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									        Friday, December 17
Bell work: Please have your AR book/library
materials ready. We will visit the library after
attendance. In your blue journal, please respond to
the following prompt in a well-developed 5-7
sentence paragraph. Be sure to restate (echo) the
 Which holiday traditions do you enjoy the most? Why?
1.   Share journals
2.   Visit the library
3.   Read “The Perfect Gift” and complete graphic organizer
4.   Review organizer
5.   Read for AR

Homework: Read for AR, work on Study Island
    “The Perfect Gift” Comparison Paragraph
               Graphic Organizer
•   Setting: Monday before winter break; school
•   Characters: Mr. Sommers, Franny, Derek, students in class
•   Rising Action: The class decides to have a holiday gift
    exchange; Franny chooses Derek and Derek chooses
    Franny; Franny tries to decide what to give Derek; Franny
    tries to buy a birdcage for Derek, but doesn’t have enough
    money; Franny sells her hair to get the birdcage
•   Climax: Franny and Derek exchange gifts
•   Falling Action: Franny bought Derek the birdcage and
    Derek bought Franny hair clips
•   Resolution: The gifts they purchased are useless. They
    both laugh and kiss.
•   Theme: The best gifts come from the heart

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