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									   June 16, 1999                                               EXTENSIONS OF REMARKS                                                                     13211
   just reported to us that the flagrant viola-               We thank you for achieving a true break-               TRIBUTE TO RETIRING MIDDLE
   tion of human rights persists, and I urge the            through for the children of the world. We                SCHOOL PRINCIPAL TOM HAYES
   ILO governing body to take definite steps.               thank the nations here represented who have
   For Burma is out of step with the standards              made genuine progress in dealing with this
   of the world community and the aspirations               issue in their own nations. You have written                        HON. IKE SKELTON
   of its people. Until people have the right to            an important new chapter in our effort to                                OF MISSOURI
   shape their destiny we must stand by them                honor our values and protect our children.                 IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
   and keep up the pressure for change.                       Passing this convention alone, however,
     We also advance core labor rights by stand-
                                                                                                                              Wednesday, June 16, 1999
                                                            will not solve the problem. We must also
   ing with those who seek to make them a re-               work aggressively to enforce it. And we must              Mr. SKELTON. Mr. Speaker, it has come to
   ality in the workplace. Many countries need              address root causes, the tangled pathology of          my attention that a distinguished career in
   extra assistance to meet these standards.                poverty and hopelessness that leads to abu-            teaching has come to an end. The Honorable
   Whether it’s rewriting inadequate labor                  sive child labor. Where that still exists it is        Tom Hayes, Principal of Lexington Middle
   laws, or helping fight discrimination against            simply not enough to close the factories
   women and minorities in the workplace, the
                                                                                                                   School, recently retired after 34 years as a
                                                            where the worst child labor practices occur.           teacher, coach, counselor, and administrator.
   ILO must be able to help.                                We must also ensure that children then have
     That is why in the balanced budget I sub-                                                                        Mr. Hayes started teaching in the Lexington
                                                            access to schools and their parents have jobs.
   mitted to our Congress this year I’ve asked              Otherwise, we may find children in even                school system as a student teacher in the
   for $25 million to help create a new arm of              more abusive circumstances.                            spring of 1965. He was offered a contract to
   the ILO, to work with developing countries                 That is why the work of the International            teach full time in the fall of the same year. Mr.
   to put in place basic labor standards—protec-            Program for the Elimination of Child Labor             Hayes served as a teacher, coach, and coun-
   tions, safe work places, the right to organize.          is so important. With the support of the               selor until 1986, when he left Lexington to
   I ask other governments to join us. I’ve also            United States, it is working in places around
   asked for $10 million from our Congress to                                                                      take a position in the St. James School Dis-
                                                            the world to get children out of business of           trict. In 1993, Mr. Hayes found his way back
   strengthen U.S. bilateral support for govern-            making fireworks, to help children move
   ments seeking to raise such core labor stand-                                                                   to Lexington to serve as principal at the Mid-
                                                            from their jobs as domestic servants, to take
   ards.                                                    children from factories to schools.                    dle School.
     We have asked for millions of dollars also                                                                       Mr. Hayes educated Missouri’s youth and
                                                              Let me cite just one example of the success
   to build on our voluntary anti-sweat shop                                                                       enjoyed watching his students grow and ma-
                                                            being achieved, the work being done to
   initiative to encourage the many innovative                                                                     ture into adults. He is also gratified when the
                                                            eliminate child labor from the soccer ball in-
   programs that are being developed to elimi-
                                                            dustry in Pakistan. Two years ago, thou-               young people he taught come back to him
   nate sweat shops and raise consumer aware-
                                                            sands of children under the age of 14 worked           years later as adults to thank him. As a coach,
   ness of the conditions in which the clothes
                                                            for 50 companies stitching soccer balls full-          he coached multiple championship teams,
   they wear and the toys they buy for their
                                                            time. The industry, the ILO and UNICEF                 both in football and wrestling. Through hard
   children are made.
     But we must go further, to give life to our            joined together to remove children from the
                                                                                                                   work focusing on fundamentals, he helped av-
   dream of an economy that lifts all our peo-              production of soccer balls and give them a
                                                            chance to go to school, and to monitor the             erage athletes develop into skilled players.
   ple. To do that, we must wipe from the Earth                                                                       Although Mr. Hayes has retired from the
   the most vicious forms of abusive child                  results.
                                                              Today, the work has been taken up by                 Lexington School District, he is still an active
   labor. Every single day tens of millions of
   children work in conditions that shock the               women in 80 poor villages in Pakistan, giving          community member as the Mayor of Lex-
   conscience. There are children chained to                them new employment and their families                 ington, Missouri.
   often risky machines; children handling dan-             new stabilities. Meanwhile, the children                  Mr. Speaker, Mr. Hayes had an outstanding
   gerous chemicals; children forced to work                have started to go to school, so that when             career in education, and he will surely be
   when they should be in school, preparing                 they come of age, they will be able to do bet-         missed by everyone at Lexington Middle
                                                            ter jobs raising the standard of living of
   themselves and their countries for a better                                                                     School. I wish him and his wife Sherry all the
   tomorrow. Each of our nations must take re-              their families, their villages and their na-
                                                            tion. I thank all who were involved in this            best in the days ahead. I am certain that the
   sponsibility.                                                                                                   Members of the House will join me in paying
     Last week, at the inspiration of Senator               endeavor and ask others to follow their lead.
   Tom Harkin, who is here with me today, I di-               I am pleased that our administration has             tribute to this fine Missourian.
   rected all agencies of the United States gov-            increased our support for IPEC by tenfold. I                            f
   ernment to make absolutely sure they are                 ask you to think what could be achieved by
   not buying any products made with abusive                a full and focused international effort to                     BOND PRICE COMPETITION
   child labor.                                             eliminate the worst forms of child labor.                      IMPROVEMENT ACT OF 1999
     But we must also act together. Today, the              Think of the children who would go to
   time has come to build on the growing world              school, whose lives would open up, whose                                  SPEECH OF
                                                            very health would flower, freed of the crush-
   consensus to ban the most abusive forms of
   child labor—to join together and to say there            ing burden of dangerous and demeaning
                                                                                                                               HON. ELIOT L. ENGEL
                                                            work, given back those irreplaceable hours                              OF NEW YORK
   are some things we cannot and will not tol-
   erate.                                                   of childhood for learning and playing and liv-             IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
     We will not tolerate children being used in            ing.                                                               Monday, June 14, 1999
   pornography and prostitution. We will not                  By giving life to core labor standards, by
   tolerate children in slavery or bondage. We              acting effectively to lift the burden of debt,            Mr. ENGEL. Mr. Speaker, fellow colleagues,
   will not tolerate children being forcibly re-            by putting a more human face on the world              I rise in support of the Bond Price Competition
   cruited to serve in armed conflicts. We will             trading system and the global economy, by              Improvement Act of 1999. The Committee on
   not tolerate young children risking their                ending the worst forms of child labor, we will         Commerce and Subcommittee of Finance, of
   health and breaking their bodies in haz-                 be giving our children the 21st century they           which I am a member, has held a number of
   ardous and dangerous working conditions for              deserve.                                               hearings to review the process and competi-
   hours unconscionably long—regardless of                    These are hopeful times. Previous genera-
                                                                                                                   tion in mutual fund fees and bond prices.
   country, regardless of circumstance. These               tions sought to redeem the rights of labor in
                                                            a time of world war and organized tyranny.
                                                                                                                      Witnesses repeatedly testified that trans-
   are not some archaic practices out of a
   Charles Dickens novel. These are things that             We have a chance to build a world more pros-           parency of corporate bonds was poor. Wit-
   happen in too many places today.                         perous, more united, more humane than ever             nesses also revealed that individual pur-
     I am proud of what is being done at your               before. In so doing, we can fulfill the dreams         chasers of the same bond from the same
   meeting. In January, I said to our Congress              of the ILO’s founders, and redeem the strug-           dealer at approximately the same time may be
   and the American people in the State of the              gles of those who fought and organized, who            given widely divergent prices.
   Union address, that we would work with the               sacrificed and, yes, died—for freedom, equal-             Mr. Speaker, fellow colleagues, improved
   ILO on a new initiative to raise labor stand-            ity, and justice in the workplace.                     transparency of the bond market would lead to
   ards and to conclude a treaty to ban abusive               It is our great good fortune that in our
                                                                                                                   improved bond prices for investors, and in-
   child labor everywhere in the world. I am                time we have been given the golden oppor-
   proud to say that the United States will sup-            tunity to make the 21st century a period of            creased transparency would assist the rel-
   port your convention. After I return home I              abundance and achievement for all. Because             evant regulators with development of an audit
   will send it to the U.S. Senate for ratifica-            we can do that, we must. It is a gift to our           trail.
   tion, and I ask all other countries to ratify            children worthy of the millennium.                        In today’s ever changing global economy,
   it, as well.                                               Thank you very much.                                 information is our most valuable resource. By

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   13212                                                       EXTENSIONS OF REMARKS                                                            June 16, 1999
   improving the information available to inves-            tions show that when the PPS is fully imple-               HONORING JOSHUA VANDIVER
   tors, leading to more competitive prices for             mented, some hospitals stand to lose between
   bonds, we hope to eliminate price discrimina-            40 and 50 percent of their revenue. This could                     HON. BOB SCHAFFER
   tion and promote a more fair and competitive             have a devastating effect on the availability of                          OF COLORADO
   market.                                                  certain services. For many individuals, out-
                                                                                                                       IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      The Bond Price Competition Improvement                patient care is a safer, more convenient, and
   Act, which is supported by the NASD, SEC                 less costly alternative to being admitted over-                 Wednesday, June 16, 1999
   and Bond Market Association has many ad-                 night to a hospital for a minor procedure. I do           Mr. SCHAFFER. Mr. Speaker, I rise to
   vantages. However, the three economic bene-              not want to see patients’ choice of health serv-       honor Mr. Joshua Vandiver of Swink, Colo-
   fits that I am mostly enthusiastic about are:            ices and care settings limited.                        rado, a student at Swink Junior-Senior High
      1. It will bolster investor protection by pro-           Today, I am introducing the Hospital Out-           School. He has received an outstanding rec-
   viding investors with better opportunities to            patient Preservation Act. This legislation will        ognition of being a Presidential Scholar. I am
   monitor the behavior of the entities that make           put a limit on the Medicare payment reduc-             pleased to take a moment and extend Joshua
   markets in secondary securities;                         tions hospitals receive under the outpatient           congratulations for his phenomenal academic
      2. It will help improve market liquidity by           PPS for the first three years it is in place. This     prowess, artistic success, scholarship, leader-
   boosting investor and market confidence in a             bill will allow hospitals to gradually reorganize      ship, and involvement in school and commu-
   market; and                                              their budgets and operational structures in            nity. He possesses the key to success be-
      3. It will enhance market efficiency by boost-        order to smoothly transition to the new pay-           cause the attributes of his personality, hard
   ing the price discovery process of moving to-            ment system without having to eliminate serv-          work and persevance are strong and long last-
   ward the ‘‘optimal price’’ for a particular secu-        ices. It is my intention that this bill will pre-      ing. With these skills Joshua Vandiver will
   rity.                                                    serve the intent of the Balanced Budget Act to         prosper in the future.
      Market power invested in one bond dealer              enforce fiscal responsibility in the Medicare                            f
   enables the dealer to charge prices that are             system, while preventing any negative con-
   higher than those that would be available in a           sequences that drastic revenue reductions                      HONORING SYLVIA LASK
   fully competitive market. Due to the lack of             would have on hospitals and their patients.
   transparency in the current bond market deal-
                                                                                                                               HON. ELIOT L. ENGEL
   ers sometimes offer the same bond to dif-                                                                                          OF NEW YORK
   ferent customers at significantly different                     IN HONOR OF CELESTICA OF                            IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
   prices. This price discrimination is facilitated                       COLORADO
   by the lack of pricing information to investors.                                                                          Wednesday, June 16, 1999
      I am convinced that improved transparency                                                                       Mr. ENGEL. Mr. Speaker, Sylvia Lask, a
   in the corporate debt markets as addressed in
                                                                        HON. BOB SCHAFFER                          tireless advocate for her community and a
                                                                               OF COLORADO
   the Bond Price Competition Improvement Act                                                                      woman who has worked with me for all of my
   will eliminate this practice.                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                     elected life, is celebrating her 65th birthday,
      I would like to commend my fellow col-                           Wednesday, June 16, 1999                    an occasion to celebrate her and all the won-
   leagues on the Commerce Committee, com-                                                                         derful things she has done. She has worked
                                                               Mr. SCHAFFER. Mr. Speaker, today I rise
   mittee staff, and legislative staff on working to-                                                              with me from my start in the New York State
                                                            to congratulate Celestica, a Ft. Collins com-
   gether to draft this important bill and I hope                                                                  Assembly, but even more, she has been a
                                                            pany determined to provide total customer sat-
   that we can continue to work together in this                                                                   great friend. She developed a specialty in the
                                                            isfaction, superior value, quality, and techno-
   spirit of bipartisanship in the future.                                                                         area of mental health while at my Assembly
                                                            logical leadership through designing electronic
      Mr. Speaker, Congress is at its best when                                                                    office and her dedication led her to join me in
                                                            memory solutions and manufacturing printed
   we work together to solve problems such as                                                                      late night visits to State psychiatric hospitals to
                                                            circuit boards. This prosperous corporation
   these. The American people deserve nothing                                                                      check on the care of the patients. Currently
                                                            has not only benefited itself, but its community
   less. The Bond Market Price Competition Act                                                                     she is Chair of the New York State Board of
                                                            as well. Celestica currently employs 1,000
   of 1999 is an important piece of legislation                                                                    Visitors of Psychiatric Hospitals and is a mem-
                                                            Colorado citizens, and has grown strong
   that will preserve this country’s place as a                                                                    ber of the Board of Bronx Municipal Hospital.
                                                            enough to add 500 new jobs to the Ft. Collins
   leader of bond market transaction in the inter-                                                                 She also led her building in the Co-op City
                                                            area. Celestica workers provide jobs in nine
   national marketplace.                                                                                           rent strike. Her caring and concern have won
                                                            countries and employment opportunities for
      I urge my colleagues to vote in favor of this                                                                her the affection and appreciation of virtually
                                                            over 15,000 worldwide while generating eco-
   bill.                                                                                                           everyone she has come in contact with. She
                                                            nomic growth and health benefits.
                      f                                                                                            is also a State Committeewoman for the 82nd
                                                               Mr. Speaker, Celestica is successful be-
                                                                                                                   A.D. She is a committed Zionist and Jewish
        INTRODUCTION OF THE                                 cause it strives to meet its customers’ needs,
                                                                                                                   causes are her passion. She is an ardent sup-
    OUTPATIENT PRESERVATION ACT                             guarantee long-term value and have innova-
                                                                                                                   porter of the Kibbutz movement. She dearly
                                                            tive ideas for products. For this reason, it is
                                                                                                                   loves her two children, Marc and Vicki. When
                                                            obvious why Celestica is the third-largest elec-
                HON. MARK FOLEY                             tronics manufacturing company in the world.
                                                                                                                   I picture Sylvia in my mind I see her dancing
                       OF FLORIDA                                                                                  around a campfire at a Kibbutz. She is a very
       IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                                         f                                   dear friend and I join all in wishing her a very
                                                                                                                   special birthday.
             Wednesday, June 16, 1999                               PERSONAL EXPLANATION
     Mr. FOLEY. Mr. Speaker, I was (and still
   am) a proud supporter of the Balanced Budget                        HON. EVA M. CLAYTON                                 PERSONAL EXPLANATION
   Act and its attempts to bring about greater fis-                        OF NORTH CAROLINA
   cal discipline to save Medicare from bank-                  IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                                HON. EVA M. CLAYTON
   ruptcy. However, when we passed this bill, we                                                                                    OF NORTH CAROLINA
   did so with the understanding that Medicare                        Wednesday, June 16, 1999
                                                                                                                       IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
   services to seniors would not be harmed.                    Ms. CLAYTON. Mr. Speaker, on rollcall No.
     Sadly, the current form of the prospective             187, the Souder amendment—to ‘‘prohibit any                      Wednesday, June 16, 1999
   payment system (PPS) for hospital outpatient             fiscal year 2000 funding for military operations          Mrs. CLAYTON. Mr. Speaker, on rollcall No.
   services such as surgery, radiology, clinical            in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia,’’ I was         189, the Skelton amendment—‘‘prohibiting any
   services, emergency room care, chemo-                    absent for the above-referenced vote because           funding for combat or peacekeeping oper-
   therapy, and psychotherapy makes drastic                 I was in North Carolina attending the funeral          ations in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia,’’
   cuts in payments so that many hospitals may              services for the father of my District Office Di-      I was absent for the above-referenced vote
   be forced to limit or discontinue outpatient             rector. Had I been present, I would have voted         because I was in North Carolina attending the
   services that patients depend on. Initial projec-        ‘‘nay.’’                                               funeral services for the father of my District

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