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                  Fort Mill High School, 225 Munn Road, Fort Mill, SC 29715 Issue 10. 2009-2010 Edition
Church group charged with kidnapping Haitians                                                      By: Kelsey Short
          When the earthquake struck Haiti several weeks ago, several                     children to their church run orphanage in the Dominican Republic. The group
thousands of people from all over the world went to the poverty-stricken country          claims to have received the children through a well known Haitian pastor.
to lend their assistance. With all of the missionaries and doctors traveling to                     The Baptist Haitian Orphan Mission team’s spokeswoman, Laura
Port-Au-Prince, it seemed as if many of the Haitians had hope. It was very                Silsby, stated, “In this chaos the Government is in right now, we were just
obvious that many people died because of the earthquake, and thousands of                 trying to do the right thing.” They also claimed to have had the documentation
children lost their parents and became orphans. Other children, however, are              to help where they could, but when later analyzed by authorities, they did not
still hoping that their parents will eventually be found. For a Baptist church            have the proper documentation for what the group was trying to accomplish.
group from Idaho, waiting for the parents to show up was not good enough.                           The government has limited the number of adoptions because
          Thirty three children were taken by the Baptist group while in Haiti to help    they are worried that orphans or lost children are more vulnerable to being
the recovering country. Their ages ranged from several months to twelve years             trafficked. “By no means are we any part of that. That’s exactly what we are
old. The group claimed that the children were orphans, but when asked, several            trying to combat,” Silsby stated. The Americans planned on bringing more
of them said they were not orphans and that they still had parents. Even though           than 100 children back with them, in an attempt to send them to new families.
there are a vast amount of orphans in Haiti now from the earthquake, there are            These children have been through a lot, and there is still hope for thousands of
still plenty who are looking for their families. The American church group of ten         people to become reunited with their families who were lost in the earthquake.
believed that what they were doing was helping the Haitian children, but when                       Although the group stands by their actions and calls themselves
found, many of them were sick, diseased, and dehydrated. The Americans who                “honorable,” the Haitian government is strongly disagreeing. The
claimed that they went to Haiti to help have been arrested and will have a hearing        sentencing for the group is still to be decided and as of now, the
under kidnapping charges. The group says that they planned on taking the                  children that were taken are either in hospitals or in Haitian orphanages.

Barefoot burglar                                   By: Chelsy Meltzner                    Don’t ask, don’t tell                                        By: Alyssa Davis
         It all started when Colton Harris-Moore was only eight years old. He                                                               The United States Military
had a tough childhood; his father walked out on his family, leaving Harris-Moore                                                   is currently examining its “don’t ask,
to live with his alcoholic mother. He was in and out of school, was constantly                                                     don’t tell” policy. President Obama,
getting in trouble, and eventually moved into a halfway house for youth offenders                                                  along with various military officials,
after being convicted of theft and possession of stolen property. In April of 2008,                                                are trying to remove this policy and
Harris-Moore escaped from the halfway house in Camano Island in Washington                                                         ban openly gay, lesbian and bisexual
State. Since then, he has committed more than 50 different burglaries, and                                                         individuals from serving in the military.
is still on the run. Harris-Moore doesn’t show signs of stopping anytime                                                                 The “don’t ask, don’t tell”
soon either; on February 11 it looked as if the teen thief struck once again.             The “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy is
                                                                                                                                   policy was created in 1933 and has
         Harris-Moore, now 18, who has never taken a flying lesson in his life            currently being discussed by military    remained in effect ever since. The
and taught himself to fly on the Internet, has allegedly stolen more than three           officials.                               policy basically says that any citizen
airplanes. Recently, authorities found one of the stolen airplanes, which Harris-         Photo courtesy of Google Images          entering the military is not required
Moore had crash-landed in the San Juan Islands. They then moved the crime                                                          to state their sexual orientation. It
scene to the local grocery store, the Homegrown Market. “Someone broke into               is also not mandatory for military officials to ask about it. Many military
the store Wednesday night, and the owner arrived Thursday to find large chalk-            members find that the elimination of this ideal will cause many problems.
outline feet drawn all over the floor. Cash was taken and a security system                          “In a way, I think it should just be left alone,” Navy Airman Lindsay
monitor was left in a sink with water running over it,” employee Sherri Pierson           Runkle said. “Personally, I think everything’s fine the way it is now…”
said. “Two of the footprints were leading out the door, next to a chalk-scrawled                     Defense Secretary Robert Gates is in charge of making the
message: ‘C-YA!’,” she added. This burglary has many striking similarities to             new plans on this topic. In a previous hearing, he stated how he
Harris-Moore’s past crimes. This past fall, when authorities found another airplane       planned to remove the existing policy by the end of the year. He also
that the teen thief had crash-landed, they discovered bare footprints not only            stated that the plans for a new one will be drawn up within 45 days.
throughout the plane’s floors, but also on the walls. Harris-Moore has also been                     Many people feel the removal of this policy will decrease the amount
caught wearing no shoes on multiple surveillance videos from hardware stores,             of citizens who join the military. Since America is at war with the Middle East,
banks, bars, and restaurants, giving him the nickname the “Barefoot Burglar.”             there is still a great need for military personnel. Many government officials
         Harris-Moore is not afraid of getting caught either. Many young                  believe that the change in the policy will deter potential US military volunteers.
people have admired Harris-Moore’s braveness, and he has created his own                  Obama may currently be trying to bring home the men from Afghanistan,
fan-base along the way. T-shirts with his face plastered across them, and                 but in order to do so he must first send more to resolve several conflicts.
sayings like “Run, Colton, Run!” and “Momma tried.” There has also been a                            There are, however, some military members who would like to see
Facebook fan club created in his honor with nearly 16,000 members, as well                the removal of this policy. For example, Bob Kavanagh once wanted to join the
as various Youtube parodies. Harris-Moore has even been compared to a                     military. He felt he couldn’t though because he did not want to hide his sexuality.
modern-day Jesse James and Huckleberry Finn. The search goes on for the                              “I had straight roommates in college and it was never an issue.
teen bandit; however, authorities have found it difficult to find Harris-Moore,           I don’t know why it would be an issue in the military,” Kavanagh stated.
since he is moving from place to place so quickly. Until he is caught, or turns                      Whatever the outcome may be, the military and President are
himself in, the legend of the barefoot burglar will live on for quite some time.          trying hard to come to a reasonable decision. However, the removal of the
                                                                                          “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy will continue to be a major cause of dispute.
No homo                        By: Hannah Lyhne
                                                                                         Toyota’s apology                             By: Harrison Cahill
         The amount of influence that the church should have on the
government is a topic that has led to many heated debates around the                              Toyota’s recent recall of their most popular selling car, the
world. This idea of the separation of church and state has been the                      Prius, has sent the company into a world of turmoil and financial
root of multiple conflicts between religious and political organizations                 trouble. On January 29, Toyota’s President, Akio Toyoda, apologized to
for years. When thinking about this separation, many people’s first                      the world for the faulty product. Toyoda also stated that the company
thought is the removal of religious influence from the government.                       will investigate their latest line of luxury Lexus Hybrid vehicles
         The situation is the reverse for Pope Benedict XVI, as he feels                 due to the same brake and accelerating systems in both brands.
that the state has abused its power to meddle in the affairs of the church.                       “Under this situation, [we] must regain customer trust. Tackle the
Following the gay-friendly legislation that was passed in Britain, the Pope              problem. My role is to carry it out. We lacked customer perspective. It’s
began urging British Catholics to fight against it with “missionary zeal.”               very unfortunate,” Toyoda stated during the Toyota conference. However,
         The legislation itself has finally disallowed religious freedom                 some are beginning to think that the apology may be too late for Toyoda
arguments to be a valid reason for schools and religious organizations                   and his company. Michelle Krebs, a senior analyst for automotive website
not to hire gay men and women. Many church members fear that this              , thinks that not recalling the Prius earlier will cost Toyota
new law will “force [the church] to accept homosexuals into its ranks.”                  a hefty amount and may cause irreparable damage to the company.
         While the new law seems to have been designed to promote freedom                         “What we heard this morning was more foot dragging,”
of expression and equality among people, many are making the case that it is             Krebs stated. James Bell, an analyst for the Kelley Blue Book, also
not and that the state is pushing its control too far. The Pope has expressed            believes Toyota has driven itself between a rock and a hard place.
his belief that “the effect of some of the legislation designed to achieve                        “For reasons we may never learn, Toyota appears to
this goal has been to impose unjust limitation on the freedom of religious               be pulling their bandage very slowly, and therefore keeping
communities to act in accordance with their beliefs.” That is, he does not               their recall situation … firmly in the public eye,” Bell says.
believe the government has the authority to reform the activities of the church.                  Even though there have been no reported fatalities and only
         This struggle for power between the church and state                            two injuries related to the braking problems, the 124 reported braking
has yet to be resolved, and until the ties between the two are                           problems is enough to put the company into a crisis. It is going to take a
severed, it seems that a resolution will remain impossible.                              lot of time and money before Toyota is able to regain customer trust.
    February                                               the Loudspeaker                                                                                          Two
         2010                                                   News                                                                                                 2
Former York mayor killed
By: Harrison Cahill
                                                                                                                             Orchard Park
            Former York County Mayor Melvin Roberts was found dead by police on February 4th. When police
arrived at Robert’s home after receiving an emergency call, they found Roberts’s body behind his home
                                                                                                                             student makes it
                                                                                                                             big in Hollywood
                                                          on Roberts Avenue. Police have yet to identify the assailant
                                                          but they have a description of a man standing about 5’11” tall
                                                          and weighing about 200 to 240 pounds with a foreign accent.
                                                                  However, many of Roberts’s fellow attorneys are            By: Lauren Harper
                                                          completely dumbfounded about the recent news of their                        There are so many people living in the town
                                                          former colleague; they all knew Roberts as a fiery defense         of Fort Mill with amazing abilities in sports, music,
                                                          attorney, willing to take on the best prosecutors in the state.    theater, art, and many other areas. Usually we see
                                                          Criminal law attorney Jack Swerling of Columbia stated that,       these phenomenons in people at the high school
                                                          “He could outwork most young lawyers, and he still loved it.”      age, but one exception for this would definitely be
                                                                  Swerling      worked    with   Roberts   while    they     in former Orchard Park Elementary student, Dana
                                                          defended Antonio Mobley during a trial in 2007,                                                        Vaughns. Vaughns
Former York Mayor and attorney, Melvin Roberts            when he was accused of shooting Dawud Chester.                                                         is a 12-year-old that
listen to the jury’s decision during the trial of Antonio Roberts     helped      Mobley     be    found   not     guilty.                                       has major talent; he
Mobley.                                                           Roberts had a long history of helping York                                                     has just kicked off his
Photo courtesy of Google images
                                                          County getting up and running. In the 1960’s, Roberts                                                  career as part of the
took a break from his career at the bar and served on the city council for many years. In 1972,                                                                  Kidz Bop family and
he was elected to for a two- year term as mayor. Roberts even showed that he was not afraid                                                                      is looking forward
to battle the system that had made him so successful when he sued York County, the State of                                                                      to his bright future
South Carolina, and the state’s administration court for underpaying attorneys of poor defendants.                                                               in the entertainment
            Roberts’s legacy will never be forgotten as he has had a great effect on many                                                                        i n d u s t r y .
attorneys in South Carolina. York City Councilman Charles Johnson was close to Roberts                                                                                      The      now
until his unexpected and untimely death. “Melvin Roberts was a good man, a fine man,                                                                             home-schooled
and I am sure all in York are very sorry to hear that this happened,” Johnson stated.                                                                            sixth-grade student
                                                                                                                                                                 was       chosen       as
Shake that baby                                       By: Hannah Lyhne
                                                                                                                              A Fort Mill native and former
                                                                                                                                                                 one of five new
                                                                                                                                                                 members for Kidz
          While parenting isn’t easy, especially for two Hospice House in Rock Hill for what was                              Orchard Park Elementary
                                                                                                                                                                 Bop,       a    popular
teenagers, it is typically assumed that parents want     believed to be Owen’s last few days, he began                        student, Dana Vaughns, is now
                                                                                                                              a proud Kidz Bop kid.              series of albums
to protect their children. However, when four-month-     making a miraculous recovery. After about 24                         Photo courtesy of Fortmilltimes. that feature many
old Owen Carduff began having seizures, it became        hours in Hospice, Owen began “acting more like                       com                                of the most admired
clear that his parents had not been protecting him.      a normal baby,” crying about messy diapers,                                                             and       chart-topping
In fact, his father, Michael Carduff, was charged with   and making sucking motions with his mouth                           songs at the current time that are all performed
unlawful conduct toward a child for shaking Owen.        when offered a surge of hope in what his family                     by kids. The newest CD, Kidz Bop 17, was
          On January 11, Carduff,                                    believed was a hopeless situation.                      released recently, and is the fourth album on
18, and Kayla Lythgoe, Owen’s 19-                                             While the infant still has                     which Vaughns is featured. His other recordings
year-old mother, brought Owen to                                     a long way to go, he has already                        for Kidz Bop include Kidz Bop 16, Kidz Bop
Piedmont Medical Center. The baby’s                                  made it so much farther than anyone                     Christmas, and Kidz Bop Sing the Beatles. Last
seizures were causing him to shake                                   believed was possible. Owen will                        May, when he was chosen, Vaughns’s life took
uncontrollably.      After   discovering                             most likely have to undergo years of                    a crazy turn for the better when he was picked
bleeding in the baby’s brain, doctors                                rehabilitation, and he may not progress                 for the popular brand. The Kidz Bop series not
at PMC had Owen airlifted to Levine                                  as fast as other children his age. For                  only records albums, but also commercials
Children’s Hospital in Charlotte.                                    instance, doctors believe that he will                  and videos, and does concert performances.
At the hospital, he remained in                                      be unable to sit up until he turns two                            Vaughns’s        inspiration       to     become
critical condition for several days. Surviving damage to 70 percent years old; normally, babies are able                     an entertainer came after he saw the 2004
The doctors ran tests on Owen of his brain, Owen has proven          to do this before they are a year old.                  dance movie, You Got Served. Upon seeing
there and found that 70 percent himself to be a survivor.            Although, it seems entirely possible                    the movie, he persuaded his parents to enroll
of his brain had been damaged. Photo courtesy that Owen will surprise doctors yet                           him in dance lessons so that he could get
          Because Owen’s body could                                  again. In the words of the medical                      moves like those he idolized in the movie.
not function properly, he was put on                                 director of the hospice, “Babies and                              Not only does this kid have the voice and the
life support. However, his family eventually chose to    their brains are incredible and resilient…they just                 moves to make it to Hollywood, but he also has the
take him off of this. According to his grandmother,      have the ability to overcome insults that adults                    acting abilities. Vaughns was featured in the 2009
Charlotte Williams, “If we chose to keep him alive,      can’t.” Owen’s family now believes that he will                     Disney movie, The Hannah Montana Movie as a
the doctors told us Owen would basically be a            recover and be able to live a fairly normal life.                   back-up dancer during the “Hoedown Throwdown”
vegetable.” Doctors told the family that eventually      In addition to babies’ innate abilities to overcome                 scene that helped to make the movie a hit.
Owen would “just get exhausted and stop breathing.”      trauma, in the words of Owen’s grandfather,                                   This young new sensation is loving life as
          After being transported to Wayne T. Patrick    “He’s a survivor; he beat death, like, four times.”                 he is able to pursue a dream that is dear to him.
                                                                                                                             “I’ve always wanted to be in the entertainment
SC to ban cell phones behind the wheel                                                                                       industry. It’s just a passion. I always wanted to be
                                                                                                                             that person on TV and I can’t believe I’m actually
By: James Byrd
          South Carolina may be the next state to put a ban on texting while driving.                                        doing it,” Vaughns said. The busy preteen juggles
North Carolina became the 14th state to ban texting while driving on December                                                his social life and his business carefully, with
first of last year. South Carolina legislators are following North Carolina’s lead                                           visits with his friends in Fort Mill becoming more
and have been considering adding laws that prohibit the use of cell phones                                                   and more precious as he splits his time between
while driving. While North Carolina has a ban on texting, South Carolina                                                     Los Angeles and Fort Mill. Vaughns states that
may take it a step farther, banning all use of handheld phones while driving.                                                his favorite song to perform is The Black Eyed
          Of the six proposed bills this year regarding cell phones while driving,                                           Peas’s hit, “I
one could not only make texting illegal, but any use of a cell phone illegal Cell phone use behind the                       Gotta Feeling.”
while driving a car. With this bill passed, the only legal way of using a cell wheel may become illegal in                   Not only is this
phone while driving would be to use a hands free method such as speaker the state of South Carolina.                         young star a
phone or a Bluetooth headset. If this bill is passed, the result of being caught
                                                                                           Photo courtesy of      triple threat with
in the act of texting or the handheld use of any phone will be considered a misdemeanor charge with                          acting, singing,
a fine of $100. Although the charge is a $100 fine, it will not add any license points to a driver’s record.                 and       dancing
          Distracted driving kills nearly 6,000 people every year, and with cell phones being the main                       experience,
distraction for young adults behind the wheel, it is no question that cell phone use plays a strong roll in the              but those of us
deaths. Studies show that 52% of 16 and 17-year old drivers use cell phones while on the road, contributing                  here in Fort Mill
to nearly 1,000 car crashes in 2007. With percentages expected to rise almost 4% a year, it is no question                   ‘gotta feeling’
that cell phone use will continue to affect teenage drivers in a negative way. Some studies say that texting                 that Vaughns
behind the wheel is almost six times more likely to cause an accident than driving while intoxicated.                        has a very The Kidz Bop series, which just released
          With texting and driving posing such a threat to the lives of young drivers, South Carolina legislators            s u c c e s s f u l its 17th albulm, features many popular
aim to pass a bill that will prohibit texting and driving. The vote to pass the bill that will ban the use of texting        career         and songs that are all sung by kids.
                                                                                                                                                   Photo courtesy of Google images
while driving and the use of handheld phones while driving has currently been postponed. Legislators hope                    life in front of
to pass a bill and put a law into effect restricting the use of cell phones and saving lives sometime this year.             him.
    February                                                the Loudspeaker                                                                                                          Three
          2010                                                   Sports                                                                                                                3
Team win for the nation                                                                                                        Olympic pinch                                         By: Harrison Cahil

                                                                                                                                                                                                             Photo	courtesy	of	Google	images
By: Alyssa Davis                                                                                                               	          Fame,	 glory,	 and	 magnificence	 are	
         There	 is	 nothing	 better	 than	 Super	 Bowl	 Sunday.	 From	 the	                                                    all	 words	 that	 coincide	 with	 the	 Olympics.	
constant	 yelling	 and	 cheering	 to	 the	 classic	 nachos	 and	 Buffalo	                                                      However, one word that usually gets
                                                                                                                               misconstrued	 is	 money.	 Few	 people	 know	
wings,	 there	 is	 no	 other	 nation	 crazier	 about	 football	 than	 America.	                                                the	struggle	that	many	Olympic	athletes	face	
         On	 February	 7,	 the	 54th	 NFL	 Super	 bowl	 took	 place	 in	 Miami,	                                               major	financial	difficulties	while	preparing	for	
Florida.	Drew	Brees	and	the	New	Orleans	Saints	faced	off	against	veteran	                                                      the	games,	and	almost	none	of	the	athletes	
Super	 Bowl	 quarterback	 Peyton	 Manning	 and	 the	 Indianapolis	 Colts.	                                                     are	paid	for	competing	in	the	games.	With	the	
         The	 owl	 tarted	ust	ike	 ny	 ther,	 omplete	 ith	 he	 Star	 pangled	
               B       s           j l a o              c         w t “            S                                           Winter	Olympics	on	the	horizon,	competitors	
                                                                                                                               are	 feeling	 the	 crunch	 when	 buying	 new	 Speed	skates	can	cost	
Banner,”	sung	this	year	by	Carrie	Underwood,	and	then	followed	with	the	                                                       equipment	 uch	 s	 kis,	 kates,	 nd	 obsleds. around	$2,000	a	pair.
                                                                                                                                              s     a s    s         a b
famous	coin	toss.	The	Saints	won	the	toss	and	started	as	the	receiving	                                                                   As	 a	 matter	 of	 fact,	 a	 top-of-the-line	 bobsled	 will	 run	 about	
team.	However,	the	Colts	scored	the	first	points	of	the	2010	Super	Bowl	                                                       $5,000	 more	 than	 an	 Infiniti	 M35	 Sedan,	 which	 is	 already	 base	
when	kicker	Matt	Stover	made	a	38-yard	field	goal.	The	first	half	was	                                                         priced	 around	 $45,000.	 Then	 the	 sledders	 must	 also	 take	 into	
taken	over	by	the	Colts,	leaving	Indianapolis	fans	with	a	strong	sense	of	                                                     account	 the	 $5,000	 runners	 that	 are	 needed	 to	 actually	 make	
                                                                                                                               the	 sled	 go.	 It	 is	 a	 pretty	 steep	 price	 for	 a	 simple	 sled.	 And	 for	
enthusiasm.	The	Bridgestone	Halftime	show,	performed	by	The	Who,	gave	                                                         figure	 skaters	 like	 Mark	 Ladwig,	 paying	 for	 practice	 alone	 can	 run	
the	two	teams	a	time	to	recap	and	go	over	plans	for	the	next	two	quarters.	                                                    someone	 about	 $800,	 not	 to	 mention	 the	 $20,000	 a	 year	 he	 and	
         Starting	towards	the	middle	of	the	third	quarter,	the	Saints	caught	                                                  his	 partner,	Amanda	 Evora,	 pay	 for	 a	 coach.	Also,	 unless	 they	 are	
up	and	tied	the	game.	The	Saints	then	continued	to	score	another	two	                                                          planning	 to	 make	 their	 own	 costumes,	 skaters	 like	 these	 two	 must	
touchdowns,	leaving	the	Colts	hopeless	during	the	fourth	quarter.	Two	                                                         be	 ready	 to	 pay	 upwards	 of	 $1,000	 for	 professionally-made	 ones.
                                                                                                                               	          What	 about	 those	 speed	 skaters?	 One	 of	 the	 top	 women	
attempts	 at	 a	 touchdown	 for	 the	 Colts	 left	 every	 football	 fan	 anxious	                                              speed	skaters	in	the	world,	Katherine	Reuter,	barely	gets	by	with	the	
and	excited	for	this	year’s	outcome.	With	the	help	of	three	40	plus	field	                                                     money	she	is	paid.	When	she	began	her	Olympic	career	at	the	age	
goals	 from	 Saint’s	 kicker	 Garrett	 Hartley,	 New	 Orleans	 took	 control	                                                  of	16,	Reuter	moved	into	a	college	dorm	room	supplied	by	the	U.S.	
of	 the	 scoreboard.	 At	 the	 end	 of	 the	 night,	 only	 one	 team	 could	 call	                                             Olympic	Education	Center	and	received	around	$650	monthly	in	order	
themselves	 champions.	The	 New	 Orleans	 Saints	 claimed	 their	 victory	                                                     to	cover	her	housing,	food,	travel,	and	most	importantly,	her	skates.	
                                                                                                                               However,	 she	 found	 it	 difficult	 to	 work	 with	 such	 a	 small	 amount	
for	the	first	time	in	43	years,	with	a	31-17	win	over	the	Indianapolis	Colts.	                                                 when	 a	 new	 pair	 of	 speed	 skating	 skates	 costs	 roughly	 $2,000.	
                                                  Saints’	 quarterback,	 Drew	 Brees,	                                         	          “There	 is	 no	 way	 that	 is	 possible,”	 Reutter	 said,	 “When	
                                          could	 hardly	 contain	 his	 excitement.	 With	                                      I	 first	 started,	 I	 was	 completely	 dependent	 on	 my	 parents	 and	
                                          his	first	Super	Bowl	win	under	his	belt,	there	                                      grandparents	and	any	friends	or	friends	of	family	willing	to	help	me.”
                                          is	nothing	but	a	great	future	ahead	for	him.                                                    Like	 Reuter,	 many	 other	 athletes	 were	 beginning	 to	
                                                                                                                               struggle	 finding	 a	 steady	 source	 of	 income	 and	 training	 for	 the	
                                                  “I	keep	thinking	of	the	word	‘magical,’”	                                    Olympics	 year-round.	 One	 solution	 that	 arose	 was	 Home	 Depot’s	
                                          Brees	 said.	 “When	 you	 think	 about	 the	                                         Olympic	 Job	 Opportunities	 Program.	 This	 gave	 Olympic	 athletes	
Drew	Brees	led	the	Saints	to	their	first	 relationship	 between	 the	 Saints	 and	 the	                                        the	 opportunity	 to	 work	 a	 steady	 job	 with	 hours	 flexible	 enough	 to	
Superbowl	victory.                        Gulf	 Coast	 and	 the	 city	 of	 New	 Orleans,	                                      get	 the	 necessary	 training	 in	 for	 their	 events.	 Women’s	 bobsledder,	
Photo	courtesy	of	Google	images           it	 was	 more	 than	 just	 a	 football	 game	 and	                                   Bree	 Schaaf,	 found	 relief	 through	 Home	 Depot’s	 program.
                                                                                                                               	          “It	 allowed	 me	 to	 train	 and	 compete	 without	 the	 stress	 of	
more	than	just	a	football	team.	The	hopes,	the	dreams	and	the	struggles	                                                       fitting	 in	 multiple	 workouts	 around	 a	 9-to-5	 work	 schedule.	 More	
of	 that	 community	 were	 all	 reflected	 in	 that	 football	 team.	 It	 was	 a	                                              importantly,	 it	 eliminated	 the	 stress	 of	 accumulating	 credit	 card	
great	night	for	the	people	in	New	Orleans	and	the	Gulf	Coast	region.”                                                          debt	 to	 par	 for	 bobsled	 equipment,	 travel,	 and	 just	 the	 cost	 of	
         Whether	 it	 was	 for	 the	 city	 of	 New	 Orleans,	 the	 victims	 of	                                                living	 year	 round,”	 Schaaf	 said.	 Schaaf’s	 performance	 dramatically	
Katrina,	 or	 the	 pure	 adrenaline	 rush,	 the	 Saints	 were	 proud	 to	 finally	                                             improved,	 and	 she	 eventually	 won	 the	 U.S.	 championship	 last	
                                                                                                                               winter.	 However,	 Schaaf	 was	 shocked	 when	 she	 discovered	 that	
show	 America	 what	 the	 NFL	 is	 all	 about,	 the	 American	 Dream.	                                                         her	 job	 was	 gone	 three	 days	 after	 winning	 her	 championship.

Boys basketball playoff right around                                                                                           	          Stories	 like	 Shaaf,	 Reuter,	 and	 Ladwig	 are	 not	 uncommon	
                                                                                                                               to	 find	 when	 watching	 the	 Olympics.	 Unless	 the	 participating	
                                                                                                                               athlete	 is	 a	 celebrity	 outside	 of	 the	 Olympics,	 the	 chances	 of	
the corner   By: Lucas Smith                                                                                                   finding	 large	 sponsorships	 or	 contracts	 are	 few	 and	 far	 between.	
	          Despite	having	only	two	seniors	on	the	Fort	Mill	boy’s	                                                             “When	 it	 comes	 to	 an	 Olympic	 dream,	 no	 cost	 is	 too	 high,”	
basketball	 team	 during	 the	 2008-2009	 season,	 the	 Jackets	                                                               Schaaf	 said.	 It’s	 athletes	 like	 these	 that	 goes	 to	 show	 the	 world	
                                                                                              missed	shot	druing	a	game	vs.	

managed	a	solid	year	ending	with	a	first	round	loss	in	the	state	                                                              that	 money	 is	 not	 always	 a	 driving	 factor	 in	 the	 world	 of	 sports.
                                                                                              Dwayne	Grainger	rebounds	a	

            T s            os         h           m      t t
playoffs.	 his	 hortage	 f	 eniors,	 owever,	 eant	 hat	 here	 as	  w
nowhere	to	go	but	up	for	the	boys	in	their	2009-2010	campaign.
	          When	asked	about	the	influence	of	having	a	majority	of	
                                                                                                                               New number two                                            By: Sara Allen
                   o t t
underclassmen	 n	 he	 eam	ast	 ear,	 unior	 ndrew	 cCartney	
                                 l y      J        A       M                                                                   	         With	the	absence	of	the	top	player	on	the	PGA	tour	and	the	
stated,	“I	think	the	opportunity	for	the	younger	guys	to	get	a	                                                                number	two	player	not	as	focused	on	golf	as	he	used	to	be,	there	is	an	
lot	of	playing	time	last	year	really	helped	prepare	us	for	this	                                                               opening	for	the	other	players	to	take	over.	Phil	Mickelson	took	a	break	

season.”	Most	of	his	teammates	would	probably	agree	with	him.                                                                  from	the	tour	to	be	with	his	wife,	who	was	diagnosed	with	breast	cancer	
           After	 great	 seasons	 by	 young	 players	                                                                          in	May	and	had	surgery	in	July	of	last	year.	He	returned	in	June	for	the	
such	 as	 Junior	 Rion	 Herriot	 and	 Sophomore	 Mark	 Photo	courtesy	of	Lucas	Smith                                           St.	Jude’s	Classic,	but	avoided	fans	and	other	golfers.	When	the	press	
Blackmon,	 there	 were	 high	 expectations	 coming	 into	                                                                      finally	caught	him	for	an	interview,	they	described	Mickelson	as	“his	eyes	
this	 season	 for	 the	 squad.	 Fortunately,	 they	 have	 not	 fallen	 short	 of	 the	 hype.	                                  tinged	with	stains	of	pink,	his	voice	no	longer	steady	and	sure.”	Mickelson	
	          Fort	Mill	has	proven	to	be	among	the	top	teams	in	the	entire	state	this	year,	                                      resumed	his	normal	tour	schedule	after	his	wife	had	the	surgery,	but	he	
putting	 some	 very	 impressive	 wins	 under	 its	 belt,	 including	 victories	 at	 Gaffney,	                                  hasn’t	been	playing	well.	In	his	current	tournament,	he	is	tied	for	42.	In	
Nation	Ford,	and	two	victories	against	Lancaster.	The	victory	against	Gaffney	was	the	                                         the	two	previous	tournaments	this	year,	he	finished	tied	for	45	and	19.	
first	time	the	Warriors	had	been	defeated	on	their	home	court	in	over	two	seasons.                                             	         Woods	is	taking	a	break	from	golf	because	of	recent	events	and	
	          This	 ear’s	 oster	ncludes	 wo	 eniors	 Dequann	 uffin	 nd	 radley	 offit),	 even	
                 y     r      i         t s           (           R      a B            M      s                               Mickelson	isn’t	at	his	best,	but	Stricker	is	on	his	game.	He	is	42,	hasn’t	
juniors	(Andrew	McCartney,	Jaquann	Dupree,	Aaron	Chapin,	Steven	Auslander,	Trent	                                              won	a	major,	but	surpassed	Mickelson	for	the	number	two	spot.	Stricker	
Butler,	Rion	Herriot,	and	Dwayne	Grainger),	and	sophomore	Mark	Blackmon.	This,	once	                                           won	the	Northern	Trust	Open,	giving	him	enough	points	to	be	the	new	
again,	should	prepare	Fort	Mill	for	yet	another	successful	season	going	into	next	year.                                        second-best	golfer	in	the	world.	He	currently	has	7.91	in	the	Official	
	          Although	 Fort	Mill	has	experienced	 great	 success,	 they	 have	also	 had	their	                                   World	Golf	Rankings	and	is	slowly	getting	closer	Woods	13.10	points.	
moments	where	they	have	faltered	during	conference	play.	They	have	been	hit	with	                                              	         Sticker	had	a	six-stroke	lead	going	into	the	final	round.	“The	
losses	at	Clover,	York,	and	home	versus	Gaffney.	On	a	positive	note,	each	of	these	games	                                      position	I	was	in,	if	I	don’t	win	the	tournament,	I’m	going	to	be	looked	
were	merely	losses	in	which	the	team	came	up	short	in	coming	back	late	in	the	game.                                            upon	as	the	guy	that	didn’t	finish	it	off,”	Stricker	said	to	the	Seattle Times.
	          As	 the	 playoffs	 are	 inching	 closer	 and	 closer,	 Fort	 Mill	 should	 be	 optimistic	                          	         During	 his	 interview,	 Stricker	 admitted	 to	 not	 being	 a	 good	
about	 where	 they	 currently	 stand.	 As	 second	 in	 their	 region,	 they	 will	 be	 looking	                                front	 runner	 because	 he	 didn’t	 know	 how	 to	 protect	 his	 lead.	 Once	
at	 a	 fairly	 easy	 few	 rounds	 to	 kick	 off	 the	 playoffs,	 but	 could	 likely	 find	 themselves	                         Stricker	found	out	that	he	had	surpassed	Mickelson,	the	tears	began	to	
playing	Gaffney	for	the	upper	state	championship,	a	feat	that	has	not	been	reached	                                            flow.	In	his	TV	interview,	Stricker	was	seen	wiping	tears	from	his	eyes,	
since	 the	 2006-2007	 season	 in	 which	 Fort	 Mill	 claimed	 the	 State	 Championship.                                       	         The	 world	 has	 a	 new	 number	 two	 golfer.	 Mickelson	 is	
	          Look	 out	 for	 the	 Yellow	 Jackets	 in	 the	 state	 tournament	 this	 year,	 as	 they	                            out,	 Stricker	 is	 in.	 The	 only	 one	 standing	 in	 Stricker’s	 way	 now	
looked	 promising	 in	 their	 opening-round	 victory	 against	 an	 experienced	 Blythwood	                                     is	 Woods,	 who	 is	 currently	 out	 of	 the	 picture.	 Just	 over	 five	 points	
team.	A	late	run	for	the	very	young	and	talented	lineup	Fort	Mill	presents	this	season	                                        separates	 the	 two	 players.	 If	 Stricker	 can	 continue	 winning,	
would	 not	 be	 a	 surprise.	 We	 wish	 the	 team	 luck	 in	 the	 remainder	 of	 the	 playoffs.                                the	 world	 may	 soon	 have	 a	 new	 number	 one	 golfer	 as	 well.	
February   the Loudspeaker   Four
 2010       Expressions       4
  February                                           the Loudspeaker                                                                           Five
        2010                                          Campus Life                                                                               5
Fort Mill gets a facelift
                                                                                                             There have been
                                                                                                             many renova-
                                                                                                             tions done around
                                                                                                             our school lately,
 By: Lucas Smith                                                                                             including a new
       The opinions of some needed                        of the beginning of last summer until very         paint job in the
renovations to Fort Mill by the students at               recently. The back-side was repainted,             commons area.
Fort Mill High School have been expressed                 new scoreboards were built on both sides,
for a very long time. As many of you may                  and a new air-conditioning unit was added
have noticed, a few renovations have                      (much to the relief of athletes performing
already begun to unfold across the campus.                there). There were also lighting upgrades.
       At the beginning of last summer, the                      Right down the hallway, many of you
school began by making a few additions.                   athletes have surely noticed the extension
These additions include an entire bonus-                  to the weight room. With the ever-growing
auxiliary gymnasium, complete with its own                population here at Fort Mill, the original
separate boys and girls locker rooms and                  weight room was just becoming too cramped.
bathrooms. The gym resembles that of a                    Therefore, this led to a more spacious             Photos courtesy
miniature sized version of our main gym.                  addition, as well as a load of new equipment.      of Lucas Smith
The purpose for this is to help make room                        As for the commons area, students
for multiple extracurricular groups and                   have probably noticed during their lunch
teams to have areas to carry on practice                  break the new paint-job around the upper                     All of this was done in almost only
without disturbing each other.In the main                 parts of the walls and ceiling. Also, a               a semester. For those who are still saying
gymnasium, there were also a few upgrades                 new assortment of lights on the ceiling               that Fort Mill needs to clean up, that is
that have been put in throughout the period               has the lunchroom looking much brighter.              exactly what it seems to be doing now.

Band receives top award                                                                        By: Lauren Kirby
          When people hear about Fort Mill High School, one of the first things that comes to mind is
the marching band. The band here at Fort Mill is constantly being recognized for the hard work and
dedication they put in to their performances, and also the awards they are honored with every year.
          Fort Mill High added band into the school’s curriculum in 1949, and since then, the talent has
progressed more and more each year. Over the years, there have been many different people to
                                                   instruct the band who have clearly done an excellent job. Deborah Long presents award to Fort Mill
                                                   Head Director, John Pruitt and Assistant Director Chad Band.
                                                   Pence have instructed the band for the past few years. Fort Mill has now won 22 State
                                                   Championships, 4 titles in the 4A division, including the one they received this past year in 2009.
                                                   After they took home another 4A title, the band was honored at the House of Representatives in
                                                   Columbia on Thursday, February 4, 2010. The entire band gathered in the House of Chambers where
                                                   they were honored by Representative Deborah Long. She presented the resolution to Directors,
                                                   Pruitt and Pence who were joined on-stage by two drum majors, Ahmez Nash and Josh Harris.
 The championship band stands on the stairs at the The Fort Mill High School Band was given a great honor to be acknowledged at the House of
 House of Representatives.                         Representatives and after all of their hard work this year, if anyone deserves it, they do. With
 Photos courtesy of Fort Mill Times.
                                                   22 state titles in the bag, the Fort Mill Band is a group that should definitely not be left unheard.

Budget cuts                                                Black Tie Affair prom
                                                           By: Kelsey Short                                     copy of the requested guest driver ’s
By: Lucas Smith                                                                                                 license. No guest born before April 23,
         In the last edition of the Loudspeaker,                  Prom may not be for another two               1989 will be permitted into the prom. Any
there were a few key notes addressed concerning            months, but for the last three weeks,                guest may be denied access to prom, by
the recent meetings over the possible budget               prom tickets have been on sale in the                any faculty member, for reasons such as
cuts that the Fort Mill School District will be            commons. Every Tuesday during both                   having a criminal record. Again, there
facing in the near future. As mentioned in the             lunches, the prom committee has been                 will be no exceptions on dates of birth.
first article, a special committee involved with           selling tickets. The tickets will be on sale                Prom may seem to be a good
decision-making on this issue was assembled to             for $25 during the month of February.                ways away, but deadlines are coming
determine exactly what should be done in order                    Starting on March 2, tickets will stil l      quickly, and ticket prices will be rising
to cut off about $2 million from school costs.             only be sold on Tuesdays at the Student              soon. The 2010 Fort Mill High Prom will
         Earlier this year, the school district            Information Desk, but the ticket price will          be on Saturday April 24, from 8 pm until
encountered a total financial loss of $2,298,788 in        be raised to $30. There will be NO prom              midnight. Prom will be at the Rock Hill
state funding. An even bigger obstacle is the predicted    tickets sold during the month of April,              Magnolia Room, the same location as
$3.2 million loss in the 2010-2011 school year.            so time for buying tickets is running out.           last year. This year ’s theme will be “Black
         In the last article on the matter, the list              Another deadline that students                Tie Affair.” With dates getting closer, it’s
of activities in danger of being cut was still just a      need to keep in mind is their outside                about time to buy tickets, get forms in,
few possibilities given by the special committee. It       guest forms. The forms need to be given              and start looking for a dress or a date
has come to light throughout this meeting that the         to Mrs. Dowd before the month of April               if you have not found one yet. These
majority of the financial cuts will be dealing with        begins; there will be no exceptions for              things need to be done, so you can start
personnel matters. This means that much of what is         late guest forms. Each form needs a valid            planning all the fun parts of your prom.
done in the meetings will not be released publicly.
School board member Michael Johnson stated in
an interview that “95 percent deals with personnel.”
                                                           International Festival                                By: James Byrd
         The group did come to a plan that they are                 Every year in late February, Fort Mill High Scool celebrates its annual International
recommending to the school board, which would              Festival. The International Festival takes places this year from February 22 to February 26.
require things such as cutting school’s operating                   The International Festival is held to help raise international awareness for the student
budgets by 25 percent, ending spending on                  body. Every day of the festival starts off with the morning announcements, featuring a student
teacher training and professional development,             of Fort Mil High that comes from another country or who speaks a different language. These
and raising the instructional fee for students to          students then speak in their native tongue and briefly describe their culture to the school.
enroll to $25. These three ideas are only a few                     The highlight of the festival to most students is the day when the foreign language
on the list given by the committee, but alone they         department sells food from different countries, all over the world, in the commons area during
will equal about $422,000 in combined savings.             lunch. The food brought in comes from our school’s Spanish and French classes and has ties to
         It is somewhat of a relief to many that           numerous parts of the world. There is always a little bit of everything at the International Festival,
the committee has, indeed, come up with a few              anything from sweets to spices, from Europe to South America. The food is not only unique, but
solid suggestions to assist the school board               it is always an interesting buy at a very low price, something that everyone in high school enjoys.
in solving this problem. This is thought to be a                    What most people may not know is that all of the proceeds go to the Lil Gainey Scholarship.
very significant sign of progress in coming to a           The scholarship is for graduating seniors and is given to only one student every year. The Lil
resolution, but there will still not be any cuts           Gainey Scholarship is in honor of a former Fort Mill High foreign language teacher, Mrs. Gainey.
set in stone for at least a few months. It is still        Mrs. Gainey is honored every year during the International Festival and will never be forgotten.
comforting to parents, students, and teachers                       In recent years the International Festival’s food sales have been a terrific success and this
alike to know that we are, indeed, progressing             year hopes to be no different. The foreign language department will be serving food in the commons
toward the best possible solution to this crisis.          on February 23, and hope the Fort Mill student body will continue to make it such a success.
 February                                     the Loudspeaker                                                                  Six
     2010                                      Recognitions                                                                     6

                      Teacher of the Month
                          Mrs. Martin
                                                         By: Hannah Lyhne

                                                                      This January, Mrs. Faye Martin earned the
                                                              position of the Teacher of the Month. This is Mrs.
                                                              M a r tin ’s 1 5 th year teaching at Fort Mill High School.
                                                                      Mrs. Martin grew up on a farm in Bristol, Tennessee.
                                                              While in junior high school, she participated in a 4-H
                                                              organization where she learned skills that “you just
                                                              needed to know,” includi ng how to plant flowers, how
                                                              to keep beds made, and how to make milkshakes.
                                                              This organization helped her realize what she wanted
                                                              to do with her life. While on a trip to Washington
                                                              D.C. with the program, she became interested
                                                              in traveling and being able to communicate with
                                                              people in their own languages when she did travel.
                                                                      He r in te r e st in tr a vel i ng and speaki ng a forei gn
                                                              language led her to majors in Spanish and Education
                                                              at East Tennessee State University. After finding
Mrs. Martin teaches Spanish 1 and 2 at Fort Mill High School.
                                                              her passion for Spanish, teaching others about the
Photo courtesy of Hannah Lyhne                                language “seemed like a good thing to do.” She began
                                                              her teaching career in Tennessee, but after a while,
                                                              she decided it was time for a change. Having relatives
in t h e a r e a , s h e m o v e d t o Fort Mill and began teaching Spanish 1 and 2 at the high school.
        S p e n d i n g j u s t a f e w m inutes with Mrs. Martin made it obvious that she truly enjoys her
jo b a t F o r t M i l l H i g h S c h o ol. In addition to her passion for her subject matter, her interest
in h e r s t u d e n t s m a k e s i t c l ear that teaching is more than just a job for Mrs. Martin. Besides
t eac hing S p a n i s h c l a s s e s , M r s. M a r tin is a lso in vo lve d in th e Spani sh C l ub and hel ps w i th
th e s c h o o l ’s a n n u a l I n t e r n a tional Festival. Outside of these commitments, she also makes an
eff o r t t o a t t e n d m a n y o f t h e school’s activities, including pageants, sporting events, and drama
produc t ion s . O n e o f h e r f a v o r ite p a r ts o f te a ch in g is g e ttin g to know the students and thei r
diff erent pe r s o n a l i t i e s , s o s up p o r tin g th e m o u tsid e o f Sp a n ish cl ass i s i mportant to Mrs. Marti n.
        W h e n a s k e d a b o u t h e r favorite memory from her teaching career, it seemed to be difficult
fo r M r s . M a r t i n t o c h o o s e o ne. She smiled as she recalled a trip to Europe with students from
an o t h e r s c h o o l , l a u g h e d a s she mentioned a memory from the Spanish Club, and beamed as she
de c i d e d t h a t h e r f a v o r i t e m emory from Fort Mill High School
was being a b l e t o w o r k c l o s e to h e r o wn ch ild r e n , Ch a d a n d
C o u r t n e y. A l t h o u g h a t t e n d ing the high school at which their
m o t h e r t a u g h t m u s t h a v e b e en special for Chad and Courtney,
it s e e m s s a f e t o s a y t h a t M r s. Martin’s impact on the students
of F o r t M i l l H i g h S c h o o l e x t ends far beyond her own children.

                                                                                         Mrs. Martin helps the class review before a quiz.
            Photo courtesy of Google images
                                                                                         Photo courtesy of Hannah Lyhne
   February                                         the Loudspeaker                                                                                  Seven
        2010                                           Editorials                                                                                      7
When you need it College costs too much
most                     By: Katie Wilbanks
                                                             By: Kelsey Short
                                                                     Go to school, make good grades,                  to    college
                                                             go to college, and be successful. That                   should be a
                                 Many      things    may
                                                             is how I was always told the direction of                top priority
                             seem       to    overpower
                                                             life would go. What if doing the first three             for     most
                             you in life. Going to
                                                             didn’t lead to the fourth? In a lot of cases,            people and
                             school, having a social
                                                             going to a good college and making good                  should never
                             life, and maintaining
                                                             grades can lead to a successful life, but if             be second
                             a job are some of the
                                                             college fees and loans become too much,                  guessed,
                             things      that    typically
                                                             then where does that leave the students?                 but     sadly
                             consume a teenager ’s
                                                                     The idea of college really terrifies             it is, and
                             life. What happens when
                                                             me,, but not because of moving away or                   for     good
                             you are overwhelmed
                                                             how hard the classes will be. I’m scared                 reasons.     I
                             with     everyday       life?
                                                             of what happens after college and                        used to be excited to go off to college and
                             Hopefully, your friends
                                                             where my life will take me. I’m scared                   plan out my career, but that was before I
                             will rush to the rescue.
                                                             that it will all be for nothing. The cost                saw the prices of tuition. That can really
                                 Going through some
                                                             of going to college is becoming more                     become a reality check for many students.
                             things in life can be tough.
                                                             expensive every year. Without a lot of                           We are all at the point in our lives
                             For example, break-ups,
                                                             money to begin with or a scholarship to                  where we have to make a lot of crucial
                             family     troubles,     and
                                                             help, many students will find themselves                 decisions, and it’s hard to figure out what
school stress can put a lot of pressure on people.
                                                             thousands of dollars in debt from                        will be our best opportunities. College is
Luckily for some of us, we have wonderful friends
                                                             student loans. At that point, it really                  a great opportunity for those who choose
who can help us get through anything. I have four
                                                             makes me wonder if it is even worth it.                  it, and college, like all decisions, comes
really close friends who have helped me through
                                                                     With the way the economy is right                with many pros and cons. If college is
one of the toughest patches in my life. Having
                                                             now along with the high unemployment                     for you, then that is great, and you could
someone to talk to and confide in is really important.
                                                             rate, there is no guarantee of a job after               end up being very successful, but for
        If you do not tell people what is stressing
                                                             college. What scares me is that I will go                others, college may not be in the cards
you out, all of your feelings will continue to
                                                             to college, take out all of these student                at this point in life. It’s coming down to
build. Eventually, the stress will become so
                                                             loans, and then have no way of paying                    cost and opportunity, and the choice is
intense that your feelings may burst out of you
                                                             them off. I don’t like how this is the way               getting tougher for each passing student.
in an unintended way. You could scream at a
friend, say something you don’t mean, or even                many students are viewing college. Going
harm someone or yourself. I cannot emphasize
enough how important it is to release any negative
energy you have in a positive way. Having friends
to listen to you makes this so much easier.
                                                             the Loudspeaker                                                           By: Lucas Smith
                                                                                                                      out and given to each classroom.
        Friends will be there to listen to what you                                               I decided it        The fact is, this is not the way we go
have to say, whether it be good or constructive.                                                would be in           about distributing our news anymore.
I say constructive because it is imperative that                                                everybody’s                       The only thing that bothers me
you express your feelings so that you will not hurt                                             best interest         about this is that there is certainly a
others’ feelings. Though this may seem elementary,                                              if I took a           v e r y l a r g e a m o u n t o f w o r k a n d e ff o r t p u t
a friend is defined as a person who gives                                                       week           off    i n t o t h i s p a p e r, a n d i t i s s o m e w h a t o f
assistance. In other words, it is basically a friend’s                                          from          my      a disappointment to me that students
job to help you surmount obstacles. Talk to them.                                               incredible            do not seem to be willing to take
        Expressing what you feel to friends who                                                 r h y m i n g         even five minutes off of Facebook to
care is one of the key things that should be learned                                            skills       and      see what the school newspaper staff
before it is too late. Don’t forget that bottling up all                                        just     speak        h a s w o r k e d d i l i g e n t l y t o p u t t o g e t h e r.
of your emotions can lead to your downfall. Just talk                                           the       truth.                  Don’t get me wrong; I know
to someone. After all, isn’t that what friends are for?                                         This       week       that there are a number of people
                                                             I have an issue with something                           who          support          the        Loudspeaker;
                                                                                                                      otherwise this entire article would

College influence
                                                             on which I know my fellow writers
                                                             here at the Loudspeaker would                            be somewhat pointless. I just know
                                                             probably agree with me, and that                         that the majority of the time when
By: James Byrd                                               is the lack of student attention                         I tend to ask others if they have
                                                             g i v e n t o o u r s c h o o l ’ s n e w s p a p e r.   EVER read the paper online, their
                                The decision of what to                What I mean is that it seems                   answer is almost always “no.”
                               do after high school is       to be pretty apparent that not many                                  To p r e t t y m u c h s u m u p w h a t I ’ m
                               something that everyone       people tend to visit our website and                     trying to communicate to the readers
                               faces. Should you go to       r e a d w h a t w e h a v e p u t t o g e t h e r.       and supporters of the Loudspeaker,
                               a four year college, a        Believe me; I understand that it is                      is to feel free to express and invite
                               technical school, learn       much more of a hassle to get to a                        all of your friends and acquaintances
                               a trade or try to earn        computer and log on in order to                          to take a peek at the Loudspeaker ’s
                               a living with only your       r e a d t h e p a p e r. B a c k i n t h e g o o d       website. A little bit of attention means
                               high school education         old days, it was much easier and                         a lot to the writers and staff on our
                               under your belt? The          convenient for readers to access                         school newspaper and we thank those
                               simple fact is that           the Loudspeaker when it was printed                      who do enjoy tuning in each edition.
                               not everyone goes to
                               college after high school,                                                                               Photos courtesy of the Loudspeaker staff

and that is not always a bad thing, although some tend to portray                who earn a decent living and support loving families with only a high school
it that way. Everyone lives their own lives, has their own dreams,               diploma or a degree from a technical school such as York Tech. There are
goals, and desires, which do not always require higher education.                trades that can be learned such as plumbing, which will earn a decent
        Every student is familiar with the college speech that                   living with very little schooling after high school. Someone’s work should
teachers, parents and administrators like to give. The overall gist of           be something that he or she likes to do, not something that he or she has
the speech is that you must go to college to live a successful life. A           to do. Working in a field that someone truly enjoys is worth more than
college education is something that is held in high esteem in today’s            someone who works a job that he or she hates, just for the bigger pay check.
society. Parents and teachers like knowing that the children that                        Everyone dreams of success, but the level of success is not always
they have raised or taught have gone on to college. In their defense,            measured in the way people may have to come to believe. Someone who
parents and teachers just want to help push kids in what they think              has earned a Master’s Degree in Business could go to work everyday and
is the right direction. This is for the most part, a good thing. No one          dread every minute of it, while someone who learned a trade goes to work
can blame parents and teachers for caring about the kids they raise.             everyday because he or she likes what he or she does. Success is measured
        The only problem that may occur is if a student feels as if they         not always in the amount of money earned or the years of schooling
are a failure if they do not go one to a college or university after high        someone goes through, but as to how much they enjoy doing what they
school. People should choose a path that they will enjoy; they should            do. The decision as to what path students choose after high school should
choose something that they would like to do everyday. There are people           be one that they hope will lead them to a life they consider to be worth it.
                                                       February                            the Loudspeaker                                                                                                                                  Eight
                                                                                    2010      Columns                                                                                                                                         8
       Fashion forward:        How to duct tape: Heart
       Spring fashion for 2010 note holder                                                                                                                                              Have you ever wanted
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         By: Sara Allen
       By: Lauren Kirby                                                                                                                                                                                                  right triangle like the inside corners
                                                                                                                                                                              to give someone a note, but in a

                                                                                               2010 SAG awards in a stunning purple gown.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         you folded before. Now fold the top

                                                                                               Sandra Bullock walks the Red Carpet at the
                 Even though we have just learned
                                                                                                                                                                              different way than just passing a          on each side down so they are even
       that winter will continue for another six
                                                                                                                                                                              sheet of paper to them, or mailing         with the bottom of the right triangles
       weeks, it is never too early to start shopping
                                                                                                                                                                              them a letter? If you’ve ever seen an      formed from the side corners.

                                                                                                                                            Photo courtesy of Google images
       for the upcoming spring. Although we still
                                                                                                                                                                              Origami heart, you know that there                   Tape the sides of the heart
       have a ways to go before bathing suit
                                                                                                                                                                              is a little slit down the middle. The      together so the front piece doesn’t
       season, floral dresses and capris are just
                                                                                                                                                                              slit allows a space to hold a note.        pop up from the bottom piece. Also,
       around the corner. New trends and old styles
                                                                                                                                                                              Paper, however, is easily ripped;          cover the entire back so there is a
       are being seen everywhere, so make sure
                                                                                                                                                                              the heart would be ripped easily           clean finish and none of the folds
       you are keeping up with the in-style fashion.
                                                                                                                                                                              if not careful. Here’s a solution,         are showing. The heart is complete.
                 According to many popular fashion
                                                                                                                                                                              make the paper out of duct tape.                     Just slip a note into the slit
       experts, there are a lot of exciting and new
                                                                                                                                                                                        First choose the color for the   on the front of the heart. This is a
       trends for the 2010 spring season, but
                                                                                                                                                                              heart. Then make a rectangular sheet       more personal “card” than a Hallmark
       also a lot of old styles that are still okay to
                                                                                                                                                                              of tape by overlapping strips stick        card. It is great for Valentine’s Day
       repeat. Every year there is a new style, brand, or pattern, but for this year there
                                                                                                                                                                              side to sticky side. Trim the sheet so     or anniversaries and is easily made.
       is apparently a color. This past week at the Grammys, fashion guru Jay Manuel
                                                                                                                                                                              there is no sticky showing and the
       stated that purple was the “it” color for not only award season but for the spring
                                                                                                                                                                              longer side is or longer than twice
       too. Bows are also coming back from years ago, but now they are being worn
                                                                                                                                                                              the length of the shorter side. Fold
       on shirts rather than in your hair. Even if these items or colors don’t always work
                                                                                                                                                                              the rectangle in half so the crease in
       for you, make sure you try them out and stay updated with the latest trends.
                                                                                                                                                                              the length of the short side. Now fold
                 For all the old trends that are still in style this season, ripped jeans
                                                                                                                                                                              the bottom corners up so they meet
       are still a major hit. All of the celebrities are still strutting around Hollywood
                                                                                                                                                                              at the crease. You may need to put
                                     in them, and if they can still get a way with the
Photo courtesy of Google images
                                  Rihanna rocks a pair of skinny, tattered jeans.

                                                                                                                                                                              a small piece of tape to hold down
                                     old style, why should we go and spend tons of
                                                                                                                                                                              the corners. Now fold the top corners
                                     money on new jeans? Other old trends that are
                                                                                                                                                                              down so they meet at the crease as
                                     still acceptable items for the season are classic
                                                                                                                                                                              well. Don’t tape these folds down.
                                     cardigans, ruffled dresses or blouses, jeweled
                                                                                                                                                                                        Flip it over so there are no
                                     sandals and any sort of denim accessory.
                                                                                                                                                                              folds showing. Fold the top corner
                                             So girls, even though we have a ways until                                                                                                                                   A heart-shaped letter holder make any
                                                                                                                                                                              down to the bottom corner. It is            note more personal than a Hallmark card.
                                     spring time, make sure that you hit the stores now.
                                                                                                                                                                              okay to tape this fold, if you are
                                     It is never too early to start shopping for new colors                                                                                                                               Photos courtesy of Sara Allen
                                                                                                                                                                              going to wait until you make the
                                     and popular celebrity styles. Who knows, you might
                                                                                                                                                                              next few folds to do so. You can see
                                     get something amazing before everyone else.
                                                                                                                                                                              a triangle from another fold by the
                                     Spring 2010 will be here before you know it, and
                                                                                                                                                                              side corners. Fold the points over so
                                     we have to make a fashion statement because it’s
                                                                                                                                                                              they touch the edge of that triangle
                                     not only a new season, but also a new decade.
                                                                                                                                                                              on both the right and left side. Now
                                                                                                                                                                              fold the inside top corners down so

       Relationships:                                                                                                                                                         they form right triangles. You can
                                                                                                                                                                              leave it like this, or to make it a bit
                                                                                                                                                                              sturdier, fold the outside right and
       She said: Arguments happen                                                                                                                                             left corners over again. After that
                                                                                                                                                                              fold, there should be a corner on
       By: Alyssa Davis                                                                                                                                                       the top, fold this over so it forms are
                 The reality of arguing is simple: respectfully listen, politely explain, and then
       come to a reasonable agreement. Chances are, you’ve been in an argument with
       someone you were dating. They did something that really upset you, so you told                                                                                           He said: Be a gentleman
       them how you felt. Of course, your boyfriend or girlfriend then felt the need to defend                                                                                  By: Harrison Cahil
       themselves which in turn, led to an even bigger argument. The biggest factor in the                                                                                              Living in the south, there are common courtesies that every
       longevity of a relationship is how a couple learns to settle these disagreements.                                                                                       young southern man is taught. Small things like pulling the chair out
                 When I’m really close to someone, I tend to trust them with my every                                                                                          at the dinner table for a guest, opening the door for a woman walking
       thought and action. Sometimes this means venting about a bad day. However,                                                                                              into a building, saying “yes ma’am” and “no, ma’am” instead of “yeah”
       venting oftentimes turns into an argument. When I’m in a bad mood, I look                                                                                               and “nah” are some of the characteristics taught to youngsters.
       for a fight. I know it sounds ridiculous and immature, but how many times has                                                                                                    However, as the years pass, many of us young “southern
       your girlfriend or boyfriend done this? How many times has he or she started                                                                                            gentleman” lose these cornerstone characteristics and replace them with
       arguing with you over the dumbest and most insignificant thing? When things                                                                                             volatile actions that would make the worst tyrants of the world turn their
       like this happen, you have to realize what he or she is feeling. They want you                                                                                          heads. Why we lose these gentleman-like attributes is beyond me, but a word
       to feel upset like they do so that you can understand. It’s completely selfish                                                                                          of advice, women love having a gentleman. Even though it may seem that
       and really just needs to be stopped. If this                                                                                                                            the pretty girls always go for those bad guys, in the long run, most of them
       happens in your relationship, you need                                                                                                                                  settle down with someone that will treat them with respect and put them first.
       to sit down with him or her and let them                                                                                                                                         It is very simple to be a kind and caring guy, it just takes a few
       know what a strain it’s causing on your                                                                                                                                 steps to get there. Be kind to people; this way your “crush” sees that you
       relationship. If they hear how much it hurts                                                                                                                            are a caring and loving person. Another way is to be friendly towards her
       you, perhaps they’ll work on changing it.                                                                                                                               friends, this shows that you are willing expand your social circle and include
                 Now, when it comes to arguing,                                                                                                                                her friends; which you should. Also, if you get to the stage where you are
       there are two different types of people.                                                                                                                                meeting her parents, you have to; absolutely have to be respectful towards
       The first person is the “know-it-all.”                                                                                                                                  the parents. They are the alpha and
       The “know-it-all” will fight to the very                                                                                                                                omega of your impending relationship, so
       bitter end in order to prove his or her When in doubt, talk to your boyfriend                                                                                           it would be smart to show your gentleness
       point. These people are ALWAYS right, or girlfriend to work out your problems                                                                                           towards them too. It is very simple
                                                            instead of fighting about them.
       even when their argument may actually                                                                                                                                   showing girls that you are a gentleman,
                                                            Photo courtesy of Google images
       be wrong.         The second type is the                                                                                                                                and believe me; it will go a long way.
       subordinate. This individual will always give into the “know it all.” They                                                                                                       I feel that too many times in our
       feel the need to just agree with their boyfriend or girlfriend in many                                                                                                  society, men are disrespectful to women.
       different conflicts, thus making him or her the one to always say sorry.                                                                                                Women have enough pressures by trying to
       The key to solving any dispute is learning how to find a common ground.                                                                                                 look pretty, worrying about stressing jobs,
                 It’s always been said that opposites attract; however, opposites                                                                                              and keeping up with the times; they need
       also argue. When it all comes down to it, arguing is a way for a couple                                                                                                 no negativity from men. It is outdated and
       to understand each other. Whether you’re the “know-it-all” or the                                                                                                                                                     Opening a door for a woman is one of
                                                                                                                                                                               completely unacceptable to be forceful and the many things a man can do to be a
       subordinate, learning to listen to one another will solve any argument.                                                                                                 rude to them. Women need to be treated with gentleman.
       Relationships are like a roller coaster, every single one will have                                                                                                     respect, and following these simple steps Photo courtesy of Google images
       its ups and downs but it’s up to both individuals to hold on for the ride.                                                                                              can make you a sought after Casanova.
                                  February                 the Loudspeaker                                                                                                                                            Nine
                                   2010                   Lifestyles/Health                                                                                                                                            9
       Chocolate gets a little sweeter                                                                                                                                          By: Katie Wilbanks
                Although the excitement of Valentine’s Day                                                                taste is enough to bring a smile to most people’s faces, the

                                                                                                                                              Photo courtesy of Google images
       has come and gone, there are still many lingering                                                                  serotonin found in chocolate is also a natural mood-booster.
       reminders of the holiday. The new jewelry, the cuddly                                                                       As with almost any kind of food, the better quality
       teddy bear, and the rest of that box of chocolates keep                                                            the chocolate is, the better it is for you. Typically cheap,
       the memories fresh in our minds. However, after all of the                                                         everyday chocolate bars have very low amounts of the
       indulgence from special dinners and decadent desserts,                                                             beneficial cocoa solids and very high amounts of sugar
       do we really need to finish that box of chocolates?                                                                and fat. Also, processing milk and white chocolates under
                While we may not exactly need to finish off the last                                                      high pressures and temperatures can diminish its nutritional
       few truffles, it could actually be a lot healthier than many                                                       value because it destroys the cocoa’s flavanols. Instead,
       suspect. Chocolate is made from a plant called the cocoa                                                           stick with dark chocolate with high amounts of cocoa solids.
       bean that is rich in flavanols. These flavanols are antioxidants                                                            While chocolate can be very good for you,
       that can protect the body from the harmful effects of aging,     With Valentine’s Day just behind us, we ask our-  moderation is key. Think of it as a treat. Although it does
       pesticides, and pollutants. In addition to these antioxidants, selves, “Do I really need that last chocolate?”     contain many vitamins and minerals, it is obviously no
       chocolate also contains many beneficial vitamins and minerals, and studies                   substitute for fruits and vegetables. Having a few extra squares, especially
       have shown that this tasty treat can help lower blood pressure in addition to                on an occasion as special as Valentine’s Day, is not going to kill you,
       boosting immunity and possibly preventing cancer. While the delicious chocolaty              so smile and shamelessly enjoy the last few of those Russell Stover’s.

       Foods to avoid                                                                                       The government is taking more
       By: Chelsy Meltzner
                   Everyone loves going out                                                                 than your money                                                                     By: Sara Allen
                                                                          Photo courtesy of Google images

       to eat, whether it is grabbing a                                                                             The government has a lot of power, but should that power include being
       snack on the go, going to dinner                                                                     able to take your baby’s DNA? It is government mandated that babies are
       with the family, or just getting a                                                                   screened for genetic diseases when they are born (in the United States). Some
       little something to satisfy your                                                                     states keep the babies’ DNA stored indefinitely; one of those states is Florida.
       sweet tooth. However, most                                                                                    Annie Brown, a Florida resident, took her daughter, Isabel, to the pediatrician
       of us are clueless as to what                                                                        when the doctor asked them to come because he needed to tell them something
       we are eating exactly. Some                                                                          about their daughter. It turned out that Isabel carried a gene that put her at risk
       restaurants have begun posting                                                                       for cystic fibrosis. Doctors ran tests and found out that Isabel did not have the
       calorie counters on their menus, Vitamin Water is filled with                                        disease. As grateful as the Brown’s were for the information, they wondered how
       but even that doesn’t seem to sugar and has a high amount                                            the doctor knew how Isabel had the gene when they never agreed to genetic testing.
       help very much. When trying of calories.                                                                     Their doctor explained that when Isabel was born, the hospital tested for genetic
       to decide what or what not                                                                           diseases and kept the DNA in a lab. Many parents don’t know that their baby’s DNA is
       to eat, there are a few foods and drinks that everyone                                               taken and stored, but when they find out they take action, like the Browns. In Texas and
       should try to avoid, whether they are on a diet or not.                                              Minnesota, parents have filed lawsuits; because of these there is now a debate about
                   One of the most popular drinks among kids, teens, and                                    whether or not it is appropriate for the government to have babies’ genetic blueprints.
       athletes is Vitamin Water. Vitamin Water may seem healthy                                                      “We were appalled when we found out. Why do they need to store my baby’s
       and have fun flavors, but it is deceiving. The nutritional facts                                     DNA indefinitely? Something on there could affect her ability to get a job, or get health
       are based on one serving size, but one bottle contains 2.5                                           insurance,” Brown said in response to finding out the government had Isabel’s DNA.
       serving sizes, which is confusing, and has high calories.                                                    Minnesota’s state website claims the reason for keeping the DNA is so tests
       Quiznos is a favorite fast-food restaurant among many,                                               can be repeated and if the DNA is ever needed to help a parent identify a missing or
       but offers some not-so-smart choices. Everyone assumes                                               deceased child. Another thing parents don’t like about having their baby’s DNA taken
       that salads are healthy, but that’s not always the case, like                                        is sometimes the DNA is given to outside researchers with the name attached without
       Quiznos’s Chicken with Honey Mustard Flatbread Salad. With                                           parental consent which is needed if the researcher wants a sample with a name on it.
       1,070 calories, 71 g fat, 1,770 mg sodium, this salad has half                                       In the US, 20 papers have been published since 2000 using newborn blood samples.
       a day’s calories and enough fat grams for a whole day. When                                                  The debate is on-going if it appropriate for the government to take babies’ DNA
       going to Olive Garden, be sure to stay away from their Grilled                                       without consent of the parents. Lawsuits continue to be filed over the issue. About every
       Shrimp Caprese, which has a garlic-butter sauce that gives                                           seven seconds a new baby is born, and those babies are having their DNA taken from
       you 2/3 of your daily fat and almost two times your sodium limit.                                    them. Since the genetic testing is state mandated, there isn’t much people can do to stop it.
                   A surprising product that made the list was Smoothie
       King’s Hulk Strawberry Smoothie. One small smoothie has
       more calories than two McDonald’s Big Mac’s, and is full
       of sugar. One Grande Starbucks’ Double Chocolaty Chip
                                                                                                            Not your average sleepy-head
                                                                                                            By: Lauren Harper                                                                        Photo courtesy of
       Frappuccino Blended Creme with whipped cream contains
                                                                                                                     Do you ever feel lazy when you sleep in
       510 calories, which is 1/3 of a daily allowance of both fat and
                                                                                                            until one or two in the afternoon, and feel that you
       saturated fat. Wendy’s Sweet and Spicy Boneless Wings have
                                                                                                            have wasted the day sleeping? Well, for one British
       more salt in them than allowed in a 2,000 calorie diet, while
                                                                                                            teenager, this is an understatement. Louisa Ball has a
       Dunkin’ Donuts’s Coffee Cake Muffin has as many calories as
                                                                                                            very rare disorder that causes her to doze off at times,
       three of their glazed donuts. One quarter of Chili’s Onion String
                                                                                                            and then not wake up until several days later. The
       and Crispy Jalapeno Stack appetizer and Macaroni Grill’s
                                                                                                            neurological disorder, Kleine-Levin Syndrome (KLS),
       Fettuccine Alfredo both provide more fat than necessary in a
                                                                                                            is a condition that does not have a cure, and there are
       healthy diet. Other snacks that one should stay away from are                                                                                                      Kleine-Levin Syndrome (KLS) has affected
                                                                                                            only around 1,000 known cases of it around the world. Louisa Ball for over a year now.
       Ruffles’ Cheddar & Sour Cream Flavored Potato Chips which
                                                                                                                     Ball is a regular 15-year-old girl most of the time,
       have 17 percent of one’s daily fat, Reese’s Puffs Cereal,
                                                                                                            but when she is about to have another “episode,” where sleep comes for many days at a time,
       containing more sugar than most candy bars, and Kellogg’s
                                                                                                            she is quiet and does not talk much. Her longest sleeping episode lasted for 13 days. Her
       Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop-Tarts which have 420 calories,
                                                                                                            friends and family are able to pick up on when she is about to have another period of prolonged
       and more than half of one’s daily limit for sugar and fat.
                                                                                                            slumber by her moods and behaviors. The sleep periods usually come around every four to
                   Trying to eat healthy can definitely be confusing, and
                                                                                                            five weeks, during which Ball is thrown into a sleep where she wakes up occasionally. When
       some foods can be deceiving. On a 2,000 calorie diet one,
                                                                                                            she wakes up for those short periods of time, Ball experiences a lack of appetite, extreme
                                  should remember these tips. Try not
                                                                                                            drowsiness, irritability, confusion, and her overall frame of mind is a ‘dream-like state.’ Ball
Photo courtesy of Google images

                                  to exceed 65 g of fat, 20 g of saturated
                                                                                                            was diagnosed with the syndrome about a year ago when her symptoms began to occur.
                                  fat, 300 mg of cholesterol, 2,400 mg of
                                                                                                                     This disorder is primarily found in adolescents and can greatly affect the
                                  sodium, 300 g of carbohydrates, and
                                                                                                            demeanor of the child. Episodes of KLS occur in cycles, and symptoms can occur for up
                                  50g of protein in one day. Even though
                                                                                                            to a decade. Those who suffer from the disorder are usually unable to attend school or
                                  some of our favorite, best-tasting
                                                                                                            care for themselves. While having the incident, those with KLS sleep for the majority of
                                  foods are the worst for you, there are
                                                                                                            the day or night, only waking up to eat or use the bathroom. They appear “spacey, and
                                  healthier options to everything. Try
                                                                                                            have lack of energy and emotion.” When they are not having an episode, they function
                                  looking for organic brands, brands
                                                                                                            as normal children or teens with no visible symptoms. This bizarre syndrome is definitely
                                  that have no or reduced sugar options,
                                                                                                            not one to be taken lightly because it causes great portions of sufferers’ lives to be
                                  and also portion-size is important; limit
                                                                                                            spent sleeping. This ends up leaving them missing out on a well-deserved childhood.
                                  yourself. If you remember these tips,
                                                                                                                     Ball used to be an ardent dancer, but with her condition, she is unable to
           Reese’s Puffs cereal   and remember to steer clear of these
           is an unhealthy way to                                                                           compete. There is no known cause for KLS, but there is a chance that Ball will
                                  dangerous foods, it will be one more
           start your day .                                                                                 eventually just grow out of it. Her life is altered by the disorder, but this teenager tries to
                                  way to have a healthier you in 2010.
                                                                                                            stay positive about it all and will hopefully get a lot less of sleep in the years to come.
   February                                               the Loudspeaker                                                                                                                 Ten
        2010                                              Entertainment                                                                                                                    10
Alexander McQueen Ke$ha is taking over the radio
                  By: Kelsey Short
found dead

                                                               Photo courtesy of Google images
                                                                                                            “Wake up in the mornin’ feeling like P.       “I Kissed a Girl.” Perry and Ke$ha have been
                                                                                                  Diddy” begins the hit song that has taken over          good friends for some time. Ke$ha was the
By: Katie Wilbanks                                                                                radio stations across America. Kesha Rose               female voice in Flo Rida’s hit song “Right
          The world of fashion is                                                                 Serbert, or better known as Ke$ha, released             Round,” but received no credit for her part in
known for artistic, meticulous,                                                                   the hit song “TiK ToK” in August of 2009.               the song. Since she wasn’t credited for the
and “out-there” designers. When                                                                   Ke$ha is a singer and song writer, getting her          song, she refused to appear in the music video
most people think of fashion                                                                      first hit by appearing in Flo Rida’s hit song           and changed her name from Kesha to Ke$ha.
though, they think of the major                                                                   “Right Round.” Her number one hit single                           “TiK ToK” made the top of the Billboard
names like Louis Vuitton, Gucci,                                                                  can be heard on radio stations,                                          Hot 100 and became the first
and Chanel. Typically, the more                                                                   in clubs and in people’s cars.                                           number one hit of the decade.

                                                                                                                                      Photo courtesy of Google images
small time designers are left in Alexander McQueen                                                          The rest of Ke$ha’s                                            The song reached top five in
the dust. Alexander McQueen was known for his                                                     album has the same upbeat and                                            several countries, including New
may not have been a name heard flamboyant designs.                                                techno feel as her single “TiK                                           Zealand, US, and Canada. For its
outside the fashion industry, but                                                                 ToK.” Her album, Animal, was                                             second week at number one, “TiK
he definitely left an imprint on the fashion world. That                                          released in 2010 and has become                                          ToK” set the female download
is, before his sudden death on February 11, 2010.                                                 the number one selling album                                             record. “TiK ToK” also became
          McQueen was a British designer. He was                                                  in the US. Ke$ha grew up in a                                            the most played song on the radio
the chief designer at the Givenchy house in 1996;                                                 musical family, her single parent                                        while on its fifth week on top.
however, he became the creative director for Gucci                                                mother, Pepe Serbert, was an                                                 Ke$ha’s album includes other
in 2001. McQueen had some of his own boutiques                                                    aspiring singer and songwriter.      Pop sensation Kesha has taken       popular hits such as “Your Love
and      designed         very       controversial     wardrobes.                                           Ke$ha’s         mother     over radio stations with her hit    is My Drug” and “Blah Blah Blah”
          Like most designers, there was meaning                                                  received a publishing deal when
                                                                                                                                       single “TiK ToK.”
                                                                                                                                                                           ft. 3oh!3, with whom Ke$ha has
behind McQueen’s designs. He made clothes as a                                                    Ke$ha was just a child, and Ke$ha was often             worked with several times before. Most of her
way to express himself. Some of the themes of his                                                 at her mother’s shows and studio sessions.              songs are very pop-inspired and upbeat, making
clothing included the role of technology in humans’                                               Ke$ha’s mother strongly encouraged her to               them the perfect dance music. With catchy lines
lives, the impact of chadors (a dark traditional garment                                          pursue a singing career, and Ke$ha began                and suggestive lyrics, the songs are best suited
worn in public by Muslim and sometimes by Hindu                                                   writing songs at a very young age. She has              for older teens and young adults. Ke$ha is not
women that covers almost all of the head and body)                                                appeared in several music videos while also             exactly a role model, but her music has caught
on women, and the historical suppression of women.                                                performing in top musical hits. She sang                the attention of many. I would say that her album
Most of his designs were flashy and some were                                                     background in Britney Spears’s song “Lace               will become a best seller and that even more of
even made of everyday items, like recycled scraps.                                                and Leather” and was in Katy Perry’s video,             her hits will begin to be heard all over the world.
          Off the runway, McQueen designed outfits for
Sarah Jessica Parker, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga. Queen
Elizabeth II also recognized his fashion abilities. She                                           Google to challenge Facebook
Photo courtesy of Google images
                                        made him a Commander                                      By: James Byrd
                                        of the British Empire                                              Checking email, posting statuses, and uploading Photo courtesy of Google images
                                        in 2003 because he                                        photos are some of the key features offered by today’s
                                        started many trends                                       social networking giant, Facebook. Millions of people
                                        that are still seen today.                                have accounts on social sites such as Facebook,
                                        Though not much has                                       Myspace, Xanga, and Twitter, but could a new name be
                                        been reported about                                       entering the race with a goal of taking Facebook’s throne?
                                        his actual death, many                                             Google, the search engine and e-mail giant, Google’s goal with Google Buzz is to create
The fashion industry lost one of its    assume that it was a                                      has entered the industry with its launch of Google a networking service that is a appealing and
most innovative designers, Alexander suicide, and the UK                                          Buzz. Google has integrated new features into its easy to use as the Facebook interface.
McQueen, on February 11, 2010.          Daily Mail is going as                                    email service, Gmail, with goals of making Gmail a prime competitor for Facebook. The
far as to say that he hanged himself. Regardless of                                               new Google Buzz has the same basic features used by most networking sites including:
how McQueen died, he will always be remembered                                                    status updates, photo and video sharing, and messaging between users. Google Buzz also
as a fashion icon. “He changed the way so many of                                                 features integration with other sites that share the Google name such as: Twitter, Picasa,
us see shows,” Hal Rubenstein, a fashion director                                                 Flicker, and Google Reader. Google’s goal is, and always has been, to organize the web’s
of InStyle magazine, stated. There is no doubt that                                               information in the most convenient way possible, a goal that has become harder to achieve
McQueen’s legacy will live on for a very long time, if not                                        since the creation of site like Facebook and Myspace. Google’s goal with Google Buzz is to
forever. Cindy Weber Cleary, also a member of InStyle                                             create a networking service that is a appealing and easy to use as the Facebook interface.
magazine, said, “He was a huge talent, a master of                                                         Google’s step into the industry has not been as smooth as the company may
tailoring and always willing to push the envelope.”                                               have hoped. There have currently been reports of a privacy issue for the users of Google
          Unfortunately, McQueen died just days before                                            Buzz. While signing up for the web service, the contacts on a user’s Gmail contact book
London Fashion Week, and though he did not plan to                                                are automatically added to the user’s friend list which is publicly posted for anyone to see.
show any of his masterpieces at this event, he most                                               Google’s privacy flaw could potentially reveal users’ email to the public showing what the topics
likely would have been there to admire the works of                                               of the emails are, and how often users email people in their address book, giving random
others. Also, McQueen was scheduled to show a                                                     viewers information on who you email, what you email, and just how often you email them.
line of his clothing in March. This abrupt end to his                                                      Google Buzz is currently working to resolve the privacy issues in their new
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Lil Wayne locked up                                                                              By: Chelsy Metlzner
          As kids, the dentist always told us to brush our teeth, use mouth wash, and floss multiple times a day. However, it looks as if doing just
the opposite has paid off for a certain celebrity. One of the industry’s hottest rappers of all time, Lil Wayne, has postponed his trip to jail, once
again, due to emergency dental problems. On February 9, when the rapper did not show up to court, his lawyer released a statement announcing
that Lil Wayne would not be able to make it because of a cracked tooth. However, this is not the first time an incident like this has happened.
          The sentence leads back to July of 2007, when authorities pulled over the rapper on his tour bus while in Manhattan, New York,
after performing at one of his concerts. Police allegedly saw and smelled marijuana smoke coming from the door of the bus. After searching the
vehicle, a loaded .40-caliber semiautomatic gun was found, and Lil Wayne was charged with second-degree attempted weapon possession.
He originally pleaded not guilty, but after the judge began DNA testing the weapon for traces of Lil Wayne’s DNA, which came back positive, he
changed his mind. In October of 2009, he pleaded guilty and entered a plea deal with the prosecutors. The rapper was originally facing up
to 15 years in prison, but the plea deal reduced that time to only about a year, with the possibility of getting out early with good behavior.
          Lil Wayne’s trail was initially supposed to begin back in January, it kept getting rescheduled. He was then expected to be
sentenced February 10; however, his tooth troubles have set the date back until March 2. He is scheduled for surgery February 12, and
his lawyer said that he will need at least ten days to recover. “I don’t want this to get pushed back anymore. This is the last adjournment,”
Judge Charles H. Solomon told Lil Wayne. It is likely that right after his court date in March, Lil Wayne will immediately begin his sentence.
          The Grammy-winning star is not afraid of his future. “This is Lil Wayne going to jail. Nobody can tell me what that’s like. I just say I’m looking forward
to it,” the rapper told Rolling Stone magazine recently. Lil Wayne has been busy preparing for his time in the slammer though. He recently performed his
last concert before his jail-time begins, released a new album, Rebirth, on February 2, and is working hard on his upcoming album Tha Carter IV. He also
posted a video on his website the night before he was supposed to go to court, saying goodbye to all of his fans, “To all my fans, my real fans, I really, really,
truly love you. I love you with all of me for real.” Lil Wayne’s court dates are not over yet though; he is still facing another trial in Arizona for drug and weapon
related charges scheduled for the end of March. Maybe after these charges and time in prison, Lil Wayne will not only clean up his act, but his mouth.

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