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									                                                                Saint Ann’s Church
                                                         A Roman Catholic Community * Hoboken, NJ
                                                   Parish Mission Statement: We, the family of Saint Ann's
                                                   Parish, a Catholic Faith Community, are called by God to love,
                                                   forgive, unite, listen and share. We are further called to be an
                                                   exciting spiritual community guided by the Gospel of Jesus
                Served by                          Christ in the Capuchin Franciscan tradition of humility,
         Capuchin Franciscan Friars                simplicity and service to all those in need. Our Parish Family
                                                   invites all to participate fully in our spiritual and social life.
             Pastor and Dean
          Hoboken Police Chaplain
V. Rev. Thomas A. Crangle O.F.M. Cap., V.F.        Sacrament of the Eucharist-Mass Schedule
                                                   Sunday 7:30am, 9:00am, 10:30am, 12:00pm, 7:00pm
                                                   Monday through Friday: 7:30 am
              Pastoral Associate
                                                   Tuesday:        7:00 pm Saint Anthony Novena
         Bro. Robert J. Reinke C.F.P.              Wednesday:      7:00 pm Saint Ann Novena
                                                   Saturday:       4:00 pm Fox Hill
                    F.I.S.H.                                       5:00 pm (Anticipated Mass for Sunday)
Franciscan Initiative for Spirituality & Healing   Holy days & Holidays: As Announced in Bulletin
       Sister Jo-Ann Jackowski, S.F.P.
                                                   Sacrament of Reconciliation
                Parish Office                      The Sacrament of Reconciliation is available on Saturday at 4:30
                                                   pm or call Parish Office to make an appointment to celebrate the
             Saint Ann's Square
                                                   Sacrament. The sacrament in Italian is available on Sunday after
             704 Jefferson Street
                                                   the 10:30 a.m. Mass.
             Hoboken, NJ 07030
              Tel. 201-659-1114                    Sacrament of Baptism
             Fax: 201-659-1416                     Parents should contact the Parish Office at the birth of the child
                Office Hours                       to schedule an interview and to register for the required parents'
        9:30 a.m. - 8 p.m. (Mon.-Fri.)             and godparents' baptismal preparation session. The sessions are
                                                   held on the 2nd Saturday of the month at 10:30 am in the
                  Secretary                        rectory. All Baptisms will be celebrated at 12 pm on the first and
                                                   third Sundays of the month.
              Nancy R. Jefferson
                                                   Sacrament of Marriage
              Business Manager                     The Common Policy for Marriage in all Catholic Parishes in
              Martha Gonzalez                      New Jersey required couples to begin preparation at least one
                                                   year prior to the planned wedding date. It is advisable for
           Archdiocese of Newark                   couples to contact the parish before any other arrangements are
               www.rcan.org                        made for the wedding day.
                                                   Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick/Visitation of the Sick
           Social Services Helpline                The Anointing of the Sick is available to seriously ill members
               1-800-227-7413                      of our parish at home or in the hospital. Please call the Parish
                                                   Office to make arrangements. For legal reasons, many hospitals
         Hoboken Catholic Academy                  no longer inform parishes when a hospitalized parishioner would
              555 7th Street                       like a parish visit. Please let us know of any homebound persons
            Hoboken, NJ 07030                      who would like Communion on a regular basis.
            Tel. 201-963-9535                      Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (R.C.I.A.)
            Fax: 201-963-1256                      The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults is the Church's process
                                                   for adults to prepare to receive the Sacraments of Baptism,
     Web site: www.hobokencatholic.org             Confirmation and Eucharist. We also welcome those who have
                                                   received the Sacrament of Initiation and would like to learn
             Rose Perry, Principal                 more about our faith. If you or someone you know would like to
                                                   become a Catholic, please contact the Parish Office.
Catholic Young Adults of Hoboken (C.Y.A.H.)        Parish Registration
     For more information please contact           We welcome you to the Parish Family of Saint Ann, and invite you
          Membership@cyah.com                      to register with us by filling out a form in the bulletin or contacting
                                                   our Parish Office. You must register in the Parish for Baptism, the
                                                   Religious Education Programs and for Hoboken Catholic Academy.
                                                   We urge all parishioners to make regular use of the envelopes. If
                                                   you are moving from the Parish, please notify the Parish Office.
                               Welcome to Saint Ann’s Church
Welcome to St Ann’s Faith Community and thank you for worshipping with us today. It is our hope
that you will make St. Ann your spiritual home, a place of refreshment, nourishment, and comfort.
If you are not a registered parishioner and wish to become a member of our Parish Family please
complete the requested information below so we can send you the registration form to better serve you.
You can either drop the completed form into the collection basket or mail it to the rectory office.
Name:                                                  Tel:
Address:                                               Cell:


                                        Ministry Directory
Pastor/Dean                         R.C.I.A. Coordinators                Holy Name Society
Hoboken Police Chaplain             Fr. Thomas A. Crangle O.F.M.         1st Tuesday of every month
Fr. Thomas A. Crangle O.F.M.        Cap.                                 @ 7:30 pm
Cap.                                FrTomasOFMCap@aol.com                Patrick Pasculli
FrTomasOFMCap@aol.com                                                    Pat47@aol.com
                                    Carol Foster
Pastoral Associate                  Glenruby@aol.com                     Secular Franciscans
Bro. Robert J. Reinke C.F.P.                                             1st Wednesday of every month
Brrjr04@yahoo.com                   St. Ann Feast                        @ 7:30 pm
                                    Mario Ferrara – Chairperson          Miriam Gomez-Bracety
Business Manager                    basebal5@optonline.net               Mgomezbrac@aol.com
Martha Gonzalez
Marthabgon@optonline.net            Saint Ann’s Guild                    Parish Council
                                    4th Wednesday of every month         Michelle Swineford – President
Secretary                           @ 8:00 pm                            Swinefordm@yahoo.com
Nancy R. Jefferson                  Barbara Migliori
NancyRJefferson@yahoo.com           allieoops@optonline.net              Carol Foster – Vice-President
Trustees                            Padre Pio Group
Margaret Milizzo                    1st Friday of every month            Mid-life Directions
Mmcomp104@aol.com                   @ 7:30 pm                            Spirituality & Healing
                                    Giacomo (Jack) Raguseo               Sister Jo-Ann Jackowski, S.F.P.
Patrick Pasculli                    Raguseo@MNR.org                      jjackowskisfp@yahoo.com
                                    Music Ministry                       Upper Room Prayer Group
St. Ann Right to Life Contact       Jennifer Lampert - Coordinator       Barbara Migliori
Carol Ann Giambona                  Jenniferlampert@gmail.com            allieoops@oponline.net
                                    Jeremy Beck - Organist               Finance Council
                                    RFdelivery@hotmail.com               Susan Baker – Chairperson
                                    John Suttora                         as.com
 Thirty-Third Sunday of Ordinary Time                   (3)In Memory of Assad Dumit
                                                        by Tony Cieri
SATURDAY, November 15, 2008                      THURSDAY, November 20, 2008
[4:00pm]FOX HILL                                 [7:30am](1)In Memory of Mildred Capizzi
       Cosmo & Maria Spadavecchia by Children           by Ella Giangolano & Family
[5:00pm](1)In Loving Memory of Michael Curcio    FRIDAY, Novemeber 21, 2008
       by Children & Grandchildren               [7:30am](1)In Loving Memory of Mirabelli Family
       (2)In Memory of Rose D’Alessandro                by Frank & Anthony Raccuia
       by Mary Beth & Fred Versaci                      (2)In Memory of Maria Musto
       (3)In Memory of Caterina Lisa                    by Family
       by Grandson Peter Christopher                    (3)In Honor of Madonna Della Salute
       & Debra Lisa                                     by Irma Tarrabocchia & Family
SUNDAY, November 16, 2008                        SATURDAY, November 22, 2008
[7:30am](1)Antonia & Giovanni Romano             [4:00pm]FOX HILL
       by Lena & Family                                 Frances Avitabile by Andrew Avitabile
       (2)In Memory of Eduardo Valenzuela        [5:00pm](1)In Memory of Margaret, Vincent &
       by Phyllis Capelli                               Carmella Feola by Mary Feola
[9:00am](1)In Memory of Joseph Lenge                    (2)In Memory of Antoinette, Alfred &
       by Theresa Muraca                                Margaret Borelli by Mary Feola
       (2)In Memory of Nicolo Uva                       (3)In Memory of Josephine &
       by M/M Dominick Murolo                           Frances O’Neill by Mary Feola
[10:30am](1)In Memory of Carmela & Salvatore     SUNDAY, November 23, 2008
       Lisa by Daughter Rosaria & Family         [7:30am](1)In Memory of Nicolo Uva
       (2)In Honor of The Madonna Del Popolo            by M/M DiCarluccio
       by Society                                [9:00am](1)In Memory of Rosaria Magarelli
       Blessing of Banner –                             by Amato Family
       Donne Puglisi D’America                          (2)In Memory of Jim & Grace Rongo
[12:00noon](1)Antonio Caruso                            by Maryann Decker
       by Son Michael & Family                   [10:30am](1)In Memory of Louis Amato
       (2)In Memory of Antonietta Turrisi               by Brothers & Sisters
       by Manuela & Cordiano                            (2)In Memory of Antoinetta &
[7:00pm](1)Angela & Corrado DeRobertis                  Pasquale Spina by Son Michael & Family
       by Lena, Anna, Frances & Mario                   (3)For All Souls In Purgatory
MONDAY, November 17, 2008                               by Maria & Domenico Rizzo
[7:30am](1)Spiritual Gift of Healing for Enza    [12:00noon](1)In Memory of Carmela Lisa
       Spaccavento by Camille Amato & Family            by M/M Vincenzo Pasquale
TUESDAY, November 18, 2008                       [7:00pm](1)In Memory of Antonio Pasquale
[7:30am](1)In Loving Memory of Anthony Raccuia          by M/M Pietro & Rosanna Romano
       by Sons Frank & Anthony                          (2)In Memory of Giovanni Pizzo
[7:00pm](1)In Memory of Teresa Orrico                   by Antonio & Maryann Ubaldo
       by M/M Antonio Gigante
       (2)In Memory of Filomena DeGennaro
       by Daughters Rose Cappelluti &
                                                   THE ANNUAL COLLECTION FOR
       Julia Amore                                  THE CAMPAIGN FOR HUMAN
       (3)In Memory of Nicolo Uva                   DEVELOPMENT ON NOV. 23RD
       by Ceil Butka & Phyllis Butka             The Campaign for Human Development (CCHD)
WEDNESDAY, November 19, 2008                     was founded in l970 as the Catholic Church’s anti-
[7:30am](1)In Memory of Matteo & Elena           poverty program in the United States. For almost
       Skrivanic by Mary Ann & Sandy Picinic     four decades, CCHD has promoted acts of solidarity
[7:00pm](1)In Memory of Nicolo Uva               with the poor and supported grass roots programs
       by M/M Pasquale Caporrino                 aimed at breaking the cycle of poverty. This is a
       (2)In Memory of Anna & Antonio Lisa       worthy cause, please be as generous as you can.
       by Son Domenico & Marietta Lisa
              Memorials                        ST. NICHOLAS – In Memory of Nicolo Uva
                                               by M/M John Mastormauro
       Week of November 16, 2008               ST. PIO – In Thanksgiving
                                               ST. ROCCO – Get Well Wishes for
                                               Louise Cocucci by Ella Giangolano
                                               ST. THERESA – In Loving Memory & Happy
ALTAR HOST – In Memory of
                                               Birthday in Heaven Mildred Capizzi
Marie DeCongelio
                                               by Maureen Nisler
by Lorraine & Frank DeCongelio & Family
ALTAR WINE – In Memory of
Marie DeCongelio
by Lorraine & Frank DeCongelio & Family
ALTAR CANDLES – In Memory of
Jim & Grace Rongo                                       WEEKLY COLLECTION
by Stephen & Andrea Decker                                     November 9, 2008
SANCTUARY LAMP – In Memory of                                                Envelopes Used
Marie DeCongelio                               Saturday –
by Lorraine & Frank DeCongelio & Family        Fox Hill (seniors)            171.00          14
BLESSED MOTHER – In Memory of                  5:00pm                        394.00          34
Rosaria Magarelli                              Sunday –
by Martha & Mike Altomura & Family             7:30am                         297.00         19
ST. ANTHONY – In Honor of &                    9:00am                       1,035.00         56
Special Intention by Erma Tarabocchia          10:30am                        246.00         34
CRUCIFIX – In Thanksgiving &                   12:00noon                      894.00         28
Special Intentions                             7:00pm                         447.00         21
IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY –                     Mail                           430.00          8
In Memory of Sophia Morchel                    TOTAL                      $ 3,914.00        214
by Maurice Fitzgibbons
Rosaria Magarelli by Amato Family              Energy                         78.00          12
MOTHER CABRINI – Special Intentions for        All Saints                     57.00           8
John by Family                                 Eastern Europe                783.00
Teresa M. Seijas by Karen DelBoccio                           REMINDER               Wednesday
OUR LADY OF SORROWS – In Memory of                            It is a day of Eucharistic Adoration
Elizabeth DiNallo by Gen & Murray Fusco                       here at St. Ann’s.       The Blessed
SACRED HEART – Onofrio & Maria Amato                          Sacrament will be exposed on the
by Lena, Anna, Frances & Mario                                altar starting from 8:00am. The day
ST. CLARE –Special Intention for Maria                        will end with Mass at 7:00pm. There
ST. FRANCIS – Special Intention for            are no set prayers to say. All you are asked is to
Bernie Martin                                  fulfill the request Jesus made of his Disciples the
ST. GERARD – In Memory of Lillian Sorrentino   night of His agony in the Garden of Gethsemane:
by Dennis Palmieri                                   “Could you not watch and pray with me
ST. GIACOMO – In Memory of                                         for one hour?”
Luigi Percontino by Zia Nina Lisa
ST. JOSEPH – In Memory of Joseph Lenge                    WORDS TO LIVE BY
by Theresa Muraca                                 “Everyone has the power of greatness.
ST. LUCY – Special Intention by Maria Amato            Not for fame, but greatness.
ST. MICHAEL – In Memory of Peter Mongiello      Because greatness is determined by service.”
by Vickie & Richie DelBoccio                                      Rev. Martin Luther King
           PRAY FOR THE SICK                            HOBOKEN CATHOLIC ACADEMY
                                                              SCHOOL NEWS
                                                              HCA is conducting a Food Drive through
                                                      11/21. All donations will be accepted at the school
                                                      office located on 555 Seventh Street.
                                                              Important Information for Parents: The
                                                      Partnership for a Drug Free NJ will present “The 15
                                                      Minute Break” at HCA on Tuesday, Nov. 25th at
                                                      7:00 pm. This is a one-hour interactive multimedia
Ann Accetta, MaryAnn Ardito, Andrew Avitable,
                                                      presentation. No children please. The program will
Alan Beck, Victoria Beckner, Charles Briano,
                                                      take place at HCA, 7th Street between Madison &
Martha Burkhadt, Helen Byrne, John Castellitto,
                                                      Monroe Streets.
Lucille Corrado, Fran Crangle, Tom Crangle,
Marilou Damato, Stephanie DeBari, Danielle
DiBari, Gloria DiGiacomo, Joseph Frascino, Evelyn        PLEASE PRAY FOR THE SAFE RETURN
Giordano, Frances Hawkins, Lillian Hojnowski,             FROM IRAQ AND AFGHANISTAN OF:
Diana Jaccodine, Rocco LaGuardia, Joe Lavelle,        CARLO F. ARELLINO
MaryAnn Lavelle, Florence Lipane, Ann Lisa,           MARTIN KERR
Marie (Adele) Lombardi, Michael Lynch, Marty          2LT BRENDAN GRISWOLD
Maritz, Jessica Mercado, Juanita Moret, Jack          TED CONDO, USN
Muraca, Ann Musto, Charley Musto, Gloria Musto,       SSG JOSEPH WOLF, USA
Julia Musto, Richard Nelson Jr., George M. Nemeh,     CWO4 STEVE GAUNT, USA
Anthony Patti, Joan Paulus, Don Pelicano, Austin      IF WE HAVE ANY OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS
Black Perry, Rozelyn Pizza, Johanna Polowitz,         SERVING IN IRAQ OR AFGHANISTAN,
Lena Rhodes, Patrick Riccardi, Barbara Rotondi,       PLEASE INFORM US OF THEIR NAMES.
Anthony Russo, Terry Seijas, Kenneth & Linda          YOU CAN CONTACT THE OFFICE AT
Shableski, Theresa Shableski, Lucy Shearn, Don        201-659-1114 FROM 10am TO 8pm.
Sheehan, Dawn Shurmitis, Lucille Strang, Jean
Tasca, Rae Tatulli, Tia Trombetta, Richard
Turnbull, Sr., David Vella, Francis Eleanor White,                PRAYER MINISTRY
Carol Zeitler                                         The Secular Franciscan Order of St. Conrad's
             GOD BLESS THEM                           Fraternity in St. Ann's is accepting prayer petitions
       AND THOSE WHO CARE FOR THEM                    from anyone who wishes to have intercessory
                                                      prayers, either for themselves or their special
  “PRAYER TO RESPECT LIFE”                            intentions.
Lord, help us to show respect for all life. Help us   You may submit your petitions to:
to have compassion for the elderly, for unborn        POORCLAIR@aol.com or MGomezbrac@aol.com.
children and their mothers, for persons with          Please note on the subject line "Franciscan Prayers."
disabilities and for all those who are unable to      If you do not have internet access you may call
protect themselves. Remind us that all human          Miriam at (201) 869-2915. Unless otherwise
beings are sacred to you and that you love each       requested, the prayer intentions will be updated
of us. Give us the courage and the strength to        monthly.
protect those who cannot protect themselves and
to support leaders who also value and respect all
life. Ever hopeful that our nation will be more               HOSPITALITY SUNDAYS
caring towards those who cannot speak for
themselves, let our light shine now to illuminate     Because of Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays,
the darkness of ignorance and prejudice so that       there will be no Hospitality Sundays in November
in the future we will be known as a nation which      and December. The next Hospitality Sunday will
respects all life. Amen.                              be January 25, 2009.
     DO YOU CONTRIBUTE TO?                              OUR SENIOR PARISHIONERS
This Fall and Winter, we would like to increase     We have a number of wonderful parishioners
the number of Altar Servers. This service           who look in on some of our senior parishioners
category has our youngest lay minister, Dana,       and help them in little ways. One drives some
who had, at the age of seven, a great desire to     seniors who live a distance from the Church,
serve and came with her mother and asked to be      who because of their health would not be able
trained. We have very few pre-teens or teens in     to attend Mass here at St. Ann’s.
our parish - so we need some adult volunteers.      However, we have several frail seniors who live
We have several who do so at the morning and        within a three-block radius who really miss
Novena Masses; but how about the Weekend            their weekly coming to Mass (and getting out of
Masses? It requires no public speaking or           the house). They could attend if someone would
handling the Eucharist. You assist the presider,    accompany them to and from Mass
the Priest, by preparing the Altar, accepting and   YOU DO NOT NEED A CAR.
helping to prepare the gifts. So if your            If you are unable to do this weekly, if we get
giftedness is being more introverted, this is a     enough volunteers, we could rotate volunteers.
great opportunity to serve with more                Think about it. Becoming a senior - and
extroverted ministers.                              fragility - are part of our own future.
Brother Bob will have special training for          If you are interested, Brother Bob can supply
Altar Servers before all the Weekend Masses         you with details.
on December 7th and 8th. You need to arrive
twenty minutes before the Mass you are                 ANNUAL THANKSGIVING TURKEY
attending begins. This ministry is open to                   AND FIXINGS COLLECTION
women and men. In most parishes pre-teens           As is our custom, we will collect frozen turkeys
and teens do this ministry; however, if you         at all the Masses on November 22nd and 23rd
notice, we are in short supply of this age          ONLY. Other food items needed are stuffing,
group. Guys if you were Altar Servers in            cranberries, sweet potatoes and other
your youth, please think about helping out          vegetables. Local charities will be picking up
once more. We hope to get enough                    the turkeys and other groceries after the 7 p.m.
volunteers so that you would only need to           Sunday Mass.
serve once or twice a month. Thanks.
There will be a training session for                     FAITH FORMATION PROGRAM
Parishioners interested in serving as               St. Ann’s will begin the Faith Formation
Eucharistic Ministers or Lectors on Sunday,         Program for the First Penance and First
December 8 after the noon Mass (second              Communion for first and second graders.
week in December).                                        Date: Sunday, November 30, 2008
                                                              Time: 10:30am to 11:30am
       PAPERBACK BOOKS ONLY                                        Location: Rectory
                                                    Those who are interested in signing up please
Hoboken University Medical Center will no           contact the parish office at 201-659-1114.
longer accept any used magazines. Paperback
books will still be accepted and are greatly
                                                                  BUSINESS SIGNS
You can drop them off at the Gift Shop or at the                In a Podiatrist’s Office:
Rectory to the attention of Sister Jo-Ann.                     “Time wounds all heels.”
                     PIZZA NIGHT
  Sponsored by Holy Name Society of the Church of St. Ann
        Friday, November 21, 2008 from 7pm to 10pm
         at Hoboken Catholic Academy 555 7th Street

                  Mussels $6:00 per portion
              Shrimp Cocktail $6.00 per portion
                       Soda included
                 Donation $8.00 per Person
              Sorry, No take out orders available
Due to state regulations SMOKING is not allowed in the School.
   Tickets can be obtained at the rectory next to the church.

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