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					 Volume 60, Issue 7

                                                 The Petal
                                               A Monthly Publication by the Wichita Rose Society

                                                   Affiliated with the American Rose Society
                                                                                                                  July 2011

 Roses In Review List                                                                                          Inside this Issue
        his Roses in Review (RIR) marks the 86th time that the members of the American                 ♦

                                                                                                           Roses in Review Rose
        Rose Society have evaluated new rose introductions. The ultimate value of this                     List
        procedure is realized only when we have a broad base of participation. We need
                                                                                                       ♦   Central District Rose
your contribution, whether you grow only one plant of one variety on the list or many of
                                                                                                           Show Registration
them. We need input from "garden" rosarians as well as exhibitors, and from new rosari-
ans as well as seasoned veterans. We also welcome reports from those who are not yet
ARS members, so please pass along this website address to your rose-
growing friends. The complete results of this survey will be included in                       the         Calendar of WRS Events
January/February, 2012, issue of American Rose, and will help deter-
mine the ratings in the ARS Handbook for Selecting Roses. For these                            r e -
sults to be meaningful, we need everyone to participate So,                                            Monday, July 4
please - take a few minutes of your time to evaluate your new          Reports welcomed from
                                                                        those who are not yet                  Independence Day
roses. Only evaluate roses you grow from the cultivar
list.                                                                      ARS members!                Tuesday, July 12
                                                                                                               6 PM
Our experiment over the last several years of including a list of older roses has been very
successful, although the total reports on them did fall off a little recently. As a result, we                 WRS Summer Picnic
are including another group of 30 older roses at the end of this year's list under "Special                    Botanica
Group". If you grow them, please complete a rating for them. These specific roses will
                                                                                                       Thursday, July 28
only appear this year, so don't put it off. Please help these fine, older roses feel appreci-
ated.                                                                                                          Executive Board
Reviews must be submitted by September 26, 2011. Your reports will be automati-                        September 9-11
cally sent to your District coordinator (Central District, Don Swanson).
                                                                                                               Central District Rose
                                                                                                               Lenexa, Kansas
                                                                                                       Monday, Sept 26
                                                                                                               RIR Deadline
                                                                                                       Tuesday, Aug 2
                                                                                                               The Petal Deadline

                                                                                                           ANY MEMBER CAN ATTEND
                                                                                                            WRS BOARD MEETINGS!

                                                                                                           Contact Joel Weihe for location.

List continued on page 3                                                                                                                      1
Refreshment Table
                                                           From the President’s Desk

THE   FOLLOWING HAVE SIGNED UP                                                                        Joel Weihe

FOR THE    TABLE DECORATING CONTEST:            Hello friends,

•   Bob Burrill & Joyzell Cook                  Man is it hot, but I’m sure you already know that! Our plants
                                                are thriving in this heat thanks to the recent welcome rainfall,
•   Linda Hogel                                 the flowers are a little small but that’s to be expected. I’m
                                                guessing if it’s anything like last year my water bill will be going
•   Cindy Vadakin                               up in August! It’s worth it though to keep our gardens healthy
                                                and beautiful.
•   Joel & Lisel Weihe
                                                I forwarded an email a couple weeks ago about the district
THERE   IS STILL TIME TO REGISTER TO DECORATE   show in Kansas City this year. Hope you received it and
A TABLE!   CALL SUJA TODAY - 729.0740           hope you can participate. Lisel and I (mostly Lisel) en-
                                                tered some roses last year at our show and WON some
WRS will provide main course and beverages.     classes. It was very exciting, our first time entering. If
Please bring one of the following:              you don’t or can’t enter I still would encourage you to at
                                                least try and get up to K.C. September 9th, 10th and/or
Last Name A-M: bring a salad or side dish
                                                11th. It’s really great fun! And so many beautiful things
Last Name N-Z: bring a dessert or bread         to look at. If you can come up, now is a good time to get
                                                registered (please see the registration form in this news-

                                                As for our club, we’ll be having our annual “indoor” picnic
                                                at our next meeting in July. The club provides chicken
                                                and members bring side dishes. Sally will have more in-
                                                formation somewhere in this newsletter. I really hope to
                                                see you all there. If you can it would be nice if we all
                                                could bring some pretty things from our gardens.

                                                See you all Tuesday!

                                                                                              Metal Rose
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Roses In Review 2011

Roses In Review 2011

Roses In Review 2011

                            Joel Weihe             President                 316.821.9437
 Wichita Rose Society
                            Suja Mathew            2nd Vice President        316.729.0740

      2011 Officers         Cindy Howey            Secretary                 316.445.2150

                            Kay Case               Treasurer                 316.685.1948

                            Sally Duncan           Editor-Webmaster          316.943.8578

                           Bob Burrill             316.721.4688         Betsy Latta           316.267.8602
       Consulting          Kay Case                316.685.1948           pmlatta@cox.net

        Rosarians            kaycase69@gmail.com                        Suja Mathew           316.729.0740

                           Pat Horbelt             316.636.4504           kansas_gardener@hotmail.com

                             dhorbelt@cox.net                           Mary Scheulen         316.524.3165

                           Norma Kemp              316.722.0906           mscheulen@cox.net

                             nkemp1@cox.net                             Cindy Vadakin         316.258.1684


  plants, please!
  HEALTHY disease free
● Be sure to only donate

  mer months.
  in the spring and sum-
  for the Plant Exchange
  relocate to a new home
  perennials you need to
● Bring potted roses or

                                                       Wichita, Kansas 67201

                                                                  P.O. Box 3553

                                                          Sally Duncan, Editor

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