Royston Colbourne is an experienced senior police officer from the by malj


									Royston Colbourne is an experienced senior police officer from the UK who served over
30 years in London. During his extensive policing career he became a specialist in a
range of policing activity. Operating at a strategic and tactical level he has been involved
in hundreds of major events and incidents. He has worked extensively in counter
terrorism, partnership crime reduction, public disorder and critical incident management.
For the past 20 years he has been involved in counter terrorism and at the point of
retirement was a Superintendent in the Counter Terrorist Branch, New Scotland Yard.

As a counter terrorist security coordinator he has been responsible for assessing
vulnerability and risk and introducing mitigation associated with the threat from
terrorism. He has been responsible for security assessments of sea ports and airports,
critical infrastructure facilities, government buildings and VIP’s at risk. Responsibility
for events with VIP’s has included Heads of State, senior politicians and members of The
Royal Family in the UK.

He has carried out counter terrorist assessments and given advice to governments in the
Middle East on behalf of the UK Government.

Since arrival in Vancouver 3 years ago he has created and manages a security
consultancy, RCSA Consultants Inc. The consultancy has carried out security
assessments in The Middle East and Eastern Europe protecting both military and civil
resources of The United Nations. He has also assisted in projects focused on the
improvement of safety and security on public transportation systems and relevant training

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