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									                                      transforming lives through breast cancer education and support

                                                                          JULY 2010 • DONOR ISSUE

VOLUNTEERS Of ThE yEAR                                               EVENT CALENDAR
The BCRC is fortunate to have a large group of dedicated             September 25 • 6:00pm - 8:30pm
people who work unselfishly to help with our outreach to             12th Annual Fall Fundraiser:
the community. We appreciate each one for their efforts.             Villa Under The Stars at Villa de
Once again, it was a challenge to choose the few Volunteers          la Guerra. Mingle with ‘stars’ while
of the Year. The five people listed below were singled out for       enjoying good food, live music,
extraordinary service to the BCRC in 2009 and were honored           silent & live auction. See pg. 11 for
at the annual Volunteer Appreciation Reception.                      details and ticket order form

                    Andri Beauchamp - Administration                 October 2 • 9:00am
                       For the last three years, Andri been part     SB Brighton Collectibles Breakfast
                        of the Fall Fundraiser, (formerly known      with presentations on breast health
                        as the Lawn Party). Her contribution         co-hosted by BCRC.
                        cannot be over-appreciated. To
                       start with, she has spearheaded the           October 21 • 5:30pm - 7:00pm
                    design and creating of the invitations,          Key to the Cure Saks Fifth Avenue
              incorporating her own fine photography. In             fundraiser launch event with live
2009, she really outdid herself in every way by handling             music, appetizers, raffle, and open
the sponsor letters, stuffing envelopes with the invitations,        trunk specials.
getting items donated, – you name it and she was there to
make the Fall Fundraiser an amazing success. And she always          December 5 • 12:00pm
has a warm smile and a terrific spirit.                              3rd Annual Holiday
                                                                     Tea & Fashion Show at
                    Lourdes Geoghegan - Education                    the Biltmore Four Seasons
                     Lourdes has been volunteering as the            Resort featuring a
                      Spanish translator for our Education           gourmet tea and
                      Lecture series for the past four years.        fashions by Coldwater Creek.
                      She provides us with a hassle-free             Tickets available soon.
                    turnkey service, supplying all the               $75 each.
                  necessary equipment (microphones,
             broadcast unit and headsets). Additionally,             Need more
Lourdes makes our lecture series available for our Spanish           information?
speaking clients.                                                    Call 805.569.9693
                                              Continued on page 2    or visit

                                 VOLUNTEERS Of ThE yEAR Continued from cover
EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR               Lourdes says, “I truly love working with the BCRC on my volunteer
Silvana R. Kelly                 assignments. I learn so much from all your clients as well as from your kind and
NEWSLETTER EDITOR                talented staff and presenters.” Her contribution helps set the BCRC apart in our
Jason Alexander
                                 efforts to support our Spanish speaking clients and community.
Rae Ann Bird
Judy Blanco                                        Corinna Gordon - Support Program
Ana Luisa Rodriguez                                   Corinna has done a phenomenal job this year to help
BOARD OF DIRECTORS                                     launch the Breast Friends Forever (BFF) program. The BFF
Angela Torin, President
Rose Hodge, Vice President
                                                        Program grew out of a discussion at our retreat regarding
Pat Durham, Secretary                                   how we might be better able to help our clients and
Evie Sullivan, Treasurer
Andri Beauchamp                                        involve people who want to volunteer with the BCRC
Mary Frink                                            but only have a limited number of hours to offer. The
Siobhan Frost
Corinna Gordon, Honorary                          BFF program volunteers provide a variety of compassionate
Louise Henderson
Frederic C. Kass, MD
                                 services. Corinna brings great enthusiasm to the program and has even involved
Judy La Melza                    the community to brighten our clients’ day; including the Quilters Guild and
Michelle LaFond
Olivia Newton-John, Honorary     local Farmers Markets who now donate food and flowers.
Sandi Nicholson, Honorary
Nancy Oster
Kyle Pace                                         Janie Ivey - Integrative Therapy Programs
Carol Roe
Elizabeth Saghi
                                                      Janie is so cool. We call her “magic hands” because she’s
Alice Sanov                                             always so loving and has a almost magical way of healing
Chris Sloan
Daryl Stegall                                            through her specialty of Reflexology. She comes all the
Teri Taylor                                              way from Fillmore every second and fourth Wednesday
Deborah Turturro, NP
                                                         to spend the day not only doing Reflexology but also
Hon. Lois Capps
                                                        DreamScape and art therapy. She is unselfish with her time
Ramona R. Clark, MD                                 and often works one-on-one with the clients – even going
Holly Clement, OTR/L, CLT-LANA
Deanna Dehlsen                   to a client’s home or the hospital or rehabilitation facility. Her devotion has
Beverlye Hyman Fead              been so heartfelt that we are proud to honor her contribution to the Integrated
Ellen Fogel, MSW
Susan Forkush                    Therapies Program.
Perri Harcourt
Stan Hatch
Beth Higgins                                       Robbie Olge - Fundraising
Debbie Hobler, MSW
Ronald G. Latimer, MD                                  Robbie is often described as a firecracker! She is truly one of
Fran Lotery, PhD                                          the most dedicated persons we’ve come to know.
Susan Love, MD
Adam Lowenstein, MD, FACS                                  For the last three years, Robbie has almost singlehandedly
Isabelle Patton, RN
Janet Pickthorn, MD
                                                           taken on the Silent Auction at the Fall Fundraiser event
Margaret S. Ray, MD                                       – making the auction items look like amazing offerings
Karen Rothberg
Rick Scott                                              from Neiman Marcus. She does all the marketing and
Robert W. Sheffield, MD FACS                         presentations and she spends hours combining separate items
Mary Solis, LCSW
Nancy Sweet                      into attractive, bid-worthy packages. We deeply appreciate her efforts in literally
Lucy Thomas
                                 upping the ante at our Fall Fundrasier Auction. n

                                                (from 6/1/09 through 5/31/10)

Thanks to our donors and volunteers, the BCRC is able to work diligently to bring exceptional services to clients. We strive to make a
positive contribution to their life and help them navigate the troubled waters of breast cancer. Your investment makes this possible.

CORPORATE DONORS                    Patricia Aoyama Kleveland &         John Burrell                        Lyla & Alex Clyne
Allergan                            Chris Kleveland                     Madalyn & Bob Burton                Steve Cody
AstraZenec                          Maria Armenta                       Mary Burton                         Cathy Cohen
Brighton Collectibles               Kelsey Ashford                      Cathy Calabro                       Tracy Colahan
Coldwater Creek                     Sue & Rich Ayling                   W. Diane Calvert                    Linda Cole
Cox Communications                  Anne Aziz                           Eric Carrier                        Lori Coleman
Dako North American Inc.            Elivera Badillo                     Dee Carter Brown                    Kendall Conrad
Decker’s                            Mindy Baily                         Paul Cashman                        Tani Conrad
Genentech, Inc.                     Alexandra Baker-Brown               Jessica Cervantes                   Mary Anne Contreras
Montecito Bank & Trust              Kathleen Bank                                                           Jonathan Cooper
Saks Fifth Avenue                   Jennifer Barber                                                         Rick & Nancia Coulter
Santa Barbara Action Pro            Kelli Barrett                       Not everything                      John & Gretchen Court
Santa Barbara Bank & Trust          James Barry                                                             Dolores Covarrubias
Sientra                             Pascale Beal                        that is faced can                   Laurie Cox
Southern California Edison          Andri & John Beauchamp                                                  Bruce Cramer
  Company                           Peter Bejarano                      be changed, but                     Janet Crandall
The Gas Company                     Diamonte Bellantoni                                                     Edward Craviotto
Venoco, Inc.                        Hiroko Benko                        nothing can be                      Suzanne Cuddy
Lucy Activewear                     Sally Bennett                                                           Gulcin Dagli
                                    Laura Bensel                        changed until                       Elizabeth & Mike Dalling
                                    Nicholas Bernstein                                                      Marilyn Dannehower
FOUNDATIONS                         Linda & Steven Besserman            it is faced.                        Tina Datta
Anton Family Trust                  Cindy Billings                                                          Jennifer De Nunzio
August C. Mangus Memorial           Rae Ann & Edward Bird               James Baldwin                       Kathryn Dean
   Fund and Emma                    Stephen & Maria Black                                                   Downing & Paul D. Dennison
Azeez Foundation                    Judy & Juan Blanco                  Rosa Cervantes-Garcia               Carolyn Dewaay
Downing & Paul Denison for          Mary Louise Bland, M.D.             Aileen Chambers                     Linda Diamant
   Denison Family Foundation        Ginny & Tim Bliss                   Cynthia Chambers                    Maria DiMeo
I Do Foundation                     Stan & Carmel Bloom                  Rose Chan                          Joan Dinaberg
MacDonnald Family                   Lesley Bloomer                      June Chanson                        John Dixon
   Foundation                       Joseph & Marty Blum                 Maureen Chavez                      Annie Kirk & Anne Douglas
The Randolph and Patricia Scott     Sandra Bolter                       Chira Designs                       Teha Drew
   Family Fund                      Rhonda Boomgaard                    Eric Chiang                         Karen Drown Patricia Durham
                                    Albert Borgaro                      Mouline Chiourn                     Ann & David Dwelly
                                    Laura & Ida Borgatello              Mary Chooljian                      Richard & Laura Edick
BCRC DONORS                         Beverly Borneman                    Andrew Chung                        Betsy Edwards
Ella Aaberg                         Diane Boss                          Joan Churchill Georgia              Marcia Eichelberger
Catherine Abarca                    Pierre Boulanger                    Claessens                           Chris Emanuel & Paul Lommen
Claudia Abderhalden                 Judy Bowman                         Doris & Gary Clancy                 Jane & Doug Endacott
Beverly & Richard Abrams            Kyle Brace                          Beverly & Hurk Clark                Lucia Engel
Deborah Aceves                      Louise Brickner                     Colleen Clark                       Enrique Escamilla
Anna Agnoli                         Dr. Michael & Gayle                 Ramona Clark, M.D.                  Leah Evert-Burks
Aimee Aguillon                      Brinkenhoff                         Barbara Clarke                      Collette Eyears
Barbara Ahlman                      Nancy Britton                       Paul Clay                           Gail Fanaro
Jesse Aldana                        Elaine Brown                        Ramona Clayton                      Bersita Faser
John Amoroso                        Erin & Rebecca Bruce                Holly Clement                       Sarah Faulstich
Edith Anda                          Bob & Patty Bryant                  Linda Clifton                       Sheri Fennell
Irene Anschuetz                     Frank & Bonnie Burgess              Martha Clyde                        Linda Ferratta

 DONORS continued              Betty & Stan Hatch           Barbara Kelly              Neil & Jill Levinson
 Linda Fields                  Laura Haynes                 Karen Kelly                Janet Lew
 Karen Filipi                  Jan Healing                  Silvana & Matt Kelly       Fran & Mike Lewbel
 Regina Fletcher               Louise & Don Henderson       Soren & Kimberly Kieler    Dovie Lindberg
 Ellen & Dr. Tom Fogel Sally   Nancy Henderson              Ken Kimball                Wendy Kanter & Jon Lipman
 Fordyce                       Sheila Herman                James King                 Pierina Lowdermilk
 Susan Forkush                 Karen Herrera                Jennifer & John Kinsella   Lucy Activewear
 Jessica Foster                Gretchen Hewlett             Dennis Kirkelie            Lia Lundgren
 Greene Family Foundation      Marla & Micheal Hieshima     Jill Kitnick               Erding Luo
 Ethan Franklin                Peter Hilf                   Daniel Klein               Kristi Lupoli
 Donna Frase                   Andrew Hixon                 Jacquelyn Klein-Brown      Marianne Lynch
 Caroline Freedman             Mrs. Herbert Hobler                                     Mark Lynch
 Terri & Steve Frenkel         Rose & John Hodge                                       Julie Lyon
 Mary Frink                    Thomas C Hopkins             How wonderful              Steven & Cynthia Lyons
 Siobhan & Martin Frost        S.A. Hopper                                             Ashley Mac Innis
 Donald & Susan Fuhrer         Dayton & Melodie Howe        it is that nobody          Patty & John MacFarlane
 Edward Fuller                 Barbara Howell                                          Helen Machowicz
 Elizabeth Gabler              Carolina Howell              need wait a                Thomas Mackey
 Steve Gaggero                 CeCe Hozman                                              Denise Maddalon
 Joan & Dennis Gaiser          Sharon Hughes                single moment              Tim & Myra Mahoney
 Nicolas Galati                Susan Hughes                                            Kieran Maloney
 Jana Garcia                   Anita Hunt                   before starting            Nick Manesis
 Joanne Garcia                 Mary Hyson                                              Richard Mann
 Virginia Gardener             Sharon Iberti                to improve                 Ellen Manning
 Elizabeth & Dodd Geiger       Susanne Illgen                                          Lindsay Manzo
 Veronica Gil                  Robert & Whitney Ingersoll   the world.                 Chris Marmo
 Annette Gilliam               Yvonne Ingram                                           Susan Marshall
 Gail Gillies                  H.M. Irvin III               Ann Frank                  Kim Mascheroni
 Ron Gin                       Karen Iverson                                           John Matulich
 Cindy Ginsberg                Jane Ivey                    Rhonda Kohler              Jamie McDonnell
 Laurie Glerum                 Sue Jackson                  Karen Kolb                 Elizabeth & John McGovern
 Clare Gniadek                 Elaine Jacobs                George & Christy Kolva     Jennifer McGovern
 Pam Goetz                     Mer James                    Bruce Krattenmaker         Matt McGrath
 Donald & Mary Goldberg        Sue Jamochian                Ramku Krish                Cinda McGraw & Tom Vassallo
 Henry Gonzales                Leo Jankowski                Wes Kuhne                  Carol McHenry
 Reba Gonzales                  Chitra Jeeva                Judy La Melza              Lana & John McIntyre
 Doc Goodnough                 Patrick Jeffries             Dawn Lafitte               Susan McKay
 Corinna Gordon                Joan Jennings                Yvonne Blanco & Edward     Gail McLaren
 Beverly Gose                  Claudia Jimenez              Laflamme                   Marla McNally Phillips
 Dorothy Gray                  Drew Johnson                 Michelle LaFond               & Lee Phillips
 Alice Green                   Bill & Beth Jones            Hildegard Lagerquest       Mary McNeil
 Debbie Green                  Lorena Jones                 Barbara Lagerquist         Susan McNeil
 Larame & Nicole Greene        Anna Jonsson                 Khoa Lam                   Claude Meier
 Michelle Greer                Kathie Jorgensen             Judy LaMelza               Wendy Meiring
 Todd Gross                    Corey Josenhans              Stephanie Lanam            Judith Meisel
 Michael & Jacqueline Grubb    James Joyce                  Selah Lanka                M. Rebecca Mendorz
 Alana Guinn                   Kalju & Mary Kahn            Sarah Jane Lapin-Lind      Mary Meredith
 Shushma Gujral                Sarah Kahn                   Arlene Larsen              George Merino
 Robert & Kate Gura            Debora Kahny                 Tori Larson                Lindy Merrell
 Angela Guzman                 Ann Kale                     Mary Ann Latham            Luce Merritt
 Shelly & Jeff Hadel           Robin Tracy Kanowsky         Lavender Co.               Carol Metcalf
 Judith Hanacek                Diana Katsenes               Susan Ledgi                Michaels
 Laurel Hansch, M.D.           Desiree Kaye                 Ron Lentsch                Eileen & Tom Mielko
 Doug Harding                   Elizabeth Keate             Lovi Lenz                  Anita Miller
 Jessica Harrison              Barbara Keller               Carolyn Leonard            Lee Mirrer
 Christine Hartsock            Brian & Kathryn Kelley       Vivian Leslie              Lisa Moiso

DONORS continued              Susan Pitcher                  Tina Russell                      Cynthia & Eric Spivey
Arlene Montesano              Kathleen Polischuk             Carol Sacks Stots &               Pamela Stallings
Christi & Ed Moore            Jon Pollay                        Matthew Stots                  Ruth Stark
Daniel & Juliette Moore       Dianne Pornish                 Liz Saghi & Rick Haswell          Daryl & John Stegall
L.A. Moore                    Judith Porter                  Anna Sanchez                      Linda Stephens
Julie Mooy                    Alvina Pressman                Oriana Sanchez                    Katherine & Matthew Stewart
Tereza & Maurice Moreno       Pamela Price                   Mary Sanford                      Michael Stewart
Gary Morris                   Raphael Pujol                  Alice & Sheldon Sanov             Ms. Michael Stewart
Laura Morrison                Pamela & Shaun Rai             Santa Barbara Action Pro,         Claudia Storm Grzywacz
Patricia Morrison             Elizabeth & Jon Raith             Jose Gonzales                  Leslie Storr
Nan Morrow                    Raymond Rameriz                Santa Barbara Eye Glass Factory   Dimitrios Stroumpoulis
Barbara Mousouris             Virginia Ramirez               Santa Barbara Auto Group          Evelyn Sullivan
Betsy Munroe                  Dania Ramos                    Santa Barbara Greek               Nancy & Doug Sweet
Diane Murphy                  Kathleen Ranney                   Orthodox Church                Alisa Sydenham
Mark Mutal                    Betty Ravel                    Santa Barbara Women’s             Danny Ta
Mrs. Raymond Myerson          John Reed                         Self Defense                   Julie Taguchi, MD
James Nader                   Pamela Reid                    Santa Barbara Yacht Club          Donna Talarico
Anya Naftaly                  Elena Reis                     Women’s Foundation Trust          Darius Tandy
Carri Neithardt               Revitalash                     Santa Maria High School           Tina Tank
Sandi & Bill Nicholson        Valerie Rice                   SB Girlfriends Adventure          Holly Tatomer
Dede & James Nonn             Alice Richardson                  League                         Brooke Harvey & Bill Taylor
Aylene & Jeremy Norris        Carol Ritter                   Phyllis Schechter                 Teri Taylor
Faith & John Nygren           Marsha Roberson                Ingrid Schenck                    Robert & Leah Temkin
Lucy O’Brien                  Mrs. Lee Robertson             Eric Schilling                    Jackie Terry
Rose O’Dea                    Mary Robertson-Coslett         Melody Schloss                    Joyce Tevenan
Mark O’Donnell                Jill & Scott Rode              Frank Schmidt                      Amy Tezel
Eike Oertel                   John Rodgers                   Tippy & Eric Schulte              Constance Thayer
Robbie & Rob Ogle             Julia Rodgers                  Lynda and Mark Schwartz           The Berry Man
Glenn & Cynthia Oliver        Sagrario Rodriguez             Joe Schweke                       The Goodland Gallery
 John Orach                   Julie Rodriquez                Chris Scott                       Laurie & Mike Theobald
Kate O’Reilly Rogers                                         Lauren Seefeld                    James & Marilyn Thomas
Nancy & Dave Oster                                           Gary & Judy Semenzer              Jane Thomas
Kyle Pace                     The ornament                   Kenneth Shamordola                DeEtt Thompson
Penelope Papazacharioudakis                                  Travis & Tracy Shannon            Leslie Thompson
Toby Ann & Richard Parisse    of a house are                 Gerrie Shapiro                    Terry Thompson
Margaret Parkhurst                                           William Sheehan                   Jean Thomson
Renee Parks                   the friends who                Laura & Craig Shelburne           Cynthia Thurber
Anita Patton                                                 Nancy Sheld                       Cheri Todd
Isabelle Patton               frequent it.                   Mary Lou Sherwin                  Gunn Toms
Lorind Baer & Ziggy Peake                                    Pamela Sillix                     Lou-Ann Topping
Zachary Peake                 Ralph Waldo Emerson            Kelly & Theodore Simmons          Angela Torin
Birgitte Pedersen                                            Jerry Simon                       Marcio Torre
Dana Penloff                  Louis Rodriquez                Megan Simon                       Anne & Michael Towbes
Elizabeth Perelli             John Roessler                  Dawn Simonelli                    Martha Townsend
Daniel Pereyra                Cheryl Rogers                  Sharon Slade                      Lila Trachlenberg
Christian Perron              Thersa Rohter                  Elizabeth Slater                  Thuc Tran
Lanette Perry                 Holly Rollins                  Eugena Slayton                    Eric Trautwein
Debby Peterson                Mary & John Romo               Denise & Chris Sloan              Sydney Tredick
Elizabeth & Brent Peus        Alan Ghitterman & Susan Rose   Stephanie & Chuck Slosser         Jacque Trembly
Gloria Peyrat                 Jaclyn & Sydney Rosenberg      Barbara Smith                     Wayne Trella
Patrick Pflipsen              Kelly Rosenheim                Thomas Smith                      Nikhil Trilokekar
Margo Phelps                  Lily Rossi                     SoHo’s                            Jennifer Trinh
Brooke Phillips               Karen Rothberg                 Linda Sorensen                    Nancy Tubis
Diane Pickett                 Thomas Rowe                    Diana Soto                        Kris Turner
Dr. Del Pinho                 Elizabeth Rumelt               Patricia Soto                     Deborah Turturro
Dave Pintard                  J.R. & Bonnie Runjavac         Sally Spence                      Uccellino

 DONORS continued               Laura & Geofrey Wyatt             R. Gary & Jane St. Marie          Lily
 UCSB Dance Team                Carolyn & Philip Wyatt            Daryl & John Stegall              Chef Carlos Lima
 Caren Usrey                    Yue Yang                          Rachael & David Stein             Linda Adams Interiors
 John Van Atta, PhD             Theresa Yinger                    Pamela Massey                     Ganna Walska Lotusland
 Eleanor Van Cott               Joann Younger                        & Mark Steinman                Caroline Loureiro
 Hester Van Diggelen            Kathryn Yuen                      Leslie Storr                      Lucky’s Restaurant
 Dennis & Janet Van Epps        Karen Zell                        Betsy & Chip Turner               Maison K.
 Carol Ann Van Fossen                                             Andrew Wirth                      Mareva Intl.
 Michelle Rena Van Kirk                                           Carolyn & Philip Wyatt            Marla McNally Phillips
 Jill Vander Hoof               SPONSORS, La Flor de Cuba                                           Medeighnia Westwick
 David Vasquez                  Margo & Jeff Barbakow                                                  Photography
 Jason Vasquez                  Andri & John Beauchamp            DONORS, La Flor de Cuba           Monique Fay Fine Art
 Susan & David Veis             Ida & Laura Borgatello            Jules Allen                          Photography
 Pete Viani                     Gayle & Dr. Michael               Ambient Lighting                  Montecito Country Kitchen
 Yuri & Julie Virkh                Brinkenhoff                    Amore Dolce Photographers         Montecito Inn
 Von’s                          Ella & Scott Brittingham          Yigal Azrouël                     Maurice Moreno
                                Gay & Tony Browne                 Bocca Divina Pasta                Peter Noone
                                Erin & Rebecca Bruce              Beverly Borneman                  Jeremy Norris, Monili Jewelry
 Life is a                      Bonnie & Frank Burgess            Chef Elizabethe Branstetter       Oasis Pearls
                                Carrie Ohly-Cusack & Tom          Calla Gold Jewelry                Occhiali Fine Eyewear
 succession of                     Cussack                        Camille K. Jewelry                Oceana Hotel
                                Tina Datta                        Carhartt Vineyard                 Nancy & Kevin O’Connor
 moments. To                    Downing & Paul D. Denison         Carpinteria Cotton Co.            Opal Restaurant
                                Tiffany & Frank Foster            Casa Del Herrero                  Original Sprout
 live each one                  Elisabeth & Greg Fowler           Cathedral Oaks Athletic Club      Palmina Vineyards
                                Jules Allen & Richard Goldstein   Chamomile Café                    Mary Louise & Sage Parker
 is to succeed.                 Corinna Gordon                    Kendall & David Conrad            R. Nelson Parrish
                                Beatrice Hallig                   Corinna Gordon Jewelry            Patrick’s Sidestreet Café
 Corita Kent                    Rose & John Hodge                 Daniel Gibbings Jewelry           Paul Green Shoes, Anne & Billy
                                Debbie & Dan Kass                 DNA Health Institute                 Gould
 Kelly & Mike Walker            Patricia Aoyama Kleveland         dressed & ready, Susan Pritcher   Peregrine Galleries
 Nancy Wall                        & Chris Kleveland              Enterprise Enterprise Fish Co.    Piatti Restaurant
 Ellen Wall                     Fran & Mike Lewbel                European Styles, Inc.             Pinch Books, Andri Beauchamp
 Bettine Wallin                 Seed Mackall LLP                  G Spa, Kathleen Griffin, M.D.     Dr. Del Pinho
 Beth Walls                     John & Debbie Mackall             GemSpot Jeweled Putters           R2 Inventory, Rob Ogle
 Lucinda Walser                 Douglas Mackenzie, M.D.           Gina Papadakis Photography        Radiesse
 Charles & Melinda Walters      Ellen Manning                     Glamour Glamour House             Robbie of Santa Barbara Jewelry
 Barry Waters                   Amy & Michael Mayfield            Catherine Horner                  Santa Barbara Int’l Film Festival
 Kristen & Karl Weis            Elizabeth & John McGovern         Indulgence The Home Spa           Santa Barbara Ice Co.
 Dr. Tom & Diane Weisenburger   Montecito Bank & Trust            Inn at Crested Butee & Spa        Jessica & Michael Schaeman
 Ryan Weisert                   Craig & Chris Moore               Inn on Summer Hill                Sea Spa, Carrie MacIntyre
 Monica Wells                   Ursula & Patrick Nesbit           Hollye & Jeff Jacobs              Setenay-O
 Melinda & Tim Werner           Sandi & Bill Nicholson            Jane                              Simpson House Inn
 Martha Weston                  Stephanie & Dewey Nicks           Jennifer George Jewelry           Sims Snowboards &
 Medeighnia Westwick            Colleen O’Brien & Steve Gaggero   Jessica Foster Confections           Sugarboards, Hilary & Tom
 Libby Whaley                   Nancy & Kevin O’Connor            John Beauchamp Architecture          Sims
 Nancy Whetter                  Rita & Doug Otto                  Debora Kahny                      Skin Prophecy Skin Care
 Stuart & Julia Whitman         Melony Parent                     Debbie & Dan Kass                    Institute
 Kathleen Wilkerson             Pueblo Radiology                  Kate Boutique                     Skin Resolutions Skin Spa
 Britta Williams                Linda & Dr. Hector Rodriguez      La Cumbre Animal Hospital         SoDeMel
 Ruth Wimsatt                   Rose Story Farm, Dani             La Cumbre Country Club            Spa Medicus
 Elizabeth Winterhalter            & Bill Hahn                    La Playa Pilates                  Spiritland Bistro
 Melinda Wittwer                Jonathan & Kelly Samuels          Lana Marmé                        Cynthia Spivey
 Marcia Wolfe                   Santa Barbara Bank & Trust        Larry Dale Gordon Photography     Daryl & John Stegall
 Sandra Wood                    Linda & Mark Schwartz             Leggiadro Montecito               Daniel Stewart
 Cathleen Wright                Sientra, Hani Zeini               LFrank by Liseanne Frank          Katherine Stewart

DONORS, La Flor de Cuba
Ziggy Stewart
Sunshine Wellness Institute
                                                     La flor de Cuba Silent Auction:
Susan Ciminelli’s Private                             “Viva Cucina Cooking Class”
Tecolote Book Shop                         Barbara Kelly, owner of Viva Cucina, donated a hands-on dinner
Tennis Shop of Montecito
The Upham Hotel
                                           Cooking Class for eight adults for the recent La Flor de Cuba BCRC
Shaun Tomson                               Fundraiser. The highest bidder for this silent auction item was
Deborah Turturro                           Melinda and Tim Werner.
Valerie Burns Image & Design
Vanilla House Design
Viva Viva Cucina
Waterhouse Galery
Wendy Foster
Peter Westwick
Wine Country Cottage,
  Shandra & Ted Campbell
Zad Fashion, Inc.
                                           Auction winners, Melinda & Tom Werner, enjoyed cooking and dining with friends

DONORS, Day of Play ‘10
American Hole in One, Mick                 Melinda’s good friends, Jennifer and John Kinsella, hosted the
   Luckhurst                               four couple dinner party at their beautiful Montecito home. With
Arnoldi’s Café
                                           the help of culinary instructors, the guests prepared a fabulous
Atlas Appraisal, Steve Cody
Bella Rosa Galleries, Maurice              five course meal of roasted filet mignon tenderloin with a port
   Moreno                                  wine reduction sauce, horseradish mashed potatoes, roasted
Bildsten + Sherwin Design Studio
                                           carrots with parmesan cheese, wild mushroom fricassee and
Bridlewood Winery
Brophy Bros Restaurant                     for dessert, the decadent bananas foster with pineapple, toasted
C2 Design                                  pecans, and vanilla ice cream on puff pastry.
Ca Dario Ristorante
Canary Hotel
Curtis Winery                              As part of the auction package, Viva Cucina supplied the
Daniel Gehrs Wines                         necessary cooking equipment and ingredients for everyone to
Dargan’s Irish Pub & Restaurant
                                           prepare the recipes. The guests only needed to bring their appetite
Denise’s Creations                         and enthusiasm for cooking! What a fun way to spend an evening
Denise’s Delectables Bakery                with friends and a great way to support the BCRC of Santa Barbara.
Fairview In n Out Car Wash
                                           Melinda said “it was a great way to entertain guests in a unique
Firestone Winery
Fish House/SB Shellfish                    way, learn new cooking skills and enjoy a delicious meal”. n
Foley Family Winery
Gemspot Golf
Golf Tec
James Joyce Bar                    Montecito Sports                Queen of Beads                   Santa Barbara Winery
Kalyra Winery                      Natural Café                    Revival Mobile Spray Tanning     Sea Landing
La Cumbre Animal Hospital          Nicole Williams Photography     Salon Patine                     Skate One
La Fonda Winery                    Oceanside School of Tennis      Sandi & Bill Nicholsons          Sunstone Vineyards &
La Purisma Golf Course             Olio e Limone Ristorante        Sandpiper Golf Course              Winery
Longoria Wines                     Paddle Sports of SB             Santa Barbara Bank & Trust       Team State Farm, Paul
Matt Kelly                         Pascucci’s Restaurant           Santa Barbara Bowl                 Cashman
Anita Miller                       Pierre Lafond and Co            Santa Barbara Brewing Co.        The Bank of Santa Barbara
Momentum for Life                  Pierre Lafond Bistro            Santa Barbara Foresters          Zodo’s Bowling & Beyond

 DONORS, Key to the Cure        Yvette Martin del Campo         Barbara Howell                   Pramila Patel, DDS
 Saks Fifth Avenue Event        Nancy Murdock                   Mary Hyson                       Isabel Patton
 Aldos                          Om Tara! Temple Arts            Karen Iverson                    Liz Perle
 Café Shell                     PCPA Theaterfest                Soren & Kimberly Kieler          Debra Reed
 Chase Bar & Grill              Quilted Blessings               Lori Lenz                        Julieann Robles
 Duo Catering                   Romancing the         Julie Lyon                       Julie Rodriguez
 Katie Ingall’s Band            Santa Barbara Airbus            Steven & Cynthia Lyons           Angela Torin
 Kick On Winery                 Santa Barbara Bodyworks, Inc.   Patty & John MacFarlane
 Jade                           Santa Barbara Felted Fibers     Danielle & Juliette Moore
 Marmalade Café                 Santa Barbara Jewelworks        Laura Morrison                   “In Memory Of” DONORS
 Omni Fresco Catering           SB Girlfriends Adventure        Jim Nonn                         Irene Anschuetz
 Gypsy Canyon Winery            League                          Rose O’Dea                       Rae Ann Bird
 Pascucci                       Sea Landing                     Dave Oster                       Juan & Judy Blanco
 Plaza Deli                     Sioz                            Alvina Pressman                  Laura & Ida Borgatello
 Spice Avenue                   Suds & Duds                     John Reed                        Barbara Cook Ahlman
 Whale’s Tale Deli              Szechuan Restaurant             Mrs. Lee H. Robertson            Cathy Cupit
                                The Granada                     Mary Robertson-Coslett           Linda Diamant
                                Trader Joes                     J.R. & Bonnie Runjavac           Richard Edick
 DONORS, Holiday Tea &          Tri-County Produce              Sylvia Rodriguez                 Helen Machowicz
 Fashion Show                   Via Maestra                     James & Marilyn Thomas           Jennifer McGovern
 A Beautiful Day Events         Wash n’ go                      Deanne Violich                   Gail W. McLaren
 Arnoldi’s Café                 Monica Wells                    Ellen Wall                       Anita Miller
 Beachside Bar & Café           ZAD, Inc.                       Lucinda Walser                   Betsy Munroe
 Rae Ann Bird                                                   Ruth Wimsatt                     Santa Barbara Yacht Club
 Blenders in the Grass          “In Honor Of” DONORS                                             Stephanie & Chuck Slosser
 Cambria Estate Winery          Ella Aaberg                                                      Leslie Thompson
 Caribbean Coffee Company       Edith Anda                      Individuals Named
 Cathedral Oaks Athletic Club   Jennifer Barber                 “In Honor”
 Chaucer’s Books                Patty & Bob Bryant              Eva Anda                         Individuals Named
 Chemmark of SB                 Alec & Cynthia Chambers         Eugene Anderson                  “In Memory”
 Cold Stone Creamery            Karen Drown                     Rosemarie Anderson               Perris Baum
 Costco                         Leah & Marisela Evert-Burks     Genevieve Antonow                Dora Bonanno
 David Roth Photography         Pam Goetz                       Mindy Bailey                     Anne Bridgeman
 El Capitan Ranch                                               Robin Burks                      Lisa Brody
 Eladio’s                                                       Dr. B Chandler                   Sheila Conover
 Elephant Bar                   Friends are as                  Sheila Conover                   Pauline Cooper
 Farmer Boy Restaurant                                          Debbie Davidson Phelps           Laura Edick
 Gelson’s                       companions on                   May Lu Debolt                    Ann Goe
 Gigi                                                           Patsy Dorsey                     Jessica Michelle Keenan-Jimenez
 Calla Gold Jewelry             a journey – who                 Ellen Fogel                      My Mother Jane
 Goleta Floral                                                  Jan Hahka                        Mrs. J McNelly
                                ought to aid each               Deborah Hobler                   Jane MacMackin
 Rose Hodge                                                     Peggy Jo Love House              Joseph Machowicz
 Hollister Brewing Company      other to persevere              Julie Kadlec                     Lauren Meehan
 Hotel Mar Monte                                                Janice Kieler                    Nancy Ried
 Island Seed & Feed             in the road to a                Leslie Mann                      Grace Sutter
 Jensen Guitar & Music Co                                       Donna MacNiven                   Marvin Velishek
 Jessica Foster Confections     happier life.                   Donna Miller                     Shelly White
 Jo Ellen’s Skincare Studio                                     Pat Morrison                     John Wright
 Lori Guynes, L.AC.             Pythagoras                      Mona Nicoll
 Don & Louise Henderson                                         Dede Nonn
 Magellans                      Mary Frink                      MaryAnn O’Connell

                                                                                             Thank you
 Max’s Resturaunt               Gretchen Hewlett                Nancy O’Connor
 Metropolitan Theatres Corp     Mrs. Herbert Hobler             Cindy Oliver
 Mimosa                         Rose Hodge                      Mary Olsen
 PJ’s Hallmark                  Kathy Hopkins                   Nancy Oster                 FOR YOUR GENEROUS SUPPORT

    • • •
                          I Get By With A Lot Of Help From My Friends
You are invited
                          By Kate Ocean, BCRC client

to participate

      in the

   July 17th


 class at noon            Rae Ann Bird strives for all clients to feel as Kate Ocean does – ‘like a queen when they

    • • •
                          walk through the door of the BCRC’

                          I was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2007. After the usual reaction
  In addition to the      of picking myself off the floor, I was treated with all the usual therapies. I was
    healing and           deemed cancer free in October 2007. “Whoopee,” I thought, “could this nightmare
                          be over?” Well almost, radiation for 35 days, insurance from recurrence. I thought,
                          “No problem, I can handle it!” It was during this time that Dr. Thomas Fogel
  DreamScape art
                          (Radiologist,) told me about the Breast Cancer Resource Center. I was perplexed.
 activities, this class   I didn’t understand why he told me. I was strong. I had just left a miserable
    will feature a        relationship and had a miserable job. I could handle it all … no problem!
   BLING & BRING          I saw Dr. Fogel weekly for the duration of treatment and each time he gently
 theme. So, tap into
                          asked if I had looked into the BCRC. Finally, with no expectation and not even an
                          understanding of why I was calling – I did. RaeAnn’s sweet voice answered. I
   your creativity!
                          nervously trembled on the verge of tears and I didn’t know why. (I hadn’t even cried
                          when I was diagnosed!) RaeAnn told me about Siohban’s Support Groups and said
     BLING                she would immediately send information describing all the BCRC programs. I could
 Former BCRC client       feel her warmth, understanding, and outstretched arms right through the phone!
 Mary Meredith will
share a presentation      I finally got the gumption to call Siobhan and wondered what I would say. Once
 on jewelry making
                          again, compassion, understanding, and warmth jumped right through the phone!
                          I cried for an entire hour. Siobhan asked me to come to the next support group
   and restoration.
                          meeting – where laughed, cried, ate, and we hugged!

     BRING                In March 2009, I was diagnosed with metastatic disease. I am undergoing treatment
    Attendees are         for bone cancer. I’m doing great overall and loving the quality of my life. I try never
   invited to bring       to miss our support group and spend a lot of time at the BCRC. I receive Reiki and
  a sack lunch and        Reflexology treatments. I pop in and just relax before I am due for a blood draw or
                          treatment. I pop in for hugs and food! I walk through the door and I feel like a queen!
an imaginative mind.

                          I would never want to imagine my world without the people at the BCRC in it. I am
Preregistration is not    constantly in awe of the amazing women of our group, the BCRC, the BFF and all
required. Simply show     the volunteers. You give me strength and the will to continue. You have not only given
   up and enjoy!          me your friendship, you have become my family. It is your love that keeps me going
                          everyday and in every way! Often, people are surprised to learn that I am under
                          treatment citing my energy and telling me I look well. It’s a great testament to all of

    • • •
                          you and all the amazing gifts you give me. Thank you for being in my life. My dear
                          friends, I love you with all my heart! Now, thanks to all of you, I really can handle it!

             fREE Educational                         NEW RESOURCES
             Programs & Resources                     REGARDING LyMPhEDEMA
              The BCRC is pleased to partner          Lymphedema is the condition in which excess
              with the Santa Barbara City College     fluid collects in tissue and causes swelling
             Adult Education to offer periodic free   of the arms or legs. It can occur for several
           health education lectures with Spanish     reasons including damage to the lymph
          translations. As part of this program,      nodes from radiation or removal of lymph
          Dr. James Watson, a Board Certified         nodes during breast surgery. Lymphedema
           Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon,        can develop soon after surgery or radiation
           recently spoke on breast cancer surgery    treatment or it may take months or even
         and options for breast reconstruction        years for this potentially serious condition to
      following radiation treatment. Like all of      manifest itself.
     the education lectures, his presentation is
      available on DVD for clients to borrow from
                                                      The BCRC
       the BCRC library. n
                                                      library now
                                                      offers new
                                                      resources so
                                                      clients can
 MARK yOUR CALENDAR                                   learn to reduce
                                                                         New resources available in library

 Annual Tea &Fashion Show                             the risk for, identify the symptoms of, and
                                                      manage the condition of lymphedema.
 June may not be the time to think about the
 winter holidays, but it is the time to make          The BCRC thanks Holly Clement (Certified
 plans to attend the popular                          Lymphedema Therapist/ Licensed
 Annual Tea & Fashion Show                            Occupational Therapist), and Debbie Hobler,
 fundraiser – especially if you                       (MSW/ writer and health educator), for sharing
 want to reserve a table for a                        their expertise and extensive research as a
 group of your girlfriends!                           resource to BCRC clients. They have compiled
                                                      comprehensive information in well organized,
 date      Sunday, Dec. 5th                           easy to copy, single sheets, on: local therapists
                                                      and treatment centers, websites, info on
 time      12:00                                      prevention, how to find quality care, diagnosis
                                                      & treatment, medical supplies, daily living
 place     Biltmore Four Seasons Hotel                guidelines, and more.

 cost      $75.00 per person. Tickets available       The BCRC library also includes these new
           soon at                     books for check-out: “100 Questions &Answers
                                                      about Lymphedema”, “Living Well With
 Once again, Coldwater Creek fashions will be         Lymphedema”, “Lymphedema Caregiver’s Guide”,
 modeled by BCRC clients and beautiful items          as well as basic explanatory pamphlets to take
 will be available for fun holiday shopping! n        home free. n

Villa Under The Stars                                                             FALL FUNDRAISER
The BCRC fall event has been described as the “best fundraiser in SB”. No doubt, this years’ event will also
warrant that high praise as guests enjoy an elegant evening at the historic Villa de la Guerra on Saturday,
Sept. 25th, from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm. The gala event, called Villa Under The Stars, will dazzle senses and
transform attendees back to the former era of Hollywood glitz and glamour! It will include delicious food,
live music, opportunities to participate in silent and live auctions.

Sponsorhip opportunities for Villa Under The Stars are available at $5,000, $2,500, and $1,000 levels. In
addtion to tax benefits, sponsors receive VIP tickets to the main event plus invitations to a special cocktail
reception to not only mingle under the stars but with the likes of ‘stars’ such as Marilyn Monroe, Clark
Gable or Jean Harlow! Contact the BCRC to learn more about sponsorship benefits. Call 805.569.9693 or
mail in the form below. n

Fall Fundraiser:       Villa Under The Stars
[ ] Yes. I want to sponsor the BCRC Fall Fundraiser, Villa Under The Stars, at this level: [ ] $5,000           [ ] $2,5000      [ ] $1,000

[ ] Yes. I want to attend the BCRC Fall Fundraiser, Villa Under The Stars, at the Villa de la Guerra on Sat., Sept. 25th, 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm.
     Tickets: $150.00 each x _________________ guests = $ ______________________

Make a Donation
[ ] Yes. I want to make a tax deductible donation of $ ______________________ to the Breast Cancer Resource Center.

Payment Options
[ ] I have enclosed a check payable to Breast Cancer Resource Center of Santa Barbara in the amount of $ ______________________

[ ] Please charge $ ______________________ to my credit card: [ ] American Express                        [ ] MasterCard          [ ] VISA

________________________________________________________                       ________________________________________________________
Account Number                                                                 Expiration Date
________________________________________________________                       ________________________________________________________
Account Name (as it appears on the credit card)                                Signature

Contact Information
_____________________________________________________                           _____________________________________________________
Name                                                                            Phone Number                             [ ] OK to call
_____________________________________________________                           _____________________________________________________
City, State & Zip             [ ] Add me to your mail list                      Email Address                [ ] Add me to your email list

Mail this form with check or credit card information to: Breast Cancer Resource Center, 525 West Junipero St., Santa Barbara, CA 93105. Contributions to
the Breast Cancer Resource Center of Santa Barbara are tax-deductible. BCRC is a non-profit charity organization 501 (c)(3). Tax ID number: 91-1790842.
                    Breast Cancer Resource Center of Santa Barbara                             Organization
                    525 West Junipero Street                                                   U.S. Postage
                    Santa Barbara, California 93105                                          Santa Barbara, CA
                                                                                              Permit No. 185

The Breast Cancer Resource Center of Santa Barbara (BCRC) is committed          Keep In Touch!
to serve as a community resource center; act as an informational
                                                                                We welcome your ideas
clearinghouse, and provide free educational and support services for all
                                                                                for educational seminars,
who are concerned about breast cancer and breast health. In addition to
                                                                                newsletter content,
periodic events, the BCRC offers clients special services on a weekly basis.
                                                                                words of encouragement,
                                                                                and testimonials. Simply
SUMMER SChEDULE Of DAILy SERVICES                                               email your input and
MON.      Guided Meditation from 12:00pm to 1:00pm. Walk-ins welcome.           articles to Silvana Kelly
TUES.     Reiki therapy starting at 8:30am. Call for appointment.
                                                                                or Jason Alexander at
WED.      Reflexology on the 2nd & 4th Wed. of the month starting at noon
          Call for appointment.
                                                                                We also invite you to:
THURS. ‘Magic of the Yarn’ Spanish-speaking Support Group from
       6:00pm to 7:00pm

FRI.      Reiki therapy every 1st & 3rd Fri. of the month starting at 8:30am.   call   805.569.9693
          Call for appointment.
                                                                                write 525 W. Junipero St.
FRI.      Reflexology on the 4th Fri. of the month starting at 9:00am.
                                                                                       Santa Barbara, CA
          Call for appointment.
SAT.      Support Groups offered every 1st & 3rd Sat. of the month:
          Group 1: Newly Diagnosed at 9:00am
          Group 2: Diagnosed 1 year ago or more at 11:00am

SAT.      ‘DreamScape’ class offered 3rd Sat. of the month at noon

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