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					BY: Prof. M.Y. Jan
A physician in the WBC Requires

   a sound basic approach
   a working knowledge of child growth and
   an appropriate knowledge & skill in history
    and physical examination
   knowing where to find additional information
   being ready to ask for advice when ever
   recognize the family and social context
   whenever possible, a sense of humor
                 Well Baby Clinic

     The major Objectives of WBC

1. recognize the structure and organization of a well baby clinic

2. learn about the screening of babies in the
   screening area

3. be aware in interpreting data raised on each baby

4. recognize the importance of neuro-developmental assessment of
   babies with emphasis to early detection of delay

5. Be familial with the compulsory immunization schedule
   Systems theory is the conceptual framework
    for projecting the potential role of a well Baby
    Clinic in the health care setting

Well Baby Clinic
 Establish a comfortable environment
  Promoting a sense of care for the child
  and parent
 provide safety and privacy for the child
 assume a position at the stress of health
  care child's level.
 too suddenly, listen attentively, and allow
  adequate time to address the parent ‘s

Well Baby Clinic
   Establish the reason for health care to
    provide the framework for the visit
    (specify, e.g., 6-month well- health care
    experience and baby checkup); Elicit and
    address any concerns the parent might

Well Baby Clinic
   The nurse's knowledge of growth and
    development allows the exam level to be
    structured to cause the least stress for
    the baby

Well Baby Clinic
   Provide health teaching during and after
    the exam as appropriate Teaching helps
    the parent to maintain optimal care

Well Baby Clinic
   Provide the parent some guidance related
    to expected development (development in
    the near future, specify!).

Well Baby Clinic
 More mistakes are made by
not asking (i.e. a poor history)
and by not looking (i.e.
inadequate examination) than
by not knowing.

Well Baby Clinic
Following structural resources are important:
1- screening room
2- examination room
3- consultation room
3- anthropoemetric equipment
4- centile charts, developmental inventory
5- fridge to maintain cold chain for vaccines
6- examination equipment

Well Baby Clinic
              Birth   1m   2m   4m   6m   12m   18m   4–5y   12–18y

DTPa                       x    X    x           x     X

OPV                        x    X    x          x      x

Hib                        x    X          x

MMR                                        x           x       x

Hepatitis B    x           x         x

* BCG          x

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