                      Associate (individual) memberships available for just $75 for member year 2010-11.

Membership Renewals At About 80% of Last Year’s Total
     As of the first of August we have received renewals from     back of the newsletter; we have indicated who still needs
about 80% of our members. That is a good number from              to renew. We appreciate the effort most of our members
the first billing of six weeks ago. We will be sending out a      go to in getting their checks to us early in the fiscal year.
second billing by about the time you receive this newslet-        It makes it easier to meet early expenses such as calendar
ter. If you have not received a bill, please call Margaret at     printing and creation of discount cards when we have a
the office and she will see why we missed you. Check the          healthy bank balance.

                                                                                                 Left: This circa 1938 WPA photo
                                                                                                 shows Main Street with the Whit-
                                                                                                 man. Also in the photos are a
                                                                                                 Conoco Service Station, a Maytag
                                                                                                 dealer, a Western Auto Supply
                                                                                                 store and Steel City Investment.
                                                                                                 Note the trolley tracks in the
                                                                                                 middle of the street.
                                                                                                 Photo page 7: This photo, prob-
                                                                                                 ably from the late 1930’s or early
                                                                                                 1940’s, shows the Whitman en-
                                                                                                 trance from the Main Street Side.
                                                                                                 Note the awnings on the room
                                                                                                 windows, the façade features and
                                                                                                 the autos parked on 9th Street.
August 2010                                                                                                                      6
                                Whitman Hotel, 830 N. Main Street, 1928-1974
                                      Before interstate highways       Chicago, Hotel Roosevelt in Lansing Michigan, and Hotel Acacia
                                 and motels made large downtown        in Colorado Springs in addition to the Whitman, an indication
                                 hotels scarce, The Whitman was        that the facility had become part of the 1950’s version of a chain.
                                 one of the finest lodgings in Pueb-   Also in the library’s files was a 1954-55 guide titled Motels and
                                 lo. The hotel was built in 1928,      Hotels Pueblo, Colorado. This four page brochure listed five
  Information & photos gathered
    by Margaret Ward-Masias
                                 just before the crash of 1929. The    “major hotels” all in the downtown area: The Congress, 7th &
                                 Western History Collection has        Santa Fe, with 200 rooms, rates for two $4 to $8; The Franklin,
                                 the original architect’s specs for    107 W. 4th, 19 rooms, rates for two $3-$4; the Maine, 710 N. Main,
the building. Walter DeMordaunt, with offices in the Thatcher          65 rooms, rates for two $2.50-$5; the Vail, Grand & Union, 100
Building, designed the building for W.M. Whitset and B.A. Shoe-        rooms, rates for two $3.50-$7.50; and the Whitman, 150 rooms,
maker. The building was to feature wrought iron grilles on the         rates for two $4.50-$8. Interestingly enough the list of Motor
entry doors and wrought iron cresting over the show windows.           Courts is 23 facilities, mostly outside of downtown as far north
The kitchen, of course, had linoleum floors with pine wainscoting      as the 3000 block of North Elizabeth, south as Lake Ave. and
to 5’ and then plaster up the rest of the wall. The lobby called for   east to Santa Fe Drive. These facilities range from 4 to 36 units
carpeted floors, plaster walls and ceiling with fir base and trim.     with prices from $3.50 to $10. Another 20 courts were listed by
The lobby stairs were to have quarry tile and wrought iron rail-       name and address only (presumably they were not dues paying
ings. One of the larger hotels in the city, the Whitman featured       members of the Chamber or whoever printed the brochure.)
150 rooms which, like the lobby, had carpeted floors, plaster          Judy and I added the number of rooms on the page and came
walls and ceilings and fir trim. In-room baths had not yet become      up with 923; assuming another 150-200 to the non-participating
the mode; the bathrooms were off the guest rooms and featured          facilities, the room count would come close to 1,100 about the
terrazzo floors and base with cement wainscot and plaster above.       same number as the city had four to five years ago.
The building was built for coal heat. An undated obituary in the            City Directories list various managers and even a short term-
library’s hotels file for Lester Peterman stated the he was the        name change for the facility. One 1930’s City Directory has an
contractor for the Whitman in addition to Central High School          ad which states that the hotel had a “radio in every room.” In
and the Kress Store (the building at 3rd and Main which today          1958 the Whitman advertised its coffee shop and lounge along
houses PEDCo’s Business and Technology Center). The obit               with the fact that it was air conditioned, had banquet rooms and
also states that Mr. Peterman and his wife operated the Hotel          free parking. Richard Burns was manager for the facility at that
Maine which was located across the street at 8th & Main Street.        time. The 1968 City Directory lists the facility as the Pueblo
      In a 1974 story about the closing of the Hotel, Pueblo Chief-    Motor Inn; the name change must not have been very effective;
tain-Star Journal reporter Len Gregory noted that the Whitman          by 1972 the name was back to Whitman, though the rooms were
was one of the finest in Pueblo during the 1940’s. “During the         mostly low end apartments. Part of the building was damaged
World War II, its restaurant was considered an exclusive spot          by a fire in December of that year.
to dine and late movie giant Clark Gable frequently partook of              A 1974 Pueblo Chieftain story about the demolition of the
hotel cuisine while stationed at Pueblo Air base.” A copy of a         building by Ron Martinez states that the building was four stories
1954 letter from then Manager H. E. Yager to the Rotary club           with 112 rooms and that in 1970 the building has been used by
extolled the hotel’s meeting facilities and well trained staff. The    the Division of Rehabilitation, Colorado Department of Social
letterhead on that letter shows four hotels—Hotel Planters in          Services for housing for clients. The story lists the restaurant-
                                                                                     lounge as the most attractive feature of the business
                                                                                     during the later years; featuring a combination of
                                                                                     “Old West—Gay Nineties” décor, names included
                                                                                     Charlie Brown’s and the Opera House-Silver Dollar
                                                                                     Bar. Demolition items salvaged for use in another
                                                                                     business included brass door knobs, fancy cornices
                                                                                     and doors.
                                                                                          Pueblo Gas and Fuel Co., operated by Public
                                                                                     Service Company of Colorado, occupied the new
                                                                                     building on that location for several years, before
                                                                                     consolidating their operation on the 600 block of
                                                                                     West Street where they operate today as Xcel energy.
                                                                                     The building at 830 N. Main Street is currently occu-
                                                                                     pied by Castle Investments, Quantum Realty, Express
                                                                                     Employment Professionals and others.

                                                                                       Information for this story and the photo of the
                                                                                   Whitman Hotel came from the Western History
                                                                                   Collection at the Rawlings Library. The Main Street
                                                                                   photo came from the Pueblo County Historical
                                                                                   Society’s collection.
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