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auguST 2010

                                                                         life + leisure

                                                                                        *          win
                                                                                                        see page 37

                                          + sip an eco wine + rock + nosh in
                                           memphis + summer gazpacho
                                   + retreat to island lake lodge in BC +
                                       canada’s great
                                                   wine country
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      where will you meet?   memphis   /   a b b o t s f o rd   /   victoria   /   fiji   /   vienna         >>
                                       Leading Mineral Explorers and
                                       Developers Throughout the Americas

Cardero Group                                                                     IRON     COPPER

                                                                             Cardero Resource Corp

of Companies                                                                 TSX: CDU | AMEX: CDY | FSE: CR5

                                                                            • Pampa de Pongo iron deposit
                                                                              in Peru recently sold for US$100
      Tower Hill Mines                                                      • Pampa El Toro iron sands in
 TSX: ITH | AMEX: THM | FSE: IW9                                              Peru; Major iron resource
                                                                              delineated; Successful
• Positive heap leach phase scoping                                           pilot-scale production
  study at Livengood gold deposit
  in Alaska announced late-2009                                             • Drilling on gold project in
• Life of project proposed gold                                               Argentina and iron-titanium
  production of 459,000 oz/yr for                                             projects in Minnesota
  12.6 years                                                              

   Dorato Resources Inc
                                                            full page
TSX-V: DRI | FSE: DO5 | OTCQX: DRIFF                            AD
• Dominant land position in Peru’s
  Cordillera del Condor region on
  extensions of the world-class
  Ecuadorian gold districts
• Extensive gold mineralization on
  a large 950-sq-km property
• $15 million exploration program

      SILVER       LEAD         ZINC
                                                     REE          URANIUM
  Trevali Resources Corp
        CNSX: TV | FSE: 4TI
                                          Wealth Minerals Ltd
                                              TSX-V: WML | FSE: EJZ
• Partnership with Glencore to
  put the Santander polymetallic        • Exploring Argentina’s uranium
  mine in Peru into production            and rare earth element assets

• Three new silver-lead-zinc            • Dominant, quality land
  deposits open for expansion             positions in Argentina’s key
  plus newly discovered zones             mineral districts

                 | 604.408.7488 |
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                                                                                         DENTISTS                               life + leisure
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                                                                                                                Dr. Neil Pollock
                                                                                                                jim Prime
                                                                                                                Manfred Purtzki
                                                                                                                Dr. Kelly silverthorn
                                                                                                                Dr. Derek turner
                                                                                                                Corey Van’t Haaff

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                                                                                                                    want to                                                                                           Canoe on
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                                                                                                                                                      Go eco
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   lake ontario
                                                                                                                    check                         35 the hungry dentist                                           with Toronto’s

                                                                                                                    out our
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   cityscape as
                                                                                                                                                      Summer gazpacho
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     your “wild”
                                                                                                                                                  36 prescribing R & R
                                                                                                                                                      Singletrack in the alpine

                                                                                                                                                                                  July/august 2010 juST for CaNaDIaN DENTISTS      3
from the editor

                                                                         clockwise from top left

sample some
                                                                       Arcade Restaurant in
                                                                       Memphis; charcuterie
                                                                         at Costeaux French
                                                                         Bakery in Sonoma;

summer flavour
                                                                          canoeing on Lake
                                                                        Ontario; Island Lake
                                                                                 Lodge fare.

            e hope you enjoyed the                  You’re not limited to the west. dip

                                                                                                                                                clockwise from bottom left: b. sligl (3); canadian tourism commission
            premiere issue of Just For          a paddle in lake ontario’s waters, and
            Canadian Dentistsmagazine.          glimpse the CN Tower from a whole
  please keep the comments and feedback         new perspective. Then there are
  coming. We want to hear from you!             icebergs to float by in Newfoundland,
     With summer now in full swing, we          narwhal to encounter in Nunavut, and
  have more great travel adventures and         spires of rock to navigate around in
  some eco inspiration to share.                New brunswick. Get wet this summer!
     There’s plenty of both on the west coast   (See feature on page 10.)
 in bC, from sampling organic chocolates            for land-lubbers, there’s Sonoma
 (page 8) or fresh local produce at farmers’    County in California. Wine and dine
 markets to hiking beneath the boughs of        where farm-to-fork really means
 towering Red Cedars (pages 5 and 9) or         something. Chefs here raise what they
biking singletrack in the alpine (page 36).     cook. it’s a summer haven that only                eco cars (page 16); sustainable wine in bC
     And, of course, there are must-do water    gets tastier as harvest season draws near.         (page 34); a recipe for summer gazpacho
adventures. Escape to the misty waters          (See feature on page 30.) And then there’s         (page 35); and the charm of Utah (page
near the Great bear Rainforest and cross        memphis. more food, as well as music,              27)…Enough to whet your appetite?
paths with orcas or hit the waves steps         history and some ducks (page 19).                  Happy reading!
from downtown Vancouver and glide past              our columnists also dish out the goods:                              Barb Sligl, BA, MPub
highrises.                                      the locum lifestyle (page 15); a rundown on        

4   juST for CaNaDIaN DENTISTS July/august 2010
                                                       what/when/where > july/august
                           books | food | shows | festivals | places | getaways | gear…

                                                                    go          where trees loom
                                                                        large, silence reigns and
                                                                      stress evaporates…Island
                                                                     Lake Lodge, deep
                                                                      in the mountains
                                                                            of southeast get-
                                                                         BC, is home to away
                                                                    towering 800-year-
                                                                      old Western Red Cedars.
                                                                      Explore old-growth forest
                                                                            and more…(see page 9)
island lake lodge resort

                                                                        July/august 2010 juST for CaNaDIaN DENTISTS   5
      mix               july/august
                                                                                                                                                      luxury, not landfill
                     food                                                                                                                               o
                                                                                                                                                      D youever wonder what
                                                                                                                                                      happens toyour castoff
                                                                                                                                                      clothes likethat too-tight
                                                                                                                                                      suit or what-was-I-thinking
                  farmers’                                                                                                                            sweater? Theym have ight

                  markets                                                                                                                               ade
                                                                                                                                                      m their wayintothesleeve
                                                                                                                                                      of a dress or panel of a skirt
                                                                                                                                                      that’s gracingthedisplays of
                  country-wide                                                                                                                        Preloved’s T   orontoor Montreal
                  Immerse yourself in local                                                                                                           boutiques. At Prelovedvintage
farm-fresh flavour

                  fare—at home or afar. Find a                                                                                                        fabrics destinedfor thelandfill
                  farmers’ market in your area                                                                                                                      ed
                                                                                                                                                      arereclaim andcraftedinto
                  this summer and support                                                                                                             sustainablestyles that are
                  local producers. or discover                                                                                                        sought bywell-heeledcelebs
                  a new destination through                                                                                                           andeco-m     indedshoppers.
                  its food while mingling with                                                                                                             on’t
                                                                                                                                                          D expect tofind
                  its locals.                                                                                                                         anythingbohoor hippie-chick:
                                                                                                                                                      thelook is tailored, witha
                  NEWFoUNDLAND >
                                                                                                                                                      twist. ThebreezyFranca topis
                  Lester’s Farm near St.
                                                                                                                                                             m ust:
                                                                                                                                                      a sum er m constructed
                  John’s, a 150-year-
                                                                                                                                                                        ed en’s
                                                                                                                                                      from3reclaim m dress
                  old family tradition;
                                                                                                                                                      shirts, it’s a sweet sleeveless
                                                                                                                                                      blousewitha subtleshirttail
                  PEI > summerside market                                                                                                                  .
                                                                                                                                                      hem AndtheFefestrapless
                  in the Historic Holman                                                                                                              partydress oozes curves and
                  Building; 902-436-7784                                                                                                                     e
                                                                                                                                                      volum inperfect form No   .
                  new BrUnswICK >                                                                                                                     wouldguess it’s m fromade
                  saint John City market,                                                                                                                        ed
                                                                                                                                                      a reclaim curtainandtwo

                  a provincial historic site                                                                                                          trenchcoats…

                                                                              eco-chic x 3
                  and one of the oldest
                  continuing markets in                                                                          Sartorial style can have
                  north america;
                                                  style                                                          a hefty price tag, but
                                                      why should the planet have to pay? Canadian designers
                  noVa sCotIa >                                                 show that fashion can be eco—and chic —Janet Gyenes
                  Halifax Farmers’
                  market, north america’s                                            wake up your inner warrior D             ottedLoop’s jewelrycollections—
                  oldest farmers’ market;                                                                              ed
                                                                                     fashionedfromhigh-endreclaim chain, baubles andbeads—have
                                                   always hada rock ’nroll vibe, andnowVancouver-baseddesigner
                  QUeBeC > Le marché du                                                       ed                          etal
                                                                                     Teresa Sm is goinghauteheavym withher newlineinspired
                  Vieux-Port in Quebec City;                                                                    e’re
                                                                                               bygladiators. W not talkingabout goingtobattle
                   forward-thinking                                   bedeckedwithbreastplates or pauldrons, but there’s
                                                 fashion Som fashionistas
                                                                  e                                 plentyof hardwareonthestatem        ent-m akingnecklaces,
                  ontarIo > st. Lawrence           ight
                                                 m raprhapsodicabout how                                    perfect for bravingthecrowdgathered
                  market in toronto;             Montreal veganleather goods                                     roundthecocktails andcaviar. Layers
                                                 purveyor M + Nat has curedtheir                                        esh            etal
                                                                                                                   of m andgunm chainare
                  manItoBa > Le marché           cognitivedissonanceby allowing                                      delicatelybalancedwithvintageand
                  saint-norbert Farmers’                     eld
                                                 themtom their ecoethos with                                          couturepieces, likerhinestonecrystals
                  market in winnipeg;            their “it bag” addiction. But m ost                                   andgold-washedbeads that can
                                                 peoplehavesim beensinging                                              givethat LBD(littleblack dress) a
                                                 praises about thecom   pany’s broad                                     m uch-needededge. D   ottedLoophas
                  > saskatoon
                                                 rangeof wallets, laptopcarriers,                                         som  ethingfor theguys, too: look for
                  Farmers’ market;                                ore,
                                                 clutches andm sinceit burst                                               chunkychains ornam   entedwithvin-
             ontothefashionsceneinthe                                                    tagecoins andcool skeletonkeys.
                                                 m id-90s.                                                                    Unleashyour inner gladiator!.
                  aLBerta > Calgary                  TheStellar collectionis awash                                     
                  Farmers’ market, on            withbonewhite, bright blueand
                  the site of a former           pretty pink, andjudgingby the
                  army barracks;                      es
                                                 nam of pieces, thedesigners
                havebeeninfluencedby m      usic.
                  BrItIsH CoLUmBIa >                                    RIX
                                                 Rock it withtheHEND handbag,
                  Granville Island Farmers’      or groovetotheheavy electronica
                  market;                  EAD A 5
                                                 beats of theD M U (above, in
                  en/public_market —B.Sligl      blue). m

              6      juST for CaNaDIaN DENTISTS July/august 2010
                                                                                                                 july/august                        mix
listen     great music gives
Summer listening…16 music legends—from Stevie Wonder to The
Clash—picked one of their own songs and then a current favourite
artist to do a cover…The result? A compilation of fresh covers of
                                              huge hits. And the best
                                              part? The proceeds of
                                              the Heroes CD go to
                                              War Child, an award-
                                              winning charity that
                                              provides opportunities                                     wHat Fromstation           BIXI
                                                                                           gadget tostation: take,
                                              and long-term solutions                       /tour         ride, return. BIXI is Montréal’s public
                                              for war-affected                                            bike system. It’s analternative—and
                                              children, focusing on

                                                                                                                                                    pedal pushing
                                                                                           green—means of urbantransport that’s accessible
                                              education, children’s                        toeveryone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, fromMay
                                              rights, reducing poverty                               ber.
                                                                                           toNovem Hopona bike whenever, wherever,
                                              and fostering self-                          andleave it at any BIXI station. wHY The Ville de
                                              reliance. War Child                          Montréal wantedtoprovide a different means of
                                              Canada (founded by                           gettingaroundMontréal—for locals andvisitors
                                              Dr. Samantha Nutt                            alike (what better way todiscover the hipcity?).
                                              and Dr. Eric William                                                                ilar
                                                                                           Andwiththe huge popularity of sim publicbike
                                              Hoskins) currently                                    s
                                                                                           program inEurope, Montréal decidedtojointhe
                                                                                           forward-thinkingpack. more There are 3,000
                                              provides active support
                                                                                           bikes and300 stations throughout three Montréal

to communities in Afghanistan, Sudan (Darfur), Uganda, Democratic                          boroughs: Ville-Marie, Plateau-Mont-Royal and
Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka and georgia. Working closely                        Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie. Andit’s free for the first
with the music industry, War Child provides awareness, support                             30 m inutes, just like inParis…—B.S.

                                                                                           bike it!
and action for children’s rights everywhere. Purchase directly from or on iTunes. —B.S.

    a century’s                              The northern Sunshine            Sweden, South Africa and          stand. Two notable examples

     worth to
                                             Coast boasts its share of        Taiwan.                           include the Dwight Hall,
                                             sleepy towns, but beyond              Outdoor enthusiasts          home to a ballroom featuring
                                             Powell River’s placid facade     will revel in this recreational   an innovative sprung dance
   explore on the                            is a vibrant community that      mecca, rich with myriad           floor (shock absorbing!),

                                                                                                                                                    the sunshine coast
                                             counts recreation, culture       lakes, rivers and kilometres      and the restored Patricia
  Sunshine Coast                             and arts among its many          of shoreline to explore. Make     Theatre, which has earned
                                             delights. Take an exhilarating   like a fish and get face-to-      the distinction of being
                                             drive and ferry-hop up           face with the undersea life       the oldest operating movie
                                             the coastline northwest          found in Powell River’s 100-      theatre in British Columbia.
                                             of Vancouver, or relax on        plus dive sites, like the Great        And after a day of leisure
                       Townsite Heritage     a scenic ferry ride from         Pacific Octopus, plumose          or recreation, do like the
                  Society of Powell River:   Vancouver Island, and you’ll     anemones, and the Emerald         locals: cap off the day with a
            arrive in a destination that     Princess, a 2.5-metre bronze      hearty meal savoured lake-
                                             has retained its small-town      statue of a mermaid. Or           or seaside. Our pick: lunch
                        Dive Powell River:   charms, while enjoying           explore surf and turf: Paddle     at the Laughing Oyster     its share of international       and portage the eight lakes       Restaurant overlooking
             Powell Forest Canoe Route:      acclaim.                         in the 57-km-long Powell          crystalline waters of Okeover             Case in point: the          Forest Canoe Route that           Inlet. Tuck into the instantly
                                             biennial International           rambles through ancient           addictive Gunpowder
       International Choral Kathaumixw:      Choral Kathaumixw                forests.                          Prawns; Executive Chef
                     (Kathaumixw is a Coast                History fans will want       David Bowes will even bring
                    Tourism Powell River:    Salish word that means           to wander the old Townsite,       over some extra bread, so you
                                             “A gathering together of         designated as a National          can sop up every last drop of
 get-                   Laughing Oyster:
                                             different peoples”), which       Historic District of Canada       the spicy lobster- and beer-
                                                                                                                spiked broth. —Janet Gyenes
                                             lures over 1,200 singers from
                                             far-flung locales like France,
                                                                              in 1995. Grand edifices
                                                                              built in the early 1900s still

                                                                                        July/august 2010 juST for CaNaDIaN DENTISTS                 7
mix                               july/august
                             Make use of the great eco
chomp + clean in the green
                             cleaning products available,                  gear
                             both in your home and the
                             office. And pass on the plastic
                             at picnics this summer!

                             simply clean
                             Clean and green don’t have to be
                             mutually exclusive, as shown by the
                             biodegradable range of cleaning
                             products made by Vancouver-based
                             Sapadilla Soap Co. The power of plants,
                             like rosemary and peppermint, is used
                             in place of harsh chemicals, which can
                             cause skin irritations or even contribute
                             to cancer (not to mention the toxins
                             we wash down the drain and into our
                             streams and waterways).
                             Naturally derived sugars
                             and antimicrobial lactic                              indulgence that’s good for the
                             acid lend that squeaky-                                                                                                 food
                             clean touch to Sapadilla’s                            bodY + miNd + plANET
                             all-purpose cleaner, while a
                             splash of vegetable glycerin                           ink hocolates is a Vancouver chocolatier handcraftinguniqueflavour m out of
                                                                                  M C                                                                      ixes
                             and the essential oils of pink                       thefinest cocoa ingredients. C                       et                     pen
                                                                                                                   hoosefrom33gourm chocolatebars like“O InCase
                             grapefruit and bergamot pack                         of Em               int
                                                                                         ergency” (m andbourbon) or “Tawny & Ruby AreFriends” (port anddark-
                             a pleasing punch to the dish                         chocolateganache). Thenam them  es     selves areenticingenough(hardtoresist the
                             soap that’s tough on grime,                                        eo
                                                                                  idea of “Rom & Juliet,” withhalf white-chocolateandhalf dark-chocolateganache),
                             but easy on your hands.
                             Sapadilla’s cleaning products
                             also come packaged in
                                                                                  evenbeforethefirst nibble. Andtherearefiveflavours of bonbons (above), each
                                                                                  handcraftedwithanillustration. The“Bear Tree” bonbonfeatures a whim im    sical age
                                                                                  of, yes, a bear leaningona tree, andboasts “Blackberry Honey D Cark hocolateG   anache
                             HDPE #2 recyclable bottles—
                                                                                  inD Cark hocolate.” G
                                                                                                         rrrrrr!! If youneedanexcuse, you’velikely seena host of
                                                                                  recent literatureonthehealthbenefits of high-percentagecocoa (richinantioxidants
                             pass on the plastic                                  andflavanols), PLUSthereareplenty of organicoptions (prom     otingbiodiversity and
                             Plastic may corner the market
                             on convenience, especially when
                                                                                  sustainablepractices). Andif youhappentobeinVancouver, gototheM Caféto
                                                                                       bine                                                        r
                                                                                  com thebest of bothcaffeineworlds: coffeeandchocolate. O gofor thechocolate

                             it comes to often-used items like                                      ores ade
                                                                                  fondueandS’m (m at your tableover a hibachi!). — B.S. m   
                             cutlery, but a line of compostable

                                                                                                                         rubber chic
                             knives, forks and spoons made from
                             birch and aspen is throwing a curve
                             into the industry. Aspenware’s WUN
                             cutlery is manufactured right in British
                             Columbia’s okanagan Valley from fallen
                                                                                                                        durable + stylish
                             trees that are salvaged from the forest                                                                          ix
                                                                                                                          Form+ functionm very nicely inthis unbreakable-
                                 industry. Unlike plastic, which clogs
                                                                                                                            yet-delicate-lookingvase. That’s becauseit’s
                                                                                                                               rubber. Fun, unusual, andsurprisingly stylish,
                                                 our landfills, these
                                                                                                                                  it com ina variety of colours, from
                                                    utensils are crafted                                                                         m
                                                                                                                                     bright sum er-sky blue(left) tovibrant
                                                    from 100-per-cent                                                                                e
                                                                                                                                       pink andlim green. Theunique
                                                    biodegradable                                                                        m aterial—yes, rubber!—m seem  ay
                                                    wood, which means                                                                    overly utilitariananda bit prosaicbut
                                                  they can be tossed                                                                      upcloseit gives theim    pressionof a
                                               right into your backyard                                                                                  ic.
                                                                                                                                          fragileceram Think of it as funky
                                              composter. WUN is gMo                                                                       designfor thoseseekingsom       ething
                                            and pesticide free, boasts a                                                                  different andvery contem    porary, or
                                           Kosher and Pareve certified
                                                                                                                                         evenjust a rem    arkably practical vase
                                                                                                                                        for households withsm children
                                          coating, and it promises a
                                                                                                                                       runningaroundor entertainingal fresco
                                         knife sharp enough to chew                                                                               m              o
                                                                                                                                     onlongsum er nights. T finda retailer
                                       through steak.                                                               near yougotom —B.S.
                                    —Janet Gyenes

                    8         juST for CaNaDIaN DENTISTS July/august 2010
                                                                                                                                                                                                   july/august                mix
                                                                                            mountain manna

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              retreat to the mountains!
                                                                                            at island lake lodge
                                                                         Escape to a spa resort tucked amidst old-growth
                                                                         forest above a mountain lake in the bC Rockies.
                                                                         And it’s an environmental award winner too. Ahhh...
                                                                           pon              am
                                                                         U arrival M a, PapaandBab Bear greet you.They
                                                                         threem    ountainpeaks(topleft), part of theLizardRange,
                                                                         risehighabo theluxuriouslog-cabin-chiclodgethat’s
                                                                         tuckedinthevalleyb IslandLake(m               iddle).
                                                                                W etotheKootenayRockies.Thiscorner of
                                                                         southeast BCisfar fromthedailydistractionsof citylife,
                                                                         yet it’seasilyaccessiblefromC          algary(abeautiful three-
                                                                         and-a-half hour drive) andVancouver (aneasyone-hour
                                                                         planeridetoC rook, plusone-hour drive).
                                                                                 om                   p
                                                                                C eheretocom letelyrelaxor toget the
                                                                                              . y                ix
                                                                         adrenalinegoing M goal: am of both.There’shiking                ,
                                                                         m             iking               ,           ,
                                                                            ountainb , flyfishing canoeing evengolf…take
                                                                         your pick. IslandLakeLodgeitself has11hikesthat range
                                                                         fromaneasyjaunt aroundthelaketoano                 vernight trekin
                                                                                          alked ld ro th edar rail
                                                                         thealpine. I w theO G w C T (topright)
                                                                                         ver w
                                                                         under theco of to ering800-year-oldredcedars.
                                                                         Surreal. Especiallyafter disco      veringcentury-oldnam      es
                                                                         etchedintreesthat havelongoutlivedthecarvers(“Steele”couldbelegendarySam
                                                                         Steeleof theN     orth-W Mest ountedPolice…).
                                                                                       hole                              . earb ernie
                                                                                Thew regionisfull of history N yF retainsitsearlyoutpost vibe;
                                                                         heritageb                                                  w
                                                                                      uildingsdatetotheearly1900s.Theto nhassurvivedfires, floods, evena
                                                                                                                              curse…Local legendsaysthat w W    hen illiam
                                                                         eco efforts IslandLake                                ernie                 ining
                                                                                                                              F brought coal m totheElkValley
                                                                         Lodgeis a winner of theHall of                       hecourtedanaboriginal chief’sdaughter to
                                                                         Fam Awardof Excellenceinthe                          sourcetheblackstonesinher necklace. O     nce
                                                                         Energy andEnvironm category ent                                          ernie
                                                                                                                              hefoundthecoal, F abandonedher, anda
                                                                         fromtheHotel Associationof                                   as
                                                                                                                              cursew placedonthevalleyinrevenge.The
                                                                         C anada. Theawardrecognizes the                              as                  ,
                                                                                                                              cursew eventuallylifted but theG      hostrider
                                                                                         m ent
                                                                         resort’s com itm topreserving                                       hen         w
                                                                                                                              legendlives:W shado sfall acrossthe
                                                                         theenvironm andits efforts
                                                                                                                                       ount osm               m
                                                                                                                              faceof M H er insum er, theghostly
                                                                         tom izeenergy useindaily
                                                                         operations, liketheinstallation                      figuresof thechief andhisdaughter ap    pear.
                                                                         andoperationof twom            icro-hydro                  Backat thelodge, after hikingand
                                                                         stations that generate100%of the                     circlingthepristinelakeoncanoe(I glided
                                                                         resort’s electrical needs. Theresort                              ping
                                                                                                                              throughjum fishandpast fam of      ilies
CloCkWiSE fRom Top lEfT: b. SliGl (2); iSlANd lAkE lodGE (2); b. SliGl

                                                                         alsocom                     FL
                                                                                     posts, uses C bulbs, and                      y                     aits.
                                                                                                                              bab ducks), ahot tubaw Sittingchin-
                                                                         evenrecycles by printinginvoices                     deepinsoothingbubbles, I gazedupat the
                                                                         ontheback of usedpaper!                                       ily
                                                                                                                              bear fam andw      atchedasabaldeagle
                                                                                                                              sw                       w
                                                                                                                                 oopedandcircleddo ntothelake…
                                                                         Thenthere’sthespa. D Afull-bodym                                       uch ore
                                                                                                                            assageissooooom m satisfyingafter a
                                                                         surplusof freshair inspectacular surroundings.Thisisdefinitelynot roughingit!
                                                                                 ext         pled             .
                                                                                N I sam thefood Basedonthefreshest, locallysourcedingredients, it’s
                                                                         gourm farethat’ll satisfyanyfoodie.Thedishesrangefromcoconut-encrustedp ns                  raw
                                                                         tobison(oneguest claim it rankedasonethebest piecesof m he’sever tasted!). eat
                                                                                                                va                            as
                                                                         Andthendessert…thePavlo (bottomleft) I savouredw bothlight anddecadent.
                                                                                                ith                ’      w
                                                                         All of it isservedw theregionsrekno nedhospitality—theentirestaff at IslandLake
                                                                         Lodgehasaperpetual sm going N w ile                               here
                                                                                                                     . o onder…lookw theyw —B.S.        ork.

                                                                         For m infoonIslandLakeLodge, gotoislandlakeresorts.comor call
                                                                         1-888-422-8754or 250-423-3700. For m infoontheKootenayRockies of BC
                                                                         andFernie, gotokootenayrockies.comandhellobc.comor call 1-800-HELLO .

                                                                                                                                                                                July/august 2010 juST for CaNaDIaN DENTISTS   9
travel at home

            explore British Columbia’s ragged coastline or skirt the shores
      of Ontario’s concrete jungle…Our paddling roundup finds routes for
   adrenaline junkies and urbanites to science geeks and animal lovers >>
                                                          story   by Janet Gyenes

                                                                                    CANAdiAN ToURiSm CommiSSioN

   10   juST for CaNaDIaN DENTISTS July/august 2010
                          travel at home

July/august 2010 juST for CaNaDIaN DENTISTS   11
travel at home
               Kayaking on ottawa’s Rideau Canal below
                Kayaks on BC’s Sunshine Coast. bottom
              Paddling through False Creek in downtown
                      Vancouver. previous page Kayaking   With three oceans, thousands of lakes and rivers, and parks
                   alongside icebergs in Newfoundland.    bigger than countries such as Switzerland, any paddling
                                                          pursuit easily doubles as a water-bound safari.

                                                          1 ICE CATHEDRALS

                                                          You don’t need to awake at dawn or be stealthy to grab a glimpse of
                                                          these solitary giants on their annual migratory route. Every year, icebergs
                                                          calved from glaciers in Greenland begin a 1,600-km year-long journey
                                                          south, drifting through iceberg Alley, an area stretching from labrador’s
                                                          northern tip to Newfoundland’s southern Grand banks. paddlers can watch
                                                          the flotilla of ice edifices from prime vantage points like the baie Verte
                                                          peninsula or Quirpon island, while observing the icebergs from a safe
                                                          distance. Even the humpback and minke whales will be dwarfed by these
                                                          beautiful behemoths.
                                                              delight in the new lexicon you’ll learn, adding some bon mots
                                                          to those exclamatory oh’s and ah’s. See if you can spot dome ’bergs
                                                          with their rounded tops or the dry dock, an iceberg characterized by a
                                                          u-shaped slot near the water level and a pair of pinnacles.

                                                          Coastal Adventures ( offers kayak tours of iceberg
                                                          Alley from the baie Verte peninsula and Notre dame bay. linkum Tours
                                                          ( offers paddling excursions near Quirpon island.

                                                          2 THE BIG THREE

                                                          Spirit bears, whales and wolves, oh my! indeed, exploring the fringes
                                                          of the Great bear Rainforest on british Columbia’s North Coast is the
                                                          apotheosis of kayak adventures, the trip to top one of those “before you
                                                          die” lists. These remote and now protected environs are home to the last
                                                          of the wild wolves, chronicled by ian mcAllister who has studied these
                                                          elusive animals for almost two decades. Enchantment and anticipation
                                                          await paddlers on approach of every cove or clearing in hopes of a rare
                                                          white spirit bear appearing in the ancient forest or a humpback whale
                                                          breaching in the distance.

                                                          mothership Adventures ( offers
                                                          six- and nine-night kayak tours of the Great bear Rainforest.

                                                          3 ON THE EDGE
                                                          At a latitude of 72 degrees north, life in and around pond inlet on baffin    fRom Top: oTTAWA ToURiSm; JANET GYENES; dAVid p. lEWiS
                                                          island literally clings to the precipice. Here, steep headlands plunge into
                                                          river valleys and primordial glaciers and archeological sites fade away
                                                          under the Arctic sun. Along with dozens of species of flora and fauna
                                                          lives the narwhal, a mythic mammal that seems to fit into the cabinet of
                                                          curiosities with fearsome beasts like the giant squid, often rendered in
                                                          scientific plates to terrifying effect. This uni-toothed (or horned) whale
                                                          earned a place in melville’s frightening tome, Moby Dick and is reputed to
                                                          be the basis for that real mythical creature, the unicorn. Short summers
                                                          mean there is just a small window of warmth that enables paddlers to ply
                                                          the frigid waters and follow pods of migrating narwhals while viewing the
                                                          bylot island glaciers.

                                                          Whitney & Smith legendary Expeditions (
                                                          offer kayak excursions to baffin island to view narwhals.

   12   juST for CaNaDIaN DENTISTS July/august 2010
                                                                                                                                                                travel at home

                                                    paddling can be a lesson in the strange forces of mother
                                                    Nature. Cue the lights, grab the camera, and prepare for
                                                    the action.

                                                    1 SHOOT THE SWELLS

                                                    West Coast denizens might already know that in the Chinook
                                                    language, skookum means “fast” and chuck means “water.” if that
                                                    translation isn’t literal enough, would-be paddlers take heed: at high
                                                    tide, 200 billion gallons of water are squeezed through the narrows
                                                    here, culminating in a witch’s cauldron of sorts. That’s not to say that
                                                    the Sechelt Rapids, the bottleneck of the Skookumchuck Narrows
                                                    Narrows, isn’t navigable. but the 30-km-plus currents shouldn’t
                                                    tempt weekend warriors. if you dare dip your paddle into this briny
                                                    soup clogged full of bulbous bull kelp, purple sea stars and spiky sea
                                                    urchins, check the tide tables and ensure your skill set is sound.

                                                    kayaks can be rented from Egmont marina (

                                                    2 HIGH-WATT LIGHTS
                                                    forget your need for a geography lesson of that rectangular-shaped
                                                    province better known for its wheat fields than waterways. The fond
                                                    du lac river in the remote reaches of northeastern Saskatchewan
                                                    might be one landmark you never knew about, but it’s also one
                                                    a handful of lucky paddlers will never forget—especially in late
                                                    summer. The river moseys through forests resplendent in fiery fall
                                                    hues and traverses limestone gorges, offering up a paddle that’s both
                                                    picturesque and heart-pounding. At night, though, it’s the high-
                                                    wattage aurora borealis that amps up this adventure. peek out of
                                                    your tent and watch the laser light show that forms when gases from
                                                    solar activity collide with nitrogen and oxygen atoms in the Earth’s
                                                    magnetic field. The soundtrack to these dancing lights? Silence,
                                                    golden silence.

                                                    Great Excursions Travel ( and Churchill River
                                                    Canoe outfitters ( both offer seven-day
                                                    canoe adventures on the fond du lac.

                                                    3 FLOWERPOT ROCKS + HIGH SEAS
                                                                                                                               gliding along BC’s
                                                                                                                               coast with Mothership
                                                    Who wouldn’t want to paddle in the world’s largest bathtub and             Adventures. above
                                                    circumnavigate the fanciful-named flowerpot rocks? And who knew            Riding the rapids of the
                                                    that this basin—the bay of fundy, home to the highest tide on the          Skookumchuck Narrows.

                                                    planet—was once a dry rift valley? paddling among the red-tinged           top Maneuvering the

                                                    Hopewell Rocks is much more than a relaxing day at the beach: it’s         Hopewell Rocks in New
                                                    a science lesson covering topics from geography to oceanography            Brunswick.
                                                    with some astronomy and ornithology thrown into the mix. Here, you
                                                    can witness the Seiche Effect, the name given to the wave action that
                                                    creates that so-called bathtub-like effect of sloshing water, along with
                                                    the migration of up to 2.5 million sandpipers that stop by en route
                                                    to South America. be sure to explore sandstone sea caves and seek
                                                    out curiously named formations, like E.T., dinosaur, lover’s Arch and

                                                    baymount Adventures (
                                                    offers kayak tours of the Hopewell Rocks and bay of fundy.

                                                                                                                                      July/august 2010 juST for CaNaDIaN DENTISTS   13
                                                                              travel at home

                                                                         Taming the concrete jungle can be as
                                                                         easy as appreciating it from a prime
                                                                         position on the water, where traffic
                                                                         jams and crowded trains are left for

                                                                         1 SKYSCRAPERS +
                                                                         paddle Toronto. To some, it’s more of a mantra
                                                                         than a question. finding a respite in Canada’s
                                                                         most populous city sometimes means
                                                                         getting up and at ’em with the early birds for
                                                                         a 6:30 am kayak on lake ontario. Explore the
                                                                         harbour in calm waters while marvelling at
                                                                         the CN Tower’s spire punctuating the morning
                                                                         sky. or venture farther afield to discover the 13
                                                                         nearby Toronto islands where the siren sounds
                                                                         of nature drown out the drone of the city.
                                                                                       for more information on
                                                                         canoeing or kayaking in Toronto, go to
                                                                         paddle Toronto ( or
                                                                         Toronto Sailing & Canoe Club (

                                                                          2 UP THE CREEK,
                                                                            WITH A PADDLE
                                                    Canoeing on Lake
                                                      ontario with the
                                                      Toronto skyline    purists might assert that Vancouver’s false
                                                   and CN Tower as a     Creek is not really a creek, but this briny
                                                           backdrop.     waterway is arguably a perfect place for
                                                                         some urban paddling at virtually any time of
                                                                         the day or night. kayakers might be surprised
                                                                         to come within a whisker of a harbour seal or
                                                                         witness a pair of resident bald eagles nesting
                                                                         atop a tree at Vanier park, all against the
                                                                         backdrop of glass highrises.
                                                                                       Ecomarine ocean kayak
                                                                         Centre ( offers guided
                                                                         tours and kayak rentals.

                                                                         3 RIDE THE RIDEAU

                                                                         The sheltered waters of the ottawa-to-long-
                                                                         island-lock stretch of the 200-km-long Rideau
                                                                                                                             CANAdiAN ToURiSm CommiSSioN

                                                                         Canal is the perfect entrée for the urbanite
                                                                         looking to develop some “sea” legs in a kayak
                                                                         or canoe. And history buffs seeking some “off-
                                                                         the-hill” insight can find plenty of information
                                                                         on the eight ottawa locks that remain a
                                                                         symbol of engineering excellence.
                                                                                      ottawa paddle Shack
                                                                         ( offers kayak
                                                                         and canoe rentals.

14   juST for CaNaDIaN DENTISTS July/august 2010
practice management                                       timothy a. Brown

Timothy A. Brown specializes in dental practice appraisals, brokerage,
consulting, locum placements, associateships and practice financing
across Canada. Reach Timothy at

the locum lifestyle
How to keep working and start living at the same time

    wrote a column several years back titled       most boomers i know are still “racing” at
    Freedom 55, Who Are We Kidding! it was         this age and putting their health at serious
    a challenge to the freedom 55 mental-          risk—especially most male dentists.
ity and the “race” to get there. A number              one dentist i suggested the locum to is
of dentists telephoned me to express their         dr. Galina mayer, who has this to say about
appreciation for a new perspective on the          her experience:
topic. basically, i was saying slow down,          After a longm   aternity leave, I was lookingfor a part-time             A.B. Dental Devices Worldwide
take your time, it is NoT a race to retire at                                                                     
                                                   associateposition. Tim A. Brownof RO C        I orporation
55—what the heck would you do anyway?              suggestedthat I consider a locumpositioninthepractice
     The financial “experts” have been advis-      of a dentist whohadrecently passedaway.
ing dentists to work, work, work so they can                                   ’s                     e
                                                         I amgrateful for Tim suggestion. It set m upona
achieve an early retirement. This advice has                                                        ,
                                                   wonderful path. Heexplainedthat as a locum I would
poorly served the baby boomers and left            havetheflexibility topractisedentistry, without owning
many highly stressed! The pressure tactics
of the investment community at large that
                                                   a practice, andtheowner wouldhavethefreedomto                  A.B. Superior Implant
                                                   practisewithout worryingabout internal com       petition.     Quality - $ 165
encourage dentists to maximize production                After practisingas a locumfor threeyears, I learned
at any cost are flawed. This shortens career       that dentists perceivea locumas tem     porary labour for
spans, increases risk of disease and abuse of      em  ergency situations only. Locum arethought of for
                                                                                        s                         Implant+healing
substances, amongst other problems…                illness or m aternity leaveandnothingm but thereare
                                                                                               ore,               abutment+transfer+analog
     my advice:
  1 book a vacation—now!                           num                                      ay
                                                        erous situations whena locumm assist:                     +abutment
  2 Take a minimum of two weeks off—at                • If youaretiringof routineandwishtoreducehours             (including Zirconium
                                                         andpatient load,
     least twice per year;                                                                                        Abutment) - $ 350
  3 follow your own goals, not those set for          • If youwishtoconcentrateonspecializedprocedures,
     you by others;                                   • If youarecontemplatingthesaleof your practicein
                                                         thenext threetofiveyears.                                A.B. Start special:
  4 Hire a locum dentist and relax; your
     practice and patients will be there when                                                                     Buy 30 implants + 15 healing
                                                   Think of a locum as:
     you return!                                                                                                  abutments + surgical kit: $4950
                                                    • mature, knowledgeable and
     Slow down and take your time. A dental            experienced
career is not a race to see who finishes first.
if your classmates have let go of ownership
                                                    • A dentist who is not looking to open a
                                                       practice and compete with you
before you, so be it. There is no script or
master plan that dictates when you should
                                                    •  An experienced dentist who can easily
                                                       establish rapport with patients and staff.
exit dentistry.
     Enter the locum. This concept is an ex-            it is possible for a professional to extend
cellent alternative for dentists, and i’ve been    their earning years. And it has been proven
actively promoting it for many years. There’s      that those who choose to work part-time for
wisdom in the idea of part-time dentistry,         many years, versus those who work full time
which allows you to enjoy the freedom of           for a lesser number of years, will live longer.                   5336 Queen Mary, Suite # 14
not owning a practice.                                  dr. mayer’s comments suggest that a                          Montreal, H3X1T8
     part-time is ideal for those who have         new trend may be forming. i call it Part                          Quebec
most of their lifetime financial obligations       time dentistry for life (pTdfl). locums are                       Canada
fulfilled (educating children, mortgages paid      well established in many other professions                        Tel; 514 9414450
off, etc.). part time can mean one month on        such as law, accounting and medicine.                             Fax; 514 3694186
then one month off, or one week on and             Using locums for temporary labour is                    
one month off, or any such combination.            perfectly aligned with the baby boomer’s                
boomers have not embraced the “job-shar-           lifestyle needs. We need income, yet we also
ing” philosophy of Generation X and Y. but         recognize that we need to own a business
why not? it should be encouraged when              in order to secure the income. i call this
we reach the age of 50, when we should be          trend the freedom from ownership cycle.
allowed to gradually slow down yet plan a               So, what’s your career and lifestyle                                           Health Canada

continued career of another 20 or 30 years.        choice?

                                                                                                     July/august 2010 juST for CaNaDIaN DENTISTS       15
motoring              d r . k e l ly s i l v e r t h o r n

                                                     Dr. Kelly Silverthorn is Just for Canadian dentists’
                                                     automotive writer. He tries to keep one convertible
                                                             and/or one track-day car in the family fleet.

fuel futures
What’s clean and green in today’s car crop…

                                                          ’m a carbon footprint skeptic. i breathe in o2 and breathe out
                                                          Co2, while plants do the opposite. in response, i have been slow
                                                          to embrace “green” cars. They’ll be slow, boring appliances,
                                                      right? Yet the car companies are deploying their best minds in this
                                                      green quest. So i had ambivalent expectations for my green car
                                                      immersion at the 101st los Angeles Auto Show.
                                                          The Show’s Ecodrive Experience unleashed 225 automotive
                                                      journalists from around the world into lA traffic, driving 25 types of
                                                      production and near-production green cars. my lottery allocation of
                                                      test-drives proved a good mix of different green vehicle types, sizes,
                                                      and propulsion methods.

                                                      AUdi Q7 Tdi (C Dlean iesel)
                                                      Available in North American markets, this is the 7-passenger luxury-
                                                      liner V-6 turbo-diesel SUV from Germany’s Audi. more than 50%
 AUDI Q7 TDI                                          of luxury vehicles sold in Europe are diesels. in North America the
                                                      proportion of diesel passenger vehicles sold is tiny.
                                                           Consumer perceptions can be difficult to change, and
                                MITSUBISHI MiEV       consumers on our side of the pond anachronistically associate
                                                      diesels with slow, noisy, smelly vehicles belching black smoke. our
                                                      oil-refining choices have kept North American diesel prices higher.
                                                           The Q7 was none of those things. in fact, you would be hard
                                                      pressed to know you weren’t driving one of the gasoline-fired Q7
                                                      versions sold in Canada since 2006. diesels are known for their
                                                      abundant torque at low and mid rpm, which is where most day-to-
                                                      day driving occurs. The Q7 did not disappoint.

                                                           ThePro of BC C
                                                                  vince , ity      miTSUbiSHi miEV (Full Electric)
                                                             ofVancouver andBC     Next up was the narrow, tall, and short
                                                            H haveintroduced
                                                             ydro                  four-door city car from mitsubishi. The
                                                           threei-M vehiclesto
                                                                    iEV            miEV is a plug-in only-electric four-
                                                               Vancouver fleets.   door car sold in Japan. on their 220v
                                                                                   grid, recharge time is 7 hours and the
                                                      resulting range is 160 km. on a typical North American 110v outlet,
                                                      recharge time would be 14 hours. Top speed of the little mitsubishi
                          HONDA CLARITY FCX           is 130 kph.
                                                           The miEV does not meet North American crash standards.
                                                      Nevertheless, some of our jurisdictions are allowing cars like the
                                                      miEV to be registered, as long as they are speed-limited to just 40
                                                      kph. Crashworthiness and carbon footprints can be competing
                                                      aims for society. increasing crashworthiness adds weight, which
                                                      subtracts from fuel economy.
                                                           Society has other issues to grapple with in the electric car field.
                                                      How will we generate more green electricity? do we have the
                                                      distribution system to carry this electricity to where it is needed?
                                                      Will we give electric cars perks such as tax breaks, free parking,
                                                      public charging facilities, and their own traffic lanes? How will their
                                                      batteries be recycled or retired? How do you complete your trip if
                                                      you “run out of charge”?
                                                           Smart minds are working to solve these electric car issues.
                                                      What i can tell you is that the miEV dynamically was a blast to drive.

16   juST for CaNaDIaN DENTISTS July/august 2010
                                               m o t o r i n g [ c o n t i n u e d ] d r . k e l ly s i l v e r t h o r n

Electric motors provide all of their torque at     steam-methane reformation. (The green           full-size Rl Acura. The fuel-cell technology
throttle tip-in offering up a willing partner      Holy Grail would be to use solar/wind/tidal     gives unprecedented packaging flexibility
to press on through the urban jungle. i            to provide that Hydrogen instead through        to designers. more importantly, the Clarity
could see driving one of these on my daily         water electrolysis, and Honda has several       will “peel rubber” with traction control off
commute, and grinning foolishly (though            such demonstration/ research projects           and four adult males aboard—just like frat
perhaps not at 40 kph).                            underway.)                                                             House days.
    However, the noiseless part of the                  As an interim
electric car experience has got to go. blind       solution to securing            The future of                          So, WE HAVE ClEAN
people need to hear them. Car enthusiasts          green energy to                                                        diESElS on sale right
want to hear them. i’m confident some              supplant the required           personal vehicles                      now, and plug-in
smart marketer will allow customizing the          natural gas, Honda              promises a smaller                     ElECTRiCS and
sound of your electric ride—just like we do        is now in its fourth                                                   HYdRoGEN fUEl-
now with our cell-phone ringtones. “Today i        generation of the               carbon footprint, yet CEllS coming down
would like ferrari V-12 sound please!”             “home hydrogen
                                                   station,” which uses
                                                                                   undiminished luxury, the development pike.
                                                                                                                          pundits expect all of
HoNdA ClARiTY fCX (Fuel C Vehicle)                 the natural gas                 utility, playfulness                   these technologies to
This Honda four-door sedan is the                  already fed to most                                                    play roles, the degree
technologic tour-de-force of my Ecodrive           homes to supply not             and performance                        to which will vary from
trio. it has a hydrogen fuel cell as its primary   just home heating,                                                     continent to continent.
propulsion, though a regenerative braking          but also electrical                                                        The lA Auto
system is also incorporated. The basic idea is     needs, and hydrogen for the car’s fuel          Show’s Ecodrive concept cars and
that Hydrogen replaces gasoline as fuel, with      cell. Honda reports a 30% drop in carbon        production cars were anything but slow
resulting byproducts of energy and water.          footprint from current approaches to a          or boring. The future of personal vehicles
     All good so far, but alas we can’t just       family’s household energy.                      promises a smaller carbon footprint, yet
pump Hydrogen out of the ground like                    if all of the infrastructure issues can be undiminished luxury, utility, playfulness, and
Jed Clampett did black gold. We have to            solved, how does a fuel-cell car drive? Well,   (hopefully) performance. i’m still a carbon
create it first—typically using the energy         the Clarity has more interior room than         skeptic, but i’m excited about the fuel
from natural gas with water through                any Honda car product, including the large      revolution in cars.

                                                                                         July/august 2010 juST for CaNaDIaN DENTISTS         17
in the office lesley morris

                                                                                  Lesley Morris has been a consultant in the dental industry for over
                                                                            15 years, providing marketing and relationship management to dental
                                                                                 practices. You can reach her at

what about you?
in patient-focused practice, what happens to the dentist’s needs?

           s a dentist, your first obligation is        The emotional rewards come less often
           to meet the needs, fears, wants         than the monetary ones.
           and goals of your patients. And              pressure to complete a procedure
there’s an unspoken expectation to do the          under the strain of other patients pacing
same for the dental team that supports             in the waiting area creep into the back
you.                                               of your mind. Have you discounted fees
     in dental school there is no set              for unhappy patients to keep them in the
curriculum that outlines the many hats             dental practice, because they were kept
a dentist must wear to get through the             waiting or a filling
average day. beyond the mechanics of               appointment turned
dental procedures, a dentist must also be a        into a root canal? did  Your dental
therapist, referee and, at times, a parent.        you feel guilty about
     You delegate, balancing autonomy
and dependence on your team, while also
                                                   asking a patient to
                                                   pay for full fee, as if
                                                                           office is like a
supervising and keeping an eye on team
members. Your dental office is like a big,
                                                   it was your fault for
                                                   finding unexpected
                                                                           big, extended
extended family, complete with the same
relationship challenges. There are sibling
                                                        How can one
                                                                           family, complete
rivalries, in which some team members play
favourites while others rebel. Then there
                                                   person be everything
                                                   to everybody? What
                                                                           with the same
are actual relationship issues and divorces,
extended vacation requests, compensation
                                                   about you?
                                                        What about
inquiries and child-care issues to contend         all the years of
with.                                              education, risk and heroism you bring to
     So how do you put a smile on your face        your profession daily?
each day and provide exceptional patient                There’s pressure to delicately balance
care services?                                     explaining versus scolding when your
     patients come and go through your             patients continually show up with poor oral
practice doors for their six-month recare          hygiene. And the uncomfortable position of
visits. fillings and crowns are diagnosed          having to say no to a team member when a
and treated, and then your patients                request for a pay increase is not warranted
disappear until they need you again. but           or a reduction in working hours is not
you continually need them…patients pay             possible when the office has to stay open
for your livelihood, vacation home and             five days a week.
children’s educations.                                  Now and then the team will notice how
     if you provide inspirational leadership       frustrated and tired you are, and recognize
to your team members at all levels, down           that you’re only human with the same
to the billings being handled appropriately        expectations of being treated with respect
and accurately, then that translates               by those for whom you provide care—
to patients, keeping them happy and                patients and employees alike.
content—until you see them again.                       one thank you, one smile and mrs.
                                                                                                            Y savvy with
     As a dental professional, you feel great      brown’s banana loaf…sometimes it’s all                   thetools of your
when you relieve acute pain, smile when            about these simple yet priceless rewards of              trade, BUTwhat
patients have undergone a cosmetic                 knowing that you’ve made a difference and                tools areyou
transformation, and feel pride when giving         managed to build a relationship that your                usingfor you?
back to the community with complimentary           patients and team value. being a dentist is
services—these are the rewards of dentistry.       about being you.

                                                                $11,343 billion
                                                                                                                               (2007 statistic from the
   Total   expenditures for dental services:                                                                                   Canadian Institute for
                                                                                                                               Health Information)

18    juST for CaNaDIaN DENTISTS July/august 2010
           memphis / abbotsford / victoria / fiji / vienna … |                                                                                                                  calendar                        ce
           a n intern ation a l guide to CoNTINUINg DENTA L EDUCATIoN
           summe r 2010 + beyond

                           Elvis’ regular seat at the Arcade Restaurant was in the back booth


                                                                                                                                                                                       The Peabody Duckmaster

southern fried chicken at “world famous” gus’s                                                                                National

                                                                             recording home of otis Redding                                                                             Elvis wreath at graceland

             MeMPHis: music, mouthfuls and magisterial fowl in tennessee (ce events in memphis are highlighted in blue)

                     his Tennessee town rocks. Of course it does—it’s the        Lorraine Motel, which has been preserved and turned into the          blues” and “the birthplace of rock and roll.” There’s a Gibson
                     home of the King of Rock, Elvis. But there’s attitude and   moving site of the National Civil Rights Museum. Travel               guitar factory in town (which you can tour) and then there’s
                     spice everywhere, from the sexy sounds of soul music        through time and learn about the key people and events of             Stax, the influential recording studio where Otis Redding and
           to the hot chicken. Add in the neon lights of legendary Beale         African American history, including lunch-counter sit-ins, Rosa       Issac Hayes made music. Now it’s the Stax Museum of American
           Street, important African American history and some fancy             Parks’ bus, and King’s March on Washington. civilrightsmu-            Soul Music, with exhibits that include videos, stage costumes,
           feathered friends, and you’ve got one quirky-yet-soulful place. [nosh] Food meshes tightly with Memphis. It’s                photos, instruments, and even Hayes’ stylin’ peacock-blue 1972
           [elvis!]It may be gaudy and over-run with tourists, but if            good ol’ southern cooking, from ubiquitous biscuits and gravy         Superfly Cadillac El Dorado. For a taste
           you haven’t been, Graceland is a must—even if just for its            and gooey-good cheese grits to renowned barbecue joints like          of Memphis’ blues roots, walk down legendary Beale Street.
           fully intact 1970s glitz and kitsch. Bus after bus deposits legions   Interstate Bar-B-Que and A&R. And right in the heart of old           W.C. Handy wrote the first blues piece here in 1909. And Beale
           of still-faithful followers, from the blue-haired to modern-day       Memphis is Arcade Restaurant, the oldest diner in town and            is still rockin’; it’s closed to cars at night and bar-hopping is
           wannabes. And this year marks what would have been Elvis’s            regular haunt of Elvis (fried peanut butter ‘n’ banana is on the      encouraged. [sTay] People may come to
           75th birthday. Need a better excuse?              menu). Try the sweet potato pancakes (a Food Network fave).           Memphis for Elvis first, but the Peabody ducks are second.
           Another place of pilgrimage for Elvis fans is Sun Studio, where An ever-popular dish is hot chicken.             Live, marching ones—at a venerable luxury hotel that dates
           the young upstart began recording. Listen to his first recorded       Go where the locals—and celebs—flock: Gus’s. The menu is              to 1869. The cherished tradition began in 1933 (a practical joke
           song, “My Happiness,” as well as the music of the so-called           simple: fried chicken and sides of pinto beans, coleslaw, turnip      after a hunting party brought live decoys back to The Peabody
           Million Dollar Quartet that included Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins        greens, potato salad, fried okra and green tomatoes…The non-          lobby fountain) but has grown into one of Memphis’ top-three
           and Jerry Lee Lewis. Modern-day musicians who’ve also record-         descript space (a former carburetor-repair shop) buzzes with          attractions. The Duckmaster cares for and leads the ducks on a
           ed here: Bono, Beck, Paul Simon… [MlK]                   hungry, happy folk. At lunch hour, expect a line—even Justin          daily march down a red-carpet lined by adoring fans. Another
b. SliGl

           Another famous persona that’s synonymous with Memphis is              Timberlake had to wait. [More Music]                     kind of Memphis celebrity. —B. Sligl
           Martin Luther King. He was assassinated here in 1968 at the           Memphis really is all about music. It calls itself “the home of the   For more info:

                                                                                                                                         July/august 2010 juST for CaNaDIaN DENTISTS                              19
c e calendar
  ce                 when       where        topic                                             sponsor                       contact              website
                     aug        Scottsdale   Communicating and Mastering lab artistry          Scottsdale Center for                              scottsdalecent-
                     16-18      arizona      3 Day advanced Workshop                           Dentistry                                
                     oct        Toronto                                                        university of Toronto
                                             oral Sedation and Nitrous oxide Sedation                                        416-979-4902
                     16-17      ontario                                                        faculty of Dentistry
                     jul                                                                                                     604-873-0888         microdental-
                                British      eMax Evening With john Steede from Ivoclar        Microdental
                     27                                                                                                      See ad Page 24
                     aug                                                                       Physician Skincare and        877-754-6782
                                British      one-Day Botox Training Course for Dentists                                                 
                     28, 29                                                                    Training Centre               See ad Page 23
                     Sep 14-    Vancouver
                                             aesthetic Continuing Education (aCE) Mentored                                   604-873-0888         acestudyclub.
                     oct 12     British                                                        Microdental
                                             By Dr. andrew Shannon - Tuesday Evenings                                        See ad Page 24       com
                     (Tues.)    Columbia
                                abbotsford   Botox Training Courses for TMj, Tension
                     Sep                                                                       Canadian academy of
                                British      Headaches, Migraines, & facial Cosmetic                                         877-685-0452
                     22                                                                        Medical Education

                                Columbia     rejuvenation
                     Sep        Vancouver               new CME list from Adam and
                                                                          Physician Skincare                                 877-754-6782
                     25, 26,    British      one-Day Botox Training Course for Dentists                                                 
                                                                                               Training Centre               See ad Page 23
                     27         Columbia
                     oct        Scottsdale   anterior Esthetic restorations                    Scottsdale Center for                              scottsdalecent-
                     01-03      arizona      Two Session - live Patient Experience             Dentistry                                
                     oct        New york     The aesthetic advantage Hands on aesthetic                                                           theaestheticad-
                                                                                               aesthetic advantage           212-794-3552
                     08-10      New york     Continuum                                                                                  
                     Nov        New york     The aesthetic advantage Hands on aesthetic                                                           theaestheticad-
                                                                                               aesthetic advantage           212-794-3552
                     12-13      New york     Continuum                                                                                  
                     Nov                                                                       Physician Skincare and        877-754-6782
                                British      one-Day Botox Training Course for Dentists                                                 
                     13, 14                                                                    Training Centre               See ad Page 23
  For:               aug       Just For Canadian Dentists Emerging Diseases &
                                 anchorage Safety In The Dental Office:
                                                                                               Concord Seminars              603-736-9200
                     21         alaska       allergic reactions                                                                         

                     Nov        Chicago      Medical Emergencies In The Pediatric Dental       american academy of
  Issue:05-06                   Illinois     Office                                            Pediatric Dentistry

                     aug        Portland                                                       oregon Health &
                                             Medical Emergencies: a Simulation Course                                        503-494-2943
                     13-14      oregon                                                         Science university
  Fax:               Sep
                               604 - 681 - 0456
                                Minneapolis                                                    university of Minnesota                            dentalce.umn.
                                             Clinical grand rounds: Endodontics                                              800-685-1418
                     09         Minnesota                                                      School of Dentistry                                edu
  Attn: Sep                    Advertising in Print

                                                                                               Essential Dental                                   essentialsemi-
                                Hackensack   Safe & Predictable Engine Driven Endodontics                                    888-542-6376
                     10-11                                                                     Seminars                                 
                                New jersey
  Email: Copy sent to
                                British      Modern Endodontics                                university of Victoria        250-721-8608

                                                                                                                          CHINA & YANGTZE RIVER
                                                                                                                                Oct 27 - Nov 11, 2010
                                                                                                                           Rheumatology, Chronic Pain,
                                                                                                                          & Traditional Chinese Medicine
                                              inspiring your passion for travel and education
                                                                                                                                Dentist are welcome
    Jul 26 - Aug 2               Mediterranean           Digital Dentistry
                                                                                                                          28 hrs (approved for MD’s. Dentists are
                                                                                                                             very welcome to attend this conference)
                                                                                                                          Flights from Toronto &
    Oct 16 - Oct 23              Greek Isles             Dentistry in 2010                                                   Vancouver                       80%
                                                                                                                          Extensive Partner Program
    Feb 5 - 12                   Caribbean               Botox training for Dentists
                                                                                                                        Companion travels FREE

    Companion cruises FREE                               1-888-647-7327                 

  20              juST for CaNaDIaN DENTISTS      July/august 2010
                                                                                                                              calendar                ce
ce                   when    where            topic                                           sponsor                   contact          website
                             South africa                                                     Kennedy Professional                       kennedysemi-
                     06-17                    Endodontics & Prosthodontics                                              877-536-6736
                             adventure                                                        Educational Seminars             

                             San antonio      american association of Endodontists annual     american association of
                     13-16                                                                                              800-872-3636
                             Texas            Session                                         Endodontists
                     17-24   alaskan Cruise   Success-odontics                                KISCo Dental              800-325-8649
                     aug     Mont Tremblant                                                   National Education        866-685-6860     neiconferences.
                                              NEI Conference Serioes, Multiple Topics
                     13-15   Quebec                                                           Institute                 See ad Page 21   com
                     aug     los angeles                                                      National Education        866-685-6860     neiconferences.
                                              NEI Conference Serioes, Multiple Topics
                     27-29   California                                                       Institute                 See ad Page 21   com
                     Sep     Toronto                                                          National Education        866-685-6860     neiconferences.
                                              NEI Conference Serioes, Multiple Topics
                     03-05   ontario                                                          Institute                 See ad Page 21   com
                                              Infection Control For Dental Offices: A Guide
                     Sep     Toronto                                                          university of Toronto
                     25      ontario                         new CME list from Adam
                                              To Best Practices for all oral Health Care
                                                                              faculty of Dentistry

                                              understanding your Dental Patient With
                     oct     Portland                                                         oregon Health &
                                              Significant Medical Disease - Part I -                                    800-232-6478
                     01-02   oregon                                                           Science university
                                              Cardiovascular, Pulmonary, & Hematopoietic
                     oct     Papeete          Healthcare Challenges In Isolated Island        Professional Education
                     12-23   Tahiti           Communities                                     Society
 general Dentistry

                     oct     Toronto                                                          university of Toronto
                                              Medical Emergencies                                                       416-979-4902
                     15      ontario                                                          faculty of Dentistry
                     oct     young Harris                                                     Medical College of
                                              Dental update for The general Practitioner                                800-221-6437
                     15-17   georgia                                                          georgia
                     oct     greek Isles                                                                                888-647-7327
                                              Dentistry in 2010                               Sea Courses Cruises              
                     16-23   Cruise                                                                                     See ad Page 20
                     Nov     St. Paul         Dental Management of Medically Compromised      university of Minnesota                    dentalce.umn.
                     05      Minnesota        Patients                                        School of Dentistry                        edu
                     Nov                                                                                                                 continuingstud-
                             British          review of oral Pathology for The Dental Team    university of Victoria    250-721-8608
                     Nov     Mexican                                                          Continuing Education,                      continuingedu-
                                              oral Health and Mucosal Disease                                           800-422-0711
                     13-20   riviera Cruise                                                   Inc./university at Sea           
                     Dec                      Midwinter Clinic lecture Program and Trade      Vancouver & District
                             British                                                                                    604-683-5730
                     03                       Show                                            Dental Society
                             Caribbean                                                                                  888-647-7327
                     05-12                    Botox Training for Dentists                     Sea Courses Cruises              
                             Cruise                                                                                     See ad Page 20

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                                                                                                                                         3/15/07 9:28:25 AM
                                                                                                 July/august 2010 juST for CaNaDIaN DENTISTS
c e calendar
  ce                when    where           topic                                               sponsor                    contact        website
                    aug     Memphis                                                             The university of
                                            Implant Continium/Externship                                                   901-448-5500
                    13-14   Tennessee                                                           Tennessee
                    oct     los angeles     Mastering Bone grafting for Implant Site            Herman ostrow School
                    08      California      Development: Module I                               of Dentistry of uSC

                    oct     Edmonton        3-Day advanced Bone grafting & Soft Tissue
                                                                                                I.D.E.a.S.                 604-444-3131
                    22-24   alberta         grafting Cadaver Course
                            Vancouver       ridge augmentation & Socket Preservation With
                            British         Bone grafting for future Implant Placement “        I.D.E.a.S.                 604-444-3131
                            Columbia        featuring lIVE Surgeries!
                    Sep     San antonio                                                         DENTSPly International
                                            Course of action: Implementing Implants                                        800-877-0020
                    17-18   Texas                                                               Inc.
                    Sep     Strasbourg

                                            atlas Implants Hands-on Workshop                    Dentatus                   800-323-3136
                    23      france
                    oct                     Implant Surgery and restoration Mini-residency:     DENTSPly International
                            City                                                                                           717-845-7511
                    08-09                   Session I of IV                                     Inc.
                    aug     Wilkes-Barre                                                        gold Dust Clinical                        clinicalmastery.
                                                          new CME list from Adam
                                            ultimate occlusion: 2-Day Hands-on Program                                     480-968-6131
                    06-07   Pennsylvania                                                        Mastery llC                               com

                    Sep     Mesa                                                                gold Dust Clinical                        clinicalmastery.
                                            ultimate occlusion: 2-Day Hands-on Program                                     480-968-6131
                    17-18   arizona                                                             Mastery llC                               com
                    Dec     Scottsdale                                                          Scottsdale Center for                     scottsdalecen-
                                            Demystifying occlusion                                                         866-781-0072
                    09-11   arizona                                                             Dentistry                       
                                            orthodontic Treatment Based on occlusal Plane
                    aug     San francisco   Control: a Key for Successful Treatment of          Interdisciplinary Dental
                                                                                                                           See website
                    23-28   California      Different Types of Malocclusion With or Without     Education academy
                                            Dysfunctional Problems
                    Sep     Toronto                                                                                                       rondeausemi-
                                            level I - orthodontics for general Practitioners    rondeau Seminars           877-372-7625
                    10-11   ontario                                                                                             
                    Sep     Edmonton                                                                                                      rondeausemi-
                                            level I - orthodontics for general Practitioners    rondeau Seminars           877-372-7625
                    25-26   alberta                                                                                             

                    oct     Dallas                                                                                                        aligntechinsti-
                                            Invisalign Clear Essentials I                       aligntech Institute        866-217-0293
                    01      Texas                                                                                               
                    oct     Vienna
                                            Implant restoration--Basic restorative Cases        orthodontics &             714-973-2266
                    01-03   austria
                    Nov     Dallas                                                                                                        rondeausemi-
                                            level II - advanced orthodontics                    rondeau Seminars           877-372-7625
                    20-21   Texas                                                                                               
                    Dec     las Vegas                                                                                                     rondeausemi-
                                            level II - advanced orthodontics                    rondeau Seminars           877-372-7625
                    04-05   Nevada                                                                                              
                    Dec     aliso Viejo                                                         Progressive
                                            Correcting Excessive gingival Display                                          800-443-3106
                    04-05   California                                                          orthodontics/Dentistry

              Quality Continuing Education                                                     SAVE THE DATES!
                                                                                    2 Day Conferences for RDHs - CDAs - Admin
                                                                                            18 - 21 Credits per event
                                                                                           Rocky Mountain Rhapsody
                                                                                               April 15 & 16, 2011 • Calgary AB

                                                                                                   Pacific Rhapsody
                                                                                           September 16 & 17, 2011 • Vancouver BC

                                                                                                  Toronto Rhapsody
                                                           September 30 & October 1, 2011 • Toronto ON

                     Bring a colleague and you’ll each save $30!                                             Details at

  22              juST for CaNaDIaN DENTISTS      July/august 2010
                                                                                                                                 calendar                ce
ce                    when    where           topic                                             sponsor                    contact         website
                                                                                                university of Nevada las
                      jul     las Vegas       Cone Beam (CT) Radiography: Certification                                                    unlvdentalce.
                                                                                                Vegas School of Dental     702-774-2504
oral radiology &

                      16      Nevada          Program for Dentists                                                                         com/

                      aug     Minneapolis     10th annual oral and Maxillofacial Surgery        university of Minnesota                    dentalce.umn.
                      14-15   Minnesota       review                                            School of Dentistry                        edu
                      aug     los angeles     atraumatic Extraction and Minimally Invasive      Herman ostrow School
                      28      California      Implant Site Development                          of Dentistry of uSC
                      aug     Portland                                                          oregon Health &
                                              Nitrous oxide/oxygen Sedation                                                503-494-5274
                      21-22   oregon                                                            Science university
    Pain Management

                      Sep     Minneapolis                                                       university of Minnesota                    dentalce.umn.
                                              TMD and orofacial Pain Miniresidency                                         800-685-1418
                      20-22   Minnesota                                                         School of Dentistry                        edu
                      Dec     New york
                                              Pain Management Protocols                         orthodontics &             800-443-3106
                      04-05   New york
                                              american academy of Pediatric Dentistry
                      Sep     roman                                                             Continuing Education,                      continuingedu-
                                              and university of Washington Present roman                                   800-422-0711
                      08-18   Cruise                                                            Inc./university at Sea           
                                              Empire Cruise Conference from rome
                              Hilton Head
                              Island                       new CME list from Medical College of
                                              Pedo at The Beach              Adam
                              S. Carolina
                      oct     San francisco   Esthetic Procedures in Periodontal and Implant    Interdisciplinary Dental

                      11-14   California      Surgery                                           Education academy
                      oct     San Diego       Dental assistant’s Course: Sedative and Medical   american academy of
                      22      California      Emergencies In The Pediatric Dental Office        Pediatric Dentistry
                      Nov     San francisco                                                                                                DoCSeduca-
                                              Pediatric Sedation Dentistry                      DoCS Education             866-592-9618
                      04-06   California                                                                                         
                      Nov     Chicago         Medical Emergencies In The Pediatric Dental       american academy of
                      05-06   Illanois        Office                                            Pediatric Dentistry
                      Dec     Chicago         Beyond Sugar: Contemporary Nutrition In oral      american academy of
                      03-04   Illanois        and Systemic Health                               Pediatric Dentistry
                      aug                                                                       fDI World Dental                           fdiworldental.
                              fiji            What’s Changed In Periodontics                                               dentalmirror.
                      07-08                                                                     federation                                 org
                      aug     Claremore

                                              Periodontal Expanded functions - Basic            Indian Health Services     See website
                      23-27   oklahoma
                                                                                                university of Southern
                      Sep     los angeles     Esthetic Periodontal Surgery for The general
                                                                                                California School of       213-821-2127
                      22      California      Practitioner: Module I
                      oct     gainesville     Effective Periodontal Therapy Through a           university of florida,
                      23      florida         Workshop In Technology                            College of Dentistry

                                                                                                   July/august 2010 juST for CaNaDIaN DENTISTS              23
c e calendar
  ce                                               when      where           topic                                                sponsor                     contact          website
                                                                                                                                  Henry Spenadel
                                                   aug       New york                                                                                                          nycdentalsoci-

                                                                             New Drugs and Herbal Supplements updated             Continuing Education        212-573-8500
                                                   25        New york                                                                                                
                                                             China land      rheumatology, Chronic Pain & Traditional Chinese
                                                   oct 27-                                                                                                    888-647-7327
                                                             tour/yangtze    Medicine                                             Sea Courses Cruises                
                                                   Nov 11                                                                                                     See ad Page 20
                                                             river cruise    *accredited for MD’s. Dentists are welcome
                                                   jul 26-   Mediterranean                                                                                    888-647-7327
                                                                             Digital Dentistry                                    Sea Courses Cruises                
                                                   aug 02    Cruise                                                                                           See ad Page 20
                                                   Sep                                                                                                        604-873-0888     microdental-
                                                             British         Practice Managmement With Dr. Mark Murphy            Microdental
                                                   21-22                                                                                                      See ad Page 24

                                                   oct       london                                                               oniversity of Western

                                                                             Creating Balance for The Dental Professional                                     888-281-1428
                                                   01        ontario                                                              ontario
                                                   Nov                       The Impact of Zirconia and CaD/CaM                                                                continuingstud-
                                                             British                                                              university of Victoria      250-721-8608
                                                   13                        Technology on Contemporary Dental Practice                                              
                                                   Nov                       Management of Dental Patients With Medical                                                        continuingstud-
                                                             British                                                              university of Victoria      250-721-8608
                                                   14                        Problems: How They affect your Treatment                                                
                                                   aug       lawrence
                                                                             restorative functions-advanced                       Indian Health Services      See website
                                                   03-06     Kansas
                                                   aug       oklahoma        Implant Surgery and restoration Mini-residency:      DENTSPly International

                                                   08-09     oklahoma        Session I of IV                                      Inc.
                                                   Nov       orlando         40th annual Session of The american College of       american College of                          prosthodontics.
                                                   03-06     florida         Prosthodontists                                      Prosthodontists                              org
                                                   Nov       Bermuda         Efficient Indirect Anterior & Posterior              oniversity of Western
                                                   04-05     Cruise          restorations, Hands on                               ontario
                                                   aug       Memphis                                                              The university of
    rDa / Dental assistants / Dental Hygenists

                                                                             Sealants for Dental assistants                                                   901-448-5500
                                                   20        Tennessee                                                            Tennessee
                                                   Nov       St. Paul                                                             university of Minnesota
                                                                             Winter Dental assistants’ Seminar                                                800-325-8649
                                                   06        Minnesota                                                            School of Dentistry
                                                             Calgary                                                                                          604-575-4570
                                                   15-16                     rocky Mountain rhapsody                              CE Solutions                       
                                                             alberta                                                                                          See ad Page 22
                                                   Sep       Vancouver
                                                   16-17     British         Pacific Rhapsody                                     CE Solutions                       
                                                                                                                                                              See ad Page 22
                                                   2011      Columbia
                                                   Sep 30-
                                                             Toronto                                                                                          604-575-4570
                                                   oct 01                    Toronto rhapsody                                     CE Solutions                       
                                                             ontario                                                                                          See ad Page 22
                                                    for feedback, requests or to have your course featured please email


                                                                                      ACE Study Club mentored by Dr. Andrew Shannon
                                                                                      Beginning September 14th for five Tuesday evenings
                                                                             or call MicroDental 604.873.0888
                                                                                      Master aesthetic dentistry with this AACD Accredited dentist.

                                                                                      Dr. Mark Murphy will be in Vancouver Sept 21st - 22nd
                                                                                      Dr. Murphy will be delivering a two day CE program.
                                                                                      Register by calling our office 604.873.0888 or email
                                                                                      MicroDental Vancouver is a full-service dental laboratory focused on providing value.

  24                                             juST for CaNaDIaN DENTISTS        July/august 2010
                                                                                                                    living well dr. susan Biali

                                                    Dr. Susan Biali is a professional speaker and flamenco dancer, and is
                                                    the author of live a life You love: 7 Steps to a Healthier, Happier,
                                                    more passionate You. Contact:

                            real-life connection
                            3 secrets to happier, healthier relationships

                                       n a recent weekend i bought             on my own, without interacting with
                                       malcolm Gladwell’s latest book,         anyone other than my husband and
                                       Outliers (right), and devoured it in    our dog. i’m terrible about calling
                            under a day. Though the book’s about the           people, and easily let myself slip
                            roots of success, it was his introductory          out of touch. Stories like Roseto’s
                            story about a health “outlier” that affected       remind me that it’s in my—and
                            me the most.                                       your—best interest to spend as
                                in 1882, adventurers from Roseto, italy,       much time as possible in positive
                            a small village south of Rome, set sail for        interactions with others.
                            the New World. many more followed, and                  Earlier this year, i heard a
                            eventually the new immigrants created an           sermon about three elements
                            American version of their home village on a        that are required to create a bet-
                            rocky hillside in pennsylvania.                    ter relationship with the divine.
                                The Rosetans were self-sufficient and          listening, i realized it was good
                            kept to themselves, and people of the              advice about creating better
                            neighbouring regions were hardly aware             relationships with anyone who
                            that the small town existed. one day, a            is important to you.
                            physician from oklahoma, Stewart Wolf,                  Here are the three points,
                            gave a presentation to the local medical           with my take on them:
                            society. Afterwards, one of the docs told him
                            about the phenomenon of Roseto—a place             1 desire
                            where virtually no one under 65 seemed to          Whenever you think of or interact with
                            have heart disease.                                someone and feel a desire to spend more
                                Wolf began to study the people of              time with him or her, pay attention. You             3 effort
                            Roseto. He discovered that no one under 55         might meet someone new whom you really               in his sermon, the pastor said: “Relationships
                            had ever died of a heart attack or showed          like, or hear a song on the radio that’s your        don’t develop automatically and don’t
                            signs of heart disease. The all-causes death       uncle’s favourite, or run into an old friend.        deepen on their own—it takes effort.” be
                            rate was up to 35% lower, as well.                 At that moment, you notice how much you              conscious of this, and think about what ef-
                                if you’re like me, you’re thinking:            enjoy that person, and feel a desire to see          forts you can make to deepen your connec-
                            “mediterranean diet, of course!” Nope. The         them again. like me, do you file it away in          tion with people who matter. What would
                            Rosetans created their own version of pizza,       your mind, forget and then after five years          be most significant to each? Some people
                            loaded with sausage, pepperoni, salami             pass ask yourself: “Has it really been five          don’t care about birthdays, while others feel
                            and even eggs. forty-one percent of their          years since i saw Jenny??”                           slighted if they don’t get a phone call or an
                            calories came from fat. Smoking rates were              Act on that desire to spend more time           e-card. pay attention to what other people
                            through the roof, and obesity was rampant.         with someone. make a date for lunch, even if         value, and make the effort to connect with
                                After exhaustively trying to determine         the next possible time is a couple of months         them on that level.
                            genetic or other biological causes for their       or a year away. pick up the phone, or send a
                            robust health, Wolf finally arrived at the         quick facebook message.                              make time for people in your life, especially
                            magic ingredient: The Rosetans loved each                                                               the ones you love the most and the ones
                            other. They visited constantly, stopped in         2 time                                               that make you laugh the most. if a hermit
                            the street to chat, cooked for each other,         Speaking of facebook, a neuropsychologist            like me can do it, so can you. The other
                            and had three generational meals that              confirmed to me the other day that though            night after a long day of work and dance
                            celebrated the extended clans that formed          it’s easy to “keep in touch” through social          rehearsals, i dragged myself back into town
                            the framework of their community.                  media, emails or text messages, it’s not the         for a friend’s birthday party. A group of us

                                The profoundly interconnected social           same as real time for your brain and body            had dinner, ate heaps of chocolate cake, and
                            structure protected their bodies from the          (and your friends). don’t let online contact         went out dancing. i had the time of my life.
                            stresses of modern life, despite how “un-          replace face-to-face or voice-to-voice time.         in retrospect it’s funny that i thought i was
                            healthily” they lived.                             make plans to get together. Get a bluetooth          making the effort just to please my friend.
                                As beautiful as the message behind this        headset for your phone and make calls to             When we’re good to our friends and family,
                            story is, it makes me a little nervous. i’m an     chat while driving to and from work.                 we’re taking care of ourselves.
                            introvert and happily spend long stretches

                                                                                                                            July/august 2010 juST for CaNaDIaN DENTISTS       25
techworks                     c o r e y va n ’ t h a a f f

                                                   Corey Van’t Haaff is Just for Canadian dentists’ technology columnist and
                                                 the owner of Cohiba Communications. She can be reached at medicalnews@
                                               and welcomes ideas for future columns.

                                                 lose the tin grin
                                                 3m Canada’s incognito™ braces are virtually invisible

         race face. Railroad tracks. metal       of the patient’s teeth. The benefits are           built house or one built in a factory. The
         mouth. Tin grin. The unfair but all-    that orthodontists can spend more time             people building both houses have the
         too-real insults are both numerous      developing the prescription and planning           same knowledge, but apply it differently.
and hurtful. kids can be cruel. but it can get   the clinical result and less time making                doctors also need to educate
worse.                                           manual adjustments during treatment.               themselves and their staffs on the best
     Adults are hesitant to wear braces               She says the system digitizes the             use of the application. 3m offers a two-
because of how they, well, look. And that’s      patient’s teeth and uses subsequent data as        day hands-on course for basic starter
a dilemma; everyone wants the results that       an input in the fabrication and design of a        certification. orthodontists use instruments
braces deliver but no one wants to wear          custom appliance.                                  specific to lingual orthodontics. And
them.                                                 “incognito totally customizes lingual         although the two-step impression system
     Until now.                                  appliances,” says Suzuki. “Using CAd/CAm           is different, there are many similarities to
     3m Canada’s Unitek division, part of 3m’s   technology, patient-specific brackets are          traditional impressions.
Health Care business, began promoting            made and robotic wire is attached. This                 “There’s no complete re-education,” she
its current generation of incognito braces       moves teeth into the ideal location.”              says, though orthodontists will want to help
in october 2009. They are totally invisible           intellectually, the idea of customizing a     patients manage their expectations. it takes
braces as they are worn on the inside of the     better brace isn’t new, but only recently has      a few weeks for them to adjust to wearing
teeth.                                           the manufacturing technology evolved to            braces on the inside of their teeth. “doctors
     “There is a 100% aesthetic benefit          meet expected cost and quality.                    need to explain what they need to do to
over traditional braces,” says Sheila Suzuki,         “The digitization is new. The CAd             adjust to the appliance. but the bracket is as
incognito and digital Specialist, 3m Canada,     software is very new. The process of casting       close to the teeth as possible, because it’s
“yet the patient finishes in the same place.     and fabrication is very new. The precision         custom-fitted and an optimal shape, so the
incognito braces marry the patient’s             is very new; it’s within thousands of a            minimized profile equals greater comfort.”
aesthetic treatment goal with the clinical       millimeter which significantly affects the              There are no limitations to the types
goal to move teeth to an ideal finish.”          quality of the result,” says Suzuki. “This all     of cases where orthodontists can use
     A completely new world opened up            works together to help the dentist get from        incognito to treat patients, from mild Class
when 3m took a fresh look at the hidden          A to b in the most effective, efficient way.”      1 crowding to double-jaw orthodontic
braces market. An adult patient pool                  The orthodontist plays a significant          surgery cases.
existed who wanted invisible orthodontic         role in helping the appliance to work.                  “There’s just no limit to the appliance,”
treatment. incognito provides the                Rather than bending wire or making                 says Suzuki.
orthodontic treatment the patient wants,         adjustments themselves, orthodontists                   it also doesn’t require patient
while giving orthodontists a tool that will      write prescriptions, and the necessary             compliance to reach the desired result.
not compromise results.                          elements, at the orthodontist’s direction,         The brackets are bonded to the teeth so
     “The maturation of rapid prototyping        are prefabricated at the beginning to move                the orthodontist maintains control.
technology is significantly changing             the teeth to simulate the outcome.                                They aren’t removable during
manufacturers’ ability to make customized             “The doctor owns the                                             treatment, so incognito
orthodontic products,” says Suzuki.              prescription,” says Suzuki. “They                                        delivers predictable
before these advances in rapid prototype         decide which tooth moves                                                  results, she says.
technology, traditional orthodontic              where to get the end result.                                                     “it allows a patient-
products were available in a limited number      Then we make a bracket                                                        focused treatment
of standard prescriptions. orthodontists         and wire to create the                                                          option that doesn’t
would make a series of manual and                appliance, which delivers                                                       compromise
cosmetic adjustments to the standard             the results.”                                                                       orthodontists
orthodontic appliances to achieve the                 orthodontists do have                                                           clinically.”
desired clinical result.                         to understand that this
     Utilizing rapid prototype and other CAd/    is still orthodontics
CAm technologies, incognito braces are 100       but things are                                                                “Invisible” braces
per cent customized to the orthodontists’        different. She                                                                encouragebig
prescriptions for their patients. With           likes to use the                                                              sm iles—a huge
incognito, a high-quality impression is taken    metaphor of                                                                   aestheticbenefit
of the patient’s teeth, and tooth-specific       buying a                                                                      over thetraditional
brackets are made to exactly fit the inside      custom-                                                                       “tingrin.”
26   juST for CaNaDIaN DENTISTS July/august 2010
                                                                    dentist unleashed                            dr. derek turner

               Dr. Derek M. J. Turner lives in Ottawa where he conducts a private aesthetic dental
               practice. Derek guest lectures at CE dental institutions in America. He is also the
               founder and Chairman of TTi/ProDrive Systems, a dental product company.

                                                                                     make travel work
                                                                              Next time you get away, add a little work into the mix
                                                                                                                            Utah offers grand vistas and
                                                                                                                               prime mountainbiking. Dr.
                                                                                                                          Derek Turner recommends Big
                                                                                                                             Mountain Bike Adventures,
                                                                                                                              a Canadian bicycle touring
                                                                                                                         company out of Vancouver, BC.

                                      ravel is great. And even better when you can legitimately write off the expenses of at least
                                      one of your annual vacations. Continuing education (CE) is an important and necessary part
                                      of successful dental careers, but it also becomes a special pleasure when combined with
                                      interesting travel adventures.
                                          one of my favourite destinations, in any season, is Utah in the US. This state is an outdoor

                                      playground with four splendid seasons for skiing, hiking, biking, rafting, kayaking, golfing, fly
                                      fishing, hunting, photography, snowmobiling and even shopping. The scenery throughout
                                      Utah is spectacular, especially in the National and State parks.

                                                                                                     July/august 2010 juST for CaNaDIaN DENTISTS     27
            dentist unleashed [continued] dr. derek turner

            adventure component                                skiing or boarding but rent skis and boards
                                                               allowing for variable snow conditions.
                                                                                                                   in duration, leaving lots of time to play in
                                                                                                                   a one-week getaway. The facility is also
            mountain bikers have to experience the
                                                                                                                   home to Clinician’s Report (CR) and state
            moab slickrock. A world-best destination
            for keeners. Arches National park and
                                                               CE component                                        of the art TRAC (technologies in restorative
                                                               for CE, i’m a fan of the myriad dental              and caries research)—worth a tour.
            Canyonlands National park also offer               courses offered at dr. Gordon J.
            amazing trails for all levels of mountain
            bikers, hikers and 4-wheel enthusiasts.
                                                               Christensen’s practical Clinical Courses            R & R component
                                                               (pCC) in provo, just a half-hour drive south         Sundance Ranch Resort is in a canyon less
                The Colorado River flows through the           of Salt lake City.                                   than a half hour from pCC and my choice
            southeast corner of Utah and the area                                                                                 for accommodation, food and
                                                                                                                                     recreation while at pCC. The
                                                                                                                                     Tree Room Restaurant at the
                                          Mormon Tabernacle in            Dr. Turner and
                                            Salt Lake City. below         his wife Elaine
                                                                                                                                     resort has a terrific wine list
                                             PCC seminar room/            at Stewart Falls                                           and an exceptional menu.
                                                      lab in Provo.       in Sundance                                                Reservations? Absolutely.
                                                                          Canyon.                                                         Sundance Resort, in
                                                                                                                                     addition to winter skiing
                                                                                                                                     and snowboarding, offers
                                                                                                                                     a spa, an art gallery, nature
                                                                                                                                     programs, symphonies,
                                                                                                                                     summer theatre, an author

                                                                                                                                     series, pottery classes
                                                                                                                                     and green events in four
                                                                                                                                     seasons. And there’s fly
                                                                                                                                     fishing nearby. my wife and
                                                                                                                                     i hole up in one of the rustic
                                                                                                                                     woodland suites, and she
                                                                                                                                     never misses me while i’m
                                                                                                                                     on course…
                                                                                                                                          Need more options?
                                                                                                                                     Join a dental group for
                                                                                                                                     Harley cruising through
                                                                                                                                     some of the most beautiful
if you go

                                                                                                                                     terrain in America, while also
                                                                                                                                     featuring a guest lecturer.
                                                                                                                                     How’s that for a mix of CE
                                                                                                                                     and adventure?
                 getting there Salt Lake City is a Delta Air Lines hubsoflights are direct fromVancouver and                             And for culture: in mid
                 Calgary andconnections within a day exist fromall of Canada. Dr. Turner flies Unitedor Air Canada to               January each year the not-
                 Chicagoandconnects toSalt Lake.;; Bike fix Experience Moab’s                     for-profit Sundance institute
                 slick rock with the pros. Dr. Turner’s pick: Canadian bike tour company, Mountain Bike Adventures.                 presents the Sundance film
        ce fix For more on Dr. Gordon J. Christensen’s Practical Clinical Courses (PC in Provo:
                                                                                                            C)                      festival showcasing over 100
        For more on touringwith dentists on Harleys—while still gettingyour CE component                    US and international films
                 in—check out culture fix Mingle with the hipHollywoodset at Robert                             chosen from thousands of
                 Redford’s iconicfest: sundanceresort stay In Utah stay at the Sundance Resort:                 submissions. Join the arty
                                                                                                                                    crowd. more than 40,000
                                                                                                                                    people attend in very hip
            offers rock climbing, river runs, cycling, sky            provo is home to brigham Young                park City and nearby venues. You’re sure to
            diving and hiking adventures amidst the               University. The high-tech pCC facility is         see Robert Redford in town or on the ski
            indescribable beauty and changing light of an approved CE provider, and much of                         slopes.
            red-rock vistas.                                      what i learn there can be incorporated                on the other side, Utah also has a 200-
                for winter adventure, the skiing and              immediately into my daily practice. dental        year history of mormon influence. in Salt
            snowboarding—at all ability levels—the                theory and academia are minimized in              lake City you can visit Temple Square and
            dry powder snow from december to                      very practical courses. Restorative, surgery,     the mormon Tabernacle, original home of
            April is a must…there’s 500 inches a year.            occlusion and implant presentations are           the famous choir.
            Choose from a dozen major resorts within              highlighted.                                          Utah’s got it all, from hip to holy and
            an hour’s drive of Salt lake City airport,                in addition to the main-course                red rock to powder snow. Even dentists on
            including the 2002 Winter olympic sites of
                                                                                                                                                                       dR. dEREk TURNER

                                                                  presenter, a mentoring program in which           Harleys. Escape to Utah. it tops my list for
            park City. Reserve an SUV with a GpS at the           i participate offers access to course             fun and dental education.
            airport and you’ll be in your hotel hot tub           instructors in an informal setting. most
            before you know it. bring your boots for              courses with 40 or so people are two days

            28    juST for CaNaDIaN DENTISTS July/august 2010
                                                                                      t he wealth y d en tist m an fred pur tz ki, c .a .

                                                       Manfred Purtzki is the principal of Purtzki &
                                                       Associates Chartered Accountants. You can
                                                       reach him at

         retirement nest-egg
         How much do you really need?

                      hen you graduated from dental                               STEP 1 Project your
                      school, your ticket to success                              retirement expenses
                      was pretty much guaranteed,                                 You need to estimate how much income
         and your confidence to create wealth dur-                                you will require to fund your retirement.
         ing your career was well founded. There                                  Start with your current income and reduce
         was no question you would build up the                                   it by the cost of expenses for which you will
         financial resources to continue the same                                 no longer be responsible, such as mortgage
         lifestyle in retirement that you enjoyed                                 payments and university financing. Then
         while working.                                                           adjust the budget to your specific situation
              but the reality is, according to surveys,                           and include, for example, the cost of travel
         that less than 20% of dentists can actually                                                                                     Alternatively, he can work until age 66,
                                                                                  or any part-time income.
         retire and maintain their preferred lifestyle                                                                               to receive $80,000 per year without saving
                                                                                  STEP 2 Pick the retirement date                    the extra money.
         without worrying about money. The
                                                                                  How long do you plan on being retired? The
         remaining 80% are concerned that the
                                                                                  longer your retirement, the more years of
         current investment climate won’t allow                                                                                      TIPS To SPEED UP yoUR
                                                                                  income you need to finance it.
         them to build the nest-egg they hoped                                                                                       RETIREMENT SAVINgS
         for. many dentists are now experiencing                                  STEP 3 Determine the size of your                  Always save in your dental corporation.
         a significant drop in their net worth and                                retirement nest-egg                                To take advantage of corporate tax rates,
         are compelled to take a more proactive                                   The amount of income you draw from your            which are currently at an all-time low
         approach in managing their money.                                        investments will depend on the size of             (ranging from 12.5% to 16.5% depending
              You have known for years how                                        your portfolio. Use the following factors to       on the province), you should invest your
         important it is to plan for your retirement,                             determine:                                         practice surplus in the corporation. only
         but where do you begin?                                                                                                     take funds from the corporation to fund
                                                                                               EquityInvestor – 8%                   your personal and living expenses. You will
                                                                                                                                     need to deal with the personal taxes when
                                            sudoku 2 harder solution                           Balancedinvestor 6%
                                                                                                                                     you eventually take an income from the
                                             1 3 9 8 2 4 7 5 6                                 IC
                                                                                              G /bondinvestor – 4%                   corporation, but there are many tax-saving
                                             8 4 6 9 5 7 2 3 1
          may/June 2010 contest

                                                                                                                                     strategies available to minimize the cost of
                                                                                      Assume you estimated an annual
                                             7 2 5 6 1 3 8 9 4                                                                       withdrawal.
              solution from

                                                                                  before-tax retirement income from
                                             2 6 8 5 4 9 1 7 3                    your balanced portfolio of $100,000
                                             4 5 3 7 6 1 9 8 2                    for 30 years. According to the table
                                                                                                                                                  C ALREQUIRED

                                             9 1 7 3 8 2 4 6 5                    you will need $1,376,483 (inflation                 Annual     Equity8%   Balanced6%     IC
                                                                                                                                                                          G 4%
                                                                                                                                  incom needed
                                             6 7 2 4 3 8 5 1 9                    and Cpp/oAS are not considered).
                                                                                                                                $50,000        $562,889   $688,242     $864,602
                                             3 8 4 1 9 5 6 2 7                    CASE SCENARIo
                                             5 9 1 2 7 6 3 4 8                    dr. peter—53 years old and married            $75,000        $844,334  $1,032,362 $1,296,902
                                                    Puzzle by       with adult, financially independent           $100,000      $1,125,778 $1,376,483 $1,729,203
                                                                                  children—just paid off his mortgage.
                                            sudoku 1 easier solution              His only investment is a combined             $125,000      $1,407,223 $1,720,604 $2,161,504
                                            4 8 9 2 1 6 7 5 3                     $400,000 RRSp. His corporation                $150,000      $1,688,668 $2,064,725 $2,593,805
                                            7 5 3 4 9 8 1 2 6                     pays him and his wife a salary of
                    solution from page 37

                                                                                  $100,000 and $30,000, respectively.
                                            6 1 2 7 3 5 9 4 8                     dr. peter wants to retire at age 60. Assuming   Similar to stepping on the scale to check
                                            3 9 5 6 7 4 2 8 1                     maximum RRSp contributions for the next         whether the weight-loss program is
                                            8 4 6 1 2 3 5 9 7                     seven years invested at 6%, and factoring       working, you should periodically prepare a
                                            1 2 7 8 5 9 3 6 4                     in a 2% inflation rate, his annual after-tax    net-worth statement to check the progress
                                                                                                                                  of your money-accumulation efforts and
                                            2 7 8 5 6 1 4 3 9                     income will be $52,000. if he requires
                                                                                                                                  decide what remedial action you need to
                                                                                  $80,000 of retirement income, then he
                                            5 3 4 9 8 7 6 1 2                                                                     take to get back on track to ensure a healthy

                                                                                  would need to save $4,000 per month
                                            9 6 1 3 4 2 8 7 5                     outside the RRSp until age 60.                  financial future.
                                                    Puzzle by

                                                                                                                         July/august 2010 juST for CaNaDIaN DENTISTS           29
travel the world

   wine country
    offers sips,                              story +
     samples                               photography
                                           by Barb Sligl
    and plenty
    of scenery

                                  his is wine country. it’s also foodie country.
                                  Sip, sample and savour it. land that was
                                  once filled with stone-fruit orchards is now
                                  dominated by vineyards. There are over
                                  300 wineries here. Everything from viognier
                                  to cabernet. but there’s also much, much
                                  more. Unlike Napa, which is almost exclu-
                                  sively all about wine, it goes far beyond
                                  grape growing here.
                                       Here, three valleys converge—dry Creek
                                  Valley, Russian River Valley and Alexander
   Valley—with seven microclimates to create a chef’s playground of fresh,
   local ingredients. Chefs, vintners, farmers and cheesemakers collaborate
   within a community of like-minded foodies. A chef here will raise his
   own chickens and eggs and an olive farm will host an annual pig roast
   and olive-picking party.
       “This continues to be a farm community,” says Chef Josh Silvers of
   Syrah bistro ( in Santa Rosa, on the southern edge of
   Sonoma Wine Country (just 55 miles north of San francisco). He offers
   that farm-to-fork essence—“Sonoma Seasonal”—on the constantly
   changing menu. “if you can’t cook good in this county,” he says, “you
   need to just pack it up.”
       fabulous food and wine—not to mention stunning scenery—is
   what has locals claiming “we live in heaven.” like Cathi fowler, owner
   of Honor mansion in Healdsburg (; see “if you go”).
   She visited the area with husband Steve and told him they were moving
   here. Now they’re part of the tight-knit community of passionate food-
   ies—everyone knows everyone—and serve local wine and sumptuous
   fresh-produce breakfasts at their intimate resort.
       Healdsburg is where the dry Creek, Russian River and Alexander
   Valleys meet. it’s the hub of Sonoma Wine Country and has a lively
                                                                                   Charlie Palmer’s Dry Creek
                                                                                     Kitchen restaurant at the
   30    juST for CaNaDIaN DENTISTS July/august 2010                                        Hotel Healdsburg.
                                                                                                   travel the world
                                              oak trees dot
                                               the Sonoma
                                           countryside, like
                                           this giant one at
                                             Robert young
                                              Winery in the
                                         Alexacnder Valley.

                                                                 Salmon crudo
                                                                 with blood
                                                                 oranges and
                                                                 chili oil at Willi’s
                                                                 Seafood &
                                                                 Raw Bar in

getaway Adventures offers                        Longboard
“sip ‘n’ cycle” bike tours of                     Vineyards’
   Sonoma Wine Country.                             Russian
                                                 River Valley

                                Salt-and-pepper baby-back
                                  riblets at Willi’s Seafood &
                                     Raw Bar in Healdsburg.

                                                                 Honor Mansion
                                                                 in Healdsburg
                                                                 is an intimate
                                                                 13-suite resort
                                                                 with its own
                                                                 vines, croquet
                                                                 lawn, tennis
                                                                 courts, and PgA
                                                                 putting green.
                                                                             July/august 2010 juST for CaNaDIaN DENTISTS   31
travel the world

        and lovely oak-lined square off of which there’s plenty of shopping
        and dining, including the swank Hotel Healdsburg and renowned Chef
        Charlie palmer’s dry Creek kitchen restaurant (;
             Just down the street is Willi’s Seafood & Raw bar (starkrestaurants.
        com/willis_seafood.html), where you can nosh on Uni & bay Scallop
        macaroni or “sexy” (as Chef mark Stark describes it) Salmon Crudo with
        blood oranges and black bean Chili oil. of course, there are a slew of
        local wines to sample by the glass—like longboard Vineyard’s Russian
        River Sauvignon blanc or bella’s Two patch Zinfandel. And you might run
        into Gina Gallo (yes, of that Gallo family), still in jeans and cowboy boots
        from a day at the vineyard…
             Steps away is another locals’ haunt, Zin Restaurant (zinrestaurant.
        com), which is all about bringing the farm to the table. Chef Josh mall
        raises chickens, grows tomatoes and handcrafts the restaurant’s bacon,
        sauerkraut, ricotta cheese and ice cream…and he’s a beekeeper too.
        “We grow it, bake it, cure it, make it,” he says. The summer menu’s blT is
        made with lettuce and tomatoes he grows, bacon he cures and smokes,
        mayonnaise that’s homemade and bread baked at the restaurant. must
        try: the Zinfandel Grape Jelly-filled doughnuts (a Giada de laurentiis
             for more casual fare there’s Costeaux french bakery (,
        a local institution since 1923. A repeat winner of best of Show awards
        for its breads, the bakery gets its butter and eggs from a local dairy.
        of course, Costeaux is also known for its french onion Soup. And the
        day-old bread? it goes to the dogs. literally—in the form of crostini dog
        treats.                                                                                                                   Passalacqua Winery in
             dogs, like food and wine, are an important component of Sonoma                                                       the Dry Creek Valley of
        County. Just about every vineyard has one. At bella Vineyards, there’s

                                                                                                                                       Sonoma County.
        molly, at dutcher Crossing, there’s duchess, at mauritson, there’s Soho…
                                                              continued on Page 37
                                                                                             Fresh baked, award-winning bread at
                                                                                             Costeaux French Bakery in Healdsburg.

               honor mansion Cathi andSteve Fowler bought the over
               100-year-oldHonor Mansion froma doctor. The house itself was built by
   if you go

               WilliamButcher, whomade his fortune in gold, andit eventually became a
               quasi-hospItal for the community of Healdsburg. O examiningrooms are
               nowluxe guest suites—each with its own patio, outdoor tub, andcheery
               yellowrubber ducky tojoin you amidst the bubbles. Sink in andset your
                       eyes on the California night sky. Bliss. Topit all off with a sipof
                                sherry, decantedin your roomeach evening…Everything
                                    here is taken care of for you. In the morningenjoy
                                        coffee on your private patioor mingle with other
                                          guests—fromVancouver toDubai—over a
                                            gourmet breakfast. Sixty percent of Honor
  “If you can’t                              Mansion’s guests are repeats…always a
 cook good in                                 goodsign.
                                              getaway adventures Take
  this county,                                the HealdsburgSip‘NC tour androll
                                                                      ycle                   Uni & Bay Scallop “Macaroni” at Willi’s Seafood & Raw Bar.
you need to just                                through Sonoma County’s picturesque
   pack it up”                                   vineyards. You’ll visit uptofive wineries
                                                  in the Dry Creek Valley, sampling
                                                  spicy redwines andcrispwhites.
                                                 more Tofindout more about
                                              Santa Rosa andSonoma Wine Country
                                             andHealdsburg, where the Dry Creek,
                                            Alexander Valley andRussian River
                                            valleys meet, goto:;

        32      juST for CaNaDIaN DENTISTS July/august 2010
                                                                        travel the world

Bella Winery’s
“cave” in Sonoma’s
Dry Creek Valley
below Scenery from
the side of the road
on a “Sip ‘n’ Cycle”
winery tour. bottom
olive oil from
Seghesio Winery.

                                             Bella Winery

                       Duchess, the winery
                       dog at Dutcher
                       Crossing Winery.

                                                  July/august 2010 juST for CaNaDIaN DENTISTS   33
the thirsty dentist dr. neil pollock

                                                                    Dr. Neil Pollock is a member of the Wine Writers’ Circle of
                                                                    Canada; visit his website on wine at
                                                                              or send feedback to

wine party
from $500 burgundy to $18 chardonnay
                                                                             +        sustainable sipping                            Le Vieux Pin
                                                                                   winery, on the East Bench in oliver, BC, makes wines in
                                                                                   the French tradition with grapes grown organically and
                                                                                   sustainably. Le Vieux Pin uses low-input viticulture to
                                                                                   create wine that’s representative of the unique okanagan
                                                                                   Valley terroir (low rainfall, high heat, dry environment). This

            ell, i never thought that i would    and finish.                       means dry farming, minimal fertilizer addition, high-density
            be the kind of guy to drink any          in terms of appearance,       plantings and low-yield, as well as contracting grapes from
            alcoholic beverage out of a          we assessed the depth and         other growers who have certified organic vineyards or
paper bag—especially not in my own living        change in colour from ruby        grow sustainably. The winery calls its blend of organic and
                                                                                   biodynamic practices “non-interventionism.”
room—but the night that i did just that          to pale brown towards the
ended up being a terrific, educational, wine-    edges, giving us clues about
tasting evening that was loads of fun.           age. We tried to assess and
    The evening’s highlights were not only       predict soil and country from
the wines tasted, which included some            the bouquet, as well as grape
blow-your-mind merlots from le Vieux pin         variety, sniffing for fruit or
Winery, but the colourful cast of characters i   floral or green vegetative
brought together on a whim—just because.         aromas. on the palate we
    The cast included my good friends mark       commented on the nature
and Heather, who know as much about              of the fruit, whether it was
wine as i do about astrophysics, new friends     subtle or bold, and tried
praveen and his wife Anush, who we met           to identify what fruits we
at the club and ignited the evening by           actually could taste, as well
introducing me to Saedeeh, the proprietor        as the wine’s spiciness and
of le Vieux pin, and her Executive director      balance—all these giving us
Rasoul, whose knowledge and passion for          insight into the grape variety.
wine is second to none.                          in the finish we commented
    And, weeks before, i bumped into Eli,        on how smooth it was,
who mentioned that he had one of the             how the degree of tannins
largest private wine collections in the          affected our impressions, and                       develop structure. The grapes were hand-
world—so, naturally, he was in as well. (i       how pleasant the lingering finish was—all           harvested and the wine was handcrafted
had to make sure that there was actually a       helping us to unravel the age, grape and            in small fermenters to highlight the unique
real wine connoisseur present!) He arrived       quality of the vinification process.                personality of the vineyard. it’s dark red/
with his girlfriend and a $500-bottle of white       These types of tasting opportunities are        purple in the glass, with lush ripe plums with
                                                                                                     a hint of vanilla. it’s soft and approachable
                                                                                                     on the palate with bright fruit overtones;
Let’s just say, I was entertained as much                                                            perfect drinking, with a long fruit forward

by the guests’ interactions as the wines                                                             finish. it retails for about $40 a bottle.
                                                                                                          for special occasions try the le Vieux pin
                                                                                                     Apogée merlot 2006, my other favourite of
burgundy, which, Heather and my wife             great for challenging yourself to develop           the evening. This has black fruit, cigar and
agreed later, was a vastly inferior wine to      wine-tasting skills and wine appreciation. if       cocoa; a dense complex palate, dominated
the $18 chardonnay that we also tasted that      you’re serious about evolving your skills and       by plums and spice. Age-worthy tannins
evening.                                         appreciation, you need to be able to build          give the wine backbone and structure
    let’s just say, i was entertained as much    reliable links between your physical sensory        reminiscent of excellent bordeaux wines
by the guests’ interactions as the wines.        apparatus and your cortical bank of relevant        that i have tasted. massive, mercurial finish of
    We started the evening by bagging the        verbiage. With practice, you will soon be           plums and cocoa are in constant flux right to
wines and then pouring and tasting each          able to accurately describe the qualities           the end. decant before serving. The Apogée
bottle in succession, allowing us to dote        and characteristics of a wine, which are            is priced at about $65 a bottle.
                                                                                                                                                        lYNN fAlCoNER / lE ViEUX piN WiNERY

over each, taste with and without food,          often consistent amongst tasters of a given              The evening was so much fun that
and then share our thoughts about the            vintage at a sitting.                               when i was called by a colleague to work
various elements and characteristics. Rasoul          one of my favourite wines that                 with him on an interesting wine tasting/
and i mediated the discussion (and Rasoul        evening—and that i recommend as a must-             wine appreciation night for about 20 of
ensured a fascinating flow of meaningful         try—is the le Vieux pin Époque merlot 2006.         our colleagues, i knew exactly what to do. i
information), and we all commented               The eastern exposure of this organically            asked him to invite the entire group to my
on characteristics related to the wines’         certified vineyard gave a lower yield for this      home, called Rasoul, and said “let’s do it all
appearance, bouquet, flavours on the palate,     vintage, helping concentrate flavours and           again!”

34   juST for CaNaDIaN DENTISTS July/august 2010
                                                h u n g r y d e n t i s t d r . h o l ly f o n g

                                           Dr. Holly Fong is a practising speech-language
                                           pathologist with three young children who is
                                           always trying, adapting and creating dishes.

                 cool summer
                 Warm-weather fare that’s fresh, light and super easy

                           ow that summer
                           has arrived, the
                           last thing i want
                 to do is spend it cooking
                 in a sweltering kitchen.
                 of course, there’s always
                 takeout, which quickly
                 becomes expensive if
                 you don’t want greasy
                 takeout. There’s also the
                 grill but even that can
                 become too hot if you’re
                 cooking a whole meal
                 on it. over the course of
                 the summer, i seem to
                 gravitate towards salads,

                  gazpacho (serves 4)
                  soup                                                   sandwiches or wraps and cold soups.
                  3 cups coarse chunks of crustless white                     for those scorching hot days, gazpacho
                     bread (good baguette or italian bread)              is the ultimate no-cooking-over-a-hot stove
                  1 lb ripe tomatoes cut into coarse chunks              soup. originally from Spain, gazpachos
                     (approx. 4 – 5 tomatoes)                            are cold soups made with bread. There’s
                  1 english cucumber, peeled, seeded and                 a white one from málaga made with
                     cut into coarse chunks                              almonds and grapes, cumin-scented ones
                  1½ cups red bell pepper cut into coarse                from Granada, but the one most familiar to
                                                                         North America is the Andalusian “summer
                  ½ cup coarsely chopped sweet onion (e.g.,
                     red onion, sweet white or vidalia)                  salad” version with tomato, cucumber and
                  / cup packed herbs (any combination of
                  13                                                     bell peppers. Ripe tomatoes, red peppers,
                     italian parsley, cilantro and basil)                garlic and sherry vinegar give the soup
                  ¼ cup sherry vinegar                                   a refreshing tangy sweet punch. if made
                  2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil                          with cold vegetables from the refrigerator,
                  1 peeled garlic clove                                  it will be ready to serve (in chilled bowls)
                  salt and pepper to taste                               after 30 minutes of refrigeration. This is just
                                                                         enough time to prepare a green salad and
                                                                         quesadillas made with takeout roasted
                  finely chopped sweet onion
                  finely chopped seeded cucumber
                  finely chopped red pepper
                                                                              Given gazpacho’s Spanish heritage, it
                  finely chopped herbs (any combination of               matches well with Spanish Verdejos—crisp,
                     italian parsley, cilantro and basil)                white wines somewhat similar to Sauvignon
                                                                         blanc. The 2008 bribón Verdejo produced
                  Ina largebowl, pour enoughwater over thebreadto        by pradorey in stainless steel vats, is dry with
                  cover. If breadis fresh, im ediately squeezeout the    tastes of apple, grapefruit and a slight floral
                  water andput inthefoodprocessor bowl. If thebread      hint. The wine has enough acid and body
                  is stale, let it absorbwater for a fewm ents. Addthe   or creamy mouth feel to complement the
                  rest of thesoupingredients intothefoodprocessor.       soup. Salud and buen provecho.
                  Pureeuntil sm     ooth, about 3 – 4 minutes. Season
dR. HollY foNG

                  totastewithsalt andpepper. Strainthrougha fine
                  sieve. Refrigerateuntil well chilled. Servethesoupin
                  individual chilledbowls withgarnishes ontop.

                                                                                                                 July/august 2010 juST for CaNaDIaN DENTISTS   35
prescriBing r & r

five-star singletrack                                                                                    B y a n d r e w f i n d l ay
push and pamper yourself as you mountain bike deep into bC’s Coastal Range

            na lateSeptem day, I relax at                               ed                    y
                                                        already assum iconicstatus inm singletrack
            Tyax Lodgedeepintheheart of                    em
                                                        m ory. Equally m     outhwateringwerethe
            thesouthernC   hilcotinMountains,                   m
                                                        accom odations, whichquitehonestly didn’t
ponderingthedays whena m        ountainbikeroad                  e
                                                        havem piningfor thedays of theunshaven,

tripwas anall-m odyssey of cannedbeans,                 sweaty, testosterone-filledsojourn. Therewas           At the top of Wakefield Trail,
cheapbeer andcram tents. C          urrently we’re      BaldfaceCat Skiing’s lodgenear Nelsonwithits           Idaho Peak, in Silverton, BC.
ona utopianquest for thebest trails inBritish           wood-firedsauna andgreat roomoverlooking
                                                                                                                          For more info
C bia, however we’vetradedthepriva-                     thesouthernSelkirk m    ountains, a plushhouse-                   on SacredRides
tions of low-budget adventuringfor som       ething     boat onShuswapLake, andTyax Lodge, where             if you go    and“Five-Star
decidedly m luxurious. MikeBrcicis owner
             ore                                        last night wefortifiedwithaward-winningBC                         Singletrack” goto
of SacredRides MountainBikeHolidays andthe                       ris          oho on.
                                                        Pinot G andwildC salm However all the
bikingfanaticbehindthis fat-tireflingacross BC          turn-downserviceandchocolates onthepillow
dubbed“Five-Star Singletrack.”                          area wastewithout sweet trails andriding,
     “Upuntil nowwe’vebeendoingm          ostly         whichis ostensibly thereasonweall signedup
tent-basedtours but I startedtoseea real                for this quest.
dem for som                ore
                  ethingm high-end. There                     Theruggedlandscapeunfolds belowus as
arejust m serious m     ountainbikers out there                         bs
                                                        theplaneclim higher andI spot a half-dozen
                   ore pering,” says the
wantinga littlem pam                                    m  ountaingoats gracefully scalinga cliff above
38-year-oldToronto-basedentrepreneur andour               un reek. Inless than10m
                                                        G C                           inutes, we’retouch-
guideonthis trip.                                       ingdownontheglassy surfaceof SpruceLake.
     Today, thelast of our trip, will culm inate        After re-assem  blingour bikes, theridebegins. At
witha piecederesistanceknownas theG           un        first, thepedal alongthelake’s east shorelineis a
C Trail; anoldhorseoutfitter’s track that               patience-testingaffair of slick roots andm   uddy
twists andturns for 30kilom through                     holes. Thankfully, thetrail soontraverses intoa
fragrant conifer forests andalpinem     eadows          tinder-dry forest of spruceandpine. Then, sud-
knee-deepinwildflowers. However, toaccess                             erge
                                                        denly, weem intoa spectacular m          eadow  ,
thetrailheadweneeda planeanda pilot. So, we                                  ing          root
                                                        paintedby blossom balsam andlupine.
linger over thebreakfast buffet beforewaddling          InthedistancetheC M   oast ountains soar witha
downtothedock onTyaughtonLake, loading                                          n       .
                                                        dustingof early autum snow Herethetrail is
our bikes, andthenourselves, intothewaiting                 ooth
                                                        sm andfast, cuttinggraceful arcs across the
Beaver floatplanefor theshuttleintoSpruce               m  eadows beforedroppingina series of exhila-
Lake. Theplanetaxis for a fewm      inutes, throttles   ratingswitchbacks throughtrem       blingaspens
upnoisily, thenskips across thewater before             turninggolden. G   ravity pulls us downward, just
takingflight.                                                    all
                                                        our sm groupof riders aloneonthis m        ountain
     BrciclaunchedSacredRides in1996during              trail.
his ski bum ingdays inFernie, andhas since                    Threehours of bikinglater we’reback at
developeda roster of tours inBC Peru, C and hile        Tyax Lodge. After showeringaway them and   ud
                                                                                                                                                pATRiCE HAllEY

G        ala
  uatem that haveprovenpopular withden-                 sweat, wereconvenenext tothestonehearthin
tists andother professionals. Fernieis alsowhere        thelodge’s vaulteddiningroomfor pork tender-
our journey started, andsinceem      barkinginthe       loinanda well-deservedglass of Shiraz. Later,
van10days ago, wehadexperienceda m           outh-                                         em
                                                        satiatedwithfood, wineandm ories fromthe
wateringselectionof thesort of ridingthat               trail, weeaseintotheoutdoor hot tubbeneath
       ade                       ark
has m BCthehigh-water m for off-road                    am   oonless sky. Goodbyerusticroadtrip—
biking. Trails withnam likeSevenSum its,     m          m  ountainbikingis nolonger thesoledom of    ain
IdahoPeak andKeystoneStandardBasinhad                   thepenny-pinchingadrenalinejunkie.

36     juST for CaNaDIaN DENTISTS July/august 2010
                                         diversion                                      savour
                                                                                                                                                         The wine
                                                                                                                                                      philosophy in
                                                                                         continued from Page 32
                                                                                         And these happy canines have honed
                                                                                                                                                       Sonoma, as
                                                                                         their own appreciation for wine…duchess                      with food, is to
                                                                                         is partial to sauvignon blanc.
                                                                                             The wine philosophy in Sonoma, as with
                                                                                         food, is to handcraft. it’s a small-lot, select
                                                                                         vineyard approach to winemaking. And family
                                                                                         run. passalacqua Winery (passalacquawinery.
                                                                                         com) is now run by the fourth generation and has
                                         Solve puzzle #2 for                             been here since the 1860s, when the family immigrat-
                                         a chance to win an                              ed from italy and began to dabble in grape growing
                                                                                         in the dry Creek Valley. “drink Zin every day and you’ll
                                         iPod Touch!                                     have a long life,” is a mantra here.
                                                                                             Seghesio ( is another italian family-run
                                                                                         winery. Edoardo Seghesio planted his first Zinfandel vine-
                                         sudoku is simple enough that
                                                                                         yard in Alexander Valley in 1895. His wife Angela was known
                                         anyone can play, yet difficult enough           for her food; upon seeing wine buyers disembark off the train,
                                         that anyone can improve at it.                  she’d kill some chickens and start cooking…four generations later that farm-to-fork
                                                                                         philosophy is still here. Seghesio, in the heart of Healdsburg, has joined the food fray
                                         each sudoku puzzle has a unique                 with wine-and-food pairings, where you can sip and sample italian tradition, Sonoma
                                         solution that can be reached logically          style, over “Angela’s Table.” Seghesio also produces top-notch olive oil.
                                         without guessing. Fill in the grid                  Each winery has a particular personality—and personalities at the helm—again
                                         so that every row, column and 3x3               just like Sonoma’s restaurants and chefs. mauritson ( is family
                                         square contains the digits 1 through 9.         owned (the mauritson family has grown grapes in dry Creek Valley since 1868) and run
                                         GOOD LUCK!
                                                                                         by a young couple (and Soho the winery dog) with a young assistant winemaker who
                                         last issue”s Winner:
                                                                                         wanted to be a doctor, got her chemical engineering degree, and worked in a hospital
                                                                                         before being seduced by wine and Sonoma.
                                         Dr. Susan Gemeinhardt                               Then there’s the Robert Young Winery ( in Alexander Valley. Robert
                                         of Vancouver, BC                                Young (the star of Father Knows Best and Marcus Welby, MD) had a grandfather who
                                                                                         came to the valley looking for gold and stayed to farm the land after realizing you could
                                                                                                                                           put a stick in the ground and it would

                                              8     6 7 5 3
sudoku 1 easier solution on page 29

                                                                                                                        Crab cake at           but having family roots here isn’t
                                              5   9 8     6                                                            Syrah Bistro in     required. Just passion. Whenever people
                                                                                                                         Santa Rosa.       come, they seem to stay. The owners of
                                                    5                                                                                      bella Winery ( came
                                                                                                                                           to Sonoma on their honeymoon, found
                                          3 9   6     2   1                                                                                their property while on a bike tour and
                                                                                                                                           eventually bought it.
                                              6   2   5                                                                                        follow that lead and get on a bike.

                                          1   7     9   6 4
                                                                                                                                           Take a bike tour (see “if you go”). “Sip ’n’
                                                                                                                                           Cycle”…and after pedalling and sipping
                                                                                                                                           along the rolling hills of scenic Sonoma
                                                                                                                                           Wine Country, you’ll be ready for some
                                          5     9 8     1                                                                                  refuelling. Stop, nosh, and start it all
                                                                                                                                           again—how many tours is that to visit all
                                          9 6 1 3       7                                                                                  300 wineries? Cheers.
                                                       Puzzle by

                                              8 6   9
sudoku 2 harder solution in next issue

                                                                                     entry form (please print clearly):
                                                1 7 6                            4   name: __________________________________________________________________
                                                                                     address: _______________________________________________________________
                                                8                    3           9   city, province, postal code: _____________________________________________
                                            3 8 2                                    e-mail: ________________________________________________________________
                                                                                     tel: ______________________________ fax: _________________________________
                                            9 7 6   3                4 2
                                                                                     sudoku puzzle contest rules: 1. entry form must be accompanied with solved puzzle. only
                                                    1                8 3             correctly solved puzzles will be entered into random draw. 2. Send puzzle & entry form to Just For
                                                                                     Canadian Dentists, 710 – 938 Howe Street, Vancouver, BC, V6Z 1N9 or by fax to 604-681-0456.
                                          2   4     8                                entries must be received by august 23, 2010. 3. prize: ipod touch. odds of winning dependent upon
                                                                                     number of entries. winner will be contacted by telephone
                                          3     5 6 4                                and announced in the september/october 2010 issue.
                                                                                     4. contest can be changed and/or cancelled without prior notice.

                                                3                    1 4             5. all entries become property of in print publications. employees of
                                                                                     in print publications and its affiliates are not eligible to participate.
                                                       Puzzle by
                                                                                                                             July/august 2010 juST for CaNaDIaN DENTISTS            37
s m a l l ta l k    taste of the summer

                              f res h n os h !
+ eco

                           The island Chefs Collaborative (based on Vancouver island and the Gulf islands) has a vision: a sustainable local food and
                           agriculture system. Each year that’s manifested in the organization’s “defending our backyard menu local food festival.”
                           Chefs and farmers come together to show-off local produce and what’s possible with the freshest ingredients. like the
                           “local bounty bouillabaisse with garlic crostini” by Executive Chef Takashi ito of fairmont’s Empress in Victoria (who
                           practises a “farm to fork” philosophy at The Empress Room as well). Simply scrumptious. other morsels showcasing local
                           produce: cob-oven baked pizzas, bbQ pork, and frangipane tart with Saanich hazelnut shortbread crust and local quince
                           compote…The annual event takes place late spring but you can still pick your own goodies throughout the summer at
                           the iCC’s bastion Square farm market in downtown Victoria ( look for farmers’ markets and farm-to-
                                                                                                                                                        b. SliGl

                           table events in your neighbourhood. For a list of farmers’ markets across Canada, see page 6. —B. Sligl

                   38   juST for CaNaDIaN DENTISTS July/august 2010

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