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					                       Patisse was created by pastry professionals, for pastry professionals.
                       Made with the finest ingredients sourced from the top European
                       producers, Patiss redifines quality and workability. From technical
                       specialties to labor saving semifinished dessert components, Patisse is
                       a full-range pastry ingredient assortment.

Introducing the Complete Line of Patisse Products

                Apricot Glaze                           7 kg pail    GB900                       9" Sweet Round Fluted                12 ct box      GB950
                Apricot Glaze Spray                    13 kg pail    GB901                       Tartaric Acid                        4 oz tub       GB952
                Apricot Jam                            7 kg pail     GB902                       Whipped Cream Liquid                 1 qt btl       GB953
                Neutral Glaze                          7 kg pail     GB903                       Sugar Décor Granules                 5 kg bag       GB954
                Mirror Glaze                           7 kg pail     GB904                       Whipped Cream Powder                 16 oz tub      GB955
                Raspberry Jam                          7 kg pail     GB905                       Fondant Patissier                    8 kg pail      GB956
                Modeling Chocolate Dark                1 lb tub      GB910                       Glucose                              7 kg pail      GB957
                Modeling Chocolate White               1 lb tub      GB911                       Glucose                              1 kg pail      GB958
                Gelatin Sheets                         1 kg box      GB918                       Invert Sugar                         7 kg pail      GB959
                Chocofreeze                            12 oz tin     GB919                       Apricot Halves                       12/4 lb tin    GB961
                Citric Acid                            16 oz tub     GB920                       Mandarin Orange Segments             6/6 lb tin     GB963
                Dextrose                               16 oz tub     GB921                       Mini Apples                          12/14 oz tin   GB964
                Lacquer Spray                          12 oz can     GB922                       Mini Pears                           12/14 oz tin   GB965
                Gelatin Powder                         16 oz tub     GB923                       Peach Halves                         6/6 lb tin     GB966
                Glucose Powder                         5 kg bag      GB924                       Pear Halves                          6/6 lb tin     GB967
                Sucrasec Nougat Stabilizer             16 oz tub     GB925                       Pineaple Mini Slices                 12/29 oz tin   GB968
                Microsauce                             5 kg bag      GB926                       Green Apple puree Shelf-Stable       4/1 kilo       GB970
                Pectin Fastset                         16 oz tub     GB927                       Mandarin puree Shelf-Stable          4/1 kilo       GB971
                Pectin Thermoreversible                16 oz tub     GB928                       Mango puree Shelf-Stable             4/1 kilo       GB972
                Pectin Slowset                         16 oz tub     GB929                       Passion Fruit puree Shelf-Stable     4/1 kilo       GB973
                Flan Powder                            5 kg bag      GB930                       Raspberry puree Shelf-Stable         4/1 kilo       GB974
                Instant Custard Creme                  5 kg bag      GB931                       Strawberry puree Shelf-Stable        4/1 kilo       GB975
                Crčme Fondant                          5 kg bag      GB932                       Colors Chocolate Asstd               7 ct box       GB980
                Isomalt                                5 kg bag      GB933                       Colors Cocoa Butter Asstd            6 ct box       GB981
                Meringue Powder                        5 kg bag      GB934                       Colors Sugar Asstd                   8 ct box       GB982
                Mousse Dark                            5 kg bag      GB935                       Fruit Powders Asstd                  6 ct box       GB983
                Mousse White                           5 kg bag      GB936                       Dessicant                            3 lb bag       GB984
                Sponge Cake Plain                      5 kg bag      GB937                       Transfers Asstd Contemporary 20 ct   20 ct pack     GB985
                Sucretuile Florentine Mix              5 kg bag      GB938                       Transfers Asstd for Joconde 20 ct    20 ct pack     GB986
                Snowsugar                              5 kg bag      GB939                       Transfers Asstd Metallic 20 ct       20 ct pack     GB987
                Gold Powder                            4 oz tub      GB940                       Transfers Asstd Traditional 20 ct    20 ct pack     GB988
                Silver Powder                          8 oz tub      GB941                       Transfers Asstd Seasonal 20 ct       20 ct pack     GB989
                1.75" Sweet Round Fluted               216 ct box    GB942                       Acetate Rolls 40mmx50m               50m roll       GB990
                1.75" Neutral Round Fluted             216 ct box    GB943                       Acetate Rolls 45mmx50m               50m roll       GB991
                1.75" Nougatine Round                  225 ct box    GB944                       Acetate Rolls 50mmx50m               50m roll       GB992
                3" Sweet Round                         144 ct box    GB945                       Acetate Sheets 100 ct                100 ct pack    GB993
                3" Nougatine Round                     54 ct box     GB946                       Guitar Sheets 100 ct                 100 ct pack    GB994
                3" Charlotte Shells                    60 ct box     GB947                       Structured Sheets Asstd 20 ct        20 ct pack     GB995
                3" Bavarois Shells                     60 ct box     GB948                       Large Silpat 18" x 24"               1 Sheet        GB999
                4" Sweet Round                         72 ct box     GB949                       Chocolate Batons 8cm 300ct           1.25 kg box    GB819

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