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					$ 10,000 Shopping spree

    Shane Valdez
Presents for my Dad
   I would get my dad
    an xbox 360 and
    some games for it.I
    would also get him
    new clothes.
Presents for Mom

   I would get my mom clothes, shoes, and
Presents for step Mom
                          I would get my step
                            mom clothes to and
                            something like
                            perfume.Iwould get
                            her a new dvd
Presents for my brother
   I would get my brother games for the
    playstation2.I would also get him some
Presents for my sisters
   For my baby sister I      For my other sister I
    would get her some         would get her some
    baby toys and              dolls and movies.
Presents for my step sister

   I would get her a new radio and clothes. I
    would get her a ipod.
Presents for my Uncle
                           I would get him a
                            choppers model
                            bike.I would also get
                            him clothes.
Presents for my Aunt
   My aunt would get
    shoes and clothes.I
    would get her a
    portable dvd player.
Presents for my Cousins

   I would get my cousin Joe games and a
    psp.My cousin Diana shoes and my other one