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 California Association of Psychiatric Technicians

                          BU 18 MEMBERS
                          take a stand
                          against staffing,
                          service cuts
                IMPORTANT INFO
                                          &                                                                 Volume 23, Issue 4
                                                                                                          August / September 2009

                                                                                                         Brady Oppenheim, Editor
                                                                                                     Carol Wiesmann, Managing Editor
                                                                                                           and Layout Designer
If you work for the state, just because you’re a Bargaining Unit 18 member doesn’t                         CAPT is represented by
mean you’re automatically a CAPT member.                                                               Murch, Bassoff & Associates, Inc.
While union members and fair-share-fee payers are protected by our contract and                       Imagesetting and Printing by
through worksite representation, CAPT members also are eligible to:                                 CPS Publications and Mail Services
                                                                                                            Sacramento, CA
• Be a steward. Stewards are the backbone of our organization, and the more
stewards we have, the stronger we become.
                                                                                                Outreach is the official publication of
• Run for or vote in chapter elections. CAPT members make decisions on                          the California Association of Psychiatric
chapter leadership.                                                                             Technicians and is printed at least six
                                                                                                times each year.
• Be a delegate. Delegates attend CAPT annual meetings and other special
meetings to set the union’s policy and direction, and also elect CAPT’s statewide               Outreach is published by:
leadership.                                                                                            CAPT Headquarters
                                                                                                       1220 ‘S’ Street, Ste 100
• Receive representation. Expert representatives defend you at court adverse                           Sacramento, CA 95811-7138.
action hearings, potentially saving you thousands of dollars, your job and your                 Phone: Toll Free (800) 677-CAPT (2278)
license.                                                                                               or (916) 329-9140
• Take advantage of superior insurance programs and a legal program at low                      CAPT is a non-profit corporation serving
group rates. In addition to our many programs, CAPT members automatically are                   as the exclusive representative of all
enrolled to receive $5,000 in group term life insurance and $5,000 in accidental                employees in Psychiatric Technician
death and dismemberment coverage.                                                               Bargaining Unit 18 in California State Civil
• Participate in our popular scholarship program. Our annual program
offers scholarships to CAPT members and their families.
In addition to these exclusive benefits, your membership makes a difference
by increasing our union’s overall visibility and strength.
                                                                                    How to reach us ...
                                                                                         CAPT Sacramento Headquarters
To become a member, get a membership application from your chapter                        Toll Free (800) 677-CAPT (2278)
office, or contact Debi Loger at CAPT Headquarters at (800) 677-2278.                             or (916) 329-9140
And if you’ve moved, changed departments or want to update your
insurance beneficiary, be sure to fill out a new membership application so                       (916) 329-9145 (Fax)
we can make sure your records are current.                                          Toll-Free Voice Mail: (800) 926-CAPT (2278)
Planning to retire soon?                                                            This number includes voice mail for the State President,
                                                                                    all CAPT Chapters and the Corrections Chapter Consultant.
 Don’t forget that CAPT offers its retired members the same insurance benefits it   Below are their individual numbers and instructions for leaving
 provides its active members. As a retired member, CAPT will continue to            a message. Instructions on how to leave a message will also
 provide -- to age 85 -- $5,000 in Accidental Death and Dismemberment               be available when you call.
 coverage and $5,000 in Term Life Insurance.
                                                                                         When the message starts, enter the number followed by
 IMPORTANT: For your insurance to continue after your retirement -- for                  the # sign. Leave your message, including your phone
 only $5 per month -- you must contact CAPT Headquarters at (800) 677-                   number. When you hang up, the person will be paged.
 2278 within 31 days of the last day in the month in which you retired. If          2#   Tony Myers        7#   Fairview        12#   Sonoma
 you fail to do so, your policy will lapse and cannot be reinstated.                3#   Ann Lyles         8#   Lanterman       13#   CDCR VP                                                                     4#   Corrections       9#   Metropolitan    14#   Coalinga
                                                                                    5#   Atascadero       10#   Patton          15#   Community
 Check out our catastrophic leave list on our website. Keep abreast of what’s       6#   Napa             11#   Porterville           Facilities
 happening! CAPT updates its website frequently, making sure you have current
 information on state, department, facility and CAPT news, at your facility and


CAPT Board of Directors   State Officers
                                                                                                               / SEP


                          State President Tony Myers                                                  Cal
                          3431 Pomona Blvd., Ste C, Pomona, CA 91768                                psyc
                                                                                                                ia A
                          (800) 926-CAPT (2278) /                                          hs.n
                                                                                                                  et          ion
                          State Vice President Caron Ewald                                                                                            tric
                          (see Sonoma listing)                                                                              BU 1
                                                                                                                            tak MEMB
                          State Secretary-Treasurer Brad Leggs                                                                  e      E
                                                                                                                           aga a stan RS
                          (see Napa listing)                                                                                   inst     d
                                                                                                                              vice staffi
                                                                                                                                   cut    ng
                          Chapter Presidents                                                                                          s

                          Agnews: Chapter has closed; please refer all
                          questions and concerns to Community Facilities
                          Chapter President Arron Lockwich
                          Atascadero: John Myers
                          PO Box 757, Atascadero, CA 93423-0757
                          (805) 462-2278 (Office) / (805) 462-2278 (Fax)
                          Coalinga: Juan Nolasco
                          PO Box 933, Coalinga, CA 93210-0933
                          (559) 217-6312 (Cell) / (559) 934-0247 (Fax)
                          Community Facilities: Arron Lockwich
                          (760) 401-1070 (Cell) / (760) 296-3132 (Fax)
                          Corrections: A.L. “Lucky” Lucketta
                                                                                  ON THE COVER: CAPT is not backing down from its
                          PO Box 2120, Porterville, CA 93258-2120                 fight against harmful staffing and services cuts.
                          (559) 781-2100 (Office) / (559) 783-2100 (Fax)          Statewide chapter rallies give BU 18 members a venue
                 /                   to voice their frustrations and make the public aware of
                          Fairview: Paul Alizaga                                  how these cuts affect them and those they care for.
                          Office in Employee Org. Rm                              4   The President’s View: The past repeating itself
                          PO Box 4129, Costa Mesa, CA 92626-4129                          The Psychiatric Technician Pledge
                          (714) 957-5332 (Office) / (714) 754-1065 (Fax)
                                                    5   Sierra Vista: Closure process continues
                          Lanterman: Brad Whitehead                               6   Licensing refresher course a great success
                          3431 Pomona Blvd., Ste C, Pomona, CA 91768-3294
                          (909) 595-1085 (Office) / (909) 598-1387 (Fax)          7   Budget change shifts tax withholdings
                                                                                  7   Fairview Chapter recognizes NOC shift members
                          Metropolitan: Eddie Collaso
                          c/o Metropolitan State Hospital                         8   CAPT wins back pay, reinstatement for CDCR
                          11401 Bloomfield Ave., Norwalk, CA 90650-2015                 Psych Tech
                          (626) 448-1425 (Fax)
                                                  9   CAPT continues its fight against cutbacks.
                          Napa: Brad Leggs                                        10 Furlough Q & As
                          PO Box 7036, Napa, CA 94558-7036
                          (707) 252-7320 (Office) / (209) 474-0368 (Fax)          11 Psych Techs speak out against state cuts at
                                                            local rallies (four-page pictorial)
                          Patton: Laurie Hill (through September)                 15 H1N1 hits our state facilities
                                  Sylvia Hernandez (will take office October 1)
                          Patton State Hospital, House #6                         16 Do you know who your stewards are?
                          Mail to: PO Box 680, Patton, CA 92369-0680              18 Injured at work? Show it with a photo
                          (909) 864-1610 (Office) / (909) 864-1695 (Fax)
                                                18 H.R. 1255 now at 60 cosponsors
                          Porterville: Ed Vartanian                               19 New study highlights poverty risk for workers
                          376 North D Street                                            without pensions
                          Mail to: PO Box 8703, Porterville, CA 93257-8703
                          (559) 781-2278 (Office) / (559) 781-4440 (Fax)          20 Contract Highlights: Vacation Leave Bidding
                                                                                  20 Psych Tech Scope of Practice covers trach care
                          Sonoma: Caron Ewald
                          15175 Arnold Dr., Sonoma                                21 Vacation win in CDCR benefits all departments
                          Mail to: PO Box 148, Eldridge, CA 95431-0148
                          (707) 938-2795 (Office) / (707) 938-8721 (Fax)          22 Catastrophic Leave Donations
                                                         23 CAPT endorses candidates to CalPERS Board
                                                                                  24 Three recent Mental Health studies

                                                                                             AUGUST / SEPTEMBER - 3
                        The President’s View

                       The past repeating itself
          We are coming up on a CAPT milestone: the          strong, proud, independent state employee union
    25th anniversary of our first annual meeting. At that    created by us and for us alone.
    first meeting in 1985, a small group of Psychiatric            I know some of you are saying, “Times are
    Technicians gathered to lay the foundation of what       tougher than we’ve ever seen. What does CAPT
    would become our organization.                           history have to do with what’s going on with us right
          Let me back up a little. In 1981, state employ-    now?” I draw on our history to show that, no matter
    ees in each bargaining unit elected a single organi-     what, we can accomplish big things together.
    zation to represent the unit in job-related issues.            I’ve seen and talked to many of you out on the
    The state-employed Psychiatric Technicians elected       picket lines across the state. You’re out there taking
    the AFL-CIO Communications Workers of America,           action and making your voice heard against the cuts
    rejecting the California State Employees Associa-        that are affecting your family and your services. You
    tion, which had served Psychiatric Technicians           – and all of us together – are a force to be reckoned
    before the collective bargaining era.                    with. We’ve overcome “the impossible” in the past,
          CWA focused primarily on salaries and working      and we’re bound and determined to repeat the past
    conditions in state government. As a result, little      again.
    progress if any was made on our professional                   Call or write me anytime.
    issues. Many began to sense we were drifting into a
    lower status compared to other disciplines repre-              In unity,
    sented by CWA.
          This dissatisfaction led state-employed Psychi-
    atric Technicians to form CAPT in 1985. In 1986,
    Psychiatric Technicians voted CWA out in favor of
    CAPT, and a few years later fought off a takeover              Tony Myers
    attempt by CWA. People said throwing out and                   CAPT State President
    keeping out an international union was impossible.             (800) 926-2278
    But we did it. Twice. To this day, CAPT remains a    

   The Psychiatric Technician Pledge
   Adopted by Delegates of CAPT’s First Annual Meeting

         Having developed an awareness of the dignity encompassed in the field of Psychiatric Technology and of
   my responsibility because of specialized training in the therapeutic techniques utilized in the care of individuals
   with mental illness and developmental disabilities, I pledge myself:
         To uphold the integrity and human dignity of those entrusted in my care, and protect them against humili-
   ation, insult or injury without regard to race, color or creed.
         To inspire hope and confidence and give assistance, with understanding and friendliness, in finding
   realistic and meaningful living.
         To continue my development of professional competence by complementing scientific study, improving
   therapeutic techniques, and maintaining high standards of leadership in the field of Psychiatric Technology.

       VIST continues
  closure process
       As Sierra Vista winds down as part of the state bud-                                  Clifford and Collette
get cuts, with a closure date of December 31, union efforts                           Chesmore (right) met at
to help employees there continue.                                                     Sierra Vista. Now with the
       The CAPT closure negotiation team – which includes                             closure, he’s looking at
Sierra Vista PTA and Chapter Vice President Jerry                                     retirement and she’s
Whitecotton, SV PT Michelle Reyno and Community Fa-                                   looking for a position
cilities Chapter President Arron Lockwich, a Canyon Springs                           elsewhere.
PTA – reached agreement with the state on several non-                                       “They say it’s a
economic issues:                                                                      chance to ‘find your
                                                                                      dream job,’ but this is my
     •   Seniority-based subdivisional worksite selection
                                                                                      dream job – I love doing
     •   Departmental placement opportunities
                                                                                      it,” said Collette, an SPT
     •   Statewide recall list
                                                                                      who is looking at
     •   Waiver of agility test
                                                                                      Sonoma but wondering
     •   Hardship transfers for spouses and domestic
                                                                                      what to do about the 2.5-
                                                                                      hour commute.
                                 As of press time, the team                                  Kathryn Johnson
                           was awaiting responses on ad-                              (left), a PT and a single mom, also is considering Sonoma
                           ditional proposals, which were                             but is concerned about relocating.
                           expected at a September 22                                        “My issue is with the unknown,” she said.
                           meeting.                                                          While these licensed staff consider various options,
                                                                                      CAPT reps have found that state PTA jobs are few and far
                           LIVES AFFECTED                                             between, despite tirelessly combing through state positions.
                                                                                             It’s also unclear even at this date what will happen to
                                 Many Sierra Vista Psych                              the clients themselves as the state continues to create a
                           Techs and SPTs are consider-                               plan for their transfers to other facilities.
                           ing options at other state facili-                                For the latest on Sierra Vista, stay in touch with
                           ties, where some positions are                             Lockwich and Whitecotton by contacting the Community
                           available for licensed staff.                              Facilities Chapter at (800) 926-2278 (15 and #).

     Not receiving                       outreach outreach outreach
                                          FEBRUARY / MARCH 2009UARY 09                         APRIL / MAY 2009                                     JUNE / JULY 2009

     the Outreach?
                                           California Association of Psychiatric Technicians    California Association of Psychiatric Technicians    California Association of Psychiatric Technicians

      Itís FREE!                           CAPT says NO
     Contact us to ensure we               to carrying                                                                                                  GOVERNOR’S CUTS
    have your current address.             the state’s load!                                                                                            BLEEDING US DRY
                                             Union continues
                                                                                                                                                                       CAPT continues defense
       Call: 916-329-9140                    to fight against

                                                                                                                                                                        of our jobs and services
                                             furloughs and staffing cuts
          or toll free at
         800-677-2278.                                                                120 years of service

                                                                                                                          AUGUST / SEPTEMBER - 5
  CAPT refresher course a hit at PDC
       CAPT’s licensure test refresher
 course is making its way around the
 state, most recently taking place at
 Porterville Developmental Center.
 Next stop will be the Napa/Sonoma
 area in October.
       Sponsored by a joint labor-
 management committee and funded
 through money won at the 2007 bar-
 gaining table, the free classes cover
 all materials found on the state Psy-
 chiatric Technician licensure exam.
       The classes specifically are
 geared toward Bargaining Unit 18
 members who have taken all re-
 quired Psych Tech education and
 training, but have been unsuccess-
 ful in passing the exam.
       For more information on the
 classes or to be added to the list of
 interested parties, contact Debi        Sonoma PTI and class master trainer Ruby Striplin, far left, and PDC PTI Lawana
 Loger at (800) 677-2278 or at           Tate, far right, were thrilled to bring the refresher class to 10 enthusiastic Porterville

    Proud to be Psych Tech Graduates
 West Hills College PT Instructor Frank Morales and Jamila            Profirio Sanchez, Adam Frantzich, Aylett Hauki, Dave
 Leggs O’Neal submitted this photo of West Hills College’s            Ward, Dewey Cruz, Davon Walker, Charles
 August 21 graduating class. Congratulations to all!: (top row)       Calloway; (fourth row) Jason Legarreta, Darryl
                                                                                               Marius, Leas Hecht, Chris-
                                                                                               tine Bentley; (third row)
                                                                                               Melissa Mills, Vanessa
                                                                                               Rosas, George Petrie,
                                                                                               Jyotishna Singh, Jamila
                                                                                               Leggs O’Neal, Lisa Aguilera;
                                                                                               (second row) Angel Pientel,
                                                                                               Cinthia Martinez, Nikole
                                                                                               Grove, Joanna Garcia,
                                                                                               Karina Contreras, Roberto
                                                                                               Flores, Cheryl Jacquez;
                                                                                               (front row) Marina Casillas,
                                                                                               Melissa Perez, Felicia
                                                                                               Rodriguez, Kathleen Garcia,
                                                                                               Ruth Thurman, Alicia Nix,
                                                                                               Jacqueline Nunez, Breanna

  Budget change shifts                                      Props for NOCs at FDC
   tax withholdings                                                                        CAPT’s Fairview Chapter
  Check with a tax professional                                                      held a special recognition event
                                                                                     for its NOC shift members July
                                                                                     2, distributing doughnuts and
        An item included in July’s budget “fix” means
                                                                                     coffee throughout the units and
  more tax dollars are being withheld from Califor-
  nians’ paychecks, to be refunded during tax time                                   at the chapter office for those
  next year.                                                                         working the late-night shift.
        Beginning in November, the state will “bor-                                        “We wanted to show them
  row” 10 percent of future income withholding                                       the love,” said Fairview Chap-
  taxes to raise revenue to put toward the state                                     ter President and Psych Tech
  deficit.                                                                           Paul Alizaga. “We saw so many
        Because each member’s situation is unique,
                                                                                     people – it was great!”
  CAPT says you should speak with a tax profes-
  sional for further information on how you are                                            The chapter also held a
  affected and if changing your withholdings is                                      barbeque August 13 in FDC’s
  worthwhile.                                                                        auditorium, hosting approxi-
                                                                                     mately 150 union members.
                                                                                           FDC staff: Watch for an-
                                                                                     nouncements for other upcom-
                                                                                     ing events.
   Did you know CAPT
   also defends licenses                                    Which of these things can
      and certificates?                                     you bring in to an individual?
     While you know our union fights for your employ-
ment and contract rights, you should also know that
CAPT is the only state employee union that defends
                                                                   A                   B
your license and certificate rights as well.
     Our union representatives have decades-long
track records of successfully defending Psych Tech
licenses and CNA certificates before state boards.
They stand ready to assist you should the need ever
     The costs of all of these services – which can run
several thousand dollars through often inexperienced
private attorneys – are covered by your regular union               C                  D
dues and fees.
     So if you need help, whether it’s on the job or your                                    None of
with your license or certificate, don’t wait: Call CAPT                                     the above

                                                                  Bringing items in to individuals – regardless of
                                                            whether they’re in a state hospital, developmental center
                                                            or prison – constitutes overfamiliarity and can not only
                                                            endanger your job and your license or certification, but
                                                            also the safety and well-being of clients and staff alike.
                                                                  If you selected D, you are correct. None of these
                                                            items are to be given.

                                                                              AUGUST / SEPTEMBER - 7
 Win means 16 months’
      pay reinstatement
 back pay, reinstatement
 for CDCR Psych T  ech
      Psych Tech Gary   that rounds and meds        they’re done, count         numb and I really
 Zeyen will be return-  can be safely done at       toward the probation        didn’t know what to
 ing to work at the     the same time by one        period. So the              think,” said the
 R.J. Donovan Correc-   person. We know better,     department’s unfair         stunned Psych Tech of
 tional Facility with   and CAPT continues this     rejection came too late,    the judge’s ruling. “I
 more than a year of    ongoing battle with         as Zeyen already for all    still don’t believe it!”
 back pay coming his    CDCR as well as the         intents and purposes              The win sets a
 way, thanks to his     Receiver’s Office.)         passed his probation,       precedent for other
 work and cooperation        By the time Zeyen      according to CAPT           similar cases happen-
 with union representa- was nearing the end of      representative Ann Lyles    ing in the department,
 tives.                 his probation, he had       and CAPT attorney           and CAPT reps are
                        completed more than         Steve Bassoff.              looking forward to
 ALL ABOUT              2,000 hours of work,             “The department’s      getting those cases
 THE HOURS              counting both his regular   whole argument – the        resolved as well.
                        shift work and frequent     whole situation – was             “The lesson here
      Zeyen, a long-    mandatory overtime.         just illogical,” said       is, if you’re on proba-
 time respected SPT at This was hundreds of         Bassoff.                    tion, especially in
 Atascadero for many    hours more than the                                     CDCR, be sure to
 years, was rejected on 1,680 hours required by     ‘GLAD TO GET                keep track of hours
 probation from         State Personnel Board       MY LIFE BACK’               worked, including
 Donovan, where he      regulations to fulfill                                  hours of overtime,”
 worked from February probation requirements.            After listening to     Lyles said. “It all
 2007 to March 2008.         Nevertheless, the      Bassoff’s arguments, an     counts.”
      As part of his    department decided to       SPB judge ruled in the            “I’m so grateful
 duties there, the      ax him. CDCR argued         Zeyen’s favor June 16,      to Ann, Steve and
 Psych Tech did medi- that they didn’t need to      requiring him to quickly    CAPT for being there
 cation passes during   recognize the overtime      be returned to his job at   for me,” said Zeyen.
 his shift, but then    Zeyen worked while on       Donovan – where he          “I’m just so glad to
 was frequently man-    probation, and that their   passed probation with       get my life back.”
 dated to do overtime   rejection was legal as it   his 2,000-plus hours --
 in order to perform    came before he com-         and to be awarded more           For more informa-
 proper rounds as       pleted the 1,680 hours      than 16 months’             tion on CDCR issues,
 well. (CDCR staff      on his regular shift. But   backpay and the over-       contact Ann Lyles at
 and Outreach readers SPB has clear rules for       time he rightfully          (800) 926-2278 (3 #).
 are familiar with the  this too: All hours         earned.
 department’s ongoing   worked, no matter where          “When I was sitting
 “magical thinking”     they’re done or when        there, I was just really

      So much is going on in our               Furloughs continued
workplaces and in our lives, but        throughout our 24-hour
CAPT is staying on top of every-        facilities, walloping our wal-
thing affecting us and – with your      lets, our morale and our
help and support – is not giving up     facilities. The furloughs
the fight.                              equate to a 13.85-percent pay
                                        cut. Adding insult to injury,
HARMFUL CUTBACKS                        however, is our ongoing
                                        inability to even take the days
     No one in state service has        off in order to find part-time
been subjected to as many harmful       work elsewhere and cut back
cutbacks as those of us working in      on gasoline and childcare
24-hour facilities:                     costs, as other state em-
                                        ployee coworkers have been
      Layoffs in DMH were miti-         able to do when their facilities
gated by cutting vacancies instead      close down on the infamous
of jobs, but with vacancies elimi-      Furlough Fridays.
nated, that still meant fewer people
onboard to do the work and more               Other cutbacks also
forced overtime required to get it      continue to harm ourselves
done. DDS had zero vacancies,           and our services. The gover-
                                                                           CAPT officers delivered signatures supporting our
and that meant layoffs affecting        nor and Legislature cut two        services to the governor and legislators. The signatures
real people, namely several dozen       holidays – Lincoln’s Birthday      were gathered online at
dedicated PTAs at Lanterman and         and Columbus Day – from the
Sonoma who as of press time were        state calendar, directly impact-
scheduled to be laid off mid-           ing those of us who must work them in DDS facilities held at least one rally
September. CAPT was working to          our 24-hour facilities. What’s more,           weekly to keep momentum going.
make sure anyone affected was on        they eliminated the calculation of any         The events garnered solid media
the state’s rehire list and will have   leave time toward overtime and time-           coverage, helping get our message
all their contract rights honored.      and-a-half pay for remaining holidays,         out to our friends, neighbors and
And CDCR’s Division of Juvenile         which is especially painful for our            decisionmakers.
Justice suddenly announced it           bargaining unit as well.
would be closing its Heman G.                                                                • IN THE COURTS – CAPT
Stark youth facility and reopening it   DETERMINED TO FIGHT                            legal counsel took on a unique angle
as an adult institution. The an-                                                       on Governor Schwarzenegger’s
nouncement caused a ripple effect             Even with all that’s going on,           furlough foolishness. In the suit filed
throughout the department as Stark      though, we simply refuse to give up!           August 17, we say the governor
employees and others in CDCR            We’re determined to fight:                     violated state Labor Code 212, which
with lower seniority scores re-                                                        requires us to be paid in cash or with
ceived surplus notices. In addition,          • ON THE STREETS – Hun-                  cash equivalents, such as checks;
Sierra Vista is still scheduled for     dreds of CAPT members hit the streets
closure at the end of this year (see    in recent weeks in an across-the-state
page 5 for details).                    show of solidarity. All DMH and larger                           -- continued on page 10

                                                                                       AUGUST / SEPTEMBER - 9
  continued from page 9 --

 however, the state has said
 time and again that furloughs
 have “no cash value.” The
 lawsuit was combined with
 the suit we filed earlier this
 year, which argues that the
 furloughs violate the federal
 Fair Labor Standards Act by
 only paying us for 32 hours
 a week, when we’re still
 required to work 40 hours a                        Here are the latest answers to some of your most frequently asked
 week in our ‘round-the-clock                  questions on how to use furloughs in our 24-hour facilities.
 facilities. A decision on our
 legal action could come
 through this fall.

       • AT THE CAPITOL –
 In addition to our ongoing
 legislative advocacy, CAPT
                                   F U R LO U G H
                                               HOW DO I USE FURLOUGH DAYS?
                                                     Furlough hours, which have no cash value, will be applied prior to
                                               the use of accrued leave, which can be banked up and cashed out. Fur-
                                               lough time will be applied in lieu of vacation leave, annual leave, sick
                                               leave or any other accrued leave. If you’re out of sick leave, you can still
                                               use furlough days or hours if you are sick. Furlough hours shall not be
                                               considered as accrued time for the vacation bid process. You can’t bid
 launched an online petition                   furlough hours, but, once your vacation time is bid and awarded, you can
 to gather signatures from                     substitute furlough hours for bid vacation time. Furlough days can be
 Californians in support of                    used in one-hour increments. If your request a furlough day and it’s
 our services. The signatures                  granted, it can be used in conjunction with your regular day off.
 were delivered by union
                                               HOW LONG DO I HAVE TO USE FURLOUGH DAYS?
 officers directly to the
                                                     All furlough days -- 44 days total -- must be taken within two years
 governor and legislators.
                                               following the end of the furlough program, which is June 30, 2010.
 CAPT reps also were
 working with Senate re-                       ARE FURLOUGH DAYS UNPAID?
 searchers studying the                             Furlough days are unpaid leave days that are banked and used as
 effects of furloughs on level-                leave time. An employee works at a reduction in pay of 13.85 percent per
 of-care services and staff.                   month, and then banks furlough days for future use. The furlough days
                                               have zero cash value, and you receive no cash-out of furlough hours left
       “I’ve been all over the                 over when you separate.
 state and attended many                       IS ANYONE NOT AFFECTED BY FURLOUGHS?
 rallies these past few                             The furlough program doesn’t affect workers on a leave of absence
 weeks, and the turnout has                    without pay, on military leave or who are seasonal.
 been amazing,” said Tony
                                               DO FURLOUGH DAYS COUNT TOWARD OVERTIME?
 Myers, CAPT state presi-
                                                     Time during which an employee is off work due to taking a furlough
 dent. “What our members
                                               day doesn’t count as hours worked within the week for the purpose of
 have told me time and again
                                               determining overtime. If you are required to work on a day designated as
 on the picket line is that they               your furlough day, that time will count as hours worked for the purpose of
 at least want a day’s pay for                 overtime.
 a day’s work – that’s where
 a lot of feeling of the                       I’M RETIRING SOON. DO FURLOUGHS AFFECT MY
 governor’s unfairness lies.”                  RETIREMENT BENEFITS?
                                                     The furlough program will not affect retirement credits, state ser-
 STAY IN TOUCH!                                vice credits, leave accruals, medical benefits, lump-sum payments, or
                                               EIDL/IDL/Non-Industrial/Involuntary leave payments.
       These issues are fluid
 and news is coming fast.                      WHAT IS CAPT DOING ABOUT FURLOUGHS?
                                                    These guidelines were current as of press time, but things
 Now more than ever, stay in
                                               continue to change quickly. CAPT will continue to fight furloughs
 touch with your chapter
                                               on all possible fronts. News is moving fast, so stay in touch with
 office and keep your eye on
                                               your chapter president, and keep an eye on

Local CAPT Chapters speak out
 ocal CAP Chapters
against harmful staffing cuts

                                “I’m selling aluminum cans for gas money to
                                get to work.”
                                      – Jose “Louie” Lujan, MSH

                                “It’s not just about pay but patient care.”
                                       – Latasha Fields, MSH

                                “Because of floats and overtime, continuity of
                                care is affected.”
                                      – Ty Harries, MSH

                                        AUGUST / SEPTEMBER - 11
  “Just take eight hours to see what we do.”
       – Shante Randall, FDC

  “It’s client safety and staff safety too.”
         – Trinidad Labutong, FDC

  “It’s nearly impossible to provide five-star
  care with two-star staffing.”
         – Amanda Oliver, FDC

  “I know people who have lost their homes,
  lost their cars or have gotten two jobs.”
         – Hector Velez, PSH

  “People are struggling just to make it.”
      – Stacey Lambirth, PSH

“My five-year-old now asks me, ‘Mommy, are you
going to work a double today?’ But I think the clients
are suffering more than any of us.”
     – Chimere Gray, PSH

“If PTAs get laid off, it will affect clients’ level of care.”
      – Evelia Zaporteza, SDC

“Have the governor come and work with us and he
will double our pay.”
        – Kathleen Calvano, CSH

                AUGUST / SEPTEMBER - 13
  “My difficulty is paying rent and trying
  to survive.”
         – Nanyamka Jones, CSH

  “Where can I get help? Everything’s
        – Arnel Bausanta, NSH

  “I’m filing for bankruptcy this week. We
  just can’t do it.”
        – Anonymous, SDC

                                             “People are stressing over their personal lives, and the
                                             clients pick up on that and can feel the stress too.”
                                                   – Anonymous, LDC

                                             “For me, it’s a stress reliever to fight back.”
                                                  – Pam Hill, LDC

                                             CAPT will continue to fight back!

                                             GET INVOLVED: Contact your Chapter office and

H1N1 facilities
  hits state
       H1N1 – commonly known as “swine                                                          dozens of them were suspected of having
flu” – is making its way around the world,                                                      swine flu.
and our state facilities aren’t immune.                                                                Many of the above examples violate
                                                                                                our contract in some way, for instance:
WHAT IS IT?                                                                                            • You are not required to bring a
      H1N1 is a type of influenza virus                                                         doctor’s note unless you’ve been
that causes respiratory disease. Most                                                           absent for more than three consecu-
people in the United States who have                                                            tive days and there is a demonstrable
been affected in the United States have                                                         pattern of sick-leave abuse, or unless
had mild cases, but the virus has spread                                                        your supervisor has reason to believe
with such virulence that the World Health                                                       the absence is unauthorized.
Organization has declared it a global                                                                  • You are not required to answer
pandemic.                                                                                       tons of questions about why you are
      The illness is similar to regular                                                         staying home due to illness.
seasonal flu; however, it is not seasonal,                                                             • You are not required to stay
nausea and vomiting are more prevalent,                                                         home if your family member is ill.
many older adults are showing stronger                                                                 CAPT representatives will remain
respiratory symptoms and many patients         one told the Psych Techs nor were there          vigilant on all these issues and will
are not initially showing fevers, leading      any warnings or notifications posted.            contest them if needed, but your help is
them to feel and believe they are healthy      When Psych Techs finally were told of            needed as well: If you have concerns
and to carry on as usual, further spread-      affected inmates, they were the only staff       over how H1N1 is being handled at your
ing this very contagious virus.                who were required to go in and do rounds         facility, contact your chapter president.
                                               while other staff were allowed to stay                  One other thing to remember is, if
FACILITY RESPONSES VARY                        away from those with the illness. Warn-          you contract H1N1 at work, it may be a
        Our patients, clients and members      ings were put on doors after union reps          workers’ comp issue. If you are working
have been coming down with H1N1, and           were informed and called the facility.           with clients or patients known to have the
our departments and facilities’ responses            • San Quentin: The facility quar-          virus and you become sick too, contact
have varied from place to place, such as:      antined several hundred inmates after            your chapter office immediately.
        • Sonoma: The facility had three

                                                    H1N1 Guidelines & Info
units with clients infected with swine flu;
affected units had warnings on the doors.
The employees stayed in place. If the
employees became sick, they were                 SYMPTOMS                                       PREVENTION
required to stay home 10 days and to get         Fever above 100.4 °F                           Cover nose and mouth with tissue when
a doctor’s note of clearance.                    Cough                                          coughing or sneezing
        • Sierra Vista: Employees and            Sore throat                                    Wash hands or use alcohol-based hand
                                                 Headache                                       cleaners frequently
visitors’ temperature is taken upon arrival
                                                 Chills                                         Avoid touching your eyes, nose, mouth
to the facility; if the temperature is high,
                                                 Muscle aches                                   Avoid close contact if possible
the employee must wait for one hour for          Diarrhea                                       Stay home if you become ill
the temperature to be taken again; if it’s       Vomiting
still high, the employees and visitors are       Emergency signs include:                       FOR MORE INFO
sent home.                                       Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath    For more information on H1N1, contact the
        • Canyon Springs: Employees              Pain or pressure in the chest or abdomen       California Department of Public Health’s
who call in sick have been subjected to a        Sudden dizziness                               special H1N1 hotline at (888) 865-0564.
battery of questions about symptoms and          Confusion                                      For representational or workplace safety
have been required to bring in doctor’s          Severe or persistent vomiting                  questions, contact your chapter office.
                                                 Flu-like symptoms improve but then return
notes; others are told not to come in even
                                                 with fever and worsened cough
if a family member tested positive for the
illness.                                          Information compiled from the California Department of Public Health, the Centers for
        • California Institution for Men:         Disease Control and Prevention and the Mayo Clinic; photo courtesy of
Inmates were infected with H1N1, but no
                                                                                               AUGUST / SEPTEMBER - 15
      Jwoab rds                              Do you know who
                                             your stewards are?

                                 When you have a need for representation, it’s important that you know

                           who to turn to.
                                 As the front line of CAPT’s representation program, job stewards play an
                           important role in providing effective representation to Bargaining Unit 18

                           employees at the chapter level.
                                 Stewards help coworkers resolve all kinds of job-related problems and
                           concerns. They attempt to work things out informally if possible, but also can
                           help you file grievances over contract violations and formal complaints over
                           other issues. Job stewards also provide representation in parts of the adverse
                           action process.
                                 Here is a current list of the job stewards for each chapter. Each steward
                           has received training conducted by CAPT representatives and activists
                           judged by the CAPT Board of Directors as qualified to provide the training.
                                 This list is updated as needed and each steward is approved by the
                           chapter president and State President Tony Myers. Those with asterisks (**)
                           following their names also are CAPT officers.

  ATASCADERO              COMMUNITY FACILITIES                      CA Men’s Colony
  Cary Burns              Canyon Springs                            Sarah Jardine
  Cindy Collins           Arron Lockwich**                          Melanie Taylor
  Paul Hannula**          Ruben Rios                                CA Medical Facility
  Richard Marshall                                                  Michelle Ladrigan
                          Sierra Vista
  John Myers**                                                      Olga Valles
                          Michelle Reyno
  Eric Ramos**                                                      Pedro Zamora
                          John Schultz**
  Michael Rosen
                          Jerry Whitecotton**                       CSP - Corcoran
  Ellen Verodi
  Steven Wright**         CORRECTIONS & REHABILITATION              Juan Alvarado
                                                                    Sherri Hance
  COALINGA                Avenal                                    Deborah Levine
                          Courtney Carpenter                        Larry (Lucky) Lucketta**
  Olusean Are
                          Holly Kilinski
  Kathleen Calvano                                                  CSP - Los Angeles
                          (James) Robert McCullough
  Allison Chavez                                                    Tracy Doherty
  Linda Davis             CA Correctional Inst.                     Deena Grant**
  Olen Bryan Finney       Linda Ellett                              Anthony Pope
  Jamie Garcia            Elva Salinas
  Stephen Guillen         Brian Tweedy                              CSP - Sacramento
  Eugenia Hernandez**                                               John Byrne
                          CA Inst. for Men                          Kathy Gustafson
  Jessica Howe            Charlie Jones
  John Kowall                                                       Lourinda Hernandez**
                          Jack Martin                               Sydney Lahidji
  Tyree Leggs             Robert Shirley
  Juan Mata**                                                       Kim Morin
  Angela Myers            CA Inst. for Women                        Debbie Peck
  Tameka Moore (Walker)   Bruno Brito                               Tamar Reed
  Juan Nolasco**          Anthony Jones                             John Sullivan
  Amanda Wood             Josette Manning                           CSP - Solano
                                                                    Barbara Bibby

CDCR (con’t)                     FAIRVIEW (con’t)          PATTON
                                 Erik Mota                 Willie Bell
CSP - Wasco
                                 Amanda Oliver**           Alice Benson
Barbara Firsich
                                 Shante Randall            Reggie Blocker
Marilyn Hayes
                                 Ginger Tanner**           Michelle Brown
Linda Rafanan
                                 Diana Townsend            Theresa Cogan
Central CA Women’s Facility      Randy Tyer                Anthony Coley
Hussain Alhashimi                                          Mark Cruz
Adrian Peters                    LANTERMAN                 George Hernandez
Gayle Royal                      Corey Armstrong           Sarah Hernandez
Chuckawalla Valley               Jason Brownstein          Sylvia Hernandez**
Stanley Sandoval                 Michael Callaway          Laurie Hill
                                 Stacey Ferguson           Joanetta Houston
Correctional Training Facility                             Abigal Khoe
                                 Niehema Major
Cynthia Chatman                                            Joshua Kittel
                                 Julie Martinez
Deuel Vocational Institute       Steve Miller              Kevin Moak
Angelo Mendoza                   Virginia Marquez          Jeanette (Jamie) Moore
                                 Robert Newman**           Lessie Moore**
Ironwood                                                   Cindy Pace
Daisy Wells                      Evelyn Nunnally**
                                 Gary Stewart              Gabriel Rahn
Mule Creek                       Amy Tull                  Teresa Rennick**
Laura Kizziah                    Kathleen Wade             Nate Rushing
Brenda Montelongo                Jerry White**             Nadia Sahawneh
North Kern                       Brad Whitehead**          Brenda Schell
Jeannie Ream                     Shirley Williams          Edward Scott
                                                           Hector Velez
Pelican Bay                      METROPOLITAN              Melody Viramontes
James Nusser                     Phillip Black             Arnold Wood
Calvin Pearson                   Frank Blacksher           Cheryl Wooters
R.J. Donovan                     Gena Carabajal            Monique Young
Roland Milan                     Edward Collaso**          PORTERVILLE
Salinas Valley                   Ruth Flores
                                 Ruben Gallegos            Shawn Byars
Linda Gutierrez
                                 Carlos (Chuck) Garcia**   Cecelia Chapman
San Quentin                      Lydia Greico              Karen Cook
John Hammond                     Jesus (Andres) Guerrero   Francisco Davalos
Sierra Conservation              Nancy Johnson             Rita Earley
Lisa Brady                       Ed Lair                   Matt Gemmell
Lia Day                          Kim Liu                   Kasey Gifford
                                 Edgardo Lopez             Stephan Graham
Substance Abuse TF               Jason Martin              Terry Lorenzo
Jennifer Are**                   Betty Martinez            Elizabeth Rafferty**
Chris Craig                      Oscar Mejia               Katherine Ramirez          How to become
Valley SP for Women              Don Pieratt               Mike Simental**            a Job Steward
Kendra Medina                    Nicky Sonteya             Ed Vartanian**
Stephaney Ochoa                  Eric Soto**                                        CAPT is always seeking
                                                           SONOMA                   Psych Techs who want
No. California Youth Center      Ruben Soto
                                 Van Torns                 Jill Alexander           to help their colleagues.
Dianne Allen
Gemma Bartolome                                            Circe Bisby**
                                 NAPA                                                  If you are an active
John Coldren                                               Joyce Collins
                                 Karen Ashworth**          Caron Ewald**            member in good standing
Vella Lymuel                                                                         and want to become a
                                 Patricia Bliton           Jorge (JJ) Fernandez
Youth Training School            Chris Cullen              Katrise Fraund             job steward, contact
Eva Bryant                       Nina Dalao                Megan Gordon              your local CAPT office
Garry Calas                      Carrie Karn**             Amalia (Lia) Landrum         (listed on page 3)
                                 Brad Leggs**              Christy Morgan                 to get involved.
                                 Linda Monahan             Jolane Schneider**
Paul Alizaga**                   Joyce Taylor              Ruby Striplin
Kenny Loza

                                                                     AUGUST / SEPTEMBER - 17
 Injured at work?                                              Residential-choice bill
                                                               now at 60 cosponsors
 Show it with a photo
       “I was in the EOP IDTT with four other clinicians
 and one inmate. Without provocation, the inmate
 stood up, picked up his chair, scanned the room and
 threw the chair at me. I got nine staples. Very scary.”
 – Julie Bell, PT, Wasco State Prison
       If you are injured at work, CAPT is seeking
 photos of your injuries. Your photographs will provide
 powerful evidence to decisionmakers that working in
 our facilities is difficult and dangerous.
       Contact your chapter office immediately for
 assistance if you are hurt on the job. They can also
 photograph your injuries for recordkeeping and                         CAPT consultant Brady Oppenheim met with Rep. Doris
                                                                        Matsui’s staff on VOR and CAPT issues.
 possible publication. You can specify if you would not
 like to be identified in any publications, but details of
 what happened and how you received your injuries                  Federal legislation giving clients and their fami-
 are important.                                              lies the right to opt-out of developmental-center-closure
       You may also send photos and details directly to      lawsuits has now gained a whopping 60 Congressional
 Brady Oppenheim at or at               cosponsors from both parties.
 CAPT Headquarters, 1220 S St., Ste. 100, Sacra-                   The legislation – H.R. 1255 by Rep. Barney Frank
 mento, Calif. 95811.                                        – is a simple bill requiring residents of developmental
                                                             centers and their legal guardians to be notified of class-
                                                             action closure lawsuits, as well as to give them the right
                                                             to opt-out of such lawsuits if they’re satisfied with the
                                                             centers’ care.
                                                                   There currently is no law requiring families and
                                                             their loved ones to be informed of lawsuits, and resi-
                                                             dents and guardians often are included in the legal ac-
                                                             tions against their will. The lawsuits frequently result in
                                                             the downsizing or closure of developmental centers and
                                                             the removal of clients against their or their guardians’
                                                                   “As the chairman of our Legislative Committee
                                                             says, it is highly unusual to see such widespread sup-
                                                             port from Democrats and Republicans on a bill, particu-
                                                             larly one that has major opposition,” said VOR legisla-
                                                             tive advocate Peter Kinsler. “You usually see such bi-
                                                             partisan support only on bills that endorse things like
                                                             National Apple Pie Week.”
                                                                   The bill is sponsored by VOR, the only national
                                                             organization advocating a full range of residential op-
                                                             tions and services for people with developmental dis-
                                                             abilities: from homes and community residences to larger
                                                             congregate facilities and developmental centers.
                                                                   CAPT strongly supports H.R. 1255: a common-
                                                             sense bill for clients and families. For more information
                                                             on this legislation and its progress, visit

     Poverty risk six times greater
     for workers without pensions
      A new study highlights                                                                      ing determination to reduce
the important societal role                                                                       defined-benefit pension
defined-benefit pensions like                                                                     plans for his employees. He
ours play in reducing United                                                                      previously headed an all-out
States’ retired workers’ pov-                                                                     initiative campaign in 2005
erty rates.                                                                                       to put new employees in in-
      In The Pension Factor:                                                                      ferior defined-contribution
Assessing the Role of                                                                             retirement plans. However,
Defined Benefit Plans in Re-                                                                      CAPT and other state and
ducing Elder Hardships,                                                                           public employee unions suc-
researchers found:                                                                                cessfully defeated his initia-
      • Rates of poverty                                                                          tive plan.
among older households                                                                                   But the governor con-
lacking pension incomes                                                                           tinues to push for pension
about six times greater com-                                                                      cuts for new employees and
pared to those with defined-                                                                      has said he will revisit this
benefit pensions.                                                                                 issue in coming months.
      • $7.3 billion in public                                                                    CAPT has a long history of
assistance cost savings due                                                                       defending our defined-ben-
to retirees receiving pension                                                                     efit pensions for current and
benefits.                                                                                         future workers, and will con-
      • 1.72 million fewer                                                                        tinue to do so.
poor households and 2.97 million           able, legally guaranteed retirement pay-          “These pension benefits don’t
fewer near-poor households because         ments to beneficiaries, who along with      just benefit retirees: They are a major
of pension benefits.                       their employers contributed to their pen-   draw to recruit new staff to state ser-
      • 560,000 fewer households           sion savings, which were then profes-       vice, especially more challenging jobs
experiencing a food hardship, among        sionally invested (in our case, by          like ours,” said CAPT State President
many other findings.                       CalPERS). Defined-benefit pension           Tony Myers. “And as this recent study
      “With our analysis, we now have      plans are superior to defined-contribu-     also shows, modest but fair defined-
hard numbers of the people and bud-        tion plans – commonly known as              benefit pensions also help retirees live
get impacts of pensions,” said Dr.         “401(k)s” – which do not guarantee pay-     independently, instead of working de-
Frank Porell of the University of Mas-     ments or lifelong benefits and are sub-     cades only then have to rely on pub-
sachusetts - Boston, who coauthored        ject to the frequent ups and downs of the   lic-assistance programs.”
the study with the National Institute on   stock market.
Retirement Security. “The bottom line:           California       Gov.      Arnold          The entire NIRS report can be
Pensions help older Americans es-          Schwarzenegger has voiced his ongo-         found at
cape poverty – especially women and
minorities who we know are most vul-
                                                 Did you know...?
                                                          The great majority – 75 percent – of CalPERS pension
     This new study comes as more                    benefits come from investment returns. The remaining 25
employers are looking to reduce or                   percent come from employee and employer contributions.
eliminate defined-benefit pension
plans, or any retirement plans or con-
tributions altogether. Traditional
pension plans provide lifelong, reason-

                                                                                   AUGUST / SEPTEMBER - 19
                                                                   We ‘shall’ fight
                                                                  Contract to
                                                                  Vacation Leave Bidding
                                                                       It’s that time again – time to bid on your vacation leave for the coming year.
Information on these contract provisions are

                                                     Article 6.2 of CAPT’s contract outlines our rights in all state departments – DMH, DDS and CDCR
located in the 2006-2008 CAPT Contract:

                                               – to bid for slots of time off by seniority. Bidding procedures vary slightly from department to department,
                                               and you should refer to your contract for specific details on your facility.

                                                     But no matter what department you’re in, don’t sell yourself short! CAPT urges you to bid
                                               for your maximum amount of vacation days possible, up to the limit of 32 days off during the
                                               vacation year. It is your right to take and use your time off, and your department must abide by your
                                               rightfully bid vacations.
 Article 6.2, Page 24

                                                     And remember: Facilities that don’t make proper arrangements for your position to be covered
                                               while you’re on vacation can’t deny your vacation based on “legitimate operating needs.” It’s not your
                                               fault if your facility can’t make plans. You earned it; you bid for it; you get it!

                                                    For more information on Article 6.2 or any other CAPT contract rights, or if you are concerned that
                                               your rights are being violated, contact your chapter office.

                      Under our scope: Trach care
         Tracheostomy care is just one more thing Psych Techs can do
  under our scope of practice.
         Tracheostomies are permanent or semi-permanent procedures
  to create an opening through the neck into the trachea. A tube is
  usually placed through this opening to provide an airway and remove
  secretions from the lungs. This tube is called a “tracheostomy tube”
  or “trach tube.”
         Jerry White knows what he’s talking about. He’s worked in
  Lanterman Developmental Center’s skilled nursing services for 27
  years and has valuable expertise in caring for clients who have this
  procedure, many of whom are extremely medically fragile.
         “It takes a lot of hands-on, time-consuming care,” said White,
  who also is Lanterman Chapter’s vice president. “Trachs require a lot
  of suctioning. They tend to flood with mucus, and mucus floods can
  kill you. You have to ensure the canullas stay clean, and even tying
  trach ties is an art. Most of the people I deal with require continuous
  oxygen given right into the trach itself.”
         White noted that many people find dealing with trachs can be
  “scary,” but that it’s not hard, and simply takes practice and patience.
         “I find that it’s a challenge and a place where you can actually
  make a difference in these people’s lives,” he said.

CAPT CMC vacation-bid win
benefits all departments
     A major decision on California Men’s Colony vacation
bidding strengthens our rights at other state facilities as well.
      On Oct. 31, 2008, CMC management announced out of
the blue – and without a bit of notice to CAPT – that the facil-
ity would change its vacation bidding process. Vacation bids
would start November 4 and take place in two rounds: first
everyone would bid for one vacation period, and then come
back a few weeks later and bid for a second. After all was said
and done, there weren’t enough vacation slots for everyone to
bid a second vacation period so everyone could get their right-
ful time off.
      This wasn’t the first time CMC had tried to do creative
things with vacation bidding. When the facility’s Psych Tech
staffing increased overnight from 11 to 33 positions as part of
court-required Coleman mental-health improvements, CMC
management didn’t factor in any relief time for staff. Every
time something strange happened, job stewards and union staff
                                                                            At the arbitration hearing, in addition to the minimum/
filed grievances and won them.
                                                                     maximum tack, CMC argued they don’t have the budget or
      But CMC apparently was hoping we wouldn’t notice their
                                                                     staffing to allow everyone to take all the vacation days they’ve
latest flub. With the 2008 bidding, CMC job steward Melanie
                                                                     rightfully earned.
Taylor called CAPT CDCR consultant Ann Lyles and told her
                                                                            “That’s not our problem,” said Ken Murch, CAPT’s chief
all about the weird bid goings-on.
                                                                     representative, who along with Taylor and Lyles represented
      “When we were made to do it according to their new
                                                                     the union’s side at the arbitration. “If you limit our time, you
process, I got only eight days of vacation, another person only
                                                                     limit our rights.”
got four, and five lateral transfers didn’t get a single day of
                                                                            The arbitrator issued a written ruling in CAPT’s favor
vacation,” said Taylor. “I brought it to management’s atten-
                                                                     August 2. In addition to returning vacation bidding back to
tion, and they kept saying, ‘It’s the budget; it’s just the way it
                                                                     normal, giving affected employees an extra bidding slot and
is.’ But I said, ‘What about our contract?’”
                                                                     allowing them all of the time off they weren’t able to take,
      Alarmed, Lyles immediately filed a grievance, which
                                                                     CMC must also now pay the cost for the hearing and the
wended its way through the grievance levels until it reached
                                                                     arbitrator’s time.
the state level at CDCR.
                                                                            “What really gets you is the lack of sensitivity shown by
      And what was CDCR’s response to our grievance?
                                                                     California Men’s Colony management regarding developing
      “They said the two bidding periods and the 32 days are a
                                                                     staffing relief schedules to provide vacation time off for its
maximum, not a guaranteed minimum,” said Lyles. “It was be-
                                                                     employees,” said Murch. “Our members have rightfully earned
yond belief: I absolutely couldn’t believe what I was hearing.”      meaningful time off with their families.”
ARBITRATION BRINGS WIN                                                      “When Ann called me with the result, I got chills; I got
                                                                     tears in my eyes,” said Taylor.
      To move the issue along, the union chose to use expe-                 What’s more, the ruling not only applies to CMC but also
dited arbitration. As outlined in our contract (Article 13.4),       clarifies and cements our right to bid for our fully earned vaca-
expedited arbitration is a special grievance procedure allowed       tion times at other facilities and departments throughout the state.
for specific issues: leaves and holidays (as with CMC’s situa-              “It’s neat because all of the employees here have heard
tion), merit salary adjustments, hours of work and overtime,         we’ve won this grievance,” said Taylor. “I really would like to
and working conditions. With this process, a neutral arbitrator      thank Ann and Ken – they were amazing.”
is brought in to hear both sides and issues a legally binding               For more information on vacation-bid rights or any other
decision.                                                            contract rights, contact your chapter office.

                                                                                         AUGUST / SEPTEMBER - 21
         coworkers through
    Help coworkers through CL donations
         Article 6.9 of the CAPT contract gives Psych            donation form, or use the form included at the link on
   Techs the right to request leave donations from cowork-       CAPT’s website at:
   ers in cases of financial hardship due to injury or the            If you need help and have received department
   prolonged illness of the Psych Tech or his or her family      approval to get leave donations, contact Brady
   member, or for parental or adoption leave purposes.           Oppenheim at (800) 677-2278 to be included in our
         You can help by donating vacation, annual leave,        publications. You also may qualify for reduced union
   personal leave, CTO and holiday credits. Simply contact       dues while you recuperate. Contact your chapter presi-
   your personnel office to fill out a Catastrophic Leave        dent to find out more.

 Ron Smothers, PT, CDCR/CIW:                                     Maria Martinez, PT, Fairview:
 Requesting donations as he recovers from major                  Requesting donations as she copes with serious work-
 car-accident injuries.                                          related complications.
 David Roster, PT, CDCR/CSP Solano:                              Victoria Barnes, PT, Lanterman:
 Requesting donations as he recovers from a                      Requesting donations as she recovers from open-heart
 broken elbow and blood infection.                               surgery.
 Debra Thornburgh, PT, CDCR/KVSP:                                Francis Nwagbara, PT, Metropolitan:
 Requesting donations as she recovers from                       Requesting donations as he recovers from a serious
 numerous surgeries.                                             accident and related surgery.
 Lia Day, PT, CDCR/SCC:                                          Evangeline Haith, PTA, Napa:
 Requesting donations as she undergoes treat-                    Requesting donations as she recovers from open-heart
 ment for breast cancer.                                         surgery.
 Debra Herrick, PT, CDCR/SVSP:                                   Richard Thorp, PT, Sonoma:
 Requesting donations as she copes with a health                 Requesting donations as he recovers from triple-bypass
 condition.                                                      heart surgery.
 Cindy Tabor, SPT, Coalinga:
 Requesting donations as she recovers from a
                                                                            Want to find out how many
 leg/ankle injury.                                                          donations you’ve received?
 Linda DeBeaumont, PT, Fairview:
                                                                              Contact your facility’s
 Requesting donations as she copes with a recent                              personnel department.
 heart transplant and MRSA infection.

                            Do you know who your beneficiary is?
      If you’ve filled out a CAPT membership application         money will go to your estate. This means that the funds
 and left the “beneficiary” line blank, we don’t know who        could go to your creditors instead of your loved one as you
 your beneficiary is either.                                     had intended. Or, if you haven’t updated your beneficiary
      CAPT union members receive the exclusive benefit           information in a long time, your benefits will go to whom-
 of $5,000 in group term life insurance and an additional        ever you put on your membership application, whether or
 $5,000 in accidental death and dismemberment cover-             not that’s the person you want them to go to now.
 age. When you sign up to become a full union member,                  If you’re unsure about your beneficiary, or want to
 these funds go to your beneficiary if something happens         become a full union member and enjoy this and other
 to you.                                                         benefits, contact Debi Loger at (800) 677-2278 or at
      But if we don’t have any beneficiary listed for you, the

 CAPT and Pre-Paid Legal Services have joined forces
 to offer our members legal service at reduced rates!
                                           Have you ever ...
                                                   worried about a job-related criminal charge?
                                                   worried about identity theft?
                                                   been overcharged for a repair?
                                                   tried to return a defective product?
                                                   recieved a traffic ticket?
                                                   lost a security deposit?
                                                   been audited?
                                                   signed a contract?
                                                   purchased a home?
                                                   prepared a will?

                         CALL NOW and take advantage of this new benefit today!
                         Bill Butkovich, Independent Associate 877-507-8678 (ext. 4)

CAPT supports Jelincic, Shimada for CalPERS
     CAPT’s board has voted to endorse J.J. Jelincic for CalPERS’ member-at-large seat.

      Jelincic has more than 20 years’ experience working for CalPERS as an investment officer. With a B.A. in eco-
nomics, and M.B.A. in finance and a Chartered Financial Analyst designation, he has worked in the department’s stock,
fixed income and real estate investment units. Jelincic also set up CalPERS’ futures program, has run the stock trading
desk and worked in corporate governance area of investments.
      He also has a long history as a union activist, including recently serving as president of the California State
Employees Association for four years, as well as serving as the labor appointee on Governor Schwarzenegger’s
California Performance Review Commission.
      “I believe my diversified career path, my investment experience, my experience dealing with a wide range of
interests, and my knowledge of CalPERS and its key players creates an opportunity to serve all CalPERS members
effectively,” said Jelincic.


     The CAPT board also has endorsed Kurato Shimada for a separate seat on the CalPERS board. Shimada has
served on the CalPERS board for more than 20 years and chairs the organization’s Benefits and Program Administra-
tion Committee, which oversees retirement benefit administration.
     Ballots were mailed to all eligible active and retired CalPERS members on Sept. 4, 2009; the deadline to return
them is October 2.

                                                                               AUGUST / SEPTEMBER - 23
                  California Association of Psychiatric Technicians                                            Non-Profit Org
                                                                                                              U.S. POSTAGE
                  1220 ‘S’ Street, Suite 100                                                                       PAID
                                                                                                               Permit No. 46
                  Sacramento, CA 95811-7138                                                                   Sacramento, CA


  Dementia set                               Movie depictions
                                             Movie                                                  eport:
                                                                                                  Report: 8 million
  to skyrocket
     skyrock                                     ive
                                               driv negative
                                               drive negative                                        year consider
                                                                                                   a year consider
   worldwide                                            stereotypes
                                          mental-health stereotypes                                    suicide
                                    Hollywood shows schizophrenics and those with other               More than 8 million
      More than 35 million    mental illnesses only as stupid or evil: a stereotype that, ac-   Americans seriously
people around the world       cording to a new study, has not significantly changed over a      consider suicide each year,
are living with Alzheimer’s   century of cinema.                                                says the U.S. Substance
disease or other types of           A survey of 1,989 people found that 49 percent had seen     Abuse and Mental Health
dementia – a number           people with a mental illness acting violently on screen, with     Services Administration.
that’s set to skyrocket       44 percent of those                                                     SAMHSA surveyed
barring a real medical        asked saying they                                                 46,190 people aged 18 and
breakthrough.                 believed people                                                   over and found:
      According to the        with mental ill-                                                        • People 18 to 25
World Alzheimer Report,       nesses were more                                                  years old were far more
dementia will nearly          prone to violence.                                                likely to have seriously
double every 20 years               The survey                                                  considered suicide in the
and will grow to affect a     and related study                                                 previous year, compared to
staggering 115.4 million      pointed to the latest                                             those 26 to 49 years old;
people by 2050.               Batman film as a                                                        • Among those 50
      “We are facing an       clear example of                                                  and older, 2.3 percent
emergency,” said Dr.          negative stereotyp-                                               seriously considered
Daisy Acosta, who heads       ing, with both actor                                              suicide;
Alzheimer’s Disease           Heath Ledger’s Oscar-winning “Joker” character (above) and              • Among people with
International.                Arron Eckhart’s “Two-Face” character motivated purely by the      a substance-abuse disor-
      The report urges the    “evil” of mental illness.                                         der, 11 percent had consid-
World Health Organiza-              “The incorrect stereotype in both that           ered suicide, compared
tion to declare dementia a    schizophrenics have multiple personality disorder, and that       with 3 percent without such
health priority and for       that second personality is always evil,” said researchers Dr.     disorders.
national governments to       Peter Byrne, a film expert and psychiatrist at London’s                 About 32,000 suicides
follow suit.                  Newham University Hospital. “This is omnipresent in cinema        occur in the United States
                              misrepresentations.”                                              each year.

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