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					Person-Centered Planning
                                 Renewed Interest
What can person-             Person-centered planning is          Person-centered planning is
centered planning            a process for learning how a         not a new idea. It has been
do for you?                  person wants to live and             around for almost 20 years.
It can help you discover     what is important to him or          Facilitators use an assortment
and share                    her in everyday life. Person-        of tools to introduce person-
your goals                   centered planning:                   centered planning to
for a better
                             ♦   looks to the future and          individuals with disabilities and
or different                                                      their families. The tools help
life.                            helps the individual plan
                                 for positive outcomes.           individuals and their
                                                                  supporters understand the
                             ♦   puts the person, his or her      process and desired outcomes.
                                 gifts, talents, goals,
                                                                        WHY THE RENEWED
                                 preferences, needs, and
                                                                       INTEREST IN PERSON-
                                 choices, in the center of the
                                 planning process.                     CENTERED PLANNING?
                                                                  ♦ The basic idea of person-
              It can         ♦   helps people find and use            centered planning--
              help you           their voices to state what is        planning with and for a
               make              truly important to and for           person-- makes good sense.
             important           them.
              choices.                                            ♦   Reports have shown that
                             ♦   requires really listening to         person-centered planning
                                 the person and the people            assists individuals and their
                                 who know the individual              families as they seek to
                                 best, and translating a              develop ordinary lives and
                                 vision for a better or               connects people to their
               It can help       different life into action           communities.
  you find people in your        plans.
community to support you.    ♦   enlists the support of family,   ♦   With the growing national
                                 friends, and professionals to        emphasis on consumer-
                                 follow through on those              directed services with
   It can help you get                                                Medicaid funding, the
 everyone singing off the        action plans and journey
                                 with the person to a life            Centers for Medicare and
 same page, your page!
                                 enriched by community                Medicaid Services (CMS),
                                 connections and                      the federal Medicaid
                                 opportunities to contribute          agency, has highlighted
                                 and receive support.                 person-centered planning
                                                                      as a promising practice and
                                                                      is promoting
                                                                      its use.
 Person-Centered Planning…Renewed Interest                                                               Page 2 of 2


                                                             ♦   Developed by Marsha Forest, Jack Pearpoint, and
♦   Developed by Michael Smull.                                  John O’Brien.
♦   ELP is a guided process for learning how someone         ♦   PATH is a creative planning tool that starts with the
    wants to live and for developing a plan to help              end in mind and focuses the person with whom
    make it happen.                                              planning is being done on naming his/her dreams.
♦   The process has 5 steps (listen, understand, plan,       ♦ The facilitated process has eight steps
    implement, and assess).                                        1. Touch the dream - get people to explore images
♦   During the process, people who care about the                 of how they want their future to be - identify their
    individual listen to learn what is important to and           purpose
    for the individual.                                            2. Sense the goal - get the group to look backwards
                                                                  from the future describe that positive desirable
♦“…a practical down to earth approach to get a                    future as if it had already happened
    written document that contains what is important to           3. Ground it in the now - Describe the present and
    an individual: likes and dislikes, daily routines and          explore how that feels
    rituals, what makes sense and doesn’t, etc. It ends up        4. Identify people to enroll - Who needs to be
    as a useful guide for anyone who needs to know                involved to make change possible?
    about the person” (A Good ELP is a Work in                     5. Recognize ways to build strength - How can we
    Progress, Molly Drummond’s mother).                           improve our skills, our relationships, our knowledge?
                                                                   6. Chart action for the next few months - What
                                                                  kinds of things will have to be done to realize the
                                                                  7. Plan the next month's work
                                                                  8. Commit to the first step
♦ Developed by Beth Mount.                                          For more information about person-
♦ Personal Futures Planning is a facilitated process                centered planning tools or upcoming
    that seeks to discover capacities, identify                        training opportunities, contact:
    opportunities in the local community, and develop                          Eileen Hammar
    service supports that are responsive to the unique
    interests and needs of individuals.                           Partnership for People with Disabilities
                                                                   at Virginia Commonwealth University
♦ The process has a series of 6 tasks.                           804-827-0202 (voice) 804-828-0042 (fax)
    Task 1: Getting to know you (relationship map)
    Task 2: Finding capacities in people
                                                                        or email:
    Task 3: Finding capacities in community life (the        This information and the training events are
    community building map)                                  sponsored by the Partnership for People with
    Task 4: Creating a vision for the future (the futures    Disabilities at VCU through a contract with the
    map)                                                     Department of Medical Assistance Services with
    Task 5: Supporting people over time to take action       funding from the Centers for Medicare and
    and try new things (follow along meetings and            Medicaid Services under the Real Choice Systems
    action plans)                                            Change grant # P91599/3. VCU is an equal
    Task 6: ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE: Constructive              opportunity/affirmative action institution providing
    system supports (designing platforms for change)         access to education and employment without regard
                                                             to age, race, color, national origin, gender, religion,
                                                             sexual orientation, veteran’s status, political affiliation,
                                                             or disability.