FSc-I PhysicsI CH#2( by icet786


FSc-I PhysicsI CH#2(

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									              Qaiser Science & Commerce Academy
                                      Weekly Test
                                       Physics Part I
Time: 40min                                                                 Total Marks=25

Q1 Choose the correct answer?                      (7x1=7)
   i.   If Rx is positive and Ry is negative then resultant lies in quadrant
            (a) 1st       (b) 2nd (c) 3rd        (d) 4th
  ii.   If sum of torque is equal to zero then body is in
            (a) Equilibrium (b) Rotational Equilibrium (c) Linear Equilibrium (d) None of these
 iii.   Ax = -ve, Ay = +ve then A lies at angle where
            (a) 0° < ǿ < 90° (b) 90° < ǿ < 180° (c) 180° < ǿ < 270° (d) 270° < ǿ < 360°
 iv.    When a vector is multiplied by ‘-2’ its direction
            (a) remains same (b) changes by 180° (c) Becomes vertical (d) None not change
  v.    The dot product of two vectors vanishes if vectors are
            (a) Parallel (b) Anti-parallel (c) Perpendicular (d) None
 vi.    The cross product of vector A with itself i.e. is equal to
            (a) 0 (b) 1 (c) 2A (d) A2 (e) None
vii.    Horizontal and vertical components (of a vector) are equal at an angle
            (a) 0° (b) 30° (c) 45° (d) 60°

Q2: Write the answers of any five short questions.                      (5x2=10)
   i. Show that A x B = B x A ?
  ii. How that work done the body equals the change in K.E?
 iii. Differentiate between static and dynamic equilibrium?
 iv.  Differentiate between conservative & non conservative field.
  v.  If A1 x A2 = 0 , What are the circumstances for this result?
 vi.  Define position vector?
vii.  Write the conditions for maximum and minimum work done?
Q3: Define and explain the cross product?    (8)

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