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									            How to Fundraise for your World of Difference Expedition
Start your fundraising right away. Many people are nervous about asking others for money; it’s perfectly
natural to be uneasy with it. Once you get into it, you will be surprised how easy and fun it can be.
Remember that you are volunteering for a good cause and this is one way to let others know about what you
are doing and let them get involved in making a difference in other people’s lives through you.

Here are some pointers:
       Be prepared to tell why you want to go and what you will be doing (see the sample letters for
          background information).
       Start with people you know well; they will probably be open to what you are doing and will want
          to support your efforts.
       Don’t try to determine how much you think they will be able to help, let them decide how much
          to pledge, but you can give suggestions such as, ―it will cost _____ per day, can you sponsor me
          for a day or half a day?‖
       When someone says they will help you out, ask if you can collect it on the spot; this saves going
          back another time.

How to ask:
  1. Talk to people on the phone or face to face.
  2. Write letters and send to everyone you know – try for 100 names. Use our sample letters (make sure
      you personalize it with your own info—don’t just print off the letter and mail it). Also see our
      fundraising list for help with writing letters. Make sure to:
         o Personalize the letters
         o Make it creative
         o Ask them to send the check made out to World of Difference back to you (if the check is in
             your name, it is not tax deductible for the donor). Also make sure that your name is in the
             memo section of the check so the donation can be applied directly to your expedition.
         o Offer a follow-up after you return such as a written report, slide show, etc. so they can see the
             results of your hard work.
         o When you receive a donation send a personal thank you note.

Other creative fundraising ideas:
       Garage, yard, craft or bake sales (you can ask for donations for items after explaining your cause)
       Car Wash
       Babysitting, one way is to have a night where several couples take a ―date night‖ and bring their
         children to you for a few hours.
       Provide other services such as facials, manicures, oil changes, etc. for a donation
       Wash windows
       Mow lawns
       Rent a machine and offer to aerate all the neighbors’ lawns for a donation
       Organize and execute a 5K run in your community
       Visit large corporations to see if they would be interested in sponsoring you
Receiving donations:
        Checks should be made payable to World of Difference (with your name and Team A or B noted
          in the memo section of the check)
        Use the attached check log to keep a record of donations that come in
        Mail in checks every few weeks with a copy of the log to:
          World of Difference 498 East 10,000 South—Salem, UT 84653

Tax Deductions: World of Difference is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and all donations are tax

Keep an accurate record of the donations you receive. You can use the Donor Record Form that follows. If
someone gives you cash immediately record their name, address, phone number and amount. Please convert
it into a money order or personal check before mailing in. You can send in donations at any time, don’t wait
too long to gather them up. Be sure that your name is on the envelope and on the memo section of each
check. Keep a copy of the Donor Record Form to use for sending thank you cards and follow-up letters. It
is very important to thank these donors.
                                            Fundraising List
                       Try to enter 100 names and addresses. Who do you know?
Relatives (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins), teachers, your doctor, dentist, orthodontist, former teacher,
employer, past employer, parent’s employer, local businesses, service clubs such as Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions,
      etc., companies that have matching funds. Make your list here: (copy this page for more space)

         Name                                       Address                             Notes
DONOR RECORD FORM                          Participant’s Name:_____________________________

Use this form to document all monies given to you. Keep this form for your own records. Also note dates
when payments are submitted to World of Difference. Send a copy of this along with the donations you mail
to us.

Mail to: World of Difference 498 East 10,000 South—Salem, UT 84653
Make checks out to World of Difference

Total due: _________________

Date      Name of Donor           Donor’s Address                       Amount      Balance

_______ ____________________ ______________________________ _________ _____________

_______ ____________________ ______________________________ _________ _____________

_______ ____________________ ______________________________ _________ _____________

_______ ____________________ ______________________________ _________ _____________

_______ ____________________ ______________________________ _________ _____________

_______ ____________________ ______________________________ _________ _____________

_______ ____________________ ______________________________ _________ _____________

_______ ____________________ ______________________________ _________ _____________

_______ ____________________ ______________________________ _________ _____________

_______ ____________________ ______________________________ _________ _____________

_______ ____________________ ______________________________ _________ _____________

_______ ____________________ ______________________________ _________ _____________

_______ ____________________ ______________________________ _________ _____________

_______ ____________________ ______________________________ _________ _____________

_______ ____________________ ______________________________ _________ _____________

_______ ____________________ ______________________________ _________ _____________

_______ ____________________ ______________________________ _________ _____________

_______ ____________________ ______________________________ _________ _____________

_______ ____________________ ______________________________ _________ _____________
                                              Sample Letter 1


Dear _________________,

       I am writing to you because I have discovered a wonderful opportunity for an experience that is
bound to change my life. I am requesting your support for a humanitarian aid project organized by World of

       I want to help for a number of reasons. Foremost, the service project our group will be working on is
building schools, painting classrooms, and making desks for the orphan kids in Soweto, Kenya as well
working with the community on various development projects.

        World of Difference specializes in giving African children a chance by helping communities build
schools and train teachers, as well as assisting them with supplies needed to provide a proper education. You
can visit their website to find out more.

        The cost of participating in the World of Difference 17-day expedition, which includes air travel,
food, lodging, transportation and building materials, is $3,750.00. I am working hard to raise this money
through a variety of projects. Since all volunteers are responsible for covering their own expenses, I would
be grateful for any donation you can make. It seems we’d all like to help those less fortunate than ourselves,
but we often don’t know how. You can help sponsor me, while at the same time, help provide schools for
less fortunate children in Kenya. Any amount is appreciated and every donation makes a difference. If you
choose to lend your support, you’ll be pleased to know that World of Difference is an all-volunteer
organization so 100% of your contribution goes directly to aid this project. World of Difference is also an
IRS 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization so your gift is tax deductible.

        For your convenience, I’ve enclosed a pre-stamped, addressed envelope. Checks should be made out
to World of Difference and mailed to me. Should you have any questions about this volunteer humanitarian
program, please call me at (your phone number). Your support, as well as that of your friends who might be
interested in endorsing my endeavor, would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to sharing this
extraordinary experience with you when I return.

Thank you in advance for your support,

Yours truly,

(Your name)
                                               Sample Letter 2

City, State, Zip

Dear ____________________,

        This summer offers me a big challenge and an exciting adventure. The door has opened for me to
participate with World of Difference and to travel to Kenya to help construct schools and classrooms for the
orphan children in the slums of Soweto. The group will be composed of about 25 volunteers from all over
the United States. We will work in partnership with the local community volunteers to inspire and teach
principles of self-reliance.

       My goal is to raise the $3,750 to cover airfare, all in-country living expenses, and the cost of building
materials. I’m currently (mention all fund raising activities you are doing such as yard sales, corporate
sponsorships, odd jobs, etc.) to raise funds for this once in a life-time opportunity.

        This is not a luxury trip, I will be working hard, but I am excited about the opportunity to share my
time, talents and energy with others by helping the people there. I also expect to learn a lot about myself and
the Kenyan culture/people as I work alongside them.

        I hope that you will consider joining this team by investing in me. Any amount will help. My
average cost of this 17-day program will be about $220 per day. Please consider sponsoring a half day, a full
day, or more. Checks should be payable to World of Difference and sent to me at the address below. Please
use the enclosed stamped envelope. You can visit the World of Difference website at to find out more about the program, see pictures of past expeditions, and
read what previous participants have said about the experience.


Your name
Street Address
City, State, Zip
Email address

Enclosure:     Return Envelope

P.S. I will keep you updated about my trip with a letter after I return.
                                              Sample Letter #3

To Whom It May Concern:

(Your name here) has been selected to be a participant and team member of World of Difference on our
excursion this (insert May or June) to Nairobi, Kenya. World of Difference is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit
organization that provides for the educational, physical, medical, and emotional needs of the less-
fortunate/orphan children in the slum areas of Kenya.

This (insert May or June), (Your name here), along with 25 people from various places across the country,
will have the unique opportunity to interact with these children and provide them with the basic needs they
desire—instilling in them a hope for a brighter tomorrow. (Your name here) will be doing everything from
painting and construction, to public speaking, teaching values, and serving as a mentor for the orphans at
various schools throughout Kenya.

(Your name here) will also be involved in visiting many slum areas, providing semi-functional schools with
books, teaching supplies, school/educational supplies, sports equipment, medical supplies, and other much-
needed items.

(Your name here) will have the opportunity to spend two days on the Maasai Mara, learning about the
Maasai culture. He/She will visit villages, spend time with the people, provide service to the local schools,
and be immersed in opportunities for learning and personal growth.

In order for (Your name here) to accomplish his/her dream of visiting Africa, serving the less fortunate
children of the slums, etc., he/she will need your help and support financially. This experience is a ―once in
a lifetime‖ opportunity and our team would not be the same without (Your name here)’s presence.

Please donate any amount you feel appropriate to help (Your name here) raise the necessary funds needed for
this trip. Checks can be made out to World of Difference. Please put (Your name here)’s name and Kenya A
or B (note which team you are on) 2008 in the memo section of your check and note that all donations are
tax exempt due to our nonprofit status. Please mail the checks to (Your name here) directly: (insert address

Thank you for your support in such a noble endeavor.

Sincerely yours,

Kindee Dixon
President, Co-founder
World of Difference

                        World of Difference 498 East 10,000 South—Salem, UT 84653

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