Week 1

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					                                                          Y6 Spellings Autumn Term
       Week 1              Week 2               Week 3              Week 4         Week 5 (OCT)         Week 6             Week 7            Week 8
Prepare the           since               alternatively       monopoly          triplets          quintet            decimal           confess
children for the      until               whoever             monologue         tricycle          quintuplet         decathlon         confession
spelling routine in   whereas             henceforward        monosyllable      triangle          pentagon           decade            condemn
Y6.                   besides             meanwhile           monorail          triangular        pentathlon         decagon           condemnation
Give them the         nevertheless        although            monocle           trident           hexagon            Decalogue         contents
strategies esp.       furthermore         whatever            unicycle          trio              heptagon           decapod           concave
Look                  moreover            whenever            unicorn           triceps           septuagenarian     decimate          convex
Say                   consequently        therefore           union             triple            octogenarian       Decimetre         conversation
Cover                 notwithstanding     however             duplicate         triplicate        octagon            century           convert
Write                 nonetheless         because             duo               quartet           octet              centimetre        contravene
                      and                 while               duet              quadruped         octopus            centenarian       continue
                      but                 when                biceps            quarter           octave             centenary         contour
                      if                  with                bifocal           quadruple         octagonal          centennial        contaminate
                      so                  Yet                 biplane           quadrant          nonagon            centigrade        consume
                      as                  after               bicentenary       quadrilateral     nonagenarian       centipede         container

             Week 9 (NOV)            Week 10              Week 11           Week 12        Week 13 (DEC)         Week 14           Week 15
           consent              graph               audible            subject           microscopic        porter            Christmas words
           continent            photograph          audience           submarine         microphone         portal
           continental          graphic             audition           subway            microfilm          portable
           condition            autograph           audiovisual        submerge          microbe            portfolio
           conclusion           telegraph           auditory           submit            Micro-organism     transport
           connection           aquarium            audiovisual        subterfuge        superb             import
           connect              Aqualung            auditorium         subtle            supernatural       export
           consultation         aquamarine          photogenic         subtract          supersonic         microscope
           consonant            aquatic             Photographic       Subvert           supermarket        telescope
           constabulary         Aquarius            photocopier        subdued           superlative        horoscope
           construct            hydrofoil           telephoto          subconscious      superimpose        gyroscope
           considerable         hydroelectric       photophobia        submerge          superhuman         stethoscope
           consequence          hydraulic           arachnophobia      subcontinent      superficial        scribe
           consolation          hydrogen            claustrophobia     subcontractor     superfluous        scribble
           consistent           dehydrate           xenophobia         subheading        superior           transcribe
                               Y6 Spellings Spring Term
     Week 1           Week 2          Week 3         Week 4            Week 5          Week 6
               telescope       external         technology     primary            revise
               television      extreme          biology        primarily          return
               telephone       exact            ecology        primate            replay
               telegraph       exhaust          geology        prime              review
               teleport        exaggerate       zoology        primrose           reflect
               telepathy       excavate         ornithology    primal             remember
               telegram        excellence       mythology      prime minister     repeat
               telephoto       excellent        astrology      prime number       reaction
               automatic       exit             archaeology    prima donna        rebellion
               autograph       exclaim          terminology    credible           rebound
               automobile      except           meteorology    incredible         refresh
               autobiography   exchange         microbiology   credit             retreat
               autopsy         exceed           criminology    creditable         revenge
               automation      exclusive        psychology     credulous          reverse
               autobahn        excursion        anthropology   incredulous        retrieve

    Week 7           Week 8            Week 9        Week 10            Week 11            Week 12
secretary     metre             quest            equator        flock              disguise
February      centre            question         sequin         herd               biscuit
jewellery     theatre           quiver           earthquake     gaggle             juice
definite      acre              quibble          conquer        litter             fruit
mathematics   spectre           quarry           require        shoal              guidance
similar       treasure          queue            request        school             guitar
desperate     edible            quantity         mosque         pride              linguist
frightening   incredible        quarrel          square         swarm              catalogue
stationary    fable             quality          sequence       pack               monologue
stationery    stable            cheque           requisite      ream               dialogue
reference     cable             oblique          consequence    bouquet            rogue
widening      table             physique         frequent       fleet              squeak
dictionary    trouble           antique          disqualify     flight             guard
category      people            grotesque        squalid        peal               guarantee
deafening     muddle            picturesque      squadron       string             language
                                           Y6 Spellings Summer Term
                        Week 1             Week 2           Week 3           Week 4        Week 5
                  illegal         script            sign             angel            photograph
                  illiterate      scripture         ensign           cruel            dolphin
                  irregular       medicine          just             cancel           telegraph
                  irrational      medical           justice          quarrel          telephone
                  improper        front             object           squirrel         pamplet
                  immortal        frontal           objection        level            sphere
                  disembark       vent              person           diesel           pharmacy
                  disbelief       prevent           personable       pummel           emphasis
                  disadvantage    kind              snow             vessel           emphasise
                  discontent      unkind            snowboard        minstrel         nephew
                  misplace        sign              out              devil            apostrophe
                  miscalculate    signify           outsmart         council          catastrophe
                  misconduct      part              over             pupil            phoenix
                  unnatural       partial           leftover         petrol           phenominal
                  unintentional   enterprise        postcode         control          physical

   Week 6              Week 7            Week 8            Week 9        Week 10           Week 11   Week 12
difference     royal              calculator        adventure
absence        medieval           inspector         signature
experience     actual             instigator        agriculture
independence   mineral            creator           temperature
confidence     general            junior            creature
indifference   material           senior            puncture
influence      eventual           tailor            fixture
insistence     industrial         professor         ensure
distance       potential          horror            familiar
guidance       biological         operator          peculiar
balance        mammal             solicitor         regular
nuisance       original           interior          popular
importance     natural            exterior          rectangular
inheritence    rehearsal          commentator       particular
assistance     horizontal         instructor        sugar

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