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									                                                       AC Power
                                                       For Business-Critical Continuity™

Liebert® Precision Power Center
Packaged Power Distribution For Higher Power Quality
    Emerson Network Power Delivers
    The Packaged Power Solution

    Creating high quality power is a major step towards protecting the           The Liebert PPC Offers
    operation of a critical facility. But don’t stop there. Once you’ve          A Number Of Benefits:
    created a better level of power, you need to make sure that it can be        Reliability
    distributed properly to each piece of important equipment.                     Improved Power Quality — Results in
                                                                                   optimum equipment operation, reducing
    Critical Power Distribution Made Easy                                          downtime and extending service life.

    This is why Emerson Network Power designed the Liebert Precision               Computer-Grade Grounding — The
    Power Center (PPC) to bring you a distribution system that will close          Liebert PPC automatically establishes
    the power delivery loop in your critical facility. The Liebert PPC offers      a single point ground to meet major
    the benefits of a custom-tailored power system, with the convenience           manufacturers’ recommendations and
    and cost savings of a pre-packaged, factory-tested unit. Housed in a           the requirements of the National Electric
    single, self-contained cabinet, it combines distribution, computer-grade       Code.
    grounding, isolation, and power monitoring to provide the protection           Monitoring — Built-in metering and
    your vital computer or communications equipment demands. Available             alarm annunciation with communication
    in 15-225 kVA capacity systems for raised floor applications and 15-           capabilities to Liebert centralized
    150 kVA capacities in top-exit models, the Liebert PPC offers flexible         monitoring.
    expansion capabilities to fit growing sites.
    A Proven System                                                                Handles Non-Linear Loads — Fully
    The packaged system approach of the Liebert PPC is convenient and              compatible with the non-linear loads of
    space-saving, reducing installation time and cost compared to a                modern computer systems and other
                                                                                   electronic equipment.
    conventional approach using multiple interconnected components.
    The Liebert PPC is built on a proven system design used in thousands of        Expansion Capability — add-on
    installations, and unlike one-of-a-kind, built-up distribution constructed     panelboards, optional expansion cabinet
    at the site, it undergoes thorough factory testing as a complete system to     and flexible cabling can be installed with
                                                                                   minimal disruption to meet growing
    assure reliable, consistent performance.
                                                                                   Location Flexibility — The unit can
                                                                                   be easily relocated to protect your
                                                                                   UL and ULc Listed as a Complete System
                                                                                   — Meets safety requirements for fast,
                                                                                   hassle-free inspection and building code
                                                                                 Low Total Cost Of Ownership
                                                                                   Space Savings — Compact single cabinet
                                                                                   conserves valuable floor space.
                                                                                   Easy Installation — Single input cable
                                                                                   connection reduces installation time and
                                                                                   TP-1 Listed Isolation Transformer—
                                                                                   Provides increased efficiency

 An All-In-One Power System…
 All At An Affordable Price

A Noticeable Improvement
In Power Quality
There are a number of integral features
that allow Liebert Precision Power Centers
to offer a higher quality level of electrical
power for your critical applications:
  The main input breaker with low voltage
  shunt trip accessory provides primary
  transformer overcurrent protection,
  a power disconnecting means, and a
  method to interface with shutdown
  Built-in transformer reduces harmonic
  neutral currents, which are possible with
  building wiring systems.
  Double-Shielded , copper, TP-1 Listed
  Isolation Transformer that provides higher
  efficiency than standard transformers.
  Supplemental transformer protection
  is provided by temperature sensors in
  each winding to alarm abnormally high
  winding temperature or shutdown unit
  before isolation damage.
  One or more, individually enclosed 42
  pole output panelboards with panelboard
  main breaker and individual isolated
  neutral and ground busbars distribute
  power to the sensitive load equipment.
  42 output conduit landings are
  provided for each output panelboard
  to accommodate the large number of
  dedicated branch circuits recommended
  for sensitive electronic loads.
  Oversized neutral components safely           The Liebert PPC packaged approach gives you an easily installed package
  withstand neutral currents of at least 1.73   — a single power connection to the building wiring simplifies hook-up
  times full load currents.                     and reduces installation time and cost. Flexible cables can be specified in
  System shutdown controls, including           lengths and sizes to match sensitive electronic loads, making the system
  manual restart, overtemperature               easy to relocate or expand. A choice of service access allows greater location
  shutdown and emergency power off, are         flexibility and smaller installed footprint. And since the power source is right
  included.                                     there in the room, it eliminates difficulties in establishing a proper ground.
                                                The system also eliminates potentially harmful harmonic neutral current
  Shielded output cables for each load          from the building wiring system.
  reduce EMI and RFI.

    Designed From The Ground Up
    For Effective Power Distribution

    Several key features have allowed Liebert to
    build a packaged power distribution system
    that combines a high level of power quality
    effectiveness with a cost that is less than
    conventional built-up systems.

    Computer Grade Grounding

    The Liebert Precision Power Center establishes
    a single point ground for the critical load.
    Power ground and computer ground points
    are identical minimizing ground-loop currents
    and common mode disturbances. Short output
    cables maintain the integrity of the isolation
    and conditioning.
    Secure Distribution And Circuit

    Distribution panels are in the computer
    room which limits access to authorized
    personnel only. Each breaker has an adjacent
    identification tag for rapid circuit ID. Each
    output cable is labeled at each end with circuit
    number, length, type of receptacle and circuit

    Non-Linear Load Compatibility
    The basic Liebert PPC is designed to
    accommodate moderate levels of harmonic
    currents. Where severe levels of harmonic
    currents are anticipated, a K-Factor transformer
    option for harmonic current cancellation
    is available.

    On-Site Power Monitoring
    The integral power monitoring panel provides
    comprehensive metering and alarms for system
    power parameters. Monitoring features include:
      True RMS measurements
      Autoscan of all parameters
      Adjustable alarm thresholds
      Programmable custom alarms
      Battery-backed alarm memory
      Summary alarm contact

Optional System Enhancements
A host of options enable you to design    Central Monitoring Interface
the Liebert packaged power system to      Liebert Precision Power Centers are compatible with our Liebert SiteScan® centralized
your exact needs:                         monitoring systems, allowing single point monitoring and alarm of power conditions.
  An expansion cabinet can be placed      These microprocessor-based systems provide historical data on room conditions for
  adjacent to Liebert PPC, adding up      future requirement planning and troubleshooting. In addition, an isolated RS-232 ASCII
  to six additional panel boards.         port is provided for communication of monitored parameters and alarm information
  Transient voltage surge                 to other monitoring systems. Liebert IntelliSlot SNMP/Web/Modbus 485 card can also
  suppression (TVSS) is available         be used to enable cost-effective monitoring of a Liebert PPC by your facility or network
  for increased protection from           monitoring system.
  damaging voltage surges. Very
  short interconnecting wiring           Event Management And
  provides superior surge clamping       Reporting
  performance.                           Liebert SiteScan Web will show
  Redundant Liebert PPC                  you exactly where the problem
  configurations are available for       is—not some cryptic message
  high-availability, fault-tolerant      that will leave you guessing.
  applications including: dual-input     Events and alarms associated
  breakers, dual-transformers, and       with a specific system, area
  static transfer switches.              or equipment selected in the
                                         navigation tree are displayed.
  K20 transformer safely withstands
                                         This view allows you to monitor
  high harmonic currents associated
                                         alarm or event information
  with electronic loads without
                                         geographically, as well as to
                                         acknowledge events, sort events
                                         by category, actions and verify
                                         reporting actions.

                                         Data Analysis And Trend
                                         With Liebert SiteScan Web you
                                         get powerful tools to analyze
                                         data and use it to prevent specific
                                         problems from occurring again.
                                         The operator can view trends by
                                         using the navigation tree and
                                         selecting the “trends” button in
                                         the graphic window. Users can
                                         create custom trend data that
                                         consist of one or more multiple
                                         data points.

Raising The Standard Of Power In
Non-Raised Floor Applications

The innovative top-exit Liebert Precision Power      Added Flexibility Enables You To Bring Packaged
Center (PPC) takes packaged power systems to         Power To Even More Locations
new heights…literally. By placing the input and      Ideal for conditioned grade power distribution in
output conduit connections at the top of the unit,   applications where there is no raised floor, the top-exit
the top-exit Liebert PPC brings the benefits of      Liebert PPC brings the flexibility and space-saving
high quality packaged power systems to non-          benefits of a packaged power system to a variety
raised floor applications. What’s more, the unit     of applications:
retains the normal bottom output cable exit for        Office areas
easy relocation and expansion flexibility.             LANS
                                                       High-tech manufacturing sites
                                                       Process control rooms
                                                       Medical imaging suites
                                                       Grouped workstations

                                                     High Efficiency Power
                                                     Distribution In Far Less Space

                                                                        PPC UNIT SITE PLANNING
                                                     Compared to a conventional power distribution system built
                                                     at the site and using multiple interconnected components, the
                                                     top-exit Liebert PPC provides a much smaller footprint, reduced
                                                     installation time, less cost and easier service access.

                                                           SW                PS1    PS2

                                                     66"                                                                     68"

                                                                      104"                                      80"

                                                     Conventional System = 47.7 Sq. Ft.                PPC = 37.8 Sq. Ft.


                                                                                   kVA: 15-225, 3-phase                       Distribution: Individually
                                                                                                                              protected 225 Amp
60 Hz                                                                              Input
                                                                                                                              panelboards with plug-in or
                                                                                   3-phase, 3 wire plus ground                bolt-on breakers and
Output   Input      Input     Panelboard    Dimensions         Weight    Heat                                                 flexible output cables.
kVA      Voltage*   Circuit   Poles         (in)               (lbs)     Output    208, 240, 480, or 600 volts;
                    Breaker                                              BTU/HR    60 Hz
                    (Amps)    Std   Opt**   W     D      H                                                                    Cooling System: Convection
                                                                                   208, 380, 400 or 415 volts;                Monitored Parameters: Input
         600        20
15       480        25        42    84      20    32     68    550       2500      50 Hz                                      and output voltages; Output,
         208        60                                                                                                        neutral and ground currents;
                                                                                   (Transformerless system
         600        40                                                             require 3-phase, 4W & G)                   Output voltage THD; Output
30       480        50        42    84      20    32     68    700       4600                                                 current THD, K-factor and crest
         208        110                                                            Output                                     factor; kVA; kW; Power factor;
         600        70                                                             3-phase, 4 wire plus ground                Percent load; kW-Hrs;
50       480        80        84    126     32    32     68    850       6200                                                 and Frequency.
         208        200                                                            120/208 volts; 60 Hz
                                                                                                                              Alarm Conditions: Output
         600        100                                                            120/208, 220/380, 230/400, or
75       480        125       84    126     32    32     68    1050      8150
                                                                                                                              over- and under-voltages;
                                                                                   240/415 volts; 50 Hz
         208        300                                                                                                       output overload; neutral and
                                                                                   Transformer: TP1 Double-                   ground over currents; output
         600        125
100      480        175       84    126     32    32     68    1275      9900      Shielded, all copper windings.             voltage THD; transformers
         208        400                                                            Class H 220˙C insulation.                  over temperature; frequency
                                                                                   Voltage Adjustments:-10%                   deviation; phase sequence
         600        175
125      480        200       84    126     32    32     68    1450      11500     to +5% of nominal in 2 1/2%                error; phase loss; 5 customer
         208        450
                                                                                   increments                                 specified alarm conditions.
         600        200
150      480        250       126   168     44    32     68    1750      12500     Noise Attenuation: 120 dB                  The standard output voltage is 208/120 volts, for
         208        600                                                            common mode                                60 Hz units.
                                                                                                                              *Other voltages available, consult factory.

         600        250
                              126   168     44    32     68    2100      15500
                                                                                   Efficiency: 96 to 98.6%                    ** 84 pole models are 32” (81cm) wide. 126 pole
         480        350                                                                                                       models are 44” (112cm)wide.
                                                                                   Ground: Single-point                         168 pole models are 62” (157cm) wide.
         600        300                                                            reference on separately                    ***84 pole models are 44” (112cm) wide. 126 pole
225                           126   168     44    32     68    2250      15800                                                models are 62” (157cm) wide.
         480        350
                                                                                   derived systems.

50 Hz                                                                              Top Exit
Output   Input      Input     Panelboard    Dimensions (in)     Weight    Heat      Output   Input      Input     Panelboard        Dimensions (in)          Weight         Heat
kVA      Voltage*   Circuit   Poles                             (kg)      Output    kVA      Voltage*   Circuit   Poles                                      (kg)           Output
                    Breaker                                               (kW)                          Breaker                                                             BTUHR
                    (Amps)    Std   Opt**   W     D      H                                              (Amps)    Std   Opt**       W        D       H

         415                                                                                 600        20
15       400        30        42    84      51    81     173    275       0.73      15       480        25        42    84          32       32      68      600            2500
         380                                                                                 208        60

         415                                                                                 600        40
30       400        60        42    84      51    81     173    350       1.35      30       480        50        42    84          32       32      68      600            2500
         380                                                                                 208        110

         415                                                                                 600        70
50       400        100       84    126     81    81     173    420       1.82      50       480        80        84    126         44       32      68      900            6200
         380                                                                                 208        200

         415                                                                                 600        100
75       400        150       84    126     81    81     173    520       2.39      75       480        125       84    126         44       32      68      900            6200
         380                                                                                 208        300

         415                                                                                 600        125
100      400        200       84    126     81    81     173    630       2.90      100      480        175       84    126         44       32      68      900            6200
         380                                                                                 208        400

         415        225                                                                      600        175
125      400        250       84    126     81    81     173    710       3.37      125      480        200       84    126         44       32      68      900            6200
         380        250                                                                      208        450

         415                                                                                 600        200
150      400        300       126   168     112   81     173    862       3.66      150      480        250       84    126         44       32      68      900            6200
         380                                                                                 208        600

         415                                                                                 600        250
200      400        400       126   168     112   81     173    1045      4.54      200                           84    126         44       32      68      900            6200
                                                                                             480        350
         415                                                                                 600        300
225      400        450       126   168     112   81     173    1111      4.63      225                           84    126         44       32      68      900            6200
                                                                                             480        350

 Ensuring The High Availability Of
 Mission-Critical Data And Applications.

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