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									                                   The Lincoln Company

                 10 June 2010
                                   The Dumb Waiter

                                   by Harold Pinter

                  PRESS RELEASE    A revival of a wonderful early, dark comedy by the sadly
                                   missed and truly great man of the theatre

                                   Encouraged by the commercial and critical success of its 2009 production of
                                   Harold Pinter’s The Lover, The Lincoln Company present an early Pinter
                                   masterpiece, The Dumb Waiter.

                                   Set in a dilapidated basement below a café, two assassins await instructions for
                                   their next assignment. Although they are primed and ready for their next action,
                                   they neither know when the call is going to come, nor who their next victim is
                                   going to be. However, the one thing they aren’t expecting is an order for steak
                                   and chips!

                                   The dumb waiter, the small lift used to transport meals and dirty crockery
                                   between floors in restaurants, is at the centre of Harold Pinter's tense, funny,
                                   farcical two-hander. With echoes of current world events, the play raises
                                   questions about power, politics, class, friendship and betrayal.

                                   The play reflects Pinter’s quintessential style.     It is claustrophobic and
                                   simultaneously menacing yet hilarious. The production is a fresh take on a classic
                                   Pinter play.

                     C venues
       vibrant vivacious variety   The Dumb Waiter is part of The Lincoln Company’s third season at the
                                   Edinburgh Fringe. The busy company is also presenting Blood Brothers (the play
press and marketing manager        that became the award winning musical), a treatment of Alice in Wonderland
             Belle Hammond         entitled Down the Rabbit Hole, a play commissioned from Paul Sellar called The
            general manager
             Heather Young         Man Who Fell Out of Bed, James Gaddas’s Shadow Boxing and comedy
           associate director
                    Siva Zagel     entertainment in Bonus Material.
              artistic director
           Hartley T A Kemp
                                   In 2008 the company achieved a Fringe Sell-Out Award for its production of The
     year round administation      Picture of Dorian Gray, and its 2009 production of Weepie transferred to the
           C venues London
        5 Alexandra Mansions       2010 Absolut Gay Theatre Festival Dublin where it won Best Production.
               Chichele Road
            London NW2 3AS
                                   ‘Weepie is a hugely challenging text… The Lincoln Company should be
      from 4–30 August 2010
         C venues Edinburgh        commended for this. MUST SEE!’ Stage.
                 Adam House
              Chambers Street
           Edinburgh EH1 1HR       ‘The Shade Ain’t Right… A talented cast and witty play… If you want to
                                   see dazzling acting then this is a show for you. I was disappointed when
press office tel 0845 260 1060
            fax 0845 260 1061      it was over.’ ★★★★ Three Weeks.
 box office tel 0845 260 1234
                                   Listings Information
    email press@Cvenues.com
                                   Venue                  C soco, venue 348, Edinburgh Festival Fringe
           www.Cvenues.com         Dates                  4-30 Aug (not 16)
                                   Time                   1.05pm (0hr50)
                                   Ticket prices          £7.50-£9.50 / concessions £6.50-£8.50
                                   C venues box office    0845 260 1234 / www.CtheFestival.com
                                   Fringe box office      0131 226 0000 / www.edfringe.com

                                   For further information, images and interview availability please contact
                                   Adam Slepowronski at The Lincoln Company on 07834 689887 / adam_7689@hotmail.com
                                   or the C venues press office on 0845 260 1060 / press@cvenues.com

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