FCCLA 2007-2008 National Outreach Project benefiting

Truck Sponsorship Program
Each sponsored truck delivers 400 boxes of food, 400 boxes of personal care items, and 2 pallets of
miscellaneous goods to hungry children and families in the U.S. If every FCCLA member participates,
as many as 25,000 families could receive food for as little as $2 per student!

We are honored that Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) has chosen Feed The Children’s
Truck Sponsorship Program for its 2007-2008 National Outreach Project. Our Truck Sponsorship Program provides
tangible relief to children and families in need.

Truck Sponsorship is one of Feed The Children’s most rewarding community outreach programs. Each sponsored truck
provides 400 pre-packaged boxes of food, 400 boxes of personal care and hygiene items, and 2 pallets of miscellaneous
goods to impoverished families. These items can supplement meals for 400 families of four for approximately one week!
Donations must be received by Feed The Children 30 days in advance of the distribution date. Feed The Children will then
choose a qualified nonprofit agency (food pantries, homeless shelters, etc.) to serve as the receiving agent for the goods.
On the day of the food drop, FCCLA members will assist with set-up, distribution, and tear-down, allowing you to witness
firsthand the impact of your donation! To register your fundraising project(s), submit funds, or schedule a truck drop,
please contact Marcella Ross at 800.627.4556 (ext. 4048) or by email at marcella.ross@feedthechildren.org. Be sure to
submit any fundraising materials using Feed The Children’s name or logo to Marcella Ross for approval prior to distribution.

In the U.S. alone, 13 million children live in poverty—that’s 18 percent of the population! Families living in poverty often
do not have enough to feed their families. A single truck sponsorship provides approximately $35,000 to $50,000 worth
of food and other essentials (actual weight and value of product varies by shipment) to families in need.

The project goal is for every FCCLA state association to raise $7,200. If the combined fundraising efforts of FCCLA
chapters in your state meet or exceed the $7,200 goal, you will have the opportunity to apply these funds towards 1) a
truck drop in a community in your state (48 contiguous United States and the District of Columbia only) or 2) to a disaster-
affected area of your choosing within the 48 contiguous United States or the District of Columbia.

Any funds raised by a state association in excess of the $7,200 goal (as well as any funds raised by states that do not
meet the $7,200 goal), will be applied towards the national project goal of sponsoring up to 20 additional trucks.
Depending on the total funds raised, Feed The Children will send up to 10 truckloads of products to be distributed by
FCCLA members at the 2008 National Leadership Meeting in Orlando, FL. If sufficient funds are raised, up to ten
additional trucks may be sent to 1) FTC-approved partner agencies in the Orlando, FL area or 2) disaster-affected areas
within the 48 continuous United States or the District of Columbia.
              STEP ONE—LEADERS GET READY!                        STEP FOUR—SET UP TEAMRAISER
              Each FCCLA state adviser will act as the           TeamRaiser is a fun and interactive online tool
              primary project coordinator for his/her            designed to make the fundraising process more
              respective state. Individual chapter members       manageable. TeamRaiser’s customizable web
              will also play an important role in the            pages help you raise funds and keep your
              fundraising process. If you are an FCCLA state     state/chapter motivated while sharing photos,
              adviser or a local chapter leader, the following   ideas and success stories.
              steps will help you get started.
                                                                 All participating FCCLA state associations,
                                                                 local chapters, and individual FCCLA
              STEP TWO—STRATEGIZE                                members are eligible to have their own
              Start brainstorming now about how your             TeamRaiser webpage.
              chapter(s) will raise truck sponsorship funds.
              The “Fundraising Ideas” section of this            To access the TeamRaiser homepage for this
              Guidebook provides some suggested projects.        project, please visit:
              Be creative and be sure to clear your projects     www.feedthechildren.org/fccla.
              through principals, administrators or any other
              necessary authorities. Start early to give your
              team plenty of time to raise the funds. Use        STEP FIVE—STAY MOTIVATED
              TeamRaiser (see Step Four) to track your           Keep your state/chapter motivated by
              progress and to motivate your group.               regularly evaluating and celebrating your
                                                                 fundraising progress. Visit your TeamRaiser
              STEP THREE—REGISTER YOUR PROJECT                   webpage often to monitor your progress and
              Each participating FCCLA chapter must register     the progress of other FCCLA states/chapters.
              any and all fundraising projects with Feed
              The Children’s Special Projects Department
              before beginning its fundraising efforts.          WHAT HAPPENS IF WE DON’T MEET THE
                                                                 $7,200 GOAL?
              To register, fill out an online application by     If your state raises truck sponsorship funds, but
              visiting                                           is unable to meet the $7,200 goal, those funds
              www.feedthechildren.org/specialprojects and        will be combined with the money raised by
              clicking on the “Start Your Project Now” button.   other FCCLA states/chapters that also didn’t
              Applications can also be mailed, e-mailed or       meet their goal. By combining funds with other
              faxed. Under “Group Name,” be sure to              such groups, you can still be a part of sending
              mention both FCCLA and the name of your            truckloads of product during the FCCLA
              local chapter.                                     National Leadership Meeting.

              Registering your chapter allows us to:             QUESTIONS?
                    track funds raised by your chapter           For general questions about this project, contact
                    reward your efforts                          Marcella Ross by phone at 1-800-627-4556
                    confirm the project’s legitimacy             Ext. 4048 or by email at
              Note: To be recognized by FCCLA as a
              participating chapter, you will also need to       For questions about your TeamRaiser
              register on the FCCLA Web site under the           webpage, contact Wendy Shreffler by phone
              2008 National Outreach Project.                    at 1-800-627-4556 Ext. 5156 or by email at

 Be Creative! Have Fun!
 Before undertaking any fundraising efforts, be sure to get approval in advance from the proper
 authorities. Depending on the type of project and the project location, these authorities may include school
 principals, businesses, city/municipal agencies, churches, etc.

 Bake sale                                                  Concession stand
 Silent auction                                             Fashion show
 Casual dress day                                           Recipe book
 Garage sale                                                Bike race
 Talent show                                                Spaghetti dinner
 Letter writing campaign                                    Make and sell jewelry
 Battle of Bands                                            Date auction
 Car wash                                                   Donations at sporting events
 Candy sales                                                Potato bake
 Sell handmade holiday cards                                Basketball free-throw contest
 Book sale                                                  Collect and turn in aluminum cans
 Matching gift program with local businesses                Dog wash (like a car wash, but for dogs!)
 Hat day                                                    Mystery dinner theater
 Walk-a-thon                                                Dress up the principal day
 Dance marathon                                             Get sponsors to donate for every game point
 Lock-in                                                    Write class storybook and sell copies
 Coin collection                                            Student vs. faculty sports tournament
 Play/performance                                           Pancake breakfast
 Sell classroom services (chalkboard cleaning)              Auction household chores
 Charity ball                                               Bowling tournament
 Sock hop                                                   Ugly tie contest
 Halloween party                                            Crazy hair day
 Masquerade ball                                            Karaoke night
 Poverty/hunger awareness week                              Cake walk
 Penny war—class competition                                Ice cream social
 Candy grams on Valentine’s Day                             Carnival
                                                                      Feed The Children is a Christian,
                                                                      international,          nonprofit           relief
             To be eligible for recognition, participating            organization with headquarters in
             states/chapters must be registered with FCCLA and
             Feed The Children.                                       Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, that
                                                                      delivers food, medicine, clothing and

             STATE, CHAPTER & INDIVIDUAL REWARDS                      other     necessities        to     individuals,
             1. State associations reaching the goal of $7,200        children and families who lack these
             will be recognized at the 2008 National Leadership
             Meeting and will be awarded a plaque for each            essentials     due      to        famine,   war,
             state reaching the $7,200 goal. Additionally, each       poverty, or natural disaster.
             member in that state that is in attendance at the 2008
             National Leadership Meeting during the general
             session as well in attendance at the National Truck      During our 28-year history, Feed The
             Distribution Events will receive a commemorative pin.
                                                                      Children has grown into one of the
             2. Chapters that complete a fundraising project will     world's largest private organizations
             receive a certificate prior to the 2008 National
             Leadership Meeting and will be listed in the general     dedicated to helping hungry and
             sessions for all to view.                                hurting people. Last year, Feed The

             3. The state that raises the most money will be          Children shipped 129 million pounds
             awarded t-shirts for every member who participated       of food and other essentials to
             from that state that is in attendance at the 2008
             National Leadership Meeting.                             children and families in all 50 states
                                                                      and       in   43    foreign          countries,
             4. The chapter that raises the most money, from any
             state, will be awarded t-shirts for every member who     supplementing more than 730,000
             participated from that chapter that is in attendance     meals a day worldwide. Since our
             at the 2008 National Leadership Meeting.
                                                                      founding in 1979, Feed The Children
                                                                      has reached out to help children and
             For its participation in Feed The Children’s Truck       families in 118 countries around the
             Sponsorship Program, FCCLA will receive a national       globe.
             television spot. A minimum of three minutes, this spot
             will include sound bites from FCCLA representatives
             and contain footage from the National Outreach
             Project. Additionally, for the duration of the project
             year, FCCLA will have a link on Feed The Children’s
             Web site, www.feedthechildren.org.

                                                                      4 stars
                                                                      Charity Navigator’s highest rating

                                                                      28 years
                                                                      of serving the world community

                                                                      118 countries
                                                                      helped by Feed The Children

                                                                      129 million pounds

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