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                                                                                              Downtown Cranford   13
   Directory of Downtown Cranford
    ANTIQUES, COLLECTIBLES               BEAUTY SALONS, SPAS,                COMICS, BOOKS,                      FLORISTS
    Artifacts by Elise                   SUPPLIES (CONT)                     MAGAZINES, NEWSPAPERS               AnnMarie’s Flowers
    218-220 South Avenue East 276-7677   The Gifted Cutters Barbershop       Cranford News & Food                109 South Ave. East     272-7711
    Antiques Emporium of Cranford        21 Alden Street          931-0203   103 Miln Street      272-5588       Cranford Florist
    210 South Avenue East     272-8200   Island Tan                          Puff ‘n Stuff                       362 North Avenue East   276-1032
    Dovetails                            41 North Avenue East     272-7766   21 North Avenue East 272-6989       Rekemeier’s Florist
    3 Eastman Street          709-1638   It’s All About “Me”                                                     116 North Avenue West   276-4700
                                         25 North Avenue East     276-2940   COMICS, BOOKS, MAGAZINES,
    Rogue Comics                                                             NEWSPAPERS (CONT)
                                         J.C. & Crew Hair Cutters                                                GIFTS, HOME FURNISHINGS
    102 N Union Avenue        276-9069                                       Rogue Comics
                                         13 North Avenue East     272-5596                                       A Touch of Home
    Washington Rock Rare Coins                                               102 N Union Avenue 276-9069
                                         Jack & Jill                                                             11 N Union Avenue       272-7020
    9 Walnut Avenue           276-0381
                                         105 Walnut Avenue        272-2200   DELI, SPECIALTY FOODS               Azie’s Quilts
    ART, FRAMING,                                                            Back to Nature Health Foods         29 Alden Street         709-9700
                                         Mane Event Salon
    PHOTOGRAPHY, CAMERAS                                                     13 Walnut Avenue       276-4270     Maddie’s Hallmark
                                         107 N Union Avenue       272-5622
    The Artist Framer                    Nail Plaza Plus                     Bel Paese                           117 N Union Avenue      272-5575
    15 North Avenue East   931-1133                                          104 N Union Avenue       276-3336   Periwinkle’s
                                         112 North Avenue West    272-1332
    Frame Center & Fine Art Gallery                                                                              19 N Union Avenue       276-1300
                                         Nicole Michelle Hair Spa            Blimpie’s
    9 Eastman Street       276-8843                                          22 Eastman Street        276-2780   Personally Yours Gift Baskets
                                         113 Miln Street          497-0400
    JF Photography                                                           Cranford Delicatessen               105 South Avenue East   272-3737
                                         The Porch Hair & Nail Salon
    49 Alden Street        709-1797                                          108 Walnut Avenue        276-0733
                                         35 Alden Street          272-0007                                       HOME REPAIR, HARDWARE,
    La Flor Fine Art                                                         Gourmet Deli                        RENOVATION
                                         Salon 117
    10 N Union Avenue      276-2022                                          41 Alden Street          272-3290
                                         117 North Avenue West    272-7117                                       Cranford Paint & Hardware
    Our Studio Productions                                                   King Farms                          104 South Avenue East 276-1877
                                         Salon Villa Roch
    Photography                                                              206 North Avenue West    272-5654
                                         45 Alden Street          272-3055                                       Gutterman Services
    208 North Avenue West  276-2229
                                         Sofi’s                              Krauser’s                           114 North Avenue      709-1610
    Torrin Photography                                                       300 South Avenue East    272-7448
                                         34 North Avenue West     497-0100                                       Jeff’s Landscaping
    102B N Union Avenue    497-9000
                                         Strands Hair Salon                  Mr. J’s of Cranford                 105 N Union Avenue    272-9150
    Wagner Photography                                                       15 Walnut Avenue         272-0370
                                         106a N Union Avenue      276-4247
    208 North Avenue West  276-2002                                                                              ICE CREAM, CANDY
                                         Styles Street for Hair              Mr. Wrap’s Bistro
    BAGELS, BAKERIES                                                         12 N Union Avenue        272-3600   Baskin Robbins
                                         5 Walnut Avenue          276-1203
                                                                                                                 6 South Avenue West   272-9222
    Bagel America                        Suite Salon                         Perrotti’s Quality Meats
    123 N Union Avenue        276-9598                                       23 S Union Avenue        272-4980   Donna & Company
                                         43 North Avenue          272-3535                                       19 Eastman Street     272-4380
    Breadsmith                           Talla’s Skin Care & Day Spa         Subway
    32 North Avenue West      276-2155                                       41 North Avenue          272-5957   Sweet n’ Fancy Emporium
                                         25 North Avenue West     272-3006                                       17 North Avenue West  272-0848
    Buttery Bake Shop                    Top Nails                           EXERCISE, DANCE
    8 Eastman Street          272-0730                                                                           Vanilla Bean Creamery
                                         111 South Avenue East    931-0200   Beyond Dance                        22 North Avenue West  497-9444
    Cranford Best Bagels                 Young Nails                         123 N Union Avenue      272-2522
    107 South Avenue East     931-0454   20 Eastman Street        272-4622                                       JEWELRY, CRYSTAL,
                                                                             Deirdre Shea Irish Dance            FINE CHINA
    Dunkin Donuts                                                            118 Walnut Avenue       276-8181
    6 South Avenue West       272-9222   BICYCLES                                                                Golden Touch Jewelers
                                         Cranford Bike Shop                  Taekwon Do                          27 N Union Avenue     272-4326
    Java’s Brewin’                                                           29 Alden Street         497-1100
    Cranford Crossing         276-JAVA   109 N Union Avenue      272-0184                                        Hynes Jewelers
                                                                             Yvette Dance Studio                 2 Eastman Street      272-0785
    Pies by Design                       CLEANERS, TAILORS                   118 Walnut Avenue       276-3539
    117B North Union Avenue   272-8088   Cranford Cleaners / Fur Storage                                         Martin Jewelers
                                         101 North Avenue West    276-0333   EYE GLASSES                         12 North Avenue West  276-6718
    SUPPLIES                             Cranford Custom Tailor              Cranford Eye Care                   KIDS KORNER
                                         4 Alden Street           272-1949   23 North Avenue West  276-0200
    CALM Approach                                                                                                Bebe International
    3 Walnut Avenue        709-1903      Diamond Cleaners                    Cranford Ophthalmology              107 N Union Avenue      272-6002
                                         101 Miln Street          497-1797   2 South Avenue West   276-3030
    Carlito’s Barber Shop                                                                                        Jack & Jill
    6 Alden Street         272-8650      Swan Cleaners                       Hilke & Weng                        105 Walnut Avenue       272-2200
                                         44 North Avenue East     276-3300   Optometric Physicians
    Cranford Barber Shop                                                     32 North Avenue East  276-1332      The Little Gym
    16 North Avenue West   276-0974      Town & Country Cleaners                                                 6 South Avenue          497-1500
    Cranford Beauty Supply               6 South Avenue West      276-0100   FINE CLOTHING & MORE                Little Scoops
    102 N Union Avenue     497-0500                                          Alden Street Clothier               7-9 N Union Avenue      497-7090
    Cutting Crew                                                             29 Alden Street       276-1099      Milk Money
    18 N Union Avenue      276-9897                                          Cameo Dance & Fitness Wear          6 Eastman Street        272-5437
    Evey’s Nail Salon                                                        105 Walnut Avenue     276-9100
    6 N Union Avenue       272-0611                                          Kodi
                                                                             100 N Union Avenue    931-0735
14 Downtown Cranford
KIDS KORNER (CONT)                 PROFESSIONAL                        REAL ESTATE (CONT)                   RESTAURANTS (CONT)
Sylvan Learning Center             SERVICES (CONT)                     ERA Meeker Realty                    Riverside Inn
123 N Union Avenue     709-0202    Garretson Financial                 124 South Avenue East     272-2570   56 North Avenue East   709-9449
The Rocking Horse                  214 Walnut Avenue      276-9140     Goodman Realty                       Rockn’ Joe Coffeehouse & Bistro
29 Alden Street        276-8697    Peter Gensicke,CPA                  23 North Avenue East      272-2630   5 Eastman Street       276-0595
                                   15 Alden Street        272-8686     Kiamie Agency
MOVIES, MUSIC                                                                                               Rustic Mill Diner
                                   Goodman & Albert, Esq.              10 South Avenue West      276-2400   109 North Avenue West  272-7016
Blockbuster Video                  23 North Avenue East   272-6900
6 South Avenue West    709-0042                                        Marc Kelley Realtors                 Taipei Tokyo
                                   JEC Consultants Inc                 2 Alden Street            276-7888   6 South Avenue West    709-8081
Cranford Theatre                   29 Alden Street        272-7830
25 North Avenue West   276-9120                                        Paige, Paige & Richards              The Office
                                   JPR Wood Architects & Builders      181 North Avenue East     276-1900   3 South Avenue West    272-3888
PET CARE & SUPPLIES                116 Miln Street        709-1100
                                                                       Realty Advantage                     Tony’s Café & Pizzeria
                                   Gary Kaye,MD
Just4Pooches                                                           21 S Union Avenue         276-7720   21 N Union Avenue      272-2874
                                   31 S Union Avenue      709-1515
8 N Union Avenue     709-4364                                          Re/Max Prestige
                                   Kent Place Associates                                                    SHOES, SHOE REPAIR
Pads, Paws & Claws   276-BATH      15 Alden Street        272-8313     108 N Union Avenue        276-7440
25 North Avenue West                                                                                        Jerry’s Shoe Repair
                                   Kleespies & Associates              Rentals Plus Realty                  17 Alden Street     276-4788
PHARMACIES                         123 N Union Avenue     709-4261     23 North Avenue East   272-9696
                                                                                                            TOYS, GAMES
Baron Drugs                        Kenneth Konegan,DDS                 Riverside Homes Realty
34 Eastman Street      276-6100                                        109 Miln Street        272-3000      The Rocking Horse
                                   24 North Avenue West     276-2385                                        29 Alden Street       276-8697
Bell’s Pharmacy                    Frank Krause, DDS                   RESTAURANTS
17 N Union Avenue      276-0062    118 North Avenue West    272-5595                                        WINES, LIQUORS
                                                                       a toute heure
Drug Fair                          KeyBridge Financial                 232 Centennial Avenue     276-6600   Breens
6 South Avenue West    272-3232    6 N. Union Avenue        276-6984                                        21 N Union Avenue     276-0150
                                                                       Antone’s Pub & Grill
PROFESSIONAL SERVICES              Krevsky, Silber, Brown & Bergen     112 South Avenue East  276-3414
                                   123 N Union Avenue       276-8855                                        30 Eastman Street     272-8171
Aclaim Group                                                           Avenue East
                                   NJ Driver Insurance                 16 N Union Avenue      272-7258
108 N Union Avenue     653-0880                                                                             MORE GREAT SHOPS &
                                   108 Walnut Avenue        931-9030
Advanced Financial FCU                                                 Bel Paese                            SERVICES IN CRANFORD
                                   O’Donnell Agency                    104 N Union Avenue     276-3336
2 South Avenue West    709-7357                                                                             ABC Signs
                                   416 Centennial Avenue    272-3540
Advent Mortgage                                                        Bing Sushi                           1 Chestnut Street      497-9898
                                   Thomas Pijanowski, DDS
347 Lincoln Avenue      276-1724                                       110 North Avenue West  276-8876      Butler Travel
                                   120 Walnut Avenue        272-8445
Allstate Financial                                                     Café Paris                           4 Alden Street         276-8887
                                   Triarsi, Betancourt, Walsh &
123 N Union Avenue      931-9214   Wukovits LLC                        106 Walnut Avenue      276-8030      Cartridge World
                                   186 North Avenue East    709-1700   Cervantes of Spain                   26 Eastman Street      272-3360
Allstate NJ Insurance Company
500 Centennial Avenue   653-0500   Prieto & Cohen, Attorney At Law     24 North Avenue East   276-3664      Chapman,Shinestuhl & Swick
                                   23 North Avenue East     653-0909   Cosi                                 36 North Avenue East   276-1320
Arden Financial Services
115 N Union Avenue      497-0501   John Pisano, Esq.                   Cranford Crossing      272-0600      Delta Safety
                                   123 N Union Avenue       272-3800   Cranford Family Restaurant           102 Walnut Avenue      276-6778
Ronald Aronds Esq.
117A N Union Avenue     272-0111   ProFunction Physical Therapy        7 North Avenue East    272-2800      Fine Electronics
                                   30 S Union Avenue        653-1776   Cranford Hotel                       38 North Avenue East   709-1122
Jenny Berse, Esq.
21 South Union Avenue   709-1515   Richard Rodman, DDS                 2 S Union Avenue       276-2121      Island Computers
                                   15 Eastman Street        276-2447   Dim Sum                              10 Alden Street        272-8777
Charles Berwitz, DMD
118 North Avenue West   276-5330   Redfield,Blonsky & Co.,LLC          17 Eastman Street      653-0288      Jumble Store
                                   15 N Union Avenue        276-7226                                        110 Walnut Avenue      276-0222
Beyond the Bottom Line                                                 Domino’s
                                   Rogut, McCarthy, Esq.               101 North Avenue West  272-4000      Reel Strong Fuel
23 North Avenue East    931-1330
                                   37 Alden Street          931-0526                                        549 Lexington Avenue   276-0900
Art Bilenker, DMD                                                      Emma’s Brick Oven
                                   Ronald Starner /                    101 N Union Avenue     497-1211      S&J Communications
114 Miln Street         272-0787   Bob Evans Agency
                                                                       Garlic Rose                          28 Eastman Street      931-0330
Bryer Insurance                    123 N Union Avenue       276-8812
181 North Avenue East   272-1400                                       28 North Avenue West   276-5749      Sylvan Learning Center
                                   Silverman Family Dentistry
                                                                       Hunan Wok                            123 N Union Avenue     709-0202
Dr. Ed Burdulia                    20 North Avenue West      2762076
201 Walnut Avenue       276-4971   Spencer Savings Bank                43 North Avenue East   272-2772      UPS Store                       213 South Avenue         653-1720   Il Gabbiano                          12 South Avenue West   931-0400
123 N Union Avenue      272-5099   State Farm Insurance                6 South Avenue West    497-1990      Verticals Unlimited    272-0220
Cranford Diagnostic Imaging        105 Miln Street          276-0088   Il Giardino
25 S Union Avenue       709-1323   Stender & Hernandez                 103 Miln Street        272-2500
Cranford OB/GYN                    205 North Avenue West    272-2616   La Fonda Restaurant
118 South Avenue East   276-7333   Town Bank                           13 Eastman Street      497-0700
Cranford Family Practice           104 Walnut Avenue        931-0050   Marino’s Fish Market
123 N Union Avenue      272-7990                                       34 North Avenue East   276-1333
                                   REAL ESTATE
Cranford Veterinary Hospital                                           Pies by Design
                                   Barton Realty
1 Springfield Avenue    272-5000                                       117B N Union Avenue    272-8088
                                   106 N Union Avenue    272-4020
Denis Dankosky-State Farm                                              Pizza Chef/Pizza House
105 Miln Street         276-0088   Century 21 Supreme Realty
                                   115 Miln Street       272-8337      123 N Union Avenue     276-0939

                                                                                                                      Downtown Cranford       15
                       Linnea W. Rhodes
                        By: Kara Giannecchini

                            over artist Linnea W. Rhodes
                            is a self-taught painter, who
                            has been creating exquisite oil
                            paintings for over eight years.

                                                                one of the many beautiful
                                                                examples of her work on display
                                                                at the Artist Framer,
                                                                15 North Avenue East.
                                                                For more information on the
                                                                artist or to see more samples of
                                                                her work, visit
                                                       or e-
                                                                mail her at
                                                                Note cards featuring the artist’s
                                    The Artist Framer         Cranford-Downtown collection
                                                              can be purchased at the Artist

                                 Cranford Hotel

                        She began showing and selling her
                        work in New Jersey in 2005, and                   Crane House
                        has participated in group shows
                        with the Contemporary Art
                        Group at the Watchung Arts
                        Center, the Diversity Art Gallery
                        in Clark, the Children’s
                        Specialized Hospital in
                        Mountainside, the Cultural and
                        Heritage Gallery in Somerset
                        and the Upstairs Gallery of the
                        Community Theatre in
                        Morristown. Recently, this past
                        year, Rhodes turned her
                        attention to the landscapes and
                        architectural details of Westfield
                        and Cranford, the cover picture            Cranford Town Clock
                        of North Union Avenue is just

16 Downtown Cranford
                                                                                                                                             Spring Specials
                                                                                                   1. Shrimp Wonton Soup w/Spinach..................................................................$6.25
                                                                                                     Minced shrimp filled dumplings, wrapped in wonton skin swimming in chicken
                                                                                                     broth with fresh spinach.
                                                                                                 2. Duck Meat Roll (4pieces)............................................................................. $9.95
                                                                                                     Duck meat, lettuce, cucumber, bean-spire in soft pancakes with plum sauce made roll
                                                                                                 3. Bean Curd w/ Spinach.................................................................................. $8.95
       17 Eastman Street (Rt.28), Cranford                                                           Steamed Chinese fresh bean curd in Five Flavored sauce over spinach with fresh garlic
               (5 doors from the Cranford Theater)                                               4. Sizzling BBQ Chicken.................................................................................... $11.50
                                                                                                     BBQ white meat chicken with vegetable in oyster sauce in a sizzling hot plate.
Tel: (908) 653-0288                                  Fax: (908) 653-1288                         5. Shrimp & Sausage Chunk.........................................................,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, $13.95
                 OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK                                                                  Jumbo shrimp, chinese sausage, Chinese green bok-choy w/ fresh garlic in
   Monday           Closed                                                                           light white sauce
   Tues.— Thurs.    11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.                                                     6. Salt and Pepper Calamari.............................................................................. $11.95
                                                                                                    Fresh calamari lightly fried then toasted in a wok with garlic pepper, green onions,
   Fri. & Sat.      11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.                                                        and seasoned with one of our favorite spices. With steamed broccoli around the plate.
   Sun. & Holidays 12:00 noon to 10:00 p.m.                                                      7. Mongo Chicken......................................................................................................... $11.50
  WE DELIVER- (Delivery Charge Additional $1 with Minimum $10 order)                                 Fresh mongo sauteed w/crispy shredded white meat chicken in honey brown sauce
                                                                                                 8. Asparagus or Spinach w.Chicken...........................................................                              $10.95
  Full Menu Available online at
                                                                                                                                    Beef........................................................................ $11.50
                                                                                                                                    Shrimp.................................................................. $12.95
   We Add no MSG - Wheat & Gluten Free Entrees Available

   1/2 Price                                                   $
                                                                  2 OFF                                                 $
                                                                                                                           3 OFF                                                      $
                                                                                                                                                                                         5 OFF
Buy One Entree & Get Second Entree
                                                        Any purchase of $20.00 or more                          Any purchase of $25.00 or more                                Any purchase of $35.00 or more
At 1/2 Price, Of Equal or Lesser Value
        Tel: (908) 653-0288                                     Tel: (908) 653-0288                                      Tel: (908) 653-0288                                           Tel: (908) 653-0288
Dinner & Eat-in only. One coupon per table. Cannot
   be combined with any other offers. Must be            Cannot be combined with any other offers.               Cannot be combined with any other offers.                     Cannot be combined with any other offers.
 presented at time of purchase. Expires 7-31-08                      Expires 7-31-08                                         Expires 7-31-08                                               Expires 7-31-08

                                                                                                                                                                                                  Downtown Cranford                 17
    A Look at the DMC Budgets and
    Investment Trends
         The Downtown Management Corporation (DMC) is             contributes 50% of the salary for a public works employee
    the Township entity that spearheads the economic              for downtown maintenance.
    revitalization efforts for the business district. The DMC         The DMC staff works closely with an advisory board
    works with and relies on several other municipal              appointed by the Township Committee. The Board holds
    departments including Building, Engineering, Zoning,          monthly meetings that are open to the public.
    Public Works, Police and Fire. Contrary to what the name
    implies, the DMC does not manage properties or                    2008 Proposed Budget
    businesses. We do assist property and business owners in a        Adm./Operations                         $104,711
    variety of ways.                                                  Salaries & Wages                          94,711
         Created in 1986, the DMC has adjusted its focus to           Adm. Operations                           10,000
    meet current demands and markets. The past 10 years have          Marketing/Communications                $ 52,500
    seen lots of new growth, businesses and investments
    combined with a reduction in the special assessment.              Cranford Magazine                        45,000
         The DMC is funded by a special assessment levied on          Print Advertising                         5,000
    the downtown properties. In 2007, it was 20 cents for every       Website Maintenance                       1,000
    $100 of assessed value. The DMC is been staffed by a full         Maintenance/Horticulture                $ 8,000
    time director and two part time employees. The DMC also           TOTAL                                  $165,211

                                                                              PRE–SEASON SPECIAL
                                                                                    $300 OFF
                                                                        On any new Rheem air conditioning system
                                                                            purchased before May 15th, 2008.
                                                                       Cannot be combined with any other offer. Must present
                                                                          coupon at time of purchase. Expires May15, 2008.

18 Downtown Cranford
Cranford District Management Corporation
Budget, Tax Rate, Assessed Values and Investment Trends
(sales, renovation & construction)
Year        Budget           SID Tax Rate   Assessed Values    Surplus at year end        Investments
1995        $307,600         $ .40          $ 211,000           NA
1996        $309,602         $ .40          $ 57,449,200       $ 182,000                  NA
1997        $287,770         $ .40          $ 57,290,500       $ 194,000                  $ 1,077,095
1998        $311,232         $ .40          $ 56,764,500       $ 138,000                  $ 1,883,584
1999        $265,812         $ .37          $ 56,464,300       $ 71,000                   $ 1,675,620
2000        $302,152         $ .37          $ 56,657,000       $ 47,595                   $ 4,881,800
2001        $237,696         $ .37          $ 56,313,900       $ 34,501                   $ 8,732,794
2002        $222,445         $ .39          $ 56,969,400       $ 85,312                   $ 2,379,950
2003        $126,300         $ .21.9        $ 57,756,000       $ 105,492                  $ 6,235,095
2004        $162,825         $ .19.5        $ 60,532,600       $ 133,910                  $ 1,386,720
2005        $147,763         $ .19.5        $ 60,662,400       $ 103,532                  $ 17,584,870 (2005-2006)
2006        $193,604         $ .20          $ 61,000,000        $ 71,452 (noted above)
2007        $172,976         $ .20          $ 61,265,200        $ 35,000 (estimate)        $15,255,689
                                                                TOTAL                      $61,093,217 (1997-2007)

A Look at the DMC Budgets and Investment Trends
Township permit fees generated by SID projects 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 = $160,241 – 2007 = $328,470. Township
fees are also generated from additional permits & licenses: liquor, games, food, entertainment and parking revenue.
General property tax collected in SID 2007 = $2,695,538 (57% to schools = $1,536,456)
Director         full time       Township contributes 50% to salary      employee pays own health benefits
Asst. Manager    part time       DMC pays 100% salary                    no health benefits
Adm. Assistant   part time       DMC pays 100% salary                    no health benefits
Maintenance      full time       DMC contributes 50% to salary           Township Public Works employee

The effectiveness of downtown economic development initiatives are typically calculated by dividing the amount
invested in new construction and renovations by administrative costs. A good ratio is $19.00 invested for every
administrative dollar spent.

Year                    Investment                 Administrative Cost             Return on Admin Investment
1998                    $ 1,883,584                $45,000                         $ 41.86 per dollar spent
1999                    $ 1,675,620                $47,972                         $ 35.00
2000                    $ 4,881,800                $49,651                         $ 98.32
2001                    $ 8,732,794                $51,389                         $170.00
2002                    $ 2,379,950                $53,188                         $ 44.75
2003                    $ 6,236,095                $55,050                         $113.28
2004                    $ 1,386,720                $56,977                         $ 24.33
2005/2006               $17,584,870                $119,320 (combined)             $147.60
2007                    $15,255,689                $ 62,259                        $245.03

                                                                                                    Downtown Cranford   19
           op-secret, classified, highly
           sensitive, available only on a
           need-to-know basis. These
    descriptors conjure up images of
    CIA spy flicks and prime-time
    police dramas, but everyone
    has their own “classified” file —
    or should.
         We all have vital documents
    that should be treated with the
    utmost care and concern. Marriage
    licenses, birth certificates, wills,
    deeds, mortgage papers, insurance information, stock and
    bond certificates — these are just a few of the essential
    papers most Americans have on hand, but probably aren’t          disaster.
    caring for or storing properly.                                       5. Hang on
         According to the document service experts at The UPS        to tax returns
    Store®, there’s no time like the present to update, copy and     (including W-
    store your personal documents. In fact, The UPS Store            2s) forever,
    franchisee Donna Evans recommends that people make               particularly if
    copying important documents a yearly ritual. “Tax time is        you own a small
    the perfect time to inventory and copy necessary papers,”        business. The
    she says. “We encourage customers to bring in important          IRS has three
    documents along with their tax returns. It just takes a few      years from an
    minutes and a few cents to duplicate each document.”             annual return’s
         The UPS Store offers this handy top-ten list of quick       due date to
    and easy tips for preserving valuable documents.                 audit for that
         1. Keep copies of documents in two separate “safe”          year. But if the IRS suspects fraud, there is no limit to how
    places (e.g., safe-deposit box, home fireproof safe or file      far back it can search for evidence.
    cabinet, at the office or with an accountant). Make sure to           6. Review monthly checking account statements.
    store records in a stable environment away from sunlight,        Once each deposit is confirmed, shred the corresponding
    bright lights and water pipes.                                   deposit slip.
         2. Store the following documents in a safe-deposit box:          7. Hang on to receipts and credit card statements for
    copies of wills, deeds, titles, licenses, mortgages, stock and   any appliance under warranty.
    bond certificates, employment contracts, prenuptial                   8. Be sure to inventory and video all expensive
    agreements, adoption papers and naturalization papers.           household items. Store the video in a fireproof safe or
    (Remember that only certified copies of vital records can be     safe-deposit box.
    used to establish identity. Any other copies can only prove           9. Don’t forget items that have sentimental value.
    that the document once existed.)                                 Budget time to copy or scan one-of-a-kind items like
         3. For records kept at home, use a fireproof safe or file   cards, letters and photographs.
    cabinet to store titles to cars, boats or other vehicles,             10. And, most importantly, draw up a list that details
    insurance policies, bank statements, W-2 forms, extra            the location of every important record. This list should
    copies of wills, income statements, employment benefits          include the contact information of individuals family
    and passports.                                                   members may need to reach regarding specific financial
         4. Save all records of home improvements. This may          affairs (e.g., accountant, stockbroker, lawyer, financial
    help resolve disputes with insurance agents in the event of a    advisor, insurance agent and bank officer). Keep one copy

20 Downtown Cranford
in a safe-deposit box; give one to an attorney and another
to a relative or close friend.
    Preparing for a Digital Disaster
    Don’t forget computer files and documents when it
comes to updating and safely storing your most important
personal documents. In today’s digital era, many Americans
keep at least a portion of their financial records in computer
software programs — not to mention years’ worth of digital
photos that may have never even been printed. Do take
time periodically to burn CDs with your digital photos,
financial files and any
other important
documents that aren’t
stored elsewhere in
printouts. Then, don’t
forget to put the CDs
with your other important
documents in a safe, easily
accessible place. You may
also want to program your
computer to run regular
backups to an external
drive, in case of power
outages, program errors, viruses or other mishaps that could
erase or damage important files.
    Preparing for a Natural Disaster
     While keeping your vital documents organized and
stored properly is a must for anyone, for those who live in
areas that are more likely to be struck by hurricanes,
tornados, wildfires, earthquakes or floods, it’s critical.
     A recent survey commissioned by The UPS Store
found that 58 percent of those surveyed said that natural
disasters have made them more aware of the need to have
important documents in order and safely stored. Yet only
21 percent of respondents have started preparing for a
natural disaster. Of those who have started preparations,                 Celebrating Our 17th Year
just over half indicated that they have taken steps to copy      Dr. Alan J. Glickman         23 North Avenue West
important documents.                                             Optometrist                  Cranford, NJ 07016
                                                                                              Phone (908) 276-0200
     There are a number of resources available to help
people decide which documents are the most critical to
                                                                 • Professional Eye Care
have available in case of a disaster. The Red Cross provides
                                                                 • Convenient Downtown Location
a list of important family documents at,
while the Federal Emergency Management Agency                    • Latest Eyewear Designs

developed an Emergency Financial First Aid Kit, designed         • Contact Lenses
to help people organize their personal information,              • Treatment Of Eye Disease
available at       • Lasik Consultations

                                                                                                    Downtown Cranford   21
    LEED Rated ECO-Renovation in Garwood
    The JPR Wood Eco-Cape will be the second LEED certified home in the State of NJ
         With concerns mounting over the environment and our dependency on foreign energy sources, JPR Wood Architects
    & Builders proves that energy efficient designs are not relegated to the realm of commercial projects and that green design
    practices can be utilized to transform even the most modest residences. The Eco Cape by JPR Wood is a part of the
    United States Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for Homes program and is a one
    of the first homes in New Jersey that is slated to receive a certification of GOLD for energy efficiency.
         This gut renovation of a 1940’s Cape Cod home will showcase JPR Wood’s initiative to develop, design, and construct
    residences that utilize sustainable, “green” technologies. JPR Wood believes that design and construction trends will
    increasingly utilize sustainable technologies and the demand for energy efficient residences will rise in the coming years.
    Some of the features of the Eco-Cape include ultra efficient HVAC, high efficiency fixtures, rainwater harvesting, spray
    foam insulation, tankless water heater, direct vent combustion, central vacuum, bamboo flooring, energy star windows and
    doors, recycled trim and doors, composite decking, paperless drywall and low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)
         In addition to the Eco-Cape project, JPR Wood – Architects and Builders works with all of its clients to incorporate
    sustainable building design elements into their projects where it makes economic sense and matches the clients’
    requirements. For example, JPR Wood recently began a project in Linden, NJ to renovate and extend (by 1,300 sq.ft.) a
    1950’s era ranch house that will include installation of a highly efficient heating, cooling and fresh air ventilation system.
    In addition, JPR Wood will begin a project in May in Chester, NJ to renovate and extend a circa 1730 farm house to
    include energy efficiency elements and the capture of “gray” water to supplement irrigation needs on the property.
         In addition, JPR Wood will be hosting a series of open houses at the Eco-Cape during May and June 2008. Please
    visit and for open house dates and times in addition to other announcements
    about the project. JPR Wood – Architects and Builders is a member of the U. S. Green Building Council.

    There’s a New Slice in Town
    By: Kara Giannecchini
         The reviews are in and the news is great. Pies by Design serves up a delicious assortment of homemade pies and more.
    Owners and Cranford residents Nena and Bill Moran and Effie Jones officially open the doors to their beautifully
    decorated new café.
         Pies by Design offers a delicious array of menu items including quiches, tarts, soups, salads, paninis and of course pies!
    Offering every kind of pie imaginable from the traditional fruit pies such as apple, cherry and blueberry, to their own
    unique concoctions including Canoli pie, Tiramisu pie and even Peanut Butter and Jelly pie, Pies by Design truly has
    something for everyone.
         At Pies by Design, all three owners have been classically trained at the French Culinary Institute and Cornell
    University and have over 50 years combined experience in the food industry. The former owner of a small bakery in
    Delaware called The Pie Lady, Nena Moran says she has always dreamed of the opportunity to create the “full café
    experience.” “I’ve always wanted to own a place that had not only delicious desserts, but also the kind of ambiance that
    would draw people in, and I think Pies by Design incorporates both of those things,” says Moran.
         Helping to capture that café ambiance will be the monthly Pie Events Calendar Nina and mother Effie have created,
    which features a wide variety of activities for customers of all ages to participate in including book signings, guest chef
    appearances, pie-making classes and even story time for the kids in front of the fireplace lounge, which co-owner Effie
    Jones is most excited about.
         “Since Cranford has such a kid-friendly vibe, we felt it was very important to have some activities that they could
    participate in as well,” says Jones. “We tried to incorporate all the activities that we as a family look for on the weekends
    into one, conveniently located place.”
         Both Jones and Moran say they hope families will come and enjoy the events together, adding to the warm and
    inviting atmosphere they hope to create.

22 Downtown Cranford

                                                                                                     Massage &
 25 North Ave, East • Cranford, NJ 07016
We are across from Cervantes Restaurant,
NOT next to the Cranford Movie Theatre                                                                                                    Manicures &
           Hours of Operation                                                                                                             Pedicures
        Monday & Tuesday – Closed
     Wednesday thru Friday – 10am-9pm
           Saturday – 9am-5pm
           Sunday – 10am-4pm

                                                               20 any                                                                                       40
                                                              $           00                          COPYCAT SPECIAL                                     $             00
                            Boto-Derm                                                                  Bring A Friend For
                       Facial Cleanser                                                                The Same Service &
                                 $30 value                                                                                                          60 minute
                                                                   SPA SERVICE                          Receive 50% Off
                        With Purchase of Any
                                                                                                          One Of Your
                                                                                                                                                Pedicure w/Pariffin
                         Boto-Derm Facial
                               Great for                                                                    Services                               & Manicure
                                                                  Mention coupon when making
                           reducing wrinkles                   appointment. New Client Only. Offer        Mention coupon when making                Mention coupon when making
                     Offer cannot be combined or used with    cannot be combined or used with the         appointment. Offer cannot be              appointment. Offer cannot be
                        the purchase of a gift certificate.       purchase of a gift certificate.     combined or used with the purchase        combined or used with the purchase
                                Expires 7-31-08.                       Expires 7-31-08.               of a gift certificate. Expires 7-31-08.   of a gift certificate. Expires 7-31-08.

                                                                                                                                                              Downtown Cranford           23
         Baseball players aren’t the only ones who benefit from spring
    training — grilling enthusiasts can, too. Many people neglect
    their grills during the winter. But, as the days begin to get longer
    again and daylight saving time allows for more fun in the sun, it’s
    time to swing into grilling season. In fact, the extra hour of
    daylight means more practice time for baseball players and
    grilling gurus alike. It’s never too early to light up some charcoal
    and share game-winning moments with friends and family while
    enjoying great food.
         World champion shortstop Ozzie Smith believes that even
    seasoned players need a little pre-season warm-up. Nearly as

      Lead off the grilling season
      with these smart plays
      Practice Makes Perfect: Your grill may be a little rusty from
         the off-season, so before you begin grilling, make sure it’s
         in good shape. Scrub the grate with a long-handled, stiff
         wire grill brush to remove any residual food. Always discard
         any residual ashes from the grill before cooking. A thick
         layer of ashes will act as insulation, affecting the
         distribution of heat and air circulation.                           passionate about charcoal grilling as he is about
      Score a Double Play: Amp up the flavor of your grilling                baseball, Smith said, “I tend to grill year round,
         experience by using new Kingsford charcoal with Hickory.            but when the teams head to camp, I know it’s time
         The flavors add just the right touch of sweet and hearty            to step up my game. Many people wait until
         flavor to all types of food, adding a new element to the            summer to grill, which is a shame because, as in
         delicious smells that are part of the stadium experience.           all sports, practice makes perfect.”
      Don’t Interfere: Turning food too often during grilling forces              While nationally renowned pitmaster Chris
         moisture out of it. Instead, let food brown before turning it       Lilly hardly needs more practice behind a grill, he
         to develop a flavorful crust, the signature of great grilling.      holds a special fondness for springtime grilling.
         When it’s time to flip, use tongs or a spatula in place of               “Nothing signals the coming of warm weather
         forks that pierce food and release juices.                          and says ‘slow down and grill’ quite like the
      Strike ’em Out: Marinate your meat before grilling to fight            unmistakable aroma of the ballpark or the first
         sudden flare-ups and apply sauces, such as KC Masterpiece           charcoal cookout of the season,” said Lilly. “If you
         Barbecue Sauce, to meats once they have cooked a while              can combine the two experiences — whether
         on the grill rather than before you start. You’ll still taste the   tailgating at the stadium or firing up the grill and
         delicious flavor without risking a burst of flames.                 inviting friends over to watch the game — that’s
          True fans can take baseball tailgating to the next level by        even better.”
      creating a game-day menu featuring recipes that incorporate                 These tips and recipes from Smith and Lilly
      the flavors and ingredients of your team’s hometown. For               will help grilling enthusiasts hit their next
      more grilling tips and recipes, visit           gathering out of the park.

24 Downtown Cranford
                                                                                   Shortstop Shrimp Stack
                                                                                   Created by world champion shortstop Ozzie
                                                                                   Makes: 4 servings
                                                                                   Prep time: 10 minutes
                                                                                   Cook time: 3 to 6 minutes per skewer
                                                                 1 pound extra large shrimp (21 to 25),
                                                                 peeled and deveined
                                                                         1/4     cup extra virgin olive oil
                                                                         1/4     cup lime juice
                                                                         1/4     cup chopped cilantro (about half of a bunch)
                                                                         1/2     teaspoon kosher salt
                                                                         1/2     teaspoon ground black pepper
                                                                         1/2     teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes
                                                                         1       teaspoon minced garlic
                                                                         8       bamboo or metal skewers
                                                                      Assemble marinade ingredients in large Glad Food
                Grilled Pork Chops With Apple-                   Storage Bag, seal and toss to mix. Add shrimp and toss to
                Cranberry Glaze                                  coat. Marinate shrimp 30 minutes.
                Created by champion pitmaster Chris Lilly.
                                                                      If using bamboo skewers, soak them in water while
                Makes: 6 servings                                shrimp is marinating to prevent them from burning on the
                Prep time: 15 minutes, plus 12 to 24 hours for   grill. When shrimp are finished marinating, spear three shrimp
                brine                                            per skewer. Discard remaining marinade.
                Cook time: 16 minutes                                 Grill shrimp on outer edges of the grill over Kingsford
                6 bone-in pork chops or boneless loin            charcoal (approximately 400°F) for 2 to 3 minutes on one side
                chops (1 inch thick)                             and 1 to 2 minutes on other side. Serve on the skewer or
        Brine                                                    remove shrimp from skewer and serve a on platter.
        2        cups water
        2        cups apple cider
        2 1/2    tablespoons kosher salt
        1        tablespoon sugar
        1        tablespoon cracked black pepper
        1/2      tablespoon thyme leaves (dry spice)
        1/2      teaspoon minced garlic (dry spice)
        6        allspice berries (dry spice)
        1/2      bay leaf
        2        tablespoons spicy brown mustard
        1/2      cup maple syrup
        1/2      cup cranberry sauce
        1/2      cup apple sauce
        1/4      teaspoon salt
        1/4      teaspoon black pepper
        1/16     teaspoon red pepper
Mix brine ingredients and stir well. Place chops and brine
in Glad Food Storage Bag and refrigerate 12 to 24 hours.
In small pan, add sauce ingredients and mix well. Heat
until warm. Reserve 1/2 cup sauce for plating.
Build charcoal fire for direct grilling. Grill chops directly
over Kingsford charcoal (approximately 450°F) for 8
minutes on each side. During the last 3 minutes of
cooking, baste both sides of chops well with sauce.
Internal temperature of chops should reach 150° to 155°F
prior to removing from grill.
Drizzle reserve sauce over chops when serving or serve
warm on the side.

                                                                                                              Downtown Cranford   25
Downtown Cranford   26

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