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					    Tips for Civil Society Organizations
                A series of tips for civil society organizations, written from a funder’s perspective,
                    and intended to stimulate inquiry, rather than provide rigid instructions.

Budgeting                       Grant Proposal Writing           Project Development            Resource Mobilization
Tips for preparing a            Tips for developing              Tips for developing and        Tips for mobilizing
budget with an emphasis         and writing a proposal,          implementing a project         resources closer to
on its purpose, steps, and      including critical elements      and key questions to ask in    home to strengthen
components.                     to facilitate project success.   the process.                   organizational capacity
                                                                                                and deliver benefits to the
Financial Systems               Monitoring & Evaluation          Reporting to Funders           community.
Tips for establishing an        Tips for reviewing and           Tips for maintaining
accountable and                 assessing progress               and strengthening your
transparent financial           towards objectives,              relationship with funders
system to build financial       identifying problems and         following a grant award.
sustainability.                 strategies, and making
                                adjustments to plans.

These tips were conceived as a result of a demand                and multilateral agencies. We would like to ac-
from civil society organizations (CSOs) expressing               knowledge those who provided valuable feedback,
the need for information on how to strengthen their              including: Jennifer Astone, Miriam Bae, Heather
organizations and mobilize resources. The tips cover             Bedi Plumridge, Rob Buchanan, Carolina Cal-
seven areas that may be of interest to CSOs and that             linicos, Kury Cobham, Daniel Crisafulli, Rachel
are key to organizational capacity. The audience is              Humphrey, Daniel Mangale, Janet Mawiyoo, Patri-
small NGOs and community based organizations                     cia Millard, Rebecca Oh, Sonia Rasugu, Fu Rong,
who may have limited resources, but who have                     Hady Sey, Daniel Tenaai, Jeff Thindwa, John Tse.
strengths, such as enthusiasm and commitment for
their mission to improve the lives of others.                    Yumi Sera, the co-author of this series, served as
                                                                 the coordinator of the World Bank Social Develop-
The content of the tips is inspired by several re-               ment Civil Society Fund (CSF) and established the
sources, which are listed on the individual tips as              founding Secretariat for the World Bank Grants
sources for further reference.are based on It is also            Facility for Indigenous Peoples. Susan Beaudry,
based on the authors’ experiences in managing and                co-author, has considerable expertise in program
implementing global grant programs; directing                    development and implementation for NGOs and
small NGOs; and listening to the voices of CSO                   in the philanthropic sector.
leaders. The tips are unique in that the information
comes from the perspectives of funders who provide               CSF is one of the few global programs of the World
small grants to CSOs.                                            Bank that provides direct grants to civil society orga-
                                                                 nizations through the World Bank’s Country Offices.
Feedback was sought from a wide range of devel-                  CSF seeds and supports activities related to civic en-
opment practitioners, including staff from com-                  gagement that empower and enable citizens to take
munity based organizations, NGOs, foundations,                   initiatives to influence development outcomes. It is
administered by the World Bank Social Development   improve upon these materials. We ask that mate-
Department:     rials not be used for financial gain and that they
                                                    be credited to the authors and the Social Devel-
CSOs and their partners are encouraged to use       opment Civil Society Fund.
these tips in workshops and to disseminate and                                  Yumi Sera, April 2007