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              THE „e-max“ SCOOTER

Silicon Power batteries are high power secondary batteries developed and manufactured by
Guangdong Special Batteries CO., LTD. The development process took several years of time. Based
on the brand new electrolyte of liquid low sodium silicate compound, renovations have been made for
cell electrode structure, material composition and battery manufacture processes. Silicon Power
batteries have successfully broken away from the shortcomings of lead-acid batteries, such as acid
corrosion, acid mist pollution, low energy density & power density, and short life span.
Guangdong Special Batteries has a universally recognized edge over commonly used lead-acid
batteries nowadays in the world, due to its high capacity, high current output, rapid recharge time, low
temperature performance, long life span, and environment-friendliness.
On top of that, the brand new neutral electrolyte does not corrode the electrodes, which makes it
possible to recycle the electrodes after the battery is properly disposed of. The disposed electrolyte, in
the state of semi-solid grains, is a high quality fertilizer rather than soil pollutant. The factory is rated as
Factory of Environment Friendliness by the relevant environment protection authority for its
contribution to the commitment of green environment protection.
The silicone power battery technology has been accredited with the relevant Chinese accreditation
authorities. The technology is recognized by experts as a high and new technology with our own
intellectual property. International intellectual property inspection shows that the successful
development of the neutral silicone battery is a state-of-the-art technology the world has never seen
With international and domestic patents, Silicon Power batteries are manufactured in strict accordance
with the ISO-9002 quality management system. There are seven series and over 80 types of Silicon
Power batteries products including Fix Type, Boost-up type, Power Type, Deep Sea Type and
Motorcycle Type, all of which are accredited with national or industry specifications.
Silicon Power batteries provide complete customer satisfaction in terms of advanced technology,
excellent performance, consistent quality and reasonable prices.
Qualification Certificates & Network Access Certificates
◇Issued        by      China    National      rechargeable        Batteries     Quality      Control      Centre
Certificate     for    tightly  sealed     silicone      power      batteries    used     in    electric    cars
Certificate for silicone power batteries used in motorcycles
◇Issued by the Information Industry Ministry of the PRC:
Certificates for network access and license for telecommunications device network access in respect
of the GM-1000(below 2v/28.57Ah,200Ah)telecommunication release valve silicone power batteries
Certificates for net work access and license for telecommunications device net work access in respect
of the 6-GYH-200(below 12v/28.57Ah,200Ah)silicone power batteries
◇Issued by the electric facilities & instrument quality inspection & testing Centre of the Electric
Ministry of China:
Certificate for silicone power batteries used in electric locomotives
◇Issued by the Railway Ministry of China:
Certificate for silicone power batteries used in electric locomotives
◇Issued by the PlA General Intelligence of China:
Network access License for national defence telecommunication facilities in respect of the GYH series
fixed & tightly sealed silicone power batteries
◇Issued by the Factory 570 of the PLA of China:
Certificate for 6000-meter deep-sea battery performance testing in respect of the 12V 38Ah silicone
power batteries
Comparisons between Lead-acid Batteries and Silicon Power Batteries

                           Lead-acid            Guineng Power
Item Features                                                         Results
                           Batteries            Batteries
 1 Energy/unitweight       35-42wh/kg           45-52wh/kg            High capacity
                           Sealed(with a
                                                                      Acid mist/maintenance
 2 Degree of Sealing       pressure relief      Tightly sealed
                                                                      free and safe
                                                Silicate              Pollution environment
 3 Electrolyte             Sulfuric acid
                                                Compounds             friendliness
      Regular Charging                                                Only half of the time is
 4                         4-8h                 2-4h
      Time                                                            needed.
 5 Rapid Charging          2-3h                 1-2h                  1.5-2 time better
                                                                10 times less when fully
 6 Internal Resistance     >0.5 micro Ohm       <0.25 micro Ohm charged; 20 times less
                                                                when fully discharged
  7 High current Output    3-7°C                3-30°C          4.5 times better
    Lowest End-point
  8 Voltage After          1.8V                 1.2V-1.8V             0.2v-0.6v less
    Charging or            Memory effect at
  9                                             No memory effect
    discharging Memory     low voltage zone
    Recovery after
 10                        Relatively poor      Particularly strong
    Discharging at         Same as steady       20% better than
    pulsing load           load                 steady load
    Storage time without
 12                        3-6 months           1-2years              2-6 times better
                           Output drops
      low temperature                           Functions normally
 13                        dramatically below
      performance                               at -50°C
                           Needs ambient        No need for
                           temperature          ambient control
 14 Protective Ambient
                           adjustments for      between -50°C
                           some applications    and +70°C
    Degree of                                   No acid mist and
                           Acid mist and
 15 Environment                                 total environment
    Friendliness                                friendliness

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