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					                                                                    ΚΔП Spring 2010

                                     KAPPA DELTA PI
                          International Honor Society in Education
                                         Eta Chapter
                                     Purdue University
                                        SPRING 2011

Topic                                 Date                 Time       Location

Callout For New Members               WED. Jan. 26, 2011   7-8 pm      BRNG B248
Legal Issues                          WED. Feb. 9, 2011    7-8 pm      BRNG 1260
School Counselor Panel                WED. Feb. 23, 2011   7-8 pm      BRNG 1260
Centennial Celebration                WED. Mar. 9, 2011    7-8 pm      BRNG 1260
Indiana Budget Crisis                 WED. Mar. 23, 3011   7-8 pm      BRNG 1260
Alternative Jobs                      WED. Apr. 6, 2011    7-8pm       BRNG 1260
                                                                       Jade Room-
Spring Initiation                        SUN. Apr. 17, 2011 3:00 pm
                                                                       Shreve Hall
 *All pledges must attend initiation. If you have any questions about membership or
 future meetings, please call or email, Bridget Gehlhausen, Vice President of
 Membership, at (812) 639-9176, or

                        Kappa Delta Pi Fall 2010 Officers

 President                      Emily Traficante     
 Vice President                 Kimberley Graves     
 VP of Committees               Lynnsie Godsey       
 VP of Membership               Bridget Gehlhausen   
 Treasurer                      Laurie Mitchell      
 Secretary                      Sara Cole            
 Historian                      Cassidy Reel         
 Technology Coordinator         Juliana Calderon     
 Faculty Advisor                Janet Tipton         
                                Luciana de Oliveira  

                                                   ΚΔП Spring 2010

              Why Join Kappa Delta Pi?

 Kappa Delta Pi has over 63,000 members
 Top 10% in Education
 Outstanding Publications and web resources for teaching
 Helps to expand your professional knowledge
 Getting involved with the local community
 Liability Insurance for student teaching
 A chance to listen to professionals speak on valuable topics
 Leadership opportunities
 Resume building items
 Merit awards
 Senior recognition
 Honor cords for graduation
 Preparing for interviewing situations
 Network with professionals
 Fun activities
 Scholarships
 Personal growth

                                                                            ΚΔП Spring 2010

                        Requirements for Membership
    You must be at least a sophomore or a graduate student.
    Undergraduates must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher, and graduate students must
       have a GPA of 3.25 or higher.
    You must be in the process of applying to the Teacher Education Program.
    You must earn a minimum of eight activity points before April 6, 2011.
    You must make a creative work (i.e. a photo album, picture frame, paddle, tote bag,
       etc.) containing the Kappa Delta Pi letters, Eta Chapter, the semester you will be
       initiated (Spring 2011), your name, and the signatures of at least ten other pledges
       or members. This is worth two activity points and is due April 6, 2011
    You can also take the KDP Quiz online for one activity point. Due April 6, 2011
    You can join a committee and earn one activity point by working on the committee.
      You must pay $70 in dues and submit your application to Bridget
       Gehlhausen by March        23, 2011.

                                    Point System
Each pledge must earn a minimum of eight activity points. Most activities are worth
one point, such as meetings. However, to be a fully active member, we expect you to
participate in ways other than attending meetings. ALL POINTS NEED TO BE

                              Ways to Earn Points
    Attend meetings
    Work on Committees
    Visit the Eta Chapter Web Site at To get credit
     you need to turn in a completed copy of the quiz located on the site to the Vice
     President of Membership, Bridget Gehlhausen. This is worth one activity point.
    Creative work (Due April 6, 2011).

                                                                 ΚΔП Spring 2010

                              Merit Awards
Any pledge or active member that goes above and beyond what is
expected has an opportunity to achieve a merit award. The merit
award is a high honor that all pledges and active members should
strive to earn.

                          Senior Recognition
To be recognized as an outstanding senior with Kappa Delta Pi, you
must average 4 points per active semester. By setting this high
standard, the officers hope to ensure that active members will continue
to participate in Kappa Delta Pi events.

                               Honor Cords
CORDS. The points of your graduating peers determine honor cords.
This simply means that those three active members graduating,
who have earned the highest number of points, will be awarded honor
cords upon graduation paid by ETA Chapter. Any active member may
purchase honor cords from the KDP Store at
Many of your questions can be answered by visiting our website at:

You may also visit the website of the International Office at:

                                                                                     ΚΔП Spring 2010

                              ETA CHAPTER
                              Kappa Delta Pi Application
                               Eta Chapter-Spring 2010
Mr. / Mrs. / Ms. / Miss
________________________ ______________________ ________________
Last Name                First Name             Middle Name

Local Address:
_________________         ____________________       ______________________
Street                     City                          State/Zip Code
Home Address:

___________________ _____________________ ______________________
Street              City                      State/Zip Code
E-mail Address:__________________ Cell Phone Number:______________
Home Phone Number:____________ Purdue Classification:_______________
GPA:_____________ Graduation Date:_____________
Commitment to Education (check all that apply):
___Submitted application to Teacher Education Program (OPPL Office)
___Submitted application for student teaching
___Graduate student working towards advanced degree and/or certification in Education
___Declared Teacher Specialization (Name)__________________
How did you receive information from Kappa Delta Pi ETA Chapter inviting you to be a
member? Please check all appropriate items:
_____ Facebook                  _____ Flyers             _____ Current Member
_____ TeachEd E-Mail            _____ Chalkboard         _____ Class Announcement
     Dues are $70. Make check payable to Kappa Delta Pi
     Completed Application and dues must be submitted to Bridget Gehlhausen by April 6,
       If you are unable to pay dues in one lump sum, please contact Bridget Gehlhausen or Dr.
        Janet Tipton or Dr. Luciana deOliveria to work out a payment plan.

I, _____________________________, give permission to Kappa Delta Pi to verify the above information
regarding my GPA, status as a student, and information regarding my application to the Teacher Education
Program in my major area.

Signature_______________________________________________ Date_____________