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                                      MODEL D OR MODEL E?
                                      ROWING CHALLENGES
                                      GUIDELINES FOR GENERAL FITNESS
                                      SAVE A TREE

       THAT IS THE QUESTION                                                                              by Judy Geer

                     F   or the first time in Concept2 history we offer two models of the indoor rower, the Model D
                         and the Model E. While we all believe that choice is a great thing, we realize it might make
                     the purchasing decision a little challenging for our customers. We’d like to offer a few scenarios
                     that will help you decide which model is best for you.

                     I’m an individual planning to buy an indoor            Some home users might prefer the Model
                     rower for home use. Should I buy a Model D or a        E for the following reasons:
                     Model E?                                               1. If you have knee problems or flexibility
    If you are looking for a good home fitness machine, the                     and balance issues that might make
    Model D is a great choice. It’s time-tested and built to withstand         it difficult to get on and off the indoor
    institutional use, so it should last forever in a home setting with        rower, the Model E may be a better
    the minimal suggested maintenance. It comes standard with                  choice for you. It’s 6” higher off the floor,
    the Performance Monitor 3 (PM3), or you can upgrade to the                 bringing it up to normal chair height.
    Performance Monitor 4 (PM4).                                            2. If you want your machine to be even
    The PM4 comes with all the features of the PM3 plus wireless               more rugged and even more stable, then
    Suunto heart rate (with a free chest belt provided), a rechargeable        the Model E is the machine for you.
    battery, machine-to-machine racing capabilities and the potential       3. If your windowsills are high and you
    for future upgrades and improvements. If the extra features of the         can’t quite see the view from the Model
    PM4 are not important to you, then a Model D Indoor Rower with             D seat, the Model E might give you the
    a PM3 is a great, economical fit. You can always upgrade to a PM4           additional height you need!
    if you change your mind.

    • Choice of PM3 or PM4 monitor                                            • PM4 monitor with games, wireless heart rate
    • High quality steel chain requires minimal                                 option and machine-to-machine racing
      maintenance                                                             • Nickel-plated chain is corrosion resistant
    • Separates easily for storage                                            • Separates easily for storage

                                                                    CONCEPT2 IN THE NEWS

                                                                    For years we’ve known that the
                                                                    Concept2 Indoor Rower has wide
                                                                    appeal. This has been especially
                                                                    evident in recent months. Here are just
                                                                    a few of the magazines and television
                                                                    programs that have featured our
                                                                    indoor rower.

                                                                    The Martha Stewart Show,
         The Model D (foreground) and the Model E (background).     January 22, 2007
                                                                    Featured Martha Stewart and her
                                                                    trainer on the Concept2 Indoor Rower
I’m purchasing indoor rowers for my rowing club/school. Should I
                                                                    as they explained the benefits of
buy a Model D or Model E?                                           indoor rowing, Martha’s new “favorite”
The Model D is well-suited to rowing clubs and schools, many        exercise.
of which already have a number of older Model Ds already. In
addition, the lower cost may make it possible to purchase more
indoor rowers. (You can purchase 3 Model Ds for roughly the price   Dirt Rider, April 2007
of 2 Model Es.) Many schools and clubs are now opting for the       “Surviving Pastranaland!
Model D/PM4 combo to take advantage of                              Nine tips to help you live through
the racing capabilities the PM4 offers. The                         Travis’ Nitro Circus”
PM4 is an ideal fit for running races with
                                                                    Features Travis Pastrana, one of
up to eight PM4-equipped machines. No                               the most well known motorsports
extra equipment is required and kids love                           competitors who has won numerous
it! You can purchase six Model Ds with the                          championships and X Games gold
PM4 for the price of five Model Es and use                           medals in several events, including
the money you save to upgrade your older                            supercross,   motocross,       freestyle
indoor rowers to PM4s.                                              motocross, and rally racing. Travis
                                                                    regularly uses the Concept2 Indoor
                                                                    Rower for crosstraining and issues a
I’m purchasing rowing machines for a high-use fitness facility.      rowing challenge in this article.
Should I buy a Model D or Model E?
For fitness facilities and other high-use, multiple-user             Sports Illustrated, April 2007
environments, we recommend the Model E. The additional
height for improved accessibility, the extra                        “Ultimate Regimen:
rigidity and ruggedness, and the power of                           A fighting champion gets intense”
the PM4 monitor all contribute to make                              Features Chuck Liddell, World Light
the Model E the model of choice for these                           Heavyweight Champion in Mixed
applications.                                                       Martial Arts. Chuck tells how he
                                                                    uses the Concept2 Indoor Rower for
If you still have questions about which                             crosstraining.
model indoor rower is right for you, please                         Visit and click on
contact us. We will do our best to help you                         COMPANY > NEWS to read these
make the right decision.                                            stories and more!



W     hat is the JVC? The January Virtual Challenge is a team-
      based challenge where the goal is to row as many meters
as you can. Teams do not have to be physical teams that exist
                                                                   Here are a few of the stories we received from virtual
                                                                    Visit for more great stories from the
in one location; they can be “virtual teams” of people from
anywhere in the world who agree to row meters for their
This year’s January Virtual Challenge (JVC) saw a record
number of teams and participants resulting in a record
number of meters being rowed!

                                         173                           Linda Stone rowing for Gym & Tonic Health Club.

                                                                     G    reat challenge for our health club. We
                                                                          loved it last year and just had to have
    NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS                                           another go at it. It really does bring out the
           839                                                       best in people. We have loads of stories to tell
    2006                                                             but thought I would show you a picture of our
                                                    2192             star team member Linda Stone. She has done
    2007                                                             26,000 metres all from a wheelchair. She has
                                                                     inspired us all.
                                                                     Jeff Warren
                                                                     Tewkesbury, ENGLAND, Gym & Tonic Health Club
                                                                     I  bought a Model B in 1989. Although I’ve
                                                                        used it sporadically, I’ve never put a lot of
                                                                     metres on it. The team challenge was extremely
                                      247,408,532!                   motivating for me. I put more metres on in
                                                                     January than in the previous 16 years of owning
                                                                     the Model B. I decided to start rowing again on
There was a wide variety in teams—some small, some large,            December 30 and did a couple light workouts.
some made up of families and others made up of friends. Some         Then an email came the next day from Louis-
teams were new for this event; others have been at it for a          Eric about joining a team challenge and now
while, and all showed a terrific team spirit and camaraderie.         I’m hooked. I’m an hour away from my first
                                                                     million and have told myself if I keep working
Interested in forming a team for next January? Set up a Personal
                                                                     at it, a new Model E is in the works. Louis-Eric
Online Logbook if you haven’t already, and watch your email
and for announcements in December.

                                                   STAY IN SHAPE THIS SUMMER!

team members.
January Virtual Challenge.
                                              S   ummertime is filled with wonderful
                                                  distractions that may keep us from rowing.
                                              Cycling, hiking, gardening, boating, hammock-
                                              swinging and vacationing are just a few of
                                              the activities that can contribute to a silent
       Simard deserves a big thanks from      flywheel during those short, sweet months.
       a lot of people for bringing the       We want to encourage you to stay in rowing
       team together and providing huge       shape throughout the summer by participating
       motivation for us.                     in our summer challenges.
       Larry Skelly                           The 5th Annual Summer Solstice Row
       Whitby, Ontario, CANADA, Team Canada
                                              will take place on Thursday, June 21, 2007. On that
                                              date, the longest day of the year, we challenge you to
                                              row 21,000 meters, on the water or on the indoor rower, to
       I  am writing to ask that you
          recognize one of your newest
       and most enthusiastic rowers,
                                              celebrate the solstice. The meters can be accrued from several workouts
                                              throughout the day or from one long workout. While you’re at it, you
       our team Captain for the January       may just as well row an additional 97 meters and make it an official half-
       Virtual Challenge, my sister,          marathon of 21,097 meters! The half-marathon does have to be rowed in
       Marcella Fort. The community you       one sitting. Small breaks are allowed, but the rest time needs to be included
       have created through the Concept2      in the final time for ranking. Once you enter the meters in your Personal
       website is truly remarkable. This      Online Logbook, you will be able to download a special certificate from the
       has made it possible for my entire     Challenges section of your online logbook and your name will be included
       family (grandkids, parents and         on the 2007 Solstice Challenge Honor Board.
       grandparents) to do something          The 3rd Annual Blue Moon Row will take place on June 30, 2007. On
       athletic ‘together,’ (via our teams,   that day, we challenge you to row TWICE in one day, with each row being
       the McDermott Four and the             at least 5000 meters in length. As with the Solstice Row, we will allow on-
       McDermott Crew) despite the            water meters for this event.
       distance between us. My sister,        Since we announced the 1st Blue Moon Row in 2004 several customers
       who has always struggled with          have written to let us know that there are two different definitions of “blue
       her weight, now boasts that her        moon.” The first definition of a blue moon is when a full moon occurs twice
       clothes are getting baggy and she’s    in one month. In this case, the second full moon is called a blue moon. The
       completely addicted to her erg.        second definition is when there are four full moons in one season, and
       I am so proud of her and pleased       when this occurs, the third full moon is the blue moon. Indeed, it appears
       that your organization has invested    that the second definition is the correct one—though the first definition
       the time, energy and resources to      has become more widely known. We have the first definition to thank for
       build and maintain such a positive     this summer’s Blue Moon Row.
                                              There will also be random drawings though June, July and August during
       Sam McDermott
       The McDermott Four                     the Summer Sweeps from everyone who rows at least 5000 meters. Keep
       and the McDermott Crew                 your online logbook up to date to be included in the drawing! Winners’
                                              names will be posted on the Summer Sweeps Honors Board.


               THE POWER OF THE PM                                                                 30-MINUTE

      Did you know?
      The Performance Monitor (PM) allows you to:
      • Pre-set a workout of your choice into the PM.
      • Choose from a selection of workouts that have been pre-programmed into
        the PM for you.
                                                                                            Y  ou’re a busy person.
                                                                                                Perhaps you’re upwardly and
                                                                                            geographically mobile; or barely
      Why Pre-Set a Workout?                                                                keeping up with a busy household
                                                                                            of kids; or overwhelmed with
      A pre-set workout is the best way to manage and time a workout, especially
                                                                                            great ways to spend your time
      an interval workout. The PM becomes your coach, telling you when to start
                                                                                            during retirement. No matter
      and stop and how long to rest, and, at the end of the workout, the PM will
                                                                                            the situation, time is precious.
      display your results for each interval of the workout.
                                                                                            And so is your health. You need
      The pre-set function should also be used for time-trials, tests and ranking           to keep fit. Your Concept2 Indoor
      pieces or any other time you want a final official “score” for your effort.             Rower can help.
      And finally, many people find pre-set workouts to be more motivating. Once              These thirty-minute workouts
      you make the commitment to pre-set the workout and start rowing, the PM               will get you through the week,
      will count down the remaining time or distance to 0. There is less temptation         maintain and even boost your
      to quit early!                                                                        fitness and your strength, and
                                                                                            leave you ready for weekend
      Here’s How:               From the MAIN MENU, press “Select Workout.”                 adventures.
                                Choose from:                                                Most of these workouts are
                                • Standard List - Offers a list of pre-set standard         interval workouts, meaning
                                  workouts to choose from.                                  there is an alternation of hard
                                                                                            work with easy rest. Intervals are
                                • Custom List - Offers another list of pre-set custom
                                                                                            a very effective way of increasing
                                  workouts to which you can add your own custom
                                                                                            both aerobic and anaerobic
                                                                                            capacity in a minimal amount of
                                • Favorites * - If you are using your LogCard, you can      time.
                                  save a list of your own favorite pre-set workouts.
                                                                                            If you haven’t been rowing
                                • ReRow - The “Re-Row” function allows you to “re-          regularly, we recommend at
                                  row” a saved workout (in “Memory” or on the LogCard)      least a week of easy to moderate
* Favorites will be               by rowing against a Paceboat driven by a split-by-split   rowing before taking on these
    available only if you are
    using your LogCard.           replay of the saved workout. Note: You can also race      workouts. And remember to
                                  a Paceboat in a “New Workout” by entering a pace for      warm up before every row!
                                  the Optional PaceBoat setting when you set up the
                                • New Workout - Allows you to set up a workout of
                                  your choice which can then be saved to “Custom” or

 The Warm-up                              The Details
 Start each workout with the following    Row easily, gradually building pressure for the first two minutes. Then row 10
 5 minute warm-up:                        strokes moderately hard, 10 easy, 20 a little harder, 10 easy, 10 hard, 10 easy, 10
                                          very hard, then row easy until you hit 5 minutes.

 You now have 24 minutes for your workout, leaving an extra minute for a cool-down of easy “paddling” at the end.
 Choose any of the following workouts.

 The Workout                              The Details
 Alternate 1 minute of hard rowing        Start with 10 of these, and work up to as many as 15. In the middle of the
 with 30 seconds of easy rowing           workout, take one interval at a slower pace, so that you can maintain good
                                          intensity on the rest of them.

 Alternate 2 minutes of hard rowing       Do 4 to 6 of these intervals. You’ve got plenty of rest, so these intervals should be
 with 2 minutes of easy rowing            done at good intensity.

 Alternate 4 minutes of hard rowing       These intervals should be done at a moderately intense pace, not at max.
 with 2 minutes of easy rowing            This makes them “threshold intervals,” a great tool for improving your aerobic
                                          capacity. Start with two or three of these.

 Alternate 8 minutes of hard rowing       For this workout, aim for a steady pace that you can maintain for the entire 8
 with 4 minutes of easy rowing            minutes. Better to start a little slowly than to start too hard, resulting in a serious
                                          fade. If you feel great in the last couple minutes, you can increase the intensity.

 Work pieces: 1 minute, 2 minutes,        This pyramid workout offers a nice variety of interval lengths. Keep the pace
 3 minutes, 4 minutes, 3 minutes, 2       moderately intense on the way up the pyramid, and then work toward max
 minutes, 1 minute. 1 minute rest in      intensity on the way back down.
 between work pieces.

 Work pieces: 5 minutes, 4 minutes,       In this workout, each successive interval gets shorter by a minute.
 3 minutes, 2 minutes, 1 minute. 1        Psychologically, this makes it easier for you to push the intensity higher on each
 minute rest in between work pieces.      piece.

 Alternate 1:45 minutes of hard rowing    These short-rest intervals keep your heart rate up for entire workout; yet the
 with 15 seconds of easy rowing           short rest is enough to enable you to start each interval strong. Do a set of 4-5 of
                                          these; row easy for one cycle, then do 4-5 more.

 Alternate 40 seconds of hard rowing      These short intervals result in a great workout, even on a day when you’re having
 with 20 seconds of easy rowing           trouble getting going. Start easy, and build intensity through your session.

 Alternate 500 meters of work with 1      Note: This is a great workout that is pre-programmed into the PM as a Standard
 minute of rest.                          Workout. Start with four 500 meter pieces and build from there.

 Alternate 30 seconds of work with 30     Here’s another great workout that is pre-programmed into the PM as a Custom
 seconds of rest.                         Workout!

                    IT’S THE LEAST YOU CAN
                                                                                                     How Much

    Y   ou’re not interested in racing. You don’t have time to train for a marathon.
        In fact, you have very little free time for anything! BUT you want to do
    the minimum amount of exercise to keep you fit and healthy.                          HHS AND USDA
    How much exercise is enough? And why is rowing a great choice?                                 FOR GENERAL
    The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Department
                                                                                       General Population
    of Agriculture (USDA) offer an excellent summary of the current
    recommendations in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005 published             Engage in regular physical
    every five years. We’ve listed the guidelines at right and offer advice on how      activity and reduce sedentary
    rowing can help you meet the requirements for general fitness.                      activities to promote health,
                                                                                       psychological well-being, and a
                                                                                       healthy body weight.
                                                                                         To reduce the risk of chronic
      Home Use:                                                                          disease in adulthood: Engage
                                                                                         in at least 30 minutes of
      The Concept2 Indoor Rower is used at health clubs, colleges,
                                                                                         moderate-intensity physical
      universities, and corporate fitness centers. It is also an affordable
                                                                                         activity, above usual activity, at
      option for a home gym. If you can only afford one machine, choose
                                                                                         work or home on most days of
      the indoor rower because it exercises all the major muscle groups.
                                                                                         the week.
                                                                                         For most people, greater
                                                                                         health benefits can be
      Intensity:                                                                         obtained by engaging in
      The user is in complete control of the intensity on the Concept2                   physical activity of more
      Indoor Rower. To increase the intensity of your workout, just pull                 vigorous intensity or longer
      harder. Do this by accelerating the handle more quickly, not by                    duration.
      taking more strokes per minute. The faster the wheel spins the more                To help manage body
      resistance you will feel.                                                          weight and prevent gradual,
      Moderate-intensity physical activity refers to any activity that burns             unhealthy body weight gain
      3.5 to 7 calories per minute or 210 to 420 calories per hour as displayed          in adulthood: Engage in
      by the Performance Monitor.                                                        approximately 60 minutes of
                                                                                         moderate to vigorous-intensity
      Vigorous-intensity physical activity refers to any activity that burns             activity on most days of the
      more than 7 calories per minute.                                                   week while not exceeding
      To view calories on the PM, press CHANGE UNITS until calories are                  caloric intake requirements.
      displayed.                                                                         To sustain weight loss in
                                                                                         adulthood: Participate in at
                                                                                         least 60 to 90 minutes of daily
                                                                                         moderate-intensity physical
      Manage Your Weight:
                                                                                         activity while not exceeding
      Not sure you can row for 60 minutes? Gradually increase your time                  caloric intake requirements.
      on the indoor rower. Some people watch TV or movies while they row;                Some people may need to
      others listen to music or books on tape; some are intrigued by the                 consult with a healthcare
      numerical and graphical feedback of the Performance Monitor (PM),                  provider before participating
      and others find the quiet rhythm and peace of rowing the perfect way                in this level of activity.
      to clear their heads after a long day at work.

Exercise is enough for General Fitness?


Achieve physical
fitness by including         Rowing puts your major joints through a wide range of
cardiovascular              motion. Pick a joint (ankle, knee, hip, elbow, etc.) and
conditioning, stretching    follow it through the rowing stroke. Few other exercises
exercises for flexibility,   offer this much motion. This promotes flexibility within
and resistance exercises    the rowing activity itself. We also encourage customers
or calisthenics for         to do additional stretching after they are warmed up and
muscle strength and         after they finish rowing.

                            Young People:
Young People
                            Rowing is kid-friendly! More and more schools are
It is recommended that      introducing rowing as an example of a lifelong exercise
children and adolescents    that suits all ages and abilities and can be easily integrated
participate in at least     into both PE and academic classwork. Kids of all ages
60 minutes of moderate      will enjoy the Fish Game, a video game where you earn
intensity physical          points by catching good fish, and avoid losing points by
activity most days of the   not getting caught by the bad fish!
week, preferably daily.

                            Older Adults:
Older Adults
                            There are several reasons that rowing may be a sensible
Participate in regular
                            choice for older fitness-seekers. It is a seated exercise that
physical activity to
                            still manages to involve and strengthen all the major muscle
reduce functional
                            groups and the intensity is user-controlled. This makes it
declines associated with
                            a safe and effective option for those who have issues with
aging and to achieve
                            balance, vision, or leg/foot problems such as arthritis. The
the other benefits
                            built-in Polar or Suunto™ heart rate capability makes it
of physical activity
                            easier to monitor your exercise intensity.
identified for all adults.

                            Sustain Weight Loss:
                            Many people tell us that our online challenges are what
                            really help them to discover new frontiers in rowing time
                            and distance. This helps keep the pounds off.



W     hat a year it has been for indoor racing! There
      were over 155 races all over the world during the
2006-2007 racing season culminating in the 26th annual
                                                                   2000 METER RECORDS
                                                                   FROM THE 2006-2007 RACE SEASON
C.R.A.S.H.-B. Sprints in Boston on February 25. Thousands
of people got on the indoor rower to pull 2000 meters, all         Cecilie Sandager        Denmark       12 & under LWT   7:58.0
in an effort to see if they could do a personal best time or       Henrik Stephansen       Denmark       13-18 LWT        6:06.5
win the elusive trophy.                                            Anna Bailey             UK            55-59 HWT        7:25.2
                                                                   Sally Galbraith         Australia     55-59 LWT        7:51.5
Now, don’t think that your only option is to row 2000
                                                                   Barbara Pike            USA           65-69 HWT        7:53.4
meters to compete at a race. Some races offer choices like
                                                                   Brian Bailey            UK            60-64 LWT        6:42.5
the 30 minute row, team relays, coxswain row and a kid’s
                                                                   Renee Camu              France        70-74 HWT        8:26.7
category, to name a few. An updated race calendar will be
                                                                   Frederik Osborne        USA           80-84 HWT        7:57.2
posted in the late fall for the 2007-2008 season. Check out
                                                                   Dean Smith              USA           80-84 LWT        7:52.5
the calendar at to locate a race near you.
                                                                   Ruth Doell              USA           80-84 HWT        9:08.1
Photographs from C.R.A.S.H.-B. 2007
                                                                   For a full listing of records set at other race distances,

  Wyatt Allen and Mark Flickinger finished within one second of
  each other in the men’s open.                                     A young rower working hard!         Rowers at the ready.

 Martha Garcia of Mexico and Tracy Axten of England congratulate      Henrik Stephansen and Eskild Ebbesen, both of Denmark,
 each other post-race.                                                battling for the hammer.

                                                                     CLUB NEWS
    FOR THE U.S.I.R.T.

T    he 2006 U.S. Indoor Rowing Development
     Squad (U.S.I.R.D.S.) was very active last
summer. Coaches Larry Gluckman and Linda
Muri helped train the squad throughout the
summer months preparing them to row the
qualifying piece in an effort to make the U.S. Indoor
Rowing Team (U.S.I.R.T.) in October. In early
November, the U.S.I.R.T. was chosen and members
made final preparations for the 2006 European
Indoor Rowing Championship in Amsterdam in
December. The team was comprised of twelve
                                                                     The Rowbics team during their qualifying race at I.H.R.S.A.
athletes who walked away with six gold and four
silver medals. It was a job well done by all!
In late spring, invitations will go out to athletes
who qualified for the U.S.I.R.D.S. at a race this
                                                               F  or many people, their first encounter with a Concept2
                                                                  Indoor Rower occurs at a health club.
                                                               One of the ways that we keep in touch with the fitness industry as
past season. The team members who will travel                  a whole is by attending trade shows like the Annual International
to the European Open in Dresden, Germany, in                   Convention & Trade Show, put on by the International Health,
December will be selected from this squad. For                 Racquet and Sportsclub Association, or I.H.R.S.A. This year, we
more information about the U.S.I.R.D.S., please                decided to bring the world of indoor rowing races to the fitness
visit and follow the Indoor Racing                world by hosting the first “Concept2 Rowing Challenge.” The
links under TRAINING & COMPETITION.                            idea was simple: invite health club professionals to form a four
                                                               person team and have each person row 500 meters of a 2000
                                                               meter row. The fastest team would win a trip to Germany to
                                                               compete in a similar event held at Europe’s largest fitness trade
                                                               show, FIBO2007, in Essen, Germany.
                                                               As teams from Gold’s Gym, Matrix Fitness Equipment, Bay
                                                               Club Marin, Club One, PMax, Rowbics and many others
                                                               began training in earnest earlier this year, we knew we had the
                                                               makings of a great race.
                                                               Race day was a grand spectacle with teams rowing a very
                                                               intense 2000 meter relay race on an elevated stage in the main
                                                               trade show hall. For many of the attendees, this was the first
                                                               time they had ever seen a high level indoor rowing race and
                                                               they were literally stopping in their tracks to watch the action
                                                               on stage.
 The 2006 U.S.I.R.T. members from left: Jim Castellan, Carie   When the dust had settled the winning team was the Rowbics
 Graves, Linda Muri, Jonathan Bone, Paul Siebach, Pam          team from Long Beach, California, with a winning time of
 Raila, Stan Vegar, Luanne Mills, Dennis Hastings, Emily
                                                               5:49.0 for 2000 meters. Says Victoria Draper, Rowbics President
 Eiffert, Toby Ayer, Laurette Rindlaub, Noah Bruegmann.
                                                               and team manager, “This was an amazing opportunity to test
                                                               ourselves and show the community just how exhilarating
                                                               indoor rowing can be.”


     EMPLOYEE PROFILE                                           A NEW COLOR FOR SPRING

Brickett Bailey
By Will Spalding
                                                                W      e are now in our fourth year of introducing a new
                                                                       color training T-shirt for spring. The color of this

B    rickett Bailey joined the ranks
     at Concept2 in October, 1996. It
was a busy time for us: the Model C
                                                                year’s summer training T-shirt is eggplant, a rich deep
                                                                purple with a touch of brown. On the back the message
                                                                says “ROW JOIN THE ROWING REVOLUTION” with
Indoor Rower (1993-2003) was going                              the C2 wave running through it. The front shows the
strong and we needed additional                                 Concept2 logo on the left chest. The shirt is the same
staff on our shipping team to keep                              100% combed cotton as last year’s shirt which makes it
pace with orders. Brickett’s keen                               a comfortable, soft, lighter weight choice for summer
eye for detail and organizational                               activities. Sizes run a bit small so order up one size if
skills proved extremely useful, whether packing an order,       you like a looser fitting T-shirt.
reconfiguring work spaces, organizing our spare parts area,     PN PURPLET        S – XXL
or working with our freight carriers to keep rates low and
service standards high.
In 2004, Brickett joined the team that manages the many
indoor rowing competitions held around the country.
Brickett says, “You meet some amazing people and hear
some incredible stories when you travel to these races.” He
is a team manager for the U.S. Indoor Rowing Team that
travels to the European Open and is looking forward to
Dresden, Germany, in December, 2007, as well as the 2008
indoor race season.
Brickett made another transition in 2006 when he began
working in the international sales department. He works
with Concept2 authorized worldwide distributors and
international customers shipping Concept2 products to
places like Central and South America, Mexico, Africa, India,
and several Pacific Rim countries as well.
When he is not answering international inquiries, scheduling
an export shipment or working with the indoor races,
Brickett has plenty to keep him busy. He enjoys working
with several local theater companies, either on stage or
designing and building set pieces for shows. We happen to
think he is one of the best amateur tenors in our area. Many      THIS UPDATE IS A PUBLICATION OF CONCEPT2, INC.
                                                                            VOLUME 47     SPRING 2007
years ago he even spent some time as a performer at Walt
Disney World. Brickett is active as a volunteer in his home                      e-mail:
town of Hyde Park, Vermont. He has served on several local
boards and volunteers at the private school his children
                                                                            Editorial Team: Jan Gearhart, Judy Geer,
attend. He enjoys woodworking, hiking, biking, canoeing                    Suzanne Hudson, Bill Patton, Will Spalding
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two sons (aged 12 and 9) in Hyde Park.


W     hat happens when you invite a few
      thousand college students and
masters rowers to make a short video about
a subject near and dear to their hearts for a
chance to win a set of Dreissigacker oars or
a Concept2 Indoor Rower?
We found out when the first C2/row2k
video contest got under way this winter.
We were overwhelmed with examples of
creativity, passion and humor in the 80
entries we received. Each video offered
a unique perspective on rowing, from
students being chased by the indoor rower
(set to the theme from “Jaws”) in “Tame
the Erg” to dancing ergs in “What Ergs Do
After Dark.”
                                                   The gang at Gainesville Area Rowing after winning the C2/row2k video contest.
The contest winner was “Pick up the
Habit,” a video produced by a group of          the varsity women’s coach, tells us that the video was originally
high school kids in the Gainesville Area        conceived by Chelsea Potter, a senior at Eastside High School.
Rowing program in Gainesville, Florida.         “We had about a dozen kids as the actors working with us one Saturday
“Pick up the Habit” features a group of         after practice and sort of let the storyboard evolve as we went,” said
students who are so addicted to rowing          Burgess. “I did most of the filming and played the ‘outraged’ father at
that they row while in class, after class and   the end of the video who ended up on the erg.”
in the school’s hallways. Justin Burgess,       To see the contest videos visit


                                O    n June 9, 2007, rowing clubs around the country will be opening their doors to
                                     the public and offering an introduction to the sport of rowing. The activities
                                vary from club to club, but the day generally includes introductory coaching on the
                                Concept2 Indoor Rower and a chance to experience rowing on the water. You’ll also be
                                able to pick up information about the rowing opportunities available in your area.
                                To find the Learn to Row Day event nearest you, visit and click on the
                                “Learn To Row Day” link.
                                If your club would like to host a Learn to Row Day event, visit, click on
                                “EVENTS” and then the “National Learn to Row Day” link.

               GOODS                                                                  MONITOR YOUR HEART RATE

                & GADGETS
                 & GADGETS                                                            The PM2, PM3 and PM4 monitors will display
                                                                                      your heart rate if you use one of the following
                                                  » CLOTHING                          compatible heart rate options:
                                                  See our complete line of            Polar™ To display your heart rate on the
                                                  shirts and shorts online.           PM2, PM3 or PM4, you will need a Polar Chest
                                                                                      Belt and an external Concept2 Polar Receiver
                                                  T-shirts                            & Cable to connect to the PM (all available
                                                  Tank Tops                           below). We also offer the Polar F11 for those
                                                  Performance Shirt                   who wish to monitor heart rate during
                                                    Long-sleeved                      activities besides rowing, or take advantage
                                                  Rowing Shorts:                      of the additional functions provided by Polar.
                                                                                      Learn more about the F11 at
                                                                                      Suunto™ The PM4 is compatible with
» ACCESSORIES                                                                         Suunto technology, which offers wireless
                                                                                      transmission from the Suunto chest belt
More accessories for your Indoor Rower are available online including:
                                                                                      to the PM4 display. A Suunto chest belt is
» Model D Retrofit Handle          » Indoor Rower Cover                                provided with every PM4, and no external
» Caster Wheels                   » LogCard                                           receiver or cable is required! We also offer
» AC adapter                      » Footstraps                                        the Suunto t3 for those who wish to monitor
» Flexfoot™ Retrofit Kit           » Maintenance Kits                                  heart rate during activities besides rowing, or
                                                                                      take advantage of the additional functions
                                                                                      provided by Suunto. Learn more about the t3
                             » PM4 RETROFIT KIT
                             Offers a variety of graphic displays, library of pre-
                             set workouts and the Fish Game. Wireless heart           » Concept2 Polar Heart Rate
                             rate monitoring with Suunto chest belt (included).       Receiver and Cable
                             Polar HR compatible with HR receiver and cable           PN 1861
                             (see PN 1861 at right). Racing capabilities. The         (For those who already have a
                                                                                      Polar chest belt.)
                             LogCard (included) records and stores workout
                             data for transfering to your PC or Mac.
                             PN 1966 Model D             PN 1968 Model B
                             PN 1967 Model C             PN 1969 Model A

                                  » CONCEPT2 SLIDE
                                  Feel the sensation of floating on the rower.         » Polar Chest Belt, Concept2
                                  One pair is required to float a single rower. Link   Polar Heart Rate Receiver and
                                  two indoor rowers together with a pair and a        Cable
                                  spare to simulate a “double” for team training.     PN 1747
                                  PN 1800 for a pair
                                  PN 1800S for a spare
     Note: Indoor rower
     purchased separately.

                                                                                      If you are unsure of which option is best for
                                                                                      you, please visit

 Sweeps and sculls are made of fiberglass and carbon fiber so they are
 lightweight and strong. Every oar is made to customer specifications. Visit
 our website for more information. Please call us to place an order. Oars
 cannot be ordered online.

14                                                      CONCEPT2.COM
      The new Model E Indoor Rower features a rugged double-coated frame,
      a rechargeable battery pack and a nickel-plated chain, all of which make
      it even lower-maintenance than the Model D. It stands 6” higher off the
      ground, putting the seat at normal chair height for easier access.
      The new PM4 monitor (standard on the Model E) makes rowing more fun
      with the Fish Game, wireless heart rate monitoring and racing capabilities.
      The PM4 supports both Polar™ and Suunto™ Heart Rate technology.
      Suunto heart rate belt included.
      PN 1997-GLOBAL with PM4

 Separates for
 easy storage


      The Model D Indoor Rower, our standard for the past three years, has been updated
      to include new caster wheels, footboard design, and instant latching mechanism.
      The PM3 Monitor comes standard, but can be upgraded to the PM4. The Model D
      requires minimal maintenance and is built to withstand heavy use.
      PN 1990-GLOBAL with PM3
      PN 1992-GLOBAL with PM4

Separates for
easy storage

                                                            CONCEPT2.COM                  15

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