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12 European

Foodservice Summit
Think Tank and Congress for the Restaurant Industry

    Facing the Winds
    of Change
    | Building Wind Mills,
      Tearing Down Walls

    (Monday, 19 September)
    Tuesday, 20 September
    Wednesday, 21 September 2011
                                                 Conference Language:
                                      English (translation into German)

                                          Lake Side, Casino Zürichhorn

                                             Visionary Insights for the
                                         European Restaurant Industry

                                   Trends – Management – Marketing –
                                              Operations – Strategies

12th European Foodservice Summit
(19), 20 and 21 September 2011

The Summit is the number one European platform for the restaurant industry. Issues we dis-
cuss are trendsetting and on tomorrow’s agenda. Together we have created a think tank to ana-
lyse the most important changes in the industry as well as an annual forum where we may all
share our thoughts on a regular basis. The people who join us are the industry leaders who
shape the European restaurant landscape for the future.

Main players (entrepreneurs/senior management) of the multi-unit restaurant and catering indus-
try as well as suppliers and consultants. Seats are limited for suppliers and consultants.
There is a maximum of 250 participants to keep the atmosphere intimate. Be a part of the best
community and help create a strong Pan-European network!
The past European Foodservice Summits (2000-2010) have been very successful. Every year this
major platform for main players in the European away-from-home market has attracted more than
200 senior foodservice executives from 20+ nations.

The three partners/hosts
FoodService Europe &               Boston University is the            GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler
Middle East, the leading b-to-b    home of the School of Hospital-     Institute, European Institute
magazine for the multinational     ity, one of the very few hospi-     for Economic and Social Stu-
restaurant industry is published   tality management programs          dies, is focussing on retailing
by the Deutscher Fachverlag        located in highly selective pri-    and the service industry. Main
GmbH in Frankfurt/Germany.         vate universities in the United     activities: congresses, seminars,
The company owns more than         States. The School offers a         consumer and management re-
90 titles, which cover 12          comprehensive four year bac-        search. For more than 40 years
economic sectors - food and        calaureate degree, customized       the independent and future-ori-
foodservice are one of the         executive education courses         ented institute known as the
strengths of the publishing        and conducts applied research       GDI has been developing and
house. Largest publication:        for the entire range of hospital-   providing knowledge and inno-
‘Lebensmittel Zeitung’.            ity segments.                       vative solutions.    

These partners have sound competencies, long-term networks and professionalism in
common. It is their goal to get the key players in the restaurant industry together on a
regular basis to discuss the future of the European market. As a network of highly re-
spected decision makers and opinion leaders they carefully observe the coming years
and changing landscape of their business and the environment.

Restaurant Study Tours and Get-together
Monday, 19 September 2011


11:00 to 17:00                         Zurich for restaurant professionals from abroad
                                       Visits, talks and tastings
                                       Groups of 25 persons max., separate booking

In virtually no other city of Europe are you likely to find so many multi-faceted, professional concepts
packed so tightly together as in Zurich, a city with a good 2,000 foodservice outlets for a population of
slightly less than 365,000 people. And, given the relatively close proximity of Italy and France, two
countries renowned for good food, most inhabitants are not only extremely discerning when it comes
to F&B, service and ambience but also willing to pay over the odds for them. Here in Zurich, people are
prepared to put their money where their mouth is.

R1 – Zurich downtown plus Bellevue at its best (for first-time participants)
Zurich’s Classics: Starting with the world famous 'Kronenhalle', the 'Sprüngli' at the Paradeplatz in
the very centre of the city and hot spots like the 'Kaufleuten' with its bar, restaurant, lounge and club
which are an absolute must-see. After walking down the Bahnhofstrasse our tour ends at the Belle-
vue square where brand new concepts such as 'Tschingg' compete with well-established institu-
tions like the 'Sternen Grill' offering probably the best Bratwurst in town. Guide: Peter Rosenberger

R2 – Zurich 4 & 5, skirting the red-light district (for first-time participants & repeaters)
Classic meets trendy: This tour begins just a stonethrow off the Bahnhofstrasse with classics such
as the 'Reithalle' and 'Helvetia' and heads into the Langstrassen-area, where we’ll have a glass at
'Caduff’s Wineloft' and visit the latest boom places in Zurich’s red light district which is becoming a
creative area for emerging designers these days. A speech about the unique architecture of Zurich’s
booming district 'Zurich West' completes this tour. Guide: Peter Kern

R3 – Zurich West, the booming area (for first-time participants & repeaters)
A journey through decades of gastronomy development: starting with the former Back&Brau, at the
time a very innovative concept combining brewery and bakery, today a micro-brewery. Followed by a
visit to the organic market 'Les Halles' with integrated bistro, the puristic 'LaSalle' and myriads of
trendy bars, fast-casual concepts or ethnic highlights such as the 'Angkor'. We’ll end the tour with a
speech about the booming gastronomy in the 'Zurich West' district. Guide: Peter Herzog

R1, R2 & R3: spectrum – fast casual, fullservice, fine dining, coffee bars, retail.

Costs R1 & R2 & R3 each (programs subject to change):
CHF 480 including all material, transfers, food & drinks. Non-Swiss participants have precedence.

from 20:00                             Get-together
                                       For all conference participants who already are in town.


1st day
Tuesday, 20 September 2011

10:30                                       Coffee & co.
11:00 Gretel Weiss &                        Welcome & intro on behalf of the organizers
      David Bosshart
        David Bosshart                      Towards a new mindset
        GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute   | The new consumer soul
                                            | New horizons, shifting power, reconstructing the future
        Gretel Weiss                        Europe’s top 100 restaurant operators
        FoodService Europe & Middle East | New ranking and analysis
                                            | Movements, trends & new leadership in the foodservice
        Christopher C. Muller               Long-term perspective for the restaurant
        Boston University                   industry
                                            | Outlook, opportunities & challenges
                                            | The future of eating out

13:10                                       Lunch
14:30 Howard Schultz                        Onward: how Starbucks fought for its life
        Starbucks                           without losing its soul
                                            Leader one to one – a conversation with
                                            Chris Muller/USA
15:45                                       Break
16:15                                       Hot concepts on stage
        Ellie Frost                         | Jamie’s Italian, Great Britain
        Gustavo Duràn                       | Pollo Campero, Spain/Guatemala
        Maria Wirén                         | Naked Juicebar, Sweden

19:00                                       Dinner party –
                                            make new friends & reunite past friendships
                                            Boat cruise on the Lake of Zurich
                                            (foodservice by Marché International)

22:00                                       Return to Lake Side
22:15                                       Return to city
                                            (walking distance to hotels and main station)
2nd day
Wednesday, 21 September 2011

08:30                            Coffee & co.
09:00                            Surprise
09:30   Douglas Rushkoff         Program or be programmed
        Author, media theorist   | Ten commands for a digital age
        New York University      | Mastering your net presence while selling in the real world

10:30                            Break
10:50   Ivan Schofield           Establishing KFC as a leading brand in France
        KFC (Yum!)               | France & QSR: love, hate or mutual respect?
                                 | Brand positioning: from ‘me too’ to ‘you and me’
                                 | KFC: still on the ground floor for global expansion

                                 Leader one to one – a conversation with
                                 Rostislav Ordovsky-Tanaevsky Blanco/Russia
        Nadine Beshir            Young, Arab, female & hungry
        Cilantro                 | How to create success in an emerging country
                                 | How Egypt & the Cilantro chain show us a new way
                                 | Appetite for life: overcoming the limits of society

                                 Leader one to one – a conversation with
                                 Henry McGovern/Poland

12:20                            Break
12:40   Lord Sebastian Coe       Winning
        LOCOG                    | Creating the right leadership spirit
                                 | Running towards the future – London 2012

        Christopher C. Muller    The road ahead
        Boston University        Final conclusions

14:00                            Lunch & goodbye drink
15:00                            End of conference
                                 Bus service to the airport and Zurich main station

              David Bosshart
              Zurich, Switzerland,

              Dr. David Bosshart is CEO of the GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute for eco-
              nomic and social studies, one of Europe’s leading think tanks.
              He is the author of various publications including ‘Kultmarketing’ (Cult Marke-
              ting), ‘Die Zukunft des Konsums’ (The Future of Consumption) and ‘Billig’
              (Cheap), and a frequent speaker at events in Europe, the USA and Asia. His
              work focuses primarily on trade and retailing, management and social
              change. He studied philosophy and political theory.

              Nadine Beshir
              Cairo, Egypt,

              Nadine Beshir is General Manager of the Café-concept Cilantro, Egypt's lar-
              gest home grown foodservice chain. In 1997 she graduated with Highest Ho-
              nors from the American University in her home town Cairo (Bachelor of Arts).
              Nadine has had a number of different business development consultancy
              jobs. Starting in 2005 when Nadine took over Cilantro, the chain had 12 out-
              lets in 2 cities – 300 employees. Today the brand operates 70 outlets in 3
              Egyptian cities and half a dozen cafés abroad including London. More than
              1,100 people are employed. The company – first store in 2000 – is owned by
              the Sewedy Family.

              Lord Sebastian Coe
              London, UK,

              Sebastian Coe is Chair of the London Organising Committee of the Olympic
              Games and Paralympic Games (LOCOG). He is a double Olympic Champion
              and 12-time world record holder in Track and Field events. Sebastian won gold
              in the 1,500 m and silver in the 800 m and both at the Moscow 1980 and Los
              Angeles 1984 Games. The world famous sportsman became a Conservative
              Member of Parliament and Private Secretary to William Hague. In 2002 he
              was made a Peer – Lord Coe of Ranmore. In 2006 he received knighthood in
              the New Year's Honours List. Besides working in many committees Lord Se-
              bastian Coe does keynote speeches throughout the world.

              Gustavo Duràn
              Madrid, Spain,

              Gustavo Duràn has been Executive Vice President for Pollo Campero s Inter-
              national Franchising business since 2005. Before that he was Managing Dir-
              ector of the largest Spanish pizza delivery company, Telepizza, running nearly
              1,000 stores in 8 different countries. Pollo Campero, a chain of chicken res-
              taurants of Latin origin (1971 born in Guatemala), has a high reputation in
              more than a dozen countries (over 350 units). 2009 expansion into Europe
              started with Spain, (alliance with The Eat Out Group), followed in 2011 by Italy
              and UK. Gustavo's educational background: degrees in Law, Commercial
              Management & Marketing.
Ellie Frost
London, UK,

Ellie Frost is International Business Development Director of Jamie's Italian.
This successful young fullservice brand (1st store opened in May 2008 in
Oxford), will have by the end of 2011 +/- 25 units in the UK, 2 in the Middle
East and 1 in Australia. Expansion plans include the European continent.
Ellie joined the Jamie Oliver group in 2002, she was involved in (developing
and managing) all restaurant projects of this culinary pop star: especially
'The Flour Station' (bakery), 'Barbecoa' (steak) and the Italian table. Her
education background: Kingston University (Law).

Christopher C. Muller
Boston, USA,

Christopher C. Muller, Ph. D., is Dean at Boston University's School of Hos-
pitality Administration. His academic career began in Cornell and subse-
quently took him to Orlando and now to New England. He is the leading
thinker and teacher in the field of 'Successful Multi-Unit Restaurant Manage-
ment'. His research has focused on chain-restaurant organization, develop-
ment and growth and the training of multi-unit managers. Christopher has
lectured on these topics throughout the world.

Douglas Rushkoff
New York City, USA,

Douglas Rushkoff is an author, teacher and documentarian who focuses on
the ways people, cultures, and institutions create, share, and influence each
other’s values. He teaches media studies at the New School University, ser-
ves as technology columnist for The Daily Beast, and lectures around the
world. He has written and hosted two award-winning Frontline documen-
taries and sees the financial crisis (caused by the Lehman Brothers crash)
as a great opportunity. Douglas graduated magna cum laude from Princeton

Ivan Schofield
Paris, France,,

Ivan Schofield has been General Manager of KFC France since 2002. Previ-
ously, he was Finance Director for Yum! Brands Inc. in Europe and KFC UK.
Former employers include Unilever plc. and LEK Consulting. The brand arrived
late to the party in food-driven France. The challenge was to establish it in the
face of very tough competition. Sensational results: ... doubling the size in 3
years, the highest sales per store of any KFC market in the world … Today,
the 125 units of France are the benchmark for many other countries for KFC,
innovations being adapted by other markets. Born in the UK, Ivan took a BSc
(Hons) at the University of Bath and an MBA at INSEAD Fontainebleau.

    Howard Schultz
    Seattle, USA,

    Howard Schultz is Chairman, President and CEO of Starbucks Coffee Com-
    pany – the icon of the foodservice industry around the globe (17,000 stores in
    over 50 countries). Howard has been recognized for his passion, his leadership
    and his efforts to strengthen communities. Over the past twenty years Schultz
    has had an enormous influence on the industry and the people who work in it.
    Howard is the best-selling author of 'Onward: How Starbucks Fought for Its
    Life without Losing Its Soul' (2011), and 'Pour Your Heart Into It' (1997). Ho-
    ward earned a bachelor’s degree from Northern Michigan University.

    Gretel Weiss
    Frankfurt, Germany,,

    Gretel Weiss is the co-founder, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of the two lead-
    ing trade magazines – food-service (since 1982) and FoodService Europe &
    Middle East (since 1998). She is a recognised expert with insider knowledge
    of the chain-restaurant industry (market analyses, conceptual case studies
    and trends, worldwide studies of eating cultures and away from-home-
    markets). Background: farming, university degrees in Nutritional Science
    and Economics.

    Maria Wirén
    Nacka, Sweden,

    Maria Wirén is founder and CEO of Naked Juicebar AB, Sweden. The con-
    cept with currently 12 units was started in 2007 It's the brain child of her
    and Stephen Collyer, they were awarded 'Best national entrepreneur' in their
    home country in 2009. It's all about healthy grab and go freshly made juices,
    smoothies, fresh soups and warm dishes served in take-away cups. Maria
    got her bachelor degree of communication in Australia, where she also got
    the idea for the Naked Juicebar.

    Concept/Advisory Board
    Teija Andersen, Fazer Amica, FIN-Helsinki
    David Bosshart, GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute, CH-Rüschlikon
    Ignasi Ferrer, The Eat Out Group, S.L., E-Barcelona
    Bane Knezevic, McDonald's, D-Munich
    Henry McGovern, AmRest, PL-Warsaw
    Tony Hughes, GB-Birmingham
    Christopher C. Muller, Boston University, USA-Boston
    Herwig Niggemann, W. Niggemann, D-Bochum
    Sotiris Seimanidis, Vivartia S.A., GR-Athens
    Gretel Weiss, Deutscher Fachverlag, D-Frankfurt a. M.

Conversations: Leader one-to-one/interviewed by

                 Henry McGovern
                 Warsaw, Poland,

                 Henry McGovern is co-founder of American Restaurants (AmRest), he has
                 been its CEO since the 90s. Background: London School of Economics.
                 Currently serving on the International Advisory Board of Yum! Inc.

                 Rostislav Ordovsky-Tanaevsky Blanco
                 Moscow, Russia,

                 One of Russia's most prominent and successful entrepreneurs. He
                 pioneered chain restaurants in his country with great vision, energy,
                 intelligence, charisma and humour.

Guides: Zurich restaurant study tours

                 Peter Herzog
                 For over 25 years in national and international leading management positions.
                 Today head of operations at the GDI and working as a consultant. Co-operator
                 Prime Tower-Gastronomy 'Clouds' in Zurich.

                 Peter Kern
                 Certified architect, interior and product designer. He designs restaurants, bars,
                 hotels, retail stores etc. and also has a broad experience in renovating and re-
                 store in gold premises at home and abroad.

                 Peter Rosenberger
                 Independent entrepreneur in Zurich for 19 years. Operational co-manager of his
                 own restaurant ventures called 'Sternen Grill', 'Rosaly’s Restaurant & Bar' and

Organizer                           Transport                            Cancellation
GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute   We will be working together with     Cancellations must reach us by
Langhaldenstrasse 21                the local public transport. The      12 August 2011. After this deadline
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Registration/                       tion (by tram, 13 minutes to the     conference, participants will be
Event administration                venue) or from the airport (by       charged 75% of the fee. The full
Brigitte Fischer                    train, 20 minutes to the venue).     amount is charged for cancellations
Phone +41 44 724 62 66              Hotel guests can get information     thereafter. Naturally, a substitute
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Conference hosts                    We will send you a voucher for       net. If you like to book a room by
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Phone +41 44 724 62 01                                                   Eden au Lac CHF 395 - 610 excl. break-
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Location/Conference place           all meals, refreshments, trans-
Lake Side, Casino Zürichhorn        fers, get-together and dinner
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CH-8008 Zurich                      be paid in advance.                  Lady’s First CHF 270 - 345 incl. break-
Phone +41 44 385 86 00                                                   fast,                    Restaurant study tours               Seefeld CHF 235 - 310 incl. breakfast,
                                    CHF 480 including guide,   

Conference language                 transfers and refreshments.          Seegarten CHF 245 - 325 incl. break-
English                             Consideration according to
                                                                         Europe CHF 290 - 320 excl. breakfast,
(simultaneous translation           registration date.
into German)
                                                                         Seehof CHF 226 - 314 incl. breakfast,
                                    Changes in the program
                                    The program is subject to
                                                                         Du Théâtre CHF 195 - 280 incl. break-
                                    change. Should the event fail to     fast,
                                    take place, fees will be refunded.   Hotel Rütli CHF 220 - 340 incl. break-
                                    Further claims are ruled out.        fast,

12th European Foodservice Summit
(19), 20 and 21 September 2011
Please complete, copy and send by fax to +41 44 724 62 62. Online registration and credit card payment:

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         R3 - Zurich with Peter Herzog, CHF 480

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  12th European Foodservice Summit
  (19), 20 and 21 September 2011, Zurich/Switzerland

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