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					Jim Edward Espaillat                                                          

Business Experience
       Banking, Brokerage (Fixed Income and Equity Options), Commercial Leasing, Employee Benefits, Publishing, Retail
 and Consumer Services, Telecommunications, Training, Utilities

Languages & Platforms
         C#.NET, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, VB.NET, XML, Web Services, COM+/MTS, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS),
 PowerBuilder (4,5,6,7,8,9), EAServer (Jaguar CTS), PowerBuilder Foundation Classes (PFC), Distributed PB, Java (1.2,
 1.4), JAXB, Java Server Pages (JSP), J2EE, Apache Tomcat, HTML, JavaScript, ASP, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA),
 Cobol/Cobol II, CICS, Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP, UNIX, Shell Scripting, JCL, MVS/ESA, PVCS, ObjectCycle, ClearCase

Databases & Tools
      SQL, Sybase (4,10,11,12), Oracle (7,8,9), SQL Server 2000/2005, Transact-SQL, PL/SQL, SQL Anywhere (5,6,7),
 mySQL, MS Access, DB2, XDB, Watcom SQL, PowerDesigner (5,6,7), ERwin (3.5), SQL Navigator, DBArtisan

        End-User Requirements, Business Analysis, Object-Oriented (Use Case) Analysis, User Interface Design, Object-
 Oriented Design, Application Architecture, Database Design and Normalization, Data Modeling, Code Specifications

Skills Assessment
        BrainBench Certifications (
        PowerBuilder 8.0 (Master Level)                              Data Modeling Concepts (Master Level)
        SQL (ANSI) Fundamentals (Master Level)                       RDBMS Concepts (Master Level)
        Sybase 11.x Administration                                   OO Concepts
        Oracle PL/SQL                                                Programming Concepts (Master Level)

Professional Experience
Unilever/Best Foods, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey                  May 2006 – Aug 2007                           Consultant
        As technical leader of a team of four developers, designed and developed a commission system to calculate
 payments to brokers. Application consists of an ASP.NET front end, written in C#, with business logic deployed as
 Transact-SQL stored procedures in a SQL Server 2005 database. Primarily responsible for overall application design and
 data modeling, as well as implementing most of the back-end business rules. Implemented numerous reports using SQL
 Server Reporting Services (SSRS).
        Also responsible for performing maintenance and enhancements on the legacy commission system, written in
 PowerBuilder 9 and Oracle 7/8.

NYC HRA, New York, New York                                        Mar 2006 – May 2006                           Consultant
        Converted Distributed PowerBuilder components to VB.NET components deployed on a COM server, and running
 against an Oracle 9i database. Used Sybase DataWindow.NET to leverage business rules embedded in legacy code.

SetFocus, Parsippany, New Jersey                                   Apr 2005 – Mar 2006                            Developer
        Developed solutions for diverse programming scenarios in C#.NET, employing object–oriented programming
 concepts such as; encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism, and abstraction.
        As team leader, designed and developed a multi-tiered IT Recruiter Placement Application, similar to
 web site, with the capabilities to post jobs, search jobs and query reports. Project included building a Windows based front-
 end interface for managing the system and database. Created administrative security levels for different users, and wrote
 stored procedures. Technologies utilized included: C#.NET, SQL Server 2000, Transact-SQL, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, Web
 Services, COM+ and HTML.
        Developed a Windows n-tiered “Public Library Management System” application and then ported the application to a
 dynamic ASP.NET Internet/Intranet model utilizing the same secure middle tier data access components. Non-public web
 pages were secured using Windows integrated and ASP.NET forms security models.
        Used C#.NET and ADO.NET to define and implement secure middle-tier components using both connected and
 disconnected environment strategies. Components were consumed by web applications and windows applications utilizing
 SQL Server and stored procedures to perform logical business transactions.
        Created and deployed XML Web Services using ASP.NET. Consumed Web Services from both Windows forms
 and ASP.NET web applications.
        Created complex business components in C#.NET using .NET Class Library assemblies while migrating and
 implementing them in a multi-tier environment suitable for Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS) and COM+ to address
 application infrastructure issues associated with building scalable enterprise level applications used by many clients.
        Created deployment projects for .NET applications using Microsoft’s MSI packages.

Time Inc., New York, New York                                     Jun 2005 – Mar 2006                           Consultant
       Performed enhancements on OMS, a magazine layout and composition system written in PowerBuilder 9, to
 improve the performance of image rendering and page manipulation routines. Added several reports using Sybase
 EAServer as an application middle tier.
       Using Java 1.4 and JAXB, enhanced the XML interface between OMS and BOSS, an ad sales tracking system.
 Created numerous stored procedures using Sybase ASE12. Instituted new procedures for using PVCS version control.

Alliance Capital Management, New York, New York                   Jan 2004 – Jun 2005                           Consultant
         Performed enhancements on APEX, a fixed income trading system, to improve compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley
 audit and security requirements. Made extensive improvements to the tracking of bond quality ratings and sector
 classification schemes within the application. Responsible for dozens of minor corrections and enhancements to the
 system. APEX was written in PowerBuilder 6.5 and converted to PowerBuilder 9, running against Sybase ASE 12.

Pepsi Bottling Group, Somers, New York                            Aug 2003 – Jan 2004                           Consultant
        Performed maintenance and enhancements on a vending machine servicing application. Identified numerous errors
 and performance issues not originally identified in project scope. Also performed enhancements to an inventory system to
 allow users to define relationships between PBG and Pepsi North America products. Applications were written in
 PowerBuilder 6.5, running against both Oracle 9i and Sybase ASE 12.

Footstar, Mahwah, New Jersey                                      Apr 2002 – Apr 2003                           Consultant
          Designed and developed an application to automate distribution and tracking of vendor shipments. Written in
 PowerBuilder 8 on Windows 98, against an Oracle 8.1 database running on UNIX. Database was converted to Oracle 9i
 after initial deployment. Batch processes were written in either COBOL or Oracle PL/SQL using SQL Navigator, and
 executed using UNIX shell scripts.

Bank of New York, Teaneck, New Jersey                             Apr 2000 – Apr 2001                           Consultant
        Designed and developed an asset management application to be used to automate purchasing decisions, track
 orders, and manage inventory. Application was written in PowerBuilder 7 on Windows NT, against a Sybase 11.x database
 running on UNIX, using a Delphinus-designed custom 3-tier application framework (originally developed for another client),
 to which client-side support for the Model-View-Controller (MVC) paradigm was added. Application was designed to allow
 easy conversion to a browser-client interface.

CIT Group/Newcourt Credit, Parsippany, New Jersey                 Aug 1998 – Apr 2000                           Consultant
         Designed and implemented a distributed architecture for an existing lease origination application. Initial project
 assignment involved performing performance and architecture improvements to the original application, written in
 PowerBuilder 6.5 on Windows 95, and deployed against a Sybase 11.x database on UNIX.
         Project evolved into re-designing system to support reuse of existing business logic by both PowerBuilder and
 HTML/ASP (Web) clients. This was accomplished by developing modular business components and deploying them to a
 Distributed PowerBuilder (DPB) server. ASP access was provided through custom COM bridge objects, written in
 PowerBuilder and deployed under MTS.
         Subsequent deployment effort involved the migration of PowerBuilder clients to Version 7.0, and conversion of the
 server objects to run under a Sybase Enterprise Application Server (EAServer/Jaguar CTS), using a Delphinus-designed,
 custom 3-tier application framework. New components were written in Java and deployed to EAServer. ASP pages were
 modified to directly access EAServer via COM. Migration was undertaken as part of a company-wide effort to establish a
 uniform middle tier to host common business logic across applications.

Delphinus Consulting, Bogota, New Jersey                          Aug 1998 - Present                            Consultant
        Provide application design and development services to numerous business clients. Projects include:
        • Dynamic Delivery Services, South Kearny, NJ
        Designed and developed an ASP.NET application to monitor EDI transaction logs. Written in C#, against a SQL
        Server 2000 database.
        • Independent Computer Consultants Association, Morristown, NJ
        Provide ongoing administration of the Northern New Jersey Chapter’s public website, Developed
        Microsoft Access application to maintain membership information and automate the generation of HTML pages for
        the site, based on templates created in HomeSite. Volunteer position.

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        • BrainBench, Chantilly, Virginia
        Author/developer for an online PowerBuilder 9 skills evaluation exam.
        • DoAll Disk Jockeys, Flanders, New Jersey
        Designed and developed a disk jockey scheduling and contract management system, written in PowerBuilder 9 on
        Windows XP, against a Sybase SQL Anywhere 7 database.
        •, Wurtsboro, New York
        Designed and developed a web (e-commerce) application to allow consumers to place restaurant orders online.
        Application is customizable with the intent of re-selling the service to various restaurant clients. Written in Java
        Server Pages (JSP/J2EE), running on a Tomcat servlet engine against a mySQL database. Subsequent duties
        involved new customer setup and ongoing maintenance.
        • ReviewNet, Jenkintown, Pennsylvania
        Paid reviewer for an online PowerBuilder 7 skills evaluation exam.
        • New Horizons, Concord, New Hampshire
        Provided training in advanced PowerBuilder 8 techniques to the NH Dept. of Health and Human Services.
        • Refund Consultants, Franklin Square, New York
        Designed and developed an application to analyze water usage bills received from the City of New York. Written in
        PowerBuilder 7 on Windows 98, the application uses OLE automation of Attachmate Extra! terminal software to
        download data from the City’s CICS billing system. Data is then stored locally in a Sybase SQL Anywhere 7
        database, and subjected to various business rules to identify potential billing discrepancies.
        • Professional Software Consortium, Morristown, New Jersey
        Provided database (Sybase SQL Anywhere 7) and object-oriented application design services for development of a
        travel expense system, written in Visual Basic 6, for the Department of Defense.
        • XO Communications, Paramus, New Jersey
        Developed Microsoft Access application to assist in identifying potential customers based on proximity or
        hierarchical relationships to existing customers.
        • AT&T Wireless Services, Paramus, New Jersey
        Developed Microsoft Word scripts to automate personnel review documents.
        • Nextlink Communications, Paramus, New Jersey
        Developed Microsoft Access application to assist in assigning sales territories.
        • Footstar/Meldisco, Mahwah, New Jersey
        Designed and implemented SAMS, a size management system to control store allocation and distribution of
 merchandise on a size basis. Written in PowerBuilder 5 using a mainframe DB2 database system, the application included
 extensive graphing abilities to enable users to visually identify sales patterns.

Vitech Systems Group, New York, New York                             May 1995 – Aug 1998            Sr Programmer/Analyst
         Designed and implemented a commercially successful software product to assist trade unions and public pensions
 with the administration of member benefits. Written in PowerBuilder, and designed to work using either a Sybase or an
 Oracle database server, the system is (as of mid-1998) in its third version, with five completed installations and six others in
         Version 1 was originally written using PowerBuilder 4, and featured:
          Powerful VCR object with user-defined query and browse capabilities.
          Workflow-based design that leads users through the business process.
          OLE integration with Microsoft Word for document maintenance and printing.
          Dynamic, table-driven definition of visual objects, providing greater flexibility across clients.
          Support for Sybase System 10/11 database servers.
         Version 2 was updated to PowerBuilder 5, and featured:
          Three-tiered architecture, with the business logic separated from the user and database interfaces.
          Optimization of VCR object to dynamically generate server stored procedures to improve performance.
          Extensive implementation of application-level and object-level services to improve developer productivity.
         Version 3 featured:
          Standardization of database across all clients, using a custom-designed data dictionary to define client-specific
           data elements.
          Added support for Oracle 7.x database servers.
          Full replacement of database tier with Sybase (Transact-SQL) and Oracle (PL/SQL) stored procedures.
          Use of PowerBuilder Foundation Classes.

Jim Edward Espaillat                                                                                                  Page -3-
         Personally responsible for all aspects of Version 1 system, from application and database design, to development
 and testing, and finally installation at two clients. Responsibility for subsequent versions gradually shifted to a technical
 lead role, with an emphasis on application and database design, and extensive development involving database stored

Meldisco, Mahwah, New Jersey                                        Oct 1992 – May 1995                Programmer/Analyst
         Designed and implemented systems for various facets of retail operation. Performed major overhaul on design of
 the foreign store operations system, written in PowerBuilder 4 against a Watcom database, resulting in significant
 performance improvements. Developed RASTA application, in PowerBuilder 4 and XDB, to assist in geographic and
 seasonal inventory analysis.
         Mainframe projects on the IBM System 390 included automatic distribution (COBOL 2), demographic store
 allocations (COBOL 2/DB2/CICS), sales analysis (COBOL 2/DB2/CICS) and reporting (COBOL 2/DB2), and operations
 support (COBOL 2/DB2).

Formal Education
Chubb Institute, Jersey City, New Jersey
        Diploma in Computer Programming

Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona
        Graduate program in Zoology
        Cell and Developmental Biology Predoctoral Fellowship

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
        Bachelor of Arts in Biology
        Benjamin Franklin Scholars/General Honors Program Certificate

Industry Training and Seminars
Sybase Techwave 2001, San Diego, California
        Rapid Application Development Using PowerJ
        Building J2EE Applications Using PowerJ and EAServer
        Data Caching and Rapid Data Access
        Real-World Examples of the MVC Design Pattern
        Leveraging Design Patterns
        EAServer 4.0 Internals
        Introduction to Clustering in EAServer

Sybase Techwave 2000, Orlando, Florida
        Fast Track to Java
        Object-Oriented Modeling using PowerDesigner
        XML Primer
        Best Practices in Object-Oriented (OO) Modeling with PowerDesigner
        Guidelines for PowerBuilder and EAServer Design & Development
        WebDataWindow Design Considerations
        Advanced Web DataWindows
        Secure Connections with PowerBuilder and EAServer

Edward Tufte, Boston, Massachusetts
        Presenting Data and Information

Sybase Techwave ’99, Orlando, Florida
        Architectures for Object-Oriented Development
        Architecture of Performance
        Design and Development of n-Tier Applications
        Web Security
        Building Highly Reusable Components with PowerBuilder 7.0
        Creating Truly Cross-DBMS Applications Using PowerBuilder
        PowerBuilder 7.0 Virtual Machine Internals

Sybase Learning Center, New York, New York
        Building Applications Using the PowerBuilder Foundation Classes

Jim Edward Espaillat                                                                                                  Page -4-
PC Strategies & Solutions, Parsippany, New Jersey
       Introduction to PowerBuilder

IBM On-site Training, Mahwah, New Jersey
       Client/Server Fundamentals

Professional Affiliations
Independent Computer Consultants Association
       Board of Directors, Northern New Jersey Chapter

PowerObject! Yahoo Discussion Group

International Sybase User Group
New Jersey Sybase Tools Users Group
Software Contractors’ Guild

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