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					                                                                                December 2010

                                                                                  1824 Mountain Road
                                                                                   Joppa, MD 21085

 Reduce Possession-Obsession
 For many families, it’s a necessary pre-Christmas ritual: weeding          Ask God:
 through the old toys just to make room for new ones. Children typi-
 cally have so much “stuff” they can’t keep track of or play with it all.   •   To help your family focus on
 When possessions become a priority, it’s time to re-evaluate your              Jesus’ birth this Christmas.
 family’s stance on stuff.
                                                                            •   To reduce your emphasis on
 Many of us keep materialism in check most of the year but then slip            buying and receiving.
 at Christmas. Although presents aren’t bad, you can ease the focus
 on materialism this season. For example:                                   •   To help your children treasure
                                                                                God, not earthly things.
   Remind your children that Jesus is our best gift. Make sure
 they know that Christmas is Jesus’ birthday and that God sent Jesus               Parenting Insights
 because he loves us. When you decorate for Christmas, leave a na-
 tivity scene manger empty. Wrap the baby Jesus figurine in a spe-          Despite tough economic times, you
 cial box and open it on Christmas Eve. Then read Romans 6:23b:             can still have a special Christmas.
 “The free gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord.”      Child-development expert Wanda
                                                                            Draper says, “Celebrating a more
   Discuss the gifts we can give to God. Talk about how you re-             modest Christmas materially can
 spond when someone gives you a nice gift. Ask children what they           be a blessing in disguise.” She of-
 can do that God would really like, such as pray or tell a friend about     fers these tips for easing material-
 him. As a family, fill out gift cards listing what you can each give to    ism:
 God. Then hang the cards from your Christmas tree or wrap them
 and place them under your tree as gifts to God.                            1. Don’t apologize for a re-
                                                                               duced number of gifts. Just
   Encourage children to be generous. Em-                                      “say it will be a new kind of
 phasize the importance of giving, not receiv-                                 Christmas,” Draper says.
 ing. As a family, participate in a service pro-
 ject for people in need. Help children experi-                             2. Discuss how everyone
 ence the joy of giving by donating some time                                  wants to celebrate. Recall
 and money to others. Talk about how it feels                                  previous holidays and what was
 to give, and discuss some ways you can con-                                   special to each person.
 tinue doing so in the year ahead.
                                                                            3. Create homemade gifts for
                                                                               family members and friends.
                  IMPORTANT DATES FOR 2011                                     Making the gifts together can
           Indian Lake Christian Camp Weeks for MCC                            lead to even more great memo-
Family Camp          May 27-29                     Gerri B & Jenny K
Grades 1 & 2         June 23 or June 24            Jenny K & Gerri B        4. Give children an active role.
                                                                                Let them take part in Advent
Grades 2 & 3         June 19-June 22               Carl Hetzer
                                                                                devotions, decorating, baking,
Grades 4-6           June 26-July 1                Katie Gerber                 caroling, and more.
              Registration is begins in January
“Beware! Guard against
every kind of greed. Life is
not measured by how
much you own.”
        Luke 12:15

Our earthly possessions won’t
matter or be of any use when
our lives end. As Luke 12:21       Camp Kidmore December Lessons
says, the only thing that mat-     December is all about celebrating the birth of Jesus!
ters is having “a rich relation-   We will be singing songs about Jesus, hearing stories
ship with God.”                    about Jesus’ birth and enjoying activities about Jesus in
      Teachable Moments            our small group time. We hope you will join us!

1. It’s a Boy!—Create a birth      Camp Kidmore December Bible Verse
   announcement for Jesus,         “God sent His one and only son…”                     I John 4:9
   complete with a baby foot-
   print, if you have or know a
   newborn. Read Luke 1:35-
   38 and discuss how Mary                       Mission Moment
   reacted when she found out
   she was going to be Jesus’                    In December we will be collecting money to buy
   mother.                                goats and chickens for a family in a third world country.
                                          With chickens and goats, a family will be provided with a
                                           supply of eggs, milk and meat. For more information,
                                                  check out

                                                     Mount Kidmore for all 1st-3rd graders
                                                   8:08, 9:49 & 11:31 programming is in the NLC-Overlook and
                                                                      9:15 & 11:30 in Bel Air

2. 12 Days of Christmas—As
                                                      Come for a fabulous time of worship,
   a family, come up with 12                          large group teaching & small groups.
   acts of service you can per-      For the month of December we will be focusing on the Birth of Jesus, come and learn
                                                        how one little BABY CHANGED the world.
   form together during De-
   cember. For example,
   shovel snow for a neighbor,                          Mt. 54 is for all 4th & 5th graders.
   donate extra blankets to a                            Come hang out with other
   homeless shelter, and de-                       Preteens, Play games, get into the WORD,
   liver cookies and cocoa to                            and live out 1 Timothy 4:12.
   homebound seniors.
                                                         Mt. 54 PM 4:15-5:45 pm in WALKER CHAPEL
3. Shine On—Read Matthew           Meeting:
   2:2, about the Christmas        December 5: Getting ready for Nursing Home Mission Project
   star. Cut out poster board      December 12: Going to visit Lorien Nursing Home in Bel Air (look on Calendar for more info)
   stars and paint your names
   on them with glow-in-the-       Mt. 54 Sunday morning in Walker Chapel. Come every Sunday morning during the 9:49 &
   dark paint. Tape the stars      11:31 service. Bel Air, come and be a part of great small groups with other 4th & 5th graders at
   to the ceiling above your       9:30 & 11:15. See you THERE!
   Christmas tree. Turn off the
   lights and share ways you       HOLD THE DATE: Incredible LOVE February 11-12. Service Project serving the Seniors of
   can guide others to Jesus,      Mountain Christian Church.
   the best gift of all.
                                            For more info about Mt. 54 or Mount Kidmore please contact Katie Gerber at
          This page is designed to help educate parents and isn’t meant to endorse any movie, music, or product.
           Our prayer is that you’ll make informed decisions about what your children watch, listen to, and wear.

 What’s Playing at the Movies
 Movie: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the                                           Culture & Trends
 Dawn Treader (releases Dec. 10)
                                                                                         What’s happening right
 Genre: Adventure, fantasy
                                                                                         now that may affect your
 Rating: PG (for some frightening images and sequences
                                                                                         children and family:
 of fantasy action)
 Cast: Tilda Swinton, Skandar Keynes, Georgie Henley
                                                                                          •    According to an annual
 Synopsis: When Edmond and Lucy return to Narnia with
                                                                                               report that tracks the
 their cousin, they meet Caspian and take a magical trip in
                                                                                               Christmas wishes of chil-
 the royal ship. Aslan protects the children during encounters with kid-
                                                                                               dren ages 5 to 16, Apple
 nappers, dragons, dwarves, “merpeople,” and more.
                                                                                               products such as the
 Discussion Questions: How can you tell that Jesus is with you when
                                                                                               iPhone, iPod, and iPad
 life is “smooth sailing”—and when waves toss you around? What storms
                                                                                               have replaced toys as the
 have you faced, and how has Jesus helped you through them? Read
                                                                                               hottest requests.
 aloud Mark 4:35-41. What are some things you’re afraid of or some                                       (Duracell Toy Report)
 things that seem overwhelming to you? How can Jesus provide calm?
                                                                                          •    Diagnoses of ADHD con-
                                                                                               tinue to rise, with one in
 What Music Is Releasing                                                                       10 U.S. children affected
                                                                                               at some point.
 Artist: Jason Castro                                                                                               (
 Album: Who I Am
 Artist Info: The guitar-playing, dreadlock-wearing                                           ______________
 Castro, 23, won the hearts of American Idol fans
 with his renditions of “Hallelujah” and “Over the                                               Quick Stats
 Rainbow.” His new album is a crossover to Christian
 music.                                                                                   •    Couples rank marital
 Summary: “I’m a Christian in whatever I do,” Cas-                                             “stress-causers” in this
 tro says. “Every song in some way is led by what I believe.” In “You                          order:
 Are,” the first single from Who I Am, Castro sings to God, “You are life                        • Finances
 more beautiful. You are love more powerful. You are the light that al-                          • Intimacy
 ways shines. You are the one.”                                                                  • Children
 Discussion Questions: How would you describe who God is, especially                             • In-laws
 to someone who doesn’t yet know him? In what ways does God make                                          (American Express)
 your life “beautiful”? Read aloud Isaiah 52:7-10. How can you share the
 good news of God’s “victory” with other people?                                          •    Children younger than 4
                                                                                               are four times more likely
                                                                                               than older children to sus-
 What Games Are Out                                                                            tain a head injury while
                                                                                               sledding. Experts recom-
        Title                          Content
                                                                       Rating                  mend helmets and close
                                                                     & Platform                adult supervision.
                       On a mysterious island, players meet ador-                                           (
     Kinectimals        able cubs and teach them tricks using the    E; Xbox 360
                              new Xbox Kinect technology.
                       Based on a popular toy (and anime TV se-
   Beyblade: Metal
                        ries), this game involves stadium battles   E; Nintendo DS
                                     with spinning tops.

                        Players fight to become the top predator.
   Battle of Giants:
                       Includes animal combat and natural disas-      E10+; Wii
   Dinosaurs Strike

RATINGS: EC=Early Childhood, E=Everyone (ages 6+), E10+ (ages 10+), T=Teen (ages 13+)
     Sun                 Mon                 Tue                Wed                 Thurs                     Fri                 Sat
                                                                  1                     2                      3                   4

 Great children’s programming every Sunday morning
 at our Mountain Road location: 8:08, 9:49, and 11:31
 in the NLC for ages 0-3rd grade and Walker Chapel
 for 4th and 5th Grade AND at our Bel Air location:
 9:15 and 11:30 AM!!! Come join us!

       5                   6                  7                   8                     9                     10                   11

Mt. 54 pm

      12                  13                  14                 15                    16                     17                   18

Mt. 54 PM

      19                  20                  21                 22                    23                     24                   25

                                                                                      Christmas Eve Services                    Jesus
                                                                               (Bel Air and the NLC )       (NLC only)
                                                                                  6 and 8pm *           2, 4, 6 and 8pm *       born!
                                                                                *Children’s Programming for birth through
                                                                             kindergarten at all services. Except for the 8pm
 NO Mt. 54                                                                   services on both nights, children’s programming
    pm                                                                        only available for birth through two year olds.

      26                  27                  28                 29                    30                     31                   29


   Camp Kidmore (Preschool)                Mount Kidmore (Elementary)                  Mt. 54 (Preteen)                  Family friendly

                                                   * Mt. 54 Christmas Nursing Home Visit
                                            Join us Sunday December 12th at Lorien Nursing Home in Bel Air
                                                       (1909 Emmorton Rd., Bel Air, MD 21015)

                  Must attend with a parent or adult, please choose between the following times. 4:00-4:30pm or 4:30-5:00pm. We will be
                        caroling the hallways, passing out homemade ornaments, & spreading the love of Jesus.

Christmas Eve Services - Do you love kids?                          Do you love to see the look on a child’s face
as they hear the story of Jesus’ birth? Then you would be perfect to help staff the children’s area during the
Christmas Eve services on December 23 & 24. To volunteer, please stop by the Children’s desk and sign up!

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