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									                                        Circus Oz

                             Touring Production Manager

                                  Position Description

Circus Oz is Australiaʼs internationally acclaimed contemporary circus. The Touring
Production Manager will be responsible for scheduling, venue liaison, freight logistics
and running of the bump in and out of tours.

The position of Touring Production Manager is a Melbourne-based position, reporting
directly to the Production Manager. A broad range of international and domestic
travel will be required.

Circus Oz has a small, multi-skilled team and the applicant will need to have the
following skills and qualities:

•   An understanding of, and experience in, technical and production aspects of
•   Ability to assist in planning of whole production, so as to facilitate smoothness of
    set up
•   Ability to coordinate different needs of different departments
•   Relevant industry experience
•   Experience in managing a team
•   Experience in managing budgets
•   High level of organisational skill
•   Excellent interpersonal skills
•   Excellent problem solving abilities
•   Capacity to be flexible and undertake the range of duties efficiently in a variety of
•   Excellent written and verbal communications
•   Ability to work autonomously and liaise effectively with other departments
•   Flexibility in working hours
•   A good sense of humour

An understanding of technical and production aspects of the circus arts would be an

Responsibilities of the position include:

    •   Coordinate venue/lights/sound/rigging and show set, including advice of work
        loads and crew requirements for upcoming seasons.

    •   Get stage and lighting plans specifically for each venue, detail list of all other
        staging equipment required and their source.
•   Ensure that there are current job safety analyses for each act, and to assist
    with the writing of necessary safety paperwork.

•   Contact the technical department of each venue and ensure the companyʼs
    needs are known and catered for.

•   Liaise with hire companies to ensure correct gear is obtained and delivered
    on time, and return gear on time.

•   Adapt schedules to suit time available, current show needs and any local
    union regulations.

•   Communicate schedule and changes to all performers and crew.

•   Ensure that all breaks are monitored and adhered to when possible.

•   Keep track of money spent on props and code appropriately. All significant
    budget issues must be discussed with the Production Manager prior to

•   Identify and create a safe working environment.

•   Coordinate the installation of all technical elements.

•   Be aware that other departments are working at the same time, and where
    possible assist to ensure all elements of the show are ready on time.

•   Contribute in writing the safeties check list and take notes during the safety
    rehearsal. If the schedule permits, take notes during the tech/dress

•   Ensure all company and venue crew calls are correct and up to date.

•   Adapt the schedule as required throughout the season to accommodate the
    needs of the company.

•   Schedule production meetings, company meetings, management meetings
    and rehearsals as necessary.

•   Coordinate on tour management of technical team.

•   Ensure the company fills in time sheets, and that these are sent to Port
    Melbourne office with sufficient time for wages to be calculated.

•   Ensure each department has what they need to do their job as efficiently as

•   Manage the bump out and pack of truck, ensuring all gear is packed safely
    and correctly and underway in good time.

•   Assist with sourcing of items needed for the show, and maintenance of first
    aid, sewing and tool kits.
   •   Work with the show crew, keeping communication clear between you at all

   •   Contribute constructively to a debrief of the season/tour.

   •   Notify the production manager of any maintenance required on gear to ensure
       that it can be done prior to the next season/rehearsal.

   •   Ensure that all petty cash matters are clearly finalised.

   •   Conducting your work in a manner that is respectful to others and will
       enhance the reputation of Circus Oz

   •   Work constructively as a member of the production team and develop
       effective and positive relationships with co-workers

   •   Contribute to other areas of the companyʼs operations

   •   Work within the values of Circus Oz

   •   Other duties as directed by the Production Manager

Measures of success:

   •   Seasons to be bumped in without additional time needed for bump ins

   •   Good morale and communication amongst Circus Oz company and venue

   •   Achieve time for safety and tech/dress with individual act time in each venue

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