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					                                                                                                            1200 King County Courthouse
   l:.ft King County                                                                                             516 Third Avenue

   _ Meeting Agenda                                                                                              Seattle, WA 98104

KingCounty King County Ferry Board Executive Committee

         Boardmembers: Dow Constantine, Chair; Jane Hague, Vice-Chair; Bob Ferguson; Julia

Southwest Conference Room                              July 14, 2008                                                       11:00 AM

                                                  SPECIAL MEETING

1. Call to Order

2. Roll Call

3. Approval of Minutes of June 9, 2008

4. Fare Policies

5. Future Pass Use Policy

      6. FD Resolution No. FD2008-14

              A RESOLUTION relating to fares and fare policies fòr the period of July 1,2008 through June 30,

      Executive Director's Report
      --Update on communications activities
      --Update on demonstration project planning criteria
      --Fuel effciency and ferry vessels
      --Alcohol policy findings

      Invoice Approvals
7. Adiournment

      The King County Ferry District is a special purpose government created to provide passenger ferry
      service in King County. The Board is composed of the members of the King County Council as ex
      offcio members.

      The Clerk of the King County Council provides administrative services to the District.

             Sign languge and communicaton material in alterne forms can be aranged given suffcient notice (296-1000).
                                                  TDD Number 296-1024.
                                                                                                                           1200 King County Courthouse
      l:.ft King County
      _ Meeting Proceedings
                                                                                                                                516 Third Avenue
                                                                                                                                Seattle, WA 98104

KingCounty King County Ferry Board Executive Committee

                             Boardmembers: Dow Constantine, Chair; Jane Hague, Vice-Chair; Bob
                                                Ferguson; Julia Patterson

Southwest Conference Room                                                June 9, 2008                                                         4:00 PM

                                                                      SPECIAL MEETING

1. Call to Order
                              The meeting was called to order at 4: 13 p.m.

2. Roll Call
                              Present: Ms. Hague, Ms. Patterson, Mr. Constatine and Mr. Ferguson

3. Approval of Minutes of February 4,2008: March 10, 2008: March 17, 2008: April                                                                3,

            2008: April         14, 2008: April             28, 2008: Mav 5,2008
                              Ms. Hague moved approval of                 February 4,2008; March 10, 2008; March 17,2008; April
                                                                     the minutes of

                                                                                                            14, 2008 regarding
                              3, 2008; April 28, 2008 and May 5, 2008 and requested a correction to the April

                              invoices submitted from Enduris, Inslee Best and Lund Consulting. Anne Noris, The Clerk presented the
                              information not Ms. Lund The motion passed was adopted unanimously.

            Discussion and Possible Action
4. Demonstration Projects/Business Plan Critical Path

                              Kjris Lund, executive director, introduced Dennis Selln, who briefed the members of the fie proposed
                              demonstration routes and the possible criteriafor evaluation. Ms. Lund led a discussion of   the Critical
                              Paths for Service Planning Table. Kris Faucett discussed the proposition of an eight-week listening tour.
                              The committee encouraged working with members' staff on possible evaluation criteria and amending the
                              memorandum to allow the Board to have a discussion of                   how we are going to prioritize and sequence the

5. 2008 Revised Operating and Capital Budget

                              Ms. Lund explained the revision of the Operating and Capital Budget. The committee directed that the
                              revised budget be presented to the full board for adoption. Ms. Hague moved, seconded by Mr.
                              Constantine to present this revised budget to the board, the motion passed 3 to 0, Mr. Ferguson excused

6. Beer and Wine Service Proposal

                              Kevin Clark, Managing Partner of Argosy Cruises, addessed the committee and discussed the availabilty
                              of beverage service on the Water Taxi. Mr. Clark stated that it is difcult to know what the level of

                              demand for beverage service would be and whether this service would impact boarding and deboarding of
                              the vesseL. Ms. Lund stated that the current contract with Argosy does not address policies of beverage
                              services. The committee would address further consideration on a case by case basis.

King Count                                                                     Page 1                                                    Printed on 7/8/08
Southwest Conference Room                                     June 9, 2008                                               4:00 PM

7. Policies
                   Ms. Lund indicated that these policies regarding ethics and procurement were originally policies that
                   Sound Transit had implemented These policies were modifed to conform to the needs of           the Ferr
                   District. Ms. Hague moved, seconded by Mr. Constantine, to forward these policies to the board once
                   they have been reviewed by Legal Counsel. The motion passed 3 to 0, Mr. Ferguson excused

                   Other Business - Accounting Services
                   Ms. Lund requested direction to draft an Request For Proposal to retain services       for an accountingflrm.
                   Ms. Lund indicated that retaining accounting services is within the Revised Operating and Capital Budget.
                   Ms. Lund suggested phone conference interviews and the possibilty of a task subcommittee to narrow
                   downflnalists. Ms. Hague maved, seconded by Mr. Constantine, to direct the Executive Director to
                   draft an RFP with the assistance of Legal Counsel. The motion passed 3 to 0, Mr. Ferguson excused

8. Contract amendment with Inslee Best for Legal Services

                   Ms. Lund briefed the members of the contract amendment with Inslee Best. Ms. Hague moved to approve
                   the amendment, seconded by Mr. Constantine, the motion passed 3 to 0, Mr. Ferguson excused.

9. Invoice approvals

                   Ms. Lund briejèd the members of           the invoice approvals. Ms. Hague moved, seconded by Mr. Constantine,
                   to approve the invoices, the motion passed 3 to 0, Mr. Ferguson excused

10. Executive Director's Report

                   Ms. Lund introduced Intern, Natalie Quist, who is working on her Master in Public Administration and
                   expressed an interest in the Ferr Board An accomplished singer/songwriter, Ms. Quist is proving to be
                   a valued asset to the team.

King County                                                        Page 2                                          Printed on 7/8/08
Southwest Conference Room                                    June 9, 2008                                                              4:00 PM

 11. Marine Division Status Report

                  Bil Greene briefed the Boardmembers of a disturbing loss of revenue trend in the Vashon run, despite the
                  increase in ridership in the West Seattle run. The committee discussed the State's decision to increase
                  fares and reduce the number of runs as a possible result of this outcome. The committee discussed the
                  parallels of decreasing bus service in the suburbs to the ferr service. Mr. Greene briefed the members
                  that the budget wil need constant monitoring with the unexpected revenue shortfall and the rising cost of
                  fuel. Mr. Greene mentioned an upcoming meeting with the Washington State Ferries to negotiate a new
                  Interlocal Agreement. Mr. Greene mentioned that labor negotiations would begin in July. He also
                  mentioned    working on other topics with Ms. Lund onfederal transitfunds andfare collection. Mr.
                  Constantine noted Mr. Greene's recent appointment as Interim Director of the Marine Division. The
                  committee requested a briefing on energy effcient options           for vessels in light of   rising   fuel costs.

12. Adiournment
                  The meeting was atlourned at 5:20 p.m.

                                                                       Approved ths                  day of

                                                                                                                            Clerk's Signatue

King Count                                                        Page 3                                                       Printed on 7/8/08
         King County
                                         KING COUNTY

                                       Signature Report
                                                                       1200 King County Courtouse
                                                                           516 Third Avenue
                                                                           Seattle, WA98104

                                           July 10, 2008

                                           Fe Resolution

         Proposed No. FD2008-l4.1

 1                    A RESOLUTION relating to fares and fare policies for the

 2                    period of July 1,2008 through June 30, 2009.


 4 WHEREAS, the King County Ferr Distrct was established by the

 5 King County council in April, 2007. As authorized by RCW 36.54.110, the ferr

 6 distrct is a muncipal corporation, an independent taing authority withn the

 7 meanng of Aricle VII, section 1 of the state Constitution, and a taing distrct

 8 within the meang of Aricle VII, section 2 of the state Constitution;

 9 WHEREAS, on November 15,2007 the ferr district adopted Resolution

10 FD2007-06.2, which adopted the distrct's 2008 budget and work program to

11 implement the 2008 budget;

12 WHEREAS, on April 14,2008 the ferr distrct adopted an anual service

13 plan that included continuation of the Vashon Island passenger ferr service;

14 WHREAS, on June 30, 2008 the ferr distrct adopted a revised 2008

15 anual budget;

                 FD Resolution

16 WHREAS, without action by the distrct to assume the Vashon Island

17 passenger ferr service from the state of Washigton, the service would termnate

18 leaving thousands of residents without direct service to downtown Seattle;

19 WHEREAS, the Washigton State Ferr Division of                                    Washigton state

20 Deparent of                          Transportation is operating the Vashon Island passenger only ferr

21 service under contract with King County for the period July 1, 2008 though June

22 30,2009:
23 WHEREAS, King County ferr distrct is authorized by RCW 36.54.120

24 to charge tolls; and
25 WHEREAS, the adopted 2008 budget for the Kig County ferr distrct

26 assumed that passenger fares for the Vashon Island passenger ferr servce would

27 be the same as fares charged in 2007 by the state of Washington and would

28 include the same fare policies as those adopted by the state of                   Washigton:


30 SECTION 1. The passenger only fares for Vashon Island passenger ferr
31 service described in attachment A and the policies described in Attachment B are hereby

32 approved.



                                                                         KIG COUNTY COUNCIL
                                                                         KIG COUNTY, WASHIGTON

 FD Resolution


Attachments      A. Vashon Island Passenger Only Ferr Service Fares, B. WSF Fare Policies



Vashon-Seattle servce July 1, 2008 - June 30, 2009:

   . Full fare is $8.70 round trp. (Fares are collected at Seattle; no fares are collected

      at Vashon.)
   . Commuter lO-round trp card is $73.60.
   . Monthy passes for 31 round trps is $117.80.
   . Senior ($4.35/round trp) and youth (age 6-18; $7.40/round trp) discounts are
       available. Children under 6 ride free.
   . Tickets are available at terminals or advance ticket purchases are available online
       at up to seven days prior to travel.
                Attachment B: Washington State Ferries Fare Policies

   PEAK SEASON SURCHARGE - A 20% surcharge shall be applied to passengers from May 1 to the second Sunday in
October, except those using frequent user fare media, on the Anacortes to Lopez, Shaw, Orcas and Friday Harbor routes.

   GROUP OR VOLUME SALES - In order to increase total revenues, WSF may develop full fare or discounted customer
packages or bundle single fare types into multiride media or offer passes for high volume or group users. In pricing these
packages, WSF will have discretion to set appropriate volume discounts based on a case-by-case basis.

   SPECIAL EVENTS - In order to increase total revenues, WSF may develop, create or participate in special events that may
include, but not be limited to, contributing or packaging discounted fares in exchange for the opportunity to participate in the
income generated by the event.

(Statutory Authority: RCW 47.56.030 and 47.60.326.08-08-070, § 468-300-010, filed 3/31/08, effective 5/1/08; 07-08-064, §
468-300-010, filed 3/29/07, effective 5/1/07; 06-08-036, § 468-300-010, filed 3/29/06, effective 5/1/06; 05-10-041, § 468-300-
010, filed 4/28/05, effective 6/1/05; 03-08-072, § 468-300-010, filed 4/1/03, effective 5/2/03; 02-09-010, § 468-300-010, filed
4/5/02, effective 5/6/02; 01-11-010, § 468-300-010, filed 5/3/01, effective 6/3/01; 00-24-050, § 468-300-010, filed 11/30/00,
effective 12/31/00; 99-08-066, § 468-300-010, filed 4/5/99, effective 5/6/99; 98-08-051, § 468-300-010, filed 3/27/98, effective
4/27/98; 96-05-046 and 96-05-047 (Orders 79 and 80), § 468-300-010, filed 2/16/96, effective 3/19/96; 94-18-014 (Order 77), §
468-300-010, filed 8/25/94, effective 9/25/94; 94-07-104 (Order 75), § 468-300-010, filed 3/18/94, effective 4/18/94; 93-18-005,
§ 468-300-010, filed 8/19/93, effective 9/19/93; 92-18-005, § 468-300-010, filed 8/20/92, effective 9/20/92; 91-18-022 (Order
72), § 468-300-010, filed 8/27/91, effective 9/27/91; 89-14-052 (Order 67, Resolution No. 354), § 468-300-010, filed 6/30/89; 89-
04-014 (Order       66, Resolution No. 343), § 468-300-010, filed 1/23/89, effective 7/1/89; 87-12-005 (Order   61, Resolution No.
298), § 468-300-010, filed 5/21/87. Statutory Authority: RCW 47.60.290,47.60.300 and 47.60.326.86-24-009 (Order 59,
Resolution No. 287), § 468-300-010, filed 11/21/86. Statutory Authority: RCW 47.60.326.86-06-010 (Order 54, Resolution No.
263), § 468-300-010, filed 2/21/86; 85-11-007 (Order 44, Resolution No. 241), § 468-300-010, filed 5/3/85; 84-11-052 (Order 42,
Resolution Nos. 221 and 222), § 468-300-010, filed 5/17/84; 84-10-002 (Order 41, Resolution No. 218), § 468-300-010, filed
4/20/84; 83-07-062 (Order 33, Resolution No. 175), § 468-300-010, filed 3/22/83; 82-07-063 (Order 28, Resolution No. 143), §
468-300-010, filed 3/22/82. Statutory Authority: RCW 47.60.325 and (Order 23, Resolution No. 117), §
468-300-010, filed 7/22/81. Statutory Authority: RCW 47.60.325.81-08-044 (Order 17, Resolution No. 104), § 468-300-010, filed
3/31/81; 80-16-012 (Order 16, Resolution No. 90), § 468-300-010, filed 10/27/80; 80-04-104 (Order 15, Resolution No. 72), §
468-300-010, filed 4/1/80; 79-09-136 (Order 11, Resolution No. 57), § 468-300-010, filed 9/5/79; 79-04-047 (Order 6, Resolution
No. 44), § 468-300-010, filed 3/27/79; 78-06-040 (Order 2, Resolution No. 21), § 468-300-010, filed 5/19/78.)
             Attachment B: Washington State Ferries Fare Policies

   SENIOR CITIZENS - Passengers age 65 and over, with proper identifcation establishing proof of age, may travel at half-fare
passenger tolls on any route where passenger fares are collected.

   PERSONS OF DISABILITY - Any individual who, by reason of ilness, injury, congenital malfunction, or other incapacity or
disability is unable without special facilties or special planning or design to utilze ferry system services, upon presentation of a
WSF Disability Travel Permit, Regional Reduced Fare Permit, or other identification which establishes a disabilty may travel at
half-fare passenger tolls on any route. In addition, those persons with disabilties who require attendant care while traveling on
the ferries, and are so certified by their physician, may obtain an endorsement on their WSF Disability Travel Permit and such
endorsement shall allow the attendant to travel free as a passenger.

    BUS PASSENGERS - Passengers traveling on public transit buses pay the applicable fare. Passengers traveling in private
or commercial buses wil be charged the half-fare rate.

   MEDICARE CARD HOLDERS - Any person holding a Medicare card duly issued to that person pursuant to Title" or Title
XViII of the Social Security Act may travel at half-fare passenger tolls on any route upon presentation of a WSF Disability Travel
Permit or a Regional Reduced Fare Permit at time of travel.

     IN-NEED ORGANIZATIONS - For qualified organizations serving in-need clients by providing tickets for transportation on
WSF at no cost to clients, program would                     offer a monthly discount to approximate appropriate multiride media discount rates.
Appointing bodies (those that appoint Ferry Advisory Committees) wil nominate to the Washington State                      Transportation
Commission those organizations that meet the criteria of the program. The Commission wil review such nominations and certify
those organizations that qualify. The following criteria will be used for nominating and certifying in-need organizations:
Nongovernmental and not-for-profit organizations whose primary purpose is one or more of the following: Help clients with
medical issues; provide clients with low-income social services; help clients suffering from domestic violence; provide clients
with employment-seeking services; and/or help clients with Social Security. Travel wil be initially charged based on full fare and
biled monthly. The credits wil be approximately based on the discount rates offered to multiride media users applicable on the
date of travel. This program wil expire after October 10, 2009.

   PROMOTIONAL TOLLS - A promotional rate may be established at the discretion of the WSF Assistant Secretary, Executive
Director for a specific discount in order to enhance total revenue and effective only at designated times on designated routes.

     Special passenger fare rate(s) may be established for a pilot program in conjunction with the Central Puget Sound
Regional Fare Integration project on ferry route(s) serving King, Pierce, Snohomish and Kitsap counties. The rate(s) may be
established at the discretion of the WSF Assistant Secretary, Executive Director for a specific discount not to exceed fift
percent of full fare.

    SCHOOL GROUPS - Passengers traveling in authorized school groups for institution-sponsored activities will be charged a
flat rate of $1 per walk-on group or per vehicle of students and/or advisors and staff. All school groups require a letter of
authorization. Vehicles and drivers wil be charged the fare applicable to vehicle size. The special school rate is $2 on routes
where one-point toll systems are in effect. Due to space limitations, authorized school groups wil not be permitted to use one of
the passenger-only routes without prior WSF approvaL.

   BUNDLED SINGLE FARE BOOKS - WSF may bundle single fare types into multiride media as a customer convenience.
This media shall be valid only through October 10, 2009, after which time the coupons shall not be accepted for passage.
Remaining value wil not be eligible for refund or exchange. For mail order deliveries, WSF may add additional days for delivery
times. Anacortes to San Juan Islands senior/disabled fares wil be bundled at the applicable early week price.
          Attachment B: Washington State Ferries Fare Policies

   1 MUL TIRIDE MEDIA - Shall be valid only for 90-days from date of purchase after which time the tickets shall not be accepted
for passage. Remaining value wil not be eligible for refund or exchange. Subsequent to the implementation of the Electronic
Fare System (EFS) in the fall of 2005, this wil be replaced by a 20 ride card valid for 90 days from the date of purchase. For
mail order deliveries, WSF may add additional days to allow for delivery times. Starting on the earliest fare change opportunity
(May 1 or the second Sunday in October) at a minimum 6 months after completion of system-wide implementation of the
Electronic Fare System (EFS), purchase of this product at a toll booth wil be 5% higher, not to exceed an additional $2.50, at
terminals where kiosks are available, except for customers paying with commuter vouchers made available through local transit
agencies or qualifying for the senior/disabled and youth fares.

   2BICYCLE SURCHARGE - Is an addition to the appropriate passenger fare.

   3ROUND TRIP - Round trip passage for international travel available for trips beginning or ending on one of the Islands

   4INTER-ISLAND FARES - Passenger fares included in Anacortes tolls.

   5PASSES - Passenger passes are available for all routes except Anacortes/San Juan Island/Sidney. Passes are valid for the
period printed on the pass and will be presented to Washington state ferries staff or scanned through an automated turnstile
whenever a passenger fare is collected. This pass is based on 16 days of passenger travel with a 20% discount. A $1.00
retail/shipping and handling fee wil be added to the price of the pass.

      A combination ferry-transit pass may be available for a particular route when determined by Washington state ferries and
a local public transit agency to be a viable fare instrument. The WSF portion of the fare is based on 16 days of passenger travel
per month at a 20% discount. .
      The monthly pass is valid for a maximum of 31 round trips per month, is nontransferable, is nonreproducible, and is
intended for a single user. Monthly passes purchased through the regional SmartCard program are also nontransferable and
intended for a single user, but allow for unlimited usage.

   6BICYCLE PERMIT - A bicycle pass is available on all routes except: Anacortes/San Juan Island/Sidney for a $20.00 annual
fee subject to meeting WSF specified conditions. The pass is valid for one year. A cyclist with a valid pass shall have the bicycle
surcharge waived.

   7BICYCLE SURCHARGE - This becomes $4.00 during peak season (May 1 until the second Sunday in October).

   8BICYCLE SURCHARGE - This becomes $6.00 during peak season.

   9BICYCLE SURCHARGE - This becomes $2.00 during peak season.

   10BICYCLE SURCHARGE - This becomes $8.00 during peak season.

   CHILDRENIYOUTH - Children under six years of age wil be carried free when accompanied by parent or guardian.
Children/youths six through eighteen years of age wil be charged the youth fare, which wil be 80% of full fare rounded to the
next multiple of $ 0.05.
                                                   l.lJ.NIl CONSlJl.TING I.Ne.


                                 July LO, 2008
                                 Dow Constantine, Chairan
                                 King County Ferr Distrct Executive Committee
                                 1200 Kig County Courthouse
                                 516 Third Avenue
                                 Seattle, W A 98104
                                King County Ferr District Executive Director and Communications Services
                                Approved Contract Phase 1:               $73,000.00
                                Approved Contract Phase 2:               382,158.00
        PLANNING                Total Contract Value:                    455,158.00
                                Biled to Date:                            96,305.48
     FUNDRAISING                Biled with this Invoice:                 138,554.23
                                Contract Balance:                        316,603.77

                                Invoice Period:                   June I-June 30. 2008
                                                                  May 5-31. 2008 (Cocker Fennessy)

                                Professional Services:

                                Kjristine Lund, Principal, 98.0 hours                    (g $195.00      19,110.00
                                Natalie Quist, Intern, 91.5 hours                        (g $15.00        1,372.50
           .. .0'.,..
           (:/ .¡.
                                Cocker Fennessy May invoice                                               7,665.00
                                Cocker Fennessy June invoice                                            $14,101.25

                                Total Amount Due:                                                       42,248.75

                                Work Activities:
                                Demonstration project planning
                                Presentations to City of Kirkland and Vashon Island
                                2008 Budget update and resolution for action
                                Oversight Marine Division and WSF contract progress
   4II Universiry Srreer
                                Communications materials: web, fact sheets, stationary
        Suire 1200              Policies on ethics, procurement, auditing-officer drafted
                                SEPA research
Seartle Washingron 98101
                                Timesheets attached
tTeIef/Io/lt', ~ 206.442-4254
                                Cocker Fennessy has written-off            hour ($3,600 in May -June)
  .%L' ~ 206.322.8486
                                Lund has written-off Quick Books software ($400.00)
                                             KCFD INVOICE         JULY 10, 2008   PAGE 2
 S-May Notice to proceed given.
       Begin Demonstration Project Planning. Coordinate with PSRC
         on committee participation and funding eligibility for district.
 6-May Work with KCMD on start-up actions.                                         4

         Began to scope the planning process for Executive Committee
        review. We researched SEPA requirements and identified
        critical path items. Identified technical data needed such as an
 7-May inventory of existing dock capacity and availability.                       6

         Community Outreach Activities: Began planning concepts for
         workshops and tours with staff and interested board members
         to help us develop the vision for the district to drive the
         business plan. Coordinated on the first invoices and reports to
        be submitted by the Division. Reviewed amendment for legal
 8-May services to continue through December for future board action.              S
         Worked on Kirkland presentation plans. Coordinated with
         Kirkland staff. Responded to emails and voicemails related to
         start-up activities including logistics for WSF transfer, sale of
 9-May boats by state.                                                             4
         Continued coordination with City of Kirkland including updates
         about their Shoreline Management Plan. Worked with
         communications team to prioritize tasks for initial
         communications materials. Prepared basic information for
12-May' North Seattle Town Hall meeting.                                          4
         Coordinated with MD and state sources to determine timetable
         and process for receiving revenue from state from state ferry
         sales, necessary to our financial plan. Reviewed MD
         preliminary budget and discussed revisions with MD
         representatives. Organized systems for managing district
13-May business.                                                                  4
         Coordinated with state auditor's staff and made other contacts
         to research compliance and financial responsibilities for
         district. Reviewed emails from Kirkland reps about questions
         for city council meeting. Worked with MD to initiate WSF
14-May contract negotiations.                                                     6
         Conducted research about demonstration projects, collecting
         and reading prior reports. Worked on accountability formats
        for board reporting to the public. Responded to email and
lS-May voicemail.                                                                 4
         Coordinated on PSRC participation and membership on Transit
         Operators Committee. Responded to inquiries from
         Congressman Norm Dick's staff. Coordinated with Kitsap
         County funding questions - trying to head-off their quest for a
         share of King County's funds. Coordinated with King Couty
16-May staff.                                                                     6
         Prepared for external relations meeting with KCMD and CoFen.
         At issue for discussion: PSRC funding formulas and
         participation, procurement policies and conflicts, vision process
         and business plan. Responded to email and voicemail.

        Responded to financial record keeping phone calls and
19-May paperwork.                                                                 4
                                               KCFD INVOICE         JULY 10, 2008   PAGE 3

           Research history of Mosquito Fleet. Review preliminary
           communications information including Wikipedia entry.
           Prepaare for Executive Committee schedule and agendas.
  20-May Continue work on financial and reporting requirements.                      6
          Obtain signed copy of Argosy contract from KCMD. Prepare
           weekly report. Prioritize work plan items: web site,
           stationary, Seattle strategy, Listening Tour, Alchoholpolicy
           options, Sea   Fair participation, community profiles, assessor
           records of property owners, stakeholder identification, fare
           system, investment pool, SEPA, auditing offcer, procurement,
  21-May ethics policies.                                                            6
           Set-up weekly phone calls for efficient coordination. Review
          email and voice-mails. Respond to constituent questions and
  22-May invitations: Vashon.                                                        4

           Drafted the basic fact sheet for the district and circulated it for
           comments. We also outlined the web content and coordinated
           with a web designer and King County staff. Coordinated with
           KCMD on work plan progress and reporting. Coordinated with
           other King County departments on necessary issues including
  23-May risk management, maritime insurance and financial reports.                  6
  26-May Holiday
          Continued to track the WSF sale of surplus vessels to ensure
           that the Ferry District receives the state funds promised for
           Vashon passenger service. Responded to email and voice mail
  27-May questions.                                                                  2
           Researched financial and audit issues. Reviewed policies of
          other special purpose districts. Responded to email and voice
          mails questions on communications, invitations, billngs, and
  28-May reporting.                                                                  6
           Met with state audit staff to review financial requirements for
          the district. Prepared correspondence response to citizen
  29-May regarding use of steel elctric ferries.                                     4

           Researched federal grant issues and reporting requirements.
           Coordinated with KCMD on work plan progress and emerging
           issues. Responded to emails and voice mails. Read reports
  30-May from PSRC, state, and PSRC related to passenger service.                    6
           Scoped a work plan for inter assistance for Ferry District.
           Coordinated with PSRC on ferry advisory committee business
 31-May and on upcoming expectations.                                                4
Subtotal May                                                                        91

           Work with budget staff on invoice information from Marine
           Division; Work with CoFen on listening tour plan; research
           SEPA; review policy details; meet with Cofen on website
           designs; draft talking points for Kirkland and send to Jane
   2-Jun Hague's office.                                                             6

                                           KCFD INVOICE          JULY 10, 2008   PAGE 4
        Review 16 year financial plan requirements with Marine
        Division. Track final recorded documents for records.
        Respond to email and voicemail. Research environmental
        issues for demonstration projects. Coordinate with UW about
 3-Jun Seattle strategy meeting.                                                  4
        Meet with accounting firm and Rod Kaseguma to identify
        requirements for district financial record keeping and
        compliance; Write Executive Director (ED) weekly report to
        board; prepare packet for Executive Committee (EC) meeting
 4-Jun on June 14.                                                                4
        Teleconference with Marine Division (MD) about invoice detail
        and budget; meet with EC Chair, Dow Constantine and Chris
        Arkills to prep for upcoming meeting and to discuss policy
        questions; update budget information; discuss revenue
 5-Jun estimates with KC Finance Division.                                        6
        Teleconference with Rod Kaseguma about policies on ethics
        and procurement; coordinate with finance office about
        investment policies; further research on drop in property tax
 6-Jun revenue with Finance Office staff.                                         6
        Meet with Charlie Howard (PSRC) about ferry district and PSRC
 7-Jun passenger only ferry study.                                                2
 8-Jun Prepare information and talking points for EC meeting.                     1

June 9 Staff Executive Committee. Prep and follow-up.                             6

        Work on demonstration project planning, SEPA research, dock
        access, business planning, and listening tour options. Follow-
        up on investment policies with King County Treasurer, follow-
        up with Chris Arkils on action items from EC meeting.
10-Jun Respond to email and voice-maiL.                                           4

        E-mails on web design, fact sheet,Kirkland presentation prep,
ll-Jun FAQ, powerpoint. Review communications materials.                          4
        teleconference with Rod Kaseguma on policies. Respond to
12-Jun emails and voice-mails.                                                    2

        Coordinate with MD about WSF contract negotiations; budget;
13-Jun work plan for year; fare policy, and MD consulting support.                2

        Respond to emails and voicemails. Prepare for Kirkland and
        Vashon meetings researching advance questions, coordinating
16-Jun with staff on logistics, and finalizing handouts.                          3

        Review research and give direction on stakeholder data for
        waterfront propert owners, review research on alchohol
        policies nationally; review research on Sea Fair visibility options
        for district. Attend Kirkland City Council meeting, present

        ferry district 101 information, respond to post meeting
17-Jun questions, write-up key comments for board use.                            7
                                          KCFD INVOICE         JULY 10, 2008   PAGE 5

        Prepare Vashon Island specific information related to WSF
        ferry service transition. Review WSDOT press release on
        transfer of service and discuss with CoFen and KCMD. Edit.
lS-Jun Coordinate with MD on contract negotiations.                             4

        Vashon Island presentation to community council on service
        transition. Research safety questions. Coordinate with finance
        office, budget office and accounts payable on reimbursements
19-Jun for marine insurance.                                                    7
        Work on ethics and procurement policy changes based on
        attorney review. Research investment policy questions with
        clerk and finance office. Prepare for full board meeting on
20-Jun budget approval and other business.                                      4

        Work with communications team on web design questions,
23-Jun FAQ updates, accessibility questions, public contact protocols.          2
        Coordinate with Bil Greene on WSF contract questions.
        Confirm budget and key points for media inquiries. Review
        tickler file for action items: management and record keeping.
        Work on Seattle strategy questions for access to shorelines
24-Jun and landside connections.                                                4
        Work with Anne Noris on agenda for full board meeting.
        Coordinate talking points for Chair Patterson and Executive
        Committee Chair Constantine. Review draft policies on ethics
        and auditing officer with Rod Kasegl,ma. Review each policy
        issue contained therein. Decide to postpone action until EC
        reviews in more detaiL. Follow-up with KCMD on safety
2S-Jun questions from Vashon meeting.                                           6

        Meet with CoFen staff to discuss listening tour and council staff
        meeting outcomes for key people to participate. Discuss
      approach for Seattle stakeholders. Review preliminary
      historical dock research. Review format for Monday board
26-Jun meeting. Respond to media inquiry from Seattle PI. 5
      Coordinate with KCMD on media, budget, WSF agreement, fare
   policy, safety, Vashon
27-Jun use transition. Finalize packet materials for
                          by Anne Noris. 3
        Staff Board of Supervisors meeting. Talk with media reps
        about transition of service. Finalize arrangements for day 1

Subtotal June 98
30-Jun projects. 6
Da~ Hou~
        service. Discuss SEPA with attorney related to demonstration

6HW12 7 3.5
        Natalie uist Hours

6H~12 7

                                                   KCFD INVOICE            JULY 10, 2008    PAGE 6
  6/15/12                                                                                    0
  6/16/12                                                                                    0
  6/17/12   Finish Seafair research                                                          6
  6/18/12   Weeklv meetino, UW Special Collections visit for Mosquito Fleet info.            5
            At CoFen, Listening Tour meetings with Larry Philips staff, and Bob
  6/19/12   Ferouson's staff                                                                 6
  6/20/12   Seafair recommendation memo, MOHAI visit for Mosauito Fleet info.                7
            At CoFen, Drafted website text, Contacted King County Assessor's
  6/21/12   Offce to beoin oatherino names                                                   6
  6/22/12                                                                                    0
  6/23/12                                                                                    0
            At CoFen, Continue alcohol policy research, follow up with contacts for
  6/24/12   Iistenino tour, Rob Mattson phone cali                                           6
            More alcohol policy research, Summarize Mattson phone call, begin
  6/25/12   Seattle Strategy research                                                        6
            At CoFen, follow up with contacts for listening tour, Contact with
  6/26/12   Assessor's offce                                                                 5
            Weekly meeting, At CoFen, BlackBerry, CODAC meeting, Contact
  6/27/12   Assessots Office                                                                 8
            At CoFen, Contact Assessor's offce, BlackBerry, research Seafair
  6/28/12   materials, Set UP email on BlackBerrv                                           6.5
  6/29/12                                                                                    0
  6/30/12                                                                                    0
            Monday catch-up, Ferry Dist. Board Meeting, Timesheet, Set up
   7/1/12   voicemail on BlackBerry                                                          5
TOTAL                                                                                      91.5

                    401 SECOND AVE. S. SUITE 501 SEATTLE WA 98104-3804
                          OFFICE 206.652.9506 FAX 206.652.8305

May 31,2008                                                              Invoice No.295-03E


TO: Kjristine Lund
             Lund Consulting, Inc.
             411 University Street, Suite 1200
             Seattle, W A 98101

RE: Kig County Ferr Distrct
May 1 through May 31, 2008

Cocker Fennessy provided public affairs consulting services durg this period related to
the King County Ferr Distrct. Specific expenses included:

   Puchase domain names from                                   $146.84

                                                  Expenses subtotal:       $146.84

                 TOTAL AMOUNT DUE FOR THIS INVOICE:                        $146.84

Thank you!

Cocker Fennessy is a Washington corporation.
Federal Tax Identification: 91-1623342
                    401 SECOND AVE. S. SUITE 501 SEATTLE WA 98104-3804
                          OFFICE 206.652.9506 FAX 206.652.8305

May 31, 2008                                                             Invoice No.295-03

TO: Kjristie Lund
             Lund Consulting, Inc.
             411 University Street, Suite 1200
             Seattle, WA 98101

RE: Kig County Ferr Distrct
May 1 through May 31,2008

Cocker Fennessy provided public affairs consultig services durg this period related to
the Kig County Ferr Distrct. Specific services included:

Materials development
· Research and review material examples from other jursdictions
· Produce fact sheet
· Develop speakig points
· Outline meeting presentation
· Draft F AQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
· Create new King County Ferr Distrct Wikpedia page and edit existing pages
· Revise constituent inquir

Website development
· Identify and purchase domain names
· Research examples from other jursdictions
· Research and recommend hosting options
· Outline web content, including site navigation

Cocker Fennessy Invoice
May 31, 2008
Page 2 of2

Secure project e-mail address

Advise on media and communcations issues including
 · Release of Interlocal Agreement
 · Beer and Alcohol on Ellott Bay Water Taxi
 · Min-vacation media opportty

Paricipate in project related meetigs including:
 · Kig County Deparent of Transporttion regardig stakeholders

Staff                                                  Hour     Rate        Total
      Pricipal ( Cocker)                                 1.50   $195      $292.50
      Parter (Faucett)                                  34.00   $195    $6,630.00
      Senior Associate (Lund)                           10.00   $150    $1,500.00
      Support (Shar)                                     3.00    $60      $180.00

                                                    Services subtotal: $8,602.50

                                                  Reduce Services by: ($1,600.00)

Cocker Fennessy acted as an agent on behalf of'
      Jennergy Design Services $662.50
                                            Subcontractor subtotal: $662.50

                    TOTAL AMOUNT DUE FOR THIS INOICE: $7,665.00

Thank you!

Federal Tax Identification: 91-1623342
                  401 SECOND AVE. S. SUITE SOl SEATTLE WA 98104-3804
                        OFFICE 206.652.9506 FAX 206.652.8305

June 30, 2008                                                          Invoice No.295-03


TO: Kjristie Lund
             Lund Consultig, Inc.
             411 University Street, Suite 1200
             Seattle, WA 98101

RE: Kig County Ferr Distrct
June 1 through June 30, 2008

Cocker Fennessy provided public affairs consulting services durg this period related to
the King County Ferr Distrct. Specific services included:

Materials development
· Finalize basic materials (content and design) including:
           · Fact sheet
           · Frequently Asked Questions
           · Speakg points
           · PowerPoint presentation
· Finalize and coordinate production of letterhead, envelope and business card
· Prepare speakig points, presentation and handouts for Kikland (6/17)
      and Vashon (6/19) presentations
· Develop speakg points for Board meeting (6/30)
· Prepare memo and packet of materials for Board members
· Develop backdrop slide for meetings

Cocker Fennessy Invoice
June 30, 2008
Page 2 of3

Website development
· Coordinate and purchase web hosting
· Develop and upload website splash page
· Finalize website plan and site navigation
· Develop website design concepts, including flash animation
· Draft web content
· Research existing photos, data and materials

Listenig tour
· Prepare memo outlinng goals, process, and timeline
· Meet with staff ofBoard members Philips and Ferguson (6/18)

Revise Washington State Ferres news release regardig Vashon Passenger-only ferr service

Set-up constituent comment database

Paricipate in project related meetings includig:
 · Meet with Executive Commttee staff(6/4) and chair (6/5) to
       prepare for Executive Commttee meeting
· Attend Ferr Distrct Executive Commttee (6/9) and Board meeting (6/30)
· Paricipate in weekly meetings with Executive Director (6/26)

Staff                                            Hours   Rate         Total
   Pricipal ( Cocker)                             3.00   $195       $585.00
   Parer (Faucett)                               36.50   $195     $7,117.50
   Senior Associate (Lund)                       20.75   $150     $3,112.50
   Support (Sharp)                                5.00    $60       $300.00

                                            Services subtotal:   $11,115.00

                                          Reduce Services by:    -$2,000.00

Cocker Fennessy Invoice
June 30, 2008
Page 3 of3

Cocker Fennessy acted as an agent on behalf of'
Jennergy $4,986.25
                                      Subcontractor subtotal: $4,986.25

             TOTAL AMOUNT DUE FOR THIS INOICE: $14,101.25

Than you!

Cocker Fennessy is a Washigton corporation.
Federal Tax Identification: 91-1623342

  Intial Communcations Budget                                $82,158.00
  Remaing Balance                                            $60,391.75
                            Time Sheet: Cocker Fennessy
                              King County Ferry District

Date Tasks Hours
       Call with Krjis Lund to prepare for Kirkland
       presentation and next steps. Research past
       presentations and counciL. Draft presentation outline.
  6-May Organize and prepare client files. 4.25
       Outline and prioritize communication tasks. Develop
       questions for FAQ. Provide recommendations for
 12-May website URL and setting up website. 3.5
       Calls with Laurie Brown and Kjris regarding
       materials' review and protocols. Finalize FAQ

 14-May emails. 3
       questions and circulate for feedback. Review Vashon

 15-May Outline fact sheet. Secure website domain names 2.25
       Research existing ferry systems and review websites
       and materials. Review material needs with designer.
 19-May Call with Krjis regarding KCDOT meeting. 5
       Review existing materials. Draft fact sheet content.
       Begin developing speaking points for Gossett Town
       Hall meeting. Meet with KCDOT regarding
       stakeholders, outreach and issues. Update Kjris on
 20-May materials' status. 5.5
       Circulate draft fact sheet. Coordinate revisions and
       calls with staff. Review and discuss letterhead,
       envelope and business card concepts. Organize
 21-May existing photos. 4.5
       Draft basic speaking points. Advise on mini-vacation
       media opportunity. Review and advise on constituent
 22-May inquiry. Request existing photos from staff. 3.25

       Discuss logistic/details regarding Gossett Town Hall
       meeting; Finalize speaking points and handouts for
       meeting, including coordinating approval with staff.
       Provide communication update via email to Kjris.
       Discussions about website address and email. Set up
       alias emails. Develop website memo, including
27-May recommendations and timeline 6.75
       Produce Gossett Town Hall meeting materials and
      deliver to Kjris. Send website recommendations
28-May memo to Kjris. 3.5
      Debrief Gossett Town Hall with Kjris and revise
      materials appropriately. Revisions to constituent

29-May content 3.5
      letter. Research Wikipedia entry. Outline website

      Edit existing Wikipedia pages to include King County
3D-May Ferry District. Create new District page. 3.5
                            Time Sheet: Cocker Fennessy
                               King County Ferry District

Subtotal May 48.5
        Develop website structure and navigation plan.
        Develop listening tour memo. Meet with Kjris
        regarding website navigation and structure, listening
  2-Jun tour and preparation for upcoming KCFD meetings. 5.5
        Draft FAQ answers. Discussions with staff regarding
        listening tour. Prepare for KCFD staff meeting.
  3-Jun Coordinate SeaFair research 3.75
        Meet with KCFD staff meeting regarding Executive
  4-Jun Committee meeting. Continue drafting FAQ answers. 4
        Meet with Board member Constantine and staff to
        prepare for Executive committee meeting. Provide
        update on communication activities. Review
  5-Jun collateral materials designs. 4
        Prepare materials and participate in Executive
        committee meeting. Finalize collateral material
  9-Jun design drafts. Review database set-up. 4.25
        Coordinate materials revisions and approval with
 10-Jun staff (emails and phone calls). Make revisions. 4.25

 ll-Jun and text. 4
        Develop PowerPoint presentation including photos

        Develop PowerPoint template. Research photo
 12-Jun options. Discuss website plan with programmer. 4.25
        Prepare materials for Kirkland City Council
        presentation. Review past ferry surveys and
 16-Jun materials. 2.5
       Finalize Kirkland presentation and handouts and
 17-Jun deliver to Kjris. Outline website timeline. 3.25
       Meet with Board member Philips' and Ferguson staff
       regarding Listening Tour. Prepare materials' status
 18-Jun memo. Update Kjris. 4
 19- Jun tasks. 3
       Develop website splash page. Outline Listening tour

       Coordinate redirection of website to new address.
 20-Jun Draft website text. 3
 23-Jun Identify materials for Board packet. Produce packets. 4.25

       Confirm with Anne Noris contact information for
       materials, phone messages and website coordination
 24-Jun and links. Coordinate production approval. 1
                                    Time Sheet: Cocker Fennessy
                                       King County Ferry District

                Develop website content. Review website design
                concepts. Develop speaking points and background
                slide for Board meeting. Additional revisions to FAQ.
      25-Jun Coordinate production of Board packets.                     6.75
                Prepare board packets. Attend Board meeting.
                Coordinate approval of website design. Discuss
      30-Jun navigation site with programmer.                             3.5

Subtotal June                                                           65.25
                        INS   LEE, BEST, DOEZ IE & RYDER, P. S .
                                   P.O. BOX C-90016
                                BELLEVUE, WA 98009-9016
                                     (425) 455-1234
                                  TAX ID # 91- 0872275

King County Ferry District                               INVOICE DATE        06/19/08
Attn: Anne Noris                                         INVOICE NO.         142732
516 Third Ave., Room W-1039                              ACCOUNT NO.         361394-0001
 Seattle, WA 98104

       RE: General

       Amount Due from Previous Statement                                $     8,380.72
       Payments Received Since Previous Statement                        $              .00
            Last PaYment Received On 05/12/08
       Account Adjustment                                                $              .00
       Finance Charge                                                    $              .00
       BALANCE FORWARD                                                   $     8,380.72


  DATE ATTY DESCRIPTION                                       HOURS              AMOUNT

04/01/08 RPK Review,.two K. Lund emails re ILA¡                    .20            50.00
              email to K. Lund.
04/02/08 RPK Review K. Lund email regarding                    3.20              800.00
              letterhead¡ review ILA from County ¡
              telephone conference with City
              Council staff person and K. Lund
              regarding County draft of ILA¡
              telephone conference with K. Lund.
04/03/08 RPK Attend board meeting; meeting with                3.00              750.00
              K. Lund.
04/05/08 RPK Review K. Lund email; review and                  5.50           ,1,375.00
              revise ILA; research regarding ILA
04/07/08 RPK Research regarding and review of                  6.70            1,675.00
              ILA¡ meeting with County Council
              staff regarding ILA; meeting with
              K. Lund¡ telephone call to K. Lund;
              conference with R. Larson.
04/07/08 RA Conference with R. Kaseguma re                         .20            46.00
              issues for agreement with King
04/08/08 RPK Two telephone conferences with K.                1.50              375.00
              Lund regarding revised ILA; review
                                                     PAGE NO. 2
                                                     INVOICE DATE 06/19/08
                                                     ACCOUNT NO. 361394-0001

 04/10/08    RPK Review S. Reddy email; email to S.         3.90        975.00
                 Reddy; telephone call from K. Lund
                 regarding ILA research; review
                 staff report for ILA; three emails
                 to K. Lund; review fare resolution
                 and attachment; review service plan
                 resolution; conference call with
                 DOT director, staff, assistant
                 prosecuting attorney, and K. Lund
                regarding ILA.
 04/10/08   RPK Review ILA; email to K. Lund;              1.40        350.00
                 review insurance resolution; review
 04/12/08 RPK Review docket agenda materials for             .40       100.00
 04/14/08 RPK Attend District meeting and portion          2.10        525.00
                 of County Council meeting regarding
 04/16/08   RPK Review final documents for ILA.              .30        75.00
 04/17/08   RPK Review email regarding                       .10        25.00
                 alcoholic/beverage sales.
 04/26/08   RPK Review board packet for executive            .20        50.00
                committee meeting.
04/30/08    RPK Telephone call from P. Carlson re           .30         75.00
                 executive director selection.
05/05/08    RPK Review J. Rresha email re                   .50        125.00
                 consulting contract; review
                 consul ting contract and scope of
OS/20/08    RPK Meeting with K. Lund and state             1. 50       375.00
                 auditor and county department
                 representatives regarding financial
                 accounting procedures and issues.
OS/21/08    RPK Review K. Lund email re SEPA; email         .40        100.00
                 to K. Lund re same.
OS/29/08    RPK Review emails regarding fact sheet.         .10         25.00
       Total Fees This Invoice                                $      7,871.00

03/03/08        Parking - hearing                                       8.00
03/10/08        Parking - hearing                                      10.00
03/12/08        Parking - hearing                                       8.00
03/20/08        Parking - hearing                                      10.00
04/03/08        Parking - hearing                                      11. 00
04/07/08        Parking - hearing                                      16.00
04/14/08        Parking - hearing                                      16.00
05/31/08        Photocopies - Office                                      .18
                                                   PAGE NO. 3
                                                   INVOICE DATE 06/19/08
                                                   ACCOUNT NO. 361394-0001

                Total Costs This Invoice                     $         79. is

                TOTAL FEES AN COSTS THIS INVOICE            $      7,950.18
                TOTAL AMOUN DUE NOW                         $     16,330.90

                                               ACCOUNT NO. ON YOUR CHECK.
                        INSLEE, BEST, DOEZIE & RYDER, P. S.
                                P.O. BOX C-90016
                             BELLEVU, WA 98009-9016
                                  (425) 455-1234
                               TAX ID # 91-0872275

King County Ferry District                           INVOICE DATE   07/09/08
Attn: Anne Noris                                     INVOICE NO.    143293
516 Third Ave., Room W-I039                          ACCOUN NO.     361394-0001
Seattle, WA 98104

         RE : General

         Amount Due from Previous Statement                     $    16,330.90
         Payments Received Since Previous Statement             $    (8,380.72)
              Last Payment Received On 06/20/08
         Account Adjustment                                     $              .00
         Finance Charge                                         $              .00
         BALANCE FORWAR                                         $     7,950.18


  DATE     ATTY DESCRIPTION                               HOURS         AMOUNT

06/02/08    KFW Research re accommodation issues.             .40        92.00
06/03/08    KFW Continue research re public                4.30         989.00
                accommodation issues.
06/04/08   RPK Meeting with K. Lund and contractor            .90       225.00
                re financial accounting.
06/04/08   RPK Commence review of draft ethics                .20        50.00
06/06/08   RPK Review K. Lund email¡ email to K.              .10        25.00
                Lund re contract amendment.
06/06/08   KFW Conference with M. McCullum at                 .40        92.00
                Federal Transit Administration re
                ADA accommodation issues.
06/09/08   RPK Attend executive committee meeting.         2.50         625.00
06/10/08   RPK Review email re brochures and                  .10        25.00
                accommodations ¡ email to K. Weber
                regarding same.
06/10/08   KFW Follow up with M. McCollum re                  .60       138.00
                findings ¡ draft email
                correspondence to client
                representatives re conclusions from
06/11/08   RPK Further review of draft procurement            .20        50.00
06/12/08 RPK Preparation of auditing officer                  .20        50.00
                resolution; review K. Lund email to
                B. Greene re Vashon service.
                                                    PAGE NO. 2
                                                    INVOICE DATE 07/09/08
                                                    ACCOUN NO. 361394-0001

06/14/08   RPK   Review draft ethics code;                 1.80        450.00
                 preparation of revisions to code;
                 review draft procurement policy.
06/14/08   RPK   Review draft FAQ sheet.                    .20         50.00
06/16/08   RPK   Email to K. Faucett re FAQ sheet.          .20         50.00
06/17/08   RPK   Preparation of advance payement of         .40        100.00
                 claims resolution.
06/19/08   RPK   Review and revise draft ethics code.     1.40        350.00
06/20/08   RPK   Telephone call from K. Lund re             .60       150.00
                 miscellaneous and bylaw amendments.
06/26/08   RPK   Research re privacy statement;             .20        50.00
                 research regarding procurement
06/26/08   RPK   Telephone call from K. Lund re             .20        50.00
                 websi te and miscellaneous issues.
06/26/08   KAS   Research privacy and accessibility         .10        15.00
                 statements for new district
06/27/08   KAS   Continue research privacy and              .80       120.00
                 accessibility statements for new
                 district websites.

       Total Fees This Invoice                                $     3,746.00

       TOTAL FEES AN COSTS THIS INVOICE                      $      3,746.00
       TOTAL AMOUN DUE NOW                                   $     11,696.18

  King County
  Department of Transportation
  Harold TanIguchi, Director
  201 South Jackson Street
 . Seattle, WA 98104-3856
  206.684.1481 TTY Relay: 711


 DATE:                 July 10, 2008

 TO:                 . Clerk of the Board
                       King County Ferry Distrct I fA /1

 FROM:                 Bil Greene, Acting Director l/ i:.. /
                       Marine Division, Department of Transportation

 PERIODS:              05/01/2008 TO 05/31/2008
                       Plus 2 Invoices from Argosy (Water Tax)

AMOUNT:                $104,734.16

Persuant to Section 5.5.l of              the Inter-local Governmental Agreement, we are submitting
Invoíce No. 0002 for the              period May 1, 2008 to May 31, 2008 for management and
support costs. We are also submitting two invoices for the month of
                                                                                May that were
actually paid in June to Argosy for expenses incurred to provide contracted operations of
the Ellott Bay Water Taxi.

Please make the check payable to:

King Comity Department of  Transportation
c/o Pete Anthony, Manager
Financial Management Section
Finance and Business Operations Division
King County Departent of Executive Services
500 Fourth Avenue, Room 653
Seattle, W A 9.8104

Please don't hesitate to contact me at 206-263-3528 for any questions you may have
regarding this invoice.

Than you.

     May 1 f 2008 to May 31, 2008 Expenses By Project     1
               and by Route

II   IBIS Project Transaction Report by Project          2-11


    DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORT                 A TlON

      FUND       COST CENTER            CC DESCRIPTION             PROJECT   AMOUNT
       1591           1465      MARINE ADMIN & OPERATIONS           159101
                                                                               6,38.29    BG
                      1465      MARINE ELLIOTT BAY WATER TAXI       159102    15,968.95 Varous Expenses
      1591            1465      WATER TAXI                          159102    64,580.10 PAID IN JUNE 2008
      1591            1465      WATER TAXI                          159102    11,149.66 PAiD IN JUNE 2008
       464            5713      WATER TAXI PROG (Contract Admin)    430816     4,862.52 MBi LM . Mike Beck's    section .(Water ,Taxi)
       464            5824      WATER TAXI PROG (Promotion)         430816       430.35 LW * Mike Beck's setion (Water Taxi)
       464            5819      WATER TAXI PROG (Info Dist)         43816        H:¡3.83 JJ * Mike Beck's section (Water Taxi)
       464            5012     TRANSP DEPUTY DIRECTOR               431292     1,150.46 LB,8G




TP: P:\Marine Division InvoicesIFSR\SUMMARY OF COSTS FROM 050107 TO 053108
                                                                                                                                   i     I
                                                                                                           7/9/2008 10:23 AM

           Parameters                          cc: 1465                                   Start Acct: 30000                                                 Start     Date: 01;'MAY-08
         , Entered                             Project:159101                             End Acct: 59999                                                   End Date: 31-MAY-08
           Run Date: 7/10/2008 IBIS Detail Transaction Report
           cc: 1465 Marine
           Fund: 1591 Marine Oper
           Project: 159101 Dot Mar,ine Div Admin-Suppt Operations
           From Item/Name ,Description KOT/Batch/lnvoice                                                                                                                                                Date                               Hours        Amount
          SalarylWages/Employee Benefits
          51110 Salaries-Regular
          PAY Greene, Wiliam                                                    ,216101 Chief Financial Officer                                            RG                                           05/16/2008                       40.00         2,143.49 .
          PAY, Greene, Wiliam,                                                   216101 Chief Financial Offcer'                                            AP                                           05/30/2008                       16.00          900.27
          PAY Greene,Willam                                                      216101 Chief Financial Officer                                            RG                                           05/30/2008                       16.00          857.40
          Account Total: 51110 Saiiuies-Regular
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            72.00      3,901.16
          51193 Loan In Labor (Manual)
          MAN Igt A: May-08:JezlJp Special Duty At Dot:. Apr-08                                                                                                                                         05/16/2008                                     2,001.01
          Account Total: 51193 Loan In Labor (Manual)
          51398 Loan In/Out Benefits-Manual
          MAN Igt A: May-08: JezlJp Special Duty At Dot - Apr-08                                                                                                                                        05/16/2008                                      536.12
          Account Total: 51398 Loan'ln/Out Benefits-Manual
          Account Class Total: SalarylWages/Employee Benefits
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           72.00.      6,438.29
          Project      Expense Total': 159101
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           72.00       6,438.29
          Fund Expense Total: 1591 Marine Oper
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           72.00       6,438.29
          Cost Center Expense Total: 1465 Marine
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           72.00       6,438.29

        N                                                                                                                                         Page 1 of 1

.......---..--.--..--------..--- --..-.----________________"~..M_._~.........~~.._______.._...~.h_____..._____------_-_-------.--~--.-.-..__.~__...,_~_~____.____.__.___.___________________.~_.__.._~....._._._. ..._..___..._.......~..._..____._.
                                                               Project Transaction Report
                                                                                                                                  For Penod: MAY-OS

    Sub Proj 0 159102
    Phase: ; 0 MAY-OS
    159102 DOT MARNE DIV ELLIOTT BAY                     WATER TAX OPER-MAIN1

    From Item/Niime Description KOTlBatchlnvoiee Date Hours . Amount
  _~!ant_~~!_Ç~~~r.:J_465 MarÎ!~__.__.."_.._.____________,,._...._..._____ Ac~..~~290 _.Su~.!~:.~~_________________________~____...
  I Al ¡ Ad Specialties & Pròmotio f I 08135B02 15409 i 05/141081                                                                                                59;00
   AlP Ad Specialties & Promotio , I 08135B02 15416 I 05/14/08 ,                                                                                                168.00
  AlP Ad Specialties Promotio I 08135B02 15409 I 05/14108
. I AlPAd Specialties &&promotioi " II0813B02 15416 I 05/14/08 I                                                                                                 21.761
   AlP I Ad Specialties & Promotio Wa.State Loca S~les TaX i 08135B02 15409 I 05/14/08                                                                          128.981
    AlP I Ad Specialties & Promotio i Wa.Stale Local Sales Tax I 08135B02 15409 I 05/14/08 I
   Al ! AdSpecia1ties&Promotio I Wa.StateLoalSalesTax I 08135B02 15416 i 05/14/08 Il                                                          i 5.251
   Al i Ad Specialties &Promotio Wa.StateLocal Sales Tax i 08135B02 15416 I 05/14/08                                                          1- 14.95 i
  __ _"..__...._ L__ _ ______ __,,_.____.____ .________L . _. __.._ ..._________ __.._..... .__ ___________._. ._. _...______ _-l____ __...__  .L___._,,_____~:94l
   Acct Total; 52290 SnPlilies-Mise                                                                                                                           1,849.08
   Grant 0 Cost Center: 1465 Marine                                                                      Acct: 53230 Advertiing Meda

 C~~=T.~~~t~~a~i~~~~~~_~~_~==.~___l.._===-=~~.=~=~~~_.._._. ..1o.~43G01__!~~~~~-___-,_.L~5~?:~__L_____.i=-_-=_=~~~:~~r
   AcetTotal: 53230 AdvertisingMedia                                                                                                                            388.50
   Grånt 0 .Cost Center: 1465 Marine
 IÃJ ! Esp Piinting Inc. -----f-Ißvoìc~i11229% Wa~r Taxi Promo

. ¡Al. I Esp printing Inc. 'l Wa.Stale Lol Sales Tax
 t.__.":..~~_._._."".._._.__._..___._.__.,~___.__~__ _______~~.~~__.__._.,~_
                                                                                           , .           Acct : 53806 Prtig

                                                                                           f 08140B01 122996 ---. j 05/19/08
                                                                                           I 081.~--_.~---.__._----_.- --------
                                                                                                 4OBO 1 122996 05/19/08
                                                                                                                                                       .-.-- 7,201.00 I
                                                                                                                                                     _____ 640.891

   Acct Total: 53806 Printing                                                                                                                                7,841.89
   Grant 0 Cost Center: 1465 Marine                                                                      Acet : 53890 Servces-Mie

 rAi .. ..-r -ci~;;~U~¡;t;;-fu-¡-"'--------""-r'-------'---------"'"                                                                                                            I

                                                                           --- -r::=n:::-----lr::lG---------:~I                                                                 I

 . 1
 ! ~ I ::~::~~:;~~ mc 1,1 Wa.stale Lol Sales Tax                                          i 08141HOI ISG30431 OS/20/08 2,150.001
 L.~ ___..I. .~~~~~~~i_,:__________.... ....______J~~~~~~:~~~~~~.'I~______....      .. ...__.J~~14lH01 !~~~~~~.~_... ...___J.~~~~0/08__ __....... ....__...._._.._i~=:5~J
  Acet Total: 53890 Services-Mie                                                                                                                             5,889.48           I
   Cost Center Total: 1465 Marie                                                                                                                            15,968.95           ¡

   GraDtTotal: 0                                                                                                                                            15,968.95           I
  Phase Total: 0                                                                                                                                            15,968.95           i
  Sub .Proj Total: 0                                                                                                                                        15,968.95           !
  Project Totiil :. 159102 Dot MarIne Di\' ElIott'Bay Water Taxi                                                                                            15,968.95

  Project Transaction                                                  Page 1 of!                              Generated 6/27/2008 2:59:12PM
                                                                                                                                                      1i Y-08
                                                                                                                                                     .. .



    i Number ~______ __.__ ,,_ ____J. Name (i:.RGQšìf~~___. ____________......._-.1 ,                                                                                 i

    I ëurrnc-y USÍ)~ . .                                                                                                                                              !

                             '0 §Ìl41UNiØ08 ' "ad'" . ' i
    I .A~ou.f!t. i~' -'~:. :,.: 6~,5l~;.10i. N~~~!lr Ab,a"";;. :~i!~. ff~~~

                            .V:§~.~J':l..... ....-,~,~:.~Å,~~",.. ..Ji                                                                                                I


                 Cle.ared Amoiint. L______~~4;5.~!':;10j _ . Name.                                                                                                í
                        €Je.arèdDale .1~z.!l;t~.~:.~, ....Aot:lI\írit'                                                                                            i

                 .~~(:::;..¿:~:.:I.,d~"....__......~:~___-~~~J' "I
                              I ' . pa..,pY.. .ina...:,1e...m.."....t,e....:.., Qn:'.:.t.O.::...::¡;rv:,'....lI.':..ê...~,~..:.:o..Jidt...'
                                                                                     . -'CO .....,..                                                     ;f.      I
                                                                  -..;:.,.:.....    . ."............                  '. . ': .- :..~;;'.I:' "J. ~
    -Invøiç,è'$':....                                    '. : ",€; :::"i~;..;i::'
                                                                                                                                                     .;.~..: .
            .:.:. i5n~:!~                                                                                                                                         I



        -     --
                                                         INVOICE                                 PAGE:              1

 .0                                                                 INVOICE NUMBER: WT508-IKJ

                                                                       INVOICE DATE: 5/31/2008

                                                                       SALESPERSON: NO
                                                                    SALES TAX CODE: WA
                 King County Metro Transit                                                                                       !
                 KSC- TR-0426                                         CUSTOMER No.: 01-CITYSEA                                   !

                 201 S. Jackson                                      CUSTOMER P.O.: 400084                                       ¡

                 Seatte, WA 98104-1598                                                                                           I
                                   Mike Beck                               SHWVIA:                                               i

                                                                             TERMS: Pay Upon Receipt                             i

                                                                              PRICE AMOUNT .                                     I
    . 540-28-00
     fD6-45-05                                                     1.000           0.000            65,079.86
                                                                   1.000           0.00"0              499.76-

                     Po, I!0:2g9Ù
                                                           M b010aS
5'~ i
                  I £lfp '5



                                                                           Net Invoice:
ll)                                                                            Freight:
                                                                            Sales Tax:

                                                                                                      0.00              I

                                                                                                 64,580.10              I

                                                               .1 INVOICE TOTAL: .1                                     i
  :: DELUXE BUSINESS FORMS. 1 +800:¡28.0304'
                                                                                                            1": .
                                                                                             '705IC1CTA6Ü..EP~ :'/.

                             r~, 1j,;14jÏJì~l ,                                           Ñomliér rli~!§!!1 ,J " , ';$~;e , f~R~ãäri1:.-i
                                                                                      AddÆ~;l ,':)11:~ . .' .. .' ..,1.
               , j'
                8atëh~;~Æ~!r~ ..~.-..~J m,_,...J
             V:~uch~r.', .c.~_,_, , ' .... ,.._..",...._._..,....;0....,;
                                                                                                         :~._...:_--_.'-_.;...;.....~..:..:~~... .
               Status ¡Reconciled Unaccountei
Cleared,Amount C:=~~~.~_"~~...~J ~.~ÙÛ~_.._..                                       , ,Närn.~,I~~..!i~~~~~Jl,~,WÄS.~l"øt.ø~
   Cleared       Data ,)(.JÜN:.:9.M,:¡,'
                                                                            '.' .. ..wi~::~~~;;ii~~~::..L~~~~Ll
  ~~.t~;::::6;;:-1___~~::__~.:__.~_~:~.~-\1,'., ','
                                                                                    , . . ','- ..... . . ..
                                                                                                 :";'. :;'.: .' .:: ...., ;;: ': ': i,.,; ,:..' i'.~,:": :', ',' .
                                                                                              :'.:" ~. ..;, .::.~'. .

                l~ .d
                                                                       INVOICE                                            PAGE:

     o                                                                            INVOICE NUMBER:

                                                                                    .. rN\lOICE-DATE:


                                                                                     . SALESPERSON:
                                                                                                          NO                                                                  I

                                                                                 SALES TAX CODE:                                                                          i
                                                                                                          WA                                                              I
                     Kíng County Metro Transit.                                                                                                                           I
                    .KSC- TR-0426                                                   CUSTOMER No.:
                                                                                   CUSTOMER P.O.:         01-CITYSEA                                                      I
                    201 S. Jackson                                                                                                                                        ¡
                    Seattle, WA 98104-1598                                                                400084
                    CONtACT: Mike Beck                                                     SHIP VIA:                                                                      I
                                                                                            TERMS:                                                                        i
                                                                                                          Pay Upon Receipt                                                i
       CODE                                          DESCRIPTION                                                                                                      ì
                                                                                              PIUCE                     AMOUNT

    .540-28-00                                                                                                                                                        ;

    606-45-05                                                                    1.000 11,200.270
                                                                                 1.000 50.610-                                         50.61-




                                                q 0 :(&-')0
                                                                           R4 GD1D3/                                                                              I




/5q( .                    I t.b'rr

                                                          /~tJ/() )-







                                                                                           Net Invoice:                    11,149.66
                                                                                               Freight:                         0.00
                                                                                            Sales Tax:                                                ¡
                                                                                                                                0.00                  i
                                                                                 INVOICE   TOTAL:                        11.49.66                     i
=¡~~ OF.~L!):l:6U5(NESS FO~lM5-. l'WJ-32ß.G.,(¡¿ -

                                                                                                                   :.¡~,: ;ç:~ 1 AIi(.~ c¡..~,
                                                                                                                                                 (?i II

                                                                                          Project Transaction Report
                                                                                                                                                                                           For Period: MAY-OS
     . 430816 WATER TAX PROGR.4.M
      Sub Proj : 0
      Phase: 0
      From           Item/Name                                            Description                                                 KOTlBatchlInvoice                           Date                  Hours                      Amount
      Grant 0 Cost Ce~.t~_:n~!!~l.!!~~t.~_~i~.______._.________.....______._._..~~~!-=§.l~_l.~...~~laries~~~~__._..__ .._

      ;~~ I' :::::- 1:::::==:::: i: :: ... :~:I -~ ;:::
  AcctTotal: ~:;;;;;L SalariesRegular 64.00 2,964.96
  L;~~ .J~:;.__ 51110 ...i-_~ _.. ______ ....;;~L ..I;;L _...~~;
     Grant 0 Cost Center: 5713 Contract Admin Acct: 51161 Vacation Expense

     Acet Total: 51161 Vacation Expcnse 153.45
  L_~~..~r~~:.s.~~!_~~_i..~r~¡~~~__.................j _Ali~~~~~~~_:~~!,:.~~~==:~~~~.'=~r:__...~~.::=~:-~:.:.':-==t..~5!~!2~~_J=~::.:~C=~-=~.25~..4.:T

     Grant 0 Cost Center: 5713 Contract Admin Acct : 51162 Sick Leave Expense

 . r-¡;AY'-TM~~~~;.¡;~rence-....".'....."'.'-124 i 804 T~~i¿rttion-Pi;~~~I¡.'.'-..---TSL'.'.-----.----------_n_ I OS/í6iOil...r-gr------338.6~..
  I._~~_...L Ma: 532~~~i-:~~tieoffB .:__......i-~I!.o.~~n To Proj::~_____L._____..._ 1~~.1.~~~_L___j.________~O.181
    Acct Total: 51162 Sick Leave Expense . 8.00 56882
    GraAt 0 Cost Center: 5713 Contract Admn Acct: 51163 HolidayPay

 . Acet Totai: 51163 Holiday Pay 163.11

  . Grant 0 Cost Center: 5713 Contract Admin Acct: 51315 Flex Benefit Combinea Chg

 l_~ A..=rM~~~~~~2_~,~~m;~ff-dd:~~__J.~i~oc~~o~ ~~~~~!~~..._..._......, ..__.._.Ju.
                                                                                                                                                  ..---........... ....:...-l~!!~~....I..~~~==I=:-~.c__:~~~~l
   Acct Total: 51315 Flex Benefit Combined Chg
   Grant 0 Cost Center: 5713 Contract Admi                                                                                                            Acct : 51320 OasiIica

  Ácct Total: 51320 OasllFica .274.73

  Grant 0 Cost Center: 5713 Contract Admin Acct: 51330 Retiement


  Cost Center Total: '5713 Retirement 72.00. ~
  Äcct Totar: 51330 Contract Admin219.97.
C~A -rM;53i~oõi Pai~~~:;;B-.--.:::=:I~~~~~~__:~ p~~;~¡;--..=_--==.-r--.~:===~=_~:=_=-.r-~5i31~8-r.=--r=---=~-'.~i~:?J

  Grant 0 .Cost Center: 5824 Promotion . . Acct : 51110 Salaries-Reguar

  Acct Total: 51110 Salaries-Regular 8.00 286.45
r-. .....-....--._.-,... ..---.----. -.. -..... .._...._...__u._..__.._..1_.._........ Marketing &S;;~~. _..__. .__.____.... ____..________.. .... ....... .. .... ._... u____..... ..... .. ........ _,__..'.u_... _ .... ....._____. _..
.... ..-;;ih:Li~~---.------Tii2702 . ..u. ..u....__............_.....,. ... sp~li--TRG--~--n--..--.----ij õ5ii6iÕ8-'¡.----.-8~öaT-----i86.45r
  Grant 0 Cost Center: 5824 Promotion Acct: 51161 Vacation Expense                                                                                                                                                                                   I

  Acct Total: 51161 V.cation Expcnse 5.44
C~r-._L.M~.s~23~1:~ai~ii-~:~~.=I~i;~~~~~T~!;~E~::::~~:-~-.:.:..:.,-...-.T==-=-=..-..==:-_=-.:~::=._i.~/~~/~~.L....::.~r=~:=~_... ...~~~r

  Grant 0 Cost Center: 5824 Pl"omotion Acct : 51162 Sick Leave Expense


 Acet Total: 51162 Sick Leave Expense 2.92
C~~~=IPi.š3230öi.~_~idii~~~~_=~~-f-Ä1í~~~~-;-T~i~~~..::~.~==:~=::=I~:::~~~=~:~.~:==~~_=I~r~!!~~=-L:: ..'=L~==-~==.~21

 Grant 0 Cost Center: 5824 Promotion Acct: 51163 Holiday Pay                                                                                                                                                                                     I.'

                                     Holiday Pay
 Acct Total: 51163Acct: 51166 . Funeral Leave 14.40
i. Mi~=.I~~~~...~~~~~?!=p~~~~~~.::~~.~~==..!..~~:~.~~~;T~:~~~~~~:==::::=....._.-l=:::d..~-:=:...==.==-=_-~J~~E~~L-_:~.d.~::J=:.-===-..!~?õÎ

 Grant 0 Cost Center: 5824 Promotion

                             .- _.. ._._._-_. - ".----.------..-.-"..~. ... --~-~~-------_.---,,-,--,----.----.-------. ..-..-~~----------_..-._...- ......._.._..._-...__.._.- .~.._---_._----_..._."' ,," "'M ..________,......,..______   ¡
 Project Transac(ion                                                                                                                                                                                                                         i
                                                                                                     . Page 1 00                                              Generated 6/27/2008 3:2S:45PM                          MAY.lS
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     \~      i



      Sub Proj : 0                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           430S16
      Phase; 0                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               MAY-OS
      From Itemame Descnption KaT/Batch/Invoice Date Hours Amount
      Grant 0 Cost Center: 5824 Promotion Acct: 51166 Funeral Leave

     Acct Total: 51166 Funera Leave 5.44
  L~~A__i~~_~~O~P;dtiro~~~--=-- L~ocation ~~:Ojects _-==_~:~=~I~=~-~_~~~:=:.~~~~=~~~~~~~oiT~~=~=~I~~=~~~~=_=-~1

     Grant 0                                  Cost Center: 5824 Promotion
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Acct; 51169 Other Paid Time Off
  C~A----TMi'5323Oìpai~~_me~ff - . _~I~~~~:!-;P;~T~¡;----
     Acct TotaI : 51169 Other Paid Time Off
                                                                                                                                                                       --i_~____~_____-i 0513I10~L                                                                                                 ___-.1          2.85 !
     Grant 0 Cost Center: 5824 Promotion Acct : 51315 Flex Benefit Combined Chg
  L~~__.--...~~~~:~~iöi ~~~ii~eiff~___L~~:~~~~!~.~~~~~~~:~:=:-::::~-::_::::::J-=--::--::~:-=:-.-:_-::-.--~~i-~:~~~J_____:_::~.J______.___:____Y6.8~1
    Acct Total: 51315 Flex Benefit Combined Chg 56.80                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   i

    Grant 0 Cost Center: 5824. Promotion Acct : 51320 OasiIca                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           i

    . . 51330 Retirement 19.46

    Acc.t Total: 51320 Oasilica 24.32
  L M1~:~::.L~~:5~~3~~~.:~~~~~~~~~::~=-:=J~~~~~~~~~~~!~~==::.:::..::::::::.:.:::I:::~:~::.:.::'..:::-_::~-=:::::::~:l:~~!!a.~_-J::'._::::::I' --- --~ ::',: :._-:I4~!I

    Gr-ant 0 Cost Center: 5824 Promotion Acct : 51330 Retirement

    . . . ~
  . ......-...-----..------..-.- ----.-----...--.-- -...-. ._-........ --.... ..... . - --.-.-.. .---.-.-.--------------------- .-.---- ___m___.._ -.. r-' - .... ----.--... .-.... -.-.. .-. .----...-... -- ..... -.... .,-.-..--.-.. --..... .-. ..-....- ........ "---1--''' ..-.---.. -... - -.-- ...-. .--..'-.. --               i

 L w.~__J_~:.:2~~~~~.:~~~~~o~____L A110~~~~_~~~~ol~_~_______...___.____L_______i~131~__ ___ 19'~1

   Grant 0 Cost Center: 5824 I'romotion Acct : 53320 Freight & Delivery Svc


 I NP I EnaC;~~-I~~------.-~ ,-fuvoice # 20541 7 S~btota) ---~-_.---..-I osi34"Bõï-;¡a54i¡-.-:-....---Tõsìï3iõìil------,---------.---ii:i91

   Acet Total: 53320 Freight & Delivery Svc _ 12.27
 L NP _____L:ayments Joural I~~_~~!.~::~~::_5288320: i . __ I 05/30/08 I I .. 0.12-t

   Cost Center Total: 5824 Promotion 8.00
   Gi-nt Total: 0080.00 5,292.87~
   Phase Total: 80.00 5,29U7
   Sub Pl'oj Tota: 0 80.60 5,292.87

   Sub Proj : 20
  Phae: 0                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           i

  Grant 0 Cost Center: 5819 InfOrmation Distribution Acct: 51110 Salaries-Regular                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   I.

!...:~~..-.--r-.~:::: ~:: .- ... ...--...---.r:~~:~~-~::::::::~::::~:; ...... ..-'I-:~ -.- .-. --.-- .-.----.--.--.-I.~~~~~~~:.-l---..-~:~~----.--- .-.-..-....-.---.~~:::.r .                                                                                                                                                      i

  Acct Total: 51110 Salaries-Regular 5.00 104.85 "-
~~_-i._~~~~~ James ________J.~50370 ~:~~~~n DiStrb~~~__~~_____..________J_~~?O/08 L_!.OO _________ 41.94l                                                                                                                                                                                                                           I

  Grant 0 Cost Center: 5S19 Information Distribuüon Acct : 51161 Vacation Expense.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              i

  Acct Total: 51161 Vacation Expense 1.31
¡._~~_.__.J~i: .53ï~~~~~~~~~~~~d::d.-_:.._:dI~0~~~_~!~~~~E~dddd_=_-d-d..~=:~.=dI---------:.-d:-__=d~~-d~~:dd=r~!.~~~_~J ::~:-_:= :d'. J :-dd==~d~d~=!_:.~J

  Grant 0 Cost Center: 5819 Information Distribution Acct: 51162 Sick Leave Expense



 -~~._.:J-~:..~2!~~~d~~~~~~~~~_d.-:.:.:::I~!~~~~§:~!Õ ~~~E~¡;.--=:::_~_::~.:_....J:d:::..:=::..=__.....~_..:_=~:...:I~~!~~!~I..~~:-_~~I.::...._..==..__!_:~J                                                                                                                                                                    I

  Acet Total: 51162 Sick Leave Expense                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         1.87
  Grant 0 Cost Center: 5819 Information Distribution                                                                                                                                                 Acct :' 51163 Holiday Pay

 Acet Total: 51163 Holiday Pay 4.67

 Grant 0 Cost Center: 5819 Information Distribution Acct: 51169 Other Paid Time Off

r~~:~._i-_:~~~~~~~~i~~~~~~..~....J~o~~~~_~~p~j_~~=:====d=..=I-=d-==..d..-_:_:..~d.:..=~....:~=J::~~E~~=:r_:....:__-_=-r:___..::::_..::....=_~.~~r                                                                                                                                                                           I
 Acct Total: 51169 Other Paid Time Off - 0.76
 Grant 0 Cost Center: 5819 Information Distribution Acct: 51315 Flex Benefit Combined Chg                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   f
 Projeot Transaction                                                                                                                       Page 2 of3                                                            Generated 6/27/2008 3:25:45PM                                              MAY-DB

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             ff             I
  Sub Proj : MAY-08
  Phase: 020 430816
  From Itemlame Description KOT/Bltch/nvoice Date Hours Amount
  Grant 0 Cost Center: 5819 Information Distribution Acct : 51315 Flex Benefit Combined Chg

i_~~J Ma: 53:!~_~1 PaidtimeoffB ---'-lAi~~-l~'_.'---_._~:=~~~:~=:===~==~~=~=~=~:=__f~~_i!~g-r=-.~___=i6~j
  Acct Total: 51315 Flex Benefit Combined Chg 26.77
  Grant 0 Cost Center: 5819 Information Distribution Acèt : 51320 OasiIca

 Acct Total: 51320 Oasi/Flca 7.s5
~.~~=~~J_.M~~.~~r-~~.i~!.~:_o.ff-.__._TAti~~ Proj::~--'.'------------r---.:=:==~===.-.'.'_..'.--rÕŠ3i108T~===.l_===__..3.55 f.

  Grant 0 Cost Center; 5819 Information Distribution Acct; 51330 Retirement

 Acct Total :-51330 Retirement ~)

  Grant Total: 0 5.00 153.83
 'Cost Center Total: 5819 Information Distribution 5.00 ~
  Phase Total: 0                                                                                                   5.00            153.83
 Sub Proj Total.: 20                                                                                               5.00            153.83
 Project   Total : 430816 Water   Taxi Program                                                                    85.00        5,446.70




Project Transaction.                                      Pagd of3                     Generated 6/27/2068 3:25:45PM      MAY.os

                                                                                                                            ¡ c: .
                                                                                                                    Project Transaction Report
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       For Period: MAY -08
          431292 FERRY DISTRICT

       Sub Proj : 0
      Phase: 0
      From                Item/Name                                                            Description                                                                   KOT/Batch/nvoice                   Date              Hours           Amount
      Grant 0 Cost Center: 5012 Transp Deputy Director Åcct: 51110 Salaries-Regular
   ~~~~--::I:------~l~: :l~==-;---¡: -----~ I ::--:'--'::í
  il;I.__.L;;;;: ~-;--_..,' .~--,-,---c-___l_~~~:~_;;;_,;',;;;;:;:;_____J.,_~~, .....,'_.,:._______.____,.,"¡..~~~~;~: _..";:.;.1,...",,,___,_ .._,;;~:;,¡,
     Acct Total: 51110 Salanes-Reguiar 11.00 765.89
     Grant 0 Cost Center: 5012 Transp Deputy Director Acct : 51161 Vacation Expense

     Acct Total: 51161 Vacation Expense 36.81
  L~~'-- IM~;53ij¡ioip~idti~~~~~.,~~==:~J.~~~~j~_~!.~E~~':~::~,'=__::________J.__:_..:....,...':::~~==~:~__:'I~~?~~Õ!J.~=__ __'-;' :,:.,.~..___~~!~:~.1

     Grant 0 Cost Center: 5012 Transp Deputy Director Acct : 51162 Siek Leave Expense
 ! MIA              j, ~a: 5323~~I__~~!~~~e~~,_=:=t~lloctiOn~.~~j_~~~:-_..~=:==~===::=== ".L~:~~~!:I=:,-~:--T~::::=__,,__~,~5 r
 L... ,
    Acct Total: 51162 Sick Leave Expense
     Grant 0 Cost Center :.5012 Transp Deputy Director
                                                                                                                                                                                              Acct: 51163 Holiday Pay
 i MIA i' Ma: 5323001 Paidtmeoff '-'- I Allocation To Projeêt;--..--..,- I
 I. ~."... _.... - - .... ,_ __ _.._n.. ...... ..._...... .... .._ . n _.__...._..__.___. ._..__1.._.._____............ ._.' .... .~,__. .__H.... ._._.__ _.'HH"__.__.__.. ~.. _. ._...
    AcctTotal: 51163 Holiday Pay
    Grant 0 Cost Center: 5012 Transp Deputy Director Acct : 51169 Other Paid Tjme Off

   Acct Total: 51169 Other Paid Time Off 23.98
 1- MlA--TMa:-S323öõí-p;;dti~~~fi-~~=-1~~~ti~;;ThIi~~j~~=--:~-=~==:='-r---.-""..:---==~~~2~==L._._.------23~I

   Grant 0 Cost Center: 5012 Tramp Deputy Director Acct : 51315 Flex Benefit Combined Chg

   Acct Total: 51315' Flex Benefit Combined Chg 142.94
   Grant 0 Cost Center: 5012 Transp Deputy Director Acct : 51320 Oasilca

   Acct Total: 51320 OásiIica 71.88
C~~~: ...:I~~~~~r~~ï~~~ï~~;;~~~~=I~~~~~=~~r~~E~~::_,__~=====J".-~~:~~=~~~:~~:.~~~__===-I~E~~:~I::_':_~=dJ:=_=~=::d=,=:.~l~~

  Grant 0 Cost Center: 5012 Transp Deputy Director Acct : 51330 Retiement

    Ac~t Total: Deputy Director Retirement' 57.99
 .Grant 0 Cost Center: 5012, Traiisp51330 Acct : 51340 Industrial Insurance/Sspf .

  , ,
      Insurancc/Sspf 6.52
 Acct Total: 51340 Industral

 Gra'nt Total: 0 11.00 1,150.46
 Cost Center Total: 5012 Transp Deputy Director 11.00 1,150.46
 Phase Total: 0

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             1,150.46          i
 Sub Proj Total: 0
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            11.00            1,150.46          ¡
 Project Total: 431292 Ferry Dlstiict
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            11.00            1,150.46




Project Transaction Page i of i                                                                                                                                                                   Gencraled 6/2712008 3;25;45PM         MAY -l8


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    .I )

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