Welcome Peak Fest Guests by wpr1947


									                            Welcome Peak Fest Guests
Thank you for visiting our website and festival. In an effort to provide a safe
environment for all attendees, certain activities are prohibited at Peak Fest. Bicycles,
roller skates or blades, skate boards as well as pets are not permitted within the
footprint of the event. This shall not apply to baby strollers, baby carriages, or devices
or service animals necessary to assist disabled persons. Preauthorized animals, as part
of a vendor demonstration, are allowed only within the contained booth area. The
purpose of this is to protect and promote the public health, safety, welfare, and
recreation by regulating certain activities in consideration of the public recreation area.

 For a complete recitation of the Town of Apex Municipal Code of Ordinances please
visit     the        following       link:     http://library1.municode.com/default-

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